Monday, September 30, 2002

thoughts of the moment:
1. someone ought to do a documentary on angie joe.
2. all i know about ryan adams is that he slept on my friend matthew's couch when he was still unknown. it was way before my time in greensboro, so... that's all i know, i cannot tell you anymore.
3. is kirsten dunst pretty? i dunno. is she talented? i don't know. how'd she get famous? hmmm. is it kirsten or kristen?
4. zach should suffer from insomnia more often and use his insomia-ed, nervous energy to write to us.
5. oh damn, it's midnight.

Zach, that was a great post. Seriously.

To answer Stephanie's question, I had an amazing time at the ACL festival. So much so that I wish I could just bottle up the last three days of my life and just re-live them for the next few years. The weather was gorgeous, about 80, with the Texas sun shining. It was hot as shit, but curable by pouring water over your head.

Only a few complaints. The lines were OUT OF CONTROL, so long that I managed to miss the Blind Boys of Alabama. And they almost ran out of food. Not sure if any of you have figured this out, but a HUNGRY ANGIE is a BITCHY ANGIE.

Other than that, fantabulous.

The bands were incredible. I manage to catch: part of Asleep at the Wheel, Caroline Herring, Gillian Welch, Caitlin Cary, Patty Griffin, Wilco, Jayhawks, Bob Schneider, Kelly Willis, Allison Moorer, James McMurtry, Rebirth Brass Band, Emmylou in her encore ("Pancho and Lefty"), G. Love and the Special Sauce, Ryan Adams. All in one place (15 acres), with 40,000 of my closest friends.

I sang. I danced. I took a nap under a big, phat tree. I watched a three year old girl run around in circles. I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream from Amy's. I laughed at the Curt Cobain look alike boy who wore a shirt that said, "Ryan Adams could kick Bryan Adams' ass." I called Kyle on his girl friend's cell phone during Ryan Adams so that he could hear a few songs. I drank sweet tea. I ran my bare feet in the grass. I wore my straw hat. I thought about my new crush who is about as shy as they come when it comes to girls. I started random conversations with strangers. I said aloud, "Angie, you would have made a horrible hippie." I remebered the times when I was 11 years old, and we would pour Florida water over our heads while we sang silly cheers like, "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt so sliiiiiiiiiiide. So sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. . . . . "

All in all, I done passed a damn good time.

Angie - how'd you like the ACL festival? I didn't have my cell phone with me or I would have called. And tried to find you among 40,000 people. I really liked the music, but was one hot, grubby, sweaty, tired individual by the end. How about you?

I think about the weather way too much. not having a job leaving you with a lot of time to consider these things. For instance, I really notice the slight changes in temperature. Both within the house and outside it. I've become obsessed with the few degrees of temperature when I'm really comfortable. It's around 74, 75, 76. My housemates tend to prefer it closer to 80. My parents like it hotter than that. Dad is still on blood-thinners and is cold all the time. Then, there's the humidity. Which has been high of late because of the hurricane in the gulf. Humidity gets the blame for most people's discomfort in the South, and it deserves it, but this week its been very nice. Soggy smells and so on. Damp breezes.

I'm reading about one hundred pages a day in whatever book I'm on. I don't normally read that fast. I have a hard time concentrating sometimes. For a person that is as lazy by nature as I am, I tend to have a lot of nervous energy. I wiggle around in chairs and my mind wanders. I wish I knew how to translate that energy in to activity.

I sat down last night with my guitar and tried to plan out six songs I could play solo if the opportunity arose. No prospects on the horizon or anything. I just wanted to see if I had six or so songs I could do by myself that would hold together. I made it to song number four and got bored. Bad sign. I also noticed (and don't take this as some subconcious cry of distress or anything) that the six songs I choose all mentioned an accident or a death but none of them were about death. (song one, mysterious dark cloud, song two, death by avalanche, song three, plane crash, song four, car crash, songs five and six, drowning) Spooky.

Song five actually uses the name "Louise," Weez, but not in direct reference to you, of course. More in that Springsteeny need-a-generic-woman's-name kind of way. I sang it once and it stuck.

