Tuesday, July 31, 2001

One of my composition teachers (known at UB as the Super Genius or "SG" for short) helped me rediscover discipline last year. It seems ridiculous that I have to make myself do the things I want to do, but if I don't I end up doing what someone else wants to do. I'm usually generous with my time to a fault (and then sometimes complain about it, which makes me feel like a jerk). As the SG pointed out, discipline isn't just about doing something everyday, it's about doing something for a certain amount of time each day. Read for an hour, no more no less, when the hour is up, finish the sentence or the page you're on , but not the chapter. This helps for a lot of different reasons and especially with creatvie projects, both long and short term.

if I feel I'm behind in some activity sometimes it's hard to start again because there's so much work to get done just to feel caught up, invoking some discipline helps getting started.

I think about things that are unfinished a lot more than stuff I could've wraped up if I just devoted an entire day to it, rather than an hour or two. Time away helps.

Returning to unfinished things is much easier, especially if you've been thinking about them.

I would much rather devote huge blocks of time, like weeks to projects where that's all I think about, but even with my "leisurely" graduate student lifestyle it's hard to find that kind of time. Something like laundry gets in the way.

I'm not trying to sell this as some twelve step program. It works for me. I don't set appointments (like every day at five I will read for an hour) it's more like I have a list of things I want to do, and do them in the order I want, but only for the perscribed amount of time, by the end of the day, I've usually done something, if not a lot.

I'm visiting my parents right now, until Friday or Saturday. I wish I had something in common with my family. At least my parents haven't asked me to cut my hair yet. I give them to the end of the week. There is no such thing as discipline at home, regardless of the work you bring with you, nothing ever gets done, in fact, things seem to get undone.

I'll probably go into DC tomorrow, that's always fun.

Ok, I am a big phat nerd, and I know it. I read this article today about the importance of the crusading ethnic press. In particular, it talks about this Hong Kong-native who writes for a Chinese language newspaper based in San Francisco. There was this incident a while back where a handful of businesses owned by Chinese Americans were set on fire. The police just basically dismissed the case and didn't do a lot of probing. But this one journalist dug deeper and exposed the fact that it was gang related, as the businessmen refused to pay for protection. There were a couple of other cases, too. Stuff like this makes me want to go back to school to write term papers on the role of the ethnic press in America to find other people's stories.

Oh yeah. There was an article about the shortage of drummers in the music industry. Made the front page of today's WSJ. How funny is that?

Steph, send you good vibes with the crush. You are hot to trot these days!

Upma - it seems to me that at least putting down what you wish you had more time for is the first step in doing those things. Sounds like you're already doing some of it - what with the swimming and all. I'm going swimming after work today as well - though I don't know if it'll be the lap swimming or goofing around the pool variety. I just know I've been promised queso afterwards. Give me cheese, and I'm at your mercy. My wishful to do list kind of matches yours, and I find the restrictions of time and money getting in the way as well.
The crush comes back in town today. So the "I wonder if he'll call" clock countdown begins again. Not that I couldn't call him, and I probably will. There's just something nice when they call first.
ps. I really like mangos, but since I eat them at the rate of about one per every sixth months, I don't think there's much chance I'll ever get sick of them.

i think i'm about to say something blasphemous here.... i'm so sick of mangoes. my mother buys them buy the crateful. almost everyday. i od-ed on mangoes a long time ago and have yet to recover. i don't understand how anybody can eat SO MANY damn mangoes! it used to be one of my favorites. everytime i go home or she comes to visit i get more mangoes. i tell her i don't want them but i get them anyway. i guess that's just how mom's are.

i didn't get to go swimming this morning because i stayed in bed. i dreamt about it though. and then after i knew i was too late to go swimming i thought i might go running, but that didn't work either cuz i ended up dreaming about it too. i'm SO mad because i read an article last night that said that women need 9hours and 25 minutes of sleep every night. HA! there's no time for that much sleep.

angie, when i do get around to doing some of these things, i have to combine them... like getting friends involved. btw, i'm sure Z will tell you himself when he gets 'round to posting again... but yes, he does indeed have something against dogs. it's simply awful.

so... all this downtime at work... i don't know what to put on my timesheet, i don't wanna look/feel like a slacker.

Ok, I have a new love. Bing Cherries. They are so yummy. Not as yummy as mangoes, but still yummy.

Weezie, would love the cheesecake recipe when you get a chance.

Upma, I get overwhelmed, too. Hell, I sometimes get into funks and think to myself, "What are my contributions to society?" In fact, Shelly and I had this conversation once. And she quoted some guy that basically said don't obsess over how little b/c every little bit counts (Shel, help me out here!). My suggestion is to maybe focus on one a week or one every few days. What about combining them? I.e., start a microcinema project with some of your beautiful, beautiful friends?

Zach, you would have kissed your bro's roomie but you wouldn't have kissed that dog in SF for Upma? Do you have something against dogs? If so, we may have to exchange some fightin' words. BTW, thanks for the Dylan suggestions. I'll most likely start with Nashville Skyline or Blonde on Blonde. I wish that a record store would have a back to the basics sale, for those of us who are still trying to build up our music collections. Maybe I should send an e-mail to my fav local record store.

Monday, July 30, 2001

I sort of bartered my way to an answering machine - managed to pick 25 pounds of mangos to sell at the co-op, which in turn enabled me to purchase the cheapest answering machine I could find. Angie, good point about the pager. I can check the answering machine from any touch-tone phone, which is almost as nice as having voicemail. I'm using Chelsea's recipe; I'll let you know how it turns out and pass the recipe along. Her cheesecake is from her grandmother's recipe and is deeeeelish.

Got a weird but good phone call this morning - from an ex who wanted to APOLOGIZE for NOT BEING FAIR TO ME. I just sat there sort of stunned. I did manage to point out that I was no angel either, but...wow. He'd like to throw out all the old crap and move forward (good plan, seeing as we live in the same state again).

well, this is what i just did at work.

so. i have a problem.... i'm wondering how people of the world deal with this.... i know i'm not the only one. i have too many things i want to do and not enough time to do them all. in addition to working a 9-5 day four days a week, i also want to:
1. read more
2. watch lots of movies
3. exercise
4. teach myself the bass guitar
5. start new film projects
6. start a "microcinema" in greensboro
7. hang out with all my beautiful, beautiful friends
8. watch some TV
9. write more
10. travel more

i can’t even prioritize this list because all of the above are SO important to me. it seems impossible to balance anything. and i never get anything done. i’m a little frustated.
and now i’m going to bed so i can go swimming in the morn.

Shelly- you were so close. The song is "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire. I sang the hook and asked my brother if he knew what it was. He said it sounded like Michael McDonald. I told him that I had explored that possiblity. So, we asked his roommate Robert. This sonofagun knows it right off the top of his head. I'm singing, "ahh eee ahh eee ahh, da da da da baby" to him in a crowded bar while the band is playing and he says, "oh yeah, that's Earth Wind and Fire. Uh... "September" by Earth Wind and Fire. I could have kissed him.

Angie - so I recently discovered when I went to photocopy that recipe for Upma - that while cooking the yummy eggplant, I had spilled food on the page, closed the book and when I tried to pry those pages apart again, I ended up ripping some crucial directions. So I photocopied what I could for Upma and then hand wrote what I could remember in the margins. (upma - sorry about that). So you may wait until she tries to make it and if it turns out, then ask her to pass it on. Hopefully I didn't forget any major steps.
So I dressed up as a member of the lollipop guild for the sing-a-long this weekend. And bought the gift package. The gift package included a rainbow flag to wave during "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and when Glinda says "Come out, come out, wherever you are" and a bell to ring when the witch is dead and a little dog finger puppet to wave whenever Toto is on screen and so on. Lots of the audience were in costume. Lots of friends of Dorothy - literally, lots of men dressed as Dorothy. A group dressed as a field of poppies, another was the Yellow Brick Road. My favorite was the pair dressed as the hurricane and the house and they went and spun around on stage during their scene.
The rest of my weekend was going swimming, reading and going to a birthday party.
Angie - I haven't gone shopping in NO in so long, I'd have no idea where to recommend to buy NOLA themed wall art. The quarter?

Weezie, I think that a pager is more of a pain in the ass than anything else. So if those three people paged you, you'd have to stop what you were doing, search for a pay phone and then dig up some change -- three times. Mango bread sounds so yummy. Do you have a recipe? I, too, loved your Zach crack. And, I'm adding your comments to my journal ;)

Speaking of recipes, Stephanie, can you send me your eggplant parm recipe? There is some place in N.O. that has a yummy, yummy eggplant parm po-boy. Oh, also wanted to ask you (and Shelly is she is checking). I want to window shop and possibly buy some NOLA-themed wall art. But I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Any store recommendations?

Sunday, July 29, 2001

I'm giving in and buying an answering machine. I can't afford a cellular phone, and although pagers are cheap, they involve a bit too much ping-ponging back and forth. Today I left the house for 1 1/2 hours and missed three phone calls which meant I didn't go hiking, I didn't go to the garlic festival, and I didn't know I didn't have to pick up my sister after her dance class. I asked around to see if anyone had a superfluous one, but I'll just have to stop by the evil KMart on the way to work tomorrow.

The fridge is full of cheesecake and iced tea. Chelsea bought cream cheese and sour cream in bulk, used a dozen eggs and quite a bit of sugar. Next up, mango bread.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

louise... that zach crack, CRACKS me up! hahahaaaa....
yes.... i contemplated wearing a skirt, but did not because of both of the skirts i own, niether of them fit me anymore because i bought them when i was skinny. so sad. but i think that even if they did fit me... i still could not wear them because i still consider it a costume. i just ended up wearing my hair down. it was fun.

...and now for some squishy murillo rock.n.roll.

Zach, Grace is not only adorable, she is living proof that you would look darn cute in a dress. The family resemblance is startling.

I worked from 1pm to midnight yesterday, so I could get $30 in food certificates. My paycheck was sufficient for rent and only part of my health insurance payment. Hello, rice and lentils! Thanks to Angie Joe's care pkg of ass't seasonings, that is not as grim a prospect as it might have been. I think Tony Chachere's has an addictive quality. The mix tape has yet to leave the deck of the car - dunno what I'll do when I have to give the car back! Angie Joe just rocks on all arenas, y'all.

