Friday, August 31, 2001

well, first of all, please enlighten me... what's a pillow top mattress?
work today was hectic... in fact it was hectic for most of the week becuase i totally created a monster of a job for myself. i don't regret it though... i wanted to clean up/sift through some of the junk that had been piling up... hopefully before i leave for nyc next week, the office will be in order. i also got to do some flash stuff today which was nice, cuz it made me feel important. i'm realizing that i do not feel important at my job, which makes me feel slightly disrespected, which makes me slightly mad. but, (maybe not so wisely) i'm turning a blind eye to it for the meantime... i know i'm not going to be there forever... if even another whole year.
steph, i think it's funny that you're watching Sex and the City tonight... that's what i just got done doing! and before that, i watched Josie and the Pussycats.. what a great movie! i really just wanted to watch the Sopranos, but the tape i needed was out. i'll try back again tomorrow.

as for website i like... well, that's an awful lot! my daily morning website routine goes, my yahoo! (for the horoscope), the iwon (for the horoscope... it has a romance meter)... and then this site. i also like the site that tells me about all the rock shows in chapel hill and raleigh. and is becoming a weekly routine as well.
the onion should be a weekly routine, but for some reason is not.
filmthreat should also be a frequently visited site, but i don't have time to sift through all that.
i was also addicted for a short time to (which i think i have zach to thank for).

here it hasn't even started raining yet...this week there was a 3 and a half hour traffic jam because a woman was attempting suicide from a bridge on 1-5 during morning rush hour. police eventually closed the interstate in both directions because passing motorists were yelling for the woman to jump. police brought out her boyfriend to try and talk her down. then she jumped.

but she lived.

Seattle has a history of ‘women’ stopping traffic by perching in high places.

It has been raining since Monday, and it won't stop till at least Tuesday at the earliest. That means no fun in the sun for me this holiday. Sucks a nut, as my cousin Eugene would say. Particularly since all of my planned activities are all outdoors and all admission fees were paid for.

Anyways, maybe I'll catch up on odd and end things. Sleep for sure. Lounging for sure. The rest all depends on where the wind will take me.

Stephanie: about a year ago, I invested in a Serta queen sized pillow top mattress, and I will never go back to sleeping on a normal bed again. I love that damn thing, and I'm even hesitant to allow family members to even look in the direction of the bed. It's heavenly, and I reccomend it to anyone and everyone I can.

So tonight is girl's night. I'm in charge of bringing champagne and renting old Sex & the City episodes on DVD, as well as a copy of the Madonna Drowned World tour concert someone at work lent me. Bring on the estrogen. Tomorrow is a theme party. Monte Carlo. I want to look like Grace Kelly but may just have to settle for 1950s faux glamour. I have this great swishy, sweepy black and white patterned skirt. I just need to find some black kid gloves and fake pearls. I may bring Ted to the party - the first instance of him meeting some of my friends. Hope it all goes well.
And my brother called me this a.m. (woke me up in fact - but that's what family's for) to tell me that he and his wife will be staying with me all weekend. Um...okay. So I guess I need to do some cleaning and grocery shopping for my incoming houseguests. But, yea, three-day weekend. And I really want to go bed shopping since mine is about 10 years old. I keep getting advice on firm vs. soft, whether to get a pillow top, and different sizes. I'm sure it'll all be a learning experience. But how nice to shop for something that's equivalent to taking short naps in all the stores you go to.
As for websites I visit, I love the popculture, so I hit, and then as a portal for fun content based sites.
Have a great weekend everyone. They're letting us out of work early so it's home to clean. Let the party begin!

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Mainly due to my having to pay $1.50 for 15 minutes of access lately, I have no favorite websites to check out besides this one. Sometimes I drop in on

Using Yahoo messenger, I see that I have mail. I am also unable to access the dangit site...I bet all the mail I get is insignificant.

I used to sit out in the garage with my Dad and listen to The Prairie Home Companion every Sunday night. Then I used to time my dinner break at work to coincide with the Lake Wobegon News segment. Then I got obsessed with This American Life instead. Now I sit in the garage and listen to Garrison every Sunday night again.

Yesterday I woke up early, worked an 8 hour shift, then went to what is now my former home and cleaned the bejesus out of it. I didn't start out with that intention...I figured we'd always kept the place pretty clean, so I'd just run the vacuum over the carpet and wipe down the counters. Then I looked closer and got obsessed. I washed the windows twice, renewing my belief in newspaper and white vinegar. After dusting, I vacuumed every horizontal surface, got into every crevice and edge. I started from the bathroom and then hit the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room (I had already vacuumed the loft on my knees). I cleaned the stove - scrubbed the little metal things under the burners, scoured the edges of the oven door, vacuumed out the drawer. Vacuumed out the cabinets and scrubbed the doors. It's not like I did the kitchen floor with a toothbrush (okay, I thought about it). I called it quits at 10:30, made myself a big-ass gin and tonic with two lime wedges, and read Paul Theroux's Travels in Oceania. I was asleep when Chelsea came home and at work before she woke up - she says she was amazed. I'd told her I was going to clean on Wednesday, but she didn't think I meant the whole entire house. She was like, "You vacuumed the WINDOWSCREENS." Yep. There's therapy in a nice deep cleaning, and a darn good workout too. My elbows hurt this morning. Now I just need to continue the trend in my parents house, clearing out a room that's been used for storage before my brother comes home.

Hey, everybody. i just got an AOL Instant Messenger account. My screenname is jzmull in case any of you want to talk to me. Or whatever.

"I Believe in Miracles" by Hot Chocolate.

Man, I feel like I'm talking to myself today. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've posted 10 times over the course of an hour.

Ok, so I have a disco diva question for everyone. Who sings that song, "I believe in miracles, you sexy thang, you sexy thang. . . " And what is the name of it?

BTW, the music they played at the Great Gatsby just brought me back to the drag club I went to in Key West. They played the same damn music. So funny.

Oh another funny. This black girl that works in publications told me yesterday, "Angie, the first time I met you, you said something, and I thought to myself, 'that girl has been around black people.'" And so whenever I would say something, use my hands and move my head around (which I tend to do when I am excited or highly amused), she said, "You see what I mean?" to the other girl with us.

Last night I was determined to have a laid back night. But I got a call from two friends who wanted to go to dinner. So I agreed, because I hadn't rounded any grub up at that point. Service and food were less than fair. The waiter didn't even give us the specials, and when I asked him, all he said was "a blackened white fish." The three of us look really young, so the waiter was simply uninterested in us. My ravioli with aurora Alfredo sauce came out lukewarm, the bread was hard and the tiramasu tasted more like a moist white cake. Never ever going back there again. In fact, I may have to write a letter.

Next thing I know, I get talked into going to this club called the Great Gatsby. It's one of those posh clubs where you have to wear a sports jacket/dress. Definitely not my speed, but since cover was waived I decided to check it out. They had some kind of fashion show, and it was funny because one of the models' silicon boobies were falling out of her top. So it was amusing, although I generally don't like to be the ugliest pretty person in a place.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Ok, some guy just quoted Garrison Keillor to me, and I had to look him up on google to find out who he is. Am I the only clueless one?

Decided that I need to invest in a Dr. John CD. I just might go after work today. I really shouldn't, but I haven't bought a CD in nearly four weeks, so maybe the time has come.

All: what are some of your favorite web sites? I generally visit and occassionally Mojam which is ok.

We got that Converge record a few days ago. I haven't had a chance to hear much of it yet, but it looks great.

