Friday, May 31, 2002

The Planets.

Zach: really enjoyed your last post from Monster Island. Weez: that's so cool about your bro.

Random thought of the day: I wish I were a gospel singer. There's just something about strong, black women with amazing vocals. They stay with you for days on end. Like Mahalia Jackson or Aretha Franklin.

Yesterday I had a good work out for the first time in two weeks (with travel and all it was hard). I even managed to go for a short run, and I met my all-time running high. It was a good day. Not much else to report otherwise.

Holy shit . . . . I was just on The Pentagon estimates 11 to 17 MILLION casualties during the first few weeks of an India-Pakistan nuke war.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

So I'm talking to my little brother on the phone, ask him if he's going to move back to California for the summer, and he says yeah, but only for about six weeks, because he's spending August in France, in a house with four other surfers, which is being rented by their sponsor. I nearly passed out. I love him! I hate him! Aiiiiieeeeee! Oh, and then he'll probably go to Japan in September, and the Samoa story got picked up by Surfing magazine (THE big name in the surf industry). I couldn't stop screaming. I told him to look out for those French girls, and bless him, the boy said "Look out for them? They better look out for me!" He went to a surf festival in Biarittz when he was 13 and chaperoned, but apparently has some fond memories of topless sunbathers and friendly French filles.

Odd dreams lately. Tuesday night: I dream I have long hair again, and then I run my hands through it and it starts falling out (not out of my scalp, but falling out so that my hair is the same length it is now). I kept pulling off hair by running my fingers through it, big swatches of it, and putting it all in a wooden box. Oh, and it was purple. Early this morning I dreamed I was working as a server on a cruise ship and my trainer was too busy to actually train me; he would tell me what needed to be done but not how to do it, and then disappear. Like he handed me a loaf of pate and said "This needs to be sliced" and then dashed off, and I realized I didn't know where the knives were, or where the kitchen was.

Jango Fett was played by Temuera Morrison, and the voice of the alien who greets Obi-Wan when he gets to the cloning planet was by Rena Owen. Yea Polynesia! I really want to see "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" but I have to find it on DVD.

anyone want chicken biryani for dinner? come on over.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Shell - I mailed you Conv. Adol. art today
Upma - go you!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

i went to a film premeire tonight for works that were done for a local channel WYBE (, that hosts a series called “Philadelphia Stories.” so all these local independent filmmakers got picked up to do or have their existing work shown on this series. my new goal is to be one of the actual filmmakers in that room next year.

so, the few people i know took it upon themselves to introduce me a few other people (who are like... big whigs in the philly film scene). i can’t believe how many nice things people are saying about me. it’s kinda... well... it makes me feel special.

Laurent said: "Do you see that star? The one that is directly above us? Yes? (I saw it.) That star never moves. Every other star moves. Anywhere you are in the world the stars move around in the sky during the day and when they appear at night they are in different places. But, that star never moves. It is fixed. It shines on Monster Island alone."

I said: "How can that be? Wouldn't astronomers have seen it? Besides, I don't think that is even a star. It isn't twinkling. Stars twinkle. I think that's Mars. (It was steady and slightly pink.) I don't know for sure, but it has to be one of the planets."

Laurent said: "No, no. A scientist would never see it. It shines straight down on this island. Nowhere else. And it could be a planet, not a star. I don't know. But it is there every night in the exact same spot looking at us."

I said: "But, planets move, too. If its Mars, astronomers know where it will be. They track the planets. Mars and Venus and Jupiter are all very bright."

Laurent said: "Oh, it is none of those. Those planets are wander around, but that light stays there. Perhaps it is a monster planet. They could be looking at us."

Henri said: "This is getting silly." (The boat was rocking slightly.)

Laurent said: "It is a monster planet and they watch down on us. Who could see them but the few of us on this island? Who would ever notice a monster planet? I bet the monsters there have the biggest boats. Boats for water and boats for air and boats for land and boats for trees. And they never move one inch in the sky. We are linked to them. The monster planet prays for the monster island. It is a lovely place. They call it Le Barbare."

I said: "My friend told me there might be a place called Robot Penesula. I wonder if there is. I've never seen a robot."

Laurent said: "There are robots on Le Barbare. They share the planet, but the monsters were there first, so they got to name the planet. But the monsters lay around all day, so the robots built the city. The city is called Le Systeme. The monsters visit it in their air boats to say hello. Robots and monsters are perfect friends."

Henri said: "You are foolish. This island isn't even called Monster Island." (This was technically true. When it appears on maps Monster Island is called Monkey Island. But, the monsters are here now and no one uses the old name.) Why would they look at us?"

Laurent said: "Because they are monsters too. They don't need a map to know we are like them."

(We laid in the canoe and rocked. Le Barbare did not twinkle, but I thought I could hear the sounds of the robot city shaking its way down.)

Monday, May 27, 2002

Weez: I read about that a while ago. No need for any more evidence: A&F sucks ass.

Ok, I LOVE Willie Nelson. No really. I LOVE Willie Nelson. I'm jamming right now to his special on USA featuring performances from Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, Keith Richards, Matchbox 20, Emmylou Harris, etc. Anyone else catch it? I wonder if they are going to release an album from it. I also managed to watch Lauryn Hill unplugged on MTV. It was cool to see an R&B artist jam on an accoustic guitar the way she did. Gawd, I've been bad with TV lately!

Today my cousin and I went to a Giants vs. Diamondbacks game at the new baseball stadium. It was AWESOME. Only, we managed to miss Barry Bonds' homer!!!! Oh well.

Went to dinner with the fam tonight. A bunch of people were in town for my cousin Candace's wedding, so a group of like 17 went out. People/families always crack me. They come up with this image of others that they don't really know, based on bad information and/or a very brief experience that happened 25 years ago. For instance, I was told that this one man was a snob, because he was a doctor. But I found the reason why everyone said that was because they freakin' never even tried to talk to him. Hello? Of course if you talk in circles about shit that a person has no history with, of course they are going to appear aloof. *sigh*

Oh, for Louise. Dinner consisted of shark's fin soup, curried crab with Chinese steamed sweet buns, chicken with broccoli and squid, roasted chicken with seafood chips, steamed then fried fish, lettuce wrap with seafood fried rice, Chinese broccoli with black mushrooms. At the end they gave us a white soup with tapioca balls and sweet potatoes. It was YUM, but my fav dessert was definately the green tea ice cream over fried banana.

