Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Since tonight is discount night at the movie theatre, I drug my tired, old ass to go see a movie. LOUISE, you must go see Tadpole. The rest of you, I highly recommend it. And if you do decide to go, you must stay for the first part of the credits where that song “ch ch ch changes” plays. Who sings that song? I want it. Anyway… the movie was grand. It’s my first pick o’ the season… it should get nominated for best original screenplay. It should also get nominated for best actor… that boy did a fantastic job.

Upma, I can't marry Z. I'm getting married to Pete, after I get a divorce from Brent (he keeps saying we have to be married to be able to do that, I say why waste time), and then there are the 967 Boy Scouts I am currently mad about. Whoops, make that 1, 354 after taking a walk through downtown Bloomington.

Upma, the 65/100 is a freak event. That's what the weather report claims it is at night. Liars. Also because it stormed two days ago - normally it's been 85 at night. And the humidity is just always 100 these days. The temps will be back to 90-95 soon enough. Angie, I know you claim to win the heat/humidity. But you don't have to work the farmers market for 8 hours ("Chelsea, how can it be this freaking hot at 5 am? The sun isn't up yet!"), brewing coffee (some people are craaaaazy) and trying to keep cans of soda and juice and bottled water - well, if not cold, at least cool. We went through over 150 pounds of crushed ice last week. The humidity kills. Walk out the door and suffocate. It's like being slapped with a wet down comforter.

But. There are people here talking about taking a road trip to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Now THAT is crazy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

like i said. i'm glad i'm glad i'm not in texas.

i can't sleep. (your mascot is "the texans?"....what is that?) i don't know if it's cuz i drank caffeine after 5pm. or if it's cuz i'm (dis)stressed and just have too much on my mind to go to sleep. so lucky yous... here i am. zach, i think you should be bigger than to ignore her. HOW bad was your time together? it didn't sound like sooooo bad from your post. maybe i'm missing something. i'm having that tendenct these days.
i'm so aggravated that i can't sleep. but i'm sleepy. and i actually have to go into work at normal person time tomorrow (8am) to help someone out with the new computer system we just got. why do i always need to be in charge of stuff? i'm so dumb. i don't wanna be in charge of stuff anymore. make my control freakedness go away!!!

anyone got any great design ideas for small spaces? as in living space. steph... here's another idea. get time off to help me set up my new place!

ohhh here's a game. who's current temperature and humidity is the best/worst. i'll play right now. alphabetical order:

Austin: 79 degrees. 79% humidity. (you're a trooper for not complaining.... you get the gold star. at least you're 5-day doesn't have temps in the 100's!)

Bloomington: 65/100% (i think you're 5 day has the lowest temps of the bunch).

Boston: well... (allston). 80 degrees/50% (at least you have 80's again later this week)

Buffalo: my car works again... i'm coming to vacation with you. i'll be there in 9 hours. currently 74 degrees/100% humidity. probably not snow though, huh?

Greensboro: 74 degrees/79% humidity

Houston: 79 degrees/88% humidity

Philadelphia: 81 degrees/65% humidity.

Seattle: ha! she doesn't count. she's on the other coast. she's at 57 degrees right now.

wait a sec. how does philly have the highest temp? that's not right. play again.

buffalo and bloomington are currently the wettest. (since they're both under 75 degrees, i don't think we can say they have a heat index so much)

going with that... the texans have the highest humidities.

out of all of us seattle is the coolest spot at the moment. (did i tell you i'm coming in oct.?)

it seems that philly would be the muckiest. i don't get it. why's it following me? this game wasn't so fun. i'm still not sleepy.

All this trash talkin' is turning me on. Ok, maybe not. But it sure is cracking my ass up.

RE: Weather. Oh hell no. ALL OF YOUR SORRY ASSES ARE COMPLAING ON DEAF EARS. Instead of the Texans, our football team's mascot should be either the Houston Heat or the Houston Humidity, comin' down on your shit like a mo fo. The only time my fat ass can go for a run is at the crack of dawn. Worse: I have softball games at 10:00 at night, I still have to mop the sweat away even though I'm standing still. And don't forget the annoying as shit mosquitos and the gross ass flying roaches. The poor bastards in New Orleans have to deal with termites that multiple like cancer cells. Back to Houston though . . . .My sinuses are running a fucking triathalon, because if you walk outside for 30 seconds you'll be welcomed by 987 degree heat then when you walk inside it's like being an Eskimo inside of an igloo. Who the hell's body was made to adjust to that bullshit????

Zach, I'm not applauding your actions the other night, but remember that her dumb ass was busy ignoring you, too. Just because one person is acting shitty doesn't mean the second person is necessarily right. So you're not such a bad character, and I'll even continue accepting burnt CD's from you.

Shelly, Stephanie: I'm really behind, but I heard that Ms. Christian is the new principle.

where to begin?

weather is always a good place to begin. it's hot. it's humid. i'm glad i'm not in virginia beach.

them's fightin words
zachary. you cannot expect to get away with so little as "garbage mouth" after you have just been called a "cabbage booger eater" and a "turd burgling ne'er do well cold as a mackerel bastard!" i expect so much better than that from you. c'mon now! throw that punch. or buy her a ring...

stephanie... i wanna come to photo boot camp with you. it sounds like heaven. i hope that by the time i move to austin you'll still be there... i'm gonna have a dark room. we can share and you can teach me all sorts of fun things! i thought there were only 8 zones? i'm gonna take a photography class soon. i can't wait to tell you about it. i've never had a formal photography class!

on sunday i saw a movie: Me without You. it was fairly good. sometimes a little slow. but a good story.
i got my new bike this weekend. did i already tell you that? i don't remember. it's a nice, cute bike. but sooooo heavy! i'll post pics of it in a few days.

my boss' most recent film just aired on local TV tonight. it's about anarchists in Philly. and surprise to me... at the end he included me in the "thank you" credits! i almost cried when i saw that. so, maria calls me right away and says "congrats!" but, i didn't do anything!

where can i pick up a copy of princess smartypants? i want it.

Mike, tell your Boy Scout buddies that I can so tie a knot - macrame! Plus I was a Girl Scout and know all about how to staple a badge onto a sash. Tell Zeke I can get rid of that lisp. And I hope someone else is in charge of chopping the vegetables for that banquet.

Zach, we will never get married because you are a turd burgling ne'er do well cold as a mackerel bastard.

Upma, most of the boys appear to be of the Eagle Scout variety. Translated, I think that means legal in most states but still
very Jerry Springer.

Steph, you just know how to have the best time ever.