It looks like our Asheville show is going to be with Cherry Valence and Tight Bros From Way Back When, which means the show is going to be laaaarge. Sweet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

sure is quiet around here....

i hung out with some people yesterday... saw Shiny Beast (it's short!) and then went to a downtown joint that was nice cuz it has outdoor seating. i learned how to say "cooties" in swedish. girl cooties= shay bussiler (i don't know if i'm spelling that right... ) and boy cooties= poq bussiler just plain cooties= bussiler (pronounced boos E laur). it was a fun evening.

Monday, August 27, 2001

stephanie! you've never been to ego's?? it's TOTALLY rockabilly. i don't think it would count as a dive by NC standards... (at least not ought to check out the bar right across the street from me...complete with rebel flag.) i'm not sure if ego's has a jar of pickled eggs on their counter, but i sure hope they serve PBR in a can.
i'm tickled that you're tickled about PBR in a can... that's the cheap beer of choice 'round these here parts.
in fact... i saw a really funny short (made in this general vicinity) which was all about which beer is better? Schlitz or PBR?

Angie - Beeville is about 2 1/2 hours southeast of me, on the way to Corpus.

I had the best weekend. Saw James Taylor on Fri. night. Then went to the Big Easy for some good, cheap blues, ate some grub at the Taco Cabana. Sat. went to College Station w/ Kyle who was in town for the weekend. Stayed with Shannon and Darren (the three of us have all been friends since college). Played spades and Monopoly until 3 a.m. 'cause we were all too lazy to go out (and the College Station bar curfew is 1 a.m. -- what the hell is that????). I hadn't seen Shannon and Darren since their anniversary and Kyle since his b-day, so being the ghetto girl that I am I got them all one cake with "Happy Days Shannon, Darren and Kyle." They loved it, and took a picture of the three of them holding the cake. Tres amusant. Sun. I talked to Nathan the Cowboy, and I kept him company while he ate (I had already eaten). He's burning the Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson Storytellers CD that I borrowed from the library so I'll see him again one more time this week. Found out that he has been to China and that he had to write a paper on Chinese business practices and culture for an MBA class. So I asked him what he learned about my people, and he told me.

When I was at Shannon's, a mutual friend Rachel called. Rachel used to be part of our foursome in college, but after she got married three years ago, she lost touch with us and was all about being religious and Pentecostal. She quit school to put her husband through college. Now he is finished and pursuing a masters. She's thinking of going back, and he tells her she shouldn't because 1. he knows how she is when she gets stressed and 2. she should just focus on doing a good job where she is now b/c she is more likely to get promoted that way. Moral of the story: if I EVER get into a relationship and completely lose my sense of self, ALL of you have permission to put a cap in my ass and put me out of my misery.

Stephanie, where is Beeville, TX?

Mike, if you still have an interest in her, I would e-mail Annie in a few days (maybe Wed.) just to see how she's feeling and to thank her for letting you stay with her. From there, I would let her take the lead. If you would rather not be bothered, then I wouldn't even call or e-mail her. Keep in mind that I am no expert on relationships though.

Weezie, sorry about the thumb, but awesome news about the studio space.

Upma - you may not believe this, but I've never been to Ego's. But I've heard good things. So I couldn't really judge its dive bar ness. But the place I'm talking about, Ginny's Little Longhorn. They serve Pabst in cans. There's a jar of pickled eggs on the counter. The air is thick with smoke. Various honky-tonk bands play on a mini-stage in the back. It's great.

steph, is ego'sconsidered a dive bar down there? i like that place. i think if i moved down there, that would be one of my regular hangouts.

Zach - THANK YOU so much for identifying that song. I'm doubly impressed since I seem to have made up most of the words myself (though I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that). Yeah, such relief.
So I spent the weekend in Beeville, TX visiting an old college friend. We swam, painted our nails, ate endless meals, played this fun game called Apples to Apples (have you ever played it, it is SO much fun), discussed whether land ownership was a bourgeois contruct in America (it's a family of academics - this conversation happened at breakfast, at BREAKFAST - another example: this is a joke her dad told me:
Two atoms are walking down opposite sides of the street when they bump into each other. Are you okay, one asks the other. I seem to have lost an electron, he answers. But are you sure you're okay, she asks again. I'm POSITIVE, he says. BA DA BING!) and just had a good time hanging out, oh, we also went to this clothing store's going out of business sale, everything was 70% off. I'm wearing my new $1 skirt today. I love it. I swear, I always feel like I've been on a two week spa retreat when I go to Beeville. Something about being out in the country, everything is slowed down, conversations at meals take longer.
And I was supposed to meet up with Ted last night at this cool hotel's bar but the heavens opened up instead. Thunder, lightening, hail. So the plan was called off. A flash flood warning was in effect, after all. So instead I think we're going to this fun dive bar tomorrow night that's about a block and a half from my house.
And JT, this can't be said enough: you rock. I love all the clothing.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

well. i just got back in from ohio. i am super tired, super cranky and SUPER impressed by your sewing abilities, JT! if i wore skirts like normal girls, i would fight to the death for ownership of the logarithmic skirt.

sleater kinney is my favorite girl-band ever. even though each album gets progressively worse.

just got an e.mail from one of my best friends who's in nyc, that she ran into the love of my life while attending The Coastal Drag show last week. (my friends tyler and steve o's band i gave you the url for). ANYWAY. so... hearing this news after attending a wedding this weekend and thinking that i will never fall in love again and all this bullshit.... i'm a little stressed.

oh. and in the car this morning, my mom and brother and father are having a conversation turned argument turned bad. and my brother just called my mom out on her drama queen act that i've wanted to call her out on forEVER, but i was always too scared to do so. i think i'm gonna write him an e.mail and thank him for doing that.

i think i need to go to bed.

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Today I packed (took all of 20 minutes) and moved my stuff to my parents house...moving there because I'll have a lovely studio space, be working three days a week, have beaucoup time in lovely studio doing woodcut prints and sewing and crocheting baby things. After packing, thought I'd make some soup with the ass't leftovers, including the canned tomatoes - whups, Chelsea gave away the can opener already, but that's okay, I've got a Swiss Army knife with a can opener. Can on counter, me pressing down to make the first puncture, hand slips, gash my thumb open against the unopened can. There will be no soup today. I am finding life as a lower primate form very interesting. The temporary loss of use of the opposable thumb on my dominant hand means no woodcutting, crocheting, sewing, writing...but I can still hold a weedwhacker and I can still type.

JT, your exclusive clothing line is fabulous.

Friday, August 24, 2001

You can't get to heaven with a silver spoon
you can polish everything
except for the mark on you.

Sleater-Kinney, "All Hands on the Bad One."

Sorry Steph, I'm stumped.

JT, your clothes are awesome. Wish I were as cool as you.

Weezie, I haven't been as good about keeping up with the Tea Pot blog. Bad Angie. I'll try to be better about it.

I've been trying to read this book on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) (the group that MLK help found and was instrumental in arranging boycotts across the South), but I'm still stuck in the first chapter. Really need to work on my reading discipline. In my opinion, the Civil Rights movement is probably one of most interesting things in American history.

This girl Michelle and I want to take a cake decorating class at some point.

I think that I'm leaving the office for 4 today. Been working a little late lately.

Do you guys recognize this song? - it's been running through my head and I can't remember which girl band it is:
"duh dun't dun't duh, dun't dun't duh dun't dun't duh uhhh, You can't get to heaven on a silver spoon, polish everything, except for the moon, yeah you, give me the first big light, to shake the hand of mine. duh dun't dun't duh, dun't dun't duh dun't dun't duh uhhh"

I've been working on a little piece for the Squeaky Wheel "Pooch and Pussy Show," which is tomorrow which I guess is really just later today (my sleeping schedule is horrendous lately, it's 4:30 am, I should be sleeping like the rest of the east coast). I finished it Thursday although I'm not completely happy with it. I've also been trying to get some work done before school starts.