Tomorrow, back to the real world. Over the last week and a half, I have gained about 20 pounds, ate my fair share of Asian food (I think I only missed out on Thai and Vietnamese), watch about 10 DVD's, took in more than enough cable TV, met up with lots of old and good friends, shared some QT with my fav cousin in the world, and decided to move on with a personal relationship that has been stagnant for quite some time now.

Angie - want one more reason to hate Abercrombie and Fitch?

Saturday, May 25, 2002

STRAWBERRIES. Chelsea got strawberries at the farmers market today from the Amish family. I made creme fraiche last night, so it was perrrrrfect. STRAWBERRIES.

Summit location: may I suggest Toronto, so that I can go to Peach Berserk and drool on the yummy fabrics. Actually, I'd like to vote for Paris or London, so maybe Montreal instead?

Friday, May 24, 2002

My lunch breaks are pretty random. Today I wandered over to the bank when Kris got back from his break. That took 10 mins, so I sat down later and ate a chunk of bread that was out as a sample. My breaks are rarely scheduled and always involve food, often scavenged from the staff "chump" shelves. I was bringing almond butter and raspberry preserve sandwiches from home for a while, but then I put all the bread in the freezer and that cuts down on the appeal somewhat.

Yesterday's break included a fake meat Philly cheese"steak" that Chelsea swiped from the deli staff meal for me. Dinner tonight was polenta (yep, I made it from scratch) with butter and romano cheese stirred in, more grated romano on top, and slices of mozzarella and smoked provolone laid on to melt into it. Plus a turkey and veggies soup-ish thing that involved lots of black pepper, heavy cream, and ridiculously dry and chewy turkey meat. The meat was a freebie from work - this is what happens when people want low-fat "healthy" meat. Chelsea and I agree that polenta is an excellent cheese transportation device. Louis came over later and poked at the cooled polenta in the pot. "What's this?" "Polenta." "Wha?" "Polenta. Call 'em grits if you like." "I was gonna say...these look like cold grits." "Polenta. It has romano cheese in it." "Cheesy grits!" "Eye-talian grits." We decided to call them polenta grits. Sunday I'll try making bacon and cheese polenta grits (or maybe ham and cheese...I have some prosciutto). It sounds difficult and gourmet when you say polenta. Who the hell ever complained about how hard it was to make grits? I can't believe people buy cold chubs of cooked polenta. That stuff is slimy and buh-land. Who the hell would buy cold grits? Homemade polenta grits only take about 20 minutes, are way cheap, and can be put into a mold before they get cold. Cold polenta grits make an excellent snack, peeled off the sides of the pot and eaten with fingers. Cold buttery cheesy polenta grits are my new favorite midnight snack, although One Sweet Whirled ice cream is running a very tight second.

my "lunch break" today consists of no break, a bag of cheese puffs and a cherry cola at 5:30pm. dinner is in a while. what have your lunch breaks been like lately?
if you bbq this weekend, send me the scent of burning coals. yum.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

I once saw a squirrel lick another squirrel's chubby. Good solid licking.

I laughed about it then and I laugh about it now.

Still in SF for another few days. Am getting lots of QT with my cousin who is like a lil brother to me. He's been giving me a hard time because I've been noticing Asian men lately, a first in my 26 years. He attributes it to all of the MSG in the Asian food I've been eating. Yes my friends, he's quite the freak.

Spent all day with my friend Candace from high school. She is one of the most intelligent people I know, yet she is so down to earth. We were talking about squirrels. Apparently at Princeton, there wasa real probelm with squirrels sneaking into the dorms and tearing shit up. At LSU, this one girl was walking in this area surrounded by lots of trees, and a squireel fell on top of her heard. So fucking funny for us, but not for her.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (quick note: I enjoyed this, mainly because I was sitting next to Brent and we kept up running commentary..."all of a sudden I'm thinking crab legs would be good for dinner).
Anakin & Amidala: Brent and I want to see this on DVD so that we can insert all the porn dialogue we came up with. Which would, I think, make it all more believable.
Light Saber Battles: Less love, more war!
George Lucas: is not allowed to direct or write the screenplay.
Yoda: When the computer-generated characters have greater range than the human actors...

Clash of the Titans: the first time I saw this, it was on TV during a barbecue (and I was a little kid). There was a multi-colored layered Jell-O mold there (the kind with cream cheese layers...yum...) and I have always associated Clash of the Titans with layered Jell-O mold. Definitely too abstract, but you could do a Jell-O mold with blue Jell-O, float globs of cream cheese or Cool Whip inside it for clouds, and have little gods and goddesses figurines suspended in it.

I had some ideas for your party, Stephanie. Most of them are based on the movie in some way. You could have lots of little mechanical toys like the owl that continuously saves the day as party favors. You know the little wind up walkers in such. I guess that's a little abstract.

Maybe there could be an oracle that doles out everyday type tragedies in the form of riddles or gives instructions on how to "save" the party.

You could get some instruments or even toy instruments and have a battle of the bands, a different interpretation of "Clash of the Titans. Form bands at the beginning of the party with epic names. Covers or originals are welcome. Or perhaps only covers of Clash songs.

Were not the titans the big ugly things that clashed like Madussa and Ascyla (or whatever the sea monster was) and all those other claymation things. Snakes as hair, there's got to be something there. The stone cold looks, maybe you don't want that at your party though.

Ambrosia should be involved somehow. Pin the tail on the flying pegasus?

Maybe there could be some section of the party area(like the backyard) where you have to pay a boatman 2 cents to cross the river styx. There could also be a Mount Olympus area complete with a small diarama of the party with figures that represent the attendees. Control the party from "Heavan." Who gets to be Zeus? It seems like there should be so much more, I'm not doing as well as I thought I would here.

I must get back to tending to the robots now.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

So my birthday's next month and I want to have a party - here's my theme so far:
Clash of the Titans
come dressed as if you clash, were in the Clash or are a Titan (think togas)
serving: red wine, lots of it, maybe grapes, cheese...
any other suggestions to make this a more fun theme party? other food?
maybe having a tape of it running?
What do you think?

Monday, May 20, 2002

Greetings from San Francisco. Man, just being reminds me all over again of why I love it so.

On Sat. I accompanied my cousin's family to a Chinese dinner. There were a ton of kids, but mainly a three year old girl, a 4 yeard old boy, and a 5 year old boy. The girl is extremely bright and can whoop both of the boys' asses blindfolded and with one hand. Anyways they were playing with the Playstation, and they were raising seven kinds of hell. The girl wrestled the control from one of the boys, and they are just screaming. Finally I took the damn thing from the girl and said, "If y'all can't play nice, then I'm gonna play." The little girl gave me this eat shit look and said, "But I had it first." I looked at her for a second and for lack of anything else to say, I replied, "Well I'm BIGGER." Needless to say that she did not like me one bit.

