Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i just saw a boy that looked like my tipper. does anyone know how to visit doggie heaven? i wanna visit.

Monday, August 30, 2004

I'm in charge of children's books at work these days. Its neat, because children's books are so neat. They have some crazy artwork - all kinds of media, some very abstract, some very simple. Nice colors, nice design.

But, I hate cleaning up after these damn kids. Some parents are just awful. They must feel that when ever they're out of the house their duties as parent's are less. Today, I came in and the kid's section was so trashed that you couldn't stand in front of any of the stacks and look at the books. There were HUNDREDS of books stack here and there, spilling all over the floor. It was depressing.

You're saying, "Zach, what do the kids love these days?" Well, the kids love the hell out of Goosebumps. They devour those things like crack cocaine. And they love Junie B. Jones, who I think is some sort of new-jack Romona Quimby.

Did you guys know they've changed the reading order of the Narnia books. They're chronological now, placing Magican's Nephew first. This smacks of some simple-headed editor under-estimating kids. I mean, some of you read them, were any of you confused by MN being out of chronological order? Why do adults think kids are stupid?


I ate an awful hummus pita tonight. It was crappy.

Mike F.: I just LOVE the stats. Very cool. When's your first day at the deli? Oooooooooooh, I have some baseball news for you. A friend of mine got me a Harold Reynolds autograph. I'm sooooo stinkin' excited.

I made a new appetizer. It's not exactly light fluffy but damn is it good and easy. Unroll a batch of crescent rolls, spread a generous amount of mustard (I used a combination of Dijon and Creole) then add a slice of Gouda cheese. Roll 'em up then bake for 30 minutes at 350. They were the hit of my book club.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sorry kids, I've been sick/busy.

Seems that lately I'm reminded how things change so much between you and old friends. This past weekend I took a road trip with two girls I know from college. We went through some really podunk towns and small cities. They were craving Starbucks so much that they called information to find out if one was located on our route. They about flipped to learn that there was only one Starbucks in the entire state, and it was out of our way of course. One also asked our waitress in a town that maybe had a population of 500 people if they had any filtered water.

Am finishing up "Reading Lolita in Tehran." It's been a good read, but I guess I was expecting more. Maybe I should re-evaluate once I've read the remaining 40 pages.

There are lots of movies out that I'd like to see. I think I'll drag my mom to see Hero with me. I'm a sucker for those epics!

Quelle surprise: I think I overbooked myself this weekend. One of these days, I'm going to sit at home and do nothing. Not sure when, where, how, but one day. Ha!

K, I just LOVE the purse.

S, Refrigerated Springtime gets my vote, too.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

A birthday greeting for Shell's Bells. Who had a birthday yesterday.

zach - I can't see the image, what is it?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Steph, I like Refrigerated Springtime.

I like making Shelly hop up and down with glee.

Friday, August 20, 2004

cast your vote or artistic input wanted:

I'm brainstorming titles for my show. (the flowers & ice cube stuff)
I'm thinking about

-refridgerated springtime
-the ice cube series
-petals, leaves, tray, play

or whatever
any ideas?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A few years ago, Shelly made me a Happy Puppets of Heartbreak shirt. I just found it and I wore it to work today.

Hello everybody.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

i have this week off, i'll be going to see the 'rents later in the week.
i hope to do some spring cleaning here today and tomorrow... having a little trouble getting moving today.
the new job title= multimedia developer. i will be editing videos mostly about how to score a patient with mental illness. then making CD-ROMs and DVDs. sometimes, i might get to go on location for a shoot... perhaps i'll land in one of your neighborhoods soon.
i just can't wait to buy all the new shoes i'm gonna need to fit my new business casual attire. shoes!!

anyone watching any of the olympics? i love swimming... i decided recently, as soon as i can afford it... i will switch gyms so i can start swimming again. philadelphia has a serious lack of swimming pools, it's insane. the ladies gymastics... why do they cake themselves in so much make-up? it's sooooo gross. mohini, though... she's my girl.

well. coffee's ready. see ya later.

Monday, August 16, 2004

This has been Unintentional High School Reunions week. Such mundane activities as depositing a check at the bank, going to work, and going to the opening of an art show have resulted in converstions compressing 12 years into three minutes. Surprisingly easy. My generic story sounds like "art/anthro degree, travel, never married, no kids, back in school." My favorite interaction:

you cut your hair!
you shaved your head!
finishing masters degree!
getting massage therapy license!
France Australia Costa Rica!
Seattle Portland NYC...Indiana!
Saw your Dad
Saw your Dad too
Live here now?
Yep. You?
Uh-huh. Be around?
Yeah, after blah blah.
Me too after blah blah blah and blah.
See you around
Yeah! Take care
You too

Angie - I didn't get the evite - could you try sending me just a plain email - then we can try for the evite. And yes - I'm going to ACL - though my attendance each day will vary.

Steph: our reunion is Dec. 26. I sent you the evite to your hotmail account. Did you not get it? Are you going to ACL Fest?

Upma: congrats! Do tell us about the new job. That makes two people, you and Mike, with career changes.

I forget how little patience I have for passive aggression. Not everything has to be a knock-down, drag-out fight, but don't be coming to me with your shit three hours after the fact.

I went to the beach this weekend. The best part: the beach house had hammocks, it was so amazing to lounge in one with my book in hand as I listened to the waves of the water and flock of the seagulls.

I have two more mini trips between now and Labor Day. The most exciting one: I'm going to rural Louisiana to learn how to make homemade preserves. I'm beside myself!