Got my 16 mm footage I shot with the Bolex back from the lab on Wednesday. Shot half a roll of Kodachrome. That film stock looks so good, I did some night and early morning shooting of the city skyline from my fire escape, timed exposures and single framing. I'm very pleased with the results.

There's some so-so pictures of some of the clothes I've made over the past few months at:

My address for those of you who need it is:
133 Elmwood Ave #5
Buffalo, NY 14201

Zach, I would say send me a copy of the new Slave but I can probably pick it up somewhere in town in a couple of months. Congrats!

My friends who recently moved to Paris told me that Bjork is playing there on November 1st, and they'll buy me a ticket to the show if I want to go. As tempting as it is, I think I'll be visiting in January or May depending on the January Seize Him! mini-tour and my financial situation.

It's to bed for now, then back up in a few

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Zach, congrats on getting signed. OK, maybe you can do more than sit around and look cute. And you're toilet trained. All right, you aren't a housepet.

Angie, if you'd like to go into more detail about the crowds you feel most comfortable in, please do...I have reprimanded Sarah for being such a pessimist.

Fellini's Satyricon. Yeah, that's a long movie. I'm not saying it isn't very visually rich. Cause it is - very visually rich. And the set blocking and the dream-like feel and so much artistic mastery (but only half the subtitles - really, long scenes went by and no subtitles) and damn, but if it wasn't 2 1/2 hours sitting in Paramount's no room for your knees and I'm only 5' 3" seats. And I did have to turn away during the hand getting cut off scene. But I loved the framing and the makeup and just how it all looked.

After that, since my throat had been bothering me all day, but I was doing the whole I'm not going to get sick mantra, we hung out at Ted's house drinking fruit juice. I had mango juice in a wine glass. He was so cute - I guess he'd gone a little wacky fruit drink crazy at the grocery store. I had my choice of Goya mango, banana, tamarind, some type of flower and maybe prickly pear as well. Whew! Such excitement. But really nice and fun and we're supposed to hang out again tonight provided I don't have a full fledged sore throat by then. But to stave that off, I'm currently sucking on robitussin honey lemon cough drops and bought some zinc gum and am trying the positive thinking. Oh, so I then had a Fellini based dream last night - which involved me moving dreamlike (though how else could I move in my dream) from scene to scene and it all culminated in my watching a burlesque show with Ted (did I mention that Satyricon is very decadent as well?) But then I woke up.

ugh, zinc gum tastes like ass.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

i don't understand about the hand getting cut off.

peaches... well... she was interesting, to say the least. there is a side of me that wishes i could be as ballsy as her. i would never in my wildest dreams be able to exhibit myself as she does. and then, she does it in such a..... um... i don't know how to describe it. it's empowering. it's not like a stripper demeaning herself for you (and that is an arguable statement, i know....) ... but it's more like a "woman, hear me roar!!... while i happen to be scantily clad." she has a great voice, powerful. and her lyrics are simple, but to the point, sometimes brutal, sometimes funny, sometimes just plain insane. i would imagine that's her personality. and she's got a mullet. a curly one too.

ok. well, i'm off to ohio for a few days. see ya when i see ya!

You mean I have to watch someone's hand get cut off.
Oh my.

Zach - super fantastic! Please continue to kick much ass.
I, too, covet a CD burner. Thankfully I have a few close friends who own them and who in exchange for raiding my CD collection, burn me some of theirs in return.
Angie - good luck on the back to school week.
Upma - what did you think of Peaches? I know some people who saw her here this week and couldn't stop raving about it.
Date #3 with the new boy tonight. Fellini's Satyricon. I'm ready for decadence.

Zach, that is so awesome! Go head on with your big, bad self.

Mike, I want a CD burner so badly, but I don't even have my own PC yet.

Was thinking about this the other day. I feel more comfortable in all-black crowds or all-white crowds than in all-Asian crowds. Even if I'm with all Asian friends. I dunno. The whole dynamic is just so weird.

Cool. Mike, the guy from work, just gave me his advanced copy of Robert Earl Keen's new album that hasn't even hit stores yet. He told me that he's on like two record company's lists, and he gets tons and tons of CD's. Man, I really need to start reviewing CD's.

Today is the first day of classes. I'm told that this week is going to be wild, with students double and triple parking all over the place, even on the median (or, as we say in NOLA, the neutral ground).

Man, after having gone to that zydeco bar on Sunday, I've been all Louisiana-nostalgic.

zach, congrats! i think that calls for a big celebration...too bad i won't be here this weekend.

THIS is what my evening consisted of last night. oh.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Great news today. Slave got picked up by Desert Moon Periodicals, the biggest independent publication distro in the US. They distro Punk Planet among other things. They want 250 copies of issue #6 when it comes back from the printers (next month), but, here's the kicker, they want to get up to 3000 copies per issue by the publication of #7 or #8. 3000 copies! That's a 1000 more than we printed of issue #5! Wow! John said, "we just got signed." It's not far from the truth. Kick ass.

I just got back from a long weekend with the fam in Dallas. It involved little more than huge meals and hanging out by the hotel pool. And most importantly, celebrating my parent's anniversary. I had a great, relaxing time.
You guys are all awesome. I loved catching up on the posts.
So I met this boy out dancing last week and we had our second date last night. I'm trying to only be cautiously optimistic. But the fact that he loves to read, is as big a sci-fi geek as I am and has been known to dance makes it hard not to babble on and on about him. We're going to see some Fellini film tomorrow; I've got fingers crossed.
Well, I should try and catch up on all the work on my desk.

michael. it can be, and since you want it to, it WILL be ok. just give it time and patience. i know it's harder done than said... everything will always work out how it is meant to be.

Monday, August 20, 2001

well, the cusion is dry.... it took 2 days, but it's dry.

so, i got the first 3 episods of The Sopranos from the video store... just finished watching the 1st one.
got some cool shoes from nine west today. it hurts to break them in.

i think i'll watch one more episode before turning in. oui.

Upma, I wish I could help you.

Last night we went to this zydeco bar called Mr. A's, the Club. We were the only non-black people there. It was great. There was this one couple who had been dancing for 30 plus years. Watching married couples who have been together for years and years is one of my favorite past times. I wonder if I will ever be THAT cool. Afterwards we went to this hole in the wall place called Etta's where Mr. Grady Gaines was playing his mighty saxaphone. It was a good time.

Also got to thinking that the Cowboy is a mighty fine man. Too bad he has so much baggage. And oh yeah, he hasn't made a move. But he's so fucking cool. Last week he wailed "Joy" into my voice mail at work after I ran into him at the Lucinda Williams concert. How can a woman not love that shit?

Made bread pudding yesterday afternoon. Yummy.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

i tried to post at 4am, but i guess it didn't work.... i had a nightmare of an evening. i'm so grossed out right now i can't tell you the whole story... but can anyone tell me a faster way to dry my chair cusion? (it belongs to a piece of wicker furniture..) but i didn't know how else to clean it... i soaked it in woolite in my bathtub last night and i'm afraid that it's going to take too long to dry that it's gonna get all musty smelling, you know? i have a couple of fans on it right now... but it doesn't seem to be having a great effect.

zach, if you get back home this afternoon, will you call me? bridget and chris are having a cookout at 7. please come, if you can.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Zach, I had no idea you were so flexible. That or you have Gene Simmons tongue - either way, quite impressive.

On a different note, JT, I can't send your birthday present because I don't have your address.

