Thursday, October 31, 2002

hey mike... do you have time constraints at netflicks? are the prices reasonable? i've been meaning to do that homework...

i don't do all hallows eve. i'm a party poooooper.

Thought I was getting sick last night. Woke up this morning and was sure of it. Colds usually take it pretty easy on me and this one is no exception. I'm stuffy and I have cough, but I'm not exactly bed-ridden or anything. So, all I've done today is read The Postman Always Rings Twice (excellent, by the way---full of freaky sex and violence. The two main characters beat each other up and get busy next to the dead body of the woman's husband. Frank, the guy, describes looking in her eyes, "It was like being in church.") and watch episodes of Six Feet Under (which, I've found are downloadable from Kazaa, if you've got time and a bunch of free disc space).

I'm avoiding Halloween tonight. It's never been my favorite holiday, anyway. I recognize the potential for fun in it, but I almost never actually have any.

I might see if the boys want to split a Netflix subscription. It looks like a cool deal.

i'm dressing as leela from futurama.

Wow, it's been all quiet on the lake effect front.

What have I been up to?

Yesterday I went through a voter's guide so that I could figure out who I was going to vote for, then I went to early vote. It sure has been a nasty election. Anyways, I was parking at the community center, and there were about five canidates running around the parking lot. I almost ran into one of them. I seriously considered rolling down my window and saying, "Even if you get that man's vote, you couldn't possibly fulfill your job duties if you get yourself run over by a car, now could you?" FREAK. I really could never be a politician or a politician's wife. Can you imagine?

Afterwards I dropped in on my friend April whom I haven't seen in a month or so. It was nice to get some QT. We ended up going to Pet Smart to get some puppy chow for her dog Charlie.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Shelly - I think of you as the Queen of Halloween. What's your costume this year? Whatever it is, it's got to be better than mimes (the work costume of choice this year).

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

chicken curry dinner party. mmmmmm. excpet i wasn't paying attention to my rice and i totally burned the bottom of it. i've never done that before... of course i had to do it when i had company. doh.

Monday, October 28, 2002

question: do residents of monster island celebrate halloween? if yes, do they dress up as humans when they go trick-or-treating? hahaaa... whoever dresses as G.W.Bush might win scariest costume award!

I'm back from Chicago.
highlights: Art Institute, Field Museum, funny Guru covered walls of this health restaurant, that big city bussle, taking photos of cool architecture
lowlights: being egged by some kids on the street, cat allergies from staying at my friend's house, not long enough of a trip

Sunday, October 27, 2002

i am sad to lose daylight savings time

Mike, I missed most of game six last night. Did you catch game five with Dusty Baker's three year old kid? BTW, was wondering where you've been hiding.

I met my polar opposite on Friday night -- what a freak she was. First, she wouldn't walk over puddles, because she was a "Princess. No. No. I'm a QUEEN." Two, she bitched and complained about the two clubs we went to b/c the music was too loud (uh, hello, we went to a blues exhibit opening in which a blues band was playing then we went to a zydeco club and it's not like she was not aware of our itinerary). Three, she kept telling us that she did not want to get killed that night (i.e., the zydeco club is in a non-yuppie type area, it's dark, smoky, we would be the only non-black individuals in the joint). Question, if you ever felt like you have a chance of getting killed at a particular place, why would you in the hell would you test your luck?

I guess it just reminded me that not everyone thinks like me, even though they damn well should.

I read the paper and listen to the news only because I have to for my job. However, now that I'm so accustomed to it, I don't know that I'll get away from it again. I wish I had more time/energy to read a variety of publications. Ah, but you can only do so much in life.

The ladies are at it again. This week they say, there is more than one way to age gracefully. Let the conifers cling to their needles, acknowledge the way some will simply dry up and drop everything. There are other ways to go, and some of the ladies are showing up the showgirls of spring. They know that there is nothing like a backdrop of clear blue sky and green lawn for a tight black sheath of bark and leaves in every shade of gold and flame. One stands on a corner, dropping one golden leaf at a time into a perfect circle beneath, very art, very modern, darling, note the elegance of the line, darling. Others laugh and shake their branches, raining burgundy and scarlet and crimson and blush and peach down in a flurry, ruffling your hair and winking - yes, darling, I'm still here and I looooove it. A few let down their leaves in a slow, graceful striptease, one leaf here, another there, drifting and swirling away.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a digital camera under $500? I'm not shopping, but a friend of mine dropped his in a bucket of oysters in Alaska and is looking for a new one. Ease of use and a minimum of frills preferred. Great macro and zoom required - Jim loves taking photos of nature/wildlife.

Angie, I have no TV, I don't read the daily paper, I listen to NPR sometimes because talk radio keeps Lola quiet. But I can't avoid the rack of newspapers at work. Argh!

The latest demonstration opposing the construction of I-69 in Indiana intends to highlight the fact that the plans will run right through an Amish community, displacing some of the families and separating others from their neighbors and church (interstate highways are not for horses and buggies). Argh!

Weez: One of my media and propoganda professors did an interview early last week. They talked about how some media outlets, particularly the ones with 24 hour coverage, are forced to come up with new angles that really aren't so "new." Example, someone told me they interviewed this woman who was a waitress at the coffee shop, because John Muhammad used to always hit on her. The whole photo/personal detail information is mostly the media's doing, but also that some poor soul at the police station or neighbor lets out a new piece of info. Media have access to some fancy pants research tools as well (hence the investigative reporting), which there are good and bad sides to. The best way to avoid such exposure is to up and become a hermit.

One thing that really annoyed me a month or so ago. . . there is this professor/researcher that studies anthrax. He was offered a position at a major university, but then the FBI started investigating him. The institute that the researcher would work for was government funded, so the FBI sent a letter to the chancellor that said if the suspect worked for the institute, they would pull funds. I think it took all of 24 hours for the college to release the man. He is simply under investigation, and he has been under investigation for at least the last 8 months or so. Lord knows how long this will continue, and no doubt that any organization (public or private) would agree to hire him. Can you imagine?

I'm sure that there are tons and tons of cases of stuff like this, but the one described above hit home.

In any case, I have been babysitting a 6 year old and a 3 year old for the last 24 hours. The daddy comes home later this afternoon. Phew, kids are cute but damn are they work. Side note: they're watching Scooby Doo for the fifth time right now. And the three year old started calling me "mommy" last night. Funny!

