Monday, May 31, 2004

i'm so pathetically not evil. i think i got a 24. i wish i could be more like zach and k.
had a good, relaxing weekend... can't believe i have to get up for work tomorrow. so unfair. no new jobs on the horizon, either. not yet anyway. there's one temp job i have a hook up to... but they pay less than i make now. the funniest part... all the kids who work there have a graduate degree. bad times, yo.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I wish swimming and BBQs on all that enjoy that sort of thing.
I've been fighting this bad cough/cold/sounding like a frog thing for a week now. It just sucks. But I have gotten to bond with my cable during my illness and discover a new author (new to me) that I really like, Connie Willis.
I started taking the evil test, started to realize just how evil I really am, and was unable to go on.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Now that I have been introduced to a Japanese bakery with awesome baguettes, I think I'm going to be making a lot of gazpacho. The Teen will be disdainful, but will probably eat half the baguette, slathered with butter. Tomorrow we'll make nacos (nacho burritos), which I know will give Dad the confused look*, so maybe I'll do both.

*Dad uses the confused look a lot. We've run out of bread/coffee/chili paste? Confused. Because that can't possibly be true. The Women Of This House would not let that happen. So where is the bread hiding? The butter dish isn't on the table. Confused. Is it hiding behind the toaster? Etc.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Ok, I'm having posting issues with blogger. I wrote a long post a few days and tried to post it to no avail. Anyone else having the same problem?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I took the Evil quiz. I'm evil enough to not post my score. I'm pretty sure I've managed to beat Zach on a quiz for once.

Monday, May 24, 2004

How Evil Are You?

I'm at 40 percent.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

I like cicadas. But eat them? At least one guy in Bloomington has.

Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm dusting off my old travel blog to be revamped into my stuff I'm working on blog. Comments are enabled and you all are more than welcome to come in and trash the place.

Upma: Ahh, okay. It's to keep a certain uniformity. I had 2 hours to get everything done before I left for an exam, so it's about cleaning the most obviously cluttered/dirty areas and then messing them up just enough to look lived in and to meld smoothly with the areas that I did not clean, like the hallway which could use a mopping but mostly just has a bit of dust on the edges. Casually clean, shall we say. Sort of says "oh, look, surprise overnight guest, well drag out the spare sheet set" as opposed to "aaaaaaaggggh someone is going to SEE and USE this shower stall maybe if I use enough Pine-Sol it'll at least SMELL sterile aiiieeeee." You know, more "heeey, haven't seen you for years, isn't it great that you can just drop in like this" not "I just broke all my nails getting this place spotless" which has the potential side effect of making a guest uneasy. Honestly, I want them to feel like they can flop down anywhere and leave water rings on the tables and water spots on the bathroom mirror. But I don't want them wondering if the sink drain is going to sprout tendrils, or on the other end of the spectrum, wondering if I can't wait for them to leave so that I can scour all traces of them from the floors.

Z, you are so cool. Why weren't you my US history teacher in the 8th grade? Or maybe the ethics guy at the high school? sure you want to say "LBJ's reign"?

no, no, nooo! that's not what i meant. i meant... why do the "lived in" thing after you clean? why not just keep it clean? silly, silly girl.
i've got enough jobs of my own, anyway. thanks! speaking of which... in a few weeks when i jump into freelance world (which... is completely nuts-o for me to do at this point in time)... when i get anxiety and panic attacks... i'll need you guys to help calm me, and tell me i'm doing the best possible thing for myself. don't tell me i'm nutso. don't tell me i'm wrong. don't.

pompous americans. and yet... how grateful i am to be here. oh yeah... i didn't get the prestigious grant for my south asian film. but... i'll try again. i'm not discouraged.

Madison orders the invasion of Canada:

Canada, 18 June 1812 - 17 February 1815. This campaign includes all operations in the Canadian-American border region except the battle of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane. The invasion and conquest of Canada was a major objective of the United States in the War of 1812. Among the significant causes of the war were the continuing clash of British and American interests in the Northwest Territory and the desire of frontier expansionists to seize Canada while Great Britain was preoccupied with the Napoleonic Wars.

The United States invaded Canada in two wars.
The American Revolutionary War (1775).
The War of 1812 (1812)

The United States also kept a contingency plan, known as War Plan Red, to invade Canada up until the 1930's in the unlikely event of war with the United Kingdom.


I read, and very much enjoyed, the His Dark Materials books. Pullman is supposed to be at work on a sequel trilogy. I hope they are as good as the first.

