Wednesday, January 31, 2001

i sort of promised myself that I wouldn't do a list this year. I get the impression that no one really cares. And since Johnny went off the deepend, I wasn't even going to take the time. But, since Thad and Mike went for it so will I.

Death Cab for Cutie
Discount-Crash Diagnostic
Jets To Brazil-Four Cornered Night
At the Drive-In-Relationship of Command
Ida-Will You Find Me
Superdrag-In the Valley of Dying Stars
Radiohead-Kid A
Engine Down-To Bury Within the Sound
Ghostface Killah-Supreme Clientele
Mary Timony-Mountains
AFI-the Art of Drowning

Honorable mention:
Travis-the Man Who
Milemarker-Frigid Forms Sell


Cave In-Jupiter
I'm proud of them for defiantly changing their sound, but frustrated with their refusal to change key. Every song on Jupiter sounds exactly (yawn) the same.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

i know i'm a little late on this, but i can't help making lists. my favorite cd's of 2000.
beach boys reissues(sunflower)
the band reissues
death cab for cutie- we have the facts and we're voting yes
hootie and the blowfish-scattered smothered and covered
at the drive in-relationship of command
superdrag-in the valley of dying stars
built to spill-live
richard buckner-the hill
neil young-silver and gold
godspeed you black emperor-lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

these are the albums i have listened to over and over from the last year. i don't think that i'll ever stop listening to excessive amounts of springsteen, neil young and the who.
i am, in the new year, looking forward to new albums from radiohead, wilco, and weezer. music is 75% of my day untill the baby is born, at which point it will fall back. though hopefully not far. so i hope that helps you to know me a bit more.

Monday, January 29, 2001

JT- CONGRATS on the G4! i don't have to tell you... you are gonna be in love with it. you won't ever want to leave home again. well... for a little while anyway. my lil' one (5 months old) and i have made an extremely tight bond already... i NEVER thought i would EVER say that i was a proud mac lover and owner.

Angie- i've not read the sequel. what is it called?

Upma: Have you read the sequel to Bridget Jones? I preferred the first, but I have a friend who likes the follow-on.

Weezie, I have to think about that one (the 3 year old thing). And I, too, absolutely LOVE food.

Steph: I belong to the UN Houston affiliate. We mostly do educational programs. The meeting went well on Fri. Met lots of cool people, and some strange brids. Our next event is the first week of Feb. The speaker has been helping out in East Timor with the Catholic refugees. And as with all non-profts, I hate telling them what I do for a living, because as you can guess, very few non-profits have the budget for PR. So they automatically assign that crap to me. I hate to be all bitchy about it, but if I don't speak up, I end up doing PR 60 hours a week instead of 50. Anyways, the guest speaker sounds way cool, and I am excited about helping out with a worthy cause.

AJ's Crush update: The crush has moved from being dubbed as "the boy" to a real name after meeting my friends. Nick has started calling me twice a week, he just so happened to start volunteering at my fav independent radio station (he knows that I have been helping out for the past year and a half), and most importantly, he nonchalantly threw in the word "dating" while we were on the phone Thurs. night. BABY steps. God, please grant me PATIENCE.

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Oh, and a question for y'all. My mother believes the soul matures at about the age of three. What were you like at the age of three? I have to ask around and check; I recall being enamored of pebbles, my dog, sitting behind shrubbery and watching the world go by, thinking hobby horses were the coolest, climbing trees, and being protective of my father. My mother says I was spoiled and needed competition, hence the arrival of my sister.

JT, I'm so with you on the feeling bad about leaving stuff out. For me, it's especially leaving out all the food I love, tho it might be better for me to list food l don't like, which seems to boil down to liver and British home cooking. I'm sure there's more...

My brother says I make food look better than it tastes. He claims that when he sees me eat, it looks like the food must be really good, which makes him want to try whatever it is that I'm eating, and then he tries it and it doesn't taste as good as he thought it would. Today it was fried plantains. Why anyone would think fried plantains are less than ambrosial I don't know. Of course, he's 19 and a semi-pro surfer, so he's ALWAYS hungry and eats with his face right over the plate, so as to not waste time and motion. I don't think he tastes much of anything...I watch to see if he comes up for air.

Weekend highlights: Ordered a new G4 on saturday to replace my old 68k that has served me tirelessly for the last 5 years. Should be here on Tuesday. I'll be in digital audio heaven in my own home. Nothing can stop me now.

Was with two friends on ecstacy saturday night. It was a first for one of them. It's one of the few drugs I would ever consider taking, especially after seeing my friends experience. She's such a sour puss most of the time but on x, she "loved all of humanity...well almost all of humanity." There was an interesting article in the New York Times magazine last weekend about MDMA. It's a good article.

Bought some new Rainer Maria, some old Cat Power, I can't spend any more money for the rest of my life.

Crush Story: Still slow, some setbacks (all external to our relationship and interaction, and therfore very frustrating) but still a little bit of hope left for the hopeless.

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: me, my roommate, her boyfriend (even though he's not on the lease but he takes out the trash occasionally so it's okay) and her dog (a super sweet mutt)
BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: I'm rereading jitterbug perfume - a book I bought based on it's first line alone. (okay now I hope I don't misquote it "The beet is the most sensuous of all the vegetables")
WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD: an aeriel of Edinburgh, Scotland - it came with the cube.
FAVORITE BOARD GAME: Apples to Apples - except you don't play it on a board.
FAVORITE MAGAZINE: National Geographic for it's awe inspiring photography, Bust for my feminist side and Cosmo when I'm at the gym and need a mindless distraction
FAVORITE SMELL: vanilla, my boyfriend's neck, Norinne Altmont's matzoh ball soup
FAVORITE SOUNDS: shelly's laugh, swing music, drive through car washes at night
WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: feeling like you have nothing to look forward to
BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: ditto the loving someone who loves you
ROLLER COASTER, SCARY OR EXCITING: I used to think exciting, now I think scary
HOW MANY RINGS TO ANSWER THE PHONE: depends how far away for it I am/depends how long I've been waiting for it to ring
FAVORITE MOVIES: strictly ballroom, like water for chocolate, spice world, armeggedon
LEFTY OR RIGHTY: lefty - and all my life I've used scissors upsidedown
WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED: I don't know, I haven't looked lately
FAVORITE NUMBER: anything divisible by 7
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: on tv - none, live - basketball or soccer
SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: now I can't remember who sent this first
PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND: shelly - only because you're moving
FAVORITE FOODS: soup - doesn't matter what kind, I love them all
CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: vanilla all the way, especially mexican vanilla
DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: only when I'm in a bad mood
DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL: not since elementary school
STORMS: I love them - unless I'm on an interstate trying to get home
IF YOU COULD MEET ANY PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE: there are some characters in novels I wouldn't mind meeting
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: red wine, gin and tonics, white russians
ZODIAC: gemini
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: have a bookstore/photo gallery/art space on some warm island type place
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE: one that could change with my mood, today I feel like orange

Saturday, January 27, 2001

i think that the D-Plan guy does some sexy dance moves. and he has a sexy voice. i like him.

crush update: i REALLY like him. we hung out a little bit yesterday and tonight too. i think the feeling is mututal... but i'm not 100% sure. yet.

the Ab-Force is a little machine that has the wheels of an inline skate, and is kinda shaped like an airplane. you basically get on your hands and knees, (you're gripping the Ab-Force) and you push it in front of you... i don't think i did a very good job explaining that. don't you watch TV?

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: just me in my one bedroom apt. it’s cozy...
BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: hmm. the only books i’m reading right now are all textbooks. the one i like best out of those are... none of them. the last two books i read are The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide by Chris Gore (one of my all-time [super]heroes). and Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. it was complete brain candy, but something i totally needed at the moment i was reading it.
WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD: home- don’t have one. but have the awesome new optical mouse for my awesome new G4.
at work- for the PC there is a 3” beige (or something) colored pad. but it’s funny. for the iMac it’s a coca-cola mouse pad. yum!
FAVORITE MAGAZINE: music- Magnet; fashion/beauty- Jane; computers- Yahoo Internet Life, Mac Authority Journal (which i can’t afford), Wired; film- Film Comment, The Independent
FAVORITE SMELL: i’ll go with coffee and momma-made cake
FAVORITE SOUNDS: the cello, sizzlin’ cookin’, and an old friends laugh.
WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: i agree with Angie on this one... being alone with someone else. it’s hell.
BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: knowing that someone you love, love’s you back. and that’s love on any level.
EVER BEEN IN LOVE: yes, but i (almost) wish i hadn’t been
IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL: i don’t know. i try my hardest to make it half full.
FAVORITE MOVIES: you know... i really don’t know. is there a "default list of the top 10 movies filmmakers like" somewhere?
WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED: a flowery cardboard box of stuff.
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: none. but swimming and tennis used to be. i bet if i knew more about soccer, i’d be into that. i did used to like watching basketball... Karl Malone, dude. watching a game of pool on TV is pretty exciting.
SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: Louise is one of my coolest new online friends.
PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND: i don’t believe in this question. everyone always says i am the one most likely to respond... but i’ve kinda grown to not like these things. why am i doing this anyway??
FUTURE DAUGHTER'S NAME: i think i’ve decided i don’t want any
FUTURE SON'S NAME: see above
FAVORITE FOODS: mmmmm fooood. i like food. let’s stick with the broader categories on this one... i like Indian food, Iranian food, Thai food, Italian food, French food, Greek food, Fruity Pebbles, cheese, breads, eggplant, spinach, rice, pasta, and dessert.
CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: i guess usually vanilla.
DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: ever since i got 3 tickets in a period of 6 months... i usually don’t go above 5-10 above the speed limit, unless i’m on I-40 during rush hour... then i go with the flow of the fast lane which is usually about 80, if not 85. i love going 85.
DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL: no. but mr. teddy, grey-the-dolphin, bearheart, the true bros. dolls and my new blossom power puff girl doll all have an open invitation into my bed... wait. let’s nix the true bros. dolls from this conversation.
STORMS: thunderstorms are cool if i’m inside, unless i’m at my parents house and my dog makes me cry because he’s so scared. (don’t laugh or i'll come find you and kick your butt.. they do call me the ass-kicking machine). snowstorms are grrrreat when everything shuts down. and ice storms are horrible, but sooooo pretty.
WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR: 1991 burgundy toyota camry-- still running strong.
IF YOU COULD MEET ANY PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE: i don’t know... i tend to be kinda scared of those people. i met Chris Eubank (Ugly Americans, Blue Chair, Skeletal Remains, the Mind Sirens, Bicentennial Quarters, Polycarp, Repetophile, Spatula, Shark Quest and Idyll Swords)-- aka (by me) “the chapel hill cellist” just yesterday. and i was a complete nervous FOOL.
ZODIAC: aquarius
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: independent filmmaker, rock star, traveler. (i think i’m gonna actually get to be 2 of those things. my life is cool)
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE: i’m still wishing for that blue hair. midnight blue. maybe i’ll try a wig first. and then a streak. i think i’d look good in midnight blue hair. people always compliment my blue lipstick.