I can't sleep. I'm sleepy though. Its 2:41 AM here.

I took about an hour's worth of video footage of Grace. I have that cliche desire to make someone watch it. Dave actually volunteered but I wouldn't put him through it. She doesn't do tricks or anything. There is an adorable part where she kisses a baby doll and then falls over. I should go watch that now.

Is it October yet? I want to dress up like Dr. Teeth from the Muppet Show for Halloween, but there's no way I'll ever spend the time of effort to make the costume. My favorite part of the Muppet Movie is where the Electric Mayhem paint Fozzie's car rainbows and stuff to "disguise" it from the Doc Hopper. Fozzie says, "I don't know how to thank you." And Kermit says, "I don't know why to thank you." Makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Its very late and I'm going to let you in to more than I normally would. My defenses are down. Sometimes when I daydream, I imagine being one of the Henson puppeteers. I know that's a corny dream. Most people dream about owning a business or have a rocketpack or dude ranch or something. But, seriously, I am intensely jealous of the classic Henson puppeteers. I've read interviews and articles about the Henson shop and it just sounds wonderful. A bunch of scruffy hippies living in London, telling goofy jokes and making up funny voices. And those guys were artists, man. Look at Miss Piggy in the classic episodes or in the early movies. Frank Oz is brilliant. That guy can do anything with that puppet. He can convey body language with his hand and two little sticks. If you want to really see it. Watch the first movie. Watch Frank Oz perform Piggy or Fozzie (if they're in the same scene, Oz is doing whichever is talking more) and then watch the new Weezer video or the last film, both of which feature Eric Jacobson (or sometimes Peter Linz) performing Piggy. Jacobson is really talented, and he does a great job (he even does the voice in the Weezer video), but if you really watch you can see the difference. Jacobson is a talent performer, but Frank Oz is a fucking genius. Look at the difference between the puppet Yoda and the CG Yoda of the last Star Wars film. The puppet Yoda looks real because Frank Oz brings him to life. The CG Yoda looks like a special effect.

All the classic character are being recast, which is a little weird. Most of the main muppets characters were performed by the same people for years and years. Caroll Spinney did Big Bird until 2000. That's like 30 years. Dave Goelz has been performing Gonzo for almost as long. He's just about the only one of the original team still around. The others are dead or retired for the most part. Jerry Nelson still does his characters, Floyd and Robin and, I think, he does Statler, now.

What the hell am I going on about the Muppets for? Nurse! Nurse! I'm losing it!

Sunday, September 29, 2002

i found kinder eggs in my neighborhood today! the weekend was too short. the next three weeks are going to be amazingly hectic, fast, and i hope fun.
shelly, when do you want to meet up? did i e.mail you my cell #?

Thursday, September 26, 2002

I'm going to be a "maw maw" complete with moo moo and house slippers for Halloween. A few days ago though, I thought it might be fun to dress up as words. Some that came to mind: clairvoyance, attitude, FUBAR, bloated, laughter.

Yesterday morning I was annoyed because the governor of Mississippi declared a state of emergency before the hurricane/tropical storm even hit the Gulf Coast. For crying out loud, wasn't that a bit premature? I understand that the whole state of emergency is a political thing, but shouldn't you wait till there is actually damage before doing so? (I am not saying that we should not prepare prior to, but it would be the equivilent of me calling my doctor every week and saying, "My time on earth is limited, it might be soon," every freakin' week till the day I die). Ok, so what if I exaggerate?

My nephew (i.e., Robin's dachshund) has a slipped disc and went through surgery yesterday. I hope to hear more about how it went. He has a 50/50 chance of a full recovery. Not sure what the other 50 percent entails, other than less mobility? I'm so not good with medical terms and such.

Yesterday our office assistant called me a "control freak" in the morning, then later that day she called me "free-spirited." I asked her what kind of a person be both a control freak and free-spirited simultaneously? She said, "A messed up one," and we both laughed.

I called my mom this morning. She hadn't even gotten out of bed but assumed that since the carpet was not wet, the house was ok. ????????