There's a community garden near my house - I contacted them today about volunteering (they do youth programs, farmers markets, cooking classes - so much great stuff)
Tomorrow: making polaroid transfers from photos I took at a garage sale (and some of my friend's dog - who's getting pretty old) - and am treating myself to a spa trip with my friend stephmo before she leaves. I expect pampering - I'm getting a foot massage. (insert happy drooling here)
Kainui - you may just have written my favorite lake effect sentence. (though Mike may tie with his knot tying remark)
hee, hee, cabbage booger eater (yes, I'm four)
Next week I head to maine - a week of photo boot camp. I look forward to becoming a black and white shooting machine. (and will then cover my bare, naked walls with all nine zones)
After that - another alternative process class - adding toning and printing on fabrics - and trying to see if work'll pay for that as well.
But tonight - CHEESE!!!!
I'm hosting a fondue party. (insert more drooling here)
Oh - I read in the super cool home book, Pad, of a party idea.
Oratory Party - each of your guests brings one item to read (can be a recipe, a poem, a love letter, a short story, a children's book, etc.) you provide beverages (intoxicating or not) and snacks. I picture sitting on lots of pillows and having one light on the reader. If my living room held more than six people, I would so want to have this party. But what to read? I did entertain friends on Friday night with the storytelling of Princess Smartypants (a kids book my mom sent - its a feminist fairy tale with awesome illustrations).

>how is the new springsteen?

Hit and miss. Some songs are totally good and some are just filler. There was a time when the Boss would have never released an album with so-so material on it. That time has passed. Still, he's at the top of his game live. And I bet the onstage versions of some of these songs will smoke the LP versions.

>Zach, you triple-timing heartbreaking cold ruthless immoral cabbage booger eater. Upma and I have already had public arguments over laying claim to your mayonnaise white ass, and now you have to tell us you've laid low the hopes of a girl with a ridiculous name?

I swear to god, Kainui, if you talked like that in person, we would get married. Garbage mouth. And take it easy on the name judgements, Weezie. Anyway, the girl with the ridiculous name will recover. Remember, I'm the hopeless loser here.

>RE: remixing of original albums. I recently read an article about how Ozzy remixed some of his original stuff, so that he could cut out two of the band members whom he has pending lawsuites against.

This sonofabitch rerecorded the drum and bass parts on his first two albums to avoid royality back-payments to Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley. What a piece of shit. Fucking Daisley wrote every single lyric on every Ozzy album for ten years. He played with Ozzy every time Sharon fired another in their endless line of bassists and that's how they repay the guy!

Kerslake and Daisley have never been paid at all for those two records. Bob can live without it, maybe, cause he gets songwriting and performance checks on the other albums, but Lee needs the scratch.

Plus, the new version (with parts by Mike Borden and Robert Trujillo) sounds all fucked up. The recording on the rhythm section is twenty years out of date with the guitars and vocals. And all that stuff was recorded live to begin with; they can't possibly synch it out exactly. They weren't playing to metronomes! Borden and Trujillo do an okay job with an impossible task, but really... Fuck Ozzy, fuck Sharon, fuck that shitty dog they keep kissing on the mouth. Greedy assholes.

Weather: 750 degrees in the shade.

how is the new springsteen?

so just HOW young are these boys?

The Indiana University campus is crawling with Elite Forces Boy Scouts. I'm almost 30. I'm not allowed to ogle, dammit. Even if they are the best and the brightest. It's like a seething lake of potential (of course, in five years, I'll still be too old). Walking across campus yesterday - I *tried* to avoid the obvious flocks of khaki, but how was I supposed to know they'd be doing rituals involving no shirts and feather warbonnets in the parking structure? Or that the creek would overflow and they would play wet t-shirt frisbee in it?

I shouldn't, anyway, since I'm madly in love. I know I shouldn't get involved with people I work with, but Pete Russo is special. He understands me like no one else I've ever met. "Honey, if you don't have anything nice to say, sit right down next to me." We're getting married soon. Sure, he's gayer than a tree full of monkeys on laughing gas, but why should that stand in our way? He's been telling people at work he has a crush on me. *giggle*

Zach, you triple-timing heartbreaking cold ruthless immoral cabbage booger eater. Upma and I have already had public arguments over laying claim to your mayonnaise white ass, and now you have to tell us you've laid low the hopes of a girl with a ridiculous name? You'd better be ignoring her, you carpet sniffer.

Monday, July 29, 2002

I saw Boston Public for the first time tonight. Not too shabby.

Zach: you're right; I'm ashamed of the way you acted around that chickie. But, I must admit that your actions and post made me laugh out loud.

Speaking of the opposite sex . . . I forgot to mention. . . . . On Saturday I met this boy who kept drooling on me all night. . . . He couldn't keep his hands off of me. . . . . His name was Anderson, and he is 7 months old. Too cute.

RE: remixing of original albums. I recently read an article about how Ozzy remixed some of his original stuff, so that he could cut out two of the band members whom he has pending lawsuites against.

I love me some s'mores. So much that I've resorted to making them over my stovetop and/or in my microwave (depending on how lazy I am). The stove top is about as good as the campfire, but the microwave brings instant happiness.

Stephanie: We're getting two day passes, because it is really worth it. I'm taking that Monday off so that way we can just mosey our way back to H-town.

New Springsteen. Midnight.

Mike-Remastering records without noting it on the sleeve was a pretty common practice in the late eighties. For example, Kiss remixed pretty much everything they had during the hair metal craze to bring in more in line with the current trend. Fortunately they fixed everything when they reissued their albums a few years ago. I have no doubt other bands have taken the same liberties with their albums.

You say the drums are louder? That's interesting. They probably dumped the reverb off of them a little, too. That may be why they sound louder.

While I'm talking music, I want to say that Friday night I saw one of the best shows of my life. Nathan (our drummer) has a side-band with some other guys called Uhwarria. They only play like one show a year, because their drummer, Brian, lives in Scotland. The show was at this tiny hole in the wall called the Onion Cellar. People were so crammed together that I was actually standing between members of the band. We had such a good time. Slave is going to put out their record.

That girl I went out with last week was there and I made an ass of myself trying to ignore her more than she was ignoring me. You girls would have been so ashamed of me. I'm such a chump.

Upma-Bricks are made of cabbage and monkey snot.

We just started out last project of the year at work. In about, two weeks I'll be unemployed again. The weight of this is slowing starting to press on me. I wish that the perfect job would fall into my lap, but I know that it won't. I'm really going to have to get out there and beat the streets.

Looks like we'll be losing two roommates from our house this fall. Evan and Dave a pretty much committed to moving to LA. The lure of Los Angeles eludes me and I'll miss those guys. If any of you are looking for a place to live in the hippest city in America let me know. If you want to move to Greensboro, let me know that too.

My dad was born in 1949. My mother was born in 1952. I was born in 1975 and Thad arrived in 1977. Dad was my age when he had me.

With any luck, we'll have a new internet connection by the end of the week. Then I can share my sunshine with you all once again.

Weather: 100+ It's gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes.

Yeah, she's a brick - howwsssse (she's mighty, mighty, just letting it all hang)
Yeah, she's a brick - howwssee know the bit...

mmm. smores sounds deee-lish. maybe that'll be on my new-pad-warming party menu. smores with peeps.. not so sure i'd go for that.
no, actually. a brick house had never even occurred to me. ha! although, more than likely, it would be brick, cuz that's what the majority of stuff around here is. or stucco. or concrete. no... i'm still in the day dreaming about it stage. but, i think i would like to serioulsy consider this a possiblilty within the year. it kind of depends on what my next job/jobs are, and how much i can save for a downpayment. it may not be something that happens in philly... i don't know how long i wanna be here. i mean... i like it here. but i wanna live in so many other places.
what song was that?