Friday, January 26, 2001

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: All by myself in a 1950's style one bedroom apartment with two huge windows that bring in great light. There are about 20 units, all centered around a pool that has a crustacean of some sorts painted at the bottom (Melrose place-like without the pretention). Henry, my 76 (trombones) years young apartment manager, always shakes the leaves/dirt off of my welcome mat and offers me food.
BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: Hmmm. Admitedly I am not a big reader. My fav books ever are Memories of a Geisha, Joy Luck Club, Diary of Bridget Jones, An American Requeim. I bought Damascus' Gate but have only scraped the surface after 3 months.
WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSEPAD: One of those wrist thingies to keep you from getting carpal tunnel's syndrome (sorry guys, my spelling is for crap). The office paid for it.
FAVORITE MAGAZINE: Depends on my mood. Houston Press (weekly, free entertainment guide). I don't look at it much but stuff like National Geographic and Life Magazine are way cool. Also try to keep up to date with stuff like Time, Newsweek, Red Herring, Upside, Fast Company, Forbes on a periodic basis. Then I like dumb stuff like Cosmo and InStyle.
FAVORITE SMELL: clean clothes, fresh out of the dryer; the aroma of good food; my patcholi candle on my coffee table
FAVORITE SOUNDS: New Orleans/Cajun accents (remind me of home); laughter; an unexpected ole skul song on the radio
WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: I've learned that feeling alone with someone is worst than actually being alone alone. Make sense?
BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: laughing aloud with a really good friend; when you can hear someone smile over the phone
EVER BEEN IN LOVE: yes - was absolutely swonderful in the beginning but volatile in the end
FAVORITE MOVIES: don't laugh: Shakespeare in Love, When Harry Met Sally, Braveheart, Good Will Hunting, Goonies (yes, you read "Goonies")
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: WWF - j/k. basketball, baseball, soccer sometimes. not a big sports buff, and I end up talking most of the game
FUTURE SON'S NAME: Gabriel (depends on which is first)
FAVORITE FOODS: too many to list, but a few: seafood (especially oysters, salmon and crawfish but I love it all), cajun/creole (ettoufee, gumbo, jambalaya, chicken fricasse, boudin, oyster/cornbread dressing, rice and gravy, Cajun fried turkey), REAL Chinese food (NOT PF Chang type crap), dim sum, Asian noodle dishes, sushi, Korean BBQ, kim chi, saag paneer, bread, cheese, rotisserie chicken, chick fried chick, smothered anything (esp. chick and pork chops), mushrooms almost any way imaginable (sauteed with butter and wine is the best), mangoes, spinach, stuffed artichokes, artichoke balls, cream of artichoke soup, muffalatas, GOOD spaghetti and meatballs, smoothies, most pastas, most all Greek food, tapas, steak marinated in soy sauce, onions and garlic with mushrooms of course, quiche, creme brule, tiramasu, canoli
CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: Hmmm. Chocolate although I'm not a choc fiend
DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: about 10 to 15 over the limit
STORMS: good when I am not walking or driving in them
WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR: 1991 red Toyota Corolla
IF YOU COULD MEET ANY PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE: already met him, but he passed away when I was really young. My dad's dad.
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Hooch, pear cider, frozen margaritas, wine, sangria
ZODIAC: Aquarius/Fire Dragon
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: several to choose from. A local music promoter; stationary shop owner (I also want to make my own music mixes for the background CD and to choose what candles I burn); freelance travel columnist; professional tour guide; freelance chef; florist; basically I want to make beautiful things that make people happy, but I'm not really creative or patient.
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE: jet black with either electric blue or burgandy wine streaks, although I don't have the balls to bleach my hair.

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: Share an apartment that is too big to be a 1 bedroom but too small to be a 2 bedroom. I could be moving real soon, just up a floor to a bigger space. a 2 bedroom that could be a 3.

BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Italo Calvino I can't believe how good it is

WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSEPAD: a lot of dirt

FAVORITE BOARD GAME: I'm drawing a blank, guess i don't have one

FAVORITE MAGAZINE: i was in love with last spring's super issue of Italian Elle or Vogue or maybe it was Mademoiselle, whatever it was, it was a good magazine

FAVORITE SMELL: first real day of cold winter, first spring rain

FAVORITE SOUNDS: Too many to even start, I mention one and neglect the others, i'd feel guilty for weeks

WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: knowing you'll never know

BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: waking up with my eyes shut

ROLLER COASTER, SCARY OR EXCITING: The thought of riding one and the journey and fun that that entails: exciting, actual ride: not as exciting but still fun

HOW MANY RINGS TO ANSWER THE PHONE: one to two most of the time, gotta be quick, after three the voice mail gets it

EVER BEEN IN LOVE: twice today

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL: depends on if it's mine or not

FAVORITE MOVIES: I think my most favorite movie is still out there. A guilty pleasure: Joe Vs. The Volcano


DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS: for the most part, otherwise things get real messy for everyone. never figured out the numbers (above the letters) though

WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED: aluminum foil (extra wallpaper), most likely some dirty clothes and loose change, I'll have to check

FAVORITE NUMBER: i like most any number

FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: Soccer or Hockey but i find it increasingly harder to watch an entire game of anything

SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: in every way that the word is good, beautiful


PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND: like i said, i have faith in everyone

FUTURE DAUGHTER'S NAME: I'm not quite sure, maybe something french. I like french girl names

FUTURE SON'S NAME: there's a lot of family tradition involved with the naming of the son (especaily the first) so not only do i have to find someone willing to parent a child with me, i also have to make sure the appropriate chromosomes meet up, and then convince this extrememly generous person to accept said imposed tradition. That being said probably John Xavier J.X. for short. I could even stand swithing that to X.J.

FAVORITE FOODS: right now, bread made in my new machine and dipped in olive oil, parmesan cheese and peper, chased by a greek olive.


DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: I don't drive, when I did it wasn't too fast


STORMS: the ultimate sample source



FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: i've sampled a limited few and had unpleasant reactions to the taste of every single one



IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: running a not-for-profit community sound studio and multimedia learning center, like IRCAM except not french and for everyone. this would also be the same space where i lived and composed

IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE: Dyed it purple, silver would be nice. Green too, but people say that's too witchy.

Upma, trying to eat less, especially less food like cheese, whole-milk yogurt, chocolate, and sweets in general, has never granted me success in getting back to being as trim as I once was. Walking everywhere works better for me, and it doesn't hurt the tummy. Much as I enjoy yoga, I'm a lazy bum without an instructor. It was great when one of my housemates was still here, but he's on his book tour (Partner Yoga, by Lori Kimata and Cain Carroll). The Ab-Force sounds like something I would look at and never touch, much like the tae-bo tapes a former housemate was working out with. I watched, seated on the couch and eating popcorn.

Zach, I'll send you an address so's you can send me a copy of Slave. I just need to find out where I'll be for the next few weeks. And you'd be right, normally, about my being the least likely respondent. Besides, you know me so well - you push buttons my siblings don't even know about.

i mailed my repose to all of you, i didn't read the instuction properly i guess. i did forget to change the question of sign. i'm a gemini.thank you. shelby's about an hour.

> LIVING ARRANGEMENT: 3bed, 2bath, i live with a roommate, rob, and
from my parents
> BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: i am now reading the hobbit, when i
have's ok. the best book i've read lately is red dragon.
> FAVORITE BOARD GAME: trivial pursuit
> FAVORITE MAGAZINE: cmj and ice
> FAVORITE SMELL: breakfeast
> FAVORITE SOUNDS: cars driving up my driveway. music
> WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: alone, not as in no one's here, as in no
> HOW MANY RINGS TO ANSWER THE PHONE: if it wakes me up i don't answer
other than that how ever long it takes me to get to the phone
> IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL: i hate this question
> FAVORITE MOVIES: In no particular order - the godfather, fight club,
american beauty, magnolia, young frankinstien, any kids sports movies.
> LEFTY OR RIGHTY: somtimes both, mostly right
> WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED: sometimes my cat
very nice today
> FUTURE DAUGHTER'S NAME: isobel grace
> FUTURE SON'S NAME: declan julius
> FAVORITE FOODS: potatos, rice, egg sandwiches, carrots, broccolli
> DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: for me, no, over the speed limit, yes
> STORMS: are good like jazz
color it
is now.

Ah Louise, you know me so well.

