Tuesday, April 30, 2002

gracie in a hoodie n jean jacket! toooo precious. good to know people are raising their kids right.

YO MIKE F! i wanna play literati.

steph, come back anytime, i'll give you a less exhausting tour. Italian Market, Reading Termina Market, City Hall, Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square, West Philly, Fairmont Park, Shopping, Manyunk... a friend of a friend does a skyscraper/architecture tour... i wanna find out about that. ok, maybe not less exhausting. but i'll cook for you. oh yeah... and where did you do the Rocky thing? sounds like you mighta got the wrong place....? i imagine B&H smelling like yummy photo chemical. does it? probably smells more like new electronics.


Monday, April 29, 2002

Hello - I'm back. That was such an exhausting trip. Upma - thanks for letting me off the hook and I love your city. We were only in the Independence Hall/Liberty Bell/this is a very educational historical place to be full of rangers part of town - but it was so pretty and the weather was so nice on Friday. My whole family slept on the train ride back to New York. So much walking and we had run up the steps of the Philly art museum like Rocky. (dorky - but a must for the dorky tourist). We saw a few musicals in New York - and walked and walked and walked. I think my calves are finally forgiving me. Then last night I came home and Ted had picked up some tomato basil soup and strawberries romanoff from La Madeleine to have waiting for me. (two of my favorites) Now I have to face the huge pile of work waiting on my desk.
Angie - that is so awesome that you're running - I've found it's so much easier to keep fitness goals when you have someone to go with - do you have someone who'll want to go running as well? My friend Lorrie - she keeps me on track.
I took a few fun pictures while on vacation and visited the photo fantasy mecca that is B&H Photo.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

A few days ago one of the ladies at work started asking everyone "If you were a stripper, what song would you strip to?" Answers: Whole Lotta Love, Cherry Pie, Tough Enough. It took me a while, but I think I've got it: Tori Amos, "Horses" interpretive with at least 50 multi-colored scarves. You?

Angie baby you were born to run. I will run only if something is chasing me and I'm certain I can't kick its ass. Or because I'm playing with my nephew. I walk everywhere instead. Now that I walk 20 minutes to work and 20 minutes back, my weight has been shifting - not being lost, just moved around, like my waist is smaller and my hips are bigger. I expect to merely maintain my weight, seeing as how I have this enthusiasm for food. Say, does that have cheese on it? Mmm, bacon. Is that enough butter? Oooh, ice cream. Why yes, I'll have some cake.

i love running. it's the fastest way i've ever lost weight and got in great great shape. i've been out of the habit for 4 years though... and it's probably the hardest habit to re-make. but once you make the habit, it's sooo addictive.
did i tell you that since i work for a non-profit, i get supermad discount at the gym? yup. so... weight training, here i come. althoguh... i probably still can't really afford it till i move to my real home. we'll see... i gotta research it some more.
well, i got to hang out in West Philly a bit this weekend.. it's so pretty! some parts really remind me of greensboro. i'm not sure if i wanna live way out there though. i'm gonna start calling realtors this week. maybe get an appt. on saturday. yeah.
anyway. i was in west philly cuz the boys from NC were in town. so it was fun hanging out with all of them and meeting some more punk kids.
i had a really weird dream last night about an old friend. well... ex-friend. and then later on in the day i relaized it's his birthday today. kinda freaky.
mike, did you find your roomies? did they tell you about the martians?
i hope i don't end up working late every night this week (like i did last week).

Ok, two of my three events are finit. Thursday is my last one, and hopefully it will be a bang. Then I'm off to Jazz Fest to celebrate and try to retrive some of my sanity. I swear, I've been extremely flighty these days! That and really exhausted. This morning I worked the March of Dimes WalkAmerica from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. I came home and took a three hour monsta power nap.

Ok, no more shop talk.

Not sure if I mentioned but I am trying to take up running. I made my commitment a few weeks ago with a real (as opposed to fake)pair of running shoes. My boss who is an avid runner insists that the shoes are the most important thing to invest in, and boy was he right! Anyways I'm off to a slow but steady start. With my crazy ass schedule I can only run about once a week. Good news though: I'm so stoked because I went from running like 3 minutes straight without stopping to 7 minutes straight yesterday morning -- a really big deal for me. And what a sense of accomplishment!