Angie - are you going to get a 1-day or 2-day pass to the Austin City Limits concert? I'm waiting for the schedule to be posted - but I think I'll probably only go one day.
I had the best weekend - lots of hanging out with friends, swimming both days, smores eating (one girl recommended next Spring making smores with Peeps - genius).
Upma - are you wanting to buy a brick house? (oh, now that song's in my head)

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Upma: you may want to ask Shelly about home buying. Basically you don't want to purchase a home/condo/property unless you have plan on living there for at least five years because you just won't be able to get a good return on your investment. Also you may want to look into a Roth IRA if you have not already done so. Roth IRA's are great because it's a safe retirement mutual fund in which you can allocate I think up to $2500 a year, all tax deductable. First-time home buyers can withdraw money from their Roth IRA to put toward a down payment without paying an early withdrawal penalty. Else you have to be retirement age to withdraw without penalty.

My mom was born in 1950, oldest of seven. My dad's birth certificate says 1951, but he was actually born in 1949. He was oldest of three and the only boy. I was born in 1976 and am an only child.

Can you believe that those Pennsylvania miners who were trapped make about $15/hour????? Forget about it!

Steph: I'll be coming up for the Austin City Limits Festival in Sept. Have you seen the line up? It's amazing: Wilco, Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, Blind Boys of Alabama, Allison Moorer, Jayhawks.

Mike: a friend of mine scored club tickets to the Astros/Pirates game tonight. Talk about an awesome view! I also went to the game last night but was sitting among the commoners (which is where I usually am).

Can anyone tell me what kind of vitamins I should be taking? Perhaps a general one for women?

Brick: there is an article about this in the July issue of ReadyMade. Mass-production, Bronze Age style: clay is dug up, ground and sieved, and the finest particles mixed with water, kneaded and aged to the proper consitency. Then the clay is pressed in box molds, scraped smooth, turned out to dry, and then baked in the sun (preferably in a kiln or at least a good hot fire). Modern mass-production - same thing, but the clay is handled by machines from sieving to pugging to extrusion and slicing and firing. Mike, you obviously didn't take any art classes. Clay doesn't need "secret ingredients" to be firm - in fact, the grinding and sifting is to remove as much non-clay as possible. Plasticity comes from wedging (slicing, slamming and kneading) or pugging (done in a machine), which gets the molecules to line up neatly. Aging helps too, and can be assisted with a little wine, beer, or yogurt (guess who had the funkiest smelling locker in the ceramics lab?). Additives like straw help to extend the amount of clay and make it lighter, or give it some other desirable new attribute. A desert is not the best place to look for clay - most commonly found in riverbanks. And not all people bother with the cube shape - check out adobe. Fired to ceramic, clay becomes stone (ever hear of stoneware?) and will last pretty much forever. Something I loved to think about when regarding my lame little pots and sculptures.

My parents: my father was born in November 1940, second of six, and my mother in April of 1944, last of three. They married in June of 1971, I think, and I was born December of 1974, first of four (I is experiencing "the change"). My mother has finally stopped the perky little reminders of my barren spinsterhood (that I was born when she was 30, that's irrelevant). My youngest sister was born when I was 15.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

lil' brother- 01.14.81
me- 01.26.75
momma- 06.30.46 ... errr... 47?
dad- well. the "official" date on paper is 05.08.42 or 43? (they're 4 years apart). however, my dad's real birthday is sometime in october, we think. he was on the pakistan side when the partition happen in 1947. he was 4 years old at the time... eveyone was in a state of panic. they dropped everything and fled to the other side. during that, the officials decided his birthday was may 8th. i don't really know the full detailed story. but i'd like to get that sometime. on video.

accrding to my parents, i should definitely be married by now. and i should defintely have a child soon. (but defintely not one without the other). i am a dissapointment.

so seriously... two unrelated questions. answers to both would be highly appreciated.
1. what is brick made out of? how did they know to do that?
2. if one were to buy a house.... live in it for a few years... then, sell the house... how does that work? the whole mortgage thing? i don't know anything about that. i am one naive little kid.

Friday, July 26, 2002

my day was like 3 days in one. i feel like a herculean woman doing my job sometimes, and that is not a good thing. my loser date-night will consist of me eating food out of a box, and watching a bad drew barrymore movie.
i get my hair cut tomorrow... that'll be exciting. maybe she'll make me look hot and some nice boy will talk to me after that. sometimes, i just crack myself up so much.
i also get my new bike tomorrow. and that will make life so much better. wheels is good.
target in philly is open!!! i will try to go tomorrow.
and i've also decided that i will not grow old. ever.

Ugh, we just had a going away party, and that cake put a hurtin' on me.

Our office just hired this new associate director. His background is really amazing. He was a reporter at a major newspaper for several years -- from business reporter, movie critic, book critic, to editorial board writer. Not sure if any of you know what a newspaper's editorial board does, but I think it's really cool. Basically you have about 6 or so reporters on the editorial board. Each of them takes turns writing editorials on various topics from welfare reform to education to local politics to internet security to corporate governance to women's issues. The list goes on and on, and the board debates each other on the topics. Ideally, the person with the most knowledge writes the piece, but sometimes what ends up happening is that his/her work load is too heavy, and someone who either opposes the stance (as agreed by a majority of the editorial board and/or as stated by the publisher/executive editor) or who does not know much about the topic ends up writing the piece. They of course have to do much more research and soul searching, but some of the best opnions come from the editorial board of a newspaper. Anyways, I asked the new guy in his interview what his biggest challenge was while he was on the editorial board. He said that there were times where he was vehemently opposed to a stance but had to write a well-thought out editorial on the subject. Think about how incredibly disciplined, logical and together you have to be in order to write such a piece. Wow.

How many times will I cry at work today?
My closest work friend (we started within a month of each other four years ago) - today's her last day - she's moving to Chicago. So we decorated her cube with fans blowing, and scarfs billowing and changed her desktop pattern to skyrises.
But gift to her: calling cards and stationary (not so subtle, huh).

The sky cleared up for a while and we went to the game. The Bats managed to give up 4 runs before the first out of the first inning. The game continued in that fashion until we gave up on it. Then Hawaiian and I went back to her house and I pretended to like dogs for a few minutes. Then to the Exchange to see an okay band and waste a lot of time. Doubt there will be a repeat of this night. If I die alone (likely) will you ladies announce at my funeral, loudly, one at a time, that you were my secret mistress? But, you all have to acted surprised each time someone else speaks up. I'll see if I can get some Greensboro women to do the same. I figure that would be good for a chuckle. And if there's one thing I know I want, it's a ton of people laughing over my dead body.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

brand new plan (or daydream). get a new job that pays better. get two new jobs that pay better. save money. buy a nice house in phila. buy a nice commercial space. live in nice house. build a nice sized rock club with a high stage. make the city happy. become a bizzilionaire off little indie bands. (hahaaaa!) sell the club. work on films happily ever after.

it's like a beautiful (southern) autumn day here in philly. i wanna be outside.
um... zach! if you don't go to the baseball game tonight, are you gonna do anything else instead? you ought to. perhaps you ought to go to the carousel and watch a movie for me. i like rain.
i'm gonna go see the mountain goats tonight. and i'm super excited.
i'm also still in super cranky pants mood. it's really gotta go. i'm snapping at people now (and objects too, i punched the concrete wall this morning cuz it got in my way. don't do that... )... that's so not cool. i even snapped at maria earlier. so so so not cool.