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: I live on the first floor of 717 Mayflower, the room with two doors that is situated between the kitchen/dining room and Benji's room.
BEST BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW: I'm in a class that is reading the following books: Conrad, Heart of Darkness; Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Lawrence, Sons and Lovers; Forster, Howards End; Woolf, To the Lighthouse; Waugh, Brideshead Revisited; Greene, End of the Affair and Amis, Lucky Jim. I'm just finishing Joyce and am proud to report that I really enjoyed it. Heart of Darkness was less enjoyable.
WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSEPAD: Richard Murillo gave me this mousepad when he saw that I didn't have one.
FAVORITE BOARD GAME: I don't really have a favorite. I have a least favorite though. Pictionary sucks.
FAVORITE MAGAZINE: Slave Magazine. cough cough. I also enjoy reading the copies of Q and Mojo that Thad buys.
FAVORITE SMELL: Bananas, smoke, old paperbacks.
WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD: Sleeping too late.
BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD: Sleeping just enough.
HOW MANY RINGS TO ANSWER THE PHONE: I don't answer the phone.
EVER BEEN IN LOVE: Not that I'm aware of.
FAVORITE MOVIES: In order I think: Die Hard, Planet of the Apes, Rushmore, Raising Arizona, Big Lebowski. Less arty, more farty, right?
WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED: Rock and roll basement space.
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: professional fucking
SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU: Louise is the farthest away, physically, of all my friends.
PERSON YOU SENT THIS TO LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND: I would have said Louise, but she's proven that she knows me better than I know her.
FUTURE DAUGHTER'S NAME: If I had to choose today I would probably push for Frances.
FUTURE SON'S NAME: I think Calvin.
FAVORITE FOODS: Mac and cheese, sloppy joe, vegetable biryana (no onions), tufurky slices, mussamun tofu, egg salad, rice, peas. I also love tuna sandwiches despite the fact that I can no longer eat them.
DO YOU DRIVE TOO FAST: Not as often as I used to.
DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL: I don't sleep with anything.
STORMS: If I'm home they're nice.
WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR: 84 Honda, eight years and still running.
IF YOU COULD MEET ANY PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE: I don't know if I care to meet them, but I love to hear these persons singing in their prime (not together, of course): Richard Manuel and Gene Autry, both are deceased.
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK: sXe. Don't make me get my baseball bat.
ZODIAC: sag.
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: I would write songs. Unfortunately, I have little talent in this area.
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR WHAT WOULD IT BE: Red has worked for me in the past.

So is anyone else excited about seeing Sugar & Spice? I loved Bring it On, and I'm sure I'll love this one, too.

The scarf I've been knitting is about potholder size now. I never appreciated how many rows of yarn went into a scarf before. My craft projects always start out so ambitious (so a scarf isn't exactly ambitious - but you know what I mean) but then the hours of manual labor trim down those dreams. I'm hoping to have it done by Valentine's Day - and a scarf seems like a better present than a potholder. Both of my grandmother's are so excited that I've taken up knitting. I think one of them is even sending me a knittig bag - how this is different from any other bag - I guess I'll find out.

I was going to go into a long rant about work - and this nonsense I am currently dealing with from management but it will only make me want to scream - so let me just say - what is up with micromanaging middlemen? no fun. One cool work thing - we had a scavenger hunt yesterday (as sort of a getting to know you for different departments) and my team came in second place which means free movie tickets which means Sugar and Spice, here I come.

Zach - thanks for sending out Slave - I look forward to getting it in the mail. And word on the Wedding Planner - that looks like crap - and I see plenty of lowbrow movies. I've been doing this secret shopping for a movie theater which only seems to get blockbusters. This summer I was treated to Coyote Ugly, Boys & Girls and other steaming piles as I filled out my questionnaires.
Angie - that's so cool that you get to be involved with the United Nations - I can't wait to hear more about that (if you're allowed to talk about it).
Shelly - The second Kiss Offs CD is called "Rock Bottom" and has a photo of Travis' ass in leather pants on the cover. I guess it turned out to be a vanity project.
Upma - What does an Ab-Force do? It sounds painful.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

A quick note to let everyone know that I still exist.

Just got paid to watch the Wedding Planner, which is about the only reason to watch the Wedding Planner.

Made vegan sloppy joes.

Mailed Slave issues 3, 4, and 5 to those of you who asked for them. The lion's share of the work on Slave is done by my multi-talented roommate, John F. Rash. He does all the artwork and most of the business stuff. But, I'm proud enough of my contributions to the magazine to welcome your comments, good or bad. I already know about the spelling errors in issue five. There will never be another spelling error in Slave Magazine.

I've got a lot on my mind. Not bad stuff though. I'll try to write more in the morning after I get some sleep.

hello. things got a little crazy there this past week. i think i survived...

louise- i hope you’re doing ok...

JT- i will send my video in (probably sans changes) by the end of this coming week. let me know how you like it, ok? also. i like that kahlil gibran quote... except, i’m a little confused as to why he thinks americans never get tired, or sleep or dream. i’m just the opposite. i am always tired. i wish i was always asleep. and i’m always (day)dreaming. maybe i’m NOT american. hmmmmm.

angie- re: your ashcroft conversation, people are really ignorant. and it seems like the more conservative they are, the more ignorant they are. it’s ok to be bothered by what they say... it’s bothersome... but don’t take anything those people have to say too personally.
also. i always thought that the blogger logo was one of two things. either a capital Greek Beta, or the first letter of my name written in Punjabi.
and, happy belated Chinese New Year!

thad- i think you made a wise decision. i’m just curious, how far is shelby from hickory?

so. i’m not sure what’s up with the crush. i’m sooo back and forth on the whole thing. i think i really like him. but now i’m finding out that i may have been a total victim to the rumor mill and that he may not even have a crush on me at all. yay, me. of course this would happen... now that i’ve decided that i totally like the guy. i think i’m just not gonna call him again and see what happens. (he won’t call me, and that’ll be that... back to normal upma mode). damn.

well.. hopefully, work won’t start to suck because of that. work ROCKS! i love it. i wish i were getting paid. i’m hoping that i’ll get to start part-time or full-time in april or may... i’m REALLY hoping! i guess i have to be patient and see.

i finally got my Ab-Force in the mail. it's cool! i only used it for a couple seconds the other day... just to play around with it... and my stomach hurts now. the instruction booklet that came with it, is 95% about what foods to eat. so now i'm wondering if this little machine will really make me skinny again. i sure hope so.

i hope everyone has a good weekend.

Kung Hee Fat Choy - my neighbors decided to celebrate last night around midnight with firecrackers. I had to tell my roommate three stories and play at least five games of contemporary This Little Piggy (eg "this little piggy believes in a free market economy, this little piggy thinks globalization is evil") to get her back to sleep.

Post-accident, I'm fine and my sister has recovered from the whiplash, though she'll be moaning about the bumper on her car for a while longer. Her car is a major, major status symbol for her, and any damage to it is like a personal affront.

Random Thought: what is up with the Blogger logo? Is it supposed to be a screwed up pretzel of sorts?

Happy belated Chinese New Year. Was wishing that I was 12 again so that I could get all of those blessed red envelopes stuffed with money. I do get to have dinner with two of the blessed aunts and grandma at some point this weekend. I'll be sure to share any interesting stories if there are any.

I have my first program meeting with the United Nations Houston chapter tomorrow night. Am really psyched about it, but I have a feeling they will rope me into doing some PR-related work for them. But it's all good.

My fav local independent music station (commerical free, listener sponsored) started its fund drive today, and I was there at 6 a.m. to kick it off. Got into a debate with my fellow phone volunteers (most were Greenies or Libertarians) about the importance of voting rather than getting caught up in the idea of, "My vote doesn't count for shit," attitude. Love getting into philosophical crap like that. I probably end up talking more emotion than reason, but it was a good time.

Thad, although you turned it down, it's cool that your boss that you were good enough to run the place.

Weezie, how are you and your sister post-car accident?

i work for carmike cinemas. having my own theater would mean making sure everyone under me did what my boss says. pretty much what i do now as assistant, but with more money and more hassle. i turned it down though. i can't move right now. i havn't been there long enough to have my own theater. though it's kinda cool. it's not as cool as it sounds. the money wasn't good enough. i'm going to be a father soon. it would be less time with my baby and his/her mother. i'm happy where i am. in six months or a year i'll take the next one. besides shelby doesn't have a good record store. i would love to show what movies i wanted, but right a guy from the home office calls every monday to tell us what we're getting on friday. i could choose what theater that movie goes in to. yeah that's power.

My roommate just moved out; she fit everything but the futon and bookshelves into a compact car, one trip. Another housemate will be moving out with a very large backpack and nothing else (it helps that she doesn't know where she's going yet). I have a pile of empty boxes and the confidence that I can get it all in one load in a friend's pickup truck without blocking the rearview. The remaining resident has a houseful of stuff to move. I can't imagine what that would be like.

So Thad, what would having your own theater mean? The power to show your own personal selections on six screens?

JT, good luck with the crush. I will be mailing you a package with hair stuff in it; could you send me your current address please?

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

i am in the middle of moving too and i can completely understand just wanting to chuck the whole damn load of stuff. especially after living for a year and a half in complete chaos because it was absolutely impossible to fit everything so that it is put away. but i shouldn't surrender to the mound on the floor now when i have only days to go before i have somewhere to put it. should i? but then if i don't chuck it i have to move it. ugggghh! how did i get so much stuff all the way across the country in the first place?