Friday, October 25, 2002

payng minimal attention to the news. hope those are the right guys, but a little wary. very sad about the senator's death, good guys are too far and few between.

didn't get the audience award, but anthony did. so, that's ok. don't find out the other awards for TWO weeks. a little upset about that. benji and chris are in town for a little visit, saw them tonight, they love the film. *happy* zach, you'll get to see it, benji's bringing it home with him.

the plumber's coming at 9am.

Wellstone was about a far left as you can get in elected politics. Which is not to say that he wasn't part of the problem as much as any of the others up there, but he seemed to honestly care for the plights of real Americans---women, minorities, and workers, for once, included. A hundred shitbags like Trent Lott could die and another would step right up to take his place. Sen. Wellstone's place in the Senate, usually as the lone voice of conscience, will not be replaced. The people of the US is a little bit worse off for his death. The government of this country (don't let there words fool you) are secretly pleased to be rid of him. Bastards.

Weez-I'm a little bothered by the media's coverage of the sniper suspects, but not because their names are all over the papers. Don't they always do that? They're in the paper because the police released their names, which I think is standard procedure. Of course, there's hardly any presumption of innocence, and the newcasters say "Mohammed" with a particular knowingness. Wasn't this guy one of our trained baby-killers? How often is that mentioned? More or less times than they mention his connection to the Nation of Islam? Still, I'm glad to hear they caught somebody. The evidence they released looks pretty solid, which I hope means no more shootings. We'll see.

Upma-I'm so glad to hear about your movie. It sounds really great. You rock.

Is anyone else bothered by the way the media is handling the suspects in the DC area sniper case? I thought we had a judicial system? Where do we get off on publishing names, photos, and personal details of suspects on the front page of the newspaper?

Upma, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

here's how: To change your password, from the Blogger home page, sign in, and click on one of your blogs. Then click the Team button.

Then click on your name, then click [Edit My Profile]. From there, you can change any of your user information, including your password.

hey everybody. change your passwords. blogger got hacked. i'm gonna try to speed up the pace of getting us off of here but in all likelyhood it will be early 2003 before that will happen. no need to panic. we're backed up cause we're through blogspot and we don't have to worry about ftp passwords and all. but do change your login password.

Upma, that is sooooooo incredibly awesome. No other words come to me at the moment.

Warning, Warning. I am going to be in a bad ass mood next week. I have a bazillion and one things going.

I had a few things that I wanted to post about but not sure that I'll get to any of them.

One thing, I sent this funk woman a news release, because her company was partnering with us. I told her that she needed to look at paragraphs six and eleven, b/c that was the part that pertained to her. First off, she goes and edits something in another paragraph whose content had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. After reading that in an e-mail, I blurted out "ASSHOLE," which my two office mates found amusing. Second, the company's name is a rather long one, so I went to their web site to see how they abbreviated it, then I used that abbreviation on second reference. She sends me a note back saying that they do not use that acronym for external purposes. At that point, I said, "LIAR," to the monitor. One office mate said she felt like she was listening to that 80's night time soap opera Dynasty, b/c the woman went from being an asshole to a liar in a matter of minutes.

I'm headed to a dinner party tonight so that should be fun. I get to meet a new group of people, which always is an added extra.

In sad news, the senior U.S. Senator from Minnesota (Paul Wellstone), his wife, one daughter, three staffers and two pilots died in a plane crash today. He was one of the few Senators who voted against the measure to attack Iraq. He was campaigning for a third term.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

did i mention that my star actor has been recognized on the streets of philadelphia more than once?
no one has pinched me yet.
audience award winner announced within the next 24 hours. i have butterflies in my stomache.

don't shut up! i love hearing all the details. i'm so excited for you, Upma! congratulations Ms. Filmmaker.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

hello. it's me again. i know you want me to shut up, but i cannot. this week is so absolutely amazing. my team all think that anthony's team was best. anthony's team all think my team was the best. the BEST really would be that one of us win BEST IN CITY, and one of us win AUDIENCE AWARD, and we both get put on the DVD. Dem said it best when he made devil horns and said "the kids rocked it." uh huh. we sure did!
tonight was fun, i saw the other set of film (all of which were awful, how dissapointing!). then went to the wrap party and saw my star actor get accosted my people as they told him how funny he is and how they love him. awww. that guy is mine, when he's not paying attention, i'm making him sign a contract with me that says he can only me n my movies and no one elses. he may only help me with ideas, and no one else. i'm selfish, i never denied it.
this week has been fun. we find out winners next week.
now i must deal with this stupid leak in my bathroom... the landlord is saying he's not sending someone over till sunday. sunday?!??? if this were in your house, you wouldn't keep it till sunday. why are you being a slumlord? doctor. givin doc's a bad name... don't appreciate it.

hi. i've gained a bit of composure since the last posting. (but i'm still giddy as ever and still floatin from my adrenaline rush that's gonna last a little while longer). it was just really cool that all the "important, " established people who were there made it a point to come shake our hands. i can't wait till tonight.
what a fun week!