I was going to go to a baseball game tonight. But, its raining. Fuck that.

Two kids had to wash my car today for work. (a photo shoot on car washes as fundraisers for the Math textbook) - or I should say they washed one spot on my car for about 30 minutes.
The table is done!!
Now I want to go buy cool placemats and coasters. Or make large color copies of old postcards and then laminate them.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

did you know that vitamins are light sensitive?

i haven't had much to say either.

Hola kiddies. Haven't really had much to say as of late.

Was supposed to be selling t-shirts to benefit the Muscians Benevolent Society at the local music awards in town, but they pre-sold a bunch of t-shirts, so I was able to roam about freely. Didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I got around a good bit. They opened like 15 bars/music venues around town, and each place hosted four or more bands that night.

I'll be negotiating with club owners this weekend for the zydeco tour. I wanted to go to a zydeco church dance, but it seems that there isn't one this weekend.

Last night: sub'ed for a softball team out west. They had me playing FIRST BASE. Have I ever mentioned that I am about 5"1???? We lost one and won one. The team that we beat was actually better than us. But they just came from losing their previous game and hadn't gotten past it so that it carried into our game. It's amazing to see how many people get all worked up over a loss in non-competitive softball.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002


I have no doorbell! And no package! I live on NORTH Roosevelt - I think Nushi may have left it at South R.

i just saw bobbleheads on the KFC commercial.
i have worked late both night this week so far... which means i didn't get home till 8. i do not like my work hours. drag.

The furniture work is almost done. Though right now I have the table (drying/waiting for its next coat of paint) blocking my door on my balcony. For the next few days, whenever I leave my apartment, I need to crawl on my belly under the table. So far, I've only hit my head once.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

well, i reached most of my goals for monday:
i put a deposit down on a new bike, they're fixing it up, i should have it to ride by saturday. it's an old English 3 speed city bike. a Rudge. it's so cute. i dig.
didn't get a haircut, she was booked. think i want sara jessica parker hair. watched sex in the city tonight with maria... sara with short hair = cuuute.
maria and i went to the Italian market yesterday and bought a bunch o food for super cheap (grocery stores are such a rip off after that!) and cooked fancy dinner at my house last night. whole roasted chicken with rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt n pepper. soooo gooood. potato parsley salad. mmmm. roasted vegetables. bread. i like having a new italian friend. very good!
don't have a treatment for a music video, but have concepts to pass along... i'm having a hard time understanding what they want.
also reserached a couple gyms i want to join. and went to home depot to pick out color schemes for my new apt.

mike, why don't you add your second band to my east coast group? or to the lake effect group? i think a second band is a great idea, but i'm already too addicted. i'm glad we're limited by points... but i'm also kinda sad, cuz i can't play all night.

Agreed, doctors/nurses should ask you if you are pregnant for liability reasons. So, sure, ask me once if I am pregnant (or even twice), and I'll gladly give you the answer. However, when you are dealing with three seperate people, and they each ask you if you are pregnant in three different ways, it gets a tad bit annoying. Stuff like that makes the mean side of Angie want to blurt out, "My answer is the same as it was the other 5 times. No, no, no, no and no." Hell, if you don't believe me then just give me the damn pregnancy test so that neither of us has to waste any more breathe/time.

Sorry boys to keep this going for so long.

Anyways, I saw Monster's Ball last night and was not all that impressed.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

how do i change my profile on the "teams" page? (i don't think i'm such an asskicking machine anymore)

Friday, July 19, 2002

i just watched vanilla sky. i didn't like it. i was execting something quite different. at any rate... now i feel like i'm gonna have bad dreams, so i don't wanna go to bed.

Upma's right. It's a liability thing; they wouldn't want to give you a med/pain killer if it would cause you to have a flipper baby, and x-rays would be a big no-no. For malpractices sake, they have to make absolutely sure. When my sister and I were in a minor car accident and went to the emergency room, they took blood for testing (although my sister, true to form, yelled at the nurses who tried to get anywhere near her with a needle. "NO!" "But we have to take a blood sample!" "YOU ARE NOT STICKING ANY NEEDLES IN ME. WHAT DO YOU NEED BLOOD FOR?!?" "To make sure you aren't pregnant." "I. AM. NOT. PREGNANT. IT WOULD TAKE A MIRACLE." Then she kicked up a fuss about not being allowed to get up to use the toilet - when they told her to pee into the container provided, it went something like "I AM NOT PEEING IN THAT." "You aren't allowed to get up." "YES I CAN!"). The triage nurse sounds like an idiot, though. You should so notify the hospital that the nurse was writing down symptoms you didn't have.

it's a standard question for them to ask all women if they might be pregnant. it's for your own good that they ask. no need to feel so offended.

i'm trying really really hard to keep my cranky pants off. things seem to be looking up for me. i feel better. i'm lonely, and i miss everyone sooo much. and seeing them all (most) the other week just made it worse. i need new philly friends.

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to obtain a tummy virus. My primary care physician (whom I've never met before) was out so they referred me to this semi-urgent care place. The "triage" nurse starts asking my symptoms. I tell him, only he starts writing all of these other freakin' symptoms, like nausea and abdominal pain, down even though I tell him that I don't have them. Every other person I come in contact with subsequently asks me if I'm pregnant. And no one believes me when I tell them there is absolutely no way that I am bearing child at this juncture. Of course, I told the others to not even bother looking at the chart and to just listen to my symptoms. FREAK.

It's not the first time either. Why is it that any time a woman comes into a doctor's office, the first thing they assume is that you are pregnant???? How would they feel if I automatically assumed they were an asshole????

The other funny thing. That triage nurse asked me what drugs I took on a regular basis. I tell him and then asked him if anyone had ever walked in and said that they took herion/coke on a regular basis. I thought he was going to fall out of his chair, so I'm assuming that he does not get off the wall answers.

Does anybody know how to get your popularity rating up on Rockstargame? I can't get mine to budge. I play shows non-stop, and I'm selling big places out, but I can't get that damn popularity score to move. Mike?

One of my friends at work is doing a photo project where she chases things (animals, people) and then takes pictures of them in flight.
(if I tried this, I would be constantly tripping if I ran with a camera covering my face)
The living room project ©2002 is going well. A large pile is set aside for garage saling tomorrow. Now I'm thinking: red rug, dark wood table w/chairs and bookshelf rearrangement and finito.
I'm supposed to have some sort of skull drink tonight. I'm waiting on details.
Weezie - congrats on the raise!