Moral of the story: Angie is NOT ready for multiple small children around the same age any time soon. Phew! They were quite cute though. One of the little boys saw me with my jacket on and he tugs on it and says, "Angie, where are we going?" I said, "I'm going o the movies." A few minutes later, he says, "Ok, we're ready to go with you." Broke my heart!!!!

More stories on food and stuff later.

Upma sorry I'm missing out on the girl chat, but the city calls!

whoa. flooded by molasses?! yum.

girls. can we make a chat date for tonight? say around... 10 or 11? i have a romantic "tragedy" to share with you. guys, you're invited too... if you won't make fun of me or be too bored.

um, mike, how come in the years i've known you you've never once mentioned that boston was flooded by molasses?

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

good things about it:
Ewan MacGregor - I can watch him in anything
Natalie Portman's clothes - a bit ridiculous that she changes clothes every scene and I fear these outfits will only encourage the ugly assed trend of romantic fluffy ruffles and pale pinks that are all over the mall - but very cool hair and creative use of fabric
light saber duels - yes, I'm a geek
special effects - that is what George Lucas is good at
the bad guys - so delightfully evil
the previews - good blockbusters coming our way, (The Minority Report)

and the bad:
the dialogue - well, you've seen the previews
the love scenes - wooden, cardboard, cellulose
Yoda-Fu - you'll know after you see the movie
the plot - whatever

Sunday, May 19, 2002

adventures in philly days 94, 95
saturday was a great shopping day. target, petsmart, delia's at the mall (ewwwww yucky jersey mall!)
i got a great bike seat cover that's gel and is totally cushy. no more achy butt.
also tried a vietnamese restaurant in south philly... yum.

sunday. slept in late! my friend maria called and said that there was a festival in Bella Vista, so i got dressed and walked down there... it was small but festive. slightly chilly. there was a stage that had talent acts... i think it was following the history of the neighborhood... so it started out with little girls doing an irish dance, when i got there we saw a belly dancer and then a chinese dragon dance. then we went to get a cup o coffee... OH. and i met some of maria's friends that she's been telling me about who're into "all that underground punk rock and indie rock stuff that you like." (hahaaaahaaa) anyway, then we were just chillin and relaxin for a good while at a coffee shop.
then later in the evening i went into west philly to get dinner with dem and some other people. his girlfriends birthday s tomorrow... we went to this FABULOUS thai restuarant and had this FABULOUS salad..... ohhhhhh and drunken noodle. after dinner mike and i were chattin and discovered that he knows people that i grew up with in ohio. one of whom is moving to philadelphia next month. i don't really remember this girl so much.. i totally remember the name, but i can't really remember more. he called her and we chatted on the phone for a few minutes (which was totally weird), but apparently we bonded the one year i ran track.
remember that story i told you about the stupid punkass who ditched my favorite orange bike in the creek? mike thinks that guys a total jerk too. what a small, small, small world.

Well, just - a look at that girl with the lights comin' up in her eyes.
She's got to be somebody's baby.
She must be somebody's baby.
All the guys on the corner stand back and let her walk on by.
She's got to be somebody's baby.
She must be somebody's baby.
She's got to be somebody's baby.
She's so fine.
She's probably somebody's only light.
Gonna shine tonight.
Yeah, she's probably somebody's baby, all right.

I heard her talkin' with her friend when she thought nobody else was around.
She said she's got to be somebody's baby; she must be somebody's baby.
'Cause when the cars and the signs and the street lights light up the town,
She's got to be somebody's baby;
She must be somebody's baby;
She's got to be somebody's baby.
She's so....
She's gonna be somebody's only light.
Gonna shine tonight.
Yeah, she's gonna be somebody's baby tonight.

I try to shut my eyes, but I can't get her outta my sight.
I know I'm gonna know her, but I gotta get over my fright.
We'll, I'm just gonna walk up to her.
I'm gonna talk to her tonight.
Yeah, she's gonna be somebody's only light.
Gonna shine tonight.
Yeah, she's gonna be somebody's baby tonight.
Gonna shine tonight, make her mine tonight.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Mike-They knew my folks? Wow. You didn't happen to catch a name, did you?

you should all look at the spiderhorse website

oh, just some boys who work at the super cool record store.

Upma, who?

Thursday, May 16, 2002

i just wanna share my excitement... i have new indie rock (boy)friends. *happy*

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

If everyone pitches in a buck, that should cover the developing costs. So, please, send no more than that.

Okay. My project, I make the rules.

One camera. I start it. Theme, list determining order, and time limit will be included with the camera (mail camera by x date or it will go boom!). Envelope for $$ donations towards photo development and snackies for Zackie included as well.

JT can read my mind. i say this because when i pleaded at the computer yesterday to send JT to descend and fix, he did.
(tangent: by the way, i had a friend in b'burg named Zach or was it Zack? anyway... he changed it to xaq. it fits that dude.... not our zach. but i do think xach totally fits our z(x)ach. xach also feels like a dirty, naughty, forbidden word beacuse of the "x"... look at it. xach is so bad ass.)

the funniest thing to me about this whole discussion is that i totally thought we discussed logistics on IM the other night. (louise, zach, angie and myself). and when we told louise that it was a great idea and she ought to post it to everyone, i totally thought that she was gonna POST it to everyone. as in... here's the project, these are the rules, let's do it. (maybe that's just my controlling side dictating something that shouldn't be dictated... i don't know).

anyway. if you want my $.02, i am in complete agreement with JT and Xach.

and i also have a request... JT... i would like to see Monster Island sometime. when are you going again? i'm afraid of monsters.

Okay - new vote. Kanui - you started this, so I think you get the final word. But I agree, one camera, if it works out, down the road we can always do more. Start with one roll of film or two and let Zach be the end point.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Zach, I accidently typed Xach and kind of like it. You must have done that before, I mean the Z and the X are right next to each other on the keyboard and they sound the same. Listen Z X (repeat).

