Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Upma, your political ideals are your own, and there is no reason why you shouldn't stand up and say what you think. What I'd like to know, clearly, in your words, is why you think it's more important to focus on a third-party candidate. With a strong, well-informed opinion, you can speak your mind with less worry about being attacked.

i think i'm mainly asking shelly. but if anyone else can answer, please feel free to give advice.
i *know* that people think i'm an idealist. and, i suppose they're right. so don't make your answer to me be "oh, upma. you're such an idealist, just let it go and conform to the masses."
i won't.
my question is... how do you stick to your guns when someone says "we gotta do whatever we can to get kerry in the whitehouse?" because no, i don't agree with that, and i don't like people assuming i agree with that. but, sometimes i'm too afraid to speak out and say, "no!! what we really ought to be doing is focussing on either Nader, or the Green Party nominee, David Cobb. those are the fellas who have something smart to say."
i can't do it, i'm afraid i'll get stoned or something worse. i just told someone that i would not help fund the kerry campign... and now i feel almost as evil as a republican. ewww.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Thanks Mike on the note of congratulations. I sent you a long e-mail with my baseball analysis (I didn't want to bore everyone else).

Been hectic as of late. Helped throw a couple's wedding shower this weekend. Next week I am helping with a baby shower, and I am planning a going away party for a dear friend/co-worker at the office. Tonight I have a surprise b-day party (all I have to do is show up and eat at this one). To top it off my parents are talking about coming in this weekend. I don't know when I'll see them, because I have a shitload of stuff (two ballgames, visiting a friend and her new baby, some civic club stuff, yard and house work). I could really use two of me right about now.

Anywhoot, the departing co-worker will be doing some independent producing (documentaries). I thought long and hard about what to get her, and I decided on a red director's chair. We're all really excited for her. She's had this dream for quite some time, now she's pursuing.

This weekend I had some insecurities put to rest. Even with my brass balls that I schlep around, I have my share of freak out attacks about nothing. Of course, it's all in my head, and everything is just fine.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

i saw fahrenheit 9/11 this morning. i also highly recommend it. i would love to have a lake effect conversation about the film after a couple more of us have seen it.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Why do people have to be such asses?

Background: although we have an indoor ballpark, the roof has a tendency to leak during hard rains (worth a whole other rant). It rained hard last night so of course the roof was leaking. These guys at the foot of our row flip open their huge golf umbrellas. My friend C. with his huge ass mouth screams, "YOU, WITH THE UMBRELLA, WE CAN'T SEE. YOU NEED TO MOVE. I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME, UMBRELLA MEN! YES, I AM TALKING TO YOU...." I'm cracking up, but it still is not working. I walked down there and ask them to close the umbrella b/c our entire section can't see. He looks at me and says, "Too bad!" I said, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can listen to me or you can listen to the usher, either way, you're out." He still sits there like the ass.

The poor guy selling Sprite says to me, "I'll go get the usher. You don't need to be fighting them." I said, "Uh, no, that would be the usher's job." Sure enough the usher made their happy asses move.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One more reason why I belong to the Cult of Mac: packaging. Opening the box for my shiny new iPod was like Good Design Yuletide (there's a photo gallery over at iPodlounge; scroll down a bit). It looks like a cube. Remove the printed sleeve, and you have a black cube that splits in half like a book, with flaps that you open for the first reveal. Info pack on the left, iPod on the right. Take those out and there's a second layer of the additionals (cords, remote, dock). And it's all about the details. Even the foam sleeves for the earbuds come in a silver foil/clear plastic pack. Mac ramps the design up one more level when it comes to interacting with the iPod. After naming it, you learn how to communicate with it. Because of the sound it makes when you dock it, I named mine Lola (in Indiana, a cat turns over in her grave). And then the awkward first date. The touch wheel takes a little practicing (a light touch and smooth movements), and is for scrolling through lists until a track is playing, at which point it becomes the volume control. Having only four buttons keeps it sleek, and also means that you have to learn how to use them for different functions. For those who grew up playing video games, this shouldn't be a problem (the difference between myself and my youngest sister - I type on my mobile phone with one thumb; she uses both hands and 3-4 fingers at a time). Ex. a light tap on the |<< button will take you back to the beginning of the track that is playing. Placing a fingertip over the button gently and leaving it there will rewind slowly. A tap on |> || will either begin play or pause the track. A fingertip in place for 3 seconds will turn off the iPod. A tap on any of the buttons will turn it on (unless the hold switch is in place).