Thursday, July 18, 2002

The Lake Effect camera is currently in Boston. *ahem* People are taking longer than they should. Try to be spontaneous, darlings, it's not brain surgery.

Furniture: bah. Obsolete. If I keep telling myself that, I won't mind keeping half my wardrobe in cardboard boxes. My luxe little laptop sits on the box it was mailed in. But good news - I got a raise at work, and more than I expected - enough to change the quality of my living in a way that will feel significant to me (I will no longer direct 90% of my income to rent, bills and debt - more like 80%, but believe me I will savor that extra 10% like butter toffee).

Today I went to the graphic design class. Only two students, and it's great! I wanna hang out with these people! Plus all three of us are Macintosh fanatics! G4! G4! G4!

i'm sooooooo glad tomorrow is friday. this week has been so stressful. at least 4 women in my office (including myself) has broken down into tears due to stress. my secret mantra all week has been an 80's lyric from Tainted Love by Soft Cell:
"Runaway * * I want to runaway * * Take my hand and runaway" or something like that.

i've seen todd oldham stuff at target. niice!
by monday i hope to: own a new bike, have gotten a haircut, have food in my fridge, have an approved treatment and storyboards for a music video, and have worked a little bit on my C.V so i may submit it to 4 area colleges to teach a film class in the spring. and there's something else, but i forget what.

Todd Oldham is designing for Target now - I had the hardest time not buying up his whole section. I'm on a redecorating, rearranging, trading spaces kick in my place. I want a grown-up dining area and am prepared to move, trash, store to get it. So last night I started with storage container shopping at Target. And I'm thinking of decoupaging a dresser; switching bookshelves around, and so on. And I can't keep away from the aquas and reds.

So is the lake effect camera making the rounds?

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I tried the animal test again - if I decide to upgrade my physical attractiveness (i.e. when I dress like a girl), then I go from lion to wildcat. Whatev.

Bobblehead fascination is beyond me. Maybe you've seen the chihuahua bobbleheads in the back window of a car? Like that, players.

Upma: sorry, I misunderstood your question. In November, I'm leading a bus tour of a few zydeco clubs in town. With the help of a fellow music lover, I've been visiting places with zydeco. In a few weeks, I'll be revisiting to make sure they still have the acts, and to start gathering information for my brochure. I help organize a music tour every other year. Two years ago (my first time), it was blues. This time I wanted to change things up so we're doing zydeco.

Also, Upma, et al, have you heard about that Punjab rape that has sparked global controversy? Sad, Sad story. See the story from the Associated Press.

thanks angie, i had a zydeco radio show in blacksburg, i think i ended up playing more than just zydeco though to fill up the hour every week. what i was asking is what is the zydeco *tour*?

i still don't understand what a bobblehead is. i'm thinking it's probably not so important to my existence.

does a giants baseball card mean anything to anyone? there was one in my cereal box this morning.

i've had an awful week. i want it to end.

I'm a wolf/wild dog(!!!)/owl.

Upma: I've been trying to look for some good background via the Internet RE: zydeco, but all of the explainations suck. So, I'll try to do my best (if anyone else cares to chime in, feel free). Zydeco evolved from Cajun music (which basically evolved when the Acadians came to Louisiana; they use the accordian a whole lot along with a fiddle; you two-step or waltz to the music). Zydeco is much, much more faster paced. It essentially fuses rock, blues, Cajun, and it was the music of the Creoles (i.e., blacks from South Louisiana/East Texas). It uses not only the accordion but the washboard as well, electric bass, horns, keyboards. And the dancing -- very few can master it, because it consists of mostly quick steps that change constantly.

Mike: I saw that one of the Astros game promos was a Berkman bobblehead, but you have to be 14 and under to get it. Sorry Charlie.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I am either a Swan or a Wild Cat personality.
But I may also be a Sea Lion personality.

Monday, July 15, 2002

hmmm. i think i'm a bat. or just batty. haahaahaaaa....

ok. so zydeco tour. what is it? where is it? there's a woman in philly who is doing a piece through my work place on a woman who does zydeco dance lessons... errr... something. there's a function every saturday, i think.

i like german. i miss speaking it. i will move to swiss cheese land now.

i'm not sure if anything i've done would be very surprising to people in high school maybe... move out of the state?

i started a new project today! a music video. don't know when shooting will happen yet... but, i'm so excited to be working on my own thing finally. and now i have half a dozen more ideas that i wanna do. we'll see.

I'm a bat or an otter.

I'm either a lion or a fox. What's the animal in you?

Appalling fact of the day: only 14.6 percent of women worldwide hold seats in national assemblies. South Korea ranks lower than even Iraq with only 5.9 percent. Good news: the president chose its first woman prime miniterser last Thursday. There is also talk about a strong female canidate for president in Decembere, should she run.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Dang, where is everyone?

Upma: that was cute, particularly the ja part.

Let's see. The estrogen caravan has made its way to my hometown. I.e., three aunts, my grandma and my mom are in town staying at my aunt's house. Drama, drama. They got to my aunt's house only to find that the electricity was out. So the five of them were talking about coming to my apartment (650 square feet, one bedroom, one bathroom) but thank the Lord they opted not to come (and who said the Big Man wasn't on my side?).

So one thing you should all know about me. I am a Chinese food snob -- that's what happens when your father is a Chinese chef. It cannot be helped. Tonight one of my aunt's was insistent on going to this one restaurant for Chinese food, only the restaurant was owned and run by Vietnamese people who sold Vietnamese and Chinese food. You just don't go to an establishment that caters to Vietnamese for Chinese food. It would be like going to a Chinese restaurant for pho or sping rolls, which frankly would be quite dumb. Tinnie, however, was insistent on going to this one Vietnamese place for Chinese food. I tried voicing my opinion, but to no avail. We get to the place and we try to order a steamed fish for my grandmother (it's one of the main staples of her regimented diet), and there is no fish tank with fishes to cook (the thought is that if there is no fish that the waiter/waitress catches from the tank to bring to the kitchen, then chances are the fish is FROZEN). But probably the funniest part, Tinnie turns to me and says, "How can you tell that this is a Vietnamese restaurant?" I open the menu and place it in front of her. Then I proceed to point to the largest type face in the menu which of course is Vietnamese. Not to mention the name of the restaurant: A Ly.

Anyways, I'm really not into showing people up, like the above story might suggest. It's just that my family typically always asumes that I'm wrong, and you have to point out the obvious to prove otherwise.

Friday, July 12, 2002

did you know that angelina and billy bob broke up? i just heard this news in the elevator.
ja. es war Deutsch. sprechst du Deutsch?

Upma: your last post made me smile. What was it -- German? ;)

Steph: I think most people from high school would be surprised that I started painting my toe nails.

Mike: how many Bobbleheads are in all, and who are they again?

The shower was fun last night. My crawfish were the hit of the party. The cake was incredible -- it had a whipped white topping, with fresh strawberries in the center.