Dearest Lake Effectors, I'm here to advocate Zach's sweet pleas, and it's not just becasue I've been to Monster Island (it's not too far from the Robot Peninsula where I've been staying, they like me, invited me to stay, offered me a job) or that I too have a scanner and some webspace to store photos. It's becasue of this: There's a few kinds of chain letter. The kind you waste yours and your friends' time on, sending it around without receiving any of the good fortune it promises. The kind you throw in the trash because chain letters never work and ultimately end up sad and lonely with a curse because you didn't follow directions. And then there's the kind that you get and you change and you pass on and it transforms and grows like the most wonderful game of telephone you've ever played, standing on rooftops with empty tin cans, long strands of twine, GPS satelites quitely watching overhead, connecting just barely, but beautifully all the corners of a city, with a message that when it returns to you, reveals itself through the ones you love but can barely hear, who can barely hear you, and then you pass it on again. There's also the ones which involve ASCII art which I already regret mentioning.

Z(X)ach (just giving the X a shot), I'm sure at this point you're regretting my support, for one thing, there is a large run-on sentence that comprises most of the above paragraph, which may question the credibility of my already flimsy argument, but keep the faith Monster Islander. What I'm trying to say is that chain letters, for whatever treachery or joy they are created, involve some time and planning. Something maybe we could use a little more of. That last point might have been more poignant if it hadn't ended with a preposition.

I have a lot of ideas and suggestions for shaping our photo chain but I want to save them. I think ultimately Louise must develop the scenario or shape that this project takes since she initiated it and we will be using her equipment. I can implement my own ideas when the camera gets to me, which I hope it does. Perhaps Zach should be involved also since he's assuming the position at the end of the chain and will be responsible for diplaying the results. I'm always in favor of close cladestine conversations between these two, the world changes a little every time. My only suggestion is that it be about something more than "us." Every project we take on as a group will be about us because we're doing it, which means it can be about something else also.

Finally, what a beautiful idea secret camera is. How great would it be to unexpectedly receive a package with a camera in it and a note that says: "Shhhhh!!! I am secret camera. Take four pictures of secret things and pass it on" I think it would be really great. Unfortunately secret camera is no longer a secret. I've been reading the blog and I think everybody knows about secret camera.

Oh, I'm tired. Telephone, PopSwatch from Paris, remnant of purple fabric, lonely silver star, lakeeffect. This is what I see before I close my eyes.

Zach: you don't deal with the second camera. Anyone interested in the second camera signs up, and it ends up with someone else. You are not the only one on the blog who can set up a page.

Upma: There is no single secret. It's just that we don't tell each other what we took pics of. That way, it's a total surprise when it gets developed.

Mike: It wasn't 1000journals, it was

Before anyone mails anything, explain what we're doing. Why are there two cameras? Two cameras mean twice the lateness, twice the work for whomever posts and develops the photos (likely me), twice the amount of time waiting for the results to appear online. Also, twice the amount on postage when you mail the damn things on to the next person and twice the trouble keeping track of them. And for what? If we use one camera and include two rolls of flim everyone gets, what, eight shots, and they will all be posted at the same time AND they will all be a part of one single art project. A bunch of loonies mailing cameras to each other willy-nilly isn't the best way to get a complete and satisfying finished product.

Am I alone in seeing the good sense of this?

i don't understand the purpose of the secret camera. what's the "secret?"

Okay. I actually like the two camera idea. I say one is my cheap-ass camera, so that we can use however many rolls of film we need to (in the event, say, that someone encounters the Loch Ness Monster and Elvis) and people don't have to feel exceptionally guilty if they take more than four pictures. I'll start that one here in Bloomington, and then hand it off to Shelly. Included will be a checklist of names and, as Zach suggested, a note about the last picture taken. I'd like to set a time limit on that one (mostly because I want to see the pics, dammit). Would a maximum of five days per person be acceptable?

The second secret camera - Steph, thank you for offering (Angie has offered too - how about you ladies duke that out on your own), can be sent out with just a checklist of names. No time limit.

I don't understand the "secret" camera idea. What's secret about it? Are the two cameras taking pictures of different things? Wouldn't it be easier to use Weezie's cheap camera with two rolls of film? Not only would it be easier, it would be faster, safer (for the camera in the mail) and much, much less of a hassle for me to post. Plus, we would have the benefit of more photos per person.

Zach, do you have some secret fetish with red bras??????

I like the one camera secret, one tracked idea. Maybe the tracked one can be of different parts of our lives/passions/whatever, the secret one can be the fun one that Zach describes. The secret one should at lest have a check list so that it doesn't get sent to the same person multiple times. With two cameras and eight people, that makes 8 total pics per person.

Song of the day (inspired by the thought of Mike in a RED art bra): "I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy thang. I believe in miracles, since you came along, you sexy thang."

Zach - those are good ideas. I'll hold off on starting on the camera until the whole blog has voiced an opinion.

Unless I'm mistaken, all cameras have to end here, considering I'm the one with the scanner, the webspace and the posting know-how. I'm sure some of you could do it if you wanted to, but so far, I've been the one posting photos and things, right? So, as long as I'm at the end of the chain, I'll be happy with whatever.

We could make it literally a chain, too. For example, Shelly could take three photos, one of her rats, one of herself and one of her art bra, then send it to Mike with a note saying what the last photo was. It could be vague or specific. Say Shelly says, "Mike, last photo was an red art bra." So then Mike has to find something to connect it to his life and he chooses either a bra of some value in his life, or maybe something red, or maybe some piece of art that he did. Get it? Then it passes through all the L. Effecters and comes to me and I have to take my last picture to relate to the very first thing. In this case, rats.

I'll post them all on a separate page from the blog. Maybe we can include captions or something after the fact.

I like these ideas, guys.

Mike -great idea. I have a disposable camera - I can start one - maybe send it to Angie next (work its way North). Weezie - why don't you start the other one - since you'll be seeing Shelly soon.
How does that sound?

Monday, May 13, 2002

PROPOSAL: group project
One camera, two rolls of film, 8 participants, and the US Postal Service.
I take a few pictures and hand the camera over to Shelly. She takes a few pictures and mails the camera to the next person on the list. And so it goes, until all 8 have taken pictures and the film is used up. Then the pictures are posted on the Lake Effect site. (I propose Shelly gets it second only because I'm going to see her in a few weeks).
SUGGESTED THEME: Us. Can use the valentines I sent out as a reference if inspiration is necessary. Otherwise, think of it as your personal ad to the world?
TIMEFRAME: Well, I'd like to have my camera back within six weeks. Can do?
ALTERNATE: Two cameras (Angie has volunteered to purchase and send out a disposable camera).

well, so... this weekend was fun. my brothers graduation was nice. lamar alexander spoke... i totally thought the dude was a democrat from his speech. he was... nice. and wise. not like any other dirty republican. anyway. politics, schmolitics.

next. you are only as old as you feel. right? i found two gray hairs this weekend. (i totally hear zach laughing right now, too). well.. i don't have gray hair anymore... i pulled 'em out. my momma thinks that i will get gray hair sooner cuz i color my hair all the time. i don't know where she gets that from... but so far, i can't proove her wrong. i didn't think i'd get so freaked out by gray hair... but then again... i also thought i'd be over 40 or 50 when i got my first one. does anyone remember how/when/why jean val jean got a whole head of gray hair over night? and moses too. i want to think that it's for the same reason on a much smaller scale that gave me two gray hairs overnight.
yeah.. i'm just gonna go with that.