If a Nokia phone and an iPod had a baby...

I've been noticing the sounds gadgets make, like the new copy machine at work. Open the lid and/or make a copy and it makes a sound that I think of as cute, submissive, and animal-robot. It disturbs me. It feels like something out of anime - an inanimate object anthropomorphized into being...well, cute and submissive. And perhaps this gives a little too much insight into my mind: the copy machine is just about at my crotch level, it's warm, and it hums. It's as if it's offering me more than a copy of the work schedule, and I get discomfited and avoid it. It's like the first little glimmer of robot-porn. Which reminds me, I meant to pick up "I, Robot" at the library. I read it as a child, and remember the basic story arc. I saw the preview and I don't remember big battle scenes between robots and men with guns - is that new? I suppose a version of "I, Robot" done with Will Smith must include Violent Gun Battle Man vs. Machine; the version that I remember would have Johnny Depp or Guy Pearce and would do well in Europe but flop in the US as a summer blockbuster (DVD sales would be good).

I saw a couple of high school kids at the coffeeshop dressed the way I used to dress in high school, but with more polish. The black jeans were perfectly faded and fit beautifully, the band t-shirt was tastefully soft and faded, and the hair! I don't know how to describe the hair. Sleek with rough, choppy edges, bleached to look like a badly done bleach job but on purpose. Like a replica of late 80's semi-rural high school metal kid hair, done almost too perfectly. A historical re-enactment, shall we say. The details were just too good to be really true. I wonder if they counted their jelly bracelets before putting them on, and arranged the number of black and purple just so. Cue The Darkness, baby! Hella cool.

Monday, June 21, 2004

I can't think of any good beach songs, sorry, Angie.
Did you know that a person in the US eats an average of 6.8 pounds of potato chips a year. This fact really makes me want to hit the vending machines.
So now that I've done my frozen ice cube series - I'm now starting on a liquid series. Check out the photoblog

I have a task that I could use help with. I'm going to a Hawaiian Hootenanny themed wedding/couples shower. There will be a karaoke machine. What silly song can a group of my friends and I do? I'm dying to do "Islands in the Stream" but absolutely refuse to do "Kokomo" and "Sailing." Any other suggestions?

Friday, June 18, 2004

I removed Dido from the Father's Day cd. I'd been paying attention to the "I will go down with this ship...I'm in love and always will be" part of the lyrics, which I thought was sweet especially as my parents refer to their marriage as a ship, and family as the crew. I had failed to notice the "obsessed ex-lover" parts of lyrics. Which I certainly hope has nothing to do with my parents marriage (33 years today!).

I forgot to bring laundry detergent to the laundromat, so I bought a package there. Now it's like a stranger lives in my closet and walks out every time I open the door.

i have a new friend that is a huge sox fan. i'm learning things.

not to speak for JT... but i believe he's probably fallen into June in Buffalo.

Upma: have you been talking to Mike F. very much lately ;)

K: I love your mix! I've been listening to Jack Johnson, Joss Stone, Norah Jones and Los Lonely Boys lately. I'd love the new Patty Griffin among others. I haven't been in a CD store in at least six months, because I'm trying to behave.

There are some movies that I want to see: Everyday People (but I don't have HBO), A Day Without a Mexican, America's Heart and Soul. I hear that Before Sunset is excellent, but I'm not inclined to see Michael Moore's new film. I still have a bad taste in my mouth for Bowling for Columbine. Oh I hear that if you liked Whale Rider (it was far too slow for me) then you'll like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

I haven't been home prior to 11 p.m. any day this week. To make up for it I plan on sleeping off and on all day Sunday (after I mow the lawn).