My zydeco tour that I'm planning is still set for November. Only Barbara from the tour committee e-mail me, asking me for club contact information, because one of her friends wants to do a separate, private zydeco tour in September. I'm a little worried, because this is the first year that we're doing the zyedeco tour (we typically do the blues one but wanted a change). With that, we don't have as strong of a relationship with the club owners as what we did with the blues places. And should the September tour screw a club owner over during their tour, it could mean that my tour gets the shaft. That would not make me happy AT ALL. So, today I called Barbara and had a heart to heart with her, and I think we're on the same page. She assures me that she will tread lightly.

North Carolina dwellers (current and former): I'm working on a state-specific Math book. We will have 12 - 36 features on North Carolina. I was asked for good photogenic suggestions from the state. I just went and bought a few guidebooks - but thought I'd ask you guys as well. (keep in mind that Math problems will need to be written about each of these sights - but still, do you have anything to pass on?) - thanks

I went out to dinner with some friends last night, two of whom had just been to 10 year high school reunions. We were talking about those stupid questionaires you have to fill out when RSVPing (for me, this is hypothetical cause I still have a few years to go) but anyway, we were trying to figure better questions to ask. The one someone mentioned that had me stumped, "What have you done in the last ten years that would most surprise the people you went to high school with?"
No clue - either I'm super consistent or unaware of what would surprise people.
What about you guys?

was ist ein Bobblehead?

Thursday, July 11, 2002

So I rushed from a hair-on-fire day at work to campus to attend the first meeting of the graphic design course I signed up for. Nobody there. Nothing, no note. Went to the Creative Learning Center to find out what was up. Closed. Fuming, I went to the library to see if I could check the website and see if the class had been cancelled. The computer room - closed for a class. Borrowed books, walked home, checked my email - argh! The unprofessionals at the Creative Learning Center sent a "reminder" TODAY that mentioned oh and the location is not the one printed in the catalog and listed on the website. Has it maybe occurred to them that people who take night classes have jobs and maybe don't check their email every five minutes? Could they have called, or sent a postcard? They've had my info on file for TWO MONTHS. Aiiiiieeee.

Angie, the wedding shower sounds fun. Steph, I'm glad you got the instructions...I'm so sorry it took me so long.

p.s. - the day at work? We got the biggest delivery of the year, outside of Thanksgiving, today. 3/4 of it showed up an hour early, and the refrigerated truck we're supposed to store everything in still wasn't there when I left at 5:30 (was supposed to be there at 3). So, three pallets of dairy products and no place to put them. Plus. The department manager wasn't there, because he had to drive to his grandmother's funeral in Arkansas. He hasn't seen any of them for 13 years, and he finds out about the funeral yesterday (it was at 10:30 this morning). I am going to eat cold chicken and lie down now.

pps - Chelsea just walked into my room and handed me a plate of gingersnaps smeared with cream cheese and topped with fresh fruit. Things are looking up. Plus I got good mail today, one piece of it involving our water bill - $2.35.

Mike: I stand corrected!

Apparently first thing in the morning for reporters translates into 10:30 to noon. Funny. It's all relative I suppose.

Tonight I have a wedding shower that I'm throwing with the help of a few friends. Last weekend Robin helped me make crawfish out of red pipe cleaners and red pom pom balls. I also managed to scrounge up some stuffed crabs at the dollar store. Courtney, the other person responsible for decorations, bought lobster bibs and king/queen crowns for the bride and groom to be. The event will be held at the Ragin' Cajun. Should be a lot of fun.

I found out today that one of my friends might be related to Cooter of the Duke's of Hazard. More stuff for us to ride him about.

Kanui - you are the best! I got all the skirt/sewing instructions in the mail yesterday. What an inspiration. Now I just need to actually do it. But thank you - that was so nice.
Mike - it looks like Maine is on again (as of today). I'll be in Rockport 8/4-8/11. I'm staying on the workshop grounds and am in photo classes all day (and lectures at night) - but maybe we can find some time to meet up. I'll know better once I'm up there.
Angie - why did you have to go and mention king cakes in a post - now I'm all craving them :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Yesterday I went to my first WNBA game -- Comets vs. the Rockets. It was a ton of fun. I've never seen such enthusiastic fans, even in spite of a 15 point trail. The Comets ended up winning, which was fun.

I have been busy, busy lately. Yesterday, I arranged six media interviews and staff two of them with the dean of the business school. Today, I have a news release on health care in Texas, with national comparisons. I expect good things from it, but you can never say for sure.

My home life is a wreck. My apartment has turned yet once again into a federal disaster area. Luckily for me, my company that was supposed to come in this weekend postponed their trip till August. Maybe I can get some things done then. I also would really like to read the biography of Barbara Jordan, I think the first African-American woman in Congress. She was from Texas and represented an area near UH.

I have two things about ice cream I'd like to share with you (since we've been posting about how damn hot it is). One, there is a new white chocolate syrup that is out in stores. So yum. Two, if any of you can purchase Blue Bell Ice Cream, check out the homemade vanilla with fresh strawberries. It's fantabulous.

Mike: I thought that Dan Qualye was a member of the Coast Guard, but I can't say for sure. I only caught the last few innings of the all-star game. What did you think of them calling the game a tie?

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

cooking jag yesterday: made curried pumpkin soup and saffron orzo
disappointing news today: I'm supposed to go to a photo workshop in Maine in two weeks - found out yesterday the class got cancelled, now I'm scrambling around my bosses trying to get sent to a different class there later in the summer, will they go for it? who knows.
went to advanced yoga last night - my back is not happy with me now.
weezie - I love your waiter description - can that be my new favorite lake effect paragraph (I can't limit myself to a quote)

Monday, July 08, 2002

I went to the Runcible Spoon for breakfast with Chelsea, both of us hoping we would get our favorite waiter - completely inept, impossibly messy, easily distracted and difficult to flag down. Emo Boy Deluxe, with the sort of hair that is always the same length - overgrown. He must get haircuts, but how can you tell? BUT. The new owners seem to think that the Spoon needs polishing. The bad art has been replaced by potted plants and good art (I have no problem with this), and our favorite waiter has apparently been undergoing training in how to be a "good" waiter. He appeared at the table immediately (but forgot to bring menus), got our coffee to the table while it was still hot, and didn't forget or drop the silverware. Someone had stolen all his trays, but he managed to handle that pretty well. His hair looked like it had been combed recently, his shirt was tucked in and the sleeves were rolled up neatly, and his jeans had only one hole in them. I could still see the gears churning in his head as he tried to remember the lines he was supposed to use (" everything?"), and he glowed a little every time he remembered to do something right. We still tipped him well, and I feel like it's wrong to want him to be inept again (thereby denying his right to grow and change, etc.). I want him to be messy and clumsy again. I do!