Upma, if you would like to have my 3 jobs and 2 classes + share a 3 bd/1 bath cottage with a teenaged girl and a 22 yr old male and not only convince the teen and the male that shower stalls need scrubbing and dirty towels don't belong on the floor but keep the place organized and reasonably clean at all times to boot, come on over! btw, one of the cats in incontinent and is supposed to stay outside but manages to sneak in anyway. Getting cat pee out of slate tile is possible, with lots of elbow grease and enzymatic pet stain and odor remover.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

u. singh for president, 2012.
weez, you're crackin me up? why not just keep it clean? for sticker scraping, i recommend "goo gone." it'll make your job so much easier. you should be able to find it at your local hardware store.

did you know that 3 lefts make a right? and 3 rights also make a left.

Had a last-minute overnight guest from abroad this week, woman I had not seen for years and years. She works for Quantas now and didn't expect to be on the Australia-Honolulu route; she was called in to cover for someone out sick. She stayed in my room, so I did a frantic last-minute cleanup of the "make it look clean but not I-have-been-frantically-cleaning look clean." As in, vacuum the carpet and then walk all over it with clean feet. Stack up books and then give the stack a little knock to look natural. Put out a nice bar of soap, after smacking a corner against the counter and washing hands with it. Yes, I know it's silly. Has brought a few things to my attention:
1. have a new stash of clean towels. I used to, and then The Teen found it.
2. must buy new spare sheet set as old spare sheet set has weird stain.
3. look up places to go, things to do, hours open etc. and have on hand to present to guest. A house brochure, so to speak. We went to the beach and all, but with a bit more planning I could have taken her on a nice hike and done more sight-seeing, even with my work/school schedule.
4. must buy more fancy-pants soap to keep with clean towel stash. The brother, oddly enough, loves aromatic soap and will use it up in a flash. Overpoweringly floral soaps are safe from him but make me nauseous. I grabbed a bar of what looked like fancy-pants soap from my mother's stash (some kind of handmade "kona coffee" in a pretty wrapper) and discovered that it smells awful. Not like coffee at all. Like rancid something or other. Eew. I now have a bar of Nature's Gate lemon verbena + chamomile in the "nice" soap dish; must remember to buy more.
5. High time to scrape the surf/skate stickers off my bedroom door (leftover from my brother's tenancy).

Things I have realized about my parents now that I'm an adult now includes:
"We called it moral fiber and character building, but mostly we were really just tired. And broke."

Started the Philip Pullman "His Dark Materials" trilogy. The Teen is reading it too. There is talk of religion, human nature, morality, the big gray areas of good and evil, politics, and science. Well, not between the two of us right now, but I'll be bringing it up. She chose "The Golden Compass" to write a book report on, and as her current school is conservative Baptist, I'll be interested in seeing how the teacher responds to it.

Z: the US invaded Canada? And then...decided not to keep it? Tell me more!

My favorite president is James Madison, who had the balls to invade Canada during the War of 1812.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I watched the Sting a while back, and I recall getting a lot of knitting done.

I like Lincoln, and the slave thing aside, Jefferson.

no matter the outcome, i'm very happy with/proud of myself. i give two pats to my shoulder.
i'm having a back yard pizza party tonight, if any of you want to come over. we'll probably be rained out, and i'll have to stuff 20 people in my tiny apt. it's been done before... ms. weez can vouch.
i wish we got nap times at work.

I'm a big fan of LBJ's social policies. He was a true populist. Under his reign, more people were allowed to vote, emmigrate to the U.S., access health care, live in subsidized housing, plus school funding was increased. Grant it, he probably could have used some of the monies that went toward the Vietnam War to fund even more programs, but beggars can't be choosers. I also like some of what FDR did. He was leading in one of the toughest times ever. He may not have been able to single-handedly kick the Depression, but he was amazing at restoring the confidence of the average citizen. Abe Lincoln, of course, was a fine egg, if you don't mind my saying so. He was all about the greater good and holding the Union together.

I'm a big fan of LBJ's social policies. He was a true populist. Under his reign, more people were allowed to vote, emmigrate to the U.S., access health care, live in subsidized housing, plus school funding was increased. Grant it, he probably could have used some of the monies that went toward the Vietnam War to fund even more programs, but beggars can't be choosers. I also like some of what FDR did. He was leading in one of the toughest times ever. He may not have been able to single-handedly kick the Depression, but he was amazing at restoring the confidence of the average citizen. Abe Lincoln, of course, was a fine egg, if you don't mind my saying so. He was all about the greater good and holding the Union together.