A couple of things about running. The only sport that I'm half way decent at is softball, only b/c I played it for 15 years. I'm really quite the ahteltic clutz when it comes down to it. But my friend Kyle picked up running about a year and a half ago, and he's inspired me. And there's just something about having a goal and making your way to reach it. It will take me a while, but I'll get there. Second, running is something that you can take with you everywhere. It's not seasonal like snowskiing nor does it require a ton of equipment like golf. You can do it on your own, your own time/schedule/pace. Third, it's great mentally. When I'm annoyed or pissed or feeling sorry for myself, it does me no good to sit around and bo-day. I go out for a run.

I hope that in six months time I can run the three and a half mile track near my house in thirty minutes.

That's my news for now.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

When I first came to the island, I made a small hutch for myself in the hollow under a tree root. The root itself wasn't so large, but the tree rested right on the edge of the beach and at some point, perhaps during a storm, water seemed to have washed the under part of the beachward side of the root system away.
The hutch was nothing special. No one would be impressed with my building skills. I simply found a few straight, strong sticks and made a frame and covered it with the biggest leaves I could find. For the first few nights I slept as far inside the shelter as possible. I did this out of caution, of course, but also because the wind and the starlight out on the beach kept me awake.
I have never heard any monster pass in the night. I think most steer clear of each other when they sleep, just out of politeness. My closest neighbor, Michel, the monster in the hollowed out tree, padded near here once. Not close to my hutch, but clearly on the end of "my" section of beach. He apologized and left without whatever he came to get. A small shell perhaps. Maybe a fish. Although, how anyone could eat a singing fish is beyond me.
A group of old monsters, grey and rugged-looking paddled a few meters offshore in a handmade canoe. They were more friendly than Michel. For example, they told me his name. And their's Henri and Laurent. None of the monsters had French accents, just French names. I asked about that and they replied that they were from France, but the all monsters speak the same.
Monster Island's nearest neighbor, Parrot Island, has a monthly ferry to the docks on the northern side of our island. From my beach, I can see the ship just barely as it steams in. Very few passengers come to Monster Island. Those that do come to see to island, to report on it, to visit, rarely ever to stay. This island is for monsters and birds. But aren't there supposed to be monkeys, too?
I asked Henri about the monkeys.
"The monkeys are there." He gestured generally back toward the island. "Deep in the island," said Laurent.

I have been sleeping, not in my shelter, but on the beach. No one ever comes by and if it rains, its not a far hop to the hutch. But, I can usually smell the rain before it comes. What a gift the senses are!
This morning, however, I woke to find tracks all around me. Not the long, deep footprints of the monsters, but short, sharp tracks like sticks. In the night, birds had been walking around me, in a big oval like my aura. The small tracks crisscrossed the larger ones, both kept a distance of about four inches from where I slept. There were no tracks other places on the beach. I could feel where they had been, however, like an aftertaste. They had been peeking in, listening. Had I been talking in my sleep? What could I say that birds would want to hear?
Michel was up the river a bit. I could go to him. I could ask him. But, would he tell me, even if he knew? The brothers in the canoe would listen, but who knew if they would be back.
Tonight, I'll sleep in the shelter. Tomorrow, I'll see if the tracks appear outside my door.

robot.... rash?
robot.... invaded monster island?
robot..... defeated zach in a game of.... "who wins zach's computer?"

anyway. today has been on of the most poooooopiest days. but. it's over now.
thanks for the advice/comments/etc.
so, chelle and danny left this morning. i'm glad they were around, it was a lot of fun, and soooooooo good to see chelle again, i love her so much.
tomorrow the boys get in. actually... they've probably already left gso. *excited*

Zachary Mull, what the hell is wrong with you????

I agree with Weez, Upma. There are a couple of things you can do. One, you can start asking for seperate checks right from the get go. Two, you can tell her before y'all even order, "I'm paying for both of us, else I ain't eatin'." Or you can lie to the waitress/waiter when they come to take your order, tell them that it is Chelle's b-day, that it's your treat, and that they should bring out a yummy dessert and have the entire waitstaff come out to sing to her. And that should do it.

This is coming from a woman whose family is all about trying to control you. My freak ass aunts for example, would pay for my shit when I was in high school/college but then they would expect you to sacrafice your first son in their honor in return. Fuck that shit. So I've had to learn to play the mind game and to play it well.