I am almost done knitting a bikini top and am halfway through crocheting one. I broke down and bought a digital camera online, the least expensive I could find that is listed on the Apple website as being compatible (Olympus Camedia D-370 1.2MP Digital Camera Value Package, which means it comes with a carrying case and a 32 MB flash card). Thursday, the first meeting of the graphic design course I'm taking. By the end of this summer, I hope to have a fledgling online business. *fingers crossed*

no. Al Burian is hhot. he may not be so nice (that i don't know.. just what i've heard) but what i've seen... he's hhot. i missed Milemarker in philadelphia i think.
i'm afraid i'm falling in love with someone who probably won't return the same feelings again. i'm happy to know that it is possible to fall in love again. and happy to dream about it all day long. and have my heart do back flips in my chest when i think about him. but, i'm too scared to take another risk. is it better to let the love be known, or to keep a good friend? maybe it's just another stupid crush and will wear off with time... but it's been going stong for a couple years, and only grows stronger. i'm a hopeless romantic, yes. but, a cynical one. and with good reason. anyway... now i will watch the last tape of sex in the city and get more hopeless. and more cynical.

oh. i signed my lease today. i move at the end of august.

Back in NC. Lightning fried the router in our house, so no internet at home for a while.

Upma, that dream is extremely sweet and warms my cold dead heart a little.

NYC got better. We went to Coney Island on Saturday and rode the Cyclone. That's probably the greatest rollercoaster ever, by the way. 75 years old and still the champ. Ate at a great Ethiopian place. Wonderful food, absolutely breath-taking waitresses. If I lived there I'd go every night just to moon over those women. John and Dave went to see Milemarker that night, and I would have gone, but the thought of standing on my screaming, moaning feet for five hours filled me with dread. Saw Donnie Darko instead. Good movie. Spent Sunday in Union Square and Central Park.

Al (from Milemarker)'s zine Burn Collector has a new issue out and its is great. Hunt it down.

Al isn't that hot, but Dave Laney is. Robey is too.

I don't think I'm caught up on sleep from my long travel day that started Friday at 5pm and ended Saturday at 8am. But here are the highlights from the Alaska trip:
We had an insane religious stewardess on the flight up there. Some quotes from her "I've been dating someone but he doesn't believe in God so I don't want to keep dating him, but I did give him the book of Job, and asked him to read it and give me his opinion on it" (keep in mind I have earplugs in and was sleeping) but she keeps talking to us, about movies we've seen, where we're going, selling her house, her friends "(they're not pretty), but you should see their hearts"
Met up with 20(!) of Ted's relatives (I had him draw me a family tree on the plane so I could learn names). We went to the WhaleFat follies at the Fly by Night club ( the house specialty is Spam). Also went on a few nature walks along the Seward highway. Spotted some Dall Sheep. Went up to Hatcher's Pass (so many curves - so not friendly to my stomach) - had a short lived snowball fight. Took many photos (10 rolls in all). Ate bunches of Alaskan king crab (I love anything dripped in garlic butter). Walked around town - went to the Saturday market - stocked up on Alaskan souvenirs. Took at tram at the Alyeska resort - ate soup in a bread bowl and watched hang gliders take off down the mountain. Drove down to Seward in a caravan of four cars (one RV). Went on a three-hour kayak tour of Resurrection Bay. I loved it, and I've never been kayaking before. Now I am hands-on familiar with spray skirts. We saw sea otters and sea lions in the water, bald eagles flying over head. Also went to the Sea Life center there. It's more like a research center than a Zoo. Saw tufted puffins, very cute. Ate halibut and chips for way too many meals (but in a good way). Drove back up to Talkneeta - a cute three block long town. Lots of international mountain climbers milling around. Drank Moose's Drool and Glacier Ale. Went up in a Navajo around Mt. McKinley (oh, excuse me, around Denali). Oh, my. But that was terrifying. Small, small plane. Big, big mountain. We saw climbers, saw both summits and I went all white knuckled with every bob and dip. And we were supposed to keep an eye out for a 16-man team lost in an avalanche the day before. That's real reassuring. That and we had to wear oxygen masks the whole trip. I was so glad to see ground, I just about kissed it. But I probably got my best pictures from that part of the trip. We also walked on Exit Glacier, saw Portage Glacier, drank glacier martinis from the ice we brought back. Took the Alaskan railroad from Talkeetna back to Seward (where the tour guides sang "I've been working on the Railroad" to our delight. And I've just about learned the Alaskan state song. It was also pretty cool seeing the sun for 20+ hours a day. But it's nice to be home - and enjoying my own space. And my laundry's just about done now

Sunday, July 07, 2002

just drove in from gso. it was a most unpleasant drive that took 11 hours (that should've taken no more than 8). i'm pooped.

well, like i promised, i did a lotta rockin, i did a lotta eatin, and as always, i did a lotta dreamin.

speaking of which, in my dream last night, there was a girl who fell in love with zach. she was afraid to do anything about it, cuz she was afraid of me. hahaaa. well, she pulled me aside and said "listen, we have to talk." and she told me of her undying love of zachary and how she didn't want to hurt my feelings or ruin our friendship, (which was really funny, cuz she was the only person in the dream i didn't know), but she really couldn't let me stand in the way anymore. and i just laughed at her and set her straight. i think they lived happily ever after. i hope that dream comes true.

i also wish that my hopeless romantic days come to an end, and my fairy tale begins any day now.

the most profound statement i can make at the moment is: Al Burian is hhhot.

Louise: am I only quotable 80 percent of the time????? Guess I'll have to work on that.

Favorite blog quotes. Hmmm. Nothing comes to mind immediately. Need to put some thought into that one.

A few random notes from the weekend.

Saw Ya-Ya Sisterhood this weekend. I bawled my eyes out, it was so good. I can't believe that the critics didn't like it. The only complaints that Robin and I had were that actors/actresses always have Georgian accents, no matter where in the South the movie is set; no one I know has a jazz funeral band and/or a king cake for their birthday.

I almost opened a can of whip ass on this girl who is friends with Robin but whom I have never gotten a good vibe from, even at day one. There's much, much background to this piece of work, which I'll summarize as best as possible. Basically, I don't associate with people who give you/the group shit 80 percent of the time you see them. It's just not a healthy thing. Anyways, she threw Robin and I several dozen truckloads of shit late Friday night, and I warned Robin that I could not be responsible for anything that came out of my mouth around her. I was good until the next morning she made some snide comment directed at me. I uttered no more than two sentences that equated to, "Biatch, do you really want to cross that line? Because once you do, there ain't no turning back, given that I have more attitude in my eyelids than your sorry ass could ever dream of having." It was a little more graceful than that, and needless to say she didn't cross the line.

And you know, I can be as big of an asshole as anyone else out there, but I generally try to resist the temptation. *SIGH*

Friday, July 05, 2002

JT: Oh dear. People at the co-op call me __. If she asks for the girl from Hawai'i with short purple hair, she'll do okay. I'll be at the co-op Tuesday - Friday 10-5, the farmer's market 7am-noon tomorrow. If her stay in B'ton is short, please forward my contact info to her.

Angie's "I AM JUST FINE" post inspires me to ask for everyone's favorite Lake Effect quote. Aside from 80% of Angie, I am partial to Steph's "If hell hath no fury, save us a seat" from sometime last year.