I'm a big fan of LBJ's social policies. He was a true populist. Under his reign, more people were allowed to vote, emmigrate to the U.S., access health care, live in subsidized housing, plus school funding was increased. Grant it, he probably could have used some of the monies that went toward the Vietnam War to fund even more programs, but beggars can't be choosers. I also like some of what FDR did. He was leading in one of the toughest times ever. He may not have been able to single-handedly kick the Depression, but he was amazing at restoring the confidence of the average citizen. Abe Lincoln, of course, was a fine egg, if you don't mind my saying so. He was all about the greater good and holding the Union together.

Weez - I'm with Mike. If you like Butch Cassidy, you'll love the Sting. And don't miss the Hustler. I wish I could afford Netflix still. I liked it so much, but its an expense I can't justify anymore.

Wow. How many roasted bird beginners start with a turducken? One of my favorite ways to roast a chicken is with lemons. I like salt-pickled lemons in particular, but some people don't go for the flavor. Another favorite is sitting on - not stuffed with - a mirepoix base with potatoes, parsnips, and white mushrooms, basted with butter. Some water and maybe sake or white wine in the pan. I've never owned a rack, so it's the only way I can turn the bird for even roasting. The big plus is that the veggies roast in the juices and get very yummy and probably bad for you. Sometimes I make gravy, mostly just serve with rice so we can just spoon the pan juices over. Dang, sounds like I'll be picking up an organic bird at work this weekend. Now I just have to figure out how I'll do it. Maybe I'll gross out the teen and use prunes.

Newman. It started with the salad dressing. I prefer making my own salad dressing; the crush is because he's using salad dressing to do good. And he's been happily married for ages. Is a good father. And there is so much going on behind his eyes, I hardly notice the color. I realized he was truly swoon-worthy after watching, god help me, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof on TV one day. Then there was the Long Hot Summer and Cool Hand Luke. Road To Perdition settled it; the man has got even more charm and mischief and smarts than he did 40 years ago. And the cookies are darn good.

My Netflix queue has been rather heavy on cons, double crosses, and murder. Miller's Crossing (so, so, so good), Blood Simple, The Lion in Winter (have also been reading up on Eleanor of Aquitaine, the world is lucky I didn't read about her when I was 15), A Simple Plan, The Man Who Wasn't There, Saboteur, The Paradine Case, Richard III (yes, again), The Lady Refuses, Black Adder...and it's all quite appropriate, as I am sharing my account with Little Princess Poison Puff, and she keeps rearranging the queue. The system we have works well most of the time, so it's not so much the rearranging. It's the checking the queue and seeing Friends: Season 1, Discs 1-3 that riles. Teens always know just what to infuriate with. Settles it, I'm not having any kids. They turn into teenagers. Oklahoma! is next in the queue; maybe I'll make her watch it with me. It's a version with Hugh Jackman. I want her to see her beloved Wolverine hoofing it up with a great big grin on his face (and okay, I want to see Mr Jackman dressed like a cowboy).

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

somebody's damn happy.
interview in the morning... send good vibes!
will post update.

Z, I had put "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in my Netflix queue as per your recommendation. Eeeeyow! Loved it. Because it's a good movie overall! My massive, massive crush on Paul Newman (young and current age) may have colored my perspective a leetle tiny bit.

I think I'm going to pass on seeing Troy until it's on DVD. I'm being realistic; I've been meaning to see the Eternal Sunshine& flick since it was released, and I still haven't. The irty ol' un-PC devil on my shoulder thinks I'd run out and see Troy today if Hector and Achilles were getting it on ancient Greek style.

Monday, May 17, 2004

final round of ice cube images on the photoblog
now the editing begins - I'm trying to narrow down to a top 10 I like or top 14 (since there's 14 slots in the ice cube tray)
you may be called upon to vote or come up with titles - senses of humor welcome

So I tried to post on Thurs. I think, and it went bye-bye. So here comes another one.

Mike: how did the turducken come out? I've had it once, stuffed with jambalaya I believe. Now for baseball: I was glad to see Bunion Kim optioned off to the minor league. Yes, I know his name is not bunion, but you know how much I dislike the man -- he may as well be one! We'll have to compare all star ballots, I've already come up with two versions. Soriano appears on both, I've become a big fan since the Yankees were so crappy to him.

Went to a wedding this weekend. It was a friend of a friend, so I was a hot date for my friend Christine. It was really nice, they had a mariachi band which was so cool. Afterwards we all went to a sports bar to watch the NBA games.

Oh I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. I know that I typically don't go on religious soap boxes, but this is ridiculous. This whole Catholic Church banning Catholics who are pro-choice, pro-birth control from taking communion is crap. Technically speaking, you are only supposed to receive communion if you are free of major sin -- i.e., when you are in a "state of grace." Major sins can include something as small as missing Mass one Sunday (others include murder, pre-marital sex and abortion). Even if you are divorced yet still a Mass going Catholic, you are banned from receiving communion. So, what it boils down to is that unless you are going to confession to clense yourself of sins minutes before taking communion, you're likely not qualified, so to speak. And what about all these freakin' conservatives who are pro-death penalty?