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

nice palindromes!! words.... ahhhh. (zach thinks exclamation points and elipses are stupid). he's probably right.

well... yikes! i went sara jessica short. i'm not so sure how i feel about it.

actually the rats were divas. they sniffed the wheel, they climbed in and out a bit, but they did not run. not really surprising considering that was the first time they saw the thing, with the camera crew clustered around and all the noise and new smells. running on a wheel isn't instinctual for rats the way it is for gerbils and hamsters. rats are actually smart enough to know that they aren't actually going anywhere by running on it. silly prissy little things. i have to call the production company if the rats go crazy on the wheel.
palindromes for your entertainment:
rats star
mike supplied: rats live on no evil star

Halloween costume idea: BLUE MOON
I plan on dressing in all blue and getting a big ass poster of the moon to wear in some form or I'm going as a different cosmic pun - the Milky Way and tying old milk jugs all over. Or maybe Red Dwarf.
Off to the NASA web site for more inspiration...
(there's a big Halloween contest at work - maybe this year, my department will win)

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Next week: the aging hipster dyes his hair black and discovers his gray is resistant to dye. Writes a song about it. Screams into shoe.

how did the rats filming go? did they act like littel diva's and say "turn off those lights! who can work in these conditions?" that would be funny if they did.
is there anyone in Seattle who can cut my hair for kinda cheap? i need a hair cut.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Seattle! Via the NW Airlines flight from heck on Wednesday. I touch down in Sea-Tac at 9:10 after going through Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St Paul and Spokane. Then I go to Portland Friday morning, then back to Bloomington Tuesday morning. This is so not enough time. This is what I get for moving to Indiana.

Zach with a "perv" moustache and Mike with "aging hipster" pointy sideburns? Perhaps I should start cultivating Frida Kahlo eyebrows.

tonight my rats are being filmed for B-roll for an A&E pilot show. they have to run on a wheel.

angie:oh no! go see richard buckner! he was SO good the time i saw him!

upma: seattle details?

kainui: seattle details?

zach: send me moustache hairs and i will make a voodoo good luck charm for you.

jt: hi. i have a new proposal for the residency program. i'll send details when i have 'em.

steph: thank you over & over for bust.

mike: please record the pointy sideburns in some manner.

all: the august candelabra is taking MUCH longer than i expected. i remember why i'm not a graphic designer. but it is coming. i promise.

anyone: have hbo? willing to tape sopranos for me?

Angie - I'll be at the ACL festival on Sat. Send me your number - oh, I just ran into John Rees downstairs. It turns out his wife works here - small world.

Random fact of the day: during the Truman administration, the new state of Israel, the independent India and Pakistan formed. Who knew?

Busy weekend. A friend of mine drug me to see the "Barbershop" starring Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer; went fishing (didn't catch jack but it was relaxing to be out there); went to three zydeco clubs last night. A 50 or 60 year old gentlemen somehow managed to convince me to dance. I typically don't dance with strangers at bars, but he seemed harmless enough and his freaky flag wasn't flying any higher than mine. As it turns out, he is a washboard player. Pretty cool huh?

Stephanie, do you still have plans to go to the Austin City Limits Festival? If so, I'll e-mail you my cell phone number. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

In other news, two people I know in the last two weeks have been laid off from work. I thought that all of the laying off was over and done with 6 or 8 months ago. Yikes.

I don't think I'll be going to Richard Buckner tomorrow night. I need to save up for the ACL festival this weekend.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Moustache coming along fine. Just in time for our wedding and relocation to Europe.

Fought a bear. Won.

Fought a shark. Won.

Fought a donkey. Lost.

So, yeah, nothing's happening in my life. I get up, I sit around, I eat and go back to bed.