Upma, there was a point in my life where I considered it to be a costume if I were dressed as a girl.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Zach, Grace is soooooooooo cute. The photo didn't post for me, but I was able to access your link.

This is really cool. UH had a ton of flood damage back in June. So our U.S. State Rep Sheila Jackson Lee and Secretary of Education (and former Houston Independent School District Superintendent) Rod Paige are coming to tour the damage. My boss asked ME to staff the event to coordinate media and such. How cool is that?????

Thursday, July 26, 2001

I can't figure out if this photo is posting or not so here's the link:

pictures of grace

well. today was the day of my most emabarrasing moment at work so far. my friend rob ALWAYS makes me laugh so hard. today he made me do so while as i had just taken a sip of sprite. yes. i spewed sprite out my nose. and the big boss man saw it too. aiy.
SO embarrasing, yet SO funny.

so, my lil' cousin informs me that she now listens to punk and ska. WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! i'm not the only "punk rocker" in the family!!!!!!! you have NO IDEA how much that means to me. or maybe you do? anyway... i didn't like any of the (ska) bands that she told me she was listening to, so i'm making her a tape of some stuff i like. so far we have the dead milkmen, the pixies, the wedding present, sleater kinney and weezer...amongst others.

i am going to a "dress-up" b.day party tomorrow and i don't know what to wear. i don't really have anything. "dress.up" in this context i think means anything from fancy pants to costume. i hear someone might show up in a gorilla suit, while another will just wear a 50's style dress. hmmmmmm.

i woke up at 6:30 in the morning to go swimming. i'm pretty impressed with myself for doing so. ok. goodnight

I hope I don't sound like too much of dork saying this, but, it's difficult to recommend a single Dylan album to someone as an introduction, because no single Dylan album really sums up the man's career. Like, I could say, "buy Dark Side of the Moon" and you'll pretty much get the whole picture of Pink Floyd's music. (By the way, don't buy Dark Side of the Moon.)

But, recommending Dylan is a little easier than recommending Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen, because Dylan actually released a well-thoughout greatest hits record in the early seventies, called Greatest Hits 2. It's got a few songs from the end of Dylan folkie years (which I don't much care for---all that stuff sounds very cold and calculated to me) and the beginnings of Dylan's rock period, plus some examples of Dylan's country work and his basement folk with the Band. All in all, a very good Hits album.

If you're looking for an album not a collection, which is totally reasonable, because Dylan, at one point, put a lot of effort into his albums, then think about these:

Blonde on Blonde is the best record he made as a folkie, but as I've said, I think that stuff is overrated and transparent.
Nashville Skyline is the album I'm most likely to put on. It's Dylan's country record and it features the "crooner" Dylan voice he experimented with for a while.
Blood on the Tracks is the best Dylan album. It's the most internally consistant and the most moving. It's about his breakup with his wife.
The Basement Tapes are Dylan and the Band in a Basement jamming out folk and country tune. A lot are silly, but the music is really, really good.
There isn't a good way to sum up the 80s and 90s for Dylan. Greatest Hits 3 tries but doesn't do the job very well. Late period Dylan has a lot of good stuff waiting to be found, but only the patient fan will be able to find it, I think.

I am majorly distracted at work today. I hung out with the crush (Jon) last night. And I keep getting all swoony and staring off into space instead of staring at my computer and entering German photo credits, like I should be doing.
So I am very excited about this weekend. I'm going to a Wizard of Oz sing-a-long. Not only do I know all the words, I've also read all 14 of L. Frank Baum's books and just need to think of a costume. Maybe I can find some of that hay we shot the other day and scarecrow myself.

Ok, I'm stressed. In a nutshell, there is this event that involves UH, a corporate sponsor and an ad/PR consulting firm. Well, the corp. sponsor and firm have been over-promising to deliver on all of this media coverage that may be far-fetched. So now the college has all of these unrealistic expectations about the event and media relations. But the problem is that I (the person ultimately responsible for media relations) have not been included in any of the meetings. What the fuck is all of that about? My boss is aware of the situation, and he's in agreement with me, so that is the good news. Blah.

Nuff bitching for now; here's a funny. Went to lunch with that English professor yesterday. He kept insisting on paying my share (even went so far as to say that he would write it off on his taxes b/c we discussed business) but I refused. Then he gave me a copy of two of his books on Cajun culture. Drama, drama.

Steph: I'm up for a cook off. I LOVE food. I think that too many people underestimate the power of food. It brings people together. It lifts spirits. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Food is good.

Zach: what Dylan album should I start off with? I have the generic greatest hits already. Maybe Blonde on Blonde? Whatdayathink? Oh, congrats on the band tour. How exciting.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

john zachary mull. i didn't get to finish that last post. i had just gotten home from the pot-luck (which you were not at), and i was just a little upset because i missed you. but i didn't wanna yell at you either cuz you are gone for a very valid reason. soo... yeah.

anyway. steph- i'm SO glad that you also played like a 12 year old at the pool. the other day i wanted to come up with a synchromized swimming routine, but the other girls didn't go for it. we did however still manage to act like 12 year olds and this one guy was absolutely tickled by our behaviour. it was fun.
tried to wake up at 6:30 this morning to do "boring" laps, but just couldn't quite do it. guess i'll go this evening after work. SO SO excited about swimming again.

i'm at home now for lunch...eating my tofurkey sandwich. rob makes SO MUCH FUN of tofurkey everytime i tell him i eat it. it's really funny.

um... mike.. atlanta is 6 hours from GSO. you're more than welcome to crash at my place if you want, but i only really have room for one person. also, if you come on a weekday, or three, i won't be around to entertain you very much. i just wouldn't get to be a very good hostess.

i guess my lunch break's over... i should go back to work.

I got home last night from swimming and see that there is a message from the crush. This starts the excitement. The turn up Paul's Boutique really loud, dance around the living room in my wet bathing suit, clapping my hands with joy type of excitement. I call him back, he was wanting to know if I wanted to go swimming with him that night. Oh, we're on the same wavelength, but the bad timing. (and also he will soon learn that you can't call me that night for plans on the same night, it just doesn't gel with a go-go girl lifestyle - okay, that sounds like a rules girl, but really it's just pratical, but I digress). And I already had post-swimming plans with my friend Stephanie to go see the Viennese Accordian Roundup at the Broken Spoke (it was really fun - so many polkas in one night - and now I know what the accordian scene in Austin looks like - let's just say we were the youngest people there). And the boy goes out of town tomorrow to see his brother's art opening in Arizona, so I guess either he'll call back tonight before he leaves or not, but I said we should definately do something when he gets back in town, and he said definately as well. yeah!
So swimming was so much fun. I acted like I was ten or younger. I was doing various (sloppy) water ballet routines with my friend and seeing who could tread water longer and doing kick boxing moves under the water and having so much fun (I'm really glad all the lap lanes were full cause we'd gone swimming to do boring laps, but goofing in the water was much better).
Mike - ditto on what Angie said if you end up somewhere in Texas.
Shelly - can you bring me back a full course meal from New Orleans. I'm very much so missing hometown food. Not that I don't love tex-mex with the heat of a thousand suns, but it's just not the same. Angie - maybe I can come to Houston and we can have a cook-off.
Upma - speaking of food, the recipe will be in the mail for you in the next day or so.

Mike, lemme know if you end up doing a tour of Texas. Even if you can't get to Houston, I can get to Austin, San Antonio and possibly even Dallas pretty easily.

Weezie, glad you liked the package. I found the gourmet garlic stuff from this awesome, awesome spice shop in Kansas City. They have all kinds of good stuff, and if I can find a list of all their products, I'll copy it and send it to you. I use that garlic stuff on everything. Also, I think the Paul Prudhomme seasong has some good recipes. At least the seafood version does. And he has a web site (not sure of the address). Lemme know what you think of the tape, too.

Shelly, when are you going to NOLA and when are you coming back? I'll be there the first weekend in August for Kelly Titus' and Dave's wedding. $10 bucks says that the first questions Stacey Adams will ask me will be, "1. Who are you dating and 2. What does he do for a living?" I could think of some really mean responses, but I'll try to take the higher road.

Mike, you are just having all the luck with the crushes lately. Send some good vibes this way . . .

I live in such a small world. That English professor who I'm befriending (the Cajun folklore author) . . . Two of my blues friends know him. In fact, he was the thesis chair for my friend Roger's pHd committee. How crazy is that? Good stuff.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

mrs. john zachary mull. You just trying it out or did I do something wrong?

john zachary mull.

Angie, the package arrived today and made me sneeze instantly. YUM! You are a goddess, an angel, a blessing...you're ANGIE!

Upma, immediately after scalding my leg, I rinsed it off, applied lots of aloe vera (my parents have plants all over the yard) and then slapped on an ice pack. All fine, except I missed a spot but it doesn't hurt. Now my leg hurts because there are two small kittens climbing up and down my pant legs, digging wee claws into me and looking up at me with big round eyes.

Zach, your trip sounded fabulous. I'm glad you enjoyed Vancouver so much; I think it must have been much, much nicer than when I was there in March. Glad to hear that you are willing to be vomited on.

JT, e-mail me your address and I'll send you a couple of books on sewing, which may or may not help you. I agree, designing the pattern yourself makes a lot of it easier.

I have officially scheduled one day per month to freak out. During that day, I will stress and whine and then decide what I'm doing, all in a designated space with lots of tea and a pack of cigarettes (although I've just about stopped again). It's funny. If I know the cigarettes are there, I don't crave them as much.

I am getting grad school applications by the pound.

I don't think that's it, Shell. I can't find a song called Autumn by Blood Sweat and Tears.

zach, that song YOU couldn't think of, i think its autumn by blood sweat and tears.
luck to you, angie joe.
anybody need anything from new orleans?