JT: have you fallen off the face of the earth? How far are you from Cooperstown?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

i forgot to mention about sports related things i've learned recently. get ready.

1. Nomar is a handsome devil.
2. Mia Hamm is married to him.
3. there's a curse on the Red Sox
4. F the Lakers.

okie noodling. it's a great documentary, i hightly recommend it.

seafood. makes me sick too.

went to the gym for the first time in a couple months this week. must have overdone it cuz i felt feverish last night. i'm ok now though... still sore. i hope i keep it up this time.

feeling like i'm maybe not cut out for teaching. or i'm just too tired right now to do it and give it my all. although, i am giving it my all. but, it's taking too much time away from other things that i should also be doing. plus adult students are sometimes hard to deal with. and being a woman seems to be a detriment in the teaching world. have had conversations with other women who teach film/video classes... they all say it's hard to command respect no matter how esteemed they are in the film world. drag.

any day now, would like to find that temp job that will keep me in bills and food. really. any day now.

Vietnamese/Chinese weddings are funny. The focus is more on the food than the entertainment, be prepared for at least a 7 course meal. Each dish signifies something special. Example: noodles = longevity (because they are so long and never-ending), the word for chicken also can mean world so I guess it means that you will strive for worldliness? There's always a fish, which I forget the meaning of, and you always finish with something sweet (oranges, sweet soup, cake), to wash away the bitterness. The meals are nearly the same come Chinese New Year/Tet and any other big celebration.

Mike, I'm proud of you for tasting a little bit of everything. Did they have the pastel colored fish chips?

I always said that I would never have the combination of an open bar, Asians and karaoke at my wedding. No freakin' way!

Been hanging my head because my Astros are sucking, sucking, sucking. A friend and fellow fan said that he might stop watching them for a month so he can put a hold on his turmoil. I can't do that because I've got many more tickets to go. Uga.

My boss has been out most of this week so I am playing big whig. He sure is underpaid, I'll say that much.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I thought about using the ice cube tray as a mold - but I'm afraid the pictures would have to be super tiny then (but maybe more cost efficient). I'm hitting Michael's after work today to look at mold options.
That quiz was too much.
The third Harry Potter movie is quite good.
I got a snowball making machine for my birthday (and a new Sonicare toothbrush) - funny how the universe has a way of balancing out.

Steph, the one time I made soap was in high school Chemistry (I believe we used Drano and Crisco?), so I'm genuinely in the dark. Could you just use an ice cube tray as a soap mold?

Someone now owns a bright fuschia straw cowboy hat. Worn with a faded old blue and white pinstriped business man shirt from Goodwill and my big sunglasses with white frames, I am either A Fabulous Gay Man or a flash of what I will be in 30 years.

For Father's Day, I'm doing a mix cd. So far:

Autumn This Year/ Steve Forbert
My Favorite Mistake/ Sheryl Crow (Live At Central Park)
Jealous Guy/ Pahinui Brothers
Hurry Tomorrow/ Los Lobos
Drift Away/ Uncle Kracker
Bubble Toes/ Jack Johnson
Stars of Our Stars/ Cowboy Junkies
If It Makes You Happy/ Sheryl Crow
Blue Bayou/ The Cox Family
The First Cut Is the Deepest/ Sheryl Crow
Don't Get Around Much Anymore/ Rod Stewart
I Will/ Alison Krauss and Tony Furtado
All At Sea/ Jamie Cullum
White Flag/ Dido

There will probably be some rearranging and an addition or two. I went for covers mixed with originals, y'know, some art school thing about it being a reflection of how his DNA and Mom's DNA created cover tunes that are also originals. Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I am grading my sister's quizzes. She's been taking courses from a Baptist school.

q. Why did superstition take the place of science during the Middle Ages?
a. People did not have the Bible to guide them in their beliefs. Many looked back to the false ideas of Aristotle.

q. List the two steps in learning to think correctly and distinguish truth from error.
a. Examine carefully the whole statement. Check what is said against the truth of the Scriptures.

