Monday, December 31, 2001

It's 2002. How about that?

I say: "I'm moving to Indiana." Everyone says: "INDIANA?!?" Yeah, of all the foreign and exotic places I could go, I choose Bloomington. I'm really looking forward to it...may apples, morel mushrooms, sausage biscuits with gravy, playing "that's my stick" with a Cheseapeake Bay retriever. On my way over, definitely stopping in Portland OR to visit my bestest girl (who is trying to get the funding to buy a thrift shop down the street from her house), Shelly, will you be in Seattle? And then yeah, I'll go to B.C. and see Mr. Kissyface (who was, I'm almost certain, too drunk to remember, and I don't feel like bringing it up with him). I'll stay in a hostel.

It's raining and raining and raining. I have the next three days off - perfect weather for cleaning and sleeping!

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Steph: am so happy for you and your rave reviews; I just knew that they would love you!

Weezie: I reccomend playing it by ear. Let him initiate the next line of communication. See if he brings it up or acts differently. Then play it from there. That is though, pretty damn gross. Why do people do such silly things?

Upma: when is your next interview scheduled? I can't remember if you said.

I can't believe my holiday week is almost over. Man it went by fast. If you can believe it, my family was close to pleasant to be around this season. Probably because I wasn't around my freako aunts. Thank the Lord!

My booty has been as big as ever since I've been taking in the good eats. Went to the "world famous oyster capitol of the world" last night -- that would be Abbeville, LA. I spent some time with my good friend Kyle and his family this trip. I absolutely love his dad. He's an older Cajun man, and not sure if you knew but I have a soft spot for sweet, old Cajun men. My parents temporarily lent me their new 2002 Honda Accord, and he told his wife that my mom was crazy for doing so. He didn't intend for my ears to hear it but it was the first thing that his wife told me when we all got to the house. He kept saying how he didn't say it, with a huge grin from ear to ear. I said, "Mr. Clifford, you look guilty, you smell guilty, so you MUST be guilty." I do believe that I have won him over.

Went to an old Cajun dance hall to hear a Cajun and zydeco band play. I danced with an 80 year old former muscian named Omar. He kicked my ass on the floor, but it was fun.

Didn't buy a king cake this year. Am on strike since they closed McKenzie's (local bakery chain in New Orleans).

My Christmas was lovely, spent the morning cooking and the afternoon sleeping. I bake the best damn turkey you've ever had, and my sister makes mashed potatoes that will bring you to your knees (literally - enough sour cream, cream cheese, eggs and butter to stop your heart cold). We still haven't made a pumpkin pie; it seems like everyone decided to make baked goodies as gifts this year, so we've had enough sugar in the house to put us all into insulin shock.

Last night I went to a going-away party at a bar near the university. A local blues band played, I hung out with a bunch of people I haven't seen in months, and when I left, the going-away boy (who is also one of my best friends) kissed me on the mouth. Argh! No, I don't want to find out a few days before he leaves that he likes me that way. Fortunately, he was drunk and probably doesn't remember. However: I was going to visit him in Victoria B.C. on my way to Indiana. Now I'm not so sure. Help?

Saturday, December 29, 2001

JT-You still in DC? Or are you back in Buffalo? How're things up there? The reports I hear sound just amazing. I hope everything's okay.

Friday, December 28, 2001

I started the Congo line at Christmas dinner.

I knew my trip to Michigan had gone well.
I arrived Sat. night at Ted's family's house around 2am (he and his sister had come to the Detroit airport to give me a ride to Midland). And his parents even woke up to tell me hello before stumbling back to bed (though first offering me wine and food if I wanted it). It's nice to get to make a first impression when you're hosts are barely awake.

Here are the highlights from the trip:

Sunday - a siteseeing tour of Midland. Or as my dad asked "there's more than one sight?" Ted drove me by his high school (isn't that a law when you bring someone home), we walked around some community gardens, brrr, and went to a science display at the center for the arts. There was a room for appreciating different types of music. We got up and danced during it. Swing, interpretive, and when the score from Chariots of Fire came on, I did slow motion running around the sound-proof room. Luckily the place wasn't too crowded, or I'm sure we would have drawn an audience. That night I met some of his high school friends and went to see Lord of the Rings. I really liked the movie though at three hours I was a bit tired of sitting through the fight scene, bit of exposition, fight scene, bit of exposition, fight scene plot. I met a bunch of Ted's old friends. One of his friends, when I was talking about what time cartoons were on, told Ted "She's a keeper!"

Monday - It snowed!! I felt like I was inside of a snow globe. I coerced Ted into a snowball fight and then made probably the world's smallest snowman. It was maybe 8 inches high (it hadn't snowed that much - but I was determined to enjoy winter activities) We went to a big Xmas eve party at his parent's friends house that night. Ted was Santa. Though his Santa developed a Romanian accent and had a hard time keeping up the pillow used to make his jolly belly. So Santa was ho, ho, hoing and at the same time hitching up his pants. I ate a lot of vodka infused Michigan cherries. A fine treat. And did some dancing. I learned the pasta dance. Something you do when you're presenting a plate of pasta to your guests. It was basically four minutes of bouncing around with a large plate. I loved it, though my calves needed a few days to recover. Some of the younger guests breakdanced. I got my swing fill in.

Tuesday - Ted's five year old nephew woke us up by knocking on the door and Ted's old enough to know better brother-in-law woke us up with a loud playing of Adam Sandler's Hanukah song (I guess, in my honor). And so many presents. I couldn't believe the generosity of his family. I now have new red sneakers with monkey faces on them. And new perfume and some jewelry and Michigan state shirts and these cool stockings his parents picked up in Italy. Well, I have a lot of thank you notes to write. His parents threw a big dinner that night and when Harry Belafonte came on over the stereo, the Congo line was born.

Wednesday - nothing but sitting around while different friends of different family members dropped by to visit. Apples to Apples was played, a hit as that game always is. More eating. More drinking. A short nap. And then back to the airport and a return home.