oh, the weekend... well on friday we were actually late for the kickoff event. maria and i kept thinking it waas at 7, when actually it was at 6. so of course we thought we got there early, but we really just got there in the nick o time. then i strategically placed myself in line to pick our genre out of the hat. (it really was a hat too, like the magicians rabbit-in-the-hat-trick). i really did do it strategically too, everyone on my team was so stunned, "how'd you know you'd pick mockumentary?! you rule!"
after getting back home we brainstormed about a concept, settled on Child Prodigies: Where are they now?
a couple actor friends came over so everyone could meet them and get an idea of who we had to work with and how to write parts. around 1 or 2 everyone parted to work on various things, Dem went home to start on graphics and titles, pablo and luke went home to write a script, and maria and i stayed at my house (aka headquarters) to comew up with a production schedule.
saturday morning, we had call at 7am. the script was e.mailed to me at 7:06am. well... the "script." we were a little dissapointed at first in that nothing much had been done with the script since we parted, but what we didn't realize is that they stayed up all night developing Luke's character. it paid off.
we did our first sequence of shots at 9 am-10am. then we went to our next location to meet actor #2. we waited. and waited. and got a call, "i'm sorry i'm running a little late, i'll be there soon!" and waited. and waited.... 3 hours later, a very frustrated maria, upma and demian found a superb way to work around the problem. then pablo and luke met us at the location and we shot all their stuff at the location, then back at headquarters, then another location.
WE BREAKED FOR DINNER! even with our 3 hour delay earlier in the day, we were still ahead of schedule and thought we could take our fabulous star actor out for a nice meal!! so we did. afterward, the 4 of us went back to headquarters to just regoup. apparently, i was the only one oozing at the seams with confidence, but no one made that known till sunday morning... everyone else parted that night with thoughts of "is this funny to only us??" not me... i knew we had a great thing. demian parted to go start loading all the footage in the computer, while maria, pablo and i worked on the rest of script that really needed our attention.
sunday morning call was at 8am, dem got to my place at 7:45. he was wired. maria got there 30 minutes later, and we were missing pablo. dem called him at 8. i called him at 8:15. maria called him at 8:30. nothin. at 9:00 i rode my bike to his house and knocked on his door and rang his doorbell. nothin. went back to HQ and re-arranged the plan to finish stuff that i needed to work on, and then help Dem all that i could with the other computer. (dem brought his computer over so we could have 3- his, mine and pablo's). at 10, pablo called. "sorry, i overslept, i'll be over in a few." whew. recorded voice over with Lorraine at 11. worked on post all day. by 6pm we were watching the final cut on the computer and outputting to miniDV. we were the second group to hand ours in at 6:38pm, the first group beat us by 5 minutes.
we stayed at the drop off location for a couple hours, went back to HQ, cleaned up, and parted, and crashed.

Upma - I want more details about your weekend - it sound incredible.
I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for a few days - visiting friends, meeting up with Ted while he's working there. I expect good food, cool Art Institute exhibits and some photo taking.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

oh... and one more thing. I AM A Filmmaker.


i am just coming home from the first night of film screenings for 48 hour film fest. i am havng a hard time comprehending what just happened... all these big whig philly folk .... i.... i.... our film totally rocked it. i would say ours was the 2nd best one there (next to my friend anthony's film who got film noir). other people.. including some of the big whigs, thought our was the best. i can't believe it... i can't belive it. people really liked it!!!

very cute!

Monday, October 21, 2002

ok. here's me and maria being surprised by 48 hours camera. (we are dorks!)

so. i had a horrid flash into the future today. i met this woman who is older, maybe around mid-50's or early 60's? she had come to Scribe looking to take a workshop. i have spoken with her before, and i have to say, this woman really bugs me because she talks so much! i mean, you cannot get a word in edgewise, it's really annoying. so today in the middle of our half hour conversation that should've taken 5 minutes, she tells me "i mean, i never would've thought i'd be this old and still single! i was too pre-occupied in those important years."

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Upma: you go girl!

Thurs. night I went with Nathan to hear the Stone Coyotes. They're this garage rock band, consisting of a mother (guitar, vocals), father (drums) and son (bass). It was the funniest thing. The mom does all the singing. I mean ALL THE SINGING, so much that she was the only one with a mike for vocals. I couldn't get over that the men in the group don't even offer up a "sha-nah-nah-nah-nah," for back up.

Weekend was decent. Friday I had to work the Chomsky event. There was this big drama that morning though, because this one station wanted to broadcast the lecture in its entirity. So my boss and I spent half the morning talking to the general counsel's office, trying to get clearance. Good Lord, the way my boss handles difficult situations never cease to amaze me.

Sat. I spent the morning looking for my costume. I was a "maw maw" complete with a moo moo, house slippers, powder blue styrofoam curlers, a hair net, and hot pink fake nails. After all was said and done I wish that I had a cigarette and a flask. That would have been a nice touch. One of the hosts looked at me and said, "Angie, you look soooooo white trash."

I know this may seem so miniscule, but I was so elated on Sat. I've been looking for a pair of wind/water resistant sweatpants, but I always have the damnest time since my legs are so short. And it's not like you can hem those damn things. I've been on this never ending quest probably for about 3 years on and off. I finally found some that fit me -- in the men's department. The pants have elastic going around the ankle, so I don't have to worry about the shit dragging from here to Cairo. I loved them so much that I bought two pair. Whewoo!

Today I met up with my softball team for some practice. Then I came home and made oyster stew. And I thought about volunteering through the public library some time after Thanksgiving.

i'm soooo tired. and i'm sooooo hungry. but i got a great film made, and i think we have a GREAT chance at "best in city!" i'll let you know. i hope dem want's to work with me again... he's so awesome. and we worked wth this guy Luke, who is amazing!! amazing. i cannot wait till you guys see this film!!!! it's the first thing i've worked on that i'm SOOOOO proud of! so so so proud of. i'm sending it to all the festivals. *YAY*

Saturday, October 19, 2002

I got up to 385 on my first single 9 "weeks" ago. It charted as high as number three in the US. I'm currently in the 600s but I have the songs ready for another single, then I plan to tour like crazy for a while. I can't get my songwriting over 50 for some reason. I can't tell if its just one of the quirks of the game engine or if its stalled there until I reach some other goal.

My ID number is 3650. What about yous guys?

Friday, October 18, 2002

i can't wait for you to see our 48 hour film project! we got mockumentary. that is all i can say at the moment. i get 4 hours of precious sleep now.

This can't be true...I just heard on NPR that after Saddam Hussein won the election, they blasted the following song "I Will Always Love You" (the Whitney version). What the ???

Thursday, October 17, 2002

yup! eeeeee!!!!

I have no idea. I sit in front of a computer. There aren't too many wacky positions you get in to.
Upma - are you referring to SXSW?? Eeeeee! That will be so much fun. We need to meet up again - I want to see more movies this year (it seems less crazy than trying to get into the music shows).

steph. ouch... how'd you do it? i actually think i've done that before too...ha! well, guess what? march 7-16. i'm so there.

I think I just pulled my armpit.

So last night in photo class we did liquid light (you paint silver nitrate on any surface and then expose it like a piece of photo paper). I did some a few on fabric of silverware. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
Next time someone asks you too many questions, you can go the Miss Manners route...
"WHY do you want to know?" It seems to stop some people.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Yes, some people are curious. Others are all-assuming and want to lump you in a category, and they are the ones who give me the red ass. Let's face it, I have the physical traits of Chinese woman. I live with it every day of my life, and it's not going away. But quite frankly the cosmetics of it all is where much of it stops. How many other Chinese American women do you know are tomboys, have a sailor mouth when she's hot, can cook soul/Cajun food like there's no tomorrow, travel across the country to hear good live music?