I was just thinking yesterday, when I was eating my own vomit and tracking my feces on the carpet, how my dislike of pets might stem from my similarities to them. Very insightful, Louise. If you'll excuse me now I have to go lick my butthole then kiss Benji on the mouth.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Babies grow up and start mowing the lawn...unless they grow up into John Zachary Mull. Plus kids give you all kinds of system shocks, headaches, and hyuuuuuggge bills to pay. Lawnmowing? Not much of a return on the initial investment, which is why babies are cute. So a cat will cuddle you as long as you feed it? Hey, that's a better deal than dating a human, rife with specific demands much more intensive than pouring a little kibble into a bowl. I have yet to meet a household pet that kicks and bitches more than Zach. Perhaps he hates pets because he sees too much of himself in them?

Babies grow up and start mowing the lawn. Your dog or cat will never, ever, ever mow your lawn.

i woulda bought the coke and walked. but thats just cuz i am a coke-a-holic.

Aw right?

a man boarded the bus. as he reached the driver he held out his hand which contained a crumpled dollar bill. (fare is $1.50)
"i just got outta jail. all i got is THIS dollar, which i wanna use for pop. that aw right?"
apparently the driver thought it was aw right.

Zach, need I remind you that you, too, were once a "parasitic, hair and shit machine crawling around all over the house"?

I had the weirdest dream. Well, a little background. The Japanese Prime Minister went to pay his respects to a war memorial, and it outraged a ton of Koreans. Some people were so enraged that they cut off thier little fingers to protest. I guess that has been in my mind over the last week or so. I mean I'm all about protest, but I'm against invoking any physical pain to myself. In my dream, I for some unknown reason cut off the finger in between my pinkie and my middle finger on my left hand. And it was like it was no big thang. Didn't feel any pain though. Weird.

Last night I went to this retirement reception for this guy who led this minority Congressional internship program for UH. While I was there, these two high-ranking officials (a dean and the head lobbyist for UH) pulled a good ole boy. We were in a social setting, and the next thing I know, they are leaning over and whispering in each other's ear, with me standing two feet away. What-ever.

Today my former employer laid off FOUR employees, including the HR rep. Craziness. Sad, but I really got out of there at the right time.

Looking forward to a good weekend. Sat. morning I have my first ever spa pedicure, then headed to a free outdoor performance of Romeo and Juliet (as part of the Shakespeare Festival) that night. Sun. going out with Nathan the Cowboy and one of his friends to a zydeco or blues bar.

Met a cool new bud at work who says he'll give me his copies of the new Robert Earl Keen (an advance release) and Francine Parker (back up singer for Lyle Lovett and she also appears on Willie Nelson's Milk Cow Blues) CD's. He used to work for, and he does music reviews for the entertainment rag here (Houston Press). *sigh* Note to self: no more boys from the same genre as the last string.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

zach is already a local celebrity. (how could anyone NOT love that guy?!) apparently, his band has made him a household name 'round these here parts.

JT. did i tell you that zach calls me grandma? i'm about 6 months younger than you. it's not really tell on zach week. i swear.

so. i've just finished downloading 3 MP3's of my friend Tyler's new band. you can be the lucky owner of these precious rock tunes too. all you have to do is go to and if you want to, you should write them some fan mail.

That's why it's imperative you become a celebrity, zach
Upma, I'm 27.

If I were a celebrity asked to sign a bra for charity, I would probably draw nipples on it.

i'm possible dreams. a banner carried by walkers "we tit it for you, mom!"
i went to see the rally at the end of the seattle 3 day walk for breast cancer research & treatment. thousands of people in 9 cities across the US walked 60 miles in 3 days raising millions of dollars. a friend of mine did the walk. she's been training for months. i'm not usually at all touched by manufactured sentiment but the sheer amount of people walking and cheering, survivors and friends and family was pretty amazing. the event was put together really well. jacob compared it to a nazi pageant. i think i'll either walk or volunteer along the route next year. this year i'm decorating a bra to be auctioned off for breast cancer research after a celebrity signs it. i wonder who the celebrity will be...

So I went out last night to see this 80s covers band - the members were dressed up as Prince, Madonna, Adam Ant (yum - face paint and all) and Robert Palmer. The drummer, lame, had no costume. They played lots of one hit wonders hits and they quizzed the audience on 80s trivia. Yeah, I've forgotten all 80s pop culture. All. But I had fun dancing and having middle school flashbacks.
Upma - one of my most favoritest books to recommend to people is A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman. She has a chapter on hair which I think you would get a kick out of.
Angie - I am so with you about weekend mornings. And this weekend'll be especial nice. I'm heading to Dallas to celebrate my parent's anniversary (so we can visit my brother and sister-in-law at the same time). On the agenda: laying out by the pool reading and eat huge dinners. Paradise.
Ok - must go chop some ham for a photo shoot.

The "put her in a bag and throw her in the river" comment was, of course, a very, very funny joke. I'm sure you all see that.

he said to put tucker in a ziploc bag and throw her in the river!!

ok... if i may discuss a HUGE paranoia in my life with you. my hair. my regular hair guy is booked all week. which sucks because i need a trim before wednesday. i NEED a trim. so.... i've called a girl that all my other girlfriends have been raving about for a couple months... she's in beauty school and apparently she's REALLY good. but i'm still super scared because i have the thickest, curly hair in the world and it's a little course too and sometimes it just seems too un-manageable. i really don't like putting the trust of my hair into someone new. i know it's just a trim... but... those things can go bad sometimes. well... i'm going in tomorrow morning to see her... i hope all goes well.

No, I'm anti-animal. I like animals. I think they're great when they're in trees and holes in the ground and in the zoo and stuff. It's when humans bring them into their houses that I start hating animals. I cannot understand why anyone would want a parasitic, hair and shit machine crawling around all over their house. Yuck. And worse, you have to provide for it. When your shit machine gets hungry, you have to feed it. When it gets sick, you have to fix it. The little freeloader does nothing.

And I do not believe in the unconditional love malarky either. That love is very conditional. If you stop feeding the fucker, the fucker finds someone else to love.

So, no thanks. The only animals I want in my life are the talking cartoon kind.

Happy belated day JT.

Zach, are you anti-animal?????

I forgot to mention this last week, but I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to make this oyster stew. I've eaten beef stew and shrimp stew, but never oyster stew, much less did I have a recipe for it. It was sooooooooooooooooo slap-your-mama-on-the-ass good. I was pretty proud of myself. It was basically a thick gumbo. Yum, yum. And Weezie, I used some of that Paul Prudhomme seafood magic, and boy did it ever pull a Houdini. I think I want to cook something else out-of-the-ordinary this weekend, but I'm not sure what. It can be my Sunday afternoon project if I'm not feelig lazy.

Speaking of weekends, my absolute favorite times of the week are Sat. and Sun. mornings. Waking up at a leisurely pave (never mind the fact that I can never sleep past 8 a.m. on ANY day). Putting in whatever CD soothes my mind. Having my regularly scheduled call with my mom. Deciding on what random place I want to check out that morning, just because (this past weekend, it was that spices store -- was there over an hour but only spent $10 so I was pretty proud of myself for being good).

Stephanie: glad that your friends are in LOVE. It's so nice to not have to worry about the couple and where their headed. But, beware of the wedding bug. For the last four plus years, I have been invited to at least 5 weddings (one year it was as many as 10). I'm all about celebrating with you but damn! And once they start, there's no stoppin'.

In other random news, I started using a term that would burn my mother's ears off. Not sure who or where I picked it up, but I somehow manage to call people "ass fucks" -- usually only during my road rage rantings. Bad, bad, bad.

zach said he wants me to throw my cat away.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

jt, may i ask how old you are now? happy belated birthday!

well... i've been thinking too much again. basically, my conclusion (again) is love schmuv. it's not gonna happen to me... and i just need to accept that. and i don't want anyone to say "oh no! don't think like that!" or any other automated horrified responses... I'M not horrified. i don't care. it's just the way it is... and that's that. it's ok. goodness knows i have a bizzilion other things i need to do, and those things keep me too occupied anyway. so that brings us to all the ways i can possibly let my parents down... i'm not gonna fall in love like they did. i'm not gonna have kids like they did. i'm not gonna be well off like they are. 3 for 3. alright!! hey... i'm happy. that's all that matters, really. and i think they know that too. well, we have a whole lifetime to talk about it, i guess.

i saw The Princess Diaries this evening... it was actually a pretty good movie.. the pace could've been a little faster in a couple of places, but really overall... for a G rated teenager movie... it exceeded my every expectation.

well. i'm exhausted. goodnite.