Random thoughts from moi . . .

I was trying to arrange a TV interview with a professor today. Prior to the interview, he was playing basketball so I asked him if he planned on showering. He said of course, that they had showers, blah, blah, blah. I start cracking up and apologize for insinuating that he did not bathe regularly, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I had lunch at this restaurant that everyone calls the Thai Nazi. Apparently if you piss off the owner, you are completely screwed. They keep pushing back your order so that you are waiting a minimum of 30 minutes. And if your order is messed up, you need to just suck it up and deal. Hence, the Thai Nazi. Really good food though.

There is this very large man at my church who serves as a Eucharistic minister. During weeks that he serves, he wears a suit and is nicely dressed. On off weeks, he wears t-shirts that say "Big Daddy" sprawled across the back, and he sits in the second row of the church.

For Mother's Day I sent e-greetings to some of my friends who have animals and were married without children. They all said, "From the Animals and Nangie, with love."

As a crazy old lady, I would imagine I would much like the Thai Nazi. You get what I want you to have, and you're gonna love every minute of it. My stories would grow taller and taller. And I'd probably tell all the other old geezers to stop their bitchin', even though I would do it regularly.

mike-I have some space, sure.

Weezie - you are awesome. (and now continues a very non sequitar post)
I shot this race on Saturday morning. There were lots of runners over 70 - whose finish times for the 5K would probably beat me. I want to be the I can't believe how old they are and still kicking old lady.
"Sunshine Day" was just played on our local NPR station. Given that the song was going through my head nonstop on Saturday, it feels satisfying to hear it.
I went to a thrift store yesterday. Found a Vera Wang silver dress for $10. I may sell it on eBay.
Saw SpiderMan -loved his angst. But I though Mary Jane was a bit of a drip. I can't wait for the Hobgoblin in part 2. I went and Fandango'd tickets for Attack of the Clones for this weekend. It may suck, but at least I'll be in a theater opening weekend with lots of excited fans, waiting for it to suck.
Swam lots this weekend and walked around the lake.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Last night was ice cream night, I think to make up for my surreal week. First I finished the last of the ice cream in the freezer before dinner. Then we went downtown and I got cinnamon ice cream (tastes like pie crust) at Jiffy Treet. And then a Brandy Alexander at Bear's. Brandy Alexanders are the perfect crazy old lady drink - ice cream and booze in a snifter with little straws so you can poke your eye out. When I am a crazy old lady, it's going to be Brandy Alexanders all the time. First I get to be a Crazy Middle-Aged Art Bitch - I practiced at home last night with an ikat silk shawl, which can be tied around the head like a turban, draped about the shoulders in all sorts of ways, or wrapped around the hips. Worn with big hoop earrings and chunky jewelry (I favor the enormous, intricate, generically ethnic pendant on a cord), I can do a dead-on imitation of the art teacher from hell. She drinks sake martinis - the Brandy Alexanders come later.

What kind of Crazy Old Lady will you be (or Crazy Old Coot, if you prefer, although I think Z would make one hell of a crazy old lady, but after his career as Punk Rock Preacher Man - flex that righteous indignation!)?

Friday, May 10, 2002

the news here was really.... interesting last night.
1. the mayor of philly has implemented "operation safe streets," where basically, there is more of a police presence in all the neighborhoods, but especially focussed on drug corners. the idea is to get drugs off the streets and make the citizens, especially the children, feel safer in their neighborhoods. ok, well... last night in the news they said that a secretary (i think it was actually mayor street's own secretary) was caught shoplifting and arrested for possession yesterday. ooops.
2. apparently, Aunt Jamima syrup is a great hair conditioner. i'm gonna try that one fer sure.
3. some local high school teacher started a fire in her room, on purpose, to get her students' attention. she was arrested.

this week has been a really hectic week at work, all leading up to today. (we're having a special event). we're bringing in a korean filmmaker from new york... she works with youth and media, and is an activist.. her current cause is korean re-unification. speaking of which... i gotta actually iron my pants before i go in, so... have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

For my friend Ann's wedding - I want to do a picture book for her. So last night I went to the place where her wedding is being held and took lots of photos - it's pretty scenic - small waterfall, lush green trees, cobbly paths- I may try and carry a camera in my bouquet (as bridesmaid) to take more action shots during the actual event.
Work is sloooow this week. And I went to and now was to try and sew a skirt out of the green sushi fabric.

yesterday there was a lone duck wandering around in the parking lot of the grocery store. a few people eyed it hungrily or warily. i'm not sure which. one woman asked the duck where her husband was. the grocery store is not especially near a pond or lake.

i went to see a performance piece called "Loving in the Dark." it didn't make the mistake most performance pieces make of being way too long and there was a potluck and dancing afterward. it did involve dena making love to the food and dancing while making a monte cristo sandwich. my favorite section was called spinning gold from balls of yarn and memory (or something like that, i don't have the program with me.)

last weekend i hung out with the 55 year old son of my 85 year old friend. the son is a composer who builds his own instruments and a pretty interesting and bizarre man. now i've come to find out that my friend would like to hook me up with his son. i'm ~so~ not into that.

speaking of creepy things- do men regulary have to go to any doctors appointments where in addition to being poked and prodded they have to answer incredibly specific questions about their sexual history and practices?

