Friday, August 30, 2002

I fixed the color problem, but I don't know anything about why the left align shifts. I think you Mac users might have to live with it. At least for now.

A note to my fellow office mates. Human Resources is located all the way down at the other end of the hall on the same floor as our office. Nyree has left the office to pursue a masters and so here is the note:

"Ok all. Today I will be temporarily assuming Nyree's responsibility of cleaning out the refrigerator. If any of you have not noticed the stench that reeks from our mini-box, my guess is that HR down the hall has. I fear that it will soon be dubbed PIG PEN, so this afternoon I will attempt to save its good name.

If you have food items that you would like to rescue, please do so by 3 p.m. today, else it will meet Angie's heavy hand. Thank you for your effort."

Thursday, August 29, 2002

You Are Where You Live.

Grape stomping sounds like sooooooo much fun. Have y'all ever heard that festival in Spain where they throw tomatoes at each other? They bring in truckloads and truckloads of tomatoes in and a ton of people show up. I think they just had it a few days ago.

I about blew a gasget the other day. A friend of mine basically volunteered my PR/media skills for one of her volunteer groups, without 1. asking me permission and 2. telling me what the hell this group stands for. Hell, it would be like me asking her as a social worker to do an assessment on my problematic child -- pro bono. What the fuck?

Anyways, I'm bad with money. Well, not bad, but not great. I have credit card debt (not an extraordinary amount but whenever I seem to be getting close to paying it off, I end up going on a spree). I also have a student loan (I finished paying off one of them). I don't save a penny, but I do have an automatic draft out of my account for retirement.

so i'm not a rockdud?!

i did all that write songs one at a time, i'm always well rested, and of course i used 150 points. i'll give it a few. i hope the game doesn't shut down. i LOVE it. even if it makes me a dud.

i feel much less stressed about the move after i got a sufficient amount of packing done last night, and after i talked with my landlord about getting my gas service turned on. i was really worried about not getting hot water in my apt. but it looks like everything might work out. parents in tongiht, big move tomorrow, parents leave sat. morning. then i'm left to unpack and organize all my stuff.

i do see light at the end of my debt tunnel. (i also have had an enormous amount of help from my parents... who think that i'm completely debt free). my credit card will be paid off within 6 months, and then i will owe nothing to no one. in the meantime, when i get my security deposit back from my old apt, i will use that to open a savings account. i will be rich one day, i will. a rich, starving artist who gives all her money away. yay!

i want to stomp on grapes. do grapes cry when they are stomped on?

Hey Upma - moving sucks. I hope it's over soon.
So I'm excited about Labor Day weekend. I'm going to a Grape Stomp festival and sleeping overnight in an 1894 Pullman Train car. And I plan on buying lots of Texas peaches. I've stomped grapes at a winery once before. I remember them being very cold and squishy. And lots of worried spectators asking if those grapes would be made into any wine (they aren't).

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Upma, I hope moving is going well.

A note to myself: when planning to visit family in Boston, do so when the Red Sox are NOT playing.

Went and had extremely dirty vodka martinis after work with some of the ladies, so I will save my extended rant to Z for later. For now: if you wanna be all "I don't kill animals," you might want to think about PCB's and other nasty side effects of manufacturing the packaging those vegan corndogs come in...honey, you are still killing animals so you can eat, and making them suffer in the process.

why isn't my new album selling? i'm a rockdud.

i don't wanna pack no more!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

A good friend of mine/co-worker's last day was today, and she is relocating to British Columbia for a kick ass job offer. I was doing really, really well today considering. I made it through the morning with lots of busy work (three new releases, four media opportunities), lunch, the good bye cake, even the good bye hugs. I was surprised at how well I was doing. That was all until I got to the parking lot, I start tearing up. I think to myself, "What the hell is that?" Next thing I know I'm bawling and calling one of my best friends from the car. You would think that my moving friend would be the one boo hoo'ing since she was leaving her home of two years, 20 of her friends, and her husband (till he finds a job in the area).

All I have to say is thank god for best friends who get you through moments like so. Robin and Annette pinch hit. In my times of emergencies, I've been lucky enough to get one of them. And they always seem to have the answers. Of course I should go to a movie/buy lipstick/get a spa pedicure/eat more ice cream. Now why could I not think of that earlier?

>Zach, you are so right.

Hey, and with this sentence you are right too! I hope you don't blow it!

>Nostalgia is the perfect reason to process the hell out of innocent vegetables so you can have a taste of yesterday and false virtue at the same time.

Still right, although I'm sensing a little sarcasm. Hang in there, K, you might come out of this one a winner!

>You rank right up there with the "never too late" people, buddy.

Oooh. Crash. I was really rooting for you, too. I guess I was right about the sarcasm. (Holy crap, I'm right again and I'm not even trying!)

>Why not just have a REAL corndog once in a while, instead of contributing to this industry of fake purity?

Well, real corndogs are made of animal parts. I could get you some documentation on that if you like. What is falsely virtuous about figuring out a way to eat something you like and a fondness for without killing and eating something?

I'll start fixing the design stuff when I get back to Gboro. (I'm in Hickory for a few days.)

Zach, you are so right. Nostalgia is the perfect reason to process the hell out of innocent vegetables so you can have a taste of yesterday and false virtue at the same time. You rank right up there with the "never too late" people, buddy. Why not just have a REAL corndog once in a while, instead of contributing to this industry of fake purity?

I have the "moving more left" for a bit (yep, Mac user!). The background is dark grey.

Shelly, Happy Birthday and Happy Wisdom Teeth.