If you really want to know about the Chinese, then go read a history book or watch a documentary, because my heritage, religion, monetary matters and sex life are all my personal business. If individuals are asking me because they are interested in the whole person, that is a different story. Besides, my answering a few questions in five minutes is not going to give you all that you should/want/need to know about the Chinese so ride on.

All of this reminds me of this yuppie ass crackah woman I used to work with. I was in the communal kitchen with two of my black friends from Louisiana. We were kinda sassying about, and the yuppie says to us, "Teach me how to talk LIKE that." I glared at her and said, "Honey, it is a WAY of life -- from the way you carry yourself to voice reflections to head movement. It CAN'T BE TAUGHT." I was so angry. What, teach her how to say a few choice phrases so that she show her other dumb ass friends how cool she was or so that she could try to "share a moment" with us the next time we were conversating. In a word, NO.

ohmygod i totally just realized i still have the camera! i'm so sorry! i have been incredibly busy latey... somebody give me a swift kick in the pants, huh? i'll take care of it on tues and wed. it's a promise.

wow. you really get all that? i never get all that. even more fascinating. i mean, i'm sorry that it happens to you, it's so not cool. i guess it's true that people are that judgemental, and i suppose i've experienced that from time to time, but not most often. or perhaps i just block it out and subconsciously choose to be less jaded about humanity than i let on.

the 48 hours of the 48 hour film project are getting close. *excited*

Upma: sometimes it is people being rude. If it's a SALESPERSON, fer crissakes, could we just talk about the weather, or hey, how about what you are selling? I know I ranted about this on teapot: I am not interested in being exotic. I am a freaking American. Trust me, there is no other country in the world that will claim me. I'm not enough of anything to be anything but what my passport says. And some people don't need to know if they hate me. Some people don't bother to find out, as they are just looking for a fight, like the guy seated next to me on a plane who harangued me about YOU Koreans this and YOU Koreans that - all negative racist shit. I moved. Oh, and the guy who decided I was Irish so he could tell me that YOU Irish need to learn to negotiate without guns, and why would YOU blow up baby carriages, etc. Excuse me, fuck you? Yes, I speak English, which is fortunate as my French is pretty lousy. No, thanks, I don't feel like being added to your United Nations piece of ass list. Most of the time? They don't want to know more about my culture, whatever my culture is. They think they already do. And they want to stick me in a little box with a label on it, and point out my not-American-ness. I'm not saying that some people aren't just curious and don't realize it can be rude. I'm just pointing out why I think it's a rude line of questioning, especially in this day and age ("No, I'm not a terrorist. Not yet, anyway.")

So, Mike, how could YOU Catholics let priests molest little kids?

interesting. is it really people being rude? i feel like it's people just being curious. it's good to ask questions if you don't know something, yes? i've come to not mind so much when i get the "are you italian? iranian? egyptian? armenian? ok.. WHAT?" i think it's rather amusing, and am totally fascinated by it. then the fact that people want to know about my culture makes me proud as well. maria and i are talking about making a documentary about all of this. fascinating.

marriages get tense about all sorts of nonsense. i keep re-assuring myself that the reason all of the love and romance stuff is taking so long to get to me is because i am destined for greatness and will find my life partner among the other great. i'm a pompous little indian girl. ha!

Upma, I hear you on career. My grandmother says money is what most marriages get tense about, yet these days I see couples getting strained on who goes who follows. Seems like it tends to go with who gets the upwardly mobile career and who gets to start over all the time. I saw that a lot with academic couples - who will get to do their PhD first? Can both of them do fieldwork in the same location? Will both of them get tenure...or will one of them be a research assistant forever and ever? Draaaama.

Angie, being in Indiana has taught me to smile and say "Oh, I don't really know." If pressed, I say "You know. Wars..." and that has worked so far. When people say "Oh, what a pretty name!" I say "Thank you!" smile, and shut up. I love the uncomfortable little pauses that come afterwards. It's learning to handle the ones that are being polite about being rude that has been tricky..."Where did you get that lovely olive complexion?" for example.

Z, the latest recommendation I've gotten for your stones has been a glass of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice to help ease the pain. I know, I's not Demerol.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I just finished eating ma po tofu (spicy tofu with ground pork) and drank a glass of soy milk. It was so yum.

Today this salesperson asked one of his customers what ethnicity her family was. I didn't think much of it. But then about five minutes later, he said to me, "Are you Chinese?" I said, "Yes," then paused for a bit. After careful consideration I said to him, "You know, the smarty pants in me wanted to respond to you, 'Oh, you must be white.'" I know, I know. I am going straight to hell. The sad part is that I wasn't even in a bad mood. I guess that I just get all aggravated when people ask me about my race/heritage within minutes of meeting me.

Tomorrow is boss' day. My boss always talks about how this one problematic reporter makes him take a huge amount of Excedrim or Pepto Bismol. So one of the gifts will be a HUGE ass bottle of Pepto Bismal. That should be funny.

it's not so much a fear of commitment. i won't deny that there are other fears in play, but more than that it's just priorities. being that dedicated to another human at this point in time will be detrimental to my career. selfish? yes indeed.
Monsoon Wedding was fun. i thought about it at my friend's wedding a couple times.
so. have i mentioned the 48 hour film project yet? i'm to tired to look back. there's a chance that the sundance channel is gonna follow me around all weekend. scary.

Last night I had a movie marathon to greet the cold weather (okay, and to avoid the housework). I sat and knitted and watched Monsoon Wedding, then the director's commentary Monsoon Wedding, Johnny Greyeyes, a bit of Wallace & Gromit ("The Wrong Trousers"), part of Jules et Jim, then more Wallace & Gromit ("A Close Shave"). At the end of it, I had one finished hairband and most of a second. I think Monsoon Wedding is the Mira Nair movie I like best of what I've seen. A fun little piece.

I bought what is hopefully the only winter coat I need - a black Carhartt with "arctic lining." It's a bit longer than the jacket, so it covers my bum, which is why I had to get a 44 instead of the 42 that fits my shoulders and arms. The slightly too large shoulders and too long sleeves, plus the quilted lining and stiff newness all combine to make me look like an outdoorsy Uncle Fester. My head looks way too small for the shoulders. Must make myself a large hat to compensate (or get the snap-on hood).