So I just found out that the first of my close college friends is engaged. And I can't stop smiling. The type of couple they are, capital L, love - that's the type I want to be. Someday. Maybe 10 years from now, when I'm done flirting with cute rockabilly boys and dating musicians.
So I hung out with the biscuit for the last time yesterday. He leaves for New York tomorrow. It was really fun. History aside, he makes a much better friend than, well, than anything more than a friend. He made me this cool French lounge CD which we ended up spaztically dancing around to, and then we tried to woo these raccoons with stale bread onto the balcony. But the raccoons snubbed us, and they hadn't even seen us try to dance.
Tonight I go secret shop American Pie 2. I hope it isn't lame.
Happy belated birthday, J.T.

This past week and weekend have been exhausting, I spent most of the week suffering an unusual Buffalo heat wave and making clothes for good friends who were leaving. One of my closest friends in Buffalo, Jana, left with her boyfriend for Paris on Saturday for a year, but still managed to throw me a surprise birthday party on Friday night (actually we have the same birthday, so it was sort of for both of us, but only a surprise for me).

Saturday was spent saying goodbye over homemade crepes. My roommate left town for a week on Saturday also, so I'm enjoying the place to myself.

On sunday (my actual birthday I rearranged a lot of my stuff in the apartment (without disturbing any of my roommates space, of course) and got acquainted with my old stuff plus a lot of new stuff that I got from Jana that she didn't want to get rid of but couldn't take with her, lots of kitchen stuff including a food processor and blender. It's nice having friends at a media resource center also, the Squeaky wheel girls came through for me, I got a super 8 camera (which has a few problems) and a old winding regular 8 camera (which finding film for will be a little difficult) as gifts from them, very cool.

Sunday evening I had dinner with Julia, which was really nice. The verdict is still out for me on whether one can maintain healthly friendships with exes, I would like to think so, and my conscious mind seems to think so also, my subconscious mind is a whole different story, I still have bizarre and slightly disturbing dreams where Julia is the star...

Now, I'm invoking some serious discipline for myself, I want to be ahead of the game when school starts in a couple of weeks, most of my friends have left until then which makes it a little lonely around here, but also less distractions.

Hey Weezie, what grad programs were you looking at? As it turns out, UH's Creative Writing Department is number 2 in the country. Who wuddathunkit? My tirade on pregnant women: it's not just all about you and what you are willing to do in order to prove a point. Believe you me, I'm about as independent as they come, so I'm all about power to the little peeps, but some things are just too ridiculous.

Ok, so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed still. If you can believe it or not, I'm limiting my social calendar this week. I really, really want to catch an Astros game, but I'm afraid that I'll collapse from exhaustion. Work has been crazed, too. My boss was teasing me, because my beat includes two of the largest colleges on campus. In fact, each could stand alone as its own university.

Enough bitching and moaning. Getting tired of hearing myself boo-day. Tonight, going to dinner at my friend April's. It will be my first glimpse of her new addition to the family -- week old Alexa. For dessert, I got a chocolate torte which is also something to look forward to.

i think it's only common sense to treat a pregnant lady with a little more respect and concern for her health. but, what do i know?

as far as getting things done... i'm looking for a digital video camera right now. as soon as i find one, that'll make doing film/video projects a little easier and probably even more expected. i'm travelling to ohio in a couple weeks for a wedding, and then nyc a couple weeks later for F.U.N! i am working on the new website: or (it's the same thing).
i'm working on writing a new theory about my life... and swimming almost everyday. i LOVE swimming!!! my arms are already losing fat after only one week and my rotund tummy seems to have gone down a bit as well. the lifeguard told me the other day that i have pretty technique. :-) i've hung out with some friends, ignored others and seen some movies and gone to some local rock shows. i'd give myself a B as far as grading myself on getting stuff done.

Monday, August 13, 2001

After a weeklong workshop, I don't think that I'm fit for grad school just yet. I was dazed and exhausted all the time, my mind on my writing and not much else. Oh, wait, that's just the way my senior year was...

I do think that I'd like to continue working on my writing, though. At the reading, much of the audience laughed in what I thought were the wrong places, something that said much more about them than about my writing. Shocking that they should indeed be so...frightened? small-minded? So incredible that I could see into them through reading my work. Which I'm afraid I'm not ready to show any of you.

Upma, how goes on getting things done outside of the grind?

Angie, so down with you, as usual. One of the women at the co-op went on a five-week vacation and found out she's pregnant. When the schedule was being worked out for her return, I said "she's not working produce. No way. We are not going to ask her to lift 50 lbs on a regular basis." And the guys said, "Uh, it's up to her. We can't decide for her." Hm. I didn't say, "fire her," I said schedule her in a department where she won't be required to lift heavy loads and risk a miscarriage. Maybe it was backwater of me, and maybe I was getting way too up in her business...and I'm not a mother, but really. Just because you CAN work a job that will not only be uncomfortable but very likely harmful to a pregnancy does not mean that you should. Is it backwards of me to think that pregnant women should be treated differently? As in, give up your seat on the bus to them, find ways they can work without hurting, etc. Or is that discrimination? I hope that if I ever have kids, I won't have to or want to work like a dog during pregnancy. Especially a first pregnancy - it's like a ticking clock in your womb, letting you know that the next time you'll be just you alone is about 20 years away, at least.

Lucinda put on a great show, in spite of her sheet music. My friends and I think that Essence isn't doing as well as what Car Wheels did, because her first three or four songs she performed were off of Car Wheels. And, my favorite part of the evening? She played "Lake Charles" in her second and final encore. Was really glad, because if she didn't I would have went home and put the song on repeat for an hour. Yes, I am neurotic.

Prior to the concert, I was going through a slight mental "thing." I could have potentially ran into four of the last four guys I have dated over the last year. I wouldn't have care so much about three of them, it was just the last one ("Boston") that I had absolutely no desire to see. Anyways, I ended up only running into one of them, who is more of a friend than an "ex." Very bizarre situation, but I'm not going to put too much thought into it. Drama, drama.

One annoying as hell thing this weekend. There was this hostess at this restaurant that my friends and I were eating at on Sat. night. She was probably about five months pregnant, so I said, "Being a hostess is probably not the best career choice for her (1. because she is on her feet 99% of the time and 2. she is going in and out of smoking sections of the restaurant)." And this girl Julie (who I've been knowing for like 2 years now) says to me, "Angie, I'm so shocked at you. That was the MOST backwatered thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth." It's not like I said, "That chick needs to just be at home and bear-footed where she belongs." And honestly if I met a man who had a slipped disc operation two weeks earlier who was a construction worker, I would suggest a career change for him as well.

It didn't bother me that she didn't agree with me. What bothered me was that she turned the disagreement into something personal and accused me of something that she should (since we've had a two year history of friendship) know better.