Mike, thanks for being such a trooper. I think I broke some rule by bringing a boy - but as it turned out, the other two girls didn't know how to get to the museum or to the restaurant, so Mike was his Eagle Scout self and got us everywhere quickly and safely. Plus I don't know why, but the introverts were the ones who showed up. Yep, lots of conversation starters falling flat, which he took in stride. And then on the train, I wasn't holding on to anything because I was talking and gesturing and then when I lost my balance, I nearly tore his throat out when I flailed for something steady. Fortunately, all I broke was his necklace. No wonder he disappeared as soon as we walked into the I said, thanks for being a trooper. I remember it being a lot bigger too, and more science oriented, but as Mike pointed out, it's been at least 20 years since either one of us has been there. Yikes!

i went to the dentist for the second time in as many weeks. a little touch up from my wisdom teeth months and months ago. my mouth feels funny. i bet that later on, funny won't be the word to describe it.

well. here i am thinking, "look at the great little design trick zach did!" i take it back.
and another thing. i don't wanna marry you anymore. piss off.

ps. it doesn't do the moving more left trick on this stupid PC at work. boooorrrrrrrrrrinnnnng.

zach - my computer does the exact same as Upma's - gray background, type moving more and more left. I'm on a Mac. I'm using IE. Go figure.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Upma---What the hell are you talking about? It moves more left? What kind of wackass shit is your computer doing to this page?

no. one more thing. i like how the left allign moves more left with each new post.

shelly- happy birthday!
um.... that is all. bye.

Oh shit. I had no idea. Happy, happy (belated) day Shelly.

Took a trip home this weekend for a wedding et al. Ate some yummy ass food including: softshell crab po-boy, seafood gumbo, beignets, eggplant topped with crabmeat and hollandaise sauce, oyster soup, seafood pizza. And if you've never had a plate of spaghetti and meatballs from a New Orleans institution you have not lived life, so I ate that, too. Twenty pounds later, here I sit.

Went to this really cool bar called Molly's at the Market. They have all of these old signs of former NOLA hangouts. Once a month they have a famous personality as the bar tender, generally local politicians, artists, musicians.

Saw and heard the LSU band welcome new freshman. I forget how much school spirit they have down here, and so it was fun singing all of the random ass cheers that I remembered.

Sat through a cooking products demo with more than 30 women. (my very best friend was a "host"; it's the one of the many things that makes us so different). Being the smart ass that I am, I busted out laughing at the dumb shits who were cooing over a wine opener because it had a foil remover and was made for left and right handed people.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about women and advancing and kicking ass. But some women have estrogen coming out of their ears, and they drive me up a fucking wall. I particularly did not get the woman who invited her mother to the party, even though she historically does not get along with her. First, do you really think inviting her to this thing would change the shittiness of the last 20 years? Seocnd, why are you going to surround yourself with people who make you miserable in the first place?

Ahhh, damn. I reminded myself all week about Shell's birthday and then forgot on the day of. Happy Birthday, Shelly, one day late.

thanks zach - I'll try and email them to you this week - if it doesn't work out - no big deal.
thanks for asking, upma, I'm still sick. In fact, I'm just at work this morning to turn in photo credits, then I'm going back home to bed.
happy birthday again, shelly.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

steph, how's your nose?

i had my first ever live ikea experience today. i don't think i will ever go back there on a saturday afternoon. i can't wait till there's one in downtown philly. the one we went to is in one of the suburbs, and it was crow-ded. the experience would've been way better had there not been so many people there.

i got my new bike today. i wasn't so happy with the one i got before, it was really heavy and clunky and i'm a small girl. it was really difficult to handle. the dude at the store said i could return it and get store credit. i really like this bike shop a lot... they're the nicest bike dudes (and dudette) ever. the owner showed me a hybrid, and i love it. it's mine now. it rides sooooo much better and is soooo much lighter. and it's not used.

i don't like wasabi peas. but they remind me of giselle cuz she like's 'em. and i miss her so so so so so so so so much. i talked to her on the telephone today. it made me happy.

tomorrow, i think i'm gonna go see my friends new baby and i'm gonna go see 24 Hour Party People and i'm gonna try to do about 1000 other things. i just want to rest.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Are you guys using Explorer or Navigator? I'm going to try to change the color of the background again.

Steph---Sure, I'll post them, but it may take week or so. I'm not totally sure if our (my house) new ISP offers us webspace or not.

But Shelly you are much more pleasant, so I would rather send all goodness your way.

Mike: beware of the estrogen.

I think it would be funny if we had a week of un-named posts, where we had to figure out who posted what. Ok, maybe that's too much of a bridge/shuffle board type game.

zach. on my computer at work... a PC... it's still blue "LAKE EFFECT" and dk. gray background.

zach - I scanned in a few photos I took in Maine from the Workshops. If I email them to you - do you think you could post one or two?

zach is the one that does all the work. send all your appreciation his way.

The background is blue for me.

Zach and Shelly, we appreciate all that you do in the upkeep of this site. It's a self-less job with probably not a whole lot of recognition or glory.

So I constantly go through these little self-improvement kicks. And I do mean constantly. Just last week, I was thinking to myself, "I need to do something big and selfless before I turn 30." Yesterday and today, I have been thinking that I need to get back into leisure reading. First obstacle is that I do a tremendous amount of reading for work as it is. Second is that I need for books to take me on many levels, else I just leave it sitting forever. Hell, if I read one book in the next three months, I'll be satisfied. It's all about perspective.

Sometimes these kicks are short-lived (i.e., I give it a quick thought then it just flows right back out of my mind). Others, I'm better at. Ah neurosis is such a beautiful thing.

In other funny news, I went to work out at this gym yesterday. I just started going to it, and they have a few locations. The one I went to on Sunday had lots of normal people - big, small, old, young. The one I went to last night (which just so happens to be the closest to my home) had nothing but freakin' Barbies and Kens. Damn am I glad that I am secure with myself, and that I've been trying to keep up a regular routine. If it were my first time there I would be so damn intimidated.