__________ portrayed a slanted view of the Depression in his book entitled The Grapes of Wrath.

Give three reasons for the severity of the Great Depression.
1. the desire of a few to get rich quick
2. the widespread practice of buying goods on credit
3. government interference in the free market economy

The Peace Corps was formed to improve the health and farming practices of poor rural villages around the world. Unfortunately, some Peace Corps volunteers introduced
1. state-sponsored birth control
2. distrust of Christian missionaries
3. disregard for private property
4. dependence on government socialism.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I don't know anything about voice recorders, sorry.
The show of the ice cube series is in October - I don't know exact dates yet - but I got this great idea for it last night. So one of my friends had to put her cat to sleep two weeks ago and as a gift to her, I went over during his last week and took lots of photos. As a thank you gift, she took some of the photos, reduced them and copied them onto transparencies, then put them in bars of soap. (it's morbid if you think of it as dead kitty soap, so I try not to) So I want to try and find a soap mold that looks like an ice cube mold and take the photos in the show and make photo soaps to either give away or sell at the show and maybe put a sticker with my contact info on the bottom on the soap. Go craftiness!!
So last night was birthday celebrating part 1 - we rented out a room at a local bar and had cake and drinks and lots of fried food (french fries, fried mushrooms, nachos). This afternoon is part 2 - swimming at a local pool and eating popsicles. Tomorrow is schmacy birthday dinner with Ted at my favorite italian joint. Tuesday is my friend Jessie's birthday with chocolate fondue and dancing at the fun bar called Oslo.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Anyone have recommendations on a hand-held voice recorder? Digital, under $100, Mac compatible nice but not necessary. To do interviews with.

Or I could just start selling my plasma and buy the iPod already and get a mic to go with it.

I realized that the Greek restaurant I love so much is a) three minutes away from campus by car, and b) is open until 10 pm, so I can go before or after class and get wonderful falafel, tabouli, tzatziki, etc. The owner is Egyptian and the menu Broad Spectrum Mediterranean, everything is fresh and wonderful and reasonably priced. Vending machines on campus, you have swallowed the last of my quarters!

Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm feeling inclined to do more "art" and maybe that will start happening soon. Seems to work better when I'm doing something collaborative rather than on my own.

i read the blog every day.

i've never prepared food with nutritional yeast. i've tasted it in other people's food; popcorn is the one that i remember specifically. i thought it tasted bad.
i haven't posted much cause i don't like complain-fest. the maxim if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all has in my wiser moments struck me dumb. in my less wise moments, like with a friend recently, the floodgates somehow became unjammed and i spewed some combination of vitriol and self pity for several hours. i do my best not to repeat it.

i am also working over 50 hours a week nearly every week. i know lots of people do this, but honestly i don't know how. for a "profession" which was chosen for its supposed mindlessness and was supposed to leave my mind and time free for other pursuits, well, i'm dissatisfied. like the replacements song: i'm so, i'm SOOOO dissatisfied....

hmm. already i feel the need to qualify. it really isn't THAT bad, but a change in career path change or graduate school have got to be coming soon. or a job if not mindless, one that makes a lot more money. something else. anything, really. all of it is in flux, though i have to say things are much much better than they were 3 months or even a year ago in my life. well except for the job thing maybe. times they are a changin.' maybe it is the saturn returning or that damn venus thing or some other heavy planet.

i haven't figured out what to do just yet. so i'm hoping my walkabout will give me some time to think.

my rats are still adorable, but bigger. soon i will have cages for home work & studio. then i can take them everywhere i go. yes, i'm becoming, THAT lady.