Packing up and moving makes me want to renounce all my stuff, including the new threads I bought to usher in my
grown-up job phase. I'd like to just toss it all out the windows and walk away. And then I start thinking, well not my
CD's. And not all of my books, I'd want to keep just a few, at least. And all my old notebook/journals. And the two boxes of photos. And yes, even the new clothes I found on markdown racks that evoke Audrey Hepburn. And then I get sick with being such a fucking materialist, and the cycle begins anew, yet ends with at least 70% of my earthly belongings neatly packed into boxes, labeled, and ready for transport. The other 30% goes to the co-op, to be descended on by my co-workers in a frenzy of acquisition.

Monday, January 22, 2001

wanna hear somthing crazy? i've been offered my own theater. i've worked with the company for like five months. it's a six screen in shelby. shelby? right. i don't know..... with a baby and all. maybe i'm not ready. i don't know. i'm confused, i need to sleep.

Last week, I found out that Lucinda Williams will be performing at Houston's International Festival, and I wanted to shit on myself (yes, I was THAT excited).

Also, last week, was completely annoyed. Was talking to this Republican co-worker of mine about how I didn't really care for Ashcroft (the first mistake). She looks me dead in the eye and says, "Why? Because he's religious?" I mean, she thinks that just because I have liberal tendencies and I'm comfortable with things like homosexuality that I am not spiritual. Do I seem this simple minded?

Steph, while you are in NYC, you've got to check out the Big Onion Walking Tours. The tour guides all either have or are working on a phd in history from either Columbia or NYC (i.e., not your typical tour guide). I'm such the history buff, so I loved every minute of it. The tours last about an hour and a half, and they only offer certain tours on certain days. Reasonably priced, too. I did the immigrant NYC one which was incredible. They also do ones on Jewish NYC, food markets, Brooklyn, Central Park, etc. They have a web site:

Sunday, January 21, 2001

Things here are really busy now so I don't know if I will be able to post more than once a week or so which is honestly a dissapointment for me. It ends up that I'm doing lots of things this semester. Assisting teaching a music appreciation class, maintaining the computer music studios, possibly teaching a few computer music classes when professors go out of town, doing June in Buffalo administrative work, squeaky wheel workshops plus school and maybe starting a band and then there's composing.

But most importantly the crush is working itself out to be maybe more than a crush, it's moving slow but in the right direction so I'm floating, feet barely touching the ground. I need to channel some of my listless romantic energy into doing productive things (see above).

Upma, Your video sounds perfect for the Love + Sex show. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but all works have to be around 3 minutes or shorter. Anyone can send submissions to:

Squeaky Wheel
Buffalo Media Resources
175 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14201

As for June in Buffalo aka JiB send your brother to the website:
Probably the most informative stuff will be the history of the festival and possibly the programs for last year and this year (which should be up soon)
If he hasn't heard of many of the composers that are mentioned there (especially guys like Morton Feldman, the festival founder) then he might want to check them out. If he has heard of these guys/gals and he's still interested I can send you more information. Without knowing anything about the kind of music your brother writes or the kind of music he wants to write I really don't know if he would enjoy JiB. I don't mean to sound snobbish or elitist about the festival or any kind of music, and seeing the festival regardless of your aesthetic position is very useful. It's just the difference between going to a week of concerts that you think are worthless, dissonant, intellectualized, experimental crap or going to a week of concerts that sustains your appetite and love for new music for an entire year. It's too late for him to apply to participate this year but if he's REALLY interested in coming I'd be more than happy to put him up and possibly get him free (or at least really cheap) tickets to everything. That invitation extends to any of you who are REALLY interested.

Louise, if you visit, you have carte blanch concerning my hair.

I had a lot to say about the Jazz series but it was pretty much in agreement with Thad and Zach. I heard a critic say that it's interesting that they call Jazz America's classical music in respect to the fact that most people think that classical music ended at the beginning of the 20th century just as Jazz ended in the 1960s (a proportional gap). I was discussing with a friend how it's unfortunate that the last forty years aren't represented. Seeing as this is a documentary by the legendary Ken Burns it would have sparked a lot of interest and validated much of the music to a much wider public (regardless of whether they liked it or not) if it had been included, since it is not, it will most likely have the oppostie effect. It seems that people who watch these types of documentaries often think it automatically makes them experts on the subject.

"The Americans are a mighty people who never give up or get tired or sleep or dream. If these people hate someone, they will kill him by negligence, and if they like or love a person, they will shower him with affection." Kahlil Gibran

So it is in life and art.

Saturday, January 20, 2001

I'm going to NYC in a month (love those cheap web fares), and I'm looking for a cool place to stay. Someplace with character - maybe in the Village - any suggestions on hotels?

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Yikes! I'll just be thankful. My sister has auto insurance which covers replacing the bumper as well as the towing cost. I feel like a fool for forgetting that I have free roadside assistance (through my cellular phone plan, of all things). Our health insurance plans will also cover the ambulance and medical care.

Went to a talk about the Asian Development Bank (which is having a conference here in May). Most of it preaching to the choir; however the warning that it's all too easy to take a state of emergency to impose incredible martial law on this island was included. Hopefully the protest will go peacefully and the militants won't give in to the baiting by police/military.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

if you get in a car accident. go to the hospital immediately whether or not you feel hurt and ESPECIALLY if the accident isn't your fault. i was hurt in a car accident (three cars and a fence). the accident was 100% another driver's fault and was ticketed as such. i didn't go immediatly to the hospital because neck injuries don't hurt right away and when it happens you're shaken up and angry. you have tons of adrenaline pumping through you. the next day i felt like i'd been run over by the car. was told muscle soreness was to be expected. had little motion in my neck at all. started having muscle spasms and visual blackouts. went to the doctor. spent six months in physical therapy about 3 times a week. lost time at work and eventually my job because the amount my car got totalled for was too little to buy another car. i needed the car to get to work (the BR bus system was way substandard especially at night which was when i worked.) i needed the job to pay for the last semester of school. so i had to take a loan to pay for school and live on the money i had saved to move after graduation. i'm still fighting this debt today. the insurance company of the guy at fault in the auto accident has never paid ANY of the medical expenses. i had nearly a year of daily worry over the bills and daily pain and rehabilitative exercises which i'll basically have to do for the rest of my life to keep motion in my neck. i spent hours every week on the phone and fax with the insurance companies. i finally had to get a lawyer and file suit because the statute of limitations was about to run out. if it had i would have been personally liable for all of these medical costs incured from an accident which was 100% someone elses fault. as it was i had to spend over 1000 dollars anyway(which i don't really have to spare) out of my own pocket to keep these debts from going against my credit record. the long distance phone bills and fax fees continue to compile. this and my time (still constant worry and weekly paperwork) are not able to be considered in any legal judgement of funds that would come to me. neither is the cost of any travel which i would have to do to go back to louisiana if it goes to court. it is completely in the insurance company's benefit to drag this out forever. i'll run out of money and energy and time. they won't: they've got lawyers on staff and endless employees paid to do this processing. when i got in the accident i didn't go to the hospital or immediatly get a lawyer. i'd seen the commercials for lawyers on tv with what seemed like ridiculously large settlements. i didn't want to fleece anybody. i thought things would be handled fairly. i mean the accident wasn't even my fault. over two years later still daily dealing with this accident, not only in pain but also in new bills which mysteriously appear and never ending paperwork. those huge settlements seem a lot less ridiculous to me. i hope that you never get in a car accident especially one where you get hurt. but if you do learn from my mistakes. go to the hospital straight from the scene of the accident. get a lawyer right away; a reputable one won't charge you anything unles you win a settlement or case. i wish the syste wasn't set up this way. i wish that i had known.

On Monday, my sister was driving me home when her car was rear-ended (the car in front of us stopped. She stopped. The car behind us stopped. The minivan behind the car didn't. Then the Dodge Ram behind the minivan stopped, and the Honda Civic behind the Dodge didn't either). No-one was really hurt...cell phones were immediately whipped out, the police and paramedics arrived within 10 minutes, and we were in a hospital emergency room a few minutes afterwards, being treated for whiplash. Bi-zarre freakin' world I live in! I get in a minor car accident, and suddenly I've been whisked away to a quiet suburban hospital. We weren't asked if we wanted this...the paramedic asked us how we were doing, and when my sister said her neck hurt and she felt nauseous, that was it, she was in a brace and on a gurney. I was sitting in the ambulance, getting our health insurance cards out and calling our mother, thinking gee I'm lucky I have insurance. Wait. I have insurance because if this happened and I didn't have insurance, I'd be screwed. So I spent much of my time waiting around, crocheting, and pondering the industry that exists around injury. Once in the emergency room, it's all about being processed. Wait here until the nurse talks to you. Then go wait over there until another nurse arrives. Wait until another nurse arrives to take a blood sample. Then wait until the results come back, and wait to get x-rayed, and then wait for the x-rays, then wait for the doctor, then wait for the nurse again, then wait for the paperwork to get processed. I was feeling bad for the nurses who had to deal with my sister. Even strapped down and told not to move, she's a handful. She manages to be both stubborn and impatient, and she doesn't like needles. The blood test was ostensibly for a pregnancy test - when the nurse showed up with the kit, she said no no no no nooooo. You are not sticking needles in me. "We just need a little blood for a test." No. "We just need to make sure you aren't pregnant." I'm not pregnant. "That's what they all say." I'm. Not. Pregnant. The last I checked, pregnancy was still a result of sex. I'm not pregnant. "Okay." And so on.