Okay. I'll try to fix it again, but I can't until later tonight.

Right now - the background is gray to me.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

If you hate this let me know. I'm not sure about the left alignment. We'll try it out.

Upma is having problems see the background color on her Mac. It's supposed to be light blue, about the same color as the search button on the "edit your blog" page. If you're seeing gray or, I don't know, pink or something, let me know.

I wish I could do better stuff with this, but really I'm hunting and testing my way through this grade school HTML without much knowledge of how it all works.

Zach, how is that you always manage to steal with the show when you spread your good cheer?

Upma, I ain't even gonna start with that sorry kick. Enough already!

One of my closest friends here is relocating to British Columbia. I'm happy because she's got a great opportunity, but I'm sad, sad to see her go. She leaves next week.

To end on a happy note . . . . The other day I saw an article about Vietnamese restaurants, and the title of the article was "Give me some mo pho!!!"

(so why don't you go and catch it)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Kainui grew up vegan. Therefore, her perspective is skewed when it comes to the emotional value of fake meats. (For example, I didn't grow up in a godless tropical paradise. Therefore, my perspective on, say, faux-wild boar or fake coconuts or poi or whatever would be devoid of emotional context as well.) Growing up on hot dogs and bologna sandwiches and burgers leaves you with a certain nostalgia for those foods. To me, Morningstar corndogs are just about the world's greatest comfort food---trashy and dumb. Fake meats are important to people. Cultural identity, even as represented by an all-bean meatloaf, is very important to people. (Another example, I doubt Kainui's relatives still toss virgins into volcanos. Today, they probably throw just throw reformed virgins into wading pools or something. Thus, maintaining modern standards of morality and still appeasing the angry gods of her homeland.)

Rita leaves for SF tomorrow. Otherwise, life is slow here on the ranch.

How yous doin'?

i have no interesting news to share at the moment.

my friend maria just finished painting the huge wall in my new apt. it is the prettiest shade of blue you've ever seen. i am soooo much happier about my wall. now we just have to take care of the door to the balcony, the bathroom, the lavender studio walls, the yellow kitchen, and i want some color in my bedroom. i am sure that most of the above will not be accomplished. *sigh* while she was painting, i was cleaning. ew. the only thing that's left is the nastiest fridge you've ever seen. i gotta put food in THAT thing?

the weather is beautiful. south philly is my new home. things are looking up. maybe a new job will magically fall into my lap soon. did i tell you that my new neighbor (the one i share a patio/balcony with) is an animator? very sweet guy.

louise, very good insight on fake milk and meat products. i'm waiting for z to refute with all his might.

z. what's going on in greensboro? who's left in your house? who's left in town? you should come live in south philly with me so you can go around saying, "how yous doin'?" hahahaaaa.

jt. did you get my e.mail with the address? did you get my e.mail previous to that?

i don't want to talk about my wedding or virginity or marriage. none of the above will ever happen to me. i'm convinced.

Ok, ok, ok, but ONLY because JT encouraged me.

I get really aggravated with some women, such as those in that article, because as JT so eloquently points out they are in denial. Denial about their guilt that is, and they think that if they make this one sacrafice that it will make everything right again. It might make you feel like you're a better person in the short-term, but let's be honest with ourselves here. Sex is something you just can't take return even with a receipt. It would be like murdering someone, then trying to pray to the gods/spirits to bring back that person whose life you stole. Not gonna happen. So, taking a haitus from sex is not going to create world peace or feed the hungry, and don't be looking for any accolades from this chicka.

My second point is that way too many women are uncomfortable with their sexuality, or ashamed of it. No, I don't have "HOT SEXX AVAILABLE HERE" plastered across my forehead. But sex doesn't have to be a chore, nor does it have to be a means of power or a way to control a relationship. Way too many think this to be true, and I wish that it were different.

RE: rants about news events et al. My only thought about doing it over IM is that it would foster more interaction, though this here blog is still a fine space for all jibber jabber.

Virgin: the older definitions have this as "unmarried." I should look this up in the OED as well; I read an essay a few years back that claimed the older Latin as meaning an independent woman who was not under the domain of a father or husband.

Never too late to be? Abstinence can be one way to acknowledge sacred space. But I don't think that's what they are doing. And the "how to avoid" is a hoot - ugly nightgowns! He sleeps on the couch! Oh, false modesty!

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Some things:

I have the camera, it's ready to go to the next person which is Upma, but I guess I need her work address

Upma, could you please send me your work address.

Angie, you should really go off about it never being too late to be a virgin. I have a feeling that these same women who claim this secondary virginity also think "everything will change once we get married." It seems to be a common mistake among people who live together before they get married, more than those who engage in premarital sex. The testimonials seem to suggest that the only thing that is gained is a better honeymoon. But by their own standards, the honeymoon seems to be diefied as the first, last, best sex of their marriage. They get to be kinky for a weekend and then it's back to their so called life, or at least lying about it. I guess my big problem is that even though these women, these couples, know they aren't pious, or religiously dogmatic in the eyes of their Lord, they do it so they can feel as if they are, and then believe it to be true. I'm also not surprised to see the men in these couples going along with it either, only because it appeals to very mysoginistic ideals of possesion and objectification. One only has to think of the "like a virgin" production in Moulin Rouge. Removing sex from a relationship where it already existed seems to emphasize its importance more than not. The whole thing seems bogus even to those who participate in it.

I'm not sure why we need another blog to write articles, cultural criticisms, have heated discussions or rant. I thought that was what this blog was for at one point.

