Monday, June 30, 2003

So these friends of mine have a nephew staying with them for a few weeks while he looks for a place to live downtown. He's a 19-year old middle class anarchist attending a Big 10 school. If I was as insufferably, unbearably smug and know-it-all as this kid when I was 19, I have a lot to apologize for. Damn punks. But he's a nice kid, at the end of the day. Even if his cat is named Resistance.

I pass a house with a lovely garden on my way to and from work. Halfway between the magnolias and the roses smells exactly like a woman I haven't seen since I was a tot.

I'm such a freakin' snot I can't help myself. One thing that annoys the living shit out of me is when non-Chinese individuals, or even worse Chinese individuals who are clueless as shit, try to tell me things about Chinese food. Specifically my aunt has this non-Chinese friend who insists she knows everything there is to know about dim sum. While I'm not a dim sum expert I generally know my way around the table so to speak.

Ok, so we went with this ignoramus to dim sum last week, and she walks in as if she is so high and mighty, despite the fact that she refers to it as "DIN SUM."

Then I order this dish, it's basically a beignet/doughy fried doughnut type thing wrapped in a rice noodle, and you dip it in a sweet soy sauce. It's always been one of my favs, so my aunt and I order it. Ignoramus eats it, pauses and puts this shit look with pressed lips on her visage. My aunt asks her what is wrong and she says, "I just don't get it. I was expecting more out of it. Why do they have the noodle wrapped around it?" After about five minutes of this pout bullshit I say to her, "Eighty percent of dim sum dishes are wrapped in some sort of noodle. For instance, har kow is shrimp and water chestnuts wrapped in a noodle then steamed. Is the noodle necessary? NO, but that is the way it is prepared. The same with sui mai, cheng fun and about 20 other dishes."

It's one thing to be a newbie and to ask questions about the process, it's another thing to walk around like you own the world when in reality you don't have SHIT.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

the year thus far has been full of... life. i wanted to say "tragedy" but it seems overly melodramatic. for every bad thing that has happened, something equally (or better) good has happened too. another reason for my word choice. if the pattern continues, then the next month should be tres bueno. let's hope.

zach is right about the toilet paper issue. duh.

1. working at work. working on the doc. working on two music video's. working on the script. and i hope stealing away to DC as much as possible between all that work.

2. i am a spoiled brat and did not have a summer job. my first job was at a bakery in blacksburg, it was great! unless you count program directing the radio station, but that was unpaid.

3. if i COULD go anywhere... i'd want to go everywhere. have you seen my travel wish list? i will make a short trip to NYC, short trips to DC, and to VA Beach, where i am currently.

4. i'm not sure that i've ever had a worst vacation. my last trip to india was quite overwhelming. i was a crabby kid too, so family vacations were not always very joyous occassions... that would be me making everyone else miserable. i'm such a brat.

5. again, i'm not sure... i've been really lucky to have seen as much of the world as i have. i think my favorite place i've been is switzerland. oh and going to austin for sxsw is always a fab time.

time to go make tea for my parents.

My theme song for The Summer of the Ex-Boyfriends will be "A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off" by the Magnetic Fields. Sent to me ex-boyfriend. It looks like they will just be unavoidable. Thank you, universe.

1. Planning to spend my summer saving up money and avoiding chiggers. Otherwise another summer like last years, lots of fire pits, charred meat, peach cobblers and stumbling drunks around me. Oh, and firearms.

2. My first summer job...I never had a job specifically for the summer. The first time I worked through the summer was the 7-11 down the street.

3. If I could go anywhere? London, Galway, Paris, Vancouver, Australia.

4. I can't think of a "worst" vacation.

5. Or for that matter, a "best"...they were all fabulous, even the one with a grouchy boyfriend and sleeping on the floor in a gutter punk chateau.

If I ever feel like being really horrible, I will sneak into Z's bathroom and hang his toilet paper the wrong way (although, for the record, I hang it with the paper coming over the top too, for aesthetics). And you do have the voice of an angel. A really crabby one, but an angel nonetheless. Preach it!

I'm the exact same about the toilet paper.

1. How are you planning to spend the summer?

I guess I'll be trying to pay the bills. In addition, I'll be mixing an album, working on the record store, reading down my backlog of books, watching TV shows on DVD (Homicide seasons 1 and 2, The Prisoner, Smallville), hanging with Mr. Cooper, me and Julio down be the school yard.

2. What was your first summer job?

My first job was winter of 1993/1994 at Sam's Club. I was the cart boy.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

If I was going by myself, I'd go to Seattle to see Shelly, Stockholm to see the Gotas, or Bath to see Gavin. If I was going with the band, I'd go to Japan/Australia or Canada. If I was going with a travel mate, I'd love to go to just about anywhere, Hawaii, Badlands, Mexico, the Moon.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

Some of my trip to Louisville a few years ago was kind of lame. Mostly I have a good time on vacation. My trip to NYC in 1997 was pretty terrible most of the time. We didn't have a place to stay and everyone was fighting.