The part that I really didn't like: just about everyone that worked there was from somewhere else...Samoa, the Phillipines, Eastern Europe, India...all I could think was that these people have family and friends in places where getting this kind of medical attention just does not happen for the average person on the street. And here I am, a little miffed because I'm being "processed" without much concern about whether or not I want it. I didn't ask for a prescription for painkillers, I was given one, because "you'll need it tomorrow." Possible side effects of naproxen: drowsiness, nausea, stomach cramps. Not much of a trade. I don't like having blood drawn, x-rays taken, drugs prescribed, all for a mild case of whiplash...and at the same time, who am I to complain about this to a staff that works hard for pay that isn't all that great and who are from places where people routinely die right in streets because of massively inadequate health care? For that matter, big cities in the US have people dropping dead because of overloaded ER's and a lack of health care. My sister and I have coverage because businesses in Hawai'i are required to give employees who work over 20 hours per week health insurance. Although I quit my job, I've kept my insurance by paying for it out of my own pocket. Nationalized health care sounds good, but the truth is that it has its own problems. Private insurance is still available to those who can afford it in the UK, Canada, and Australia, because the truth is that the nationalized health care ranges from okay to crap. People are placed on long waiting lists for surgical in, you need heart surgery, you'll just have to wait for two years to get it. I'm lucky...right?

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

but nobody beats the duke.ellington is the epicenter of jazz after 1930.

Just to be totally clear. Lots of wonderful music is covered in JAZZ. Valuable insights into African-American history are explored. For those reasons JAZZ is worth watching. My objection is that as a history of jazz it fails to adequetly cover more than forty years worth of music. This is music some of the heroes of the series ended up playing. How can you understand Miles Davis without understand his post-1969 music? You can't. How you understand Coltrane without free jazz? It's like reading half and book and assuming you already know the end.

Thanks everyone for your valentine's day input. Hopefully it will inspire me to actually write something.
Angie - I don't think I'm going home for Jazzfest cause I'll be in New Orleans for Passover (which is a month before).
Spent the holiday weekend in movie bliss. Saw Quills, O Brother (and bought the soundtrack the next day), Crouching Tiger, Save the Last Dance and Miss Congeniality. I still want to see Traffic and maybe State and Main. The weekend took on an unreal quality, spending so much time in cineplexes. I liked all the movies I saw.
I dyed my hair yesterday - a dark red that most people can't tell looks any different on my usually brown headed self. I did have a strong compulsion to buy a hot pink wig at the mall though. I feel wigs are the solution to a corporate working chick with fun hair aspirations.

i had no idea that w. marsalis was such a poopy face. i like some big band and some old time swing... i love bille holiday and nina simone... BUT. give me some sun ra any day of the week. that's the stuff that leaves you cleansed and purged.

Monday, January 15, 2001

zach's last post is the reason i am no longer a music major. the musical direcor once stated to me that the only good music writen in the twentith century was writen for stage. this dip shit had written off the last fifty years all together. but he had the onpinion of the text. the last chapter of a second year music theory book went over a hundred and fifty years in fifteen pages. which really isn't odd, as most musical peroids lasted about a hundred and fifty years untill the 1830's when music begain changing rapidly. richard wagner was the first rock star, make it loud and piss people off. to this day "ride of the valkrye's" is the only peice that gets any respect. his opera's are too hard and abrasive. stravinsky caused riots. how awesome is that. rich white people ran screaming and crying from two seperate operas. atonal did not begin in the sixties with jazz. wyton marsalis can kiss my ass. quartal harmony, tone clusters, dissanace. debussy was the first jazz. he was called an impressionist, critics said they were impersonating musicans. the twevle tone technique changed everything. it treated two octives as one and evrything in the middle was fair game. fifths and octives are concidered perfect because the church said so in the fifteen hundreds. it's what they though sounded best. i don't know if any of you have ever listened to monophonic it's enough to make you kill yourself. polytonality was a god send. quarter tones are genius. silence is brillant. i'm angry now and have to stop writing

Angie-I haven't seen enough of JAZZ to pass judgement on it honestly. The parts that I've seen, the reviews I've read and what I know of the "musical director" Wynton Marsalis lead me to conclude two things. One, it is intended to present jazz from a cultural point of view. The thrust is that jazz, a uniquely American (and intellectual) art form, was created by an oppressed people during the height of there struggle and therefore reflects that struggle. In conveying this perspective, the series seems to be a success. The parts I've seen have been fascinating.

Which leads me to my second point. If JAZZ succeeds as a history of "race music" in the first half of the decade, it fail horribly as a history of jazz. The reason? Wynton Marsalis. This man is the Newt Gingrich of jazz music. His firmly held and loudly argued position is that jazz ended around 1961 or so and every innovator since has been robbing the corpse. Essentially, when jazz became difficult, atonal, free-form, funk-rock influenced, experimental, whatever, it ceased to be jazz and became... basically garbage in Marsalis' reckoning. Things are always better the way they used to be. When Miles Davis was playing pretty things you were hearing jazz. When he got the red trumpet and proceeded to destroy every thing he could think of you were not listening to jazz. According to Wynton Marsalis.

For my money, the jazz worth listening too started right where Marsalis places its death. Everybody was playing this sweet little melodies with cute time structures and emotional instrumentation. Then Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane and guys like Cecil Taylor and Charles Mingus busted in and hacked the old shit to death. Coltrane's Ascension is wild and ugly and invigorating. It's the dark corner of music. The part that Wynton Marsalis is afraid of. And rightly so. Cecil Taylor would chew him a new hole. Marsalis wants to protect the "pretty" jazz from the progressive jazz of today. He wants to make sure his baby never sees a boob on Showtime, gets a tattoo or rides a motorcycle. Jazz is perfectly fine stalled in 1961. According to Wynton Marsalis.

So, "musical director" of JAZZ, the film, Marsalis writes the stuff he dislikes out of the history of jazz. There is no mention of Charles Mingus on the JAZZ website. No mention of Cecil Taylor. No mention of Sun Ra. No mention of fusion in Miles Davis' bio. Disgraceful. Coltrane's late period receives this one line: "Coltrane turned to increasingly radical musical styles in the mid-1960s."

Ornette Coleman is handled in this way (on the website): "While working as an elevator operator in Los Angeles he studied (on his own) harmony and theory textbooks, and gradually evolved a radically new concept and style, seemingly from a combination of musical intuition born of southwestern country blues and folk forms, and his misreadings or highly personal interpretations of the theoretical texts." Misreadings! Can you believe this? The Ken Burns' JAZZ team gives Ornette Coleman an F for misreading the texts!

Ha, there is a mention of fusion on the website: "Fusion was named after the blending of jazz with rock (with a more than a dollop of funk thrown in), a mixture that eventually hit a brick wall. The rhythmic bases of the two styles were incompatible, but there is no denying that many creative musicians found the genre enticing."

Oh my god...

well. today was the first day of the internship. it was really cool. i think i’m really going to enjoy working there... and you know what else? all of a sudden... i feel kinda grown up. it’s WEIRD! i hope this feeling goes away... cuz i’m not sure i like it. of course... being in an office with 6 boys... it’s sure to go away. right?

other than that... i’m just a complete stress ball again. yay, me!

Steph - forgot to ask you. Are you going home for Jazz Fest? I am seriously considering it, but not sure if I can get the group to go. Do you know when they announce the lineup? I want to say that it will be sometime soon but am not sure . . . .

First off, I want to say I think we are some cool mo fo's. There are so many conversations going on that I want to address, but not sure that I will be able to do it justice due to time constraints.

Upma - when I go back home, my New Orleans accent rings true. As a child, I always said stuff like Whereyat, How's ya mama and dem?, I was passin' by yer house the other day . . . etc. I can't help it, I'm a Chinese with a Houston address and a helluva New Orleans accent.

Zach - let me know if you want some suggestions on tourist destinations in SF. I lived there for a few months two years ago. Also, LOVED your play. It was great. Are you not liking the Ken Burns' Jazz series? I have the first three episodes on tape but have not had the chance to watch them yet.

Shelly, you are a romantic, just not on the pretentious surface front. Your condo sounds great! You go girl friend!

JT, you are one cool dude. Loved that you surround yourself by people who inspire you.

Upma/JT, good luck with the crushes. I always have insight on other people's love lives but I suck at my own. JT, I counsel throwing around a couple of hints, just to let the chickie know you are interested, and I would leave it at that. You don't want to be a rebound date, but you don't want to nip something before it even buds.

Am having some relationship turbulence on this end as well. Have been seeing this guy for the last two months. Was going really well, except for the last week. In a nutshell, my best friend and her husband came in town this weekend, and I told Nick that if he were interested, we'd be going out one night. He said that Sun. worked, and that he would call during the week. so he didn't call, and I broke down and called him on Fri. When he returned the call, one he didn't apologize for not calling and two he asked if he come out with us on Sat. instead of Sun. Wanted to ream his ass for acting the fool but nonchalantly said that I wish we would have talked during the week to finalize plans, but it was no thang and never mentioned it again. What I don't understand is that he basically avoided calling me all week, but then he came out with us and really put out a great effort on his part. Despite our high expectations, he impressed the three of us. At the end of the night he said that he would call me this week. My take is that we are both freaked and have one foot in the door, one out. Note that I will be going out every night this week so I'm not playing the moron answering my phone at the first half ring!

i hate poeple who didn't like a movie because they don't know what's in "the box". castaway "i hated the end, i gotta know what was in the box". no you don't. it doesn't matter whats in the fucking box. the one guy i know who saw barton fink wants to whats in the box. fuck the box. "what was the movie about"? i can understand. don't anybody ever ask me what was in a box. after barton fink how can your only question be about what was in the box?

i also like arty pony-tail pete townshend from the eighies. also a bit i learned at work from the girl in the box: the rolling stones can't be the greatest rock'n'roll band ever because they're old. metallica has been around for, like, thrity years. maybe it's metallica.