Upma, the mid-twenties crisis is more common than you might think. Especially the "what if there is no-one left for me when I'm ready" crisis. Keep in mind that so many people have that question that...when you are ready, there's bound to be someone, unless you mean "when I'm 90" and even that doesn't mean there are no options - my grandmother got a marriage proposal less than a year after she was widowed at 89 (she said no, thank you).Actually maybe 90 is a good time to be ready to settle down if you have a fear of commitment.

Monday, October 14, 2002

zach. i have no advice for you. other than go to the doctor. you know what i never researched in the triad area... is there a free clinic in the area? sometimes, in some areas, there's a free clinic every week or every month or so for people who can't afford to go to the doctor. (my daddy volunteers at the one in va beach). you know troy, yes? he get's kidney stones a lot. i mean A LOT. it's painful to be around him during those times.

angie. not so many funerals in the indian community. all the old people are in india, our parents (who are still alive and kickin) are the first generation here. the last funeral i know of in the community was for a friend who was murdered. but the joke was funny.

i think i'm having an identity crisis. or a mid-twenties crisis.

FRIDAY: fell asleep watching Flower of my Secret - I really like Pedro Alomodovar, but a busy week beat out for my (lack of) attention span
SATURDAY: went to market days at this organic farm, shot some medium format film, bought a really cute miniature eggplant, next up: the Italian Festival - cheesed out, every commercial chain pasta joint in town had a booth, but the spaghetti eating contest was a riot - especially these two very serious women decked out in leopard print who had to eat almost a pound of saunce-drenched pasta with their hands - very messy, more picture taking of that, then - the Mediterranean Festival - sponsored by a local church, homemade food - so delish, I danced in a circle to Turkish music, ate way too much baklava, admired ornate hookahs, took pictures of all the colored lights covering the parking garage next door
SUNDAY: darkroom - ran film, printed a bit - there's this photo competition I want to enter, attended another birthday party (the month of birthdays is almost over - just Ted left - reminds me, I have wrapping to do - wouldn't it be funny though if I had rapping to do?), crashed in bed early
Zach - I'm sorry to hear about the stones. That just sucks.

Z, stay put where there is love and affection. I can't really offer much more advice than that, because I am so not into medical type advice.

Upma, someone sent me a joke a while back that pertained to your (and others including my own) situation. Something like, "I grew tired of people nudging and telling me, 'You're next, you're next," at weddings. So, at funerals, I would nudge them and say, 'You're next, you're next.' They soon stopped bothering me." It takes a lot of balls to say that, but it sure cracked me up!

More kinks in my zydeco tour. Rrrrrgh. But hopefully someone will be able to help me out. I should know by Wed.

Spent the weekend with the fam, and it was not all that bad surprisingly. I think a majority of my family will be coming to town for Thanksgiving so that should be interesting.

Z, I assume you have been drinking a lot of water (2-3 quarts per day). Getting any exercise? Inactivity allows the calcium to build up. I have been told that drinking diluted apple cider vinegar (a tablespoon per glass, four or five times a day) will help, but please don't bother unless you have a bottle of Bragg's apple cider vinegar in the house already - I'd hate for you to waste your money if it doesn't work.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

After a week in Hickory (funeral followed by kidney stone attack followed by favor for my brother), I finally made it back to Greensboro on Thursday morning. I had pretty normal day, reading, eating, went to that movie (24 Hour Party People). Same thing on Friday. Saturday morning I wake up with some serious pains in my plumbing. But, here's my luck. I figured that Tuesday's kidney stones attack was over with and I probably wouldn't have another for a year or so, so I left the demerol at my parent's house. So, I drove back to Hickory yesterday, racked with pain. Fortunately taking demerol is like sniffing Jerry Garcia's beard and I was goooone for the rest of the day.

So, now I'm wondering what I should do. Usually these attacks last for about 6-10 hours, followed by some soreness and, usually, some definative proof that the kidney stone is gone. So far, no proof. (Jesus, I'm sorry, guys, I know this is gross, but honestly I have nothing else to talk about.) Which means another episode is likely. Go to the doctor, you say. I've got no health insurance and despite my parent's talk, they aren't rich. They just paid for a heartattack.

Basically, I'm camping out in Hickory until I feel fairly sure I'm going to be okay. That's really all I can do. This way, if I have to go the hospital or something, they can take me. Plus, the sympathy here is better than the sympathy of my roommates.

Sigh... I never expected to be the broke, bachelor son, crashing at his parent's place for free food and TLC. But, here I am.

Today I suffered my punishment for all that time I've been taking off, and put in seven hours of overtime for a big tent sale at the co-op.

Ways in which Lola resembles my nephew: the rules
1. Pay attention to me. If you are not actively engaged with me, I will do everything I can to get your attention (climb into lap, talk a lot, follow me around, knock things over, etc).
2. Leaving the house without me for any reason is bad. I will try to follow you out the door and make a fuss. I don't care if you need to make money to pay for my kibble; you are not supposed to leave the house. Sleeping does not count as being at home. If you are trying to sleep, I will do everything I can to wake you up.
3. When I want to go outside, you have to come with me. See Rule #1.
4. I'm hungry. Now.
5. What is that? Can I touch it? Can I have some?

The temperature is supposed to drop from the 60's to the 30's tonight, high tomorrow of 52. I am well prepared - I feel chunkier already! And Sears is having a sale on Carharrt jackets.

and. i got the marriage lecture again. i must've really let it affect me, because i couldn't go to sleep last night and i kept thinking, "what if no boys are left for me when i AM ready?" and "what if this?" and "what if that?" arrrrgh. they're winning. and i'm a lonely loser.

my bands name is verite

Hey, my band's first single made it to number 11 on the US charts (on rockstargame game 2)! Sweet. Check it out. My band is called Unholy Shit.

What are the names of your bands again, Upma and Mike?

Saturday, October 12, 2002

i just got back from my 10 year high school reunion. two thoughts come to mind:
1. "oh yeah, that's why i got out of here."
2. "oh yeah, that's why i don't like coming back."

Friday, October 11, 2002

As far as I can tell Rockstargame is still offline. Which is a damn shame because my game two band was starting to do alright.