What a delightful weekend of cheese. Both queso and fondue. And then some dancing at the Derailers show. And a little bit of shopping. Very therapeutic.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

stephanie. how ya doin’?

shelly. that story is awesome. he wasn’t totally serious, was he? i mean, it was a joke. right? it had to have been.

mike. i admire your toughness as well as your... softness. you’re a real stand-up guy.

zach. let's hang out sometime this week? i'm not sure if i want to go to that show on wednesday... but i probably will cuz i'll just feel too guilty if i don't.

went into raleigh this weekend to buy some indian clothes for the wedding i’m going to in ohio in a couple weeks... and to hang out with two of my favoritest people in the world.
finalized my NYC trip plans... will be going the weekend after labor day. very excited about it... i can’t wait to see everybody up there. and record stores. and food. and hopefully a rock show or two.

don’t waste your money on original sin. it SUCKS.

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Zach! Y'all look so ANGRY! It's so CUTE! Love it!

ANGIE! London! Woo! Pack me in your suitcase! As for hostels, try the Hostelling International Holland House or City of London. So delighted for you and so teeth-grindingly want to go to, but I have decided to save up my pennies for a big trip next year. See a friend in Victoria BC, drive from L.A. to Connecticut via Sharp's Chapel Tennessee, then off to Italy to visit yet another dear friend.

Shelly, Angie, thanks for the suggestion that it's not just me. Although being Enigma Girl isn't healthy in a relationship, it takes two to tango. I would, though, like to be a stock character for a day, just to know, for once, what I am to other people. Although I've just been described as 'sly' by one of the people in the workshop. Still mulling that one over.

I've come up with the horribly good idea of going on an Outward Bound expedition with the ex who called to apologize and his most recent ex, who used to live in the same house as I did. I'm just fine with the two of them, she's just fine with me, and he's realizing he's backed himself into a number of small corners. It may just be a good idea for a story. Speaking of which, Shelly, your being chosen as #10 is such a damn good tale it should be published.

Mike, you did the right thing.

Friday, August 10, 2001

here's my first article from magnetandsteel about exes. It's called The Ex-Tester.
and double ditto on the sticky road of being friends with the ex. in fact mr. I just broke up with you last Friday after four very enjoyable dates called the other night "to say hi and cause he wanted to talk" whatEVER. I tend to follow the when it's over, it's over rule. But it's much harder when you've dated over a year/lived with that person/were soulmates/never expected the breakup. But your head sounds like it's in exactly the right place, Mike. Do what's best for you. Maybe Jan's "tired of waiting for you to feel better" because she feels guilty seeing you upset and hurt. And her feeling guilty is NOT your problem. But that's my long distance pop psych theory. Could be completely off base. ps. I love your song titles much, they crack me up
So tubing was fantastic yesterday. Relaxing, beautiful, a good mix of ice cold water and beating down sun. Afterwards we went to eat at a place where everything, I mean everything, on the menu was fried. So swim&bitch was a sucess. And a wine&bitch (hee hee, whine and bitch) was suggested next cause they're are some cool Texas vineyards around here we may tour.

Shelly, you're preaching to the choir.

R: ex's. I think that I've gone off on this tangent once before, so if this is a repeat, my apologies. As a general rule, I do not maintain friendships with ex's. It just gets to be more of a pain in the ass than anything else, particularly if you've had a long history with the person.

Weezie, why is the problem that you "weren't meant to be their girl friend"? Why isn't it "he wasn't meant to be the boy friend" or "we're just not good together." Fucked up relationships are RARELY one person's fault. Even if you have this guy who beats the shit out of you, if you keep going back to it, then is it all his fault? Or if you have this cheatin' ass whore of a girl friend that gives you some VD, is it all her fault?

So my theory (this BTW may not make a lot of sense, because you should know that I am just bullshitting the bullshit at this point) is that it's really hard to give people one, two or even three reasons why the relationship went bad -- which is why when people asked me what happened to Shane and I, I say, "We just outgrew each other." Although it doesn't say a whole about the situation, it says everything. Anyways, when you can't outline the big issues, it's easier to just blame it on you or on the other person. My point is that you are alone NOT to blame, and the important thing is that you know that (i.e., don't worry about other people's bullshit or excuses). It's all in the presentation, my friends.

Mike, kudos to you for doing a kick ass job at removing yourself from a potentially bad situation. Your friends, and even Jan's friends, will see that.

I hope that what I just wrote makes sense to someone other than myself.

my modem on my home computer has been kind of fritzie lately so i haven't been able to write at much length. and actually since getting back in town i don't have much to say anyway. just catching up on things. some more job noise on the line. these things seem to go in cycles.

as for friendships with exes, there was a point in time where i was friends or friendly with all my exes. then sort of all at once all but one completely fell apart. and that one has always been a rather strained exception anyway. i don't know if it was coincidence or the change in my lifestyle or both, but they all dissappeared around the time i got into a serious mom would explain all of this away with her theory that there are no platonic friendships. obviously i don't agree with that, but i have a modified version of the theory which involves ALL relationships being based on some level of attraction (or obligation- but that is nearly a theory unto itself).
mike, you're gonna be ok. and though it is nice if you and jan can be friends, it is OK if you don't want to be friends. not now. even not ever. steph and angie will back me up on this i think.
kainui, maybe you shouldn't characterize the fact that your lovers have thus far made better friends than lovers as a mistake. and have no fear. no writer could ever capture you in the two dimensional world of print. i tried to explain why but words (of course) failed me, or perhaps i failed the words. i conjured only mediocre metaphors and stale similies. you're too complicated, smart, observant, enigmatic, beautiful, and vibrantly alive to become a stock character even for a writer with much more skill than i . i hope my feeble attempts at the elusive adjectives don't offend.
zach, the web page is looking good. i can't wait to see more. i'm always amazed at the tech skills ya'll show. i've really gotta start teaching myself more than baby html. zach, jt, mike, upma your pages make me jealous.
i'm looking for the "little things" but i think what i really need is a big picture moment. or medium picture anyway. i've got really long term goals. but not many short term goals and no mid range goals to get me from here to there.

Ok, I've been feeling all restless lately. Not a bad restless, more of a "where is my life going" type thing. So I halfway decided that I want to take a solo trip to London over Turkey Day break. I have enough frequent flyer miles to get myself there. All I have to worry about is food, hostel arrangements and tourist money. Still need to do some research on what I'd do and such. Also I have a friend who lives out there (used to work with her). Would love to catch up but not sure what her situation will be at that time.

The Lucinda Williams concert is on Sunday. Really looking forward to it.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

A very, very simple website for my band can be found here. It should grow in the coming days, but for now it's just a baby. I'm still learning. Eventually, all of my house will have pages connected to this one. I think. At least, the Crimson Spectre will.

In the writing workshop, someone quoted someone along the lines of "if you keep making the same mistake over and over, you are a character." I keep winding up in friendships with exes that are better than the relationship we had. Perhaps I should just decide that I'm not meant to be a girlfriend and forget about it. Except I think the friendships work out better because of the mistake of the romance - I *must* really appreciate them if I still care about them afterwards.