Zach, I work the outdoor farmer's market in heat that leads me to believe it is located directly above a hellmouth. You have my sympathies. Enjoy NYC, and if you meet a lippy chick named ___, she is one of the true loves of my life.

In NYC for the rest of the week. The night we got here there were record highs in the city. It truly felt like we had stepped off the plane onto the deepest trenches of hell. That night, in John and Jeff's apartment, rivals the night I spent on a concrete slab in Guatemala as the worst night of sleep in my life. I was lying on the floor in the dead hot air with my face to the door trying to catch the breeze of the air rushing between the door and the floor. It was miserable. I would have traded everything I had for a fan, or a bed, or a window high enough to leap out of. I managed two hours of sleep that night.

Yesterday and today have been tons better. The temperature is way down. Yesterday, we walked around for hours and hours. My feet are now cracked pink lumps. Very gross. We watch the fire work over the East River from the Brooklyn side. For all the hokey patriotism of the fourth, I really do enjoy fireworks. They're even better when your watching them in a cool place. The crowd last night was a bunch of tough Brooklynders, mixed with a lot of lesbians and punks, both of the faux-hawk and gutter varities.

It was too hot to enjoy much eating yesterday, but I did manage to find a place that has vegan cornbeef hash. Dave and I were very excited. Tonight were going out for vegan dimsum. Our newly partying buddy Dave got shitty wasted last night and has a worldclass hangover today. He might be vomiting right now, actually? Couldn't possibly have been worth it.

When we leave the library (NY Public Library---grossest public toilets on the East Coast?) we're going to wander Time Square. John wants to go the Guggenhiem cause it's cheap. The building is cool (and air conditioned), but the art there bores me. The only stuff I like is on the top few floors or loops or whatever.

Anyway... you know, peace out and everything.

I saw Mile Marker and The Break on Wednesday night. It was a good show, the first one I've been to in a while, nobody lit themselves on fire, though. It's probably for the best, the whole place would have gone up with them.

Louise, I'm sending an envoy from Buffalo to meet you. She departs for Bloomington tonight. I have given her physical descriptions that are completely outdated and would do little to compare to your actual person. She is a messenger, more beautiful than the message she carries. Her name is Temanuga Trifonova, but some people call her Nushi. It was just as difficult to tell her that your name is Kainui, but some people call you Louise. She will be searching you out at the co-op. I have a feeling if not a hope that the two of you will get along famously.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

well. ok, then. if all goes well, as of August 15th, i will officially be a resident of South Philly. my future apt. is one block east of the ever so famous Italian Market, one block up from the feuding King's of steaks, Geno's steaks and Pat's steaks.. i'm officially still in Bella Vista (i thought i was too South to be considered so).
now i'm second guessing myself. i hope i made the right decision. well... whatever... after i move in completely (sept 1st) your bedroom/my studio will be anxiously waiting for your visit!

have a good holiday everyone.

I had high drama at work yesterday. Long story. But, here's my quote of the week:

"I'm fine. Hell, I'm MORE than fine. And you want to know why? Because I'm going home tonight, taking a bubble bath, sleeping on my pillow top matress, and I'm going to be ok because I can live with myself and who I am. That other guy though? He's going to go home, and he'll be a DICKHEAD. In fact, he's going to be a MISERABLE DICKHEAD for the rest of his life, and no one person or thing can help him with that."

apartment hunting: is stressful. and i've hardly begun. but i hope that by this evening it's over. i got a great deal on a 2bdrm in South Philly. beautiful place. and a balcony. i'm crazy to think twice about it. but i'm crazy. and i'm thinking. i was waiting to see another space that is in the neighborhood i REALLY wanna be in. but i got stood up this morning... so now i'm angry. i'm going to see the 2 bdrm again this evening... it really is a great space. i'd have my own studio. i'd have my own outside space.

for the fourth. driving to va beach. driving to greensboro. gonna eat a lot. gonna rock out a lot. gonna come home.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

These wines have been brought in at the co-op and I thought the bottles were awful cute - $7.99 vases! - and then I went to the website. I could handle the "wine for people who don't know or get overwhelmed and just want something inexpensive but decent that won't clash with the meal." The website is a bit more specific - cute pictures on wine bottles because women don't know shit about wine but do all the shopping (and I guess we're illiterate, too).

The best way to see Amelie: outdoors, on a big-ass porch, on an old reel-to-reel that rattles a bit, with fireflies drifting around and a big bottle of Orangina. The Laughing Planet Cafe does open-air movies about once a week in the summer for $4. Classics get shown about once a week for free at the park! Now, if we could just do something about the humidity...

Monday, July 01, 2002

"I'll have some more shit with that, please."

So I've been working on a small freelance project - editing a manual for grammar and trying to dumb it down. I spent three hours on the thing yesterday and saved it on a disk. Then I've been editing some web copy for another pro bono gig. And I of course saved it onto the same disk. I got to work early this morning to print a few copies of both documents and to send them out, only to find that my disk was corrupted!!!!! Luckily, my anal ass saved the hard copy of my manual edits and saved the web copy to my hard drive. My meeting RE: the web copy was at 7 p.m., but I had to run to my friend April's house to input as many of the changes as I could before the other meeting. And I got out of work kinda late. Well, kinda late for a state worker. At least it all panned out in the end though.

In other neurotic news, I have a shitload going on at work tomorrow. We're sending out a news release about a state-wide political poll we conducted (I have to send out the release and follow up with 8 different media markets which would translate to about 35 plus phone calls); I'm trying to plan a bridal shower; I need to be packing for my trip home this weekend. And I think that's it.

apparently, somebody stole my blue bullet. i'm really sad.

I despise summer. It's miserable outside.

the weekend is over alreadY?

saturday, went to hang out with friends i knew in blacksburg. it took me 4 months to call them. i'm lazy. it was fun hanging out, i met another girl there. good food... vegetarian sushis, japanese pasta, and salad with miso dressing.
they showed me the apt. above them that will be vacated by the end of august. it's a niiiiice space. for great money. but it needs a lot of work, and i'm not so sure the landlords seem to keen on doing the work. and if they do, i'm not so sure i have the patience to deal with workers in my new home. i think i need to forego the idea. *sigh*.

yesterday morning, woke up for soccer. the place we went to for huevos rancheros... they're "machine" was down. apparently, you need a machine to make eggs for huevos rancheros. so at half time we switched venues. we were so tired... it was funny. went to breakfast afterwards... yum.

went to see Ned and Will Oldham last night. the show was great, but it sucked. because, it's a small venue for a big name (let alone two names). it was too crowded to breathe, so i stood in the back where i couldn't see a thing. and the scenster kids that were standing around me were talking so loud. it's the OLDHAM'S! shut up! stupid kids.

had to wake up this morning to take my car in. i took the shuttle back into the city, there was a cute boy in a red atari t-shirt. neither one of us said anything, but we were both so tired, i don't think anything would've made sense anyway.

my friend maria gets back in town from visiting her brother in texas today. she mentioned dinner, i hope we do that. her 5 minute short is gonna be on local TV tomorrow. how exciting!