Saw 24 Hour Party People last night. I've never in my life been so bored by something I'm otherwise interested in. Yawn... The movie should have ended with Ian Curtis hanging himself. Has any sober person ever been into the Happy Mondays?

Mike, that was a good post. I was wondering why I haven't seen you 'round on AIM.

To the ladies: A friend of mine recently purchased a copy of "Bitch" magazine. I must say, it was pretty damn good. There was an article about the world of direct sales and proflied Mary Kay and Tupperware, an article about how there are so few black female characters on sitcoms these days (i.e., they're all about attitude, and there really aren't any other personality types). I think I might subscribe to it.

I've got moving on my mind, too. Been thinking about making my way back to San Francisco. That's nothing new though, the feeling comes and goes with the weather. I just don't feel like starting all over again. It's definitely doable, but I just don't know if I feel like it.

I've also been thinking about other random stuff I need to do with my life. I want to join a Mardi Gras krewe one year. It is really expensive (at least $1,000), but it's one of the things I want to do in my lifetime. I want to take a cross-country trip out toward New Mexico, Utah, etc., because I haven't seen much of that part of the country. I want to sing/play the guitar like Willie Nelson, cook like the Iron Chef, be able to break out into a British accent while spurting out the Queen's English, be fluent in French, be as fit as a marathon runner, have the care free spirit of a five year old. I want to stop the spread of AIDS, cure world hunger, create universal peace/harmony, empower the hopeless and I wanna buy my mama a new house, a new wardrobe and lots of senseless stuff that she would never even consider getting for herself. I think that is all for now.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

is everyone else having trouble with rockstargame? the page hasn't loaded for me in days.
i'm off to the 'rents for an extended weekend. reunion and wedding to attend as well. i look like bloody hell too... it's a good thing i wasn't the prom queen and better thing i'm not the bride.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Today I almost beat this graphic designer's ass. I asked her to do something that would take all of five minutes. She said, "I'm really stressed over a deadline that I have coming up on Tuesday." MY deadline was in an hour. It's all about perspective, dear heart, perspective. I was so annoyed that after I hung up the phone I said, "ARE YOU FUCKING FOR REAL????" Then I looked at my associte director whom I share an office with and mumbled an apology. Thank God he's used to a newsroom environment, and he was ok with it.

In other randomness . . . .

I don't have this dainty, princess laugh. It's rather, er, loud, borders obnoxious, and carries a long way. It seems that my laugh has gotten louder, more obnoxiuus and carries further over the last year or so. At least that is when I started to notice it. When I'm in public places, if one of my peeps makes me laugh, I crack on up. Then at least one person looks my way. Not sure what he/she thinks, nor do I give a shit.

I think my boss (the same person mentioned above) likes my laugh, though, because he says stuff like, "Angie, you need to laugh more." Then he'll say something snide or silly periodically during the day.

At least my boss knows I have a wide range of emotions.

Zach, sorry to hear about the crap weekend. I hope your kidney stones clear up fast - are you on any kind of treatment for that?

The Revolutionary Knitters were reportedly doing a Knit for Peace downtown, but all I saw were sign wavers. The singing and drumming drove me away - protesting the war I'm all for, but drum circles are just not my bag of tea.

Zach - sorry about your crap weekend. I hope it gets better soon. Angie - to quote (I think, Lou Reed - but correct me if you know) - "My week beats your year" could be applied to you.
So my Holga camera just arrived - it's a cheap camera that shoots a larger negative - and it does cool light leaks and vignetting and weird focus. I can't wait to play with it. I just need to get some gaffer's tape to fix it up first. And I ordered some infrared film which arrived. Hee, hee. I can't wait to start playing. We're doing cyanotypes in a few weeks and the 120 negative will make a much nicer contact print. (pardon the photo dork lingo). Tonight - more polaroid transfers on muslin.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I had an unexpectedly crap weekend, myself. On friday night I learn that my best friend from high school's father died that day of cancer. He was diagnosed and two months later was dead. Came to Hickory for the funeral yesterday. It was a tough funeral to sit through. I felt so bad for Brent.

His dad, Eddy, took Brent and Thad and I to our first concert. We were 14 maybe, Thad was a year younger. We went to see Motley Crue in Raleigh. Eddy didn't care too much about that bands and kept excusing himself to smoke. He was a hell of a nice man.

I was hoping to get back to Greensboro early this morning, but I woke up with kidney pains. I suffer from reoccuring kidney stones. At the moment my hands are shaking and my back feels like something is about to burst out of it. The pain is less than it was thirty minutes ago though, so I thought I write quickly.

I took some demerol but it hasn't helped. Looks like I might stay here another night.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Hola. I had a busy Monday at the office so I hadn't had a chance to post. I am working on a news release about a survey on school infrastructure and its impact on student attendance/achievement. The researcher is also writing an op/ed piece of which I am editing.

I had an unexpedectly nice weekend. Not that all weekends aren't nice, but this one was a pleasant surprise. Went outlet shopping with a friend and her co-worker on Fri. I ended up buying a dress shirt and black pin stripe pants that I've been eyeing for a very long time - stuff that I really could do without but chose not to. We finished the night with some frozen custard yogurt, which is a great way to make your tummy smile. Sat. I woke up at the crack to meet my friend Renee and her husband at a library book sale, then we went to this dive for some scrumptious blueberry pancakes. I also ordered biscuits but did not realize that they were going to be COVERED in "sausage gravy." (Z, is sausage gravy a Texas or a Southern thing?). Went to the Bead Shop afterwards to make a necklace for Annette's b-day. Took a quick power nap. Worked on the zydeco brochure (God help me to make it through the tour). Then I met up with my friend whose wife moved (he plans to follow her soon). We ate wings, went to Dave and Buster's (where I kicked his but in the virtual baseball game though he whipped up on me in the basketball game). Then we played Scrabble. Sunday I went to a neighborhood festival with a girl from my softball team. That night I made slap your mama BBQ ribs, steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes. Was in bed by 10:30 on Sunday night. Phew, did that wear my ass out.

Am considering a weekend with my aunt and grandma. It will kill me but it will asure me and ten of my special friends a place in heaven. If all of you are nice to me, I might consider extending an invite to a few of you. Anyways, grandma is getting weaker and weaker, so I thought it might be good to spend some time over there. We'll see though. It's still early in the week.

Steph: amazing pics!