5. What was your best vacation ever?

The first week of my trip to SF two years ago was muy excellente. That was probably the best. No job, beautiful weather, tons of fun. But, the adventure of the Belize/Guatamala trip has to rate up there, too. I'd do that trip again in a second.

Angie - Toilet paper is meant to hang over the roll. Anyone who makes it hang under, on purpose, is a goddamn idiot.

Last night's show was a winner. Our newer songs really show off what a great bass player Amy is. She got a lot of great compliments. I'm really happy for her. I was told I have the voice of an angel by two different women. And I think some weird drunk lady was trying to pick me up. I was horrified.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Oooooooooooh. Forgot to mention, I have beige carpet. Underneath are the original hardwoods, but I need to save up some moola before I can afford to have them finished. Problem with purple is that my bathroom is already that color. JT, do you really think purple or silver? How so? Am curious to hear your reasoning. Also I am not ready for you to move. I was just thinking the other day about how I needed to visit you and the pillow room, then take a trip to Niagra Falls and to Toronto. Oh yeah and eat some of that buffalo'ed eggplant.

Zach, are you particular about the way the toilet paper is the way that I am????? Who knew, we must be twins.

Mike, you never really said what you thought about Philly's baseball stadium -- what is it, Veteran's Field? I can't remember. Is it older or newer?

1. Playing softball, making some small trips (Austin and NOLA) to see friends and catch some music, trying to organize myself, eating lots of sushi (hopefully), going to Astros games, figuring out which mayoral canidate I want align myself with.
2. I worked at Sicily's Pizza, a pizza buffet place. The first week I came home and cried b/c people were so patronizing, and I hated it so much. My dad told me, "But Angie, it will build character," to which I responded, "I just want to be a nobody!!!!"
3. Oh Paris sounds good. As does Hawaii, Vancouver, Australia, Alaska, somewhere coastal/nature-y.
4. I can't think of any bad vacations at the moment. I did have this awkward moment once with a travel partner but it turned out fine.
5. Even though it was the end of my relationship, when I rendezvous'ed with my EX in Brussels. We took a whirlwind tour through Brussels, Bruge, Paris, Friebourg (Germ). It was my first and only trip to Europe. Kentucky was fun, too, believe it or not. NYC, Boston, whenever I go home for my semi-annual trip, all my trips have been good. I tend to plan trips four or so months out and just live, plan and save for them. We should all try to live every day the way that we live for vacations.

I just thought of a random, sweet story. Last night I was going through my five boxes of toiletries, and I came across some Glide dental floss. I probably have been using the product since I was in high school, only I never, to this day, have purchased any Glide. How so? My mom for some reason always buys containers whenver she is at the drugstore. Whenever she visits me or when I go home, she gives me at least two or three containers of Glide. I don't even know what the market price for Glide is (!!!). Grant it, I floss every day, but I found at least six new, unopened packages of Glide, even though I have about three open. Glide dental floss -- it's the one thing my mama chooses to be maternal about!

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?
working, swimming, taking photos, moving into a new house (yet to be bought)
2. What was your first summer job?
um, camp counselor, in fact, I had camp songs going through my head this morning
3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?
Maine, Paris, New Zealand, any pretty beach
4. What was your worst vacation ever?
I went to New York with this guy - we'd been dating a while, but I wasn't sure how I felt. I told myself that I would decide on the trip. It didn't take the whole trip. By the time we got off the plane to arrive, I knew it was over. But seven uncomfortable days to go. And I got sick.
5. What was your best vacation ever?
I only seem to remember the last vacation I went on. So it was Chicago - lots of good food, four old friends to visit, fun bars, very excited about the photos I brought back from it.

Sorry for my long abscence. I've been thinking about all of you. It was nice to see the pictures up. Even if it was a year in the making, "I love it when a plan comes together." I'm trying to get my own website and the pillow room website up during the summer, we'll see how that goes. I'll let you know if I make any progress.

Also for the summer I'm trying to do an interesting presentation for my portfolio. I would like it to sort of look like the collections of musical works that were created before the printing press. A large ornate book (or in my case, a box) that had goldleaf pages for each piece, and lots of scroll work that depicted the text (for me text might be interpretted as context) of a piece or icons that represented some character of the composer. It's not so much that I want to venerate or elevate the work I've done as much as celebrate it as a corpus that I've worked hard on, and for the most part, am quite proud of. Since I'll have multiple media, Musical scores, Program notes, CD, video tape, maybe some film and possibly small models of shadow puppets and shadow puppet sets, not to mention paper mache musical objects, I'm trying to figure out a way of organizing a body of work in a way that's creative, fun, physical, tactile while at the same time concise, compact, and comprehensive. It's difficult, because I would rather be working on a new project rather than collecting arranging and editing things that have already been done.

I'm doing all this monotonous paperwork right now so that I might be able to walk away with a degree in a year. It's hard to imagine being done with school and when I say done, I mean DONE, as in getting a terminal degree in my field of study (Ph.D. in music composition). The fact that I might also be able to get another terminal degree in a different field of study (MFA in Digital Arts) boggles my mind. I think I've had enough school for a while. This last year will be studying for exams, writing a disseration and assisting with classes/building robots and organinzing JiB 2004. Then who knows what. It seems like I should be freaking out right about now.