It's nice to be in a house for one instead of sharing space with 10 people.
I think the visit went well. "Everyone loved you!" one of the guests told me. That's nice to know. I guess I passed.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

I had a pretty swell Christmas myself. It was a bit different this year than in years past. Since my grandmother has been ill, we've been trading Christmas morning breakfast duty between my aunt and uncle's house and my parent's house. This year it was the parent's turn. So we had full house Christmas morning. And this is the first year that we've had Meredith and Grace around and that was nice. I don't know what her family does for Christmas but it was a busy, busy Christmas day for us and for her. I think she had fun.

Last night, I got to babysit Grace while Thad and Meredith went out to eat. That was nice. It's never been just she and I for very long. We had a good time. We watched some of the new Almost Famous DVD and then she went to sleep.

Tonight, my uncle Scott and his wife went to a movie and left his kids with my parents and I. We're Babysitting Central over here. But, it was funny. Sarah is a crazyass two year old and Christopher is only four weeks old. He looks like a little pink Yoda.

After they left my mom and I went to see the 10:15 show of Ocean's Eleven on an impluse. She doesn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Then I get an email from Benji telling me that we may have two new shows in January. Yeah! (One is at Greg's house, Upma. Know anything about this?)

I watched more of Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love today than I would thought myself capable of.

When I get back to Greensboro, I have to make Thad a Best of Kiss: 1980-1989 cd. I'm looking forward to this with frightening joy. I (heart) Kiss. Especially the corny eighties years.

I've discovered the address of my very dear and totally estranged friend, Meagan Jolliffe, and I want to write her. What do you say to someone you haven't spoken to in four years? We didn't part on bad terms. But, we became friends during a really bad time and we've always had kind of a war buddy relationship. Benji says we might play Wilmington, which is where she lives now. I'd really like her to come to the show. I guess that's a good way to bridge the years.

My mom gave me Peanuts: A Golden Celebration and Peanuts: The Art of Charles Shultz for Christmas because I've been trumpeting the genius of Shultz very loudly lately. Both books are just wonderful. I think they're kind of pricey, so only buy them if you're hooked. Instead, you guys have got to go to Barnes and Noble and read some of them. Art Spiegleman said a Peanuts cartoon is like a haiku. I couldn't agree more. The best ones (and they're not all winners, of course) are beautiful. Minimal, lyrical and totally, totally brutal. Read The Art of... for, duh, the art. The strip selection is weaker in that one, because the authors focus on the drawings. Chris Ware (of Jimmy Corrigan fame) lent his collection of strips for the book. A Golden Celebration has funnier, and generally better, strips collected.

so... this morning as i walk out the door to work, i nearly tripped over a bag of goodies-- a bottle of white wine and a bag of chocolate candy. BUT no note, no card, nuthin. it's driving me crazy... i want to know who the secret santa is!!! (as long as it's not 1. a joke, 2. a sleazy neighbor, or 3. a stalker).

angie. red neck bigots suck. i often loose my cool around them too... there's a nascar/dive bar across the street from my house, needless to say i have come pretty close to deckin a couple people there... on more than one occassion.

did everyone have a good dec. 25th? mine was just another day. no big thang.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Ok so my cheesy romatic comedy ass LOVED Kate and Leopold. I can't help it. I'm a sappy freak like that and proud of it!

On Christmas Day I had an encounter with the bigoted red neck woman that I always make fun of. Picture this. We were at the Grand Casino Biloxi. It was my mom, dad and my very good friend Robin who is Caucassion. My dad ran into these friends of his who also were Asian. And he let them skip ahead of us in the line (I hate it when my family engages in stupid behavior as such, but I've just grown to accept the shit). Well the red neck bigot was standing behind me and she says (verbatim mind you), "I'm fixin' to go kung fu on these people." My friend Robin (the only white person of the group) was staring a hole into the bigot's head when the bigot finally turned around and Robin gave her the full on shit look. About 10 minutes later the bigot put a hand on each of MY SHOLDERS (did someone say invasion of personal space). I looked down at her dead in the eye and said in a clear, calm voice, "Lady, get your paws off of me." She jumped back about 10 feet.

I was really ready to go psycho ape shit on her ass. Probably because I get self conscience enough when I'm in a group of Asians, and I just rarely come across blantant racisim that my emotions go flying and I just want to act equally as ingnorant by beating her ass in front of everyone there.

On another note . . . Stephanie and Shelly: I saw George and Noelle West and Kelly and Dave Scalise tonight. Both are doing well. I actually saw Kelly and Dave's new house. It's a fixer upper in River Ridge. Dave the handy man built a really cool 1950's bar. And they have a cute black Lab named Duke. Sweet, but damn does he like to play. George and Noelle have a 4 month old kitten named Gonzo, and George is going back to school to take some accounting classes.

Monday, December 24, 2001

Hey, the Beach Boys and I wish you happy holidays!
Feed the goat!

thanks all for the kind words and encouragement... i haven't started packing my bags just yet... but i'll let you know. i'm in va beach right now... watching the food channel is something i do all day in g'boro anyway... i'm so addicted... i think i'll go do that now. and do music video storyboards.

Upma: that rocks!!!!!!!!! Picture this: I am dancing a happy jig for you right now . . . .

Weezie, my guess is that the waiter was doing a little of both.

When I left Houston on Sat. morning it was 80 degrees, so I didn't know what the hell to pack. I am sitting in 30 degree Biloxi weather at the moment. Good thing my neurotic ass packed everything from shorts and t-shirts to sweats and thermals. My parents managed to stress my shit out when I was en route about 2 hours away from H-town. Why do I let them do that shit to me????

I am so excited. I got me a pair of flannel PJ's. Mike and JT probably think that my Southern ass is wimpy, but I don't care.