Upma - that conference sounds wonderful. That's how I felt when I got back from Maine. Awed and inspired.
So I got up early Saturday morning to take color photos of pinatas at this big store called Pinatas! Pinatas! Pinatas! on the East side. And of course had to purchase one for the tri-birthday party I was attending that night.
sidenote: why are all pinatas so cute? don't they realize that we have to beat those things with a stick? I bought a big blue dog one, but who isn't going to feel guilty attacking that. Perhaps I should have purchased the generic star shaped.
Anyway, I got the slide film developed - and then printed the images onto muslin. Three out of ten looked really good (the witch pinata, the princess and the big-eyed girl). The rest - either the fabric was too wet or the hairdryer wasn't hot enough to help the dyes transfer. But it was really fun. I think I'll keep experimenting until I figure out how to do it well.
Disappointing sidenote: I had bad food at two restaurants this weekend - everything was soaked in either olive oil or dressing. My insides are very lubricated right now.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

first of all, poo-smeared or not, "little t" is cuter than a monkey indeed. she's my favortiest.

seattle was amazing. i attended a media arts conference which, was really inspirational, educational, overwhelming, and fun. I have a list of 8 things on my new "missions" list. the list is complete with deadlines. i met many new people, most of whose names i've only seen on paper before. i met a friend and neighbor of JT, who gives props and more props to our guy. i felt like a complete idiot next to a 20 year old "budding theorist" in the field of media arts. i felt completely starry eyed in the company of people i'd never even dreamed of being in the same room as before. Sherman Alexie, prolific writer including Smoke Signals; Kalle Lasn , the founder of AdBusters; Mark Hossler, member of negativeland; DJ Spooky too.. Many more artists, media artists, filmmakers from all over the country ('cept, the south wasn't so represented... and it makes me sad. but gives me yet another mission i must accomplish within the next 10 years).

In the midst of all that, i met Shelly. and Jakob. it just wasn't enough time!! but your city rocks, and i'll be back. thank you so much for making time for me... i loved meeting you both.

As for:
litter pans... seems like anything will do-- just get a large one. i have the one with the hood... it helps keep odors down. and the scoopable litter is definetly the way to go.
sleeping pills... don't get anything OTC. do you still have a student ID? you might be able to go to the student health center and get them to write you a prescription.
photographs... steph, those are absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Today I found out that I am so not trapped in the Midwest. It turns out that one of the women I work with is splitting a tiny grubby one bedroom with her girlfriend and paying more than we are, and what they are looking for is exactly what the house I am living in is, right down to the neighborhood and the landlord. So I can leave whenever I want to. Maybe if I lie to my parents and tell them I'm moving home they will lend me money.

Friday, October 04, 2002

Steph, the photos are fantastic. Thanks, Z.

I knew before going to the Pacific Northwest last week that I already wanted to move to the west coast. I've been back in Indiana for three days now and I get more and more homesick every day. I'm at the point where I want to call home but I'm afraid I'd start crying. I miss the ocean. I miss my family. I miss being the girl next door. Even reading the RuPaul weblog isn't helping. I thought it was supposed to get easier. I think maybe it's been getting harder because I won't be able to go home for a visit until next spring, which could be a problem as I want to move to the west coast, oh, NOW. It's down to Seattle or Eugene OR. If anything this should get my motivation revved up. I could make an extra $160/month selling my plasma. Eight months of that would go a long way towards getting me closer to home. That's how desperate I feel right now.

Thanks, Zach. You are great.

Here are Stephanie's photos. The house one in particular is just fantastic. Send us more, Steph.

Thanks Zach! Whichever is easier for you - either on the site or a seperate page. I'll email you a few more photos.

Stephanie-I can post your photo now. Do you want me just to post it here or should I make a little page for it? Do you have others you want to send me? Anybody else?

Upma said hi.

So I've been hanging up pictures from my B&W photo class at work. Got my first offer to buy a print today. I plan on buying some muslin or other pale fabric this weekend and doing some polaroid transfers on those - which will probably turn into holiday gifts.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Chelsea has confessed her intent to move in with Brent. Seeing as how they have been officially together for less than a month, I'll wait until the end of November to make it official for me. Anyway, this means no objections to Lola, so I went to Kmart to check out litter boxes and got overwhelmed. Upma? Help?

I think that everyone is entitled to his or her own neuroses/is. One of mine is when someone sniffs my food or the communal bagels/doughnuts/whatever. It bothers the living shit out of me. You can do one of two things: 1. keep your fucking nose and germs to yourself or 2. pick ONE of the items then you can sniff till the cows come home.

Another pet peeve is when people start talking to you, then as they continue their thought, they turn so that the back of their head is facing you but continue talking. Now what the hell is that? You may as well as ignore my ass for the next ten years. Generally, people don't realize they are doing it, and when they do do it, they are looking at the object in which they are discussing. Just a hint: the object/thing can't hear or see you, so you may as well turn your fat ass back around and look at me.

In other news. . . . In rare times, I had no food cravings for a month. Very strange for me, because it seems that I've always been in the mood to eat random things, then act upon those cravings. Food became more functional than anything else. Ah but over the last few days, the cravings have returned. They included: really bad for you fried chicken, BBQ ribs, sticky rice, cheesy potatoes, a good burger, steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce.

Z, drugs are never the answer. They shouldn't be called sleeping pills, they should be called knock-out drops. You get knocked unconcious and wake up groggy and unsatisfied. They interfere with the dream cycle, which is where you get your deep, refreshing sleep (unless you have really detailed and involved dreams the way I was when the cicada/cricket/katydid chorus was in full swing and my windows were open at night, in which case you will wake up groggy, tired, and confused about reality). If you want to cool off, try a cold bath to drop your body temperature.

I sympathize with Z's attitude towards pets. It's almost in the same category as my response to uninvited mice in my home. Shelly's rats can climb all over me if they like, but the minute a mouse gets in the utensil drawer and dry-humps the butter knives, I'm screaming pestilence and plotting murder. That's where Lola comes in. Not so much a pet as a mercenary. She's a former stray, not the cuddly type, and will gladly poo outside, weather permitting. And I think Chelsea would still rather wash her utensils before each use. I moved them into a cabinet, she moved them back, and now there's shit on the forks again. I'm going to keep a set of my own in the cabinet. Nothing makes me lose my appetite like rodent shit on a spoon.