Of all the Catholics in the world, there are probably only about 5 percent who truly practice any of this. It's a standard that barely a saint can come close to meeting. I can go on for about another 30 minutes on the topic but I'll spare everyone.

Oh yeah - YAY MASSACHUSETTS! Those about to wed, I salute you. My parents have recently reminded me through their behavior that forever is a long time, and with the right person, not nearly long enough.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

This is post #3,565.

I have been dreaming in knitting patterns. You know what happens when someone who took Shakespeare at university gets obsessed with knitting and dreams about it? Someone who wakes up, says "sleep, that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care" and laughs hysterically.

Realized I really love repeating the names of muscles. Supinator. Pronator. Flexor. Quadratus lumborum. Say them slow, draw it out. It's like an odd comic book with heros and villains who turn things over and rotate other stuff and retract and extend.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

I just saw Troy, too, Steph. Salon really hated it, as did pretty much every other review I read, but I thought it was okay. Nothing special, but hardly bad enough to trash. Orlando Bloom is just a disaster as an actor. He kills more scenes than Achilles kills Trojans. But, I'm with you in my love for Eric Bana. I've been a big fan of his since I saw him in Chopper way back in 2001. Shelly and I went to see that, didn't we? If there's any justice in the world he'll have a long career in American movies.

Steph, that's fantastic!

Upma, I am so glad you are getting out of that job.

Zach, if you get dreadlocks, I'm not speaking to you.

I have never had turducken.

Shelly, will you be in Seattle this August? Or interested in spending some time in Portland in August?

I've become really indecisive about my hair. Currently the color looks like crap - long roots, washed-out purple. I'd like to bleach it white blonde and go with pastels, but I think I need to admit to myself that it would be more high-maintenance than I am willing to handle right now. So it's either natural-but-better, which would be a dark brown (my natural color has gone from brown to a rather dusty black sometime over the past 15 years), or natural-on-someone-else, which would be a lighter, more golden brown.

So it looks like I'll be having a show of that ice cube/flower series sometime in the next year.

Last night we went to see Troy. The best response was one I read on the internet, "Why wasn't this movie a miniseries on CBS?" I couldn't agree more - though it did increase my love for Eric Bana. His Hector is the best thing about the movie.
Tonight I'm helping a friend photograph a wedding. This afternoon I have a wedding shower. Tis the season.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Z, you smelly hippie you. I'm glad it's working out health-wise; now stop making me look toxic, flabby and inflexible! I second Upma - move. There's a co-op in Bloomington IN you could work at, for starts.

Angie, I know about My Lai.

Knitting lace is up there with making candy and pastry for me. The process requires focus, precision, and a willingness to start over if I screw up (and I'm likely to). And I'll do it because the results are sublime. And it's crazy. I'm knitting what looks like cloudy thread with what looks like tiny bamboo skewers, with results that look like 80's Madonna.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I'm meeting with this super-cool gallery owner on Friday to show him some of my work. Cross your fingers for me.

zachary. i love you. this move toward a more healthful lifestyle pleases me like no other news could. i'm so glad. if i may make so bold a suggestion... and of course you have full veto power... why not make a move to chapel hill? or winston? or somewhere, where work (and ladies) might be slightly easier to come by? just a suggestion. moving is quite a hassle, but sometimes quite worth it.

i had my yearly review yesterday. after being critisized for 30 minutes about how i don't do anything, and don't do anything right, i got in touch with one temp agency, and i'm getting in touch with another today. i do a tremendous job at my place of work. when i defended myself (or tried to), he agreed that i do work hard... (which is a statement he contradicted for 20 minutes before and 10 minutes after). he's a difficult man to work with, i've done it for over 2 years, i'm done. put me in a cubicle factory where i can order paper clips and type memos. let me wait tables. even telemarketing sounds like a viable option. (ok, maybe not... but you get my point). if i could move out of philly at this moment, i would. but, i am too committed to other things and i won't flee from things that make me happy here.

i will now eat a bowl of cheerios. (cheerios make me happy these days). and i will go to my 9am meeting for an independent project that i have NOT done a tremendous job for. i'm embarrassed for myself with this one.

Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm sorry I haven't posted much in a while. There isn't a good reason behind it. I just haven't. The main reason I'm posting now is I just had a pretty depressing conversation with a girl and, honestly, I'm feeling reflective and sullen.