Saturday, January 13, 2001

michael- also went to and read Punkass Motherf**ers Done Wrangled My Dungarees. by the Ultramagnetic MC 900 Foot Jesus. i love it.

well. the alleged crush and i didn't get to go to the movies after all. he said he was out playing bills or something. we did get to hang out tonight... i immediately fell in love with his dog. named Puck. ohmygod HOW PRECIOUS! ... and the guy... i don’t wanna say anymore right now... (but... i think i like him a lot). i still have a million smaller crushes though.

JT- i’m so glad you’re back. i missed you!
question 1. the Valentines show at the squeaky wheel... how about an experimental short? it’s totally about (unrequited) love. it’s approx. 3 minutes long.
question 2. where can i learn more about June in Buffalo? i wonder if this would be something my musician/computer science brother might be interested in?
i didn’t mean to leave you out of the curly hair question... (i realized it at the time too, but i still didn’t correct myself. i’m a bad feminist... *slapping myself on the hand*) how long is your hair? i find usually that the the longer and thinner the persons hair... the less frustration they feel towards their curls. i have very thick, and not so long hair. i’m very frustrated right now. i could go on.
why IS there always a catch to great crushes? i know ALL too well about your “heightened state of infatuation” (i was pacing my house for about an hour today waiting for the phone to ring... until i found the Freaks and Geeks marathon on Fox Family... what a GREAT show!) my advice to you... (i might not be the best person to take advice from regarding this matter) is to let it go slow. “the best things in life are worth waiting for.”
i think you’re famous.

i am not a fan of valentines day. i usually call it crapentines day. i suppose if i actually got something on that day, i might like it. but even my parents stopped giving me stuff on that day. maybe i’m just bitter.

i wonder what i’d look like with blonde hair... i can’t imagine. my natural color is jet black. i still want blue... i think instead of the whole head though.. i just want a streak. the only fear i have of that though... i don’t want it to fade to green. i usually dye my hair red... but it’s hard to find stuff strong enough that’ll actually “take” on the black. and that gets a little frustrating too, cuz it fades to brown really fast. i found some stuff at Sally’s though... i think it’s L’oreal... i am not daring enough to try the manic panic et al because i’m too chicken to bleach my hair... i don’t want to a) kill my curl and b) make it more frizzy and c) i’m not a believer in the lasting power. i want burgundy hair though... (i’ve been trying to achieve this effect for years with no little success).

JT, now that I am banned from rainbow hair by both stylist and occupation, let me recommend to you hair dyes:
Manic Panic has a great range and a fairly low price. The reds are lovely, the purples as well, the rest not so general, the darker the better. I am still partial to Fushia Shock and Flaming. All of them are unstable and wash out fairly rapidly (unless it's on your pillowcase or t-shirt, in which case it's never going to come out). It's also relatively easy to find.
Fudge is thicker than Manic, with better depth and lasting power. It's also half again as expensive, and not as easy to find. The color range is smaller. Again, great reds and purples.
Special Effects made scene-setters stop me and ask what dye I used. The colors are incandescent, the consistency thick and relatively dripless, the lasting power the best of all I've used. I found it in a mall shop (Hot Topic) and so if you can't get it at the mall, you can order it online. The Hi-Octane Orange is a traffic-stopper.

There is another brand whose name I can't remember; I've seen it in drugstores and mall's crap. Thin, watery, and a waste of time and money.

The more damage done to your hair, the better the color. Thick applications, carefully combed through and left in for at least 45 minutes are also key. Jerome Russell Lightest and Brightest bleach (with Jerome Russell 40% peroxide cream), mixed one packet bleach to one bottle cream, applied thickly and evenly and left on until you can't take the burn any longer, got my deep dark brown to platinum in two applications.

If you can stand it, at least two different shades applied with a paintbrush and comb will lend depth and a somewhat iridescent effect.

JT, would you permit me to dye your hair if I make it to Buffalo?

My roommate Dave is in Atlanta for a few weeks. Today he sent this rumination on New Orleans (a city near and dear to a couple of us) while discussing his day.

I found a little coffee shop and got some of those square powdered donuts like
you can get in New Orleans. (I've actually had some of those donuts in New
Orleans when I went there with Rita a couple years ago. New Orleans, man, now
there's a Southern city! None of this Post-Southern City/Yankee Embassy ass
shit that Atlanta is sporting. N.O. is the real damn deal my friends and plus
they have mimes. You can't beat a city that has the first recorded history of
articulated labor unionism AND fucking mimes!)

or Jokes My Brother Will Enjoy
a play by Zachary Mull

Zachary Mull, age 25
Jessica Love, age 16

Zachary: I think I might go to Borders tomorrow. I'll got some money I want to spend.
Jessica: What are you going to buy?
Z: Probably an album called Unit Structures by this guy Cecil Taylor. (Cecil Taylor is an improvisational jazz pianist who gets shit-talked by Wynton Head-Up-His-Own-Ass Marsalis in Ken Burn's JAZZ.)
J: What's he sound like?
Z: Have you ever heard "the Streak" by Ray Stevens? It's like that but with horns and stuff.
J: Oh... who's Ray Stevens?


J: I know a girl named Mikell but I never make fun of her because my dad's name is Mike.
Z: (not listening) Uh huh.
J: Actually his name is Stuart Michael Love but everyone just calls him Mike.
Z: Oh really... (a pause) Wait a second. Your dad's name is MIKE LOVE? Like the Mike Love?
J: Who's that?
Z: From the Beach Boys. Mike Love. Surfin' USA. (Blank stare.) You know who the Beach Boys are, right?
J: I know who they are, but I've never heard anything by them.
Z: (Sounds of choking.)

My first week back in buffalo has been a hectic, exciting nerve racking one etc. A majority of it was spent doing work for June in Buffalo (the anual music festival that's held here every June). I had to "personalize" the acceptance form letters for participants and send them out. One of the participants (students) is my old composition teacher from ECU. That is sort of weird. But the worst part is that the head of the composition department at UB and also the artistic director for the festival is on sabatical in Florida so I had to forge his name on all the acceptance letters. It creeped me out all 24 times I had to do it.

Most of the rest of the time was spent at the Squeaky wheel hanging out with the artisit in residence, Julie Murray, an experimental filmmaker from new york. Her films are great and our aesthetics and views on a lot of issues line up. We've been trading works, recordings for videos. And dying my hair at the squeaky wheel too, which could be described more as a silvery lavendar than purple. Manic panic and a little luck. I'm very pleased with the results. We made it an unofficial learn analog editing and/or hair dying night at the squeaky wheel. I guess I should document the color. I usually have curly hair, upma, although i know your question wasn't directed at me. But i've never had any frustration with my curls (only my parents do, the curls come with length) but with the bleach i used it's not quite that curly now.

I'm going through a little crush crisis myself as of late. Met a really great girl, she met me, we have secretly crushed on each other for about a month or so. I found out this week that there's mutual crushing going on. The catch, because of course there's always a catch: She very very recently got out of a long term relationship (three years long) so..... we'll move as slow as ships, icebergs, glaciers but at least there's hope. I've been in a heightened state of infatuation ever since I was given this new information and listless, because she can't know that i know. at what point do patience and optimism go from virtue to vice? Maybe soon i will know. Advice is welcome and encouraged.

As for Valentine's Day, i'm pretty much with shelly. Things i like about it, it's become a fairly non-denominational holiday, seperated almost completely from the faith it came from, associated now with lust, desire, infatuation, sex and occasionally love. I think it's a great opportunity to do silly but affectionate things for people, anyone you care about other than your significant other and it does provide some people to get up the courage to actually ask someone out that they otherwise wouldn't. The drawback is 1) it is a horrible obligation/expectation for most people who are dating 2) if you don't have a partner of some sort there is almost a required self loathing for being single associated with the holiday. At ECU, I did go to a party that was anti-valentines day. Singles only, or if you weren't single you had to leave your partner behind, no hooking up allowed although that was probably the first rule to go. It was possibly on Friday the 13th right before V-day. It was a good time, very gothy, but i've never minded gothy.

The Squeaky Wheel is doing a Love + Sex show on Valentines Day. It's an open call for works: DV, video, 16MM, S8 about love and sex if any of you got something or want to put something together, you can show it in buffalo. i got an idea, but i need some fresh snow to pull it off.

Finally, about my fame, or lack there of. I've met some relatively famous people (almost completely within the academic music scene) and becasue of my position and disposition have had great conversations with them. I've talked to pulitzer prize winning composers and avant, ground breaking musicians. I measure other peoples fame on degrees of seperation from Andy Warhol, so of course Tony Conrad wins everytime since he actually hung out at THE FACTORY on occasion. I honestly think I have about as much potential of being famous as any of the rest of you. I've always tried to surround myself physically and virtually with people who are better than myself, capable of great things including fame, present company included.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Louise-I've got few connections with Hostels International in Hawai'i, so I think I'll be alright for a place to stay. But, I've been talking up the fact that you live there and could at least show us around. I'll keep you informed. Also, I got your card. It's so effeminate that it made my beard fall out. Thanks a lot, jerk.

stephanie already knows this but i'll share for the sake of the group. it may also help excuse my long absence. i hate, HATE, almost all holidays. without getting into too much baggage, the expectations get pumped so high they inevitably fall short. also most holidays are enforced family time. which is nothing but a recipe of extreme stress for me. i'm trying to recapture fun holidays now that i'm an adult. i tend to prefer neglected holidays like groundhog day. the ones with fewer expectations where i can make my own traditions. as for valentine's day, i think it is a bit of a cop out. it is pretty uncreative for a guy to show up in a dinner jacket with candy and flowers once or twice a year on the appointed dates. i'd rather be surprised some other time of year with something (more personal than flowers or candy)that shows he actually thought of me. not something so generic that shows he cares only on days greeting card companies are pressuring him to remember. as a rule i've tried to ignore valentines day on the romantic front. although i think of myself as a romantic, i've been told this makes me very UNromantic. i do think valentines day is a fun day to make silly gifts and appreciate your friends.