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

dude, TONY HAWK on david letterman tomorrow night!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

adventures in philly days 78 - 82. this post is sponsored by the letter I and the number 7

yes i did see spiderman on friday. i LOVED it. it’s a summer blockbuster film that is good and smart and in my opinion a very well made film and not overwhelming on overused, unneccasarry special effects. i can say much more on the subject, but don’t really feel like it right now.

i went on two looooong bike rides this past weekend, and as a result i have settled on what neighborhood i want to move to. it’s called Bella Vista which means “beautiful view” in Italian. Bella Vista is home to Philadelphia’s Italian Market. it's really nice, safe, has trees and no tall buidings... it's close to South St. which will be slightly annoying on the weekends, but my new favorite record store is located there, so i just consider that my trade off. there's also two good grocery stores and some good eats on South St. but the neighborhood itself (seemingly) has a lotta good eats... particulary italian and asian.

i’ve been terribly homesick for the past couple days. work is very good at taking my mind off being homesick. and brainstorming for Mary Thyme’s and JT’s requests as well. (by the way, i got a beautiful postcard from Seattle today, thank you! it made me smile).
In addition to being terribly homesick, i’ve been feeling terribly mushy about EVERYTHING. i can’t get over how nice and sweet the people i’ve come across in philly are. i love that my co-workers are so sweet. i love that you guys are always here for me. i love that i totally consider you some of my best friends, and i haven’t even met some of you in person. i love that we chat online a lot. i love that my cat finds the CUTEST ways to amuse herself. i love that i’m feeling re-inspired and motivated to do work.

i feel like a big mushy mush ball.

i have given myself 3 bass guitar lessons in the past week. i think i’m learning rather quickly... i dunno. i think. it’s fun, and easy, and i like it. after i feel competent enough with it, i want to find other people to play with. i’m a little scared about that though. i’ve never done that before.

i didn’t get this written fast enough, and now i have to post my boring post after beautiful as always JT AND Monster Island. i guess someone had to.

On the North-Eastern side of the island, near the boat docks, there is a clearing with a large oven on one side. Albert sleeps in the clearing with his kiln. At night, he sits with the gate open working in the firelight. From someone, a Parrot Island trader probably, he gets sacks full of clay. And slowly, deliberately with his shaggy monster fingers his sculpts and paints with a few bottles of glaze. Then he fires.

Whenever he hears the Parrot Island shuttle steam into the bay, he hefts a sackful of the figures (in the sacks the clay came in, of course) over his shoulder and sets out to the shore. Along the short concourse at the dock, there are a few stands. Mostly, they are owned by Parrot Island tourist groups. They offer drinks and suntain lotion and sunglasses and maps. Albert sets his figures down on the ground a respectful distance from the tourist shops, then he plants himself a few paces behind them.

When I arrived off the boat, I didn't see him. I'm sure he was there, but I missed him. I was heading south and they tour groups usually make a northward pass, thus Albert sets up on the north side of the concourse. But, I have seen Albert everytime I have been to the dock since then. He is quiet. He doesn't speak to the passersby. And he never, ever sells anything.

The clay figures are interesting. If I were visiting, I might buy one from him. But, I've never been nervous around monsters. Or maybe I was and I can't remember it now. The figure Albert gave me, despite my protesting that I couldn't just take one from him, is a banana painted with shockingly bright yellow glaze, wearing a dark green raincoat carrying a dark green umbrella. The banana is not a grinning cartoon banana with human eyes or anything like that. It is simply a regular banana in rain gear. It's beautiful. Lovely work.

There is also a monkey (brown) pushing another monkey in a wheelbarrow (green). The monkey in the wheelbarrow is holding a lit candle (yellow). There is a giraffe (yellow and brown) wearing shorts (blue). Albert says the giraffe is wearing swimming trunks. The figure of the mountain is green with monkeys holding hands circling it. There are fish painted with what seemed to be every color glaze. There is figure of two monsters in a canoe. Henri and Laurent are smiling. I think it is unlikely they posed for the sculpture. The sculpture of a crab is wearing dark frame eyeglasses.

Last week we were talking. I asked him about snakes and why he no figures of snakes.

"Oh, I do, I do. I have a whole bunch of snakes, but I never bring them here."

Snakes on Monster Island are no much like snakes in the rest of the world. They aren't poisonious and they never bite. They are all about the same length and color (deep green). Monster island snakes always travel in twos. Albert agreed with me, that, after the fish, snakes were the most friendly things on Monster Island.

Once, before I came, Albert had two snake figures in his for sale collection. Both were smashed by Parrot Island Ferry Captain Harmer after a little girl jumped and cried at the sight of them. These days, Albert keeps his snake sculptures back at his camp.

"I bet they're nice," I said.

"I'll get you one," Albert said, "Just watch the stand for a minute." Before, I could say anything he loped off into the trees behind us.

He might have been nervous, because the ferry was just then beginning to unload its passengers. Monster Island tourists tend to where shorts and shirts with big logos on them. It's bright here, so they all have sunglasses and hats. And if they don't they buy them at a shop on the concourse. Their are mothers, fathers, son and daughters, grandmas and grandpas and sometimes uncle and aunts.

They browsed, looking through the maps and pamphlets, trickets and tshirts. Some glanced down at Albert's sculptures. I was sitting right behind them. And most passed right on by, trying to find where their tour guides expected them to line up.

But, one family stopped. They were a wife and a husband and a grown son and his wife and a grandchild. The older woman studied each piece. "Well, aren't these unusual. Lois, look at these." The grandchild stooped over the crab with the eyeglasses.

"I don't think crabs can wear glasses, can they?"

"Some can," I said. And the grandfather shot me a look. The grown son and his wife were looking at a map.

"Really?" Lois asked.

But, I didn't answer before the grandmother said, "Do you make these, son? They are adorable. Look, at that pineapple, Lois, it has shoes just like your's." The pineapple figure was wearing flipflops. "How much are they? Tom, do you have the traveller's checks?" Tom, the grandfather gave her the look this time. "Bernie, do you have the traveller's checks?"

Bernie looked up from the map and said, "What, mother?" But, his mother didn't answer.

"Oh, these are darling. Where do you find your inspiration?" She said.

"What is that giriffe doing?" Lois asked.

"Getting ready to swim."

Bernie: "What giraffe?"

"Well, I have to have that one. For Lois. She just loves it." The Grandmother look over her glasses. "How much are they?"

"They aren't mine to sell. I'm sorry. My friend Albert makes them. He should be back in a minute, if you don't mind waiting." The grandfather seemed to mind.

Grandmother: "Albert is my doggie's name!" She clapped her hands. Her husband groaned.

And Albert crashed out of the woods with two snakes in his hands shouting, "These snakes are the best two!"

The Grandmother screamed. The grown son's wife screamed. The grown son threw the map in air and ran. The Grandfather said, "Holy shit!"

"Whoa, whoa," I said trying to calm them. But, the grandmother picked up the crab with eyeglasses and threw it at Albert who had no idea why anyone was shouting. She missed but the crab broke where it landed. She reached down and threw the monkey and the wheelbarrow. It missed and crashed.