Okay, Angie Joe, now that song's going through my head, too.
Eating ediname, about to go shoot some hay to illustrate Rumpilstiltskin, just saw some co-workers doing the cha-cha a few cubes over - some days I love my job.

In My Life from Rubber Soul, I think.

Zach, loved your posts, particularly the bloop bloop one.

Ok, this is driving me damn crazy. I have this poppy Beatles song that I love in my head, but I don't know the title. I know all the words, so someone please put me out of my misery and tell me the name of the freakin' thing. It goes something like this, "There are places I remember/all my life/though some have changed/some places lose their meaning/but in my life I've loved them all . . ." or something like that. Is it "My life" or "Places"? What the hell????

I have my first big media interview today with the Houston Chronicle's education reporter. He will be interviewing the Provost and the interim dean of the Business School. Yesterday I went over there to prep my peeps, so I am hoping for a smooth ride. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 23, 2001

My trip:

Week one: Flew into San Francisco. It was the first time I'd ever been to the West Coast. I'd driven as far as Phoenix in 1994 and we were planned to drive on to Las Vegas, but couldn't because the van was shaking itself to death. As many of you know, California is a beautiful place. San Francisco is hilly and cool. And yellow grass everywhere. Very strange to a green grass guy like myself.

We stayed with our friends Audrey and Lisa. They are both from Greensboro and we've known them a long time. Last Christmas, they stayed with us for two weeks. It was tons of fun. They have four additional roommates. All from North Carolina. Claire and Wylie are old friends of John's from high school. They're getting married. Zach Blue and Andria are from Greensboro. They're nice people, but I think they were the one's who were most tired of us by the time we left.

Most of our first week we spent walking Mission or Valencia. One day Audrey took us to the beach, which was rocky and cold. And not a bit like NC beaches. We went into Chinatown and had vegan dim sum one day. We spent a lot of time looking for bookstores and recordstores to take copies of the magazine. By the end of the trip, we had sold something like 80 copies of the zine in SF alone. Very cool.

We missed the Pride March, but we did make it to one of the Dyke Day rallies. That was something. We saw a band called Lightning Bolt, from Providence, who were rad. John interviewed them for the magazine.

Week two: Steven and Evan came. We knew Evan was coming because he had been part of the plan all along. But, Steven was a surprise. He basically invited himself along. Which we could say much about, because he lived with Audrey and Lisa before they moved west. In all fairness to Steven, let me say, that I really do like Steven and I consider him a friend. He's just a difficult person and he's almost impossible on trips. This is the third extended trip I've taken with the guy and let me tell you I will never do it again. Steven is a food snob like you can't imagine. He's Italian so he's got some special right to bitch about food, he thinks.

You can't complain about things for two weeks straight and not expect your friends to ditch you. So we spent a good amount of time on our own. In the second week, we spent some time in the Avenues section. We went to Twin Peaks and got a good look at the city. We walked along the Embarcadero and went to Peir 39. One day, they went swimming. I opted out to have my own adventure day. We saw Evil Dead 2 at a great theatre called the Red Vic on Haight.

This the week that Nathan and Krystal showed out. Nathan and Krystal are one half of my band and they are super cool people. They had been doing a national parks tour, camping, birdwatching. Hanging out with them was fun.

This is also the week that Jeremy, a kid from Austrailia, who was a friend of Wylie's friend, showed up. He had some friends in town that he spent most of his days with, but he was a super nice guy. When we saw Instrument at the Red Vic he went with us. It's a shame that we might never see that guy again.

One night of our trip there were fourteen people in the house.

Week three: Weeks two and three blended together. Somewhere in this time, John and I went to the Warped Tour. We got press passes through Slave to interview and photograph AFI. We got our photos and hung out in the photo/security pit. Very neat. I'd never done that before. But, we couldn't get our interview. I think we're going to try to talk to them in Charlotte.

All through this period we ate like crazy. We ate three times at a hip date kind of place on Valencia called Herbivore. It was good, but a little blah sometimes. Their food was all vegan, all organic. We discovered a great place in Berkeley called Long Life. Long Life have a ridiculous lunch special where you get a soup, springroll and enormous plate of food for 4 bucks. Plus, it was overwhemingly vegetarian/vegan and really good. We ate there three times. Indian Oven was the most upscale place we went. Chris Wright and his wicked cute girlfriend, Amy, took John and Evan and I there one night. Very excellent food. We were loving every minute of it. There were two Ethopian places in town that we always on the list of things to do. I never went to Cafe Ethopia but I understand it was very good. The other place, Axum, on Haight, was great. Evan didn't like it though.

For the Fourth, we had a vegan feast behind the NC compound on Van Ness st. The party was a lot of fun until the fireworks came out. Andria and Wylie and some other started firing them at people. Not good. I disappeared very early on in the "fun" after I got hit in the chest with a roman candle. I wasn't hurt, but this kid Josh got a awful looking burn on his hand. What a bunch of dumb shits. The food was great though.

Week Four: For the last week of our trip we rented a car and drove to Seattle. There was some drama with Evan, who somehow invited his girlfriend to meet us there. In classic kindergarten fashion, John and I decided the best thing to do was avoid the subject and dodge Evan and Lana Bone (her sister's name is Amanda Bone-say it-Amanda Bone, no shit ) when we got there.

John and I stayed with the wonderful Shelly ---- and Jacob. Evan and the Bone stayed with some friend of their's.

We had a great time in Seattle. Shelly took us to see the troll and the Statue of Lenin. We walked around downtown and the Broadway area. John and I went to the Experience Music Project, this huge interactive music museum where you can play guitars and stuff. We had a ball there. We saw Chopper for the second time. Shelly made potstickers for us. John made burritos.

They had a Capitol Hill fest while we where there and we got to see Pedro the Lion (snore) and Botch (yeah!) and some of Quasi's set (so-so).

On the last day we were there, John, Shelly, Jacob and I drove to Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the coolest looking cities I'd seen on the trip. It looks like its made from a giant toy kit. Every building has rings and glass and stuff. Hard to describe, sorry. We ate at a place called Naam, that had great veggie/vegan breakfest.

Also, since the Canadian dollar is only 66.6 cents on the US dollar, everything there is 33.3% off. Sweet. Sweeeet. I bought the Die Hard DVD box set for like $37 US. Very sweet.

Then we drove back to SF. John and I nearly missed our flight. The BART stopped in Oakland and wouldn't move for like fifteen minutes. Then we get to our stop and there are no cabs. The only way, we made our flight was because this lunatic guys go in a fight with the driver of the cab he called and gave it to us. If that guy wasn't such an asshole, we would have never made the flight.

So, now, I'm home. No job. I'm going to start subbing in the fall.

My band and the Crimson Spectre are doing a Western NC mini-tour in Sept. We're playing Boone,

Grace is two months old now. She is just beautiful. When she was first born I couldn't really see her mother or father in her face, but now... She's got her mother's eyes, no question, but she looks so much like my brother, otherwise, that I'm really amazed.

My parents and I had her all afternoon and night Saturday. I was puked apon. She and I developed a dance called the "Bloop-Bloop" dance. It's going to be a big craze. It involves taking your partner and jumping her around on your laps saying "bloop-bloop-bloop-bloop."

I think we're going to get to keep her on Wednesday as well. I plan to continue our experiments in choreography.

As you may have guessed, I'm back from my trip. I've been back five days now. Its nice to be back in NC. I feel really happy here. And very happy to be here.

Thanks for the mod descriptions. Man, I guess I've just been clueless to all of that.

J.T., I am so impressed with your streamstress talents. My sorry ass just learned how to sew a button last year. I keep telling myself I need to suck it up, buy a sewing machine, take some classes and dig in, because I always have to bring pants to alteration places since my legs are so short but my hips are shapley and robust. Congrats, too, on the assistantship. Getting paid for what you do love is the very best in life.

Zach, we wanna hear about the niece, damn it.

Weekend was a good one. Fri. was supposed to be a day of relaxation, but I ended up staying up until 1 a.m. doing random stuff. Sat. went to a shower for a former co-worker and good friend. Ran into other former co-workers and did a happy dance of thanksgiving for my new job. Later that night met up with a friend for Thai then went to the Buena Vista Social Club/Flatlanders concert. Was standing in line to buy tickets when this guy out of nowhere gave me two free tickets. How cool is that? I inisisted on buying he and his wife a beer, but they wanted Diet Coke so Diet Coke it was. The show was awesome as expected, and the lighting really set the mood. Sun. went to see "America's Sweethearts," and I really liked it. Not as sappy as I thought it would be. Loved the sarcasm.

Almost bought a mac daddy's mac daddy laptop but then realized that I shouldn't make such hasty decisions that require so much monetary committment. Close call though.

Weezie, your package should arrive by Thurs. at the very latest. Let me know what you think of the spices and such. I can always send a follow up package with more stuff.

Upma, I am ashamed to say that I've been to a NKOTB concert. Was never a huge fan, although many of my friends were absolute fanatics.

Mike, how was mom's b-day?

So I went out with the crush on Friday night. We went to the tiki bar and split the krakatoan volcano. (it's on fire, has whole limes floating in it as well as plastic mermaids and you drink from two feet long straws - in fact, it's hard to take someone seriously when they've got a two foot long pink straw in their mouth). The conversation flowed nicely, he made me laugh. So we'll see. Saturday I went to see America's Sweethearts (cause I heart John Cusack - and he is looking very nice) - the movie was okay - cute in the "my mom would really love this movie" sort of way. Then I was planning on going out that night but my friend Kristen lent me about 16 old Buffy episodes on tape. Yeah, I stayed home sat. night and watched 8 of them. So nice. Sunday I sanded a coffee table - I'm planning on staining it or painting it or something. Any creative ideas out there? Or wood working advice? After that, I went and picked the biscuit up at the airport and got treated to dinner for my trouble. So the biscuit now has a place to live in NY but pushed back his moving up there date. After that, I had a "my boyfriend who came into town for the summer just drove back today and I need my body weight in ice cream" party. We ate tiramisu gelatto, fresh strawberries and a plate of cookies. I think my friend felt better, though I had to keep handing her toilet paper to blow her nose.

