Saturday, May 31, 2003

The house is almost final, final. For all intensive purposes I am moving in on Friday, as my landlord has rented out my apartment already. So I will move in early though I won't be an official home owner until the end of the month.

I can't remember if I have described it at all.....Estimated build date is 1950, in a really quiet, secluded area. I think everyone in the neighborhood has trees in their yard except for me -- that will soon change. It is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage, brick. The seller re-modeled the kitchen and bathroom, so they are really nice and complete with updates like a disposal and dishwasher. There is a sun room area and a bay window. Eventually I'd like to make the bay window a window seat. It's completely carpeted with the exception of the kitchen and bath, but underneath are hardwoods, so I will plan on redoing the hardwoods in the sunroom, dining and living areas. I'm constantly thinking about what I want to do -- my color schemes, additions to the house, etc. I think my living room will consist of some muted gold/yellow and crimson.

Advice for newbie home buyers: don't ever let your realtor run you over, be clear about your price range, never EVER look at a house outside of your price range -- that's the worse thing you can do. Also you'll be approved for way more of a house mortgage than you could ever afford, stick to your budget and not your mortgage broker's or realtor's. When people give you time estimates, always estimate a week later. You'll get frustrated in the process, but in the end it will all be worth it.

In other news....I attended a day-long concerned citizens' seminar. The city faces mayoral elections in November, and this group got together to prioritize issues so that they can present them to the canidates. It was pretty cool the way things worked out, I sat at a random table and ended up with three Latinas and five white men (two were conservative, one was bordering Rush Limbaugh; another was gay). I was probably the most liberal, so the conservative and I were dishing friendly jabs.

One of the things that concerned me most was that only 11 percent of attendees were Hispanic, although 33 percent of the city is Hispanic. Talk about under represented. I wrote that in my feedback form, and little Rush assumed that one of the Latinas wrote it, when he found out I did, he said, "Wow you really are liberal." Gee, can you imagine someone who is concerned about the well being of people of another race????

Oh the other funny thing. He kept calling me Hillary b/c I support universal health care so I said to him,"Not to worry, little one, you can still order your plastic surgery even with universal health care." I know, I am bad, but he was asking for it. It was worth a good laugh though.

Still working to save the world......

Two reasons why I decided to work alternating weeks at the farmers market until I leave: strawberries and asparagus.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Angie - I didn't realized the house was finalFINAL. That is so awesome. Ted is just starting the house buying process. I'm vicariously excited. And busy learning all the terms. Any advice for a house shopping newbie?

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

hey. who's up for a literati throwdown on saturday afternoon?

check it out... our lil' girl is all growed up...

Hey boys and girls. Sorry to be so quiet lately. My cousin came in town from San Francisco this weekend. He said he wanted to eat meat, so meat was what he got. Took him to a Brazilian steakhouse, a Texas steakhouse, Mexican, a Middle Eastern place that specializes in skewers, BBQ. Needless to say I'm feeling pretty heavy! We also rented saw Life is Beautiful (for the second time), Bourne Identity and Adaptation, and of course we caught an Astros game.

I'm in the process of the packing process. I'll probably move the first weekend of June (two weeks!). It's exciting but nerve racking as all get out. I'll probably rid some of the anxiousness once I finally get in and unpacked. In the mean time I am getting price quotes on movers and trying to purchase furniture (looking at a washer and dryer tonight).

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

i have no clue where my film is being shown. i just hope it is... cuz i spent a pretty penny mailing it so it'd get there in time.

Upma - where's your film playing in Chicago - I have some friends there. In fact, that's where I was this past weekend. Ted had to stay up there for work, so I went to visit him and old friends. We walked...and walked...and walked - by Sunday, my ankles were wimpering. But I had a blast. Went to a rock-a-tiki bar (you walk in, they give you a plastic lei, your drinks are on fire, good DJ with surf-lounge music), also saw the current exhibit at the Museum of Contempory Art - some I liked, some made me go - this is worthy to be in a museum ?!? Also hit the Botanical Gardens - shot a few rolls of film there - riots of color, loads in bloom. And they divide the gardens - the sensory garden, the edible garden, the medicinal garden and so on. Went to Navy Pier - upped our cheesiness content - but got to ride a carousel. Ate every two hours, crepes, appetizers, chocolate fondue, a perfect trip.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

i just watched 13 episodes of Six Feet Under (season one). i hope to follow that with something cheery.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Thursday and Friday we did about 80-90% of the Dawn Chorus "album." Eleven songs in all. You are all going to be knocked out.