What about you guys?

i think i want to go live in europe now. bye.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

oh yeah... um.... i still have the camera. i'll mail it by mid-week to the next person. promise.

got a new fridge today! so much better. got a huge bookshelf from IKEA for only $50. it's late. i hope to finally finish unpacking tomorrow. as well as make currant scones, (do you say [cuh RANT] or [current]??) and i also have a lot of other errands to run. i'm gonna go watch the rest of Trading Spaces... this is my saturday night. yay.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Update: I reset the trap, heard it whap shut, ran to the kitchen, and dumped the fat little poop machine in the backyard. Maybe too close to one of the neighbors, but I hate the way they yell at the dog. Hendrix. She seems to think that commands should be given in a really angry top volume voice. "HENDRIX!!! SIT!!!!"

I forgot to mention the tornadoes today. Swept through southern Indiana, fucked up two shopping malls in Indianapolis, beat the crap out of a Kmart in another town, and missed Bloomington completely. While we were standing outside the co-op like the slack-jawed yokels we are, a man walked up and said, "Y'all waitin' for JEEsus to return? 'Cause when he does, there won't be a warnin'!" I took that as my cue to walk back inside. Later he asked why we had a "Bloomington United in Diversity" sign in the window, "'cause you know that's not true."

I am not as upset with my mother as I was. She means well, she does. And now that we argue via email, I'm in touch more often.

The human mouse trap I bought is a little too humane. Chelsea heard it snap shut, and as she walked into the kitchen, heard it thump around a couple of times - and then the mouse shot back out of it.

My mother is not happy about my not putting up the poster-sized family portrait ("how about the inside of your door?" "What, sideways?"). AND. My sister will be doing her basic training in San Antonio. She wants me to go to her "graduation" in January. I tell her I'll see what I can do, maybe I can visit her on a weekend too. My mother tells me that I should visit Aunty Pam in Texas while I'm there. I say, Texas is huge. Do you even know where they live? Big mistake. Now Aunty Pam and her husband are all excited, think that I'm going to stay with them, and want to be at my sister's graduation too. And of course mom says I have to stay with them for a few days at least. Gosh, THANKS mom, that's great, are you going to pay for my airfare and give me a stipend? "Don't get snotty with me." Have I mentioned I've met Aunty Pam exactly once?

I am so looking forward to going to Seattle and Portland next week. *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Louise, I've been away from New Orleans for quite some time now, and I still get home sick. I remedy it by eating lots of foods from NOLA/South Louisiana.

Have any of you checked out that "Blog Spot Plus"? I just noticed it this morning.

Apparently Tinnie called my mom and told her she was ready to "start World War III" with me, because she "went out of her way to send me all this food, when I wouldn't even lend her my cell phone." She apparently wanted it "for my grandma's sake," not hers (man, is that Pulitzer Prize material or what). I was so livid when I heard all of this, that I was ready to intitiate the throw down, but I managed to simmer down somehow. As you can imagine, I was full of words, most of which I'll spare the blog. The last thing I remember telling my mom was, "My cell phone is NOT hers for the taking but for MINE for the keeping. And, I'll burn the damn thing before surrendering the shit over to her."

I finished "Your Blues Ain't Like Mine" a few nights ago. It was really, really good. There were several stories, but probably the most impactful was the one about the black woman who learned how to read as an adult. You followed her thought process from illiteracy to literacy, and her entire perspective changed. Makes me consider tutoring. Maybe after my zydeco tour.

Stephanie: embrace the Cajun within! Say it loud, say it proud, mama!

So have I mentioned that I'm taking power yoga at my gym? I really enjoy it, though we have it in the aerobics room (freezing) and my teacher is from Scotland (thick accent), but I wish I could go more often (I go only once a week). I went running for the first time in a looooong time on Monday. Walking down stairs was then very painful on Tuesday.
My photo bug continues. I also found a focus for my next body of work: Pairs (pears). So I want to get printing on Sunday to produce some more work, besides shooting on Sat. and Sun. I think I'll look at sequences in sets of two. Or have a pair of objects in the frame or just the fruit, pears (they are majorly photogenic). We have space at work to hang pictures, so that's what I'm aiming for. After that, maybe I'll invest the mint to get stuff framed and look for another space.
I've noticed in my speech pattern, I've begun droppin' ending "g's" at an alarmin' rate. Fixin', meetin', these are the words coming out of my mouth. That and I've started saying "lunch" in a weird hybrid Cajun accent: luuunschh.
What in the world is going on.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

finished last season's Soprano's. let's get started on this one...