Sunday, July 22, 2001

Louise, I've got these Butterick patterns on sale for 2 bucks a piece at the fabric store a couple of weeks ago. They only had two mens patterns and for some reason I wasn't really thinking, for 2 bucks a pattern I should have bought anything that I remotely wanted to make (even if it was something that just had a fancy pocket I liked), but I was on a budget.

An aside: Sometimes I'm a little bothered by the lack of variety available to the male seamstress (or is that seamster) but not surprised because 1: there isn't a whole lot of variety in mens fashion, you get pants (shorts), T-shirt, Fitted shirt, vest, jacket. Thats about it. So you only need two patterns with variations and 2: the home fashion market is predominantly female, who might make some clothes for a male but most likely sew for themselves or other females.

Besides now that I sort of know how to make shirts with collars and a simple pair of pants with pockets (and the basic shapes to cut) I think I'll go back to making my own patterns, like I do for skirts. While my designs might be flawed at least I know how things are supposed to go together. I'm much happier pulling some garment out of nothing than I am screwing up something that is supposed to look a certain way. I need to head out to Wal Mart to go through the bargain bin fabrics, lots of stuff for a buck a yard. That seems to be where I have the most success, using simple designs but combining very different cheap-ass fabrics that for the most part shouldn't go together. While I'm certainly not comparing myself, that's how Givenchy started out. I really like his stuff.

It's unfortunate that the prefab Mod look comes with the prefab lifestyle.

There's a thousand things I want to do tonight before I go to bed, maybe i'll get one of them done.

I think I'm going to pick up a cheap scanner and a little web cam with some of my June in Buffalo money. The scanner for the obvious reasons (scanning in PEEPS), the web cam to do rough stop motion captures with premiere. I'm not ready to use its original purpose.

of anything else.

You are a hot tomato, mama! Awwwww!

OHMYGOODNESS!!!!! you are gonna laugh so hard when i tell you this lil tidbit. GUESS what i’m listening to right now. it’s absolutely HORRID! hahahaaahaaaahahahaa
New Kids On The Block.
oh yes. it’s true. when i went back to my parents house last time, i dug it out of my room. i was actually trying to find Tiffany, (which i didn’t find, cuz i think i already have it here).
let me tell you the sad story about me and NKOTB. see... i was NEVER into them. i want to make that clear. but... i was in 9th grade when their album came out, (i was still in Ohio). those kids were really mean to me, they didn’t like me, and i always felt so out of place. well... i was on the swim team... and all the girls were totally crazy about NKOTB. (we had to listen to it while we warmed up for swim practice... it was a nightmare)... so i thought “hey... maybe if i pretend to be into NKOTB i’ll be accepted into they’re dumb clique.” it was the lowest i’ve ever stooped to try to be accepted. and it didn’t really work.
anyway... i still have the tape. the tape just got to Hangin’ Tough. i think i might have to incorporate this song into a script. (that won’t ever get written).

i went swimming today. it was F.U.N!!!!!!!!!! and i KNOW it’s totally silly of me to be concerned about how i look in swim wear. but... i am. and, i guess sometimes i have a distorted view of myself. anyway... louise, shelly, zach, thanks for the kind words. ( i *think*.... what’s it mean to be called a “hot tomato?”)

louise, how’s your leg?

ZACH. you need to come home on tuesday!!!!! schedule band practice for that afternoon. there’s the potluck for YOU guys at the house of L. it’s a “happy homecoming” party. you HAVE TO be there. it’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN! cookout, badminton, swings, cool people.

did i already tell you this? i did that action figure piece (which should be on the web later this week), at work... and it inspired me to do my own piece with toys that my friends own/make. i would probably need JR’s help. so that’s idea #3 for the summer.
(seems like none of these ideas are ever gonna get beyond the concept stage).

aaaaannnnnndd. i don’t wanna jinx it.... but i’m too excited about the prospect. i was just told yesterday that i might be offered a job... full time film editing. i would make double ..more than double what i make now. i think i could live with that. well, i’m hopefully going to find out more about it this week... we’ll see. i hope it’s not a fluke.

OH. JT! congrats on the grad assistantship! money never hurt anybody. ok. that’s a lie. but.... i’m fairly certain it’s not going to hurt you.
so, you like the Bolex, huh? i wish i could afford to do a 16mm project. i hope i convince this band on SubPop to let me do a video for them... i will totally make SubPop pay for me doing it in 16mm. you know what though.... i really like the look of super 8 better than i like 16. and i like 16 better than 35. i guess i just like the grittiness of it....? and even though digital is the only way i can afford to go... i don’t always like the look of it. i mean.. i do. but i don’t. sometimes though... (like with the piece you saw) i like it on my hard drive because it pixelates. it’s a totally different piece digitally than it is on tape. even on a mini DV player... it’s crisp, but it’s not pixelated.

ok. well... that was just ramble-itious, huh?

Upma does not look pregnant. Upma is a hot tomato.

Mods (boys and girls, they look the same) are sexy until you speak to them. Then they reveal themselves to be just the kind of assholes who would dress like they live in 1967 England. And they drink too much and snort coke. Yucky. I'll take a dirty punk rock gal any day.

round bellies are underrated. yum. i just had a long discussion about it with a friend of mine, so i won't repeat it here, but belly=good in my book.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

Upma, flash those eyes of yours around and no-one will notice if you have a belly that's round, flat, concave or just plain absent.

JT, where have you been getting your patterns from?

Just managed to spill boiling water on my leg. One more reason why swimwear should stay out of the kitchen (I just got back from the beach).

I made it into the writing workshop, which means that now all I need to do is write something for the workshop. Aiiiieeee.....

ok. well, the coke and booze part isn't so sexy. but the LOOK... the clothes and the hair. yum. that's all i'm saying.
just got done with laundry, now i'm gonna take a shower, eat a bite for lunch and then do some shoppin. on the list... a swimsuit. YIKES! everybody want to go swimming in the summer, and i'm too damn self conscious about my protruding gut to ever say yes to the fun (i swear i look look pregnant... or at least i feel like i do). anyway... i want to start going to the YWCA and use the pool to do laps. i figure i'll probably be more disciplined about it than running because 1. i'll be paying for it, 2. there is a set time to go and 3. it doesn't matter if it's too hot or too dark outside... they do however shut down at the threat of thunderstorms... but i don't foresee that being too big of a problem. (except maybe in august).

it's so nice outside today... i love it!

Wednesday I found out that I'm getting a Graduate Assistantship for working at June in Buffalo next year (that means no more paying tuition and a stipend). I wasn't expecting it at all and was actually kind of worried about my financial situation for the next year but that's all taken care of. I also received my check for working this year's festival. It's like getting an entire summer job's worth of work in one check. Even when I have some, I'm not such a big fan of money. It's just one less thing to worry about right now.

I have preliminary age limits for dating, although I don't really date. I tend to be attracted to people who are slightly older and most of my friends here or in other places are older than I am. That doesn't mean there are exceptions (within reason of course). Part of my feelings about age may be the environment I'm in. The squeaky wheel is run and/or staffed mostly by lesbians who are quite political. The idea of a man dating a woman who is younger (basically someone in their early 20's) sounds absolutely predatory, The larger the gap the worse it is, of course. I'm always more hesitant if the person is younger and there's no trepidation at all if the person is older. But if you're dating someone older, then they're dating someone younger (I try to keep this in mind also), so what does that mean? I really don't know. If it feels really right, age usually doesn't matter, or isn't a consideration, if it doesn't, age is usually one of the first excuses.

Kids Film camp starts at Squeaky Wheel on Monday. Ten adolescents running around with super 8 cameras. My job: Crowd control. I'm sort of looking forward to it though. I've also been learning how to shoot 16 mm with the Bolex, what a great piece of equipment.

Made a shirt on Thursday, a pair of pants las weekend. Reading the instructions to clothing patterns is the most confusing, time consuming, frustrating activity I've done of late. Aside from breaking up, that is.

Friday, July 20, 2001

I don't think of myself as having an age restriction, although I've never dated anyone more than a couple of years older, and never anyone younger. Ireland will do that to a girl - the older they are, the more practice they've had at being charming. I think I've never dated anyone significantly older for two reasons: if I'd be into dating them, they're married, and some of the guys in their late 30's who have busted a move on me give me the creeps. It really does not help that I look a few years younger than I am - I got carded by a guy who lifted an eyebrow and said, "you really don't look older than 17," so when a man hitting his midlife crisis trys to be suave, I just want to vomit on his loafers. I'm thinking I should try for younger these days...

Call me clueless, but what the hell is mod????? Good 'holy shits" make the world go round.

After the first old guy, I set a 10 year age limit, give or take. But the last string of guys have all been in their mid 30's or so. And maybe it's just the guys I've been talking to BUT . . . although they have their careers and lives generally together, they go running at the thought of a thought of a thought of an emotional anything of any kind. So I've told myself that I should try for men in their late 20's, very early 30's. But that's just being full of shit, because if you're really into someone, you're going to look past all the other crap.

Funny article I read the other day about this 65 year old dentist based out of East L.A. Much of his clientel consists of older patients -- 50 to 70 years old. But then he got into this niche market -- gold crown teeth. So now all of these famous rappers like Master P and Snoop go to him. They call him the "rapper dentist daddy." He typically listens to Sinatra an Doris Day, but he decided that he should listen to some of his rappers' music. Snoop sent him a personal invite to one of his concerts in Anaheim. Is that not so damn ironic and funny? The story made the front page of the WSJ.