last night i buried little claudius
he'd had a Catholic wake all day
and i wrapped him in one of Jacob's plain white handkerchief's as a shroud
this evening, i dug a hole for him under Mimi, John & Linda' mimosa tree
and planted the bulb i got from the seattle center world trade center memorial
John read some prayers in Hebrew
i put a plain brick to mark the spot
we had a toast to the royal rat

Friday, May 23, 2003

i'm sorry to do this after talks of lola and rats and eulogies... but,


i guess that made me feel better. it's been a stressful day.

i wanted to write a nice elegy for my little rat Claudius, but i don't think i can do it yet.
i'm so sorry about Lola.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

do you know anyone in chicago? tell them my film is screening on tuesday. i don't know where though... i'll get more details.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Ok, I have a confession. I am a news junkie. I check news Web sites at least five times a day. Mostly newspaper and wire services. The last few weeks I have been hooked on the Texas House Democrats flight, the illegal immigrants harbored in that refrigerated truck, the NY Times reporter Jayson Blair. I really should be reading stuff about the economy, mortgage rates, energy news, but it drives me out of my mind trying to figure out X from Z. As you can imagine, the dividend tax is a complete bore to me. However, there was an op ed in the Washington Post on Monday from Warren Buffett. Have a read. It's in simple terms that I can even relate to, it's written in a detailed, easy-to-understand manner.

Weez, I'm so sad for you!

Oh, Kanui, I'm so sorry to hear about Lola.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

oh no! lola, why did you go? sweet dreams little lady. tucker is unhappy at this news too. k, i'm so so so sorry.

She grew up in this house. It wasn't her idea to leave and live with her sisters in a small apartment, so when she returned to this house I imagine it was a relief to be back in her neighborhood again, where the postman knew her by name and the streets were hers. It was looking like she would have to move again, perhaps into a house with one of her sisters. Today I found that she will never move again. In the backyard, one paw up on a fallen branch, curled up as if lazily watching birds, so quiet and so still I was afraid to disturb her. I buried her beneath the wild multiflora rose, built her cairn so it will be covered with vines. Lola, you are as welcome in my dreams as you were in my life. Goodnight.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Update on the house

Things are moving, ever so slowly (definitely NOT Joe speed, but at least it's going forward).

It's been a long month, going through lots of paperwork and headaches. The family is trying to be supportive, when they end only end up being freak ass neurotic. Perfect example. I'm all stressed out about taking the biggest loan with the longest committment I've ever made in my life, and my family wants me to call around for estimates on tinting the garage windows. Other family concerns: How are you gonna move, why don't you ask the owner if you can buy his furniture, when are you going to change the locks on the doors, or my personal favorite, who is going to mow the lawn? Perspective, people, perspective.

To complicate matters, my cousin is visiting this week. And my parents call on Sat. and say, "We're coming to town tomorrow." I told them absolutely not, they say they'll get a hotel, that Asian Catholic guilt thing (yes, such a concept exists) sets in, and now they are here, next to all of my empty boxes that line my walls.

Gawd do they mean well, but I often want to strangle them with my bare hands. BARE HANDS. Any time any one says something ignorant ass head like, "Oh you're an only child, you must be spoiled," can take a few miles in my shoes any day.

in new orleans
i got a chance to participate in the Sikh wedding of a very dear old friend marrying a pretty old accquaintance, good friend of other old friends.
somehow with the mendhi and the sangeet and the bharat and the bhangra and the swing and the secondline, i danced all the time away, and didn't even get to the shim sham for a final 80s retro.
showered & washed all the gold dust from my body
but my hands will be henna painted for the next three weeks to remind me
not packed yet
i need to be up again in 4 hours
trying to upload some of my art portfolio files from my dad's computer to a web based program
so i can access them at home

waiting waiting waiting
for so many things
connection is dial up and SLOW
there is a lightning storm starting here right now
and a heavy rain
i am glad i'm not sleeping through it
my ears still feel like there are heavy gold earrings swinging from them
my feet still feel like they're dancing
i am eating a left over shrimp poboy
7 more hours and i'll be flying high
18? more hours and i'll be home again
lack of sleep and my math is the first thing to go
giving up on the uploading
off to bed

Saturday, May 17, 2003

if you want to go see a great movie in the theaters, go see Nowhere In Africa.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Hi guys - I guess it has been pretty quiet on the blog. I was out yesterday with a migraine - the whole throwing up, dark room, intense headache nine yards. Today I'm better but walking at about 1/3 my normal speed.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

just got back from the Cherry Valence show. man, i forgot how good those guys are. i wanna be cheetie. i wanna be all of them. i want nick to sing and dance for me every day.
i can't hear out of my left ear.

life is good.