Angie, as far as I can tell you really only have two color options for your room: Purple or Silver. Personally, I would save Silver for the bathroom. Which reminds me, everytime I put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, like I did this morning I make sure it rolls the proper way just in case Zach unexpectedly stops by to visit. It's a bizarre sentiment but it's true.

I got in my answers to last Friday's five before this week's came out. shew.

1.My hair is naturally curly until it gets to a certain length, at which point it becomes naturally wavy

2.The natural color has gotten darker over the years, but not much. I've dyed it red, pink, purple and green on various occasions. It's been very short, but has never been very long.

3.Normally I sort of let it do it's things. Wash, straighten it out, it curls as it dries.

4.It would be shorter, because I get a little hot right now, and possible have colored streaks in it. Some purples, some reds, maybe some blues and yellows

5.Not really, I used to think having to go to the barber at the order of my parents was always a hair disaster. Somehow, I managed to survive.

Sorry to drag everyone else into this.

The original living room is really tiny, so previous owners knocked out the third bedroom to make the living room larger. The part that was the bedroom has that paneling on the "focus" wall (where my TV, VCR, etc. sit), though it has been painted white so it doesn't look so bad. There are two windows to the right of the "focus" wall, one larger than the other. Both windows face the street (not sure what direction but the room gets good light). Oh the door also is on the wall to the right of the focus wall, it is one of those 1950's originals with the three cascading horizontal windows which I plan on tinting. I would paint the "focus" wall the accent color.

The room would be used for entertaining and relaxing.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Angie, what kind of light does the living room get? How many windows, which directions do they face, etc. What will you be using the living room for? More for entertaining guests, or for relaxation?

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with two very fine people at this BBQ dive that was featured in some food documentary on PBS. Very exciting, as I hadn't had lunch with one of the people in at least six months. The other is a co-worker who moved offices down the hall due to space constraints.

So I have to warn everyone on the blog that I may be going on and on about house stuff that seems rather simple but that excite the hell out of me. Sunday night for example I went shopping for range exhaust hoods to go over my stove. Last night a friend came over to help me build out shelves in an extra storage place that I have (it's basically this space that could fit a stand up shower, but we added shelves to turn it into a linen closet. The real linen closet will now be used to store random stuff like crafts, holiday materials, etc.). Actually I need to ask opinions, specifically from Shelly and Kainui but anyone else should feel free to join in, about the color I want to paint my living room.

I've been going back and forth on the paint thing, and I have to decide by next weekend because that is when help arrives. One day I want to do a cinnabar/brown red accent with probably a light brown (as opposed to yellow) beige as the main color. I contimplated a Swiss Mocha but it seemed too white (as the main color). Other days I want a cocoa/chocoloate brown with a brown beige main color. Any thoughts?

FYI, I have a white sofa, and I want to put really colorful accent colors. Also there are these great Cala lillies from Pier One -- they are orangish with tints of yellow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I was convinced that if I logged on and sat here for a minute I could think of something to write. No dice.

Wawa is an east coast chain of 7/11-like convenience stores. I've never had a wawa hogie. maybe i will venture out and try one soon.

Upma, have you ever had a Wa Wa Hogie? I work with a guy from PA, and he lives and dies by those things.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I would love to believe we no longer need AA. No such luck.

The fireflies are out! The backyard is a booming singles club tonight.

Louis Prima is the best. I like him most in the morning or on a weekend afternoon.

Have any of you been following the Supreme Court's affirmative action case against the University of Michigan? I get so annoyed with people like oh Clarence Thomas who are critics of AA yet they've been beneficiaries of the system. Clearly, hard work and diligence are important parts of success, I don't dispute it. However the "good ole boy" system is still alive and kicking, particularly in the South. The only way that the problem can be alleviated is through AA (racial and socioeconomic). I firmly believe that we should be hiring more QUALIFIED poor in our places of work. Thomas and other critics make it seem like AA puts fuck up minorities in positions of power, AS IF. In theory and in best practices, AA is a great thing.

I listened to some Louis Prima on the way to work today - it always put me in a good mood (like early Michael Jackson).
So I stared the new Harry Potter book - no spoilers, but does anyone else think he's pretty whiny in this one? Is it a teenage thing? I'm only 200 pages in, hope it gets better.

Monday, June 23, 2003

*The unintentionally surreal movie*
Went to see Ringu (the Japanese film that The Ring is based on). Went to Bear's, a pub that shows second-run movies in the back room. First the guy working the DVD player couldn't figure out how to get the subtitles on (the remote was broken). Then he got the French subtitles on. Maybe he should have left them on...the English subtitles appeared every 10 minutes or so, usually just one line. As in, scene with mother and child, the only subtitle to appear: "but let's stop talking about that."