below is a list of things i will write more about when i'm not doing my stupid job in front another computer all the waking hours of my days:

the class i was taking through work

seeing the video DIY or Die, and meeting the guy Michael Dean, who made it
seeing a Christian Marclay exhibit and performance
a show called Flamingo Bar by a German pupeteer
The Billy Nayer Show
The Ketchup & Mustard man film by the Billy Nayer Show
Son of Blob produced by Larry Hagman
Quintron & Ms. Pussycat

really excellent meals I had at
Dulces Latin Bistro for Tracy's birthday

the visit from my college friend post sex change operations and the conflicting and non-pc feelings it created

a pastry class I may be taking
a wine & etiquette class i am taking
my trip to the UK at the end of the summer

i am so glad zach has a job he likes and sounds happier.
steph, what are the dates your show is going to run?
k, any more thoughts on the proposal i sent you? i have a few more details if you're still inclined. your blog makes me want to knit. i had a dream last night that i remembered how to crochet(hon taught me a few stitches when i was around 8 which i mostly don't remember.) i made a long pink acrylic strand of those single looped things. loop hook. loop hook. loop hook. whatever those are called.

also in dream world, i am obsessed with the 4 track i borrowed, though i'm not actually using it much yet. many ideas are brewing. i wish i could record the soundscapes of my dreams. in a year-ish i think i'd like to take a cabaret on the road. some combination of puppets, art, music, silliness, fashion?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I took a spin class last night. Apparently you burn 600 calories. From the time I woke up this morning, my toosh has felt it!

Shelly/Stephanie: do you remember the "special man" from the F&J Furniture commercials (Franky and Johnny's Furniture)? I have a friend that does a GREAT impression.

Stephanie: they announced the ACL Fest line up today. I am so pumped! Sheryl Crow is headlining. They will be joined by a number of others, most notably, The Roots, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Rebirth, Cat Power, Patty Griffin. Whewhoo!

Mike: how is Nomar looking? I can't believe he is second only to Jeter in all star votes, even though he just played his first game of the season. That whole Red Sox Nation thing is crazy.

This just in: Ray Charles passed away. I'm really sad. I saw him in concert once, at a blues fest about three years ago.

Sorry I haven't written much lately. In the last month, I've been to a funeral and a wedding. I'm working on getting my show together for the fall and celebrating my birthday for a week starting tomorrow.
-- did you know that a giraffe closes its nostrils when it runs so it doesn't get dirt up its nose? -- working in textbooks is so educational

i've decided i'm afraid of cicadas. i'm so glad they're not in the city, i'd freak out.
warm climate in the wintertime-- i vote for australia, or south america. neither of which i've ever been to. i might vote for india too, but i'd wanna come too. and i don't think i can. so therefore i veto my own india vote.
nutritional yeast is not something that has ever been, or probably ever will be a part of my diet. i eat real food. i love real food. so much.
i read the blog everyday. i don't feel like i have anything interesting to say. that, plus i'm so tired. those, plus i'm in happy boy-land. i never knew that happy boy-land could be so happy.
it's been hot. but not enough, for enough straight days for me to have put my AC window unit back in my window. i think the day is coming soon though. it's summertime.
oh, well, here's something that's not really interesting either. i've decided i need to cut down on my work load. i'm working toward that. it's hard.

I regard nutritional yeast as a waste of my tastebuds. I eat dairy and meat and if I ever got worried about getting enough B vitamins, I'd take capsules. I know some people like the taste. I grew up eating it on popcorn, in gravy, in soup, and used as you would Parmesan cheese. These days, I'd rather use Parmesan. Bragg Aminos are a fantastic vegan replacement for fish sauce. I also use it for a nostalgic salad dressing - it tastes like hippie food and goes over a salad of tofu, bok choy, shredded carrots and sunflower seeds. The dressing is Bragg aminos, Bragg apple cider vinegar, and flax oil.

How is the compilation cd coming along? I have another idea about a group project.