Urg, I just wish that 5:00 would come, because I am ret to go.

dude. mod is sexy.
my age range is between 24-34. i'm 26. i think that's pretty reasonable.... ?
i don't think that age ought to be too much of an issue though... but i say that as a complete ignoramous about the subject.

i'm SO GLAD that zach is home. but he's leaving again for another week.... something about a neice he has to see...? as if. (JOKING!)

i'm at work on my off day AGAIN. which is ok because i'm earning money instead of spending it. but i really want to go spend some this weekend. um... shoes, shirts, a swimsuit (i'm gonna start swimming again, i decided).

anyway. i'm editing the action figure drama that i shot last week... and it's inspired me... i think i have a pretty brilliant idea brewing in my head. now... just gotta find/make the time to do it.

hmmm. steph... HOW DID you make the eggplant parm? i made some last year, when i could get the frozen/pre-breaded eggplant. how did dinner go anyway??

ok. so.... i have seen this guy around that i kinda want to meet. i'm not sure why.... i mean... he's kinda hot. and intrigues me. he's indian. but... he's hanging out in my crowd... kinda. i guess that's what i find intriguing. anyway... so i tell my friend "g" this... and she immediately e.mails her ex boyfriend (whom i see the indian guy hanging out with all the time) if indian guy has a girl. i didn't really want that... cuz now... i mean... i think they'll figure out exactly why she asked that. and i feel like i can't be all casual about it. am i being stupid??

i had a really good time while zach and john were here. now i'm just temping my ass off until i go spend a week in louisiana.

Mike, I am assuming that the holy shit is a good holy shit? **smile**

Stephanie, I am hot damn proud ;) I love eggplant parmesan but I haven't the slightest idea of how to prepare it. You go girl!

Ok, so I'm really, really naive when it comes to some things BUT I may have just been asked out by an English professor. Not even sure of how old he is, but my guess is 20 plus years older than I. Need to be careful because I need to maintain a professional working relationship with this man. We got into a discussion about Cajun/Creole folklore (although he's not from the area, he's written a book on the subject, and he leads different zydeco music tours). Next thing I know he's asking me out to lunch and offering to treat. Who knows, he may be just trying to get me to help him do some publicity on some music projects, and he figures that he can bribe me over a meal.

Just out of curisosity, what is everyone else's age limit? I have gone out with a guy who was old enough to be my father -- once -- but it was just so weird, because of the generation gap. He was really smart and we had great conversation, but I couldn't get the age thing out of my head.

Another weird thing. I just found out that my ex's father-in-law is a Shakespearan scholar in the Honors College at UH. And hey, I never asked this man to keep in touch with me, he just does. It's not on a frequent basis, so it's not as bad as it could be. If it starts to get out of hand, I'll just handle it again.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Angie Joe - you would be so proud of me. I'm making dinner for a friend tonight - the menu: gazpacho, eggplant parmasan over linguine and fresh mixed berries for desert, challenging for me since I'm such an amateur in the kitchen, and more chopping and courses than I'm used to doing. I hope it turns out well. With plenty of red wine, I'm sure it'll be great.
None of my exes have gotten married or had babies (as far as I know) so I don't know if they'd tell me or not. I don't really keep in touch with them, and it works out fine that way.

Angie Joe, my first boyfriend has felt that same need to update me on the milestones of his life. I dated him for something like 3 weeks - give me a break! Although I'll admit I did visit the website he set up for his baby girl. Oh yeah, and he makes assloads of money. At least he's happy...

I have got to find an alternate source of income. Working full-time at the co-op doesn't do much to keep me ahead of my bill payments, much less save any money. It feels all too familiar, but I really don't want the six-day work week that leaves me exhausted and worthless. Discussed the cost-cutting live in van, bathe at Y, eat at Krishna temple option with a friend; I know people who have done it, but finding a place to park overnight is surprisingly difficult in this town. Add in I can't afford to buy a vehicle of even the two-wheeled variety right now...argh. Maybe I could live in the co-op parking lot? I'm trying not to worry, but it's hard to not think about every time I sit down to pay the bills. Oh, and there's the check that I bounced.

JT, glad to hear you are on the rise. Good luck with the projects!

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

we found a lost dog at work today. they put me in charge of it. this pup is breaking my heart!! he's SO cute, and squishy and well behaved and friendly.. he has no tags, and won't tell me where he lives. *frustration*

work has been busy the past couple of days... we had a video shoot for a client. it looks like the boys might hurt someone later on.... the shoot went WAY too smoothly. so of course something has to go wrong somewhere... it looks like the camera might have damaged the tapes somewhere along the way.

went out last night to hip hop night. it was fun... out of the 4 vodka sours i had, i only bought one. my girl "g" bought me one and "shy drummer boy" bought me the other two. it's nice having other people buy you drinks.

um... well, i'm on my lunch break so i'm gonna go eat and play with the cat n stuff.
zachary's comin home today!!!!!!!!!!
more to say, but it'll just have to wait.

mike - how are things going with that Annie girl? It sounds promising.
I must share my crush update - now that I actually have something to share. He called last night, and we now have a date on Friday. I'm surprisingly calm right now but will probably turn into a hurricane of nerves before Friday evening.

JT: Parents really crack me up. I've been out of college for three years now, and I still feel like they want me to be grown up at one level but then they want the liberty to dictate some of your life choices. Being an only child really does not help the situation. So, to all of those in the world (not lake effect specific - just ranting at this point) who always go on about how only children are spoiled and have it all, that also includes the nagging and guilt trips and imposing. Damn, I'm not sure WHERE that came from. Anywhoot, may your come back trail be a long, happy road.

Zach: happy homecoming.

Ok, so I get this random e-mail from my ex who is now married with child. It seems that every time he makes a major life decision, he sends me an e-mail to tell me about it briefly, as if he's looking for my approval. I feel obligated to respond, but what the hell am I supposed to say, "Good job." That just seems so lame.

Did I mention how much I LOVE my new job? I ran into some former co-workers at this networking event, and damn did I ever pick a great time to leave. Phew!

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

I feel like my day was a lot like that Astros/Indians game. It's amazing sometimes how you can turn things around, had a little help from my friends and Squeaky Wheel.

I could be on the come back trail.

Finally, but reluctantly gave in to my parents pressure to visit them sometime this summer. They think since I'm still going to "college" that means I should come home every summer for 2.5 months to find a summer job etc... Extending your education sort of has this weird effect on your parents. They want you to be grown up but at some level don't believe you're all grown up, maybe this is true for all, but it seems a little exaggerated in thsi situation. Doing the trip in late July and missing a big going away party for some very close friends because of it. (I made reservations for the trip on Sunday, found out about the party today) and what makes it worse stephanie, it's a theme party.

My birthday is coming up and I've just been thinking about my father and some strange numerical coincidences.
Dad: born in 47
J.T.: born in 74
Dad: born on the 21st of the month
J.T.: born on the 12th of the month
I'm half my father's age this year and I've been thinking about the life he had at 27 as opposed to the life I have at 27. I'm not at all dissappointed with the way things have been going for me. I'm not sure if the rest of my family is or not.

There's some strange rumminations for ya's, as strange as my dreams which continue to include frineds from all periods and places of my life mixed together. Sometimes elated sometimes hurtful. Regardless of when I go to bed, I wake up at 7:30 am with no obligations til noon.

Now is the time to start working on some big projects.

On Saturday night, my friend Paul had an old college roommate in town and a friend from Houston (such a recurring theme this weekend). MEAT was on the agenda. We went to all you can eat BBQ at the Salt Lick. So much consumption of protein. So much groaning in my car on the way back. I really think it was the peach & blackberry cobbler that sent us all over the edge. I toyed with going to a Bastille Day Party after all that, but instead fell into a meat coma of sleep. Me miss a theme party? Can you even believe it. It's true.
Sunday my old college roommate from Houston was coming to town with her friend Chris from Houston as well. Did the city evacuate this weekend? There were about four old college roommates all from Houston that I knew were in town. Sally (my old roommate) goes to school in North Carolina (at UNC actually) and had a whole itinerary for the day planned. And wanted to start a mexican food marathon. Because according to her even North Carolina's best margarita still couldn't compare to Austin's worst. so the mission begins...
at Mr. Natural's. This vegetarian friendly mexican food restaurant on the east side. We drive there. It's closed. Being Sunday - this will not be the first restaurant we drive up to find closed. We end up at Taco Xpress on south lamar. Don't ever order their verde taco. It's a pile of green mush. After lunch, it's off to Deep Eddy swimming pool.
side note: so sally (and I guess my) friend chris is like having a younger brother around, the kind who gets a kick out of annoying you. Like when I was peacefully sleeping on my beach towel and he decided to wake me up by squeezing all the water out of his swim trunks onto my face or when he decided to hang his underwear out to dry in front of my apartment door or when we got into an argument over sitting inside or outside and he was using things he had THOUGHT but not said OUT LOUD as part of his defense.
right, anyway, deep eddy. beautiful weather. relaxing swimming. delicious flavored jim-jim's water ice. (so much better than snowballs). peace. love. happiness. then back to my house. a round of showers. the watching of an old Buffy episode (since all three of us are fans of the show), then off to dinner. We drive to Flores. It's closed. I want to cry thinking about how good their salsa is. We drive to Maudie's. It's open. hurray. drinking of margaritas. eating of fajitas. making a mess of myself since I can't seem to keep my fajita items in my tortilla. then we go to Trudy's. (are you keeping track of which mexican restaurant we're on - yes, it's #5).
We start out inside. I see someone I used to work with who now is much skinnier and has really bleached hair. I say hello. Sally goes, "I didn't know you knew the guy from Memento." I find this to be the funniest thing said to me all day. You may not be laughing now because
a) you never saw Memento
b) I've done a bad job retelling this story
c) the whole situation really wasn't THAT funny
but I can't stop laughing. we drink. we move outside cause it's way too cold inside. another friend (not from houston and not an old college roommate) named clay shows up. he's been laid off from his dotcom job and tells us the story of when he was sued in a paternity case because he had the same name as the real father of this child. He doesn't seem like the sort of person that would have something so unusual happen to him. But it did.
Last night I went to my book club meeting of Ulysses and then the biscuit had called. I stayed up drinking and talking at his place until 1am. We also went and played a pathetic game of shuffleboard at the Shoal Creek Saloon across the street from his apartment. I am about the worst shuffleboard player ever. But the evening was fun. The biscuit leaves tomorrow to search for NY housing, comes back for a week or so, and then leaves again for good.
Today I'm about to go off prop shopping because I have a bunch of photo shoots coming up. On the shopping list:
hay, german food products, frying pan.
Should be a fun day at work.

Zach, how are you likin' Canada?