My hair, I'm afraid is not all that exciting. It is think, and naturally jet black. It is and has been straight for at least the last ten years. It varies in length. Since I've been in Houston it's been short but not as short as a Pixie cut. I've always wanted a Pixie cut but my face is too round, if it were more angular the cut would look kick ass. Over the last few months I've been trying to grow it out, so it goes to the bottom of my neck. Oh and I have what were red highlights but now they are sort of red orange b/c I spend a lot of time in the sun. All through high school I had long, spiral curls, a la Felicity before she chopped it all off. The only hair disaster I had was when I was about 7 and I decided that I could chop off my own bangs.

I'm all about maintenance free hair. Whenever my stylist suggests a new 'do, I have to remind her. I take a shower at night, let my hair dry au naturale ususally. I don't even use conditioner, because it makes my hair too greasy. Wake up in the AM and just do some re-arranging with no hair products and generally no brush.

Wow, after reading that last post, you would think that I have gross ass hair that just piles on top of my head.

Most of my "beautifying time" is spent using toiletry type things. When I moved I had about five boxes of just toiletries. I love frou frou lotions, I have a variety of face clensing and moisturing (SPF 15, anti-wrinkle, oil-free, acne-treating) products, also a ton of face masques (peel-off, clay), loofah type scrubs and bubble bath (Johnson and Johnson make a great lavender bubble bath for babies, very cheap and one of my favs) products. When I go to stores and such I have to make it a point to not enter into a bath/body store. My home is the perfect place for an all girls' sleepover, as you can imagine.

That Friday Five is some cool of a web site.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Shelly - I think I took the one's you mean. Counting down from the top, I took: 1, 9, 14, 18, 21, 22. Which I guess is a lot. The cat man is a poster we have in our living room of a photo john took of Evan.

Steph, I know exactly what you mean.

I'm beginning to think I'm going to be having a series of Stop Smoking dreams. The latest installment: dreaming that I was sitting at my desk at work, spotted a huge pile of empty Nat Sherman MCD (my poison of choice) boxes on it, picked them up and threw them into the wastebin.

On one hand, it's a relief when my subconcious is obvious and I don't spend hours/days/years trying to figure out what the heck it all means. On the other hand, I don't get to spend hours/days/years trying to figure out what the heck it all means. "More interesting for the use of the web than for the content (...) poorly realized genre stories" according to the Comics Journal. It's the sort of use of the web that makes me smack myself and say "OF COURSE!" and wish I had thought of it myself.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

This may sound silly - but the smell of Aveda reminds me of an evil ex. So I don't like to use any of their products. I did pick up some coconut smelling stuff called manipulator. I'm excited about that.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Steph - Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade, just the tiniest smidge. I can send you some.

Z - thank you. Makes me want to do another chain camera. But in under a year.

1. Medium-fine and wavy.
2. Requisite baby curls gave way to stick straight and auburn until puberty when the waves hit and color darkened. I have had it past my butt and down to my thighs, cropped close to the skull, and in various configurations. Every color, natural and otherwise, except green. I think my favorite was hip-length seven shades of purple and pink, with mid-back smokey purple (semi-permanent black over bright purple) a close second. And I really, really want to shave my head and have it really long again at the same time.
3. I am very annoyed with it right now - long enough to obscure my vision, not long enough to clip or tie back effectively, so I've been Bandana Head for the past few months. Hey, I live in southern Indiana.
4. If I could change my hair this minute, I don't know what it would look like because I would be entrusting it to either Heather @ Paul Brown or Jeremy @ Aquaria, saying "do whatever you want." Since both of them are in Honolulu, it's just going to have to wait until September. Tomorrow I'm getting it cut into a basic wedge bob. I dyed it dark brown and it's washing out, so new color is in the works.
5. There are no disasters, just learning experiences. Such as don't let a 16-year old who is mooning over a boy dye your hair pale pink two hours before you need to leave for the airport. It will be splotchy. And repeatedly bleaching hair will in fact completely destroy the structure, causing you to shed hair everywhere so that months after a breakup, your ex will still be finding 18 inch strands of bright pink hair in his clothing. And if you take an immediate dislike to a stylist, don't grit your teeth and stay in the chair - leave immediately.

Thanks, Upma. I'll look for it.

steph- got 2 b playful. weightless pomade. smells like vanilla icing. the best damn product i've ever found. i won't leave home without it....

Zach - of course you're right. Just goes to show that sometimes I don't recognize my own head. Speaking of hair, one of my goals for the summer is to grow out my bangs. I've been saying this for about 16 years, but then always cut them back cause I hate the growing out stages. I will do this! I pledge to my hair. No more bangs (for now).
My hair
child - red and wavy, older - long, brown and straight, older than that - brown and short, now - red/brown, short to medium, slightly wavy
I'm fairly consistent. I like it the days it flips up and parts on the side. Don't when it gets frizziefied (can anyone reccommend a good de-frize product?)

Steph - I'm pretty sure that photo is of you. You and I were the only ones on that roll. I gave it a red tint to match the "S" and to bring out the natural red of the photo.

The other "S" is, of course, for Shelly.

Upma - I think there's another photo of your's in the lot, but it didn't really come out. So, I didn't use it.

Upma's hair is hot when she wears it down. But, she never wears it down and won't listen when you tell her how hot it is.