I'm ready to give up the center justification, I had planned on writing mesostics throughout this post but it's impossible to figure out when everthing is going to be center justified.

Is there a place where everyone's IM handles are posted. I've been practicing chatting with a robot named ALICE. She's a chatterbot, you can talk to her too at She's a gossip monger so be careful. At any rate, thanks to my brother I still have an active AOL account, it's MAGNAPRESS. Maybe I'm ready to chat with you.

Finding shows has been luck for me. I've been invited to participate in the shows that I've been in. I don't have enough similar material to put together a whole show of my own. There are places, galleries and spaces, that are owned by people who don't know much about curating, they provide a space for people who do. It seems like you can find them in every city, espeically big active ones like I don't... Austin, or Houston or Seattle or Philadelpia or Boston or Greensboro or Bloomington. If none of that pans out you can always show your work in your own place and have an opening. It's not anymore difficult than planning a theme party. And while not everyone in the world will see what you've done, at least the people you care about will, you're lucky if you even get that much at a gallery. I can get any one of you a show in Buffalo whenever you're ready.

How is it that I find myself writing a piece of music for late renaissance instruments that have been more or less obsolete for 200 years AND creating new software to sing about your individuality through your fingerprints.

I've been listening to the latest New Order and the oldest Shellyan Orphan

"Good time around the corner, I swear it's getting warmer"

"The earth spins in honey, in humble bee blood, and we are the arteries, the vessels of love."

Sleepy Time

Mike - I am meeting up with some ladies from the GetCrafty discussion group Friday night at the Children's Museum photobooth, if you'd like to come with.

Even though I have to watch my pennies closely to be able to take this trip, I went to get a haircut. I love Wendy at A Cut Above. I am going to her for as long as I live in Bloomington. My crappy experience at Mondo has served to make this experience even better - AND it cost me $18! ($22 with tip; would have been more but I didn't have enough cash).

Today at work I think I have figured out what I dislike about fake meat and milk. It says that meat and milk are still important to people; important enough so that they would rather have a substitute that feels virtuous than simply remove the items from their diet. Rice milk tastes like rice, okay? There is no good reason to buy it in a non-recyclable aseptic pack, flavored and sweetened.

oh my goodness. it is soooooo nice outside!

Photo goodness: ordered b&w filers from B&H and went out shooting this weekend - two rolls. Next week I give a brown bag presentation at work about what I learned at the Workshop, and I'll show samples of my work.

Monday, August 19, 2002

Ok, I would go off on the "Never Too Late to Be a Virgin" article, but I may offend the shit out of some people. So, I'm gonna refrain. Plus my views on the topic show just what a bad Catholic I really am. . . . .

No, I haven't had any trouble with the edit your blog page. Not that I recall anyways.

One of my good friends in Houston just accepted a job offer in Vancouver. She leaves next week.

Today I am taking my life into my own hands. My hair stylist is on maternity leave until mid-September, but I am beginning to resemble Chewbacca, so I need to get myself taken care of.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

is anyone else's "edit your blog" page acting weird?

I just had one of those days where I balanced my checkbook three times and got three wildly different results, but the answer is the same for all of them - I will be paying rent a week late. And if I have any hope of doing anything in Boston this weekend, I'm going to have to use a credit card, a habit I am trying very hard to break. And I am still not smoking. I'm not sure if I'm proud of myself for not backsliding during a stress phase or annoyed with myself for not being able to figure out if I have $100, $80, or $24 available for five days in Boston. It had better not be $24, or I'm not going to be able to get to the airport.

Okay, something went funky with my last post. Here's the Never Too Late to Be a Virgin, here's the Romantic Arranged Marriage, the Going Bridal site that I've been finding this stuff at, and the Star Trek Themed Wedding info, and I think that anytime more than one lake effect woman is in a city, wedding dress shopping should be on the to-do list.

My first submission to the news discussion group. Maybe it was a slow news day? The same page has a link to the "trend" of not having sex for a period of time before the wedding (the "re-virginized" theory). As someone who went born-again virgin for two years (decided I'd lost respect for sexuality and needed some time to re-think), I can sort of see a point in this. I've heard people get outraged at the idea - it's silly, who are they fooling, and maybe they should find other ways to get the spark back. But of all the foolishness that goes into so many weddings, that's lower on the list. I've been reading

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Here's a half-baked thought.

I want to put together a news discussion group. We could do it every other week/once a month over AIM (or if someone else has a better idea, let me know -- maybe even set up another blog?). Each of us could take turns sending out an article and/or a series of articles (no more than three) on a certain topic. Kind of like a book club, only about current events. It doesn't always have to be serious, it can be silly, too. And it could be open to more than just lake effectors.

What do you say?

Friday, August 16, 2002

I'm always amazed at the creativity of people on this blog.

Louise: I can't remeber what it's called, but I love it when things are painted a lighter color then people put designs in darker colors. Like swirls or circles or funky angular things. I'm so not doing a good job at explaining myself right about now. Hey, it's late.

I've been highly irritable on and off for the last week for a few reasons, but all that should change with my spa pedicure tomorrow. Nothing says lovin' like a spa pedicure.

A few weeks ago I did a catalogue show for a cooking products company. Kinda like Tupper Ware except kitchen/food stuff (so, no, not Scamway, as one of my friends asked). Anyways, I ordered a ton of cool stuff at a discount: a juicer, a double boiler/fondue pot, and some other gadgets. All that should be in by Monday, so I may have to actually cook something soon.