RE: summit. I wouldn't mind Quebec or Montreal. Or Toronoto or Vancouver for that matter.

Phew! Ok, I think my life will start to slow down this week. Went to Biloxi with two college room mates and had a blast. The highlight: the Grand Casino's women's bathroom is a riot. It's all red and gold and Victorian-themed/gaudy. There were fake birds all around and those big oval mirrors every where you looked. The best was that on the front of each bathroom stall was a portrait of some Victorian lady in a pose. So my friends and I decided that we have to pick one that is most representative of our personalities, but the other two people had to pick the most appropriate one. And then we had to mimick the pose and take pictures. The janitorial staff thought we were crazy fucks, but it was a good time. Also spent some time with Shannon's mom and dad in Lafayette. LOVE her dad. He made this awesome catfish couvillion -- with sauteed onions, cream of mushroom and Rotel tomatoes. Made it home in time last night for the Astros/Indians game. It was amazing. The Astros were down by three up until the 5th inning or so. Then we ended up winning 10-8. Great, great game. I swear, I'm such the tomboy at those things, carrying on about nothing along with the rest of the 38K plus crowd. Reminds me of why I love the sport so much.

Weezie, I didn't realize you were into alt country/Americana.

Monday, July 16, 2001

gavin comes home tomorrow!
zach comes home wednesday!!

i'm pooped

Sunday, July 15, 2001

I don't like to use alcohol as an emotional anaesthetic, and that's exactly what I did last night. I went beyond the one glass of wine standard and got to the point I aimed for - drunk enough so that I'd be very careful about what I did and said, not so drunk I wouldn't care anymore, thereby avoiding potential social eruptions and displays of overemoting at a friend's birthday party. I met a couple of people who are probably really interesting when we're all sober. I did, however, have a great conversation about Uncle Tupelo and punk/country music with another friend of mine who was there. I had no idea he was so into old country music...so I'll use that as my band-aid on the hmm, I really shouldn't have gotten drunk last night.

Saturday, July 14, 2001

Athens is in north east Georgia.

Still in Seattle. john is about to make Shelly and I lunch.

tomorrow we're driving to Vancouver. It will be my first time in Canada. Rock!

Friday, July 13, 2001

stephanie, you're so creative. i love it!
i realized today, when i was at the rock that i miss taking photographs of the bands, but i'm too lazy. i don't want to carry the camera with me... especially on hot and humid days. and i also stopped doing the stills and started doing the video.... i have almost every show from the record store since it opened last year... but i got lazy with that too. i am just tired of luggin a camera around wherever i go. what do you suppose that means? i justify it to myself by saying that i need to DO SOMETHING with the already existing material. but guess what. i'm too lazy/overwhelmed to do it.
i'm such a loser! hahahaa.

well, the rock show i went to tonight was pretty damn cool... it was a BBQ/rock show. and an EARLY one too!! food started around 7-ish. me and my girl blake got there around 8-ish. the rock started around 9-ish... Disband (local boys) played a few songs, and then Maserati from Athens, Georgia played an amazing set. wow, they are SO good. i think they might have overthrown The Mercury Program from #1 on my list. and also inspired me to be more serious and disciplined about learning the bass guitar. i finally bought a cord to go from guitar to amp so now i can actually hear myself. yay!

speaking of athens. does anyone know the geography of GA? i should probably just look it up myself... i just want to know if athens in north, south, east or west.

the parents are coming into town for the day tomorrow... and my lil' bro too!!!

The going-away hats have been made. They're plastic cowboy hats in different colors covered in stickers. The front of the hat has texas-themed stickers, then there are footprint and airplane stickers leading up to candles in the shape of a cap and gown. On the side of each hat is a ribbon. baby talks' says "I'm special." biscuit's is "I try my best" and Katy (the nicknameless one) gets the "spirit award" I had a lot of fun spending my lunch hour on these. Shelly - I'll be happy to work at your throwing theme parties company at any point in the future. Or maybe I just need more creative outlets.

Last night I went to Bracken Cave. I saw ten million bats emerge. I would stare straight up as thousands flew over my head, getting dizzy from the beating wings, the black rush continually going by. Hearing wild dogs in the distance, looking for and finding the big dipper, having to take a flashlight to find the outhouse and scaring myself with all the big darkness outside of my flashlight's range.
I have a friend who works for Bat Conservation International who planned this field trip for a small group of us. I'm really excited about the photos I took of the emergence, and I can now say that bat guano goes on my list of really bad smells.
new pet peeve: One of my friend is dating a guy who speaks in baby talk, at first I thought it was just an occasional affectation, but he does it all the freakin' time, especially when he's whining about something, how she finds this endearing, I'll never know.
Tonight I go to the going away party for the biscuit, the baby talk guy and a friend moving to Nashville. I plan on going at lunch to buy supplies for making some appropriately themed going away head adornments. Maybe some planes and cars on a crown of sorts for all three.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

The furniture is disappearing but the spice rack is still in place. I checked last night - three jars of cumin. Looks like we'll be exploring the culinary potential, at least until Chelsea gives away the spice rack. Every time I go home something else is missing.

Had lunch with That Man today which tripped the shit out of a few people who saw us there. I know they're all "so what's going on?" and the truth is soooo dull. It's like war veterans hanging out together, not talking about the trenches but hanging out because of the trench time.

JT, he's decided he doesn't want to be so nice anymore. He feels like constantly trying to be accommodating just gets him pushed around - I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that one, as he quickly admitted that I never once bothered with trying to push him around. I always figured I'd get better results leaning on a wall. I dunno, I get told by some people that they feel like they can be themselves around me. It's like when Geoff told me he didn't want to be shy anymore, and I was gobsmacked. Shy? I'd never thought of him as shy. And he said he had never been shy around me, just...with just about everyone else on the planet. Anyway, I told That Man that he has integrity, which is more important than nice. Although he says integrity is a word which has lost its meaning, I say you have it too, so the hell with being nice. I know you have true grit, a quality I admire and respect, so if to be true to yourself means being less of a nice guy, so be it. Maybe you have been more of a self-absorbed asshole than usual lately, which I believe means more like the rest of us...

Stephanie -- get out! I didn't realize he was in Austin.

Rrrgh. I have been in meetings all day. I have another one from 3 to 5. Then I get to drive four hours to Lafayette. In the morning we'll head over to the sandy beaches of Biloxi for some fun in the sun. Talk to you peeps next week. Have a good weekend all.

shelly & angie - guess who is now working at my office - in the cube right over the wall from me?
alec de leon
he's here until he goes back to school.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

i did a lot of photography during high school and college (undergrad). i realized one day that i could totally combine the Rock and the Photography! and so i did. my in was working on the photography staff, the radio station and knowing the bands. access is always key. i don't really have anything to add to what steph said. just make sure you either use a flash or push your film. my b/w's always turned out better than my colors with band photos... i dunno why.
do me a favor, huh? smell some photo chemicals for me. mmmmm!!

which reminds me... have i told you guys this yet? when i'm a bizzillionaire (due to my future sugar daddy), i'm going to build a house with a darkroom, screening room, billiards room, and swimming pool, (in addition to the bedrooms and kitchen and regular stuff). we can have yearly (or monthly?) lake effect summits at this place.

oh. did i tell you that one of my music videos is back on? SO EXCITED!!! think it'll get started in a couple weeks.

Ethiopian- good. the Red Sea in Washington is great. Axum in SF is great. There's another place in Sf that John went to but I didn't get a chance. I don't think Evan cared to much for it. Too much like baby food for him.

upma-Borrow anything you want. i don't have any Weezer albums on Cd. I should, but I don't.

We're in Seattle. At Shelly's. Looks like it's going to be pretty fun.

ehtiopian food is good. i've only tried a few dishes but i'd like to try a lot more.

i get cluster migraines, which means that when i'm getting them, i'll have them like every day for an unspecified duration. it has lasted up to several weeks. i think i've only had like one since moving to seattle. they are horrible.

zach and john and evan are here. an i'm at work. which sucks. it was a scheduling snafu (one downside of being a temp)so i work pretty much the whole time they're here. but i guess we have evenings & weekends...

ok... go to www.hemispheresmagazine.com and click on Roving Gourmet. there's the tapas article. it's been a while since i looked at it, so sorry if it's dumb.

i've never had ethiopian food before, but there's a place in Durham that my friend andrew always raves about. i wanna go sometime.

i like the melrose analogy..haha!

i'm gonna talk about photography later... when i'm not paranoidedly (yes, i just made that up), using the computer.
oh yeah... by the way, shelly-- that salad that you talked about made my mouth water....mmmmmmm.

Angie Joe - Ethiopian is so delicious. If any of you guys are in New York City soon, go eat at the Blue Nile. I couldn't get enough of that spongy bread.
Mike - I've done lots of band photos - for a while, that was all I wanted to do. The key is access. I worked for a paper, so that was my in. But if it's not hugely known bands, they shouldn't have a problem with your shooting - but you can always call the clubs and ask. I'd tend to get there early, stick myself in the front row - sometimes bribing people out of the way with the promise of pictures (which I always made good on) and shooting - someplaces only let you shoot the first three songs - but that's usually the big name ones. I don't know what other advice to give. Um, crowd reaction shots are always interesting too. Move around, try different angles, get up on stage if the band seems cool with that. Experiment with really fast grainy B&W, play with flash freeze blur with super saturated color film, have fun. Oh, and wear earplugs.
Yesterday was such a day. I get to work and for some reason, maybe the intense glare off my computer screen, no idea what, I get a migraine. For those of you who get these on a regular basis, I am so so sorry. I'm seeing wavy lines of light, my head hurts like it's in a vise, and I know I need to go home like NOW. I get in my car and realize I need to throw up but in a stubborn fit I want to make it home, not pull over on the interstate. So I start singing. Loudly. To distract my instestinal tract. I chose Queen as my artist for some reason. So my head is throbbing, I'm all "mama mia, mama mia" and I rush home. I manage to weakly make it to my bathroom. ...and don't leave there all morning. Then it's all afternoon lying in a dark room wishing someone would bring me a cool washcloth but until I teach my house plants to walk, I'm kind of out of luck on that. But four o'clock I feel like a normal person. The biscuit calls that night. He had emailed me and was wondering what was up. And he had some books to sell back but wanted to see if I wanted any of them first. A boy who appeals to my literate side, such an achilles heel. Since I'm looking a lot less like hell, I head over. It was nice hanging out, since we're "just friends" now since he moves in two weeks, and I'm several books the richer.