Nothing gets me over homesickness like talking to my mother. Thanks, Mom! The current debate is the poster-size family portrait she sent me. She wants to send another one! I am trying to explain to her that my house is small, and I don't have that kind of wall space (I am not telling her that there is no way it goes in my room, either).

Mike, rumble all you want about a summit. After Seattle/Portland next week, I'm not going anywhere for at least five or six months, and when I do, it will probably be home (and I don't think Lake Effect can afford a mass vacation in Hawai'i).

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Hey Z:
Q. What do rock-n-roll singers use when they're hunting for treasure?
A: Heavy Metal Detectors

Yesterday my brother turned 21. I tried calling my parent's house but no-one was home, so I left a long message on the machine. I know it's silly, but I hardly ever call them because I get incredibly homesick when I do. I'm already pretty darned homesick. I want to move the west coast to be closer. I want to go home. And since Portland has just about the worst job market in the US right now and my lease runs through August? I'll just stay here. Until then, I'll think about the ocean and try not to get too maudlin.

I am on this cell phone plan with my parents, such that it gives us unlimited anytime minutes with the three phones and free weekends. Tinnie, my aunt in Houston, constantly asks me to use my cell phone, even though she has her own cell phone with ample minutes (I think it's like 3000 minutes). She doesn't even greet me with a hello. It's, "Can I use your cell phone?"

For my aunt Peggy's b-day, my parents got her a cell phone on our family's plan, because Peggy is a technophob and has been needing one for quite sometime. Now the unlimited anytime minutes apply to the cell phones of my mom, dad, Peggy and myself.

So Tinnie came over last night, and my grandmother is now staying with her (grandma goes back and forth between Peggy's and Tinnie's). She asks for my cell phone, I give it to her, but I take the ear piece off the phone. She gives me this SHIT look and says, "I want the ear piece." I said, "Uh, I don't want your ear funk on my stuff." (besides, I thought to myself, the last thing I want to do is make your ass comfortable).

Then she says to me, "Well, since your grandma is staying with me, can I use your cell phone during the week? You don't use it anyways."

Are these people really blood relatives to me????

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

steph, you are welcome. i hope it was helpful and didn't sound pompous. or discouraging. i just think it is so important to have a clear idea of the purpose of it all. why spend all that time, energy and money otherwise?

shelly. seattle has finally been confirmed. october 2 -october 6. i'll be there for a conference (downtown), but we can defintely make plans to hang for a bit. my boss is coming too, so i may not get a whole lotta play time. but i've never been to seattle before, and i wanna see it. and i wanna meet you. and i wanna see my one other friend who's there. we can talk about your grad school plans in person....

i wonder if i should really go sara jessica short with the hair. it's time for a haircut... what to do, what to do?

Upma - thanks for the MFA advice. Yeah, I need to think about those things. For now, I'm just trying to shoot more and see how I like being back in the photo world.

Monday, September 16, 2002

i'm spent.
on saturday we (work) had an event where we brought two filmmakers in from NYC who have just finished a film.. we screened it on saturday. so most of my day was spent doing things with and for this event. it was a long day, but a good day. the filmmakers were really great people.... so down to earth, so friendly, great senses of humor.
Sunday, i had so much to do, and i got nonof it done cuz i couldn't move. i was such a couch potato all day. then at 7pm a friend of mine calls to let me know that his band is in town... so i went to go see, and they ended up crashing at my place, which was fun. but boy am i sleepy today.
and tomorrow i am meeting with my personal trainer again. this is the 2nd and last time (for a while anyway), that i will meet with a trainer. i do feel good... and i do feel like i've lost a little bit o weight. it's probably all in the mind. i'm having a dessert party tomorrow. well, not really a "party," but one of my old friends from b'burg, who is now the person with the closest proximity to me of all the people i know in Philadelphia. did that make sense? goodnight.