1. My hair is very wavy. It looks okay short and okay long, but like crap when its somewhere in the middle.
2. Reddish when I was born, blond when I was a yout, dirty brown these days. Dyed red a few times.
3. Normally, I cut my own hair with a number four-guard hair trimmer. That keeps it pretty short. Eventually though, I get tired of that and start thinking about how wicked Jesus hair looks and start shooting for that. Usually, I get to about chin length, then shave it again.
4. Just to shoulder length, like my friend Vic Blue. Vic looks kind of like Tarzan these days. I'd likely wear it two pigtails style. But, I'd probably get sick of it really quick.
5. Had a mullet. Had that stupid, awful skater boy bowl cut look that kids were doing in my area in 1992.

I could probably zip the photos and sent them to whoever wants to see them all, untouched. I'm sure why anyone would want to do that though.

ZACH!!! thank you! thank you! thank you! i think these turned out awesome. i feel proud of us, or something. who did #18? and #21? i think i figured out most of the others.

1. naturally wavy. naturally short. long hair affects my personality adversely. it makes me feel meek and timid.
2. bald for an unnaturally long time as a toddler, really blonde curly baby hair, to long hair, to more reddish blonde and less curly in various pigtails and pony tails and braids, bizarre extreme curliness onset at pueberty, to short hair in 9th grade, to long hair in 12th grade, to short hair of many colors in college (platinum, various natural and unnatural shades of yellow, red, and orange as well as pink, green, violet & blue), to long undyed hair post college, to comfortably short now
3. medium short, usually washed, but usually not brushed. rarely any product. ocassionally barettes. frequently hats with ridiculous flowers or feathers
4. i am currently pretty satisfied with my hair though i'd take a bit more of the curl i'm convinced i chemically blasted out of my hair with years of constant bleaching
5. turned pink & green once in a chemical mishap but i kind of liked it. for the 6th grade year book picture my mom curling ironed and hair sprayed my hair into tall 80s stiff ness. this is the only time ever it was this way, and it was recorded for posterity. when handing out my picture the teacher said "looks like the zit brigade hit the sixth grade this year" ugh

ooooo i love hair talk!

1. naturally curly, coarse and thick. people have described my hair as being like rope. and as having dread like curls.
2. when i was in 2nd grade, i had hair down past my butt. but, since i have my dad's head o hair, my mom had no idea how to work with it. so, it got really tangly and i cried a lot when she brushed it. she got tired of it and took me to the salon and got it ALL chopped off. i was one ugly kid till i got to college. between 2nd and 9th grades it was in various forms of short: afro, boy short, clown hair, birds nest.... it was bad. please do not dig up old pictures and do that slide show thing at any major celebration i may have in my lifetime. please. after 10th grade it was long. then i started dying it red. it's the first time in 10 years i've seen my black hair naturally... it's not as black as i remember it being. there's some brown in it too. i am going to add blue streaks soon.
3. i normally wear it back, either in one pony tail or two pig tails, or princess lea style, unless it's a super low humid day, then i'll attempt at wearing it down. i like to wear it down with my new pseudo rock and roll 'do.
4. it would be stick straight all summer long where the humidity didn't affect it's bigness or frizziness. i would like to go back to curly in a snap though, whenever i felt like it. and i would add the blue streaks. and i would do bangs... i can't really do bangs. ooo i think feathered hair would be pretty sweet right now.
5. after 2nd grade. see #2

thanks for the photo project z. that's my blue wall. i miss it. steph, it's not my pic... i think i only have the one.

Z - thank you so much for all the hard work with the photo project. It looks great - but I think the image you have my "s" by isn't mine, Upma - is it yours?
I love seeing everyone elses. So cool!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Here's the photo project. I changed some of the photos. Some color enhancements and cropping and so on. I hope you like this. This is most of the photos. The ones I left out shouldn't be missed. It actually has turned out better than I thought it would. Enjoy.

Okay, the photos. I'll work on that when I get home tonight.

All of these fightin' words flyin' about, I don't what to do with myself.

thank you, zachary. :-X

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I changed the font because Upma was such a pest about it.

not to be a big pest.... okay, to be a big pest. dude, i don't like this font. but i like the new color. :-)

saw Sherman Alexie today. he got a haircut. he's an inspirational kind of guy.

have an awesome action-packed weekend planned. highlights include going to DC on friday to hang with old friends and a new one too and seeing mike f for a brief moment on saturday... and maybe sunday too.

B-day wishes to you Steph!

Wow, this whole house thing is crazy. There are about a bazillion and one types of insurance that you can purchase. There is hazard insurance which covers natural disaster damage to let's say your roof. This type of insurance is required by your mortgage and title companies. Then there is home warranty insurance which covers your major appliances, AC and heater. It costs $400 a year, but then they charge you $50 every time they make a service call (they call it a deductable, I call it a rip off). And when you make the call you have no assurances that they will cover the problem plus they will go up on your premium the next year. Don't forget about flood insurance. Racket, racket, racket I tell you.