Wow, you peeps have been quiet lately.

Shelly, whatever happened with that 24 hour project?

I'm not feeling quite as neurotic as I was in my last post. Just thought that I would inform you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. Work has been busy, as usual. I have a whiny softball team who is going on and on about the tournament this weekend (yours truly is the fill-in coach). And then the house stuff. Who knew it would all be so much freakin' work? My god! I've got to sign the forty page contract, have the seller sign the forty page contract even though he lives somewhere else). I need copies of old check stubs, bank statements, and then get this, W2's from the last two years. How the hell would I know where my W2 from 2001 is? Employers are supposed to keep them filed for four years, but lucky me switched jobs at that point. And my former employer has been bought out by another company. Rgh.

Then I have my dad calling me, asking me to find out how much it costs to tint glass on the garage window. THE GARAGE WINDOW that I won't have any use for until I move in in June. Wouldn't you think that I would be more concerened with getting the paperwork together, for an obscene amount of money so that I can actually get into the house?

Needless to say that I have been breaking out like mad and wondering why. Gee, go figure. So, if I appear to be in a bad mood, don't take it personal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Do you guys remember me talking about Chris and Jennifer, the couple who lived with us for a few months last summer? They moved to LA last August. Anyway, they've managed to become friends, like legitimate friends, with Kelly Osbourne and some other celebrities. They were in town last night and, jesus, some of the stories. It's surreal to think that the fake world of celebs meets the real world of me and my friends through these two. They're so jaded about it already, but we're like, "Luke Wilson was there? And he was a sleazebag?" It's all too much. It makes it too obvious how easily impressed I am by this stuff.

There's this great story out and about right now. Fifty Democratic Texas state representatives have been pissed at the House leader, a Republican, for quite some time. The speaker has pushed through a crapload of GOP legislation with little regard for the Dems, and the Dem's got pissed. They up and left Sunday night at 9 p.m. and hauled ass on two chartered buses. On Monday morning they sent notes to request that their voting machine be locked until they returned. Austin was in an uproar, looking for the missing reps. The House speaker gave some directive to the Texas Rangers and to the DPS, asking them to return the reps to Austin.

Low and behold, they are hiding in this small town in Oklahoma, with a population of I think 20K. They were staked out in a Denny's, with long tables, notepads and other such things trying to nail down ideas. Since they were outside of Texas, the Rangers and state police have no authority to bring them back. They have to return at their own will.

I just called a friend at CNN, and they are sending down a crew. I love shit like this!

Monday, May 12, 2003

i went to virginia beach for mother's day. it was damn hot. there were 4 deer in my back yard. i wanted to bring one home with me, but i don't think it would fit in my car. also, tucker the super hero cat might not like a deer buddy so much. also, they weren't around this morning when i left.
my dad let me have his polaroid camera. steph, will you teach me about transfers?
saw an amazing movie called American Chai today... it's the movie i wanted to make. i told the director so, he apologised (needlessly...) his film was really great.
listening to jawbreaker. everything is good.

Ok, this week for Literari is bad. Tonight might be the best night, though I know it's really short notice. Next week is better, except for Monday the 19th.....

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Sorry, guys. I forgot all about it. We're working on the new issue of the magazine. My mind has been elsewhere.

There are some other holdups, too. For example, I have no idea who shot what. The log doesn't match the photos in any way that I can tell. Also, I think most of Upma's shots are gone altogether. I don't think they were ever on the film. In addition to all of that, the photos themselves are a little wierd. I want to give them some uniformity before I post them, or I think you'll all be a little disappointed. The few tests I did of my ideas were neat. Just posting the raw images would be kind of lame.

I'll begin work on it again next week.

Zach - what's the status of all the camera/photos stuff?