Phew! I am buried at work. It's exciting stuff though. Example. This one reporter from the Associated Press is looking for an expert to talk about the difficulty in providing social services in urban areas where several languages are spoken. How do they determine what languages to print the materials in? What are some of the major challenges? I e-mailed this professor in our sociology dept. As it turns out he's the director of the immigration research institute here on campus. am hoping that things work out. Another cool story that worked out. Another reporter was working on a story about the emotional trauma of that big ass flood that hit Houston a few weeks back, and I was fortunately able to connect her with an educational psychologist whose expertise was dealing with crises such as the flood. Plus her neighborhood got flooded, so it was an awesome perspective because not only has she researched the shit but she lived it.

Shelly, have you ever had Ethiopian? I have not but want to try it. The tapas were yummy as always. We had this goat cheese/squash/zuccini/tomato pizza, calamari, chilled mussells marinated in a vinagrette and capers, potato frittata and this crepe filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with blueberries and strawberries for dessert.

Was thinking about this last night. I feel like we're one big happy version of a Melrose Place support group. We talk mostly every day. We all know what's going on with each other's lives. We laugh. We cry. We get pissed. We celebrate. Only difference is that we don't have the bullshit of Melrose, and of course we are cross country. Ok, ok. Maybe I am being a bit melodramatic here. . . . . Must be time to get back to work.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

tonight was a pot-luck birthday party for rita and blake... it was at zach's house. (but no zach). it was fun... there was some bowtie pasta, chips n salsa, boca burgers, tofu pups, chocolate cookies, upside down pineapple cupcakes, double chocolate cake, cherry cobbler.... all vegan of course. oh, and spicy rice pilaf.
speaking of which... louise.... eggs. do you like/have cumin? one indian take on scrambled eggs... add about a 1/2 tsp. of cumin and a pinch of salt. indian take on omelette... add tomatoes, green peppers, onions, fresh coriander (aka cilantro) a pinch of salt and half a pinch of red and/or black pepper. maybe a pinch of cumin too? i think the biggest thing in this is the fresh coriander.

i think there's an article about tapas in the newest issue of Hemispheres Magazine. i have to ashamedly admit that i can't seem to locate the website right now (it's one of the sites we do at work), but i'll post it sometime tomorrow if/when i get a chance.

zach, did you take all your weezer CD's with you? you told me that didn't you. well... i have 3 of your CD's. mary timony/mountains, and 2 superchunks. i have two very important questions about two very specific items on your CD shelf. i'll ask you one now... imperial death probe? did i remember that right?
did you know that benji's going to nyc tomorrow? i guess he'll be gone all week. OHHHH... so, i asked dave about the mesh shirt.... everyone got really excited about it, (chris newsom especially!), and i thought he was going to bring it out... instead, he brings out this black velvet cloak that stan brought home for him from the cleaners!! oh my goodness. i don't think rita was too happy with the cloak. it was damn funny!

mmm tapas. i LOVE tapas. i love bite size food. i love eating with my fingers. (although i guess strictly speaking that would be pinchots)

i made a really good salad last night: your favorite mixed greens (i suggest including arugala), thin ripe green pear slices, thin fresh peach wedges, cubes of FRESH (definitely not processed) mozzerella, dressing of olive oil, balsamic and white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, maple syrup or honey or brown sugar, parsley. i soaked the fruit in the balsamic vinegar and sweetner while making the rest of the dressing. then i added the cheese and dressing to marinate with the fruits while i made the rest of the dinner. only tossed in the greens at the very last second. very simple but it was really good.

Oh yeah, Mike. I meant to tell you that I think your live band photography idea is fab. Sorry for the delayed reaction. I am a tad bit slow at times.

Weezie, I have been meaning to post to the other blog, but I just want my first post to be halfway coherent, because it's bad to set a ranting and raving trend ;)

Headed for margaritas and tapas tonight with a friend from Dallas.

Shelly: The "Right" thing is so amophorous. What may have been right six months ago isn't necessarily right today. That's what makes finding it so difficult. Just know that you are not alone. Not that it helps . . . .

shelly, from talking with you about the job thing a little bit... i think you made the right decision. you go girl! you'll TOTALLY find the thing you need to/want to do. it'll come, just be patient. i know it's hard.

steph- i didn't know you did photography!!

mike- live band photography is FUN. but it can be a little tricky. how experienced are you with a camera? what kind of camera(s) do you have?

jt- shuddup you rat basssterd... (haha... .ha!!) of course i'm joking. i know i don't know you very well, but you seem to be the furthest thing from an asshole or a bad person that i can think of. no need for apologies with us... we're your friends.

zach. how's SEATTLE!!? *blowing kisses/sending hugs*

my parents are coming for a visit on saturday. i wonder how i can entertain them.

i guess that job wasn't the "right" thing for me. i'm just not sure if the right thing exists. or how to find it.

jt, i know that you'll succeed at many things in life, but i doubt that being an asshole is one of them.

mike, steph knows about all sorts of photography.

Weezie, I think Mike would bring an interesting perspective to the North/South debate which we have not yet quite begun (is that proper grammar???).

Shelly, you did do the right thing. This is my rationalization: if you ever have enough doubts about something to make you even think about not considering the offer, then it's not right.

How did Ernie K-Doe die????? And when?

JT/Mike, a really good friend of mine gave me some sound counsel. If you are ever worried about becoming (fill in the blank, but in this case, an asshole) then chances are you won't become one, since you're subconscientiously trying not to be it. Make sense?

Ok, I have a couple of things I need to take care of before my 3 freakin' hour long HR orientation. More later.

Monday, July 09, 2001

Started assisting at the Squeaky Wheel teen animation camps today. It looks like it's going to be pretty great. I think i might start working with sand animation. It looks so good.

Otherwise been keeping busy with sewing: I'm about to begin a pair of pants, drafting the pattern from instructions I got of the internet. It's going to be tough, it I it fails I'll end up going back to skirts. It's skirt weather around here right now, I'm going to try and make one out of a bunch of old T-shirts. Also got this iron on printer paper so I've been printing out PEEPs and putting them on shirts.

Still continuing with the Joyce even thought I'm not exactly sure why. I might pick up some Raymond Rousel instead although I do want to finish Ulysses.

Doing some music copy work for my trumpet teacher who in turn is giving me lessons for the summer. So I'm also practicing more which is good.

Some point soon I'll finish work on my piece for 4 trumpets, Start a new project for 2 percussionists and media (I haven't decided yet if it will be video, sand animation on film, flash animation or a combination of all, maybe I'll write the music first).

Recently, like within the last two weeks or so, I can't help thinking I've turned into an asshole. Though I can't point to any behavior that would either confirm or deny this suspicion I feel like I've just become a bad person. Or even worse that I've just realized I've been an egotistical, arrogant person for quite some time now. If this is the case I'm sorry, if it has become the case, again sorry, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, doubly sorry.

Maybe it's just bad Karma or something, but I see it in the reflections of windows, the corner of my eye, all the places I only glance: Zues or some other unlikely god, arm cocked, lightning bolt in hand, about to deliver me my hubris.

angie, did you know ernie k-doe died?

friday i saw the razorbabes and cookie at "pain in the grass."
sunday i saw god forbid, nile, and cradle of filth. the first time i've ever been in a room with MORE than one "jesus is a cunt" shirts.
today i turned down the first permanent job i've even seriously considered in the past year. i had 2 weeks to agonize over it while the woman who extended the offer was on vacation. i changed my mind, literally, every half hour for two weeks. the job was as an admin at an art school. i declined, hung up the phone and cried. i hope i did the right thing.

Mike - good luck with the crush (it is the crush you're hanging out with tonight? or last night, at 4am?)
Angie Joe - I have to stop reading your entries right before lunch - man, that all sounds so tasty. And yes, I am loving living alone. Won't be going back to roommates unless rent become undoable.
I met a new crush this weekend. Hopefully it will get my mind biscuit-free.

Weezie, I can send you some Tony's. E-mail me your snail mail address. Also, I like the one without salt, but let me know which one you want. The two that come to mind are the regular one (green can) and the one without salt (white can). I think there are others but am not sure. Maybe one for the "heart smart" or something like that. I'll check it out and get back to you with options.

The Cajun buffett was scrumptious. They had the BEST snow crab, smothered chicken and fried crawfish. I couldn't get past those three dishes. The dessert bar left something to be desired, as did the jambalaya. Their bread pudding sucked ass. I mean, if you're going to half ass it, don't even serve the shit to me. Maybe I'm just a food snob when it comes to some things.

Ok, I think I'm finally ready to talk about this briefly. I finally got closure from that "Boston" guy last week sometime. Talk about one confused fuck. Essentially, he said that he knew how incredible/beautiful/blah/blah/blah of a person I am, but that he wasn't ready for a serious committment, although I don't EVER recall asking for one. I just don't understand the shit at all. Anyways, I'm doing a lot better about this that I had originally anticipated, and I refuse to become embittered.

So the weekend was really a good one. Got lots of QT with my best friend's in-laws. I know it sounds strange, but I LOVE her families. We call her father-in-law "Big Daddy" and her mother-in-law "Little Mama." They took good care of us. We woke up to pancakes, bacon and eggs, and for our send off lunch they made spaghetti and meat sauce. And Net got a new dog -- a 4 week old rat terrier named Oreo. I think rat terriers are the most god-awful ugly damn creatures in the world, but she is my niece so I have to love her. It's the rule.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

i saw a dead fish on the sidewalk in my neighborhood today.

i didn't know what you might want to do, mike, wanna run the town newspaper? in fact, except for stephanie, everyone else is just a stereotype. i have no idea if those are things you'd like to do. so maybe you're just not easy to stereotype. (yes, i am groveling.) at any rate i do apologize that i inadvertently edited you out.