My family is still crazy as ever, trying to get details about my life. Who am I going to see, what I am doing, when am I going to wipe my ass. I mean really. I know I am a rock star and all but DAMN.

Kainui, I really am going to commission you to do some work for me. Once both of us get settled. Ha, ha.

New colors. Not very summer-y, but looks nice nonetheless. I'll publish a Zach update soon. Not today, though.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I have the most inconvenient muses. Here I am, offloading all my worldly belongings, clearing the decks, and in my ears they whisper about making blocks to print fabric with. Imagine, a simple a-line skirt with a line print of a uterus on the lower abdomen. Fabric with a repeat line print of a uterus. An appliqued and embroidered Virgin Mary, standing on an elegant pink uterus instead of a crescent moon. Tomorrow I must go to the post office, vacuum the couch and carpets, clean out the closets, not sit on the floor surrounded by fabric! I am not going to acquire more stuff! No more thread! No mas linoleum blocks! *whisper whisper* I can use fabric I have already...linoleum blocks are so inexpensive...

In a side note, I have found that DVDs of Buffy are the best background for my craftin...oop, *art* *work*. I've never seen an episode of Angel, might try those out. Hitchcock and Kurosawa are very not good, especially when I am knitting.

It sounds like the Boston trip is a good mix of trash-talking and event going. Here's to all the creative juices flowing around these parts.
Below are the highlights from my birthday weekend:
-proclaiming myself the birthday princess and celebrating for four days straight (that's less of a highlight and more of an outline)
-getting a digital camera (camera geek joy all the way)
-going to a slumber party bachelorette party (though losing at scrabble at said party, but laughing at all the slumber party age photos we were required to bring, ah, the 80s, so many bad hair and clothing choices)
-playing hooky from work to go to a movie matinee (so decadent for a working girl)
-reading all your posts and catching up on what everyone has been doing lately

Monday, June 16, 2003

Carolyn is interning at the Flarhety this year. She isn't showing anything, but she's assisting with the operations of the seminar. She just finished a week and a half residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owega, NY where Nam Jun Paick and others fooled around with video and created a little machine called the "wobulizer". My girlfriend is on top of her game.

I hope to be on top of my game again soon, which hopefully means more posts.

I spent an hour making a piano sympathetically vibrate with itself today. That was fun.

*gasp* she IS at flarhety (WHY can't i spell it?) i would REALLY love to talk to her about it. i thought of going this year, but was too busy/lazy to get anyone to pay for me. i'm totally on it next year. is she showing anything?

JT, my regrets that you are so close yet so far away. I'm rounding out my stay in Boston and will be here until tomorrow afternoon. Then it's back to the real world. I'll have to keep my eye out for tickets to Buffalo, and I'll drag you along with me to Niagra Falls. I know it's touristy but damn it I've yet to see a real, live waterfall.

Finally met the one and only Freedom Mike. He was quite a trooper. One, because he woke up at his equivilent of the crack and two because I wore my Astros colors loud and proud, and I was not bashful about cheering for my team. My favorite Mike quote, "Just don't get me beat up, ok Angie Joe?" Oh, and another thing. There was this nosy ass guy who says in his booming "towny" voice/thick Boston accent, "So whatda we have heee(re), an Astros and a Red Sox? Was this an internet connection?" It was actually pretty asmusing because as we all know I'm not one to mince words, but he had me stumbling. I just abhor the term "internet connection," but I guess that is what binds us all.

Been rendezvousing with a shitload of my other peeps -- former co-workers, a high school classmate, a crapload of family (can I just tell you that they wanted to take me to the freakin' Cheesecake Factory????? I of course had to put my foot down.).

JT- is she at Flaeherty? (i totally botched the spelling)

Sunday, June 15, 2003

June in Buffalo was a success.
I'm in Poughkeepsie right now, hanging out with friends while Carolyn attends an International Film Seminar
I'll be here until Friday or Saturday. Poughkeepsie is a cheap 2 hour train ride from NYC if any one is up for a rendezvous.
I know there's some kids in Boston right now. I wonder if I can make it there.
I've got some new recordings of pieces that are pretty good, also putting together a portfolio of my work from the last four years if anyone is interested in a CD.

Maybe soon I'll have time to post a dream too.

Today I went hiking in FDRs backyard, and ended up on the banks of the Hudson.

Not too shaby.

Last night I had a dream about a gorilla living in my parents backyard. It had died and been buried, and then somehow it wasn't buried any longer, and even though its throat had been slit it came back to life and I spent much of the dream in a mango tree, thinking that sitting in a tree is not the best place to be when an angry gorilla is on the loose.
I stopped smoking yet again 10 days ago. Coincidence?