I wish I had cable just so that I could watch that food station, the entertainment station (don't recall the name) and VH1 all day. I also want a sweet doggie of my own.

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Can't see down that shirt.

I wouldn't mind the hustle and bustle of the holidays if people at least looked like they were enjoying it. I stopped at Safeway to get cat litter at 10 p.m. There were shoppers with big loaded carts and frown lines.

So I went out last night with some fab women, one of whom is 6 months pregnant. We get to the restaurant and the hostess tells us that because we didn't specify when we made the reservation, we're being seated in smoking. Excuse me? And they didn't have room for a party of six in non-smoking. So we walked two minutes away and got seated immediately in another restaurant, where the waitstaff look like they come from the same modeling agency. I am assuming that after going through all the trouble of making sure the atmosphere is gorgeous, they don't give a shit about the entrees. My $15 salad was a handful of mesclun with, I swear, at least two cups of gorgonzola, a cup of walnuts, and nine paper-thin apple slices piled on top, with an evil garnish of extremely long and curly carrot strips that didn't do anything for flavor and could not be eaten neatly. The chocolate truffle cake and caramel nut tart made up for it, though. Yum.

Upma: Wooooo!

Mike: Read all the Harry Potter books. At least three times each. I think I've read HP & The Philosopher's Stone at least five times. Plus I've gone back and re-read all the books in The Chronicles of Prydain, and will never forgive Disney for turning Eilonwy into such a GIRL. Not that into the Tales of Narnia. I've been reading science fiction and fantasy since I was a kid - I inherited a set of Edgar Rice Burroughs books when I was 7, and it basically took off from there. I am not a big William Gibson fan, however.

That woman who wanted the extra tip back - tack-ay. Ugh.

Oh - and just wondering...our waiter last night did a lot of standing close to my seat and leaned over me a lot. Like, I know what sort of hair goop, deoderant, and aftershave he uses, and I could have done a thread count on his shirt. What the hell for? I was about ready to put a fork in his lovely chiseled chin. I thought he was rude, the ladies thought he was trying for a better tip. What do you say?

Steph: Have not been writing lately, not even in my daily notebook, which is why I showed up for work last Friday and discovered I wasn't scheduled until this Friday. I am so with you on the cold weather thing; I was thinking of visiting a friend in Victoria, B.C. on my way to Indiana in March...but it's going to be so COLD. Not that Indiana is especially balmy in March. Ugh. I am keeping an eye on the Benetton outlet here; they have gorgeous winter wool coats on sale right now for roughly $100, and I just know that come January the price will drop even further. Although nothing tops the Navy issue brand new wool peacoat that I bought at Savers for $1.00 (and then left in Boston, oops).

Friday, December 21, 2001

Upma - congrats - knock 'em dead again. You are golden!!
Angie - thanks. Now I just have to survive true winter weather. Meaning, my southern ass has no business in below freezing weather. Layering is practical, yet so stifling. Mike, how long have you lived in Boston? Does the cold get to you? When I applied to colleges, I wouldn't even apply north of the mason-dixon line. And - I echo the sentiments "$1000 tip, hot damn!"
Weezie - I'm curious. Have you been writing much lately? I'd still love to read anything you've done on the side that you'd like to share. I'm sure you could make a grocery list poetic.
Speaking of, here is my grocery list:
1) airplane luxury kit: bottled water, yummy snacks and trashy magazines for the flight tomorrow
2) whatever I want to eat for breakfast tomorrow before I throw most of the contents of my fridge in the trash so it won't smell something awful when I return in five days
3) something for a "let's get together and make dinner tonight" thing with my friend who is a spent time in Italy and can make something out of a nothing-pantry cook
This work day is draaaaaggggggging.
Mike - Ethan's my boy. But who do you think'll take it all?

i got a second interview.

Just found this funny link. It's a promo for that new movie How High.

My favs are the muchnie invaders game and the slam o gram. Brings back memories of growing up in the 'hood.

Don't laugh at me but I also want to see Kate and Leopold. I'm such a sucker fo those romantic comedies. I can't help it!

Holy shit, a $1000 plus tip???

Stephanie: you are SO going to win everyone over in MI. Hell, they might not let you come back to Texas!

I about shit all over myself Wed. night. After I kicked his ass in Scrabble, Bob the new boy initiated THE TALK. Can you believe that shit? Basically there is a 30 percent chance that he might move, but he still wants to hang out. If he ends up staying, then maybe . . . .

My holiday highlight so far: a few months ago my best friend asked me for a list of CD's/movies/books that I wanted but just hadn't had a chance to get for myself. I sent her a list of about 10 things. As it turns out she forwards it to about 5 of my other closest friends (some of whom she doesn't even know all that well) and coordinates with them who is getting what. I am loved.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Loved Lord of the Rings. This is a book-to-movie transition that worked so well, unlike Harry Potter. Of course, LR was in production for what, four years? And Harry Potter just full speed ahead. I'm really in awe of Peter Jackson. To convey what was in the book so well, without the endless voice-over.

Mike, if you didn't read the book...well, I read them all, read the Hobbit more than once, and you know, I'd say read the books only if you are just dying to know what happens next and if you want to review details of the events. People in the theater were just "argh" when the movie ended - you could instantly tell who had read it and who hadn't. Maybe read The Hobbit if you want the sort of "prequel" that I doubt will become a film. The Hobbit is more a series of Bilbo's adventures and doesn't have quite the grand scale of LR.

Plus the books are loooooooong. *I* think they're long.

Did anyone else wonder when the Ewoks were going to show up?