Ok, ok, ok, Mr. Fournier. You have called my bluff. When are the Stros coming up to Boston? Your trip by the way sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Shelly how easy/difficult is it for you to get to Vancouver? I'll be going there sometime this fall on frequent flyer miles. I'll probably fly up on a Thurs. then leave on a Tues.

I've started reading again. I'm half way through "Your Blues Ain't Like Mine" by Bebe Moore Campbell which is pretty good and an easy read. Next in line is Sandra Cisneros' "The House on Mango Street" then I borrowed a book by Garrison Keillor. We'll see how I do.

ps. Mike and Angie - I went and met this guy on Sunday (to take his photo for our textbook). He spent the summer of '96 traveling to all the major league ballparks in 60 days. Pretty cool story.

I went and took more photos this weekend at a Vintage Hoop-La (a joint garage sale held by several vintage stores). It turns out one of my good friends from college now does that for a living. Anyway, one photo I'm looking forward to is a grouping of religious icons - I played around with selective focus - sometimes this pope doll was in focus with jesus and mary out of focus - in others, the pope was out of focus but the bleeding heart - oh, wait, maybe it was a saint and not jesus - anyway - it was fun playing around with icons. I was hoping to get focused (hee, hee) on what I want to start shooting, but it's so hard. First I thought "masks" - it might be cool to go with that idea. Then I got sidetracked by that religious stuff and then spoons. I really like silverware. So who knows how that last roll of film will end up. I'm supposed to go photograph horses this weekend. I guess I just like to dabble - it's hard to commit to one body of work - though it seems people want to see unifying themes. I may have to go more abstract.
Besides that, I have six birthdays of close friends to plan for. And shop/make something for. Sheez.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Hey kids. I've thought about going back to school, but quite frankly I don't know that I am disciplined enough. I wish that I would have gone directly after my BA, but then again, I still probably would not have known what program to pursue. My issue is that I in theory I want to learn about so much in life -- history, politics, communications, etc., that it's really hard to focus on just one, or try to figure out a combination that makes sense, much less offered.

My aunt was laid off from her job last week. She was a nurse case manager for a big insurance company, and she is an RN so she should have no problems. With that I've been trying to be extra sensitive, but she of course has just taken advantage of the shit.

On a side note, some freakin student just called me from her cell phone while she was in the bathroom. That is the most disgusting thing in the world. That and not washing your hands after using the bathroom. Were these people raised in a fucking barn???

Mike, wish I could be there with you. I was at the Astros game last night. It was the funniest thing. We were tied 3-3 with the Cardinals. We had two runners on, and some guy says, "If Vizcaino hits a homerun, I'm going to dance!!!" As the words finish coming out of his mouth, the pitcher throws the ball, and next thing I know the ball goes soaring into the stands. We all turn around, to a dancing, drunk guy. So funny.

JT, I been missing out on some IM loving this week. Maybe next?

Thursday, September 12, 2002

You guys remember me talking about our subletters over the summer? Well, they're back from LA for a few days and we're being treated to all the LA scenster news. Get this, Jennifer (one of the subletters) is now Alicia Silverstone's personal assistant. And they've been hanging out with Juliette Lewis and the girl from A Knight's Tale. And that kid who played Telly in Kids is going to be their new roommate.

I'm not jealous of these two for getting to hang out with these celebrities, because, really, they sound like total shitheads (for example, Alicia Silverstone has a mineral water hot tub and Juliette Lewis is a Scientologist), but I am jealous of the stories, which are kind of surreal. I mean, who gets stoned with Batgirl in mineral water hottub?

Zach - good luck.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I've got a job interview tomorrow. Its looks good. Wish me luck.

Angie: I have a MOUSE. If I had a rat, the war would be over and the house would be flattened.

I have had the MFA thought before. It's usually followed by my feeling that if I go back to school, it had better be something I can make money with. I really don't want to sling granola for the rest of my life.

upma, i must ask you to please offer me sisterly advice as well.

stephanie... i feel that i must offer some big sisterly advice. but i will refrain unless you ask me. so if you want to discuss your 'to MFA or not to MFA' question further, please e me.