Saturday, June 14, 2003

1. sent the boy a mixed tape. he should receive on monday. fingers crossed.
2. got lots of pre-prod work on the doc done today
3. *lightbulbed* concpet for narrative script
4. had a great bonding conversation with my baby (22yrs) brother
5. had a wonderful "girls night out" with divine medeterrainian food. (did i spell right?)
6. gonna watch a sex in the city tape now
7. gonna go shopping tomorrow morning
8. gonna get lots of pre-prod work on music video done tomorrow afternoon
9. gonna rock my pants off.... my face off tomorrow night.
10. gonna ask for promotion.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

I am not moving to NYC. I had still left it somewhat open, still plan to visit again later this year. S wanted to move into the studio in July, I didn't think I'd be able to come up with the necessary funds by then, I don't fancy the idea of putting a lot of labor and resources into building a loft space in a rental, and I want to be mobile for the rest of this year. I'm also planning to spend some time with my family, as in 2 months or so. I thought I'd said as much to S. In a mass email yesterday, she gave her take on it. Seeing as how she sent it to, oh, 30 - 40 people, many of whom don't even know me, I think I'm free to reproduce the relevant portion here.

"like wat kainui wen tell me when i
tol her, oh, if i cld have my pick of anyone to live
with in nyc it wd be u, b/c this life we have been
talking about all our lives is possible in this place
if u dare to believe it, an she said, no, u see that
desert w8stland i been walking in? i prefer to stay
with it; send me a postcard."

I can see her point...and I don't feel like reminding her that I'm no longer 16 and high on drugs, and for that matter, my dream involved a farm and not Brooklyn. I've been feeling quite a bit like a lotus eater; the contentment I've experienced here is where I've been laying the blame for not being an active artist (although I don't think it's entirely accurate). I knit a lot, I've done some sewing, I do things with old bottlecaps and a drill, but I'm not feeling angry all the time or attaching weighty meaning to my creations (I could, but at the end of the day, it's still a baby sweater). I don't think that moving to NY would instantly change this. What being an artist means, what art is, how one lives a life of art, this is all up for debate.

My geographic location is not an acceptable excuse for not creating more work that I would call art - well, I don't think geographic location is ever an excuse, but anyway. I live in a small city with a very visible, active, and supportive art community. I have a spare room in my house and three days per week in which I do not have to go to my job. I have, very recently, been experiencing surplus cash flow. So. Am I not creating art, or am I just not referring to what I am creating as art?

Lately I have been thinking that the difference between art and the ordinary could be just a story. I took a dark blue thrift store hoodie, appliqued a Virgin of Guadalupe picture on, added lots of applique roses, gold glitter, and gold star sequins. I sold it on eBay for $5. It's a sweatshirt. I took an item of clothing, used for warmth and protection against the elements. It had been worn and discarded by the previous owner. On the left sleeve (because the heart is on the left side of the body and some of us wear our heart on our sleeve), I added a symbol of comfort, love, and compassion, the Patroness of the Americas, and embellished it with scraps of fabric, paint, and metal which I had salvaged. With humble remnants, discarded by others, I made a garment of faith and protection. I made art. I wasn't angry, I wasn't trying to make a Big Statement, I wasn't trying to Save the World. I didn't hang it on a gallery wall. I sold it on eBay. I had fun. And if that isn't art, she can just send me a postcard.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Ugh, my last post magically disappeared.

The short end of the long end.....Long distance relationships can work if both parties are secure with themselves and the relationship and if they are both at similar committement levels. If after a certain point there is no movement toward living in the same city, then it's doomed. At that point, you just end up holding onto the idea of a relationship and not really the other person. Keep in mind that long distance relationships are about 75 percent more difficult than the typical "local" relationship. Good luck with whatever you decide, but if it's good then it will be well worth it!

Kainui, where are you moving???? What city made the final cut? I need you to help me de-clutter. I'm such the freakin' pack rat!

Still settling into the house. All of you should have received my "house" e-mail.

Mike F. I will see you in TWO days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I've never had a long distance crush or relationship - so I'm no help there. I say, give it a try, but be realistic about what you want and expect.
So the smell of burned tofu filled my apartment last night. Sometimes I wonder why I bother new cooking experiments.

Monday, June 09, 2003

opinions on long distance romances/crushes/relationships please.

Ooh, Thank you, Kanui - I got the magazines in the mail today.
So are you moving to New York?

Sunday, June 08, 2003

I'm keeping all the letters and postcards. Getting rid of the old Nancy Drew books is going to hurt...

Saturday, June 07, 2003

*I'm not suicidal, I'm moving*

Clothing is easy. Keep: wool overcoat, wool skirt, black skirt, cotton print skirt, three pairs jeans, two long-sleeve shirts, two t-shirts, black hoodie, gray wool scarf, assorted underthings and socks. Everything else is in the process of leaving or has already left. Maybe I'll keep the Marilyn denim dress. Ideally I keep shoes to my boots and the pair that go through security checks without setting off the metal detectors. I have only worn the strappy sandals three times in the past 18 months. Must let go.

Books: having done this before, I am familiar with this particular heartbreak. Hardest are the books given to me as gifts. In a used bookstore, finding a book with an inscription in it celebrating a birthday, a friendship, a love, etc. pains me. There are no inscriptions in my books visible to eyes other than my own. Still. Keep: book of poems written and handbound by dear old friend. How I will turn away from the rest I do not know.