Ups and downs. Same as always. I'm incapable of getting a job. Psychologically. So, I'm very very poor. I'm also tragically ineffective in matters of the heart. In addition, I'm bitter toward my roommates, whom I never see anymore, for creating successful lives for themselves out in the real world. And I resigned from the magazine, due to seriously declining interest in it and a move toward centralization on John's part. It's hard to work on a project with someone who spends all of his time sequestered away in his room with his wife. I got tired of fretting about it.

On the ups side. I've lost a lot of weight. It was losing some before the cleanse began, through sensible eating and exercise. The cleanse has excellerated the process somewhat. It feels good, physically and emotionally. Still a lot of work to be done, but I'm on the right track. The next goal is yoga. Jeez, what's happening to me? I'm becoming Kainui's nightmare.

Thad gave me a bike they found at the theatre. I've been relearning to ride it and having a lot of fun.

The band is in the midst of recording our second record. We plan self-release the two of them at the same time. Hopefully in July. I think this one is fucking beautiful. I love it. I did some of the singing last Friday and it was a joy.

I can't promise that this won't be the last post for a while. But, I will try harder. Some habits, it seems, are easy to break.

Wow, looks like Blogger is putting forth some changes.

Quick informal poll: do you know what the My Lai Massacre is? Show of hands please, I'm doing an informal poll. Why? In short, when writing a news release you have to define what terms/events are, if they are not well known. I.e., I would not attribute or provide information for a statement that read, "Earth has one moon." However, in a release that referred to "outsourcing," I referred to a tech dictionary.

if any of you have any old super 8 equipment you might not want, or regular 16 mm stuff too, please let me take it off your hands! it will be put to good use.
same goes for keyboards. i'm itchin to tickle those ivories again.
jt-we have much to discuss....
next short super 8 project involves tucker as the star. it won't be a cheesy pet movie though, i promise. i hope.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

thank you!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Steph, I am going to make my income triple just so I can start buying prints. And buying a house that I can hang the prints in.

new images up at the photoblog

Friday, May 07, 2004

Quality time with Mom: Some days, I'll say that it's when we can be in the same room but can't hear each other. It's unpredictable. We can have quality time when I move thousands of miles away and then stay up late one night when she wants to talk on the phone, or while we are driving somewhere, or while sitting around drinking tea. Location doesn't matter, it's more a matter of where our heads are.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hey kids, sorry for the haitus. I've been crazy busy lately. I haven't gotten home before 9 p.m. since some time in mid-April.

Mike: how 'bout that Rocket? I went to three games in a row (two Reds, one Pirates) but had to miss one because I dressed all fancy pants to see Pucini's Turnadot. I gots to keep cultured, even thoughout baseball season. I have officially become a baseball nerd, as I have taken up scorekeeping. It's pretty fun, in a PHAT nerd sort of way.

Shelly: Sorry that my mom forgot who you were. I had no time to prep her, and she's flighty that way. And since you posted about your NOLA trip I guess that means I have to write about mine, including our favorite mom story.

So as Shelly mentioned I went home for Jazz Fest. She and I hung out Fri. there, and I planned to go Sat. I was going to go solo but decided to ask my mom about two months ago or so. A week before I went to NOLA, mom confirmed the Jazz Fest thing with me. (Side note: my mom had only been to one previous Jazz Fest a few years ago, for all of an hour just to eat). I figured it would be a good opportunity.

So Sat. approaches. Mom starts asking me all these questions:

Will there be shade?
No, mom, there won't be any shade. You'll have to wear a big-rimmed hat.

Do you have sun tan lotion? No, mom, but I have sunblock, which is what we need.

Will there be flies? No, no flies, but there will be flying cocker roaches.

Flying cocker roaches IN THE DAYTIME? (I laugh aloud) I'm just kiddin', ma. There will not likely be any flies or roaches.

Early that morning, mom went to Wal-mart to purchase a Jazz Fest outfit. She woke me up, to model her purchase, she was so proud. It was really cute, even though it was early.

We get ready to leave......I have the lawn chairs and a backpack complete with anti-bacterial lotion, sunblock, kleenex, a leftover poncho from the day before, sunglasses, etc.

My dad looks at us and says, "Y'all look like you're going to IRAQ."

I said, "Dad, mom will THANK me for all that is in this bag by the end of the day.

We get onto the shuttle to the festival. We hadn't even made it onto the interstate yet, and my mom says, "Let's do this again next year, Angie." I said, "Mama, let's get you through one day first." In the end, she still wants to go next year. Too funny!

Oh yeah, Shelly. Mom was reluctant to leave the chairs, too.

Which leads me to ask the blog (just in time for mother's day): how do you spend quality time with your mother?