Lois said, "Monsters can't talk."

The grown son's wife grabbed her up with one hand and with the other threw a flipflop at Albert. Her aim was better and Albert's snake figure snapped in half. "My snake..." he said.

"Monsters can't talk," Lois replied.

The crew of them turned a fled back to the dock and the ferry. Capt. Harmon looked our direction.

"Better go, Albert. I'll clean up here." And Albert sniffed and turned back toward the clearing and his oven.

Capt. Harmon banned Albert from the concourse. He didn't have the authority to do so, but he did it anyway.

Albert sat by the fire that night. He had tears on his face and his nose was running. "It's okay, pal," I said. "Monster Island is the best place for monsters. It has the friendliest snakes." He shook his head yes. "And clear water. And singing fish."

He wiped his nose and looked at me. "Monsters can to talk."

I'm sorry I have not posted in a long while. This semester has been quite busy. I've had several of my own pieces performed, performed several others myself, built my first working Robot, I'm still assisting with one of the largest new music festivals in the nation and still am trying everyday to see both truth and beauty, project love, eat well, practice yoga, sleep and dream. Failing about as often as I succeed. I have hardly been lake efficient or effective. What's exciting and mundane, I still have a paper to write that's a year overdue, another that's due on Friday, a brass quintet to finish writing for a performance in June and a robot to polish up for a exhibit at a local gallery that opens June 1st.

More importantly, lake effectors, I'm interested in a summit, but I would like to propose that a summit is not just simply a meeting of important people, but a meeting of important people for a purpose. The summit has to be more involved for me than just getting together. The potential for something special to happen when we get together is great, the likelihood that it will without any planning is perhaps less so.

Given that, my suggestion for a locale is MONSTER ISLAND
whether imagined or real, prefabricated or fabricated on arrival. It's where, at the moment, I would most like to see all of you. I don't really know where I'll be or what I'll be doing in a year, much less two and I barely know what I want now but I'm willing to keep some part of my future set aside for such an event.

I'm free for part of the summer, I may do some travelling but probably won't. You are all welcome and encouraged to visit me under the following conditions:


Dada Rex Buffalo Access Residency
Host: J.T. Rinker

Residencies Begin - July 15, 2002
Initially this Access Residency is open to members of the Lake Effect Blog.
The Residency includes up to a one week residency at 133 Elmwood Ave #5 Buffalo, NY. Participants will have their own private room, full of pillows which is their own for the duration of the residency. Residency also includes food for the duration of the stay but does not include travel fare.

Artists will have access to the following types of equipment:
Film and Digital Video equipment
Digital Audio equipment
Analog audio equipment
Various acoustic and electric instruments
An Apple G4 with video and audio editing software including:
-Final Cut Pro
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop
Sewing Machine (and some fabrics)
Sewing accesories
Crafts Materials, Art supplies etc...

Proposals for residency should include a brief summary or outline of the intended project to be worked on during the residency as well as a proposed arrival and departure date for the residency and the types of materials/equipment required for the project.

The host will offer as little or as much technical support, general or creative assitance, and collaborative effort as the participant desires.

Results of the residency will be displayed in a fashion appropriate to the project. Either On-Line, as part of the Resident gallery or screened/performed in a public forum.

This Residency is also offered in conjunction with Mary Thyme's Convalescent Adolescent Mail Art Project, in which case the product(s) of the residency would be sent to Thyme and displayed in the online gallery.

Please contact J.T. Rinker at for inquiries and proposal submissions.

Made a few cosmetic changes to the blog. I hope you like them. If you don't, I can change it again.

Monday, May 06, 2002

Upma, you are sooooo sweet. Shell, you are amazing, and my non-crafty self is clueless. I may need to call you to bounce some ideas off of you. Weez, don't ever listen to people who act like shithead-know-it-all's. Truth is, that guy probably has only touched a laptop five times in his life. It's YOUR money, do what YOU want. Stephanie, love those parties, and those pants sound so cute! Mike, I have two or three more books to send you. Zach, will you be my boy friend?

RE: summit. I'm cool with Canada. Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver all sound very awesome to me, as I've never been to any of the above. I suppose that Toronto would be more central maybe?

A few other things. One, I think we need to set a time frame, because schedules get so crazy. Essentially mid-May to mid-Sept. are the best times for me with school, though with advanced planning I could probably swing it. My guess is that it would be the same for JT, but I'm not sure if he's on quarters or semesters. Two, if we go to Canada, I plead of you, can we please not go during the blizzard months? Three, my Patty and Selma (are those the names of Bart's aunts?) have timeshare that they never use. I could investigate those options. Four, if we do Montreal, we need to consider festival issues as a logistical hazard. They have a huge ass jazz fest and a comedy fest sometime during the summer. Do we want to plan around those or do we wanna attend?

Can you tell that I plan logistics for a living???? Anyways, just things to consider.

I will probably post a long ass message about trip home for jazz fest.

The paint does not look quite so industrial now. Steph, the canvas idea sounds really good. I think I'll get my paints when I go back home in June and do a whole bunch of them. By the way, did I mention you rule?

Shelly, I love you. Will start working on something today.

Go Postal

Convalescent Adolescent Mail Art Call
Are you an adult? Do you feel like one? Do people treat you like a grown up? Is this what you thought being a grown up would be like? What do you love or hate about it? Is it what you expected?
Send any mail on this theme to:

Convalescent Adolescent Project
410 East Denny Way #20
Seattle, WA 98122

Media: open
Size: open
Deadline: open but real gallery space in the works for late 2003, early 2004. virtual gallery coming soon online to - and the sooner you send work in the longer it will be online!
Documentation to all online.
No returns.
No fees.
No jury.
send questions to

this has been in the works for over a year (aka the piggy bank p.o. box fund). so turn that angst into some art and mail it to me!