Shelly, if anything, it's nice to know you are quickly recognized as the perfect 10 that you are.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Upma - I don't think you're silly at all. I love morning glories - and you don't often see blue flowers. I don't know if this counts as a little thing - but I'm cutting out of work early tomorrow to float down a river, instead of stitch&bitch, this week it's swim&bitch. I'm really looking forward to it being me, an inner tube, the sun on my back (but lots of sunscreen), and five other girls out having fun. Another thing I'm looking forward to is a fondue party this weekend - you know me and my feelings about cheese. I think my personal hell would be lactose intolerance.
Shel - so did you ever see the painting Alec did of Jacob? He brought in prints of his portfolio the last week he was here, and I got to see it.

you may think i'm silly, but it's the little things in life that count really (sorry... i know that was terribly cheesy... wait tilll you read the next sentence). this morning when i went outside i noticed a BLOOM! on one of my morning glories that i planted 6 weeks ago!!! a single blue flower. it was one of the most beautiful sights i've seen in a while, and also a very proud moment. what a great way to start a day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

it's not easy being a 10

so as i settled in on the red eye a man grabbed a blanket from the overhead bin in front of me. the girl sitting next to me asked him for a blanket. he obliged and offered one to me as well. i accepted whereupon he turned to the girl beside me, gestured toward me and said "talk her into being number 10."
as he walked away the girl beside me began to explain in an outraged voice. "he was talking to me before we got on the plane. he's arabian or something and he has 8 wives. that's his 8th wife back there. he's taking her on vacation. he was asking me to be his 9th. i guess he wants you to be the 10th." we chuckled together and the conversation continued to pleasantries and small talk about how she's a basketball player for a houston university and how she was going to visit her boyfriend in san jose. after takeoff we both drifted to sleep for a while, or at least i did.
later there was a bit of turbulence and i awoke to that man leaning over me. seeing that i was awake, he bagan to speak to both me and my seatmate once again.
"so have you considered my offer? you will be quite well taken care of."
"yeah. thanks but no thanks."
"are you sure? there are many advantages..."
(at this point, wife number 8 leans forward in her seat waving and smiling, "it's lots of fun!!")
"yeah... no thanks."
"i can put you in touch with number 2,4,5,7, & 8. they will all tell you how much they love it. they are quite well taken care of."
"what about wives 1, 3, and 6?"
"oh, i am thinking of replacing them. in my country you are only allowed 10 wives at a time."
"uh huh. so what happens to the women you decide to 'replace'?"
"i give them a lot of money and they are turned out on their own. (he chuckles) 10 wives gets pretty confusing sometimes. i've given up calling them by name. i just call them by number."
"yeah, well, like i said, no thanks. i'm not really that fond of being a number."
"oh, but for YOU i would make an exception."
at this point i tried to wind down the conversation as quickly as possible becasue he was still leaning over my seat into my face. my seatmate and i finally managed to assure him we didn't want to be wives number 9 & 10.
i hope he and wife number 8 had an enjoyable vacation in dallas.

as for my trip to louisiana, the parade of marrying and birthing friends continues. it took until day five to get into a fight with my mom, the topic of which involved me going to the wrong casino to "meet" them for the buffet. upon my return to seattle i saw my tax dollars at work in seafair where i toured and aircraft carrier and watched the blue angels.
back to the grind.

I was smoking some high grade of crack when I booked my flight at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning, not realizing that I would have to wake up at 4:30 in order to make my flight. But I did go home for a power nap, then headed out to Miss Ann's (the place with all the red) with all of my blues friends. We had the best time, talkin' shit as they say, and doin' the blues thang. I LOVE juke joints. I spent $10 last night for cover, my drinks and they fed us.

My friend Steve Sucher started calling me "Sassy Mama" last night. And when I ordered a Smirnoff with my loaded hot dogs, he said, "Only a SASSY mama would have a Smirnoff with hot dogs." Good stuff.

Stephanie, that sucks, sucks, sucks. I feel your pain though.

Monday, August 06, 2001

stephanie. may i karate chop all of those bastards? tell me where they are!!
legally blonde was pretty good though, huh? i was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
i hope you're still feeling better... :-)

Sunday, August 05, 2001

So the events that transpired the past two days make me not want to date any boys for the next three years. I received startling confessions from the biscuit about him and a common friend of ours, got told by jon (the crush) that he didn't feel a spark between us but then he still tried to continue making out with me but only wanted to be friends which led to me ditching him at the Spoon show, and received song lyrics from an ex-boyfriend on my answering machine. A song inspired by me. Good lord. A little drinking. A few tears. A trip to the gym and a cheesy movie (Legally Blonde) later, I'm feeling better.

Last night was Brian Lowit's wedding, which I got a last minute invite to. I'm glad I did, because I really like Brian and I had a great time at his wedding. They decided to get married at Guilford College because that's where they meet and getting married is really expensive in DC. And since Guilford is a Quaker college, they had a Quaker ceremony. they entered together and had friends speak. And there was a lot of moments of silence.

Then they had a very nice reception with catered vegan Indian food. And they had a Moon Bounce.

The whole event was tons of fun. The wedding was really lovely and the reception was fun. Plus, since Brian runs Lovitt Records, it was a great chance for a easily starstruck geek like me to hobnob with indie rock luminaries. Engine Down were the ushers. Amanda MacKaye was a table away from me. I was just reading a book with her in it that morning. Weird. Plus, Benji talked Mike from Go! in Chapel Hill into promising us (the band) a show whenever we wanted. Cool.

I didn't realize that my trip home coincided with Stachmo's 100th b-day celebration. I happened to be in the Quarter, and there was this mini festival of sorts at the Old Mint. They had this nice jazz exhibit, but because of time constraints, I only got to spend an hour there. But it was really good and well-worth it. I'm inspired to learn more about the jazz funeral and will likely end up buying a CD at some point. Didn't get a chance to catch the D-Day Museum, so it will have to wait until next time.

The wedding was really, really nice. Got to see lots of familiar faces. In fact, this is so wild. I ran into my best friend in kindergarten's family there. As it turned out, Liz's mom went to nursing school with the bride's oldest sister. Talk about a small world! Anyways, also saw Stacey and the Adams family, the Fanks (your mom and dad says hi Shelly), Suneeta and her boy friend Jonah Friedman (Gawd, who would have ever thought THAT would happen????), and many other faces from the past.

This is so sweet. Mr. Dave (the bride's dad) had tears streaming down his face during the exchange of the vows, and he was biting the bottom of his lip. I didn't realize that they were so close. And the entire bride's family was on the dance floor most of the night. The church was beautiful, and the reception was in City Park (Court of Two Sisters Pavillion).

Weezie, the good cooks are the ones who are bold enough to go beyond the limits of salt and pepper. All it takes it a little creativity. In fact, I somehow managed to get on this mailing list for some seasoning company that has a Houston shop. It must have come from the devil, because I'll probably end up spending lots of time and money there. Oh well. They do have a web site, as does that place that sells the gourmet garlic seasoning. I'll forward it to you.

A Christmas party in August???

All: I tend to e-mail newspaper articles at random if I ever think any of you are interested in it (it of course also has to interest me). So if you want off the list lemme know.

Friday, August 03, 2001

this evening so far has only been amazing.
1st, some jack-hole stole meredith's tips from her tip jar at the coffee shop. she saw it and chased after him "those are my tips you stole, that's my rent money!!!!" then gavin started to chase after him and sharon after gavin, matthew called the cops. the random guy on the payphone says "i've seen that guy about 3 times today near the University Motel."
gavin caught him about half a mile away from the coffeee shop, sharon right behind him. meredith ID-ed him, they found a crack pipe on him and he's in custody. meredith will get her money back.
2nd, while this saga is going on, i go back into the coffee shop to tell kenya that she needs to watch the counter because meredith is riding around with the cop to try to catch up with the guy... before i can say "keny..." miss audrey harris is standing in front of me and i'm totally surprised!!!!!! audrey's in town, audrey's in town, audrey's in town!!!!!!!!!
3rd. i'm hanging out with my friend mark tonight.
4th, and elvis is back in my life. that is a good thing.

with all the super people i have in my life, i have to be the luckiest girl in the entire world.

spoon link: go to click on cinema. click on music videos to view. type in spoon. click on the one with Divya's name on it
dancing bush link:

Angie, I have been sneaking the spices into everything, and suddenly my cooking has ratcheted up another notch. People thought I cooked pretty good before, and now they're all genuinely amazed and shit, which makes me wonder how good my cooking really was before Chachere, Prudhomme, and gourmet garlic seasoning. I swear I could just slop anything in a pan and add that garlic seasoning and it would go over gangbusters.

You could tell Henry in number 4 that HI is short for Hell...