Stephanie, I don't know if this would count as a "story" for Valentine's Day. More often than not, I have faced VD single. On the occasions in which I was dating: two consecutive years with the same guy, I did something and he didn't. First year, I made a "Happy Dead Roses Day" card and got a bouquet of calla lilies for him. He loved it. I got...well, he said thank you. The following year, I met him on campus with a little lunch I'd packed (water crackers, brie, grapes, white wine) and a bouquet of red tulips. He said he didn't have anything for me because he thought I wouldn't be interested. Please note, he didn't try to make up for it later or anything. He's now living with a 19 year old that used to think of me as her big sister.

Zach, keep me updated on the possibility of Hawai'i. If you wind up on O'ahu, I can at least show you around. Unfortunately, I will probably be sleeping on someone else's couch, unable to offer you anything better than my sister's floor. I'm moving out at the end of this month, staying with my sister until I leave to travel, and then after I get back, I dunno.

Upma, I don't have hair that would qualify as curly, I guess more like wavy. It's been described as "voluptuous" and I was once told by a stylist "honey, never ever get layers, or you will be Annette Funicello on acid!" I was paying almost double at the salon because it took two stylists 45 minutes to detangle my hair after shampooing. Before I gave in and had another six inches cut off, my hair overflowed the little shampoo sink. At it's longest, my hair came down to my thighs. Now it falls a couple of inches below my shoulder blades. Now that I've stopped bleaching and dying, it's growing back with volume that makes me feel like I'm wearing a wig. I dream about getting a crew cut; however my mother would immediately slay me and so I wouldn't be able to enjoy it for very long.

JT, I envy your purple locks. And also your skirts.

Shelly, I can't wait to see the condo! Sounds marvelous. I can't even begin to think about buying a home (it's just insane out here, what even cramped studios in bad parts of town go for).

While everyone is on the subject of summer travel, I want to throw out my plans. At the moment the plan is to travel with Evan (roommate) to San Francisco. We'll stay in SF for a week or so and then move on to Seattle with Audrey and, maybe, Lisa. the big plan after that, the real maybe, is to get a standby flight to Hawai'i. I've always wanted to do it and I can't think of another occasion I'll have to be on the west coast. Of course, all of this is subject to change due to cost or time restraints.
And I don't have a set time frame. Thad's baby is due in at the end of April (right?) and I definitely want to be around for a few weeks following that.

I've decided that I'll probably quit my job on May 1st. (That is, of course, if I don't have to quit Wedsnesday when I see what kind of raise I got. Less than fifty cents, I walk) Two reasons. One, its right around the time I want to go on my trip and I doubt they would give me all the time I would need. And two, I like the symbolic value. I got hired on May 1, 1998, so I'll be quitting exactly three years later. Also, its May Day and, really, what better day to quit a job you hate?
I have mixed emotions about quitting though. I hate the job but I like the friends I have there. I'll really miss Wahid and Andrew and some others. Ce la vie.

The bands thing is working out okay, I think. I got a little turned around by it all. My feelings are really close to the surface when it comes to music stuff. Its my only outlet, you know? I don't paint or crochet or exercise or anything. The Boss has written two pretty good originals so far. I've got to come up with some words. Mike, I'd give you some song titles but I've got to come up with some myself.

I shaved yesterday, which means I don't look like Carl Wilson anymore. I'd like to think that inside, however, Carl and I are much the same.

ok.. real quick.
Stephanie- the alleged crush and i are going to the movies this afternoon.
i was pointed to the way of eCrush when i told a friend of mine that i had a crush on a member of the band, Engine Down. i never eCrushed him... but i did eCrush a friend of mine, to test it out. and Miggy from Ida. i think it's totally crazy that your friend is being interviewed about it. did she have any "successful stories?"

more on sikhs and stuff later...

my family (excepting my mom) and all the people i grew up around all said where y'at in greeting and went to make groceries (this one is more common in areas with lots of cajun ancestry and has some relation to the grammatical constructs of cajun french in translation.) i didn't pick up any of those linguistic quirks though. i never really consciously avoided them either though.

the only difference between condos and apartments that i know of is that apartments are usually owned by one owner who owns and manages (or pays someone else to manage) the whole building or complex. condos are owned by individuals who are members of a homeowners association which holds the common land in trust and maintains common areas of the building or complex with dues collected from the home owners. the owners may live in their condos or rent them out to others depending on the rules of the home owner's association. condos and apartments can look about the same.

i saw a pbs documentary about indian immigrants to california and the predjudice and immigration laws they encountered from the 1920's onward. the specific focus was on the community formed by Indian men and Mexican women and their families. (the immigration laws prevented the men from bringing women from india and the mexican women were more similar in looks and culture than the white american women.) the white people called the whole community hindus but many were in fact moslem (muslim?) and sikh. my friend suneeta is sikh also.

So I just saw tickets from Austin to New York for $89 on Vanguard Airlines. Have any of you guys even flown with them? That seems too good a deal to be true.

I wanted to work on a new piece for for Valentine's day. Do any of you guys have fantastic/horrible Valentine's day stories to share? (Yes - it's a bit early to be talking about this - but the editor already sent me two emails asking about new stories).

I can't speak for Shelly or Angie and not to dis the Travel Channel, but I spent 20+ years in New Orleans and never once said "make groceries" or "whereyat." But then again, my parents grew up in the Midwest.

Shelly - I can't wait to come and stay in the condo; it sounds awesome and colorful.
Upma - So are you going to do anything about this crush? One of my friends played the practical joke of registering at and sending out crushes to everyone she knew - now's she's being contacted by the site to talk to reporters about her successful "crush stories." backfire.
Angie - Everyone at my work has been so damn cranky lately as well- I think it has something to do with post holiday blahs. I hope.

JT- what shade of purple? like... koolaid? i heard you were famous... is that true?

Shelly- breathe.
Shelly/everybody- what's the difference between a condo and an apartment. this question has been plaguing my mind since kindergarten...

Angie- it's ok to laugh... it's funny.

girls- do any of you have curly hair? well. don't get me wrong... i love my curly locks. but HOW FRUSTRATING!

so. my first day at my graphic design internship is on monday. i went in yesterday to finalize scheduling and all that. one of my fellow classmates works there full-time... and when i talked to him yesterday evening he told me that the office assistant had been fired during their lunch break, after i left. bummer! i was assured that i had nothing to do with it... and i don't see how i could've... i'm not getting paid. but somehow i still feel responsible, and it sucks. i was looking forward to having a new girl friend... i don't make a whole lot of those kind. and i will be the only girl in the office of 6 men. rumor has it that one of them has a crush on me. by process of elimination, it's one of two. and i'm fairly certain i know which one it is. and... if i'm right, that's kinda cool. and if i'm wrong, it's still kinda cool-- cuz that just doesn't happen in my world.

i was watching this show on the travel channel yesterday about New Orleans... i learned lots.
like, did you know that instead of saying "buy groceries" they say "make groceries."
and instead of saying "hi" or "what's up" they say "wheryat?" meaning, "where are you at?" -- either physically or spiritually.
and the difference between creole and cajun cookin is that creole is actually descended from french cuisine whereas cajun cookin was actually originated in new orleans.
i love the travel channel.

my homework (for my class this semester is to watch a a week and comment on it. i also have to write a paper on a i'm thinking about the simpsons. because of it's intelligence.

The Blogger page lists everyone's email address in the "Team" section at the top of the screen.

so, jacob and i bought a condo. i won't get into the process because it was painful trails and trials of paperwork. and now i fear i will be perpetually poor. i feel slightly guilty because it is a condo. and all the cool stuff in this city is getting torn down to be replaced with condos. including my favorite bar.

i console myself with the fact that the condo i'm moving into was built in the early 1950's placing it into the older half of buildings in my neighborhood, (the oldest being from the 1920's). it is a pink stucco with a garden courtyrd and right down the street from where i live now. the best part is that it is a two bedroom and the note is less than rent on the two bedrooms around here. so i finally get a studio!! it needs a good bit of cosmetic work which is why i could afford something in my neighborhood in the center of the city. (we could have gotten a huge house further out for around the same price, but then we would have needed a car, which would have been a more expensive lifestyle for us, plus i'd have to live in the burbs.)

so the past month and a half have been spent wrangling paperwork and now we're trying to fix it up as much as possible before we need to be out of our apartment at the end of the month. suneeta was here in the middle of it all. she spent a long weekend visiting and interviewing for the residency programs here. it was great to see her, although i was less than an exemplary hostess with all the premove chaos. you should all come visit. the living room is mediterranean blue. the kitchen is orange and green. the hallway is red like a cheap mexican restaurant. the bathroom is navy and gold. the bedroom is green. the studio is white, with maybe a pink ceiling. the doors are purple, red, green, yellow, and black. it isn't done yet so i don't know if all of that will look good or simply....interesting. i'm already planning parties. i still want to take my cross country trip but now will have to do it really cheaply. you should all visit me on your treks. i wonder if i can hold off permanent employment until the summer.

as for the rest of my life; my soccer team has been winning and my ankle seems strong enough to play again. i've gone from not having any books i wanted to read to having more than i have time to read. i'm reading a carl sagan book right now. my xmas thank you notes are long overdue (as usual). i've decided i should look for a more permanent job since i have a mortgage to pay even though my w2s seem to support the decision that full time work doesn't pay (or at least not enough to merit working full time.) i'll email anyone who needs my new address but the old one works till the end of the month.

i love you all. thank you. good night. it is actually morning.

