Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hey Mike - do you write SF? John Scalzi is looking for submissions.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Phrase of the week: "I ain't got nothing but a whole lotta 'Leave Me Alone's' for you!"

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I heard the Drive By Truckers at an outdoor festival a few years back. From what I recall, they were a little "heavy" for me. I.e., too hard, too loud. Then again, I've been listening to sensitive chick Americana and of course the booty shakin' bit.

Last night I heard some live music in a local bar for the first time in months. Even ran into some old friends unexpectedly. That was a lot of fun. Found out that one of my friends (white male, in his mid-50's) has taken to drinking on a street corner in the middle of the 'hood with some old blues muscicians. I cracked up at his ass, informing him that he should know better than to air his dirty habits out in public. As much as I made fun of him, I'm sure I'll meet him out there one day. Too funny.

Last week, I got into a heated debate about whether or not poor people "choose" to be poor. Some people really amaze me with the shit that they think.

Stephanie: I have my Austin City Limits Fest tix. Whewhoo!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Z, I'm more interested in the older stuff - I've listened to samples from the new album and don't feel inclined to buy it. I heard a couple of tracks from compilation promo cds that I liked, though.

The few times I've listened to that most recent Driveby Truckers album, I've liked it. But I haven't been motivated to go out and buy it. It's a little gimmicky for me. Very hillbilly schtick. But, like I said, I think it's good, just maybe not enough for me to get for myself.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Z, any thoughts on the Drive-By Truckers? The only album iTunes has is Southern Rock Opera, and in lieu of listening to samples, I'll take your recommendation.

Friday, March 04, 2005

How parents wind up with more than one child, I dunno. The sisterkid's viral conjuctivitis keeps flaring back up again, perhaps because I decided that a full night of sleep was well deserved after the nights of getting up 3-4 times to clean dried pus out of her eye. That, and it looked like it had cleared up. Hah! This morning she woke up with a cough that makes me think pneumonia - sounded like she couldn't get much air in her lungs, which makes me think of them filling up with fluid or mucus or both. It sucks to be her and it's not much fun to be me this week. I'm also having to deal with what's been dubbed the "mommy drive-by", which is teaching me the valuable lesson of Shut Up and Be Sympathetic instead of telling a child's parent/caretaker that they are doing it all wrong and should be doing it like this. I've gotten the drive-bys before, which often ended in them wrecking themselves (flashback 6 years to me with The Neon Hair and Art School Girl of Doom kit with a 2 yr old and 9 yr old at the zoo, or how about Seattle where two women + baby = lesbian mommie poster children), but now it's co-workers and I have to grit my teeth and be nice and not say for the millionth time that the stupid eyedrops just made it worse so please shut up please I'm saying it nicely. And oh yes, the heated gel pack that was working such wonders exploded in the microwave yesterday because she just tossed it in there and didn't pay attention to the time she set, so the frozen gel pack I was using for my knee is now her heated gel pack for The Eye.

See? Now I sound just like that freaked-out sleep-deprived parent you know at work who needs to have a drink and chill the fuck out already. U, remember how we talked about me answering personal ads so I could show up with my camera crew (you) and stage The Worst Date Ever? When we do that, remind me to have a photo album with lots of shots of the pinkeye child.

I just talked to the child on the phone. I know she's feeling better, 'cause she's energetic enough to be bratty!

This week's theme: rechargable batteries. I've had my current bottom-of-the-line mobile phone for over a year, so it shouldn't surprise me that the moment I actually use the phone you can watch the charge meter drop. I believe I have no choice but to replace the *&$% phone; for now I'm carrying the charger around in my bag. If I do absolutely nothing with my laptop, it will hold a charge for several hours. Similar to the phone, the instant I start doing anything with it, the charge just melts away and 20 minutes later it's telling me to plug it in or it will shut off. So that's one more item to carry around with me. Fortunately the rechargables in my digital camera are still juicy. Someone hurry up and make me little solar panels for my stuff already.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Z, you can't eat jellybeans. Gelatin, y'know. Send them to me. I'll give them a good final resting place home. You should have cake in a bowl instead. I have a vegan chocolate cake recipe at home...uses loads of olive oil.

Steph, I'm loving the photos.