At first I was puzzled. The pattern is called the "Tally-Ho Pullover," the model is posed in front of a log structure...I can't see any self-respecting British fox hunter wearing this sweater, nor can I see an American deer hunter wearing this sweater. I flipped through the magazine, which is mostly sweaters for men, accompanied by drawings of men doing manly 1950's activities like clipping the hedges while smoking a pipe, petting the dog while smoking a pipe, holding canoe paddles while smoking a pipe, and...holding brooms, wearing tam o'shanters, and looking excited? Oh, curling. Aha! CANADIAN.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Shelly, cockfighting roosters start training early. A full-grown, untrained cock is of no value to those who appreciate fighting cocks. Additionally, fighting cocks are valued for beauty and breeding. What your friend is contending with is a cock of no training, dubious stock, and little aesthetic value. No-one wants to be told that they have a worthless cock, but there you go.

ticking time capsules

My friend from college is coming to visit. My first time seeing him since he is a she. I’m rather nervous about the whole affair.
Taking a class through work. It is apparently equivalent a graduate level class. (I didn’t know that when I signed up.) I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed since most of the rest of the class are practicing scientists or scientific technicians, and I didn’t even take college level chemistry.
Work is taking more of my time than I’d like, and my studio is taking less.

midnight movies

Saw the Forbidden Zone, which was, at least viewed 25 years later, a bit too intentionally “wacky” but still quite visually interesting. The black and white cartoon/ turn of the century stage set look mixed with music by Danny Elfman (who also plays Satan) It contained weird rascist/ sexist imagery which seemed to be intentionally over the top but???

When Hervé Villechaize first appeared on screen as King Fausto of the Sixth Dimension, Jacob yelled out “that fucking suicidal midget!.” It is possible that he was slightly intoxicated. (I mean Jacob, not Tattoo.) The continuously topless Princess and her dancers were a crowd pleasers. I liked BustRod the Servant Frog best. There was also the Jewish wrestling champion grandfather, light bondage, fighting women, shoot ‘em up classroom scenes, weird blackface dancing, surreal midget sex, and through the underwear fucking and butt fucking, oingo boingo music, sort of, and oh! and the gateway to hell is through a basement doorway which culminates in a colon slide.

Also Saw Wet Hot American Summer. Mostly not worth writing about but worth watching, particularly if you, like me, grew up in a household where you had to sneak to watch movies like Porky’s and Meatballs.

Big Lebowski is next week and Bubba Ho-Tep is after that.

recap of new orleans trip 1 week later

Visited New Orleans. It was nice to sleep on a mattress which did not have duct tape covering it to prevent the springs from slicing me open in the night.

Left work on Monday at normal time, went home and packed, left Seattle at midnight, arrived in New Orleans at 9 am. Tuesday. That was one LONG day.
I went to visit my grandma. I rescued her by catching the lizard that had taken up residence in the towels in her bathroom. I released it outdoors.
Saw my sister play softball in city park. Was banned from all future games.
Went on many bike rides with my dad. Got sore arms and ass from the racing bike shape of the bike I borrowed.
Saw more mall time with my mom than at any other point in the past year. Also experienced the culinary delight that is Chalmette Chinese buffet and Mississippi pizza buffet.

Visited Jenny who is large with pregnancy. She is extremely petite and so when the baby started kicking you could practically see the foot coming through her stomach, alien-style. Saw the sonograms and listened to Rebecca’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. I’m still not entirely used to this idea.

Visited Catherine and baby Callie, who was a bump last time I saw her and is now nearly 3. Callie is amazing and smart, although a rather messy eater, she did use chopsticks. Saw the attack rooster that resulted from one of the Easter chicks they raised last year.
The rooster is beautiful and more than knee high and is apparently indestructible. I believe tales of cockfighting and hog dog rodeos to be vastly overstated since no one at all responded to the flyers she distributed offering this rooster for free to anyone who would come catch it. Catherine, in an attempt to reclaim the backyard and the early hours of sleep, has tried giving the rooster away, calling a trapper ($400,) a broom handle which only caused several weeks of squeaky crowing, benadryl, and varying doses of rat poison. The next attempt is apparently a cast-net and a.22. His temperament is not being improved any by the repeated assassination attempts.

Went riding around the nighttime city in the cab with Johnny.

Visited my granny and paw paw who each discussed their opinions on the show Will & Grace. Mrs. Gerry & Mr. Woody were also there although Mr. Woody could hardly walk with his back outage. As a result, it looked like he was leaning in joe cool poses all night.

Met A-Ben and Rick at the Balcony for the high life. Forgot to bring up all the things I’d intended to talk about because I was having such a lovely time. Johnny joined us later.