Man, has everyone come out of hiding??? Work has been sucking phat ASS lately. Pulling 60 to 70 hours this week, and probably next week as well. Was in a client meeting yesterday where I just wanted to hide underneath the conference table in the fetal position. Why, oh why do people feel the need to be so damn mean to each other?

Upma, sorry, but you had me laughing about your horn story. I sure hope that gets resolved soon, for you and your neighbors' sake.

Shell, don't worry about returning the call this week. We'll catch up soon; not to worry.

Zach, would love to see your work. What is your e-mail address?

A couple of noteworthy things. After owning the Indigo Girls' 1200 Curfews CD for several years, I am just now realizing that they do a cover of "Tangled Up in Blue." I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Also, went to the public library and borrowed a few CD's. Most notably was the Billy Bragg and Wilco tribute to Woody Guthrie called Mermaid Avenue. It rocks! Corey Harris (a blues guitarist that was on this year's B. B. King Blues Fest tour) and Natalie Merchant appear.

My best friend and her husband are coming to visit this weekend. Am really looking forward to that.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Slave issue number five is back from the printer. Any of you who send me your mailing address can receive copies of 3, 4 and 5 gratis. I'm really proud of this issue, so I definitely would like for you guys to see it. Just email me your address.

Michael - you have awesome pet names. The cat I'm taking care of is just named Kitty.

i didn't mean to disappear. i'm moving. tonight i'll take advantage of my insomnia and write it all down.

OK, I still don't know how I'm going to fund all this travel...sheesh, I finish paying off the loan I took out for my senior year and the credit card bill from last spring's emergency flight...I'm thinking this might work though. I pay my own travel expenses, but I'll be getting paid for at least a few hours a week, so I may be cutting it a wee bit close but I think I'll manage. Plus if I manage to get to London, I have a bank account there with a bit of dosh in it.

My primary goal right now: figure out how to travel for 6 weeks with one carry-on bag. I'm glad it's going to be chilly - I get to wear most of my luggage, and hopefully it won't smell too bad. I've done it before, but I was a broke-ass college kid with purple and pink hair and therefore had an excuse for wearing tattered, baggy cords and an old wool sweater everywhere. The catch to using cheaper tickets acquired by virtue of my United Airlines employed sister is that I have to show up at the airport looking good - I'll be on standby, and they sometimes place you in first class. Full-fare paying first class passengers apparently don't take to kindly to sitting next to a grubby navel-gazing wanderer.

Upma, there was a truck parked at the co-op yesterday that had to get towed because the air filters burst into flames every time the key was turned in the ignition.

I was without computer access for a while. marooned at my parents house, a place I have a lot of trouble calling home anymore. Got into DC once. Saw the warhol exhibit plus stuff at the national gallery and the Hirshorn Sculpture Museum. Good stuff, lots of walking. Saw Crouching Tiger with my brother. I thought he was going to kill me when he saw the subtitles, (what had his artsy-fartsy brother gotten him into) but ended up enjoying it regardless. Clear proof that it's not just a chick flick.

Got into Buffalo on Monday. Things looking good, and by that i mean snowy. My hair is purple again, that happened last night. I feel luxurious.

School starts next Tuesday for me. Lots of prep work. it's so good to be back in the mix.

Stephanie: Say it isn't so. I found that I usually run out of cheese before i run out of desire for said cheese. "You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough"
A william blake paraphrase. See Proverbs from Hell

Louise: As long as I'm in Buffalo, which will be for a little while, you're more than welcome to stay at my place. That is if you ever leave NC after visiting. There could stil be snow here in March, maybe april

All this talk about traveling makes me want to quit my job or at least go visit travelocity. The most I have on my travel plate is a trip home to New Orleans in April.
Interesting things I've learned recently:
My hairdresser has a toaster that imprints Hello, Kitty into her bread (bought in Chicago).

If you go to your boyfriend's house where you've been cat sitting, open the door, and say "Hello, Kitty," no one will laugh but you.

It is possible to eat too much cheese.

If you go and take blurred, out of focus photos with your cool new russian spy camera and take the film into Eckerds, don't be surprised when your film returns with a handout on "How To Not Take Blurred Photos" - speaking of, I am so excited about this Lomo. I can't wait to see how my simulated drunk photos from New Years turn out (I was at a few parties where I'd just swing the camera around the room while holding down the shutter for a long exposure).

This weekend is big time movie going for me. Crouching Tiger and O, Brother... finally open here. I'm going to see Quills tonight, and I'm afraid I may get dragged to Save the Last Dance tomorrow night.

it is currently 2:51 am. eastern standard time.
it is not a highly unusual event that i would be awake at this hour... HOWEVER tonight is a different story and i am SO annoyed at the fact that i am awake right now. (but what better way to vent my immediate frustration and try to wind down again than to sit here and type to you all!)
i went to bed at a very decent hour. i've been having some trouble sleeping as of late but tonight was an exception... after a totally full day of running around from here to there to there to here, i was genuinely TIRED! i crawled into bed shortly after 11pm. and i think i was asleep relatively fast... asleep until my possessed car horn woke me up!
that's right. my car horn has decided to sell it's soul to the devil. It decided this immediately after i hit a curb really hard one day in the late summer. As soon as i hit the curb my horn started BLARING!! it wouldn't stop. i was kind of panicking, i was on campus, so i pulled over into the parking lot i was at and brainstormed... the options were
1. go to zach's house
2. go to the car shop right by his house.
i opted for the latter. but before i arrived, the tooting horn decided to stop. so, i went home.
since then, my car horn hasn't let me forget that sometimes i can be a terrible driver. ok fine. i admitted it. so WHAT!? everybody else in this town is a horrible driver a lot more consistently than me. or so it seems.
anyway... so my car horn finds it rather amusing to start either blaring loudly for minutes at a time, or toot a little more excitedly... as if it were a four year old child asking for something. usually, when the car horn decides to pull such a stunt... it will toot more softly and excitedly during the daytime... a little less horrifically embarrassing to the LOUD middle of the night blare. which is what woke me (and probably all my neighbors) up a little more than 30 minutes ago. it only stops after a good punch.
and now i am wide awake.
i thought my mechanic said he fixed it.

on another note:
weezie... you should TOTALLY come to NC!
michael... you have a cat named Sher Khan? that’s funny. (i mean, your story is too) but, did you know that “Sher” means tiger in a few indian languages?

hmm. well, i think i’ve run out of stuff to say for now. but i’m still awake. this sucks. go ahead... it’s ok to laugh at my pain.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Louise, I find the prospect of your visit not only tolerable, but exciting. If you make it here, you'll never want to leave.

Mike, thanks for the offer - I'll be staying with relatives in North Andover, tho that place gives me the chills. My aunt wouldn't hear of me staying with anyone else (except maybe one of my cousins, like the one subleasing a townhouse on the harbor...or the one with an apartment on Beacon Hill...maaaan, maybe an MBA would've been better than a BA in Art & Anthro...). However, I'd like to at least meet you and perhaps call upon your assistance in a different capacity - I just got a job with the University of Hawai'i Globalization Research Center. I'll be working on an online learning module (read Stephenson's The Diamond Age? This is the Young Ladies Illustrated Primerin action...). This entails carrying around a digital camera and taking pictures for 'storylines' that will be in the module (ex. you "meet" a Thai factory worker, Wal-Mart employee, oil magnate, and WTO protester and see the ways in which they are all connected). I may be doing photos for a story based in Boston. As for when I'll be where, I'm still uncertain. All will be advised when the time comes. If I can push my Edward Jones job back a couple more weeks, I may try to get to NC to see Zach (that is, if he would welcome such a thing, or at least tolerate it). Oh, and Shelly, that means I may be calling upon you and your social group to stage a Seattle storyline.

I can't believe I'm doing all this stuff.

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Shelly & JT: My travel plans have changed; I'm starting an all grownst up job in May and will be in transit mid-March through April. I'm looking into starting in Seattle and heading over to Boston with a stop in Wisconsin or Chicago and another in Indiana. After Boston, I'm going to try for London, and either over or back, NY (JT?). My last chance at being a grubby backpacker for a while...I'll be the Branch Office Administrator for an Edward Jones office in Honolulu. I get a 401k, profit sharing, and my own investment portfolio. And I don't even have to wear nylons.

Angie, do you have any particular favorites from the older films you saw? And wow, those aunties! Reminds me of having to explain Dracula 2000's plot twist to a fellow viewer. I don't want to give it away if Upma hasn't seen it yet; for now I'll just say that it involved an explanation of cheesy velvet paintings with dogs playing poker.

Monday, January 08, 2001

Hey all. I saw Couching Tiger this weekend as well. Actually, I didn't think it was good as it could have been. I mean, the acting was great, as were the special effects, character/plot development, etc. I guess I just get annoyed with myself because I listen to all of the hype that surrounds movies. I basically grew up around this genre of film - some of my fondest childhood memories are with my dad and me going to the theatre to watch these types of films. All of the older films were lower budget and not as well known, and they were, just as, if not better. I guess that my expectations were just unreachable, so I can't give a fair assessment of the movie. I would have to agree with you Weezie - it definitely was more than a chick flick. It basically followed the lines of a typical Chinese historical epic - with ten different plots going on - all equally as dramatic as the first. But for those of you on the fence or looking for a film to check out should definitely try it out (I know, what I wrote was a bit contradictory, but hey, it's a Monday . . .)

Speaking of the infamous aunties, another funny story, and therefore another reason why I would not bring them to such a movie ;) . . . . over Christmas, they were asking me what the differences between Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, etc., were. So, being the history buff I went into detail about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation . . . well the women thought I was referencing MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Then, they asked me what the differences between Catholics and Jews were - "Uh, that would be the New Testament. . . . " But, honestly I am glad that they asked me, not that they will remember anything I told them, but they did inquire.