Upma - I took a whole class at UT that you just summed up in your one paragraph on not judging a movie by its book. Very well put. I went and saw Ocean's 11 last night. I love me a good caper. I plan on seeing LOTR sometime over the weekend. I read it long enough ago that I just have vague memories of most of the scenes except for the ones with Preciousss, those stuck with me. I leave Saturday for Michigan and will be there through Wednesday. I'm a mix of nerves and excitement over that. It seems too early to meeting parents, yet, things like this can be as big as you decide you want them to be. I'm taking the it's not that big of a deal but an opportunity to get to know Ted better and see a state I've never been to stance. The gift exchange among friends continues. Some fun loot I've received:
1) Fat Mama's Knock you Naked margarita mix (from a friend I'm throwing a fallen southern belle party with in january)
2) black faux suede running shoes with a white kitty kat face in place of laces (these are never leaving my feet)
3) the Tingler (it sounds dirtier than it really is i.e. - it's this metal claw thing for massaging your head, ahhh, heaven)
And I've had fun doing the gift making/shoping this year as well. For Ted, I went around town and took pictures from places he likes to go and made a combination photo/gift "day in his life" The 7:30am gift had a polaroid transfer photo of a coffee cup and then a robot shaped alarm clock, a male grooming kit, etc. Then I had one for 12 noon and one for 9:45pm. It was so much fun to work on. Speaking of work, back to finding photos of obscure German authors. Have a happy holiday everyone.

yeah. i haven't read the books. i want to though.
my $.02: the thing with films that are adapted from books is that it's hard to please just everyone. also, they are two different mediums, and they need to be handled differently... things that are stimulating in a novel are not always best expressed visually. also, there's the time constraints. (usually as a rule, 120 pages of a novel = 2 hours of a movie). i don't know if it's always better to read a book before you see the movie of it... the book is always "better" because it has more detail and leaves certain things up to the reader to interpret for him/herself. films kinda do that for you... the director is just sharing his/her vision with all of us. from what i understand, peter jackson did a good job with staying as true to the author and the audience as possible. i'm really excited to read the books, i think that this trilogy will be the textbook example for how to adapt novels into films.

i would like to write an extremely long and angry rant about work... but i'm hungry and it's lunchtime. just suffice it to say (did i use that phrase right?) that this is the first day that i can truly say to myself that i am unhappy at my job. i put up with a lot... i'm very patient with these boys and my boss... but the line is being drawn today. even if i don't get a positive response from the folks in philly, i think it's safe to say that i will not be at my current job for too much longer. i deserve so much better.

Actually, I'm finding that people who've never read the books are enjoying the film more. so maybe you should see it first. Although, I am in no way suggesting that you shouldn't read the book. Of course, they are way better than the film in ways that don't really compare.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

what's everybody doin'? Lord of the Rings was dope! peter jackson is my new hero.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

OH MY GOD! i can't believe you just said that... because i just got home from having the BEST night ever and the last thing i said was how my tummy was gonna be sore tomorrow from all the laughing!! LOTR tomorrow night at 9. one of my friends told me today that he's taking a "sick" day tomorrow... but really it's a LOTR day... skatin in the mornin, movie in the afternoon and chrismas stuff at night. lucky him. i can't belive i stayed out this late on a school night!

Now that I've decided to move and know when I'm going, everyone's come up out of the woodwork and I'm going out all the time. All these people I haven't seen for months are all of a sudden making good on all the "let's get togethers" practically all at once. Plus I'm doing a photo essay of a 20-year old having a tumor removed from her breast (by her request - that is, I'm taking the photos per her request) and then there's the holidays, dangit. Everyone gets fridge magnets, except my brother, who is getting a George Foreman Grill, family size. He's been grumbling about doing dishes, so I told him he could pitch in with the cooking instead. Might as well make it easier for him.

Going to Dave&Busters then the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings tomorrow night. My abs are hurtin' from all the laughing I've been doing lately.

I got a chance to see Lord of the Rings last night. It was dope.

cool! those boys just had the spiderman trailer up... looks AWESOME! needs a little work technically (color corrections n stuff... but that's us just being nerds).

Angie - so my friend Paul (the host of the aforementioned party) sent out a recap of the event:

"Well, a big hearty Nixon thanks to all who attended the Nixon in China gala. For those who didn't make it, such an epic, classic feat was as once-in-a-lifetime as was the actual Nixon and Mao summit. But just because it's fun, let's recap the event.

Authentic Mao decor provided by Stephanie Mo.
Many guests in theme-inspired dress.
One actual ninja in attendance.
Hasty decorating by Richard and Katelijne.
Exciting Apples to Apples hilarity, provided by Stephanie F and dominated by Kelly.
Tasty dinner and desserts, and Mao-tinis: "the chairman's choice!"
A "Monkey vs Robot" viewing.
A phone call from the moms: "I can't believe you called your mother from your party."
During the first 30 minutes of the party, more coughing than a tuberculosis field hospital at the battle of the Somme.
Japanese Ovaltine."

Monday, December 17, 2001

Upma, I know that if I didn't emphasize that the question was rhetorical that this group would have sent replies. Not that it's a bad thing, because I would probably say something smart ass, too. That is why I love this forum.

Stephanie, I would have never in a million years thought of that theme party. Gawd, you and your friends are so creative.

Man, I reverted back to my college days this weekend. Fri. got home at 1:30, Sat. at 3. Ended up going see Buddy and Julie Miller on Fri. As it turns out, Buddy used to play for Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris (Spyboy album). I didn't really want to ask anyone to come with me because I had no idea if they put on a good show or not so I went solo. I was so proud of myself for being the independent woman. I met a man from Harahan of all places. On Sat. went to a party of a friend of a friend. There were a few LSU peeps there. And there was this one woman who tried to pass herself off as a Metaire suburbianite but really she was born and raised in the Parish (Chalmette). I smelled her phony shit from miles away.

So I have good and bad on the new boy. Good: we hung out Sat. afternoon, him unshaven with a baseball cap and glasses. Me, with smokey smelling hair from the night before and a baseball cap. We went to lunch and went Christmas shopping. Potential bad: he may be relocating to FL for a job. He doesn't seem to be worried about it, so I'm following his lead.

not sohrab in edsel. sohrab at eighteenth street lounge music. i don't think the edsel guy lives in DC any longer.
i'm sooooo tired today!