Friday, May 09, 2003

The past 12 months have flown by so quickly that I find myself with half a jar of preserved lemons and half a jar of pickled garlic. I bought fresh new swiss chard and cooked them with slivers of lemon and then splashed on some of the garlic vinegar. Hello last year, hello this year. Hello spring and soon to be summer.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

wow. that's crazy that you mention that angie, i was totally planning on asking you guys if anyone wanted to make an online scrabble date for sometime next week?

just saw Alan Sparhawk (from Low. wihout Mimi). and this prodigy name Helen Bonar ( ithink that's correct). she's 17 and amazing.
met a voice on the radio in person.
2 music video's for 2 local bands comin' right up.
scored a fabulous free flatbed editor (piece of film equipment).
got a present from Uncle Sam.

all in all, i'd say this one was a winner.

Hey kids, time has been flying. Been having a busy week. Here are the highlights:
-- Have identified a potential house. The inspection is set for Monday, I'm having a lawyer review the contract, getting my financial paperwork in order. Can I tell you that this is a full-time job, and that I could really use a personal assistant? My god....anyways I'm not out of the forest just yet, but pending the inspection (i.e., no cracked foundation, termites or whatever) it COULD be a go.
-- Successfully completed my ten-week running program, will likely join the next session in September in the hopes that I keep up with the activity during the Houston summer, which by the way is in full gear with temperatures already reaching a high of 90 or so. Outlook not good.
-- Have been really stressed out with work (and ok, house stuff, too), so I've decided that I'm going to splurge for a spa pedicure, even though I already splurged earlier this month for red/orange highlights. But hey, I resisted the urge of purchasing a $75 VERY CUTE skirt from Banana Republic. Did I mention how cute it was?????
-- Am trying to get rid of a bunch of old shit that I should have gotten rid of years ago. That's the one good thing about moving, you can downsize. It's been at least three years since I've moved so this is the perfect opportunity. I even managed to mail three care packages that have been sitting around the last two months, because I just hadn't gotten to them.

Random thought: you know what I miss? Lake Effect Literari.

Angie: Kathleen Edwards - Failer. Get it. You'll love it.

Hanging with Denali is like hanging in the Parthenon. They're all weirdly perfect physical specimens. Maura is hard to look away from. Whew. As great as they are, and fun to hang out with, I'm glad they left. i was starting to feel like a different species.

zach, i'll be there in 7 hours flat...
jonathan is defintely the nicest. and quite attractive. you should ask about cornbread rap! ohhhh! it's so great. will you ask mr. davis where i can get hair like that? and the answer can't be barcelona, i need something more local.

Denali is still in our house tonight. Upma, I know you are partial to Keeley, but I'm a Jonathan man myself. I feel comfortable saying that he is the hottest man I have ever met. He's like male attractiveness itself. Lord have mercy.

Ran into the crush at the Faint show tonight. Not too awkward. Kind of a pleasant coda, actually. I felt unself-conscious about being so self-conscious. And that's really a good step for me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

A certain cure for any condition (be it nervousness, exhaustion or female problems. perhaps not for indigestion)

A small steak. Beef is good, buffalo is best. Nothing fancy, no sauces, Just Steak.
At least one baked potato, with two pats of butter and a lot of black pepper.
Lots of ice water and sweet tea.
There is a theory that a glass of good stout beer would also be in order, but I have never tried it.

A mug of strong tea, heavy lashings of sugar and milk (bonus points for fresh British milk).

$1.25 hotdog With Everything

Favorite shows:
Gilmore Girls

I, too, do not have HBO.
Zach - that is awesome news about Japan. I hope you get to go. How very cool.

In other news, there's this designer I have to work with on my current project. He gives me the wiggin's. In that borderline creepy/friendly vibe. I hate it. I put up a major guarded wall and my bitch face on anytime I have to deal with his want to be my best friend ways.


Angie - no new cheese. I'm riding this queso wave this spring and don't want to get off.
I haven't bought tickets yet to the ACL festival, mostly because I remember how much sweating I did last year. I may make it to one day but probably not all three of the festival.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

i just finished my grades for the semester. i was WAY easy on these students. next time, buddy.... watch out.

i like six feet under and the sopranos too... i forgot to add them, cuz i don't have HBO.

zachary mull. if you tour japan before touring stateside, i'm gonna be really upset with you all. pass it along.

Ok, I'm feeling somewhat rant-y.