I just got a cavity filled so my mouth is numb with novocaine. Not a pleasant sensation.
We had a bagpiper play at a ceremony this morning at work.
I was thinking "what if I went back to grad school and tried for an MFA in photography" thoughts yesterday.

Funny that Louise has a rat, 'cuz I found an ant colony in my freakin' food pantry. What the hell? My strategy was to emit a few choice profanities, get all worked up, then declare war. You know the usual way that I deal with things.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

you may borrow tucker if you promise to be good to her and play with her lots. and don't make her fat. no fat cats allowed here.
speaking of fat cats... i went to the personal trainer this morning. i'm afraid to go to sleep, cuz when i wake up, i might not be able to move. i'm not all that sore now... in fact not at all. so i'm thinking maybe i won't get sore. but... how can that be? i guess we'll see. dude worked me hard. he's a football player. and he was really nice too. i was pleasantly surprised. i like a 95% gay man gym. anyway. i know i said that he could try all he'd like but i'm not paying for another session (this one was free)... but i got suckered in. he was only able to show me lower body and abs weight training today... i need him to go over upper body too. after that... i'm on my own, till i decide i need more help. i'm excited about gettin buff.

I found little mousie droppings in a kitchen drawer a few days ago. Chelsea came home that day to see me standing over the drawer with bleach solution and a sink full of hot soapy water, and this morning she found a nibble hole in a wrapped pastry. The war is on. Growing up in the subtropics, I know the usual tactics - no food left out, everything stored in Tupperware or glass, fanatic cleanliness. And if that doesn't do the trick, we're borrowing a cat. Anyone have any recommendations?

Maybe it's the cynic in me, but the timing is just too perfect. In a "CNN exclusive," official sources were able to measure the mood of Osama following the attacks. Just so happens, the day prior to the anniversary of the events. Hmmmm, makes me scratch my head.

I believe that the rivalry b/w Houston and Dallas has existed far before the Oilers' move. That's just a hunch though.

Yesterday I nearly ran into a guy who was on my bowling team. I affectionately refer to him simply as "Sexist Pig." I saw Sexist Pig at the student center today . . . I avoided all contact with Sexist Pig . . . (to a male friend who bowled two points below my average) Why is it that Sexist Pig feels the need to give me pointers and not you?

Monday, September 09, 2002

I too am dodging the 9/11 nostalgia. At least one store here will be closed in observance of 9/11, and I was given a red white and blue ribbon with my purchase at the craft store today.

I have started knitting a sweater for Baby O'Shea - bright red with turquoise stripes. It's blinding. People will be staggering away with palms pressed to bleeding eye sockets. Hey, at least I went with stripes instead of, say, zigzags and checkerboards or gingham plaid.

I'm 9-11'ed out, too.

Speaking of football, I cannot believe that the Texans beat the Cowboys. FYI, there is a huge rivalry between Houston and Dallas. Probably because they are the biggest cities in the state. I'm not even a fan of the sport though it's nice to see Houston on top.

My plan is to not turn the TV or radio on at all on 9/11. The overanalysis and, frankly, nostalgia of the whole event is sickening. ABC is airing 15 hours of 9/11 programming. Fifteen hours! Jesus, let these people rest without a parade of dancing corpses to remind us.

And we you guys are watching this stuff (or avoiding it), remember that our "president" is now beating the drum for us to invade a foreign country and drop bombs on them in a preemptive strike. Preemptive. Iraq hasn't attacked the US or its neighbors. There are no legitimate signs that they are going to, either. What a fucked up world we live in.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

i've been thinking about the anniversary of 09.11 for the past few days... wish i could take the day off work. i'm filled with an overwhelming sadness and even a little bit of leftover fear. i just read some of our posts from last year in the archives. i'm glad we have archives. i was in NYC a year ago today, meeting mike f. for the first time. then not even 48 hours later, the city exploded.
it seems weird to me that so much has happened in the last 365 days. while i'm glad that the tragedy didn't stop movement, it still makes me feel a little badly that in the whole scheme of things, we didn't seem to stop at all.
i think that if i didn't have to work that day, i would travel to either NYC or DC to be with my friends.