Upma - good luck! It sounds like the whole weekend had good mojo.
So Friday night I went to a few theme parties - my favorite: the "Nixon goes to China" one. I got to eat duck, flip through Mao's little red book, drink out of a Presidential glass collection glass, eat weird Asian candy, but left before the Godzilla movies/old Iron Chef episodes screening started. (so not everything went strictly with the theme, but it was still great)
Saturday I had the green slime photo shoot for work. (8th grade girl playing around with slime). That slime dyed my entire right hand green for the next 48 hours. It was a bit freakish. That night Ted and I went to the Nutcracker. I love that during intermission, all the dressed up little girls in the audience dance around, inspired. I was tempted to do a few pirouettes myself. I was supposed to go to a show that night (Silver Scooter's last one ever), but fell asleep instead. Tired out by watching other people dance, I guess. Yesterday I worked on making polaroid transfers (part of a few people's gifts) with my friend Beverly for about 9 hours. Then did wrapping of gifts, making sure to have a few extras this year so I'm prepared when people have something for me.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

hahahaaaa!!! i LOVE that angie joe emphasizes that the question is rhetorical!!

well, i'm home. brief re-cap of the weeend. thursday, left for yankeeville; crashed somewhere in baltimore.
friday went to the interview...thanks for the good vibes z... i felt them. the interview went well, i think. i'm glad i read up on how to interview and practiced and stuff. we'll see what happens... either way, i'm happy. after the interview i caught up with demian and had lunch with him. then i headed back to DC. caught up with my friend sohrab, went to a dinner party that he was invited to, met his super cute icelandic girlfriend who goes back to iceland on friday, went to the Blonde Redhead show, ran into my friend Mark, (which was a NICE surprise cuz i wasn't supposed to see him till saturday... but the maginot line's show in cleaveland got cancelled, so he came to the show cuz he knew i'd be there... *sweetheart*). also ran into brian lowit and star gazed at the engine down kids. there were other rockstars there, but i didn't recognize them... mark told me later who all was there.
saurday got good brunch in DC, caught up with friend Charlene, hung out in DC for a while, went to Arlington to catch up with Mark and visit "NOW music and fashion," (a record/clothing store owned by friends from b'burg). got sushi for dinner (back in DC). and then just chilled at mark's house all evening waiting for brian lowit to call back to see what he felt like doing. we got dissed by brian. but no prob, bob, cuz i had a great evening w/o him.
sunday, came back home. this was not very brief, i'm sorry. i'm going to go get my cat now. meow.

Friday, December 14, 2001

I wanna go home. I'm trying to decide what I want to do with my weekend. I may go to the Buddy and Julie Miller concert tonight at the Continental Club. Although my blues friends are going for happy hour tonight. I kind of want to see a movie, but I'm not sure what I want to see. Hell, I don't even know what is out. Decisions, decisions.

There have been more layoffs by my former employer. Three of them, one has two small children and a mortgage. Can you believe how fucked up corporate America is? BTW, that is a rhetorical question.

My boss had me listen to part of the White album today. He also gave out the semester's tip o' the hat award to two people - my co-worker Leticia and myself. Good stuff.

No, I've never seen it. I can't imagine that it would be that great of a movie if it was just based on the plot of the song. The plot isn't as remarkable as the tone and character of the narrator.

Just had a great lunch. Vegan sloppy joes, will you be my valentine?

Nothing else happening in my life.

Good vibes to Upma, who interviews today.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Zach, have you ever seen that Sean Penn movie based on the Highway Patrolman song? If so, is it worth the rental?

Upma, I am so sorry that I didn't get a chance to review your press release. Yesterday, some freakoids decided it would be fun to make a terrorist threat on a Texas education institution. Needless to say I was busy trying to arrange a conference call with the provost, chief of police and several other university officials. Anyways, you are going to rock. We practiced your questions and answers, so you will be more than fine. Remember, you are woman, you are strong and you are good.

Ok, so last night Bob came over to play Scrabble, and we ordered pizza. Then we went for beignets afterwards. We had the best time. He kicked my ASS, but I managed a few verbal jabs to salvage my ego. Good stuff.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Guys, start a band. People say totally nice things to you when you're in a band. Tonight, between songs, some person I've never seen before said, "You're a good band!" to us. Thank you, stranger! It was a great show.

i should totally have been in bed 3 hours ago. this week.... between getting all my christmas stuff together and frettin like crazy abut this interview on friday, i haven't had time to REALLY freak out. and now... that's just not an option... we move ahead and see what happens.
tomorrow, i go to work for a little bit, and then i head to DC. i was supposed to get my hair blow dried straight (WHAT is the grammatically correct way to say that?!??) but i didn't feel like i had the time... so i was gonna go tomorrow... but my hair suddenly decided to behave. so... i'm taking a risk... and i'm taking it as a sign from above... and i'm goin curly headed to the interview. i better not regret this. (these are the times when i wish i could look good with short hair... a pixie cut would be GREAT! but not on me.)
ok. so crash in DC tomorrow night, head to philly friday morning, interview at 1. then late lunch with Demian. then head back to DC... hang out with friends i haven't seen in a while... friday, Blonde Redhead, Sat. hopefully Trans Am. Sunday head back home.
angie... i improved upon my press release... a tweak here and there and it feels much better. thank you so much again and again and again for your help! and how was your wednesday evening??
mike. you seem... restless. yes? or way off? i wish i knew how to cure restlessness. unfortunately, i think it involves staying away from caffeine... at any rate, whatever it is, it'll pass.
i'm really sad that i had to miss the Dirty Version show. zach, how'd it go? isn't Kid Icarus just the cutest? ok. 1am. time to go.

Mike, how'd the gnocchi come out? I've never made them myself. Hope the tough time passes quick.