Visited Aunt Sophie and Kittie. Visited my grandma and GiGi again.

Got to hang out with Angie all day at jazz fest. Saw Buckwheat Zydeco and before that a bit of a woman playing a fiddle, though I was preoccupied with my food at the time. Had the world’s longest and dumbest text messaging “conversation” with my sister while trying to find her in the crowd. Saw Emmy Lou Harris and Bonnie Rait. Both were amazing and also hot. I would love to look nearly that good at their respective ages. Walked to meet Angie’s mom through an impromptu brass band on the corner outside the jazz fest.
Felt like I was in high school being dropped off by my dad and picked up by Angie’s mom, who seemed to not remember ever having met me.

Had manicure and pedicure with my mom and sister and it is sort of bizarro world because for as long as the polish lasts, I temporarily feel like the sort of woman who has things like manicures and pedicures as part of their “lifestyle”
Had lunch with my mom, sis, two aunts, and cousin in continuation of the “ladies who lunch” theme of the day. Lynne & little Becky stopped in to say hello.

Went to the wedding at the catholic church near my grandma’s and the reception at the Carrollton. Saw Becky & Ryan, got to visit with Stacey A and Ronnie and Stacey’s family briefly. Didn’t dance much at the reception. Saw lots of people from a long time ago. Family friends I hadn’t seen since age 12 or 13 which all required the same prerecorded conversation. Saw my first grade teacher, Becky’s eighth grade boyfriend and his wife. Etc.

Lon & Emily came over for dinner. We sat outside on the porch through the brewing of the thunderstorm. I miss thunderstorms. Mrs. Gerry & Mr. Woody, Nanny & Uncle Charlie came over for dessert.
We all discussed the latest priest accused of molestation who worked at our parish while my cousin was an altar server there.

Alec cancelled on lunch because of a “bad poyboy” incident the night before, so I never got to see him or the gallery where he works during daylight hours. Had lunch with my grandma instead. She took me next door to meet the nuns who moved in next door after my aunt and uncle died and the family sold the house. She told me all about having the nuns write to the city about trimming the oak tree branches hanging in the power lines. Apparently the response time from the levee board is faster for nuns than for a layperson. The nun told me all about a time Ronnie Lamarque’s business partner gave a large donation and asked the sisters to pray for his horse, Risen Star, to win. It did. My Aunt Penney asks the sister to pray for her when she goes to the casino. She makes donations from her winnings. Then I heard the nun’s views on Mel Gibson and the Passion. I got a tour of the house, which used to be Auntie & Uncle George’s and is now a convent with a chapel. It didn’t look as different as I’d expected. The best part was the painting of a Madonna on a serpent, which had been painted by one of the departed sisters. Anyway I got blessed and was on my way, but perhaps I should have asked for the sister to pray for me to win the lottery or something.

Visited James and met the huge puppy Harry, whose form of greeting is apparently to nose your butt and then walk between your legs. The garden district house remodel he and sandy have been doing for years is finally taking shape. I’m sort of envious of their house. I scanned New Orleans real estate prices for the rest of my visit. I’m sort of shocked how much prices seem to have increased, with out any sort of discernable increase in available jobs or educational quality or significant decrease in crime or taxes.

Had dinner with my sister and grandparents. Spurred by the pope’s decree that priests should deny communion to American politicians public ally supporting or practicing any beliefs contrary to the catholic church (mostly, I think, regarding abortion) argued the definition and role of the catholic church. Particularly re: birth control and child molestation. I argued that the catholic church as an institution caused more harm than good and that my mom was not a catholic at all if she believed that birth control was a personal right. I further argued that is was unconscionable for her to give her money to a cause which thwarted so many of her belief systems. No opinions were changed.

Spent five hours at the D Day museum. My parents tried to show me the “eerie” similarities between the beginning of WWII and today. ummm. Visited with my sister’s dog Guinness, a puppy that found his way into my heart when he followed me home from the quad all the way to King’s Palace one day long ago. I’m still so glad they gave him a good home when no one answered the “found puppy” ad in the reveille.

Went with my sister to True Brew to see my cousin’s comedy routine. Made several embarrassing phone calls in an ill planned attempt to drag people out to play one last time before I left town. Ended up feeling kind of like that omnipresent asshole with the cell phone. (My apologies to those of you who received the calls.) My sister was mortified when one of the comedians ended up being a former coworker who developed bit into his routine about how he wanted to sleep with her.
Had a Purple Haze at the Red Eye.