On another good note. My travel partner was in Chicago last week, and he asked me for a list of things to do. I came up with about 10 things and tiered them. He called me from Buddy Guy's Legends asking me if I wanted him to get a CD signed by Buddy. Then yesterday I come home, and I had a post card from him so it was like I was on the road with him. He was at this place called Andy's. If you are ever in or near Chicago, you should check it out. It's located downtown/in the financial district, and it was started by this journalist who decided that people working downtown needed a place to eat lunch and listen to live jazz. Last time I went, the saxaphonist that was playing there had been every Tuesday for the last 20 years. And they played the good old shit -- the standards.

College students throw out so much stuff. Can't be bothered to take it to the Salvation Army, I I get to drag their full-length mirrors, cute vintage framed bulletin boards, scientific calculators, computer printers, endtables, and ironing boards out of piles of broken furniture. I scored a wooden chair today (top rung missing and cushion needing replacing) and two wood kitchen cabinets from the house down the street (being remodeled). I'm way too excited about the cabinets. Old school and wonderful - will make great little cabinets for my room, once I clean them up and repaint them. Now I'm wondering about the like the shelf and bookcase, the same light green as the walls, or off-white? Or maybe light turquoise blue and white? Arrrrrrgh.

water ice is a Philadelphia treat (if not a NorthEast treat.... Mike? JT?)... that is something close to and in between Italian Ice and Shaved Ice and a SnoCone, but better. You can get genuine Italian Water Ice in philadelphia for just a buck and when you get the good stuff, the lemon flavor has lemon rind, the cherry flavor has bits o cherries, the mango flavor has bits o mango and so on. you can get a cherry/lemon water ice (or any other combination in available flavors), and what that is, is half cherry on the bottom and half lemon on the top. mm mmm mmm.

new daydream: buy property in philly. fix it up if need be. in due time, rent it out. make it THE source of income. work on films and frolic all day and rock out all night. nothin' beats rock.n.roll baby, nothin.

Have any of you guys been to ? They have a nice listing for places to submit your art for juried shows.

cherry water ice? mmm. please explain.

you know how in the winter time you get "chilled to the bone," sometimes. and no matter what you do to get warm, you just cannot. i have the opposite today. i think you could throw me into a tub of ice, and my skin would still be burning hot. even my cherry water ice isn't helping cool me down. i'm irritated.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

oh shoot... speaking of the not-so-secret camera... i need you to send it to me at work, or else i probably won't get it. who needs the address?
i went to a dinner party tonight. i met a few new people, all very nice. and one balding, older, jewish fella whom i find myself immensely attracted to. he's a photographer.

Upma, Mike---Shelly is whooping our asses in popularity on Rock Star! Jesus, she's up to 70! What's the secret, Shell?

Say, would anyone mind if we gave up the center aligned text? It's starting to irk me.

I have a corner of my room devoted to clutter. It bugs the shit out of me, but it's been there for a month. I'm slowly, slowly getting it organized...too damn slow, really. Anyone have recommendations for getting my ass in gear? Yes, Zach, I have thought about simply giving it all to charity and recognizing my priveleged position.

Any rumors of the whereabouts of the not-so-secret camera?

I'm making a ginger-peach cobbler. Bring ice cream and a spoon.

and i also decided that evrybody else WAS right.. Krispy Kreme glazed are better. but i still stand by Dunkin Donuts cake donuts. errr... maybe.

I, too, am an only child. Difference is that I spent a lot of time in a bar, if you can believe that. My parents ran a restaurant/bar from the day I was born till about age 10 or so. During the day, I would spend the days with my god-mother, but at nights I would spend time in the bar talking to all of the regulars (all men). At a young age (maybe 7?) I learned how to pour a mean draft beer and ran the cash register. Given that, I was the center of attention for a good part of my childhood, which is probably why I can't ever seem to make like a wall flower.

I guess I just had a funny childhood, and it surprises me that my parents were so nonchalant about some things yet conservative as shit when it came to other things. but it made life very interesting for me.

Growing up in New Orleans, in my mind at least, also makes you more outgoing than not. Don't get me wrong, there are shy people in New Orleans. But people down there just talk so damn much about nothing that you can't help but come out at least in some form.

i have been a resident of philly for 6 months.
i paint my new apt. this weekend. slate blue. maybe just one wall. we'll see.
i was born socially awkward. i was one of the most made-fun-of kids in lima ohio. i'm not sure if i will ever forgive them. they hurt my feelings.
time to work now.

Interesting that Mike should say being an only child made him socially awkward. I was super-shy and plenty awkward even as the oldest of four. It's okay now; my freak flag flies proud.

Yesterday I had to go to a customer training session - can you spell PowerPoint? I got to hang out with co-workers I don't normally get to spend time with (especially ones who work at the downtown store), and I have got to hook up with them more often. Yesterday I realized a) I've been doing this kind of work for a long, long time, b) customers don't piss me off near as much as they used to, and c) it's time to start a retirement fund, even if I am in debt, 'cause it looks like this is going to be my career. I stopped being frustrated with customers a little while back, and now it's mostly management that I'm frustrated with. I've done a lot of independent research, here and at my former co-op, especially in regards to fad diets (which I hate more and more all the time). I find too many employers worried about customer service (and the trainers at the session told us we have great customer service already, so now it's about fine-tuning) and not worried enough about their employees or interested enough in training them to do more. On the other hand, I don't want to be a manager again. So I guess I'll just deal.

A bunch of Boy Scouts in a lake. Soups on!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I'm trying to focus on some photo projects I want to do with my newfound enthusiasm. I'm thinking about hitting some junk/antique shops this weekend and shooting what's to be found there. But narrowing it even further - only shooting red things or looking for circles and shooting those or concentrating on repetition. I haven't figured it all out yet. I'm also heading out this weekend to a little town about an hour south of here and maybe doing some old west main street sort of shots.
And something with sequins and iron-on letters is in the works as well. Now I'm off to lunch for Thai buffet. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Hola all. Life has been a whirlwind.