I stopped by the cheeseball goth shoppe aka Hot Topic yesterday, checked out the shoes, saw a cute pair of red vinyl ankle-straps. Largest size available, 10. Just a bit too much ow for my money. The salesgirl was ridiculously not helpful, so I checked out the website this morning and found that if I want to find size 11 shoes, they are only in the Torrid (aka plus-size) section. Oddly enough, there's a smaller selection that doesn't match up with the "normal" shoe selection. Want those really cute cork wedgies? Only if I shave my feet down. I wrote them an email essentially saying thanks for having big girl stuff - and it would be nice to have the same selection as the "regulars."

I feel like I've been picking up causes. With my pixie cut, I get the instant dyke label from a lot of people - and I just let them think I'm gay so they have to get queer/here/get used to it. My brother wants to know why I'd mess up a chance for a date this way - I told him I wouldn't want to date a man who made those kinds of snap judgements. His reply: "Yeah, but first impressions count for A LOT." Now this queen-size thing. What's next?

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Angie, I don't require lots of expensive dinners and gifts, which some call high-maintenance. On the other hand, I do require intellectually stimulating conversation, honesty at all costs, and the distinction between m birthday and Christmas. This can also be high-maintenance for a man who is accustomed to showing affection with cute prezzies and not by having to actually get to know me. Think of the Sex and the City episode where Mr. Big gets Carrie a Lieberman bag she doesn't like, which she sees as proof he doesn't know who she is and he doesn't care.

Zach, I'm still older than you are.

Stephanie: yes, I hung out with Happy Lauren and Sherrie Torres this weekend. They are still crazy shits (more Sherrie than La).

I ask the high-maintenence question because a male friend told me that I was so not one, although I think that I am. I guess it all depends on what you view as high-maintenence. If lots of make up, big hair and fancy dinners constitute it, then I'm certainly not your woman.

Yum. Gnocci. Wow, that's pretty ambitious.

Zach, you are so NOT an old man. A freako, yes. Old man, no.

Upma, you are going to ROCK the house.

Monday, December 10, 2001

i can't wait to be 30. happy birthday zach!!! hey... wait a sec. since your the same age as me for the next month.5, does that make you grandpa?
(zach calls me grandma cuz he thinks i'm so old).
so are we goin out to eat or what?

I think "Highway Patrolman" is my favorite song on Nebraska, with "Nebraska" a close second. But, jeez everything on there is classic. "Mansion on the Hill" on the new live album is incredible. Just floored me when I saw him perform it. If you like the Nebraska style song writing check out "My Hometown" on Born In the USA or "Stolen Car" on The River and Tracks or "the Promise" on 18 Tracks. I am without words to describe these songs. But, my favorite Springsteen song is "the River." He never wrote a better song than that.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 26. I'm staring my thirties dead in the eye.

I have no idea what constitutes a high-maintenance woman. I suppose I know a few who seem high maintenance, but far be it for me judge them so.

Angie - I haven't seen those musicians, sorry. And who from NOLA were you hanging with? Happy Lauren?

Zach, I finally bought the Badlands tribute this weekend. It wasn't until I listened to it yesterday afternoon did I realize The Boss' gift for songwriting. That album is amazing. Originally I bought it for "Highway Patrolman" but I've taken a liking to "My Father's House" and "Reason to Believe." As much as I like Johnny Cash, I could do without his "I'm on Fire." What are your favorite songs?

I also bought the new tribute to Townes Van Zandt which I have not yet given a good listen.

Stephanie, have you ever seen Judy and Buddy Miller live before? They'll be here this weekend, and I am trying to decide if I want to go or not.

Lauren and Tim have two kittens a dog. The dog would put her front two paws on each shoulder, and stand on her hind legs so that you could hug her. So cute.

Was around NOLA folk all weekend, so my accent is probably pretty strong. Did a lot of talkin' 'bout how NOLA folk always state the obvious ("man, this line is long" or "why is that woman driving so damn slow") and think outloud.

I have also come to terms with the fact that I do have a creative mind. Lord knows I can't draw worth a shit or make anything. But it's more of an outlook and viewpoint.

Question for the boys on the blog: what constitutes a high-maintenance woman? Just curious.

Spent the weekend eating cheese and working.
Friday night - fondue, a total spread, heaven. And then a birthday party after.
Saturday day - working - returning photos to sources, then out for a super fantastic dinner meeting my friend Lorrie's new swain. He's a charmer.
Sunday day - made green slime for work, had some issues with cornstarch clumpiness, had a volcano explosion when attempting to put failed slime down disposal, went to afternoon photo shoot with bits of green slime attached to shirt and pants. Was a hand model for mood ring photo shoot, played in the studio. Ate queso.

Upma, press releases are a big part of my job. Do you want me to send you over a few examples? What is the subject? I'll definately be home tonight. Do you want me to call you? If so, send me your digits.

Also I e-mailed you some interview questions and such.

I saw Ameile this weekend, too. It was amazing. Loved it and her. That damn traveling gnome cracked me up.

More later.

Sunday, December 09, 2001

angie. i think i feel pretty comfortable with interview questions... i just need to practice sounding competent. (haha!) what i DO need help with... i have to write a press release... i haven't done that in years. i forget how. im looking online for tips n stuff right now.... do you have time to help me with it this week?

Friday, December 07, 2001

You are Edvard Munch's The Scream.

You express the subconscious troubles and anxieties of the world. You hold your head and let loose the primal terror of your innermost fears, surrounded by a lurid landscape which reflects your feeble grasp on reality.

Excuse me. My *feeble* grasp on reality?

Went and saw Amelie last night with the freaked-out friend; both of us really enjoyed it, and then proceeded to have traces of surrealism follow us out of the theater. On the way to the car, we passed a tiny electrical car with a cow in an angel costume (mechanical cow). On the way to the restaurant, we got stuck in a Christmas/Patriotic parade. The restaurant was too crowded, so we went to another restaurant - and when we tried to find a place to park, realized the street was lined with signs that read No Parking on THURSDAYS. Found parking and nearly ran into a gang of cheerleaders in full regalia plus tinsel halos.