Tools and supplies: I will offload 98% of my yarn, keeping all my knitting and crocheting tools. Most of my supplies are easy to acquire and inexpensive, meaning expendable. I'll have to sell off or give away most of the bottlecaps.

Etc: Assorted papers and plastic cards that prove I exist, fit into the expandable file/binder thingy. Laptop. Photo album. Then there are the smaller more nostalgic items, like letters from my nephew and letters from a former lover, the toy I made for Lola, a stack of unused postcards. Small, light, meaningful - but they take up space.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Wow - when did the Blogger entry format change
Mike - that's pretty cool

Thursday, June 05, 2003

they changed some things on blogger. hmmm....
so. this has been one roller coaster of a week. friday i went to court for my break-in case. if the DA's office had bothered to really get in touch with me and really keep me in the loop about stuff, i could've told them back in february that this old, malnourished guy is NOT the guy that broke into my apt. there is no way that guy did that to my place. it was kind of a rough day, but i'm glad the guy did not get wrongfully charged. i'm sad that i lost a lot of money. but, i'm working hard and i will re-acquire stuff slowly.
on sunday i hung out with a new friend(ster) from DC. i'm totally mesmerized by him and completely gaga over him. sometimes i feel like it's mutual, sometimes i don't. either way... hanging out with him on sunday was nothing less than amazing.
i finally secured a music video gig.
i re-commited myself to a documentary project.
and i curated a night of short films, which was really fun. my boss seemed totally impressed, so i figure now might be a good time to ask for that promotion...
my scale says i gained weight, my pants say i lost weight. it's confusing.

This morning I woke up at 8:05, and I realized, "HOLY SHIT, I HAVE AN ON-CAMPUS MEETING AT 8:30!!!!!!" I got dressed in a record seven minutes, fixed my lunch and all. Made it to the meeting with five minutes to spare. That is HUGE in Houston traffic....

My washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow. Get this, I had to purchase an electric washer and a gas dryer. Most houses are equipt for electric washers and dryers, but not mine. After selecting my models, I learn that the model I selected was not in stock for gas dryers. At this point th salesperson sees that I am serious, he ends up making me a deal, and I get two upgrades on the dryer (because they didn't have the next level up in stock either) for the price of my mid-range. Basically it means that I'll have this good washer and kick ass dryer that could fly on its on b/c it has a jet engine. Oh yeah, I got him to throw in delivery and set up.....My dad would be proud of my batering skills.

Monday, June 02, 2003

That would make me very happy!

I updated my photo website tonight - check it out, there are NEW photos from my Chicago trip and whatnot.

Steph, if you would like some back issues of ReadyMade, I'd be happy to send them to you.

news from the weekend:
I can do freestyle now for at least two lengths of the pool before horking up water and thrashing around.
By the time I got to the Farmer's Market, it seemed like there was nothing but yellow squash left. Squash does not excite me (well, unless it's friendlied up with olive oil and spices, but even so, squash, squish, squosh). Cooking folks - anything fun to do with squash? I'm holding out for the Texas summer peaches, strawberries and tomatoes.
I found out an ex of mine is getting married. I can't imagine him being ready to be married.In fact, I was eating air for a few moments when I heard the news, but best of luck to them.
I competed in a walk-off. To Michael Jackson's Beat It. Have you see Zoolander? Well, it wasn't nearly as funny, but I worked in some crazy kicking moves and led with my hips. This of course all took place in my friends apartment with an audience of three, but still was a lot of fun.
Red wine and dorritos - not as absurb a combination as you might think.

1:03 PM. Proofed one page of ad copy before lunch. Now, I'm trying to decide whether or not reading my book would be more or less appropriate than spinning my chair and humming.

I've managed to get hooked up with some good temp work. Carson-Dellosa makes books and other products for classrooms. I'm a proofreader in the ad department. I like it very much, and hope that something fulltime might come up in the future. My only complant is that it gets very slow sometimes. I've been here two hours and twenty minutes and haven't done anything work related. I proofed some of the new Slave and wrote some emails and did the geek test (23.4%).

Went to a very lovely wedding this weekend. It was about half family (cool family) and half Greensboro posse. We had a good time. Tons of vegan food, music, lots of people I don't get to see everyday. Made me want to get married. Ladies? Quote of the day goes to Benji filthy-ass Shirley as usual: (toasting with a microphone) "In the words of Motley Crue, 'May all your ups and downs be in bed.'"

Other than work very little of interest is happening here. I do four things: work, watch Buffy/Angel episodes (2002/2003 season for each - wrapup coming soon), read (A Case of Conscience by James Blish and the Devil and Sonny Liston by Nick Tosches) and work on band stuff. I'm so excited about the Dawn Chorus album that I can barely stand it. We have to record the vocals, then start mixing. After that I'll try to get copies to everyone I know. There's a chance that the Dirty Version might reform this fall, too. Krystal has some new songs that I great.

I've been using some of my down time at work to write these weird little stories about a monkey and puppy. I'll post some soon.

I have two new favorite magazines. Guava - - a new travel magazine and Ready-Made - a crafty zine - this month's cover article -how to grow a couch.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

i think that was the best un-date ever.