Happy, happy b-day JT.

The Asian American Journalist conference last week was simply fab. There were so many people who were so interesting and working on such cool stuff. I aspire for such greatness. While there I went to panels on sports writing, being a rock critic, uncovering Texas, business reporting in bust times, and reporting on the death penalty.

This is a repeat for Weez and Shelly, but stuff like that really helps me embrace my Asian-ness. It's good for me to be around other Asians and most of all to be comfortable around them. For a while I avoided Asian groups like the plague, but I think I'm coming to terms.

In other news, I have a fairly large news announcement tomorrow complete with a press conference. We have RSVP's from Bloomberg, Reuters, the major paper and business journal in town, and a few trade publications. Should be good.

I have more funny stories for later but am running on empty.

Happy Birthday JT

Monday, August 12, 2002

In honor of JT's arrival on this planet, I composed my poem with an article on the Perseid meteor shower, and will be lying out in my backyard, trying not to think about chiggers. Then I will dream.

Seeing as today is my birthday, I guess I have carte blanche on the August Dada Poetry zine. Your are all invited to help me celebrate by staying up as late as you can, looking at the north east part of your sky, and admiring the meteor storm that I was born into, or by going to bed early and dreaming all night long.

Saturn Returns.

Just got back from my workshop. Maine was incredible and inspiring and beautiful and cool and fun. I lived in a photo bubble - all meals and housing were provided. I just had to eat, sleep and breathe photography. Long days, but totally enriching. We traveled around taking pictures, sunny, sandy beaches, flower-filled meadows, cluttered junk yards, horse farms, boat-filled harbors at sunrise. I ate lobster four times in seven days. I ate fresh blueberries every morning for breakfast. I looked at photo porn (in the form of the B&H photo supply catalog - they have EVERYTHING - I have a large wish list now). It was so intense - I'd wake up at 6am to shoot the morning light - stay out until midnight doing night shoots. I loved it - experimenting with different techniques - pushing myself to look at light in new ways. It made me want to be in a learning environment again - even though I felt so far away from my normal life. Now I have to somehow integrate what I did there into things here. (and go through lobster withdrawal).

Sunday, August 11, 2002

i'm worried about jason priestly.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

damimit. now i'm mad at my work even more. i didn't get a chance to get my Sonic Youth ticket till just now, and now they're sold out.
maybe there's still room at the GBV show or the American Analog Set.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Upma-Maybe you and me can get adjoining rooms in the nuthatch.

Angie-There's a funny line in the movie Half Baked, which believe it or not, is a pretty hilarious movie. Sir Smokes-a-Lot (see hilarious) is holding his hands together, weeping, looking toward the sky, "Lawd, if you're listening... HELP!"

i'm hopin and wishin and prayin to god that it pulls a rescue 911 mission on my life. if i have to go through another week like the past two, i'm going to suffer a very unpretty mental breakdown. unfortunately, i think that next week will be more horrible still. and "this week" and "next week: won't matter much cuz i think i'm gonna have to go in both saturday and sunday to get some stuff done. this all blows chunks. zachary... clean your bathroom and make my bed... i'm coming home.

> Got me to thinking. For people who don't believe in higher powers, I wonder who they put their faith in or talk to. Ok, maybe I'm not being very clear. When people say stuff like, "Oh, just let me get out of this horrible situation;" or "Please let me get this job;" or even "Damn it my stomach hurts," who are they addressing?

Probably no one, Angie. It's just a habit of speech. I'd say a fair number of people who believe in god say those kinds of things without thinking about them, too.

I say "Heaven help us" all the time, and I believe in Heaven like George W believes in corporate accountability.

Hola all from Dallas. Here for a journalist convention, and it is fab. Really great topics and panels and reporters and stuff. I'm such the geek I know.

One panel that I sat through was one hosted by religion writers. One topic was how do you go beyond the obvious features like Keep Christ in Christmas, the latest in new age, etc. And one veteran was talking about if you look hard enough, you can find stories of faith, whether that be faith in God, Allah, or just a higher power, every where. And it wasn't preachy or anything like that, just an observation.

Got me to thinking. For people who don't believe in higher powers, I wonder who they put their faith in or talk to. Ok, maybe I'm not being very clear. When people say stuff like, "Oh, just let me get out of this horrible situation;" or "Please let me get this job;" or even "Damn it my stomach hurts," who are they addressing?

Not trying to put anyone on the spot or to convert anyone, just very curious.

On a lighter note, reporters were talking about the challenge of wrting about super stars like Michael Jordon or Tiger Woods, who by the way rarely ever talk to media. And so what they do is they try to put the reader in the moment or write a stroy around the subject.

Side bar: one reporter for a major paper was assigned to cover and write about Michael Jordon for an entire year, and I don't think that MJ granted him ONE SINGLE INTERVIEW.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

no, the poem does not need to contain the word "august" in it, but the source material for the poem must be somehow "august" in nature.

yes, it will still be a good poem. feel free to decorate, embellish, and punctuate at will.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

does the poem have to include the word "august" in it? and even if it turns out to be complete gibberish, it's still a good poem?
i just got clobbered in scrabble by two kids. (other parts of the singh scrabble mafia). i feel pathetic.

Be careful what you wish for.

Shelly, I don't know if I'll have anything to sell. My nice problem right now is that I can't knit fast enough to keep up with requests (and it's still summer!). I will bring stuff with me in Sept if I have anything, and I'll mail you a couple of things if I can remember to. Thanks!