My aunt came over one night to drop off some stuff from my mom to me (aunt went home to NO and was returning that day). So she comes in, and I warn her that I'm running late to meet a friend, was trying to eat before I go and was feeling head-achey. Ok, so that was the warning. She asks me if she can have part of what my mom sent me, which is typical. It was a loaf of Bunny bread (yes, I am stupid about Bunny bread). I looked at her funny and said yes. She walks into my kitchen, and I hand her a zip lock bag as I am trying to nuke some grub. My kitchen is basically a hallway so it's a tight squeeze to have two people in there at the same time. She opens the bread and looks at me and says (even after it is clear that I won't be eating any of it), "Are you gonna close the bread?"

What I really wanted to say, "Who in the fuck follows someone around, watches them open the bread and then shuts it after them? WHO?" Instead I say (real smart-assy I might add), "Uh, NO."

Then she calls my mom and tells her how grouchy of a person I am, but doesn't tell her the whole story. How chicken shit is that? Typical, typical, typical. I know this is a small world detail but it's what I felt like ranting about. And there you have it.

A 5K is 26 miles. Just kidding, that's a marathon. A 5K is 3.1 miles.

Zach, that is such exciting news. Wish I could be a roadie but I'm just not into lifting heavy objects. What is Legendary Nights about?

Michael, a little over a month. Can you stand it?

Steph, I scored my ACLF tickets this weekend. Sooooo excited. Have you had any cheese lately? I'm trying to broaden my horizons but the only kinds that I really eat are the typical ones (mont jack, brie, camebert, goat, feta, gouda, munster -- can't even spell half of them). Can you recommend any others?

Scattered thunderstorms in southern Indiana. I walk to work and the streets are littered with acorn caps, flower petals, twigs and thousands of maple wings. A fairyland massacre, or perhaps they are just molting?

Monday, May 05, 2003

I am hooked like a fish on these shows. I do not miss them:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Six Feet Under
HBO's Legendary Nights

Currently in reruns/off the air:
The Shield
The Wire

Newly discovered:


Dawn Chorus have set a goal. Japanese tour 2004. We're totally fucking serious. If Engine Down can tour Japan, we can. Denizen Witmer would tour with us. Shit, Atom and His Package would probably go with us if we suggested it to him. He plays to a thousand people a night there. We have good relations with both Secretly Canadian and Sub Pop, we might even get one of those labels to hook us up with a band to go with. It can be done.

Recording demos (or maybe an album, if things go well) the third week of March. This time next year we could have a record and a trip to the far east. Station.

yeah, seriously angie, that's great! as an Imperialist American, may i ask how many miles is 5k?

so, i wanted to ask you all, what are your fave 1 hour TV shows? mine are (in alpha order):
Law & Order
West Wing

Angie - great work on the run!

Yesterday, I finished my 5K at about 38:50, basically maintaining the same pace throughout. I wanted to make it under 38, but at least I got within a minute of my goal. I even managed to pass some people in my pace group, somewhere after mile 2. It was so invigorating to have all of the program's coaches cheer you on, and they always make sure that you cross the finish line with someone. Something that I don't get......There are times when all of us have to walk part of the race, whether it be from exhaustion, pain or just something mental, but damn, you gotta cross the finish line running (for the crowd and camera's sake!). I'm considering enrolling in another program that starts in July but I have net yet committed to anything. I really am not ready for a half marathon or anything of the sort, but I just want to make sure that I keep it going.

I live and die by West Wing, though I wonder what will happen now that one of the main writers is going bye-bye. I'm also ashamed to admit that I watch that damn American Dreams show. The plot is so freakin' generic, but last Sunday's (not yesterday's) was so sweet. Now, Alias? Alias is so freakin' cool. I love Sydney, but I can't believe the ending!!!!! And I think Vaughn is sooooooooooooooooo hot. Ok, I'll go wipe the drool now....

Sunday, May 04, 2003

my kitchen cabinet fell off the wall today. it scared me good. i need to go shopping for new glasses now. only one of my unbreakable corelle plates broke. damn things.

alias was good... i gotta wait all summer to find out what happens next? they always do that.

Thanks for the phone call last week, blogmates.
Went to a fun Kentucky Derby party yesterday. My horse (Offlee Wild) only came in 12th but I dominated on the croquet course and managed not to embarass myself during my first ever game of badminton. The best was my hat.
Large. Pink. Tulle. Fake butterflies. Fake roses.
Today - a matinee of X-Men 2 and the season finale of Alias. Entertainment goodness.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

yeah, that dinner was awesome. did louise tell you we saw Morimoto? we totally did.
mike and louise rock

mercury program show tomorrow... if i can stay awake.