Friday, September 06, 2002

Just got an e-mail from my mom. They've decided not to come. Translation: it takes an act of God, not the will of Angie, to change my parents' minds.

In other news, I think I want to make something yummy this weekend. Preferrably something with rice and gravy. Damn do I love that shit!

So there is a tropical storm looming off the coast of Galveston. It will hit land late tonight, early tomorrow, and make its way toward Houston. Hopefully it will not be nearly as bad as what Alison was.

My parents are talking about coming in town this weekend. Sounds sweet, doesn't it? But when they come, the trip is so not about me, it's about going to Chinatown. They often come in the middle of the week, while I am at work. They call me from Lake Charles (about half way) to tell me they are on their way to my house. Hell, my dad once came to Houston without even calling me. Very strange individuals. Plus some other chicken shit things that I won't even begin to go into. I joke around and say that they are involved with drug trafficing, when really it all boils down to my father's fickleness.

So when I asked my mom last night if they could possibly come in another weekend, she said no, the plans were already set, they were coming in Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning and that they would stay in a hotel if I was too busy for them (sure, if that happens I will have the shitty daughter reputation for the next decade). It all goes back to that damn Asian guilt thing. Maybe things will change with the tropical storm around the corner.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Hey, the damn record sales on rockstargame finally got updated! We're rocking again!

Dad is home now. He's even going back to work tomorrow. The human body is an amazing thing. He says he feels better now than before the heartattack, which, I guess, makes sense considering that his bloodflow was less before.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Z, ditto on what everyone else said. Stuff like that really makes you keep things in perspective.

My girls weekend in Dallas was last week. We went to this amazing place called Braum's where they sold custard style frozen yogurt. Talk about the most yummy thing on a hot, summer day in Texas.

Last night I went to the Bonnie Rait/Lyle Lovett concert. My friend managed to score sixth row center seats. It was like having a private concert to yourself. During her encore, Bonnie sang "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man." Talk about awesome.

I'm running on empty these days. Need to catch up on sleep and solo time. Over the last month, I've spent about half my time out of town. The next two weekends though I'll be home sleeping on my pillowtop mattress thank God.

If you have not already seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or "Monsters, Inc." they are worth the time.

zach - what a horrible way to start your week. I'm glad to hear that it's a best of a bad scenario thing. Take care.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

zach, that is just horrible. i'm glad he's ok.
fruit and exercise. i'm defintely waking up early to go to my new gym in the morning. and you guys might ought to too.

Zach, glad to hear your dad is okay.

I just wanted to drop a note to all of you that my dad had a heartattack on Sunday. It was a light heartattack--serious, but not as serious as some. He was extremely lucky in that none of his heart was damaged, meaning the heart itself should recover 100%.

They did a heart catheterization on him this morning, in which they ran a line up through his arteries and got a look at the extent of the blockage that caused the heartattack in the first place. Again, dad was super lucky. They were able to fix it all with stints (little expanding tubes that open the blockage), so he won't have to have any surgery.

He should be home sometime tomorrow, but nothing is for certain yet.

The rest of us are fine, if a little frazzled.

Grape stomping is like scented seaweed. The trip was a lot of fun. Staying in the old train car, having wine and cheese and crackers for a couple of meals. Shooting five rolls of film. Visiting a farmer's market and bringing home fresh peaches, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and squash.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

don't change the shifting left align. it's cool. go check it out on rash's computer.

well, i'm all moved in, now i just gotta unpack. gonna hit Bed Bath and Beyond today to get new stuff (etagerie, shelves, etc), so i have places to put stuff. i'll probably hit IKEA later this week. i hope the doctor (the landlord) replaces my fridge soon. he almost yelled at my mom about it... he got really defensive and rude. true colors.

awwwww listen! you can hear church bells ringin in my new neighborhood. much better than the sound of fire engine sirens.

brunch time.... pancakes n coffee.