Upma - that made me all warm and fuzzy.
So - photo happiness this weekend. I took my Lomo camera (go to for more lomo joy) to the Kentucky Derby party and besides winning the $50 pot (War Emblem - thank you), I took two rolls of film. Now, the lomo rocks, cause it doesn't have a flash, but will keep the lens open long enough for light to get in - taking photos outside - looks like a point and shoot, but inside or other low light situations, you get fuzziness, motion blur, and lots of other super cool effect. I picked up my film yesterday (yeah, 1 hour processing for those impatient types like me) and am really happy with the results. Especially some where one person is still in the photo, but everything around them is kinetic. The party was also fun cause I wore a big old black hat and lots of rhinestones. Ted wore a pink shirt and suspenders, besides looking like a dandy, he also looked slightly Amish.
The next theme party coming up is a Smartie Pants party (cause my friend Paul just completed his Masters Degree) - you have to wear fancy pants. I've got some I call my "lady golfer pants" that I think I will sport.
Upma - how was Spiderman? I decided to avoid crowds and not see it yet.
Weezie - that sucks about the paint color. Will you paint over it? Or just hang some fabric over the walls - maybe something gauzy to get a tropical flavor? One cool thing my friend Andy did - he took large white canvases - painted them in almost solid colors and used those to cover his walls in spots.
As for the summit - Canada sounds great, waiting two years to get $$ to cover it sounds reasonable as well.
Oh - I went herb garden crazy on Saturday. I now have three window boxes growing rosemary, parsley, purple basil, speremint (which I am OCD smelling), and have some fennel/tarragon/oregeno/cilantro seeds to plant next. I think it's a combination of the end of spring and everytime one of my friends buy a house, I have to buy more plants.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Upma? You rock.

Note to Sam Raimi, re: Spiderman. The dialogue in Evil Dead 2 was better. Will we get to see all the outtakes with the actors flubbing their lines because they're either laughing too hard or just can't believe they have to say those lines with a straight face?

I painted my room today, and it turns out that even though I brought home a stack of paint chips, did swatches on all the walls and painted half a wall yesterday, just to make sure it would all be okay...the label says "Stately Green" but what it really should say is "State Institution Green." I should just put bars on the windows and staplegun mattress covers to the walls.

Saturday, May 04, 2002

after my two-hour bike ride, this is how i spent my afternoon. go to and scroll to the bottom. now i feel lame.

I still say we can't beat Canada for neutral ground, fair distance, AND low cost. Plus you can drink the water. How about Montreal? It's still leaning to the east, though. And I am absolutely serious about this being a major finanacial issue - as in, I may have to quit a job to do it if it's anytime in the next year or so, and I believe I'm not the only one - Angie, Upma, both been at jobs for less than a year, Z is out of work, etc. So while I would so love to do this, guys, can we not push too hard on each other for it? Kind of unfair to put some of us in tight positions.

Friday, May 03, 2002

Re: summit. If it's not in Bloomington, someone else has to pay my plane fare and give me enough money to cover my lost income. That's if a summit is within the next two years. If it's more than two years away, I can manage it. I just spent an hour trying to find a fare I could afford to get from Seattle to Honolulu and back. HAH! I do NOT have $700. Especially now that I dropped 2K on an ibook (thank you, MasterCard) and need to find a way to make an extra $100/mo in order to feel safe. The ibook should be here in about a week. Today at work I was telling Kris about it and he said I should have gotten a PowerBook, because even the most basic Powerbook kicks the ass of the ibook at about the same price that I paid. Dude, shut up! Sure, what's $500 extra in the long run? AAAAAGH. I'm half tempted to call Apple and tell them to change the order.

I was shaking after I completed my purchase. I was so thrown off, I immediately went to ebay and bought a Vivicam 2795 (it's a digital camera, mp3 player and audio recorder in one). That should be here either tomorrow or early next week.

Next week I train for a position at the Encore Cafe, which has just been purchased by Bloomingfoods. I will basically be the bitch on call. I wasn't given the official title; just told that it would be similar to floor manager at the co-op: oversee staff and floor. This is just in case they need someone to step in for a few shifts every now and then. Looks like I may be skipping that server bit and jumping straight into management harpy.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

hey, happy spiderman day everyone! (yes, i have been waiting all week to be able to say that). i knew this after pleasantville, and after i watched The Ice Storm (finally, this winter), but i'd really like to marry tobey maguire. he's exactly 6 months younger than me. AND he's a superhero. and he's so well mannered and nice and... i think i'll make him my new boyfriend. yeah.

that's pretty sweet about the domain name! who's designing?

so let's talk summit, huh? anyone got anymore ideas on how to all agree upon something? let's just all go to buffalo and raid JT's house.

Where is everyone?

Weez, Mike: I've been missing y'all on IM lately. I won't be back on till next week though.

Today was my last big ass event of the semester. Would you believe that I made it nearly intact? I had my doubts for a little but it's all good now.

Tomorrow: I leave for NOLA and Jazz Fest and music and food and nothings.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Funny of the day . . . .

I've been calling people in the office (I work with five women and one man) "mama" lately. Sometimes "honey mama" but mostly just "mama."

Today, my boss (the one man) walks in, and the fifty year old, Beatles/Buffet/James Tayor lovin' fool says to me, "What's news mama???"

Ok, maybe it's not as funny to y'all as it is to me, but it had me cracking up.

Upma - we did the Rocky thing on the steps of the Philly Museum of Art - they even have some shoes imprinted in the cement and the label "Rocky" so you can know most accurately where to stand and feel silly.
B&H only smelled like wet people when I went, but it was so overwhelmingly cool. Kid in a candy store. I looked at digital cameras, and lighting and camera bags and film and on and on.
That's cool about the domain name.
I think I'm about to become eBay's bitch, and try and sell bunches of stuff on it this summer.

My friend Christine says what she loves about breakfast/brunch is that it's the one meal where you can eat nothing but sweets, and it's not taboo. I like brunch because you can choose breakfast-y type stuff and/or real food. And when you love many foods like me, then you're in heaven.

Shelly, that is so cool about the domain name. I really need to get some pics scanned so that I can send to you guys. I just e-mailed my cousin to see if he has a scanner.

Grace gets cuter and cuter by the day!

Can I tell you how much I love public libraries? They are the bestest. And I love their CD collections, because they have CD's that I would typically not buy but want to check out. Yesterday I picked up the Fairfield Four, Bonnie Rait, Charles Brown, Omar & the Howlers, Lena Horne, Save the Last Dance soundtrack, Johnny Cash. It helps me round out my music taste. Lately though I've been all about "urban" grooves. I can't tell you how many Ja-Rule and J-Lo songs I know the choruses to. So bad it's good.

guess what guys? i bought the domain name for the next two years. we'll have to have a design pow wow and figure out what is practical. oh and my friend josh runs a really cheap hosting company if any of ya'll on a budget need a site hosted. let me know and i'll put you in touch.

eating brunch makes me feel like an adult in the good way.

i have paintings all over the living room in every place that rats aren't. the tub and sink are full of re-fashioned clothes soaking in dye. all of the camera equipment is out and websites are in the works. happy happy.