My hair is currently the color of butternut squash - it's growing on me.
Congrats - Upma! (can you say what the new job is?)
I was told several times this week "eat a stick of butter in honor of Julia Child"
Got a new fancy digital camera on Friday - so new photos up at the photoblog Figs were my muse.
Also saw 40 million bats emerge from a cave near San Antonio on Friday night. It was awesome.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's unlikely I would have taken my grandmother to Sonsie, as her idea of daring was honey mustard salad dressing. Sounds like that was all for the best, what with at least one server notorious for smacking venerable old ladies with bread rolls. Scandalous!

Yay Upma!

I have a new favorite bowl. Cream colored ceramic with a red stripe on the rim and a rooster painted on the side. I've been drinking tea out of it, mostly, sometimes soup.

my last day at work is Sept. 3rd. my first day of work is Sept 7th.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Not a passing to be mourned, rather a life to be celebrated: Julia Child.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Angie - did you say you got something about our 10 year reunion? I haven't gotten any word about it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Uga, last week I had some car troubles (brakes). I ended up dropping a small fortune.

Some co-workers of mine are fluent in Spanish, so I get them to teach me silly things in Spanish. I can't say the routine stuff, but I can say stuff like "You've got hot butt cheeks" or "Your underware is dirty." I just like funny sounding words, so we have a good time with it.

Mike: I'm proud of you for taking the big step.

Zachary: have you taken any summer get aways to Monster Island as of late?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Neil Gaiman's blog entry for Monday August 2nd includes this information:

"If you'd like to read one of the Sandman parody issues of Cerebus, Dave will send you one. He'll send it to you very happily, free of charge. He will sign it for you, too. And he won't charge you a thing. Not even postage.

And if you're wondering what the catch is, it's this: Dave wants to know (as, I have to admit, do I) how many of the people out there in internet-land will actually go and do things that don't involve passively clicking on a link and going somewhere interesting. So what you have to do is write Dave a letter (not an e-mail. Dave doesn't have e-mail) telling him that you read that he'll send you a signed Cerebus, and telling him why you'd like him to send you a copy. It's as easy as that. And, quite possibly as difficult."

International postage for a letter is 60 cents.

Friday, August 06, 2004

dreaming about running and swimming isn't as effective on philly food gut as actually running and swimming. drag.
anyone who wants tandoori recipes can contact me through e.
it feels like mid-sept. outside. wouldn't a picnic be nice?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I really want a Pullip doll. My only explanation for this is that I can't afford one right now, and that makes them all the more desirable.

Last week I did the unthinkable. I purchased not one but two pairs of those dumb ass shorts that have HUGE BLOCK letters across the buttocks. I despise those things, but damn if they were comfortable (and cheap!!!). First off, that is the last place that needs any kind of accentuating -- on me, at least. Second, they say, "ALL STAR" from one end of my booty to the other. I couldn't resist though b/c they were so damn comfy. Plus I always wear really long t-shirts, so hopefully that will cover it up the letters.

In other news, I've always considered religion, finances and sex lives as taboo subjects. There's another to add to the list: child rearing. I got into a huge debate with a friend b/c she plans on moving out to the suburbs to raise her kids. Basically I told her that it was nothing but a Republican breeding ground out there. Sure, there are a few die hards but you'll have to search in every nook and cranny before coming up with anything that wasn't sterile. One of the worst scenarios is if I have a child that would freak out in minority populated areas such that they immediately lock their doors and say in a hushed tone, "There are BLACK people here." Really I can relate to keeping your kids safe, but sooner or later they'll be exposed to the real world. I'd just assume sooner than later. But that's me......

Mike: I've been meaning to call you. How do you feel about the Nomar deal? I loved Dan Shaughnessy's column on Monday. The Trib ran it, too.

Upma: are you willing to share your tikka tofu recipe with the rest of us???? I love me some tofu. Hmmmm.

Thank you - I plan on posting a few more pear images tonight.
We watched "Outfoxed" last night - a documentary on just how "Fair & Balanced" the Fox network isn't.

Steph, the pears! They look so convivial. I think the one on the right is my favorite.

Monday, August 02, 2004

A dream of being tangled in bed with a pregnant woman segway'd into a dream of being someone else. Someone taller and thinner and darker, with very closely cropped dark curly hair, newly arrived to a large and shadowy house. Old house, in old neighborhood, felt like Barcelona. I was told that I needed to go out and buy a new skirt because the one I had on was subtly wrong and would mark me as being unknowing. A woman secretively gave me money (which looked magazine paper shiny and coupon-like, black with green and yellow print) and another woman, older, spotted me putting it in my bra and tried to tug it out, saying it looked like it had expired and I blithely lied about how out where I had been, one rarely needed paper currency. I walked out of the shadowy house into a bright, sunny, dusty courtyard, and children holding baskets came running up to me. They knew that I needed to go get a new skirt and they didn't want me to have to do it in my old skirt, so they each had a different article of clothing to give to me (a t-shirt like top, a faded black skirt in the same t-shirt material) and a pair of shoes (red and shiny, with high heels and ankle straps). I was delighted and changed into the new clothing immediately. The outfit pleased me because it was still subtly wrong but instead of saying that I was unknowing, it said that I did not care about my outfit being right or wrong. I left the courtyard through the broken down old gate and walked down the sidewalk, away from the house.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Upma's recipe for tofu tikka set mouths aflame at the Blue Moon Housewarming party I attended this weekend. One partygoer insisted on eating it with the french onion dip...I sort of understand but it's heresy all the same.

Tonight I used the same tikka recipe on chicken. The G. Foreman Grill does a remarkable job of replicating the grilling experience, complete with charred on the outside, still pink on the inside results. Some careful watching and turning and it was very tasty once the extra extra crispy skin was peeled off (sorry Upma, I used bone-in skin-on pieces instead of skinless boneless cubes). With a chickpea chole, basmati rice, and cucumber/tomato salad with yogurt lemon dressing, quite nice. Even if I was a river of sweat afterwards.