He said the movie was like Harriet the Spy meets Chocolat.

angie, yes. e.mail me whatever you can! i did the virtual interview for administrative jobs (i think i need to do a couple others since mine is a mix of things....) and i got all the answers right. BUT... it's a totally different game to come up with those answers off the top of my head.

maginot line music video progressing well. should be starting on storyboards next week.

mike. is brsmash a made-up word or a typo? i like it. if that happened to me, i would be traumatized. one of my biggest fears is burning to death.

I'm cave art. Does that mean that I'm supposed to be primative and simple-minded?????? (results from Stephanie's art test)

Upma, ditto on Mike's note. Let me know if you want me to e-mail you some sample interview questions. I went through a TON of interviews in San Francisco, and I had a few before landing this UH job.

Yesterday I had to pull an act of Congress to get our economics guy interviewed by ABC Worldnews (the poli sci guy last week fell through). But it all worked out in the end, so it topped my week. I love my job. Seriously. And, I met up with my aunt for dinner last night which was nice. I have been all about chips and salsa lately.

Been taping old country music tunes for my friend Robin. She is an activities coordinator/therapist in the geriatrics ward of a hospital. Most of her patiences have Alzheimers and/or dimensia (sp. on both?). Her budget is really small, so she asked me to tape some stuff for her. Hank, Johnny and Merle so far.

Thursday, December 06, 2001

*deep breath*
ok. i have an interview in philly next friday at 1pm.
i am officially FREAKING OUT. i don't know anything about job interviews.
i need clothes. i need my hair to behave. i need to get all my christmas stuff together...
i really want this job.

I'm Monet's Waterlilies.

i am somehwere between a mondrian and a dali. with spurts of monet here and there. (i couldn't decide how to answer the questions).
i will have great news by the end of the day.

I went here to find out "What Work of Art I'd be"

The answer:

You are Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians.

You are colourful and provoking, always looking to break out of the mould and to pioneer new ways of doing things. You have a jaunty outlook and although you are a bit weird, most people have some idea what you're about.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

on a cloud. yes! that movie makes you high. perfect. it does!!
i wanna do photo shoots all day long. you're lucky. do you get to do all the darkroom stuff yourself too? i miss SO MUCH the smell of photo chemicals. as soon as i get myself set up wherever i end up going... i'm gonna make sure that my house has a room that i can convert into a darkroom. if it's in philly... i already have it all layed out in my mind. (assuming i get to rent/own the perfect house). *dreams*

so i didn't get to mess with the camera yesterday... but i will fer sure tonight. steph, it's a sony DSR PD-150. it's a mini DV and DV cam camera. two XLR inputs for audio!

also. had sikhism, hinduism, jainism all in my top 10. guess i'm doing better than i thought.

and. had fun with mike f in town. zach got to spend more time with him than i did, cuz i'm at work. but last night and today lunch was cool. 'cept i ate WAY too much and i feel F-A-T.

I loved Amelie. Upma - you were so right. I walked out of there on a cloud.
Today I get to go to the toy store for work to buy ten mood rings and other heat sensitive products for a photo shoot going on later.

I'll have to save the 20 questions from belief net for later. I mistakenly took the spiritual type, and I was classified as an "Old-fashioned Seeker" -- Happy with my religion but searching for the right expression of it. It's so difficult to choose the right answer to describe your faith, because I'm not so sure that people can effectively express their beliefs in one soundbyte.

I am exhausted. I have been going non-stop for the last 5 days. I just want to go home, stare at the walls and drool.

Yesterday, I decided that a co-worker of mine and I share a brain or have some sort of yin/yang thing going. Maybe those aren't the right terms. Anyways, we've been working on a project together, and when I'm stressed she's calm and vice versa. It actually works out pretty well.

BTW, I'm no lady either. I think I've worn a skirt/dress maybe 3 times this entire year.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

I'm going to wear the new turquoise dress and see Amelie with a guy friend who just split up with his longtime and is feeling lower than dirt. For him, I will slap on some red lipgloss and be all adoring and flirtatious and drag that ego out of the road. Cheap and effective.

Upma, another one of my guy friends once told me that I'm no lady - more of a dame or a broad, in that film noir kind of way. Brassy. So wear that skirt and pretend you've got a gun in your dainty little handbag and have no fear of using it on dark men in hats.

I guess my dreams of becoming a nun will have to remain just a fantasy:

Belief-O-Matic (
1.  Liberal Quaker (100%)
2.  Unitarian Universalism (98%)
3.  Liberal Protestant (98%)
4.  Neo-Paganism (89%)
5.  Secular Humanism (83%)
6.  New Age (79%)
7.  Mahayana Buddhism (70%)
8.  Bahá'í (68%)
9.  Theravada Buddhism (68%)
10.  Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (65%)
11.  Taoism (62%)
12.  Reform Judaism (61%)
13.  New Thought (59%)
14.  Orthodox Quaker (59%)
15.  Scientology (54%)
16.  Latter-day Saint (Mormon) (53%)
17.  Atheism and Agnosticism (52%)
18.  Jainism (46%)
19.  Sikhism (44%)
20.  Conservative Protestant (42%)
21.  Jehovah's Witness (40%)
22.  Hinduism (36%)
23.  Orthodox Judaism (32%)
24.  Seventh Day Adventist (29%)
25.  Islam (27%)
26.  Eastern Orthodox (18%)
27.  Roman Catholic (18%)