Saturday, July 07, 2001

Mike, you'll be too busy jetting off to some fab city every three days. You'd only be able to run a business as a silent partner, unless you'd like to oversee the art gallery while I make my fifth run of the day over to Angie Joe's to do "quality control."

I started crocheting a baby blanket out of thick, squishy terry-like yarn. It is swiftly evolving into a deformed deep-sea creature. See, I was going to make a sunburst in the center with ripples of turquoise and blue, and since I've been just sorta going at it with no pattern or real plan, it's started to bunch and curl in places and the sunburst is looking kind of warped. I spent part of my afternoon in front of the TV watching British murder mysteries, crocheting my blob-o-weird while Chelsea started weaving fabric on her loom. It was sort of stitch and bitch and also sort of scary spinsters. Except she has a boyfriend.

I had plans, I did. I was going to go to the street market and then have lunch with That Man and then maybe go to the beach and clean the house and bake mango bread and get together with Sarah and take preparatory photos for the project. [Zach, don't bother reading the next line or so. Pick up again at "found no Erskine Caldwell" Otherwise, dangit, I told you so.] Due to my menses starting last night, I stayed in bed until 10 am and meandered down to the bookstore around 11:30, found no Erskine Caldwell books, and then went to lunch, which ran three hours long. It still strikes me as bizarre that we slid right out of trying very hard to avoid running into each other and into being friends like we were before we went through that whole dating fiasco. Although I didn't get around to telling him that I submitted a piece about him as an application for a writing workshop, specifically about the politics of my dating a white guy from the continental U.S. I did say that the piece was about the politics of my dating who I date. He didn't ask, I didn't tell.

Cajun buffet. That reminds me, can anyone send me a container of Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning? I'll trade macadamia nuts or whatever for them. I'm not joking (at the Stingray Flapjack convention, I was commanded by my then-boyfriends mother to buy as much seasoning as I could with $30. It took up a third of my duffel bag and made all my clothes smell tasty, which in turn made me smell really good to men in SF...go figure). Chelsea is on a low-carb diet which means we eat a lot of eggs, and I'm running a little low on how to make each omelette/frittata/whatever distinctly different without having to actually buy veggies instead of just getting the produce culls from the co-op. Any suggestions?

i don't mind houseguests with poloroids and dildos.

Steph, are you enjoying living alone?

Zach, I really like the new album as well, although it just can't top Car Wheels. Car Wheels is just so untouchable. But I really, really like the mellowness of the album. My fav songs are Lonley Girls and Blue. I could leave that damn Butterfly song. She'll be in Houston in Aug., and I'll be there with bells on my toes. And Lucinda is actually now my top artist, in spite of how fucked in the head she is. Lost Highway has done a great job marketing the new album. I've read articles in the WSJ, NY Times, Newsweek, Time, CNN, etc.

Just got back from the canoe trip. Despite my efforts of reapplying SPF 30, I still end up being sun burnt! Rrrrgh. More details later. Am on my way to the Grand Casino of Coushatta for a yummy Cajun buffet (Weezie, I'll give you more food details on Monday).

an excerpt from an email conversation steph and i were having.
afterspending a weekend at the beach i asked why she ever gave up her dream of running a bookstore on the beach. she replied that she hadn't and i proceeded to plan the rest of our lives...

"maybe it can be in the same town as my bed and
breakfast and jacob's pool hall. kainui can have a crafts store/ art gallery and angie can have a restaurant/ music club. zach can have a record store/
movie theater with thad. and upma & jt can make avant
garde films and music, bringing conventions to town.
and in their spare time they can film a sitcom about
all us wacky characters..."

I wrote a little about SF this morning and thought I had posted it, but apparently not. I'm still in SF for three days. On Monday, John, Evan and I drive to Seattle to see Shelly. Then back to SF on the 16th and back home on the 18th. Things here are good, but I think some of the housemates are starting to get sick of us being here. We're getting the stink eye a lot. It doesn't help that we're getting more and more juvenile as the trip goes on. Last night some obnoxious friend of Steven's showed up, apparently invited to stay the night, even though there are already six houseguests here. Without so much as a "hold on" she strips naked and changes in the living room. But, she doesn't put on any pants. So, she's puttering around, getting her sleeping bag ready and so on sans pants, sans underpants. I don't have any rules about this, but I've usually known someone at least twenty minutes before I see their vagina. Anyway, Evan, John and I have been howling about this all day. I won't get into it any further.

Today, we were walking through North Beach and John got a great idea to buy a dildo (you be surprised the amount of fun you can have with a dildo, without, you know, using it) as a house expense and just bill Benji and Dave when we get home. Without telling them we bought it, of course. The marker board would look like this:

rent: $xxx
tel: $xxx
dsl: $xxx
dildo: $5

hehe. At the time, this was the greatest idea ever. So we got the thing. The Dong. And I can already tell that things are going to go bad. Houseguests with rubber penises and polaroid cameras are houseguests that most people can do without. (Shelly, I promise we'll behave.) We had to stop Lisa from flinging the Dong at the Muni driver. Lisa really wanted to throw the dildo at somebody.

Upma, please don't mention the Dong to Dave or Benji tempting though it may be. But, do get Dave to show you the rad mesh shirt we bought for him in the Castro. It rips.

John and I (mostly John) have got a lot of stuff done for the magazine too. We got photos of AFI and interviews and photos of Lightning Bolt and, local author, Michelle Tea. Plus, we got rid of TONS of copies of the zine here. And they've been selling too. We've been checking back.

It's almost four in the morning here. I really should go to bed, but this is the longest computer time I've had in weeks. I must admit, friends, I haven't read much of your recent posts, due to online time constrants. But, when I get back I'll catch up, I promise.

Angie, I think the new Lucinda is great. I like all the slower songs at the beginning, but I'm not totally sure about the rockers later on. There don't really work so well with her new "underwriting" songs style. But, it's still a winner overall. She's playing here, or has just played here. But, the tickets were like thirty bucks, so I felt like I should skip it.

Friday, July 06, 2001

I'm a big fan of hanging out on weeknights - actually I tend to go out more on weeknights than most weekends - less crowded, easier to find parking. One thing I miss re: college friends is that my junior year I lived in the same apartment complex with lots of them - literally out of about twenty apartments, I had friends in five of them - so it was like a dorm but all the benefits of living in your own apartment. I always had a choice of whose place I could drop by. So many friends, so little effort. Now all those peeps are in grad school spread out over the country. I'm tempted to have a summit with them someplace (as inspired by lake effect).
Have a great weekend everyone. I plan on spending as much time by a body of water as possible and then partying like a rock star. There's a new bar downtown that sounded too trendy for me to want to go to - the drinks are named after members of the rat pack, it's got a tiki theme, they have frank sinatra happy hours, various kabobs for appetizers, but despite it's trendiness, it also sounds like a lot of fun - must be the swing dancer inside me. I will also party like a rock star at this recording studio opening I'm going to. I already told shelly that I expect every musician I know in austin to be in attendence. It'll be research for the next magnet and steel article we're writing together.

Grass jelly tea is pretty bizarre, and I've tried one made with basil seeds, which develop a gelatinous globe around them when they get wet. A lot of SE Asian canned drinks have chunks or blobs of stuff in them, VERY interesting when you can't see what you're pouring into your mouth. My main prob with them is that they are uniformly way too sweet. I remember Orbitz - also way too sweet.

Mike, if you haven't had any of those drinks, how can you call them yucky? And what are pits of ice cream?

Shell, I'm with you on missing my college hang out friends. Hell, if I recall, we fit that category back during the LSU days. But you know, even when I was working 60 plus hours a week, I still wanted to have a life outside of work so I would make it a point to do stuff. It also amazes me how many people live in a city but all they know is the strip mall with the grocery and dry cleaners down the street. For example, I met this one guy a while back from Jersey. He said he hated living in Houston. I asked him how long he'd been here. Four years. Why did he hate it? Get this: no seasons, no mountains, no water. Ok. He knew that shit coming into the game, and it's not like a mountain range is going to appear in your backyard over night. What the hell? Also he said that he wanted to move to Portland, although he had never been there, yet he was trying to tell me that it didn't rain as much there as it did in Seattle (he had never been to Seattle either). What a dumb fuck. I just don't get people like that guy.

Shell, what did you think of dim sum? I forgot to ask.

Upma, not ALL people in Houston don't like hanging out on weeknights. I just have yet to meet more people who do.

Zach, what do you think of the new Lucinda album? Have you heard it yet?

I'm leaving work at 4:15 today, just because I can!!!!!! Have a fantabulous weekend, and pray that I can canoe the river with little to no rain.

i have trouble getting people here to hang out on a weeknight. i think for a lotta people here when you work 50 hours a week (common with all the high tech folks) especially if you aren't single you just don'thave much motivation to go out since you already have a person at home that you barely get to spend any waking hours with already. i find myself subject to it although i'd like to go out in the week more often than jacob wants to but then i work 20-25 less hours a week than he does. i really miss the way school structured my days where there were irregular breaks in the middle of the day and you don't go to the same place and do the same thing EVERY day. that is why i like temping so much. but for a lot of people they get so caught up in the "go to work, go home, repeat" routine that i think they forget that they CAN go somewhere else or even that there IS anywhere else to go...
just to repeat, i really miss the drop-by-anytime, call-in-the-middle-of-the-night, let's-hang-out-even-if-we-didn't-make-plans friends that i left behind in my college town and whom i haven't yet managed to find a replacement for. (not that you replace friends of course, just that i haven't made any new ones of that variety)

i haven't ever had the drink Angie & Kainui are talking about but i have had grass jelly drink, which is either vietnamese or chinese. it tastes kind of like earthy tea with globules in it. i've also had the orbs raver drink, gross but look scool. and something called bubble tea which was a drink passed to me by my friend Kris's mom, Donna Read, (seriously that is her name) it was a special tea with milk much like what my grandmother used to serve me, but neither involved gelatinous globes.