I'm not saying that Chelle is such the extreme case, but if you ever sense that she is, feel free to consult me on strategy ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

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t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

Upma, your feelings are completely valid. You should be able to treat now and then without a fight - otherwise, she's power-tripping. I am all for being lavishly generous, but unless it's being reciprocated in some way, it gets weird. Incidentally, if Chelle needs someone to buy meals and drinks and stuff for, you have my address.

i defintely contemplated making you grovel some more, steph... but i can't. i understand QT with family. but the NEXT time... .you won't get off so easy, lady. :-)

soo... do any of you have friends that feel the need to be OUTRAGEOUSLY, overwhelmingly, ridiculously generous?? i'm ALL for generosity... but my philosophy is also "everything in moderation." i'm having issues with my friends ridiculous amount of generosity. the most it bothers me is when it comes to paying for meals and drinks and stuff. am i wrong in feeling hurt for always having to argue for my right to treat every once in a blue moon? she NEVER lets me. i'm upset about it. i think i hurt her feelings. but frankly, i'm hurt and upset that i never have the pleasure (her town OR mine) to treat for a meal or anything. be honest with me, please.

Upma - I guess I'm in super big time trouble now. I'm so sorry. I wish my visit to Philly was longer. I think it'll just be tourist spot - tourist spot - tourist spot - train ride back to New York. My family's not even staying a full day. (overapologizing)
Weezie - I'd love to post some Polaroid Transfers - I just need to get on the ball with either scanning or a digital camera - I am super slow when it comes to that kind of stuff.
Well - talk to you guys when I get back (except Upma who may still be mad at me and for whom I'll have to do more groveling)

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I found the Uncle Tupelo anthology at half.com today. And bought it, even though that shoots my budget for the rest of the week.
I will be taking pictures of the house, but have to borrow Chelsea's digital camera and I'm waiting to find out if I can get my ibook or not. Of course, you could just come visit instead of waiting for pictures.

I went to the China Buffet today and let me just say that it's the kind of "Chinese" restaurant where the buffet includes macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, sausage and onions, and rolls. I'm just happy because I had rice for the first time in weeks.

Chelsea and I had a mild argument today at work over whether or not she can get a cat. I might as well just get her a t-shirt that says "I'm not gay but my girlfriend is."

Steph, any chance we'll get to see your polaroid transfers?

WHAT?! stephanie friedman. you are committing about 100 crimes here. do you KNOW how much trouble you just got yourself into? and gavin and benji and chris will be here this weekend too.... you're gonna miss the chance to meet THOSE guys?? i'll yell at you more later. i'm never coming to austin again. right now, i gotta get home and get ready for my chelle!

I made more polaroid transfers this weekend. They turned out pretty nice. I hung a few at work. Maybe I'll get another visit from Mr. Smarmy. I hed to NY this weekend and possibly Philly (though upma - I'll only be there during the day and with my folks - but next time you come to Austin we'll need to hang out). I think I'm going shopping for good luggage that rolls tonight.

I've been busy as shit. Worked late last night and am determined to be finit with work by 6:30 tonight. Got invited to the Jimmy Buffet concert which should be fun. I'm not really a fan, but I've heard that his concerts are awesome.

Through work I've been invited to this fancy pants party, and the host's wife is a super prima donna. My boss is going, and I told him that I was going to go up to her (upon our first time meeting) and say to her, "Let's get this party started right, let's get this party started quickly." It would also be funny as shit to walk around with fake gold chains, fake gold teeth, then have a guy on his knees crawling after me with a leash around his neck. Bad Angie. ah, it's ok to think it, as long as I don't do crazy ass things to pu my career and life in jeopardy!

I knew that I would be stressed as shit this week, so last week I bought this fat ass bucket of chocolate fudge pudding. I've dubbed it "Lanier Conference pudding." Everytime I get remotely stressed, I bust it out.

I wanna hear the new Wilco. I bet that it is good. I borrowed Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker album from the public library a few weeks ago, and it's really good.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