I made a photo album of some San Francisco pictures and some others. It's here. There are a lot of people in this you've probably never heard of.


Forgot to mention this. Got a random call from my mom on her cell phone last night.

Mom: "Angie."
Me: "Mama." (everyone from NOLA calls their mom/mother "Mama" or "Ma")
Mom: "Do you want any underware from Wal-mart?"
Me: "HUH????????"
Mom: "Do you want any underware from Wal-mart?"
Me: "Uh, no . . . .thanks?"
Mom: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Postive."
Mom: "Just checking because they're ON SALE."

Upma - what's the link to that Spoon animated video?
Angie Joe - sounds like that situation just sucks. My heart goes out to your friend. I guess the most you can do is encourage your friend to be strong and be there for her as much as you can.
So this was my day at work yesterday:
Slept in a bit, went to the Omlettetry
"Hi, I'd like to order five fried go"
I sit down to wait. When the short order cook gets to my order, he pauses, looks around
"Are all these five eggs for one person?"
He looks over to me. I'm sitting demurely in a pink skirt. I wave.
"They're for me."
"Would you like all those on one plate?"
"I'm not eating them."
He looks confused and beckons me back into the kitchen. I explain that I'm shooting the eggs for a German textbook and chances are they won't get eaten at all. I leave, and now my car smells like a giant fried egg.
When I get back to work we have to evacuate the building due to a fire alarm going off. Secretaries run and scream in the hall "it's not a drill!!"
We file down five flights of steps. Get to the very crowded lobby.
false alarm.
Take the elevators back up.
Then I leave to go to Central Market to pick up the pizzas for the second photo shoot. I run into my friends Jim & Bev there. Make small talk. Get invited to go to the lake with them on Sunday. Head back to work. go to photo shoot.
1 o'clock shoot - two 13 year old girls
2 o'clock shoot - three 15 year old boys
(and two giggly girls staring at them at the studio door but too shy to actually come in the studio - thank god it becomes easier as you get older, but I remember that stage - the giggly, embarassed, oh my god, look there's BOYS here stage)

Rrrrrrr. Spoke with an old friend that I grew up with last night. She has been married all of two years, has a one year old daughter and caught her hubbie cheatin'. She reminds me a little of my mom in that she is really and truly warm-hearted, would never hurt a flea but just isn't this in-your-face strong, independent woman. Not that anyone deserves to be in a situation like this one, but you know what I mean.

Trying not to drown at work. I just always manage to put this pressure on myself, wanting to do everything the "right way." Guess it's that whole damn overachieving bit.

Got a call from my 76 year old appartment manager yesterday. "Angie, I got this package here for you and it's from . . . . . . . . ah hell, I dunno know where it came from . . . but come git it when you git a chance . . . this is Henry in number 4 . . . . ." Apparently he didn't know what state abbreviation used "HI". Weezie, Weezie, Weezie. Got the goods, and you R-O-C-K!!!!! Made my night, particularly after that damn phone call.

This poli sci professor referenced a quote that made me chuckle: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." And he referred to himself as a "blurry-eyed cyclops." Good stuff.

Thursday, August 02, 2001

ok JT, here's my go, (i haven’t written a run on in a while, (i’m more of the fragment type) so sorry if it sucks)
today was actually a GOOD day because for most of the work day when i wasn't doing little things that John (my boss) gave me, i just farted around, emailing people like stephanie from whom i found out that she knows another indie rockin (maybe), filmmaker indian girl, which made me happy as all hell, (because also, this girl has also worked with Richard Linklater and this animator guy, Bob Sabiston, who’s kinda big stuff), then i also watched more music videos-- actually two by Spoon, one of which was made by the formerly mentioned indian filmmaker girl-- it was a really good video, it’s all animated and goes well with the song and stuff and then i bugged the boys upstairs about stupid things and totally made myself crack up like my fiend giselle does all the time, whom, by the way i had lunch with today and she made me realize that getting worked up over one little phone call by one harmless boy was silly and it actually probably took him some courage to call me and it was a good thing and all, and so i did call him back this evening and it was TOTALLY cool, we just talked like we were great friends and that was that, and i’m glad that i have a friend named ELVIS, everyone ought to, but my friend mark will get to say “i told you so” when he comes into town tomorrow, i’m SUPER STOKED about this visit, his friend (my acquaintance) Brian Lowitt of Lovitt records (yeah, you know the one, with Engine Down and Sleepytime Trio....) is getting married this weekend in GSO and my friend mark is comin down from DC for it, and I get to hang out with him tomorrow night and saturday day, he called me “jetset” today, i thought that was funny.

Upma, no-one can hurt your feelings without your permission. It's more about how you take it than how the person intended it.

I hope that some day soon my posts (and everyone elses, for that matter) are long ecstatic run-on sentences.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

stephanie... could your post make me want to move to austin ANY more? the alamo is my favoritest movie theatre i've ever been to. and music all the time. how many times a month and/or week do you get the choce of seeing Spoon?

so.... elvis called me this evening. i wasn't home, but i just got the message. i'm not sure what i ought to do. it would be awful rude of me to NOT return the call. but i'm afraid to... he has a knack for hurting my feelings. any words of wisdom i can choose to embrace or ignore?

Angie - the D-Day museum is AWEsome. And Gerrish works there now. She's the volunteer or program coordinator or something like that. If you run into her, tell her I say hello.
So swimming yesterday was wonderful. I did some weird combo of different strokes for 10 laps and as I did the frog kick on my back and water rushed by my ears going "plunk, plunk" like a piano and nothing but blue skies and white clouds and that tired but really hungry feeling you get afterwards and going to see Bridget Jones at the Alamo Drafthouse (they show movies and serve food and beer) and only spilling queso on my shirt twice and laughing through the whole movie and then coming home and deciding to call the boy insteading of waiting for him and talking to him on the phone for over an hour and getting teased but laughing more and making plans for tonight to hang out and then again on Friday to go see Spoon and having to come to work but not being stressed out even though by all rights I should be and, well, that's been the last 24 hours.

As Stephanie says, "Embrace the nerd within."

Hey all. I had the best time yesterday. I played in not one not two but three softball games. I was filling in for a friend in the first two games then another team needed another girl, so I was game. I hit like shit in the first two games, but I managed to come through the last game (of course, for a team that wasn't even mine). I didn't get home until 11:00 last night. There's just something about camraderie and sports. We were just acting like fools on the field, giving each other shit about nothing. Example. I was playing catcher and my team mate Eric was playing left. The runner advanced home, and I called Eric to throw her out. Well hot damn if he did not throw the ball 15 feet over my head (he's like 6"4 and I'm 5"0). It was the funniest thing. Needless to say, the runner was safe.

I was in a gross three hour meeting today. But it's over now, so it's all good.

Am going home in two days. Can't wait for the yummy food. I hope to visit the Stephen Ambrose D-Day Museum on Sat. before the wedding.

And today is pay day. Did I mention that I only get paid once a month these days? What the hell is that shit? Yuck.

Lucinda will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

angie joe, you're not the only nerd here, so don't worry about it, and besides... nerds are the cutest.
i don't read any indian press but my parents do get the american Indian newspaper. hmm.... makes me wonder about stuff.

JT, it's funny you should mention discipline... i struggle with being disciplined about my life all the time. even though i must admit i am one of the most disciplined people i know, there is MUCH room for improvement. thanks for reminding me! (that was my new years resolution, too... to be/have more discipline in my daily life... with eating, exercising, working on stuff)... discipline and patience are really hard to acheive and maintain. anyway... laundry always end up getting in the way.

watched AI last night. it was ok... not what Kubrick would have wanted, i'm sure... but for a Spielberg film it was good enough. i wonder how close we are to that reality.