Upma - tell me more about your digital camera! - and what are you going to use it for? Post some stuff up when you get a chance - maybe of you three bloggers on the town?
My latest toy is a Daylab 35 - it's used for making polaroid transfers. I spent all Saturday afternoon messing around in my kitchen with them. So far I only really like one or two out of the ten that I made, but hopefully that ratio will improve with practice (and the book I ordered with tips and techniques).
I'm going to go see Amelie tonight.
Tomorrow night I am hanging out with a fellow photo dork and taking pictures at night around town.
Thursday I'm going to a Pictionary playing/drinking hot chocolate party. Friday is fondue night and then a birthday party.
Angie - I'd love to hang out if you get some free time while you're here. Given how busy the week is so far, I'm not sure what the rest of my weekend will be like, but send me an email closer to your visit and maybe it'll all work out.
Weezie - I want to read anything you'll write. I'm sure it'll be fantastic.
Upma - your lady comment made me think of a (perfectly serious) comment a co-worker made to me. She had been watching a vintage Oprah episode (circa 1983, I believe). According to Oprah's expert, boys like it when you're a bitch to them and when you wear skirts.
Take that for what you will. Nothing like generalizations to get you through the day.
So time to head off to the gym. My friend Lorrie and I are thinking of writing some articles about our gym conversations. We've had gym staff come over to us (more than once) since we're giggling so loudly like little kids and want to know what on earth we're talking about (which is usually something we can't tell them at least not without a serious fit of giggles - shelly, it reminds me of tofu's "like a ninja" comment in computer science class senior year that got us sent to the hall) Though then again maybe those conversations wouldn't interest the outside world. It is a lot of boy talk/state of the world/various torture and pleasure from interpersonal relationships, day in the life, and theories.

i got my new toy today!!! a digital video camera. the boys are all JEALOUS!! but i haen't opened it yet.... i don't want their grubby paws all over my new camera. (is that selfish?) whatever... one of the boys today called me altruistic. HA! he really meant it though. double HA!!
zach and i are gonna catch up with mike f tonight in charlotte. should be fun.

childhood treat that i just made for myself: chicken and rice soup w/mixed veggies, and cream cheese & crackers. i got the new (new to me?) ritz crisp crackers. yum!

dude. i'm no lady.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Upma, I just bought a bright turquoise dress with little spaghetti straps and lace. The important thing is that *I* know I'm no lady.

Angie, I've written three different drafts of my essay, one of which starts with "I don't need you and you don't need me. Where do we go from here?" I'll run the ones worth rewriting past you.

Weezie, that is a GREAT start! I' be curious to read your essay when you finish it. Sounds like you are good to go. It was all there, you just need a little push. I think the best part is that you have your own unique way of explaining it. It's not the generic, "I won this beauty queen pagent and realized I wanted to work for world peace, so I got my daddy Ted Turner to donate a billion bucks to the UN."

Stephanie, I will be in Austin this weekend for the UT graduation. I just wanted to give you a head's up, but I don't know that I'll have a chance to meet up.

Boy update: I'm still scratching my head over it, but I think that I am dating a boy named Bob. It's really a silly story about why I am sort of baffled (in a humorous way of course) about how it came to be, but I'll spare the boys on the blog from my girlie ways. I may have more tomorrow.

oh yeah. i also forgot to mention. i think i might be turning into a lady... i bought a skirt and wore it on friday. and it didn't feel... uncomfortable. in fact... it felt ok. i don't wanna be a lady! i've fought it for 26 years... what's going on?

Sunday, December 02, 2001

oh yeah.. shoot. i was gonna mention the travel thing to you too louise. (i guess i got distracted by summer yesterday). angie did a better job in guiding you though, than i could've done. i think too, that sometimes the smaller things are bigger achievements. think about that. i know you have a lot in your grab bag.

Saturday, December 01, 2001

Angie, you rock.

"While baking damn fine chocolate chip cookies, I find myself reflecting upon the personal growth I have experienced through the alchemy of transforming base and humble ingredients into divine nourishment."

Weezie, why don't you talk about some of your experiences in your road trip travels. Did you keep a journal while you were over here? Talk about some of the people you met, what you learned about is acceptable, unacceptable, etc. You know, college admissions officers always want to hear about the personal growth shit, and how you've come to a place in the world on your own. Blah, blah, blah bullshit, just to show that you are serious. Or at least articulate. Hell, you could always go through some of the Lake Effect archives and talk about how you've grown since you started (that is, if you can't think of anything from your travels). Or what a piece of art you created says about you and your being? Oh, what about how things changed at home upon your return from your trip? These are just really random thoughts; I'll try to think about it some more for you. BTW, baking damn good choc chip cookies is a feat in and of itself.

Mike, I finally had a chance to do a quick listen to the CD. Good stuff. Nothing like anything I own, so I'm glad that you gave me the opportunity to branch out. Happy b-day, hope you got what you wished for.

This morning I decorated holiday cards for seniors in nursing homes (it was through UH and Volunteer Houston). Good stuff.

Last night, I had a softball game with my Bad News Bears team. We really suck. Last night was the first time we won all season, and we even managed to come from behind. The highlight was the last play. It was the bottom of the last inning, we were up by one run and in the field, 2 outs, I was playing 2nd base, there was a guy on first, the ball was hit to the short stop, I ran to cover 2nd, the SS tossed it to me, the runner comes charging down the baseline screaming bloody murder. Once I finished making the play I looked over at the runner who was laying on the ground with his face in the air. I pointed at him and screamed, "BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then after we both laughed I said, "Didn't your mama tell you that you shouldn't yell at women?????," and I helped him up.

Today was Houston's run-off election for mayor. Anyone who complains about the lack of canidates gets to hear my tirade about, "I come from the state that was forced to choose between a criminal and a former klansman for governor, stop your shit."

Okay, help. Angie especially, you seem darn good at this stuff. I must have a greater achievement than baking really good chocolate chip cookies. Argh.

hey cool! happy birthday, mike! that means you and chelle (from new york.... and her twin sister) share the same

and happy december! it's 60 degrees outside. 60. it's gonna get warmer. it IS december, yes?