adventures in philly- days 65 & 66
maria and i drove around South Philly on saturday morning a bit so i could get a feel of the neighborhoods. South Philly is cute, it’s old Italian and new Asian, it’s cozy in most places, dumpy in others. i bet i could find a great apt in South Philly, but i’m not sure if any of those neighbothoods have my name on it. we’ll see.
then i went shopping, found a great pair of sunglasses. i went shopping again today and spent probably too much money. i got shoes, a cute shirt, and a much needed black hoodie.
it turns out that i have visitors this week!! mark from DC, my best girl chelle from NYC (mike, you met my chelle), and chris, gavin & benji. *SO EXCITED*
mark came in on sunday for a bit, but had to cut our afternoon short cuz he started to feel sick. like stomache virus sick. i didn’t give it to him, mine’s WAY passed. i think his roommate did. anyway... he was excited to hear that benji will be here next week so he might come back then, and he might drag brian lowit along. that would be even more super fun, we’ll see though.
chelle’s in on tues and wed. we’re gonna check out a friend of hers that she met in NYC, but he’s from Canada. He’s a singer/songwriter... and from what i understand he’s kinda folky-sounding. it’ll be nice to check out a show and a new-to-me space with chelle.
on my way from grocery store to video store, a palm reader hands me a flyer and asks if she can read my palm. i say “no, but thanks.” she was super dissapointed ($$$) and said “really? you should let me. i am getting some great energy off you. i sense good things. but you’re also recently confused about something” i told her i might give her a call later. it’s funny she said the thing about being confused, cuz my whole grocery store experience just two seconds prior was totally confusing.
i saw half of Lawrence of Arabia this weekend. i’ve never seen it before. man, is it long. i think i’ll finish watching it tomorrow.
i saw Denali tonight. and Fin Fang Foom too. FFF sounded so much better than ever before. i think it’s cuz i couldn’t really hear the vocals and they didn’t seem to have 1000 pedals. Denali is..... awesome. that’s a real understatement. Maura has a perfect body, perfect skin, and is really nice. it’s not fair, really.

Saturday, April 20, 2002

re: blending in- physically, i only feel like i blend in when i'm walking the streets of Amritsar and everybody has the same hair color, the same eye color, all the men (or 90-some% anyway) wear turbans, and some of the girls are even as hairy as me.
blending in- on all other levels... i just don't feel like i blend in. it's hard for me to find like-mindedness. it's probably because deep down i'm a little snotty-mcsnot. (blame it on growing up in Ohio... you guys don't know). i am into too many things... i have a group of filmmaking friends. i have a group of indie rock/punk rock friends. i hve a group of indian friends. i have a group of "other" friends. and for some reason no one i run into can be an indie rockin, filmakin, indian person. even if you take out the indian... i'm not sure why i can't find any indie rockin, filmakin people. it's probably cuz i'm looking in the wrong places... but to my mind, they should be strewn all over the place. and ones that are not so pretentious too.

home. i have a kitchen and a bathroom and i know where my CD payer is, but this apt is not home. it's where i stay until i find a more suitable place. however, tonight i was walking to my friends house, and the trees are half-way blooming, and it was sooo pleasant but slightly humid, and the air smelled like sweet tea. it was the perfect evening. THAT was what made me feel like i was at home. in the city though, not in the apt.

Sonsie has a webcam? what's the address? can we see YOU, mike?

i wanna write a letter to Kofi, and ask him to revise the political distinctions of races, particularly the one that puts me in the Asian category. i am going to assume that you all know what i'm talking about, if you need clarification, ask. i don't wanna get into it right now, it's 3:30 am, and i haven't stayed out this late since audrey n lisa left for SF. i need to go to bed.

oh yeah. A&F suck. i am proud to say that i have never considered buying anything from them. and i will continue to never consider buying anything from them. they are a gross institution that caters to a crowd that i generally don't believe in or get along with. the same might could be said for Banana Republic, but i will find a way to justify it for my own needs.

Friday, April 19, 2002

What makes a house a home? For some people, it's pictures on the walls. For the longest time, my walls were bare, because I wasn't sure about my theme. And you know how that goes, the longer you put it off, the harder it is. So my friends Darren and Shannon probably thought I was a freak, because the first thing they do when they move into a place is hang shit up.

For me, it's a state of mind. My home is still my home even if I have half my shit in boxes. As long as I know where my kitchen, CD's and stereo, bath shit and clothes are, I'm home.

BTW, those curtains sound so cute. Take pics of the house; am curious to see it. Too bad you don't have one of those web cams that Sonsie (is that the name of it Mike?) has.

I am PISSED about those mo fo t-shirts. It's rig-god-damn-diculous that they have to resort to racial slurs for sales and shits and giggles. And I just LOVE the PR spokesperson who gives us other PR practitioners such a good name. "Oh we make fun of everyone equally." Yeah, right. I went to their web site to search for other groups that they mocked and found a whole lotta nada. Not sure if they ended up pulling everything that seemed offensive following the Asian shirts or what. I also searched for the CEO's name and contact info but could not find it. I need to do a more thorough search later on so that I can send those bastards a letter.

Who the hell did the test marketing before they sent that shit out anyways???? Some insensitive shit for brains no doubt.

You know