Saying you don't like pets has got to be the most hatred-inducing thing you could say. Even when I tell people I love kids and I don't want any of my own I get more understanding.

I can only imagine the things my current roomie and former roomies would say about me. I'm just glad she's basically living with the new boyfriend, as she's also on a bath oil kick and I've decided that people who use bath oil will never clean the tub afterwards (harshes the mellow they got from their little personal aromatherapy hydrospa experience - never mind that trying to kill a housemate by having them slip in the tub on oil slick skin cell soup might harsh their mellow just a bit).

Are there over the counter sleeping pills that work? Has anyone ever tried those? I'm nervous about buying anything like that. I mean, chances are my insomnia is caused mostly by anxiety (over not having a job, etc) and this shitty lingering heat. I got to sleep at about two last night, but I tossed and turned until about four when I had to get up and go lie down on the living room couch for a while. Tonight, jeez, I don't know, it's already ten after three and I don't think lying down will do me much good.

I'm convinced that if I could somehow make my room 65 degrees or so, very cool, that I could whup this. But, I can't cool it off in here. The others in the house are worried about the power bill. It was pretty high last month. They don't want the air to run more than a little bit all day. Could turn this place into an icebox if they would let me. Somebody (probably Benji) actually turned the AC off last night. I promptly turned it back on. Fuck that.

The living room couches, once so good for middle of the night mini-naps, are falling apart. My sofa is busted down on either end. But, you can really sleep on it anymore. The ends droop too much to get comfortable. You feel like you're turned ass over elbows. The other sofa is in slightly better shape, but the cushions are disintegrating and the fabric is ripping. Plus, there has been a return to our house of the canine kind. I'm not a germ-aphobe. Really. I'd drink a grape soda out of a bedpan. But, if a dog some much as looks at something, I want it washed, disinfected, and, possibly burned. And I relaxed my tight-ass no-dogs-on-the-furniture rule one time to avoid looking like an asshole and now the dirty shiteater is on our sofas, feet up with a Corona in its paw two, three times a week. I know its a little neurotic, but I seriously can't sit there after its been around. I have visions of cat shit dinners and butthole lickings.

(You know how smokers and christians whine nonstop about how oppressed they are in modern society? Well, try telling someone you don't like pets. The look you get is something like pity mixed with revulsion. If I told someone I ate stewed abortion they'd give me about half the bullshit I get for not inviting farm animals into my living space. I imagine that people who don't like kids get just sort of the same thing. I like kids. To each his own. Now please get your own off my couch.)

Three-thirty now. I'm starting to feel a little drowsy. Maybe I will lie down.

Sorry about the anger.

Good luck with your cat, weez. Sorry about your godson, Joe. Tucker is cuter than a poo-smeared monkey, Upma. Hot rats! Shelly. Me, I'm going to buy a horse and ride him night night.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

This is the sort of geek I am: while looking for a small dremel/rotary tool to drool on, I found a rotary combo tool on the American Science and Surplus site. Drooooooooool. Speed varies from 8000 to 23000 rpm, attachments include a grinder, sander, jigsaw and chisel. Now I must save my pennies so I can buy it and hold it and tear my house apart with it.

Angie, sorry to hear about Rusty.

I may or may not be adopting a cat named Lola. I have to clear it with the roomie first, but she's just not around these days - she bought an old Volvo and is spending all her time at the new boyfriends house. Maybe I'll just get Lola and see if Chelsea notices.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Never ever trust anything that labels itself as Cajun. Generally speaking, all they do is add freakin' Tobasco sauce and pepper to make it spicy, and any moron could do that.

So Sunday night was rough. My godson (Robin's 8 year old dachshund Rusty) passed away. He had a slipped disc, had to have emergency surgery, the last I heard was that he had a 50/50 chance of either a full recovery or a doggy wheelchair. And I was ok with that. But then Robin and I finally talked on Sunday night, and she dropped the bomb. Talk about unexpected.

You know, emotions are so funny. Sometimes you go through a delayed reaction. Sometimes you hold your grudge until the day you die. Other times, it just slides right on out. Literally, within seconds of Robin breaking the news to me, the river started flowing.

I'll be a dog lover till the day I stop breathing. And that Rusty was probably the closest that I had to my own in a very long time. Whenever I would visit Robin, he would always rush toward me with his damn raggedy ass tennis ball in his mouth, drool and all. He'd whine with excitement. At night, or during really cold weather, he would snuggle up against the nape of my back. And he had the big, brown puppy dog eyes that songs are made of. Sad, sad, sad.

Anyways, tonight we had a softball double header. I managed to befriend this woman Patti. She's almost 50 years old, has 4 kids, is in great shape, is a stay at home mom. She always plays left center, and man is she a talker. Constantly cheering, encouraging and teasing. Well tonight, the umpires thought there were too many men in the outfield (Patti has really short blonde hair), so they were yelling blah blah blah. Next thing I know, Patti is raising up her shirt and shaking around with her black bra!!!! I probably spent 20 minutes talking to her in the parking lot after the game. Good stuff.

1. It's too darn hot. Back up in the 80's in Bloomington, woo hoo...
2. Upma, I saw Kinder Eggs in Seattle and thought of you - glad you can get them in Philly, 'cause the ones I got for you got squished in my luggage.It's Kirsten, some people think she's pretty, and yes she can in fact act, which you wouldn't know from Spiderman. She was the little vampire girl in Interview With a Vampire.
3. I went to a restaurant in Portland that served "Cajun" food. We had "gumbo" and "jambalaya" among other things, and...well, I'm not going back. I can't complain; it was free (one of the ladies I went with knew the waiter and he's sweet on her, so he "lost" the check).
4. Milo is the bestest baby boy in the world.

Angie - it sounds like you had a blast. It felt more like 90 degrees to me. I saw bits of Gillian Welch, Wilco, Patty Griffin, the Derailers, Nickle Creek, Natalie Zoe, and Patrice Pike. I drank about 78 gallons of water. I bought a pretty homemade skirt, part green bamboo pattern, part brown flowered. I stood in the food line for over 45 minutes to eat crawfish etouffee - they are no Jazz Fest. Poor Ted - all the vegetarian options were sold out. I took a few photos - mostly of my friends hanging out on our orange tarp.
The next day I spent most of the afternoon in the cool, underground basement darkroom - printed some horse pictures from the barn I went to last weekend.
This week I start my alternative photo process class.