I always feel better after dying my hair.

call to action (inspired by PrincessBean on nervousness):
i'm going to make a mini-zine of dada poetry. anyone who'd like to participate, let me know.
use tristan tzara's method (below). the only requirement is August. use a newspaper article from August, a chapter from a history book about an August event, an article about Augustus Ceasar, an article about or a letter by someone with an August birthday, an article about summer weather patterns etc.
decorate and record the poem however you like, with or on whatever media you'd like. mail it to me (or email it if you must). only thing is we have a short turn around time, so please send it to me by August 15, 2002. (that gives you one week.) i'll make a mini-book/zine with some color copies for everyone. i'd like to send them out so that you get them back by the end of the month.

*** Tristan Tzara's method of making a Dadist poem): ***

1. Take a newspaper (etc).
2. Take a pair of scissors.
3. Choose an article as long as you are planning to make your poem.
4. Cut out the article.
5. Then cut out each of the words that make up this article and put them in a bag.
6. Shake it gently.
7. Then take out the scraps one after the other in the order in which they left the bag.
7. Copy conscientiously. The poem will be like you. And here you are a writer, infinitely original and endowed with a sensibility that is charming though beyond the understanding of the vulgar.
8. mail to:
Candelabra Project
c/o Mary shelly Thyme
410 East Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98122
United States of America

Upma in seattle in october: excellent excellent! when? where exactly? why? how? come visit!! i'll play tour guide if you've got time and i'm in town. let's make a short video while you're here. i'm doing that with my friend mary when she comes, also in october.

art shows in alternative spaces: i'm of the mind that anyplace you don't think your stuff will be stolen or destroyed is a good venue. unless it getting stolen or destroyed is part of the project, in which case, anywhere will do... i wonder if i can make something that will incite people to destroy it...
i have a feeling that i haven't answered the question. jt has had more shows than me. i'll go find the question again and post something more relevant.

bathroom hands: i read somewhere that if you had to choose only one time to wash your hands, before using the pot, or after, you'd do better to choose before, as your hands are much germier than your privates. not an endorsement....

the dirty version: BRAVO!! now i have something to listen to at work when i'm not listening to seize him! what is the cover art going to be? you should tour to the dirtfarm, my friend josh has a record label which is actually starting to happen. the first two 7" are out soon.

slave: what ever happened to this?

los angeles: i was there last weekend. i'll write about it in depth soon. i swear. i'll also post the really old travelogue from victoria, british columbia, but i should really edit it down since it is now longer ago than the visit from mike and weez.

my latest web links list: for crafts and sewing and art and fashion all coming soon. let me know if you want a mega links list and i'll email it to you.

weezie: a store in my neighborhood is actively seeking arts to sell. you (or anyone else) interested? i'll go hawk your wares.

Upma, isn't it enough that you are one of the Singh Siblings Scrabble Mafia (they'll rearrange your letters)? Do I know anyone else who will score 40 points with a three-letter word? But yeah, I think you're right. Woeful is I.

The heat has faded. It's still hot, but I don't feel like Mother Nature is holding a pillow over my face.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

isn't it "woe is me?"

Damn Zach, you are too quick for me.

Headed to Dallas at the crack of dawn tomorrow till the end of the week for a conference. Will likely post from there, seeing as how neurotic I am about e-mail and such.

> You ever have one of those friends who just is constantly miserable? No matter what you say or do. It's all about "whoa is them."

Wait. Aren't I this friend?

Went to the shitty, shitty Warped Tour today. Saw zero bands. Got crushed while MxPx (of all bands) played. Saw 6000 sixteen year old girls with budget boob tattoos. Not a wise idea, gals.

It was free and I got to hang out with my brother. We left about an hour after we got there. Yuck.

Drink some new sodas. Tried the new Dr. Pepper variation, Red Fusion. Barf. And some stupid Sobe cola that tasted just like Dr. Pepper. Good news though, Fanta is making an American comeback. I had a peach Fanta the other day.

Dang Louise really got two ass beatings. Glad that I was good enough with one big ass lashing. Stay away from those Singh's. They all business.

You ever have one of those friends who just is constantly miserable? No matter what you say or do. It's all about "whoa is them." I'm having very little patience with this friend, but she's been around for a while and I can't seem turn my back on. Rrrrrgh.

Anyone purchase the new Beth Orton? Emmylou and Ryan Adams appear.

Monday, August 05, 2002

It's true. Upma beat me up, and then called her little brother over and he whupped me good. Those Singh kids, man. Bad news.

Mike---I'd say the chances of me stealing the title "Teenage Wasteband" for a song are almost 100%. Call your lawyer.

mike. all i gotta say is you missed a great game of literati where you shoulda been playing cuz i totallly whooped ass. ask louise and angie.

Sunday, August 04, 2002

mesmerize yourselves....

What up with the Christmas party in August, Mike?

Weez: can't agree with you more about the personal time and space thing. I think everyone who goes to the bathroom and does not wash their hands immediately afterwards should be drawn -- men and women. Gross, gross, gross.

An old friend came in town to see me this weekend. We hadn't gotten QT in ages -- I'm talking a good five years. I knew he was conservative, but I forgot HOW conservative. So I'm in my kitchen fixing something to drink, he is in the living room, and we're talking politics. He was going on about something then next thing I know he's quoting something from RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!! I about fell out of myself and screech from the kitchen. He says, "Do you not like Rush Limbaugh?" Nah, but we talked through some differences. Neither of us budged, but it was fun going back and forth with him.

He comes from a family of ELEVEN kids -- a good old Italian Catholic family. Only seven live at home right now: five of the kids (all girls) are high school age or younger and two are college aged. They have one computer that they all share. They subscribe to AOL, and the mom has little to no experience with computers/Internet. It's a huge accomplishment for her to compose and send an e-mail, so she has one of the five younger girls man the "parental controls."