Packed and prepared for the red eye flight back home the next day.

notables of what i ate in new orleans 4/20-4/28, AKA the really important stuff

teddy’s roast beef poboy
mom’s red beans & rice
nectar cream snowball from city park

french toast
real sweet tea
chalmette chinese buffet
cherry icee

unagi bento at ShoGun
stuffed coconut snowball on harrison
pizza buffet
miller high lifes

crawfish bread
crawfish beignets
softshell crab poboy
oyster patty
crawfish monica
mango freezee

unremarkable wedding food
no wedding cake, no "Metallica" grooms cake

BBQ shrimp
boiled crawfish
crawfish monica
chocolate peanutbutter pie
strawberry shortcake
bluebell ice cream

fried banana sandwiches on french
world’s crappiest “salad”
popeyes chicken, beans & rice, dirty rice, coleslaw, biscuits
heavenly hash ice cream

fried shrimp and sofshell crab platter with fries and hushpuppies
purple haze
bluebell banana split

zimmer’s shrimp po boy

Stuffed Artichoke Variations
one egg per artichoke
parmasean cheese (green can ok)
parmasean or romano cheese (not canned please!)
golden raisins
pine nuts
crushed garlic
olive oil
bacon fat or anchovy paste or extra olive oil
one lemon per artichoke

trim thorns from leaves with scissors
steam each artichoke until bright green
dunk in cold water to stop cooking
using your fingers to hold the center leaves of the artichoke open, use a spoon to gently scoop out the spiny “choke” leaving the “heart” intact.
use water to rinse the center of the artichoke of all spiny choke debris
place artichokes upside down to drain excess water

add to bowl and mix:
breadcrumbs of any sort (if purchasing them in a can, i buy the italian seasoned ones. one large can will usually be enough for 4 small artichokes. loosely cubed stale french bread will also work if you add your own desired seasonings like parsley, oregano, sage, salt, pepper)
add about one scrambled egg per artichoke
parmasean cheese (this is one of the only recipes where i’ll use the stuff in the green can. but use a LOT of it)
golden raisins
pine nuts
crushed garlic (optional)
olive oil
bacon fat/ anchovy paste/ more olive oil (optional)
mix together until a loose moist consistency is formed. it should still feel somewhat crumbly. you don’t want it to be doughy paste.

beginning with the outer layers of the artichoke use a spoon to peel back leaves and force stuffing down into the artichoke. proceed around the artichoke spiraling upward and inward. when you reach the center leaves, hold them open and pack the center, all the way down to the heart with stuffing. mound the stuffing all the way to the top, level with the tops of the center leaves. when you are finished it should look like a fat flower. drizzle with olive oil. squeeze a lemon over the artichoke. garnish with a lemon slice over the center stuffing mound.

bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees (F) until breadcrumbs have thoroughly browned.
remove from oven and sprinkle some good cheese (not from the green can here) either parmasean or romano over the leaves. bake again very briefly until the cheese wilts and melts but does not brown.
it is easier to make several of these at once than one at a time. they refrigerate and reheat well in either a microwave or foil covered in an oven or toaster oven.

remove from oven and let cool. eat by pulling leaves and using your teeth to scrape the stuffing and bit of heart from the leaf edge. discard tough part of leaves. eat main portion of the heart and center stuffing with a fork.

Monday, May 03, 2004

getting really excited about super 8 workshop this weekend. if my project turns out good i'll post it. did you all get the e.mail re the music video? i still haven't figured out the glitches, so if you're on a PC, sorry!

by the way... currently being swept off my feet. i think this one might not get tired of me so soon... it's nice. :-)

Saturday, May 01, 2004

The time-warpage is ongoing. Earlier this week I was walking to class when I ran into a friend from high school. Now I've gotten an email from another person I went to high school with, trying to get in touch with me ("I'm looking for ___ who graduated from ___ in 19__"). I've been cleaning out things my mother has had in "storage" (read: thrown haphazardly in containers and shoved out of sight) and running across random items like books I read, scraps of fabric from things I'd made, the old makeup case filled with my beads and trimmings. E and I had said the usual stuff about keeping in touch and exchanged numbers, I suppose we might actually get together this summer and talk art and politics and stuff like we do every few years. I know one reason I haven't replied to B yet is because B is so completely a part of the past - someone who I lost touch with immediately after graduation. We traded comic books and talked in science class. We weren't close, I think we hung out outside of school maybe once or twice. So why, after over 10 years, get in touch again? I don't want nostalgia talks. I know people who get together once or twice a year, and all they talk about is the past (usually while getting extremely drunk). I have no desire to do this. I think it breaks down like this: I will keep E's phone number and we will go have lunch because I know that E has so much going on in the present; E is enthused and busy with the present and the future. I don't know why B wants to find me, and I can only guess that it has something to do with the past. And we all know what I do with the past: sell it on eBay.