I read this blog almost daily, haven't been feeling like I have much to contribute right now. Been working more, spending more time with people, etc. I think the only post-worthy event lately has been about driving behind an old truck with a small dumpster in the bed. On the freeway in heavy traffic. Truck stalled twice before I could get into another lane.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I use Bragg's and nutritional yeast nearly every day. I'll put Bragg in anything. Together they make a really nice sauce. It's not easy to describe. Its kind of mellow. Not very salty. N.Y. and Bragg make great vegan cheese sauce as well. Add flour (to thicken it up) and peppers and stuff. Bragg with vinagar is good sub for oil as a salad dressing. Tonight, in fact, I had tomatoes cooked with balsamic vinagar and Bragg, with some lemon pepper seasoning and rice. It was hot. N.Y. is good in grits with a little Texas Pete and butter. Bragg is great for stirfrying vegetables.

I don't read the blog every day anymore. And I know I hardly ever post. Sorry, dudes. I got a full time job at a book store. I'm very happy with the job. Its just great. I love it.

Hello, anyone reading this here blog any more?

I've got this huge weakness for Popeye's Chicken. I grew up on it, it's in my blood. I probably only partake once every three months, because it's so damn bad it's good. After working out last night I got this HUGE craving. But I knew that I had dinner plans this evening (including a huge slice of very rich choc cake), so I opted out on Popeyes. Instead I made tofu and broccoli stir-fry. Hmmmmm, it was good. Which leads me to ask:

Do you use Brag's Liquid Aminos and/or nutritional yeast? If so, what for? I used it last night in the stir-fry but was wondering about other uses.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I got into a huge yelling match with a former football player today....

As you know I have played on lots of softball teams, lots and lots. One thing I despise is coaching -- begging people to show up every week, making a line up. A friend of mine organized a group together for a non-competitive league (the non-competitve thing is really important to note here), and asked me to help coach. I was hesitant but I knew that he was not familiar with the rules and inner workings of the game, so I reluctantly agreed. We held two practices prior to the first game. Those who attended one or both of the practices started the game, all the rest would rotate in after two innings (about 20 minutes of play). There was one exception. One guy and his wife went to none but I choose to put the husband in so at least one of them was playing. Even though I went to one practice and to the coach's meeting, I choose to list myself as an alternate.

So this former athlete gets benched, along side of me. He threw a huge titty baby fit, asking me how I could bench him of all people, the most athetic player on the team (oh yeah, he had never seen anyone else from the team play EVER). Raised his voice and everything. I calmly told him that I had to choose the starting line up according to who showed up to practice because it was the fairest way that I could do things. Then he goes on about how we begged him to play (beg is a strong word for him to use, we asked many, many people to join us), and that the reason why he quit playing football was because the coach benched him. Blah, blah, blah. I even told him that I benched myself, he said he guesses I was trying to be humble.

It was so fucking out of control. We were yelling at each other -- me and my 5"1, at this 6'2, 300 pound guy. He chose not to come to the game. I'm also assuming that he will drop off the team. Ask me if I am disappointed.

I swear, I am always amazed at how big of a baby people can be. And then to think that I (of all people) was going to back down. Hell no, I don't play that shit.

Now I REALLY have to get to the PacNorWest in August.
Mark Newport, Superhero Pantheon: New Work

Southern India is warm all year, but you don't want to wind up in a hospital there. I know a couple of grad students who spent a summer traveling around SE Asia and came home with a wide assortment of ailments. Australia is in summer while Boston is in winter, the exchange rate is favorable, English is spoken, and it's gorgeous. As for what to do...why not go and find out?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

This weekend I finally managed to see "Super Size Me." Let's just say that I was not disappointed.

I'll tell you, this home ownership turns you into a new person. I find myself getting into conversations about mulch, plumbing, termite prevention, refinancing and ways to avoid property tax hikes. Crazy shit I tell you. I even bought a book on home repair, complete with lots and lots of pictures.

Last night I went to a happy hour with some former co-workers. You would not belive this but there were more pregnant people than not. It was a tad bit freaky but what can you do?

Stephanie: what do you think of Los Lonely Boys? They are all over the place. I heard them do a great cover of "Cisco Kid" on Willie Nelson's Memorial Day special.

Kids, we're in for a hot summer. It's already hit the 90's.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm just not openminded enough to give my phone number to a guy who says that global warming is a conspiracy theory.