Well, one day the mom couldn't get home to cook dinner so she had one of the college kids get dinner from Wendy's. Somehow the order got messed up, and the girls asked him to go back. But he had plans or was busy so he didn't go. Well the girls were PISSED, and so they decided to go into the AOL parental controls and change his access to zero minutes a day. Funny, funny shit.

A few of us went tubing in the Dan River today. It was a nice day for it. Very clear skies, hot. Tubing is a weird thing. Basically, for those of you who don't know, you buy or rent a tube, sit in it and move about .02 miles per hour down the river. Mostly rednecks, hillbillys, and drunks do it, because it involves no money and tons of beer drinking time.

We had fun but there were a few snags. Rick popped his tube really early on and had to walk a lot. Then somehow I managed to tear my pants from top to bottom. I'm standing up and one point and the others are laughing at me and asking what happened. I have no idea what they are talking about until I look I look down and see my balls hanging out. Chris was telling people he spotted the rare Carolina White Snake. Sheesh.

And now I'm burnt on the backs of my legs. I'm going to have to sleep on my stomach. Oh, the things we endure for fun.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

I love cannolli. "Leave the guns, take the cannolli."

Something I've been thinking about: personal time and personal space. The other day, I saw a man walk out of a public restroom while talking on his cellphone. What phone call is so important that you can't hang up and pee? That same day, at work, I walked into the bathroom and went into my stall at about the same time that another woman walked in. While I am minding my own business, she calls over the wall: "Do they sell sandwiches here?" Torn between I can't believe how rude this is and well I am on the clock, I simply said, "yes, in the deli." And she says "Can you recommend one?" No longer interested in being polite, I said no. And then. She left without washing her hands. Or maybe she pees rosewater? What is going on here? Is her life really so busy and important that she must multitask in the toilet? The store is not that large. Walk past the cash registers, and you are in the deli, with a display case that includes grab and go sandwiches and a chalkboard advertising made to order sandwiches.

After six weeks or so of working the Saturday farmers market, I know that there are two things you must never, ever run out of: decaf and diet. Run out of decaf coffee or diet soda and you are an idiot, a pig, a fascist, you are discriminating against them, what do you expect them to drink, do you think you can get away with this? etc. One woman today gave a martyred sigh as she picked up a diet Coke - "I don't want to support the Coca-Cola corporation, but you don't have any other diet soda here." I am realizing that diets are not about losing weight. Diets are about martyrdom, suffering, and drama. No Diet Coke available? Baby killer. Diet Coke, but it's not ice-cold? Sighs, mutterings, resignation. We have not run out of decaf coffee, so I don't know what that would be like. Probably like you had just taken away someone's god-given right.

i had my first ever Cannoli experience today.

I've posted one of the songs from our second demo on our website. The other seven songs will be on shortly. If you're interested in here the first one though, click here.

Friday, August 02, 2002

my job is slighlty too overwhelming for me to handle right now. i've had 15 minute lunch breaks all week; it seems that people have this notion of me being available 24/7 for them (and i am sooo not); i am low on patience; i have no tolerance; i have way too much to do; i'm working at a pace of 3 or 4 times that of what might be considered sane; i am mentally and physically exhasuted... that is all.
i must go pick up my chicken tacos from the taco house and get back to work.

upma, what's up?

ok. i'm going to run away now. bye.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

mmmm bowie. he was here the other night. my friend got to meet him and shake his hand. when i see my friend next, i'm gonna touch him and get bowie-ized.
is chris fox going on tour by himself?
is the record store all matthews for a whole month?
even with all those people gone... now that lisa and audrey are back, the energy level in town climbs 10 times.

i actually had a photography exhibit in a gallery once. it was a show at a local blacksburg gallery that was affiliated with virginia tech. the show included any of us that was on the photography staff that wanted to show our more arty work. i had my exhibit up on my walls in my apt. in gso cuz i had nothing else to put on my walls. it is now in retirement.

The score:
Nathan and Krystal gone to Pittsburgh. Benji gone for a week with them. Kris and Jennifer gone to LA. Blake, Andrew and Vic Blue vacationing in Costa Rica for a month. Tipa heading back to Scotland Tuesday. Chris Fox leaving on tour. Evan preparing for LA. Dave preparing for somewhere in Cali. Rita preparing for SF.

John Rash from NYC. Lisa and Audrey from SF. Ben Bernard back from Wilmington.

Stuck in a rut:

Upma-Ch-ch-ch-Changes is performed by Bu-bu-bu-Bowie.

I didn't have that bad a time with that girl, but was definately a this-isn't-working scene. Which is why the ignoring game was so lame.

Might have a job at BBs (local record store).

Internet connection comes back tomorrow.

So have any of you guys ever had a gallery showing? I was thinking of getting some work together (probably the polaroid transfers I've done the last few months) - and trying to get a show together. Any advice? (shelly - I'm looking at you) It wouldn't need to be in a gallery - though I've heard horror stories of showing your work at a restaurant or hair salon and the work forever after smelling like that place.

The quotable Lake Effect . . .

So there's this thing that involves my aunt Tinnie, my best friend Annette and myself. Over the course of a week, I've sent my aunt Tinnie about five e-mails on the topic. This morning Tinnie sends me an e-mail that says, "So how do I do X,Y, and again?" I responded, "Have you not read the last five e-mails I sent you?" She says, "Sorry, I was busy." What-ever, I'm convinced that she's just selectively illiterate . . . . . Damn it if she is freakin' incompetent 80 percent of the time. All frustrated, I call Annette and tell her that I'm ready to ship Tinnie off to a third world country that has no Yoplait, no coupons and most of all, absolutely no lines of communication. Later this afternoon Net asked me if I think Tinnie will be able to fill the request. I wrote back, "If she does fill it, I'll drop a child from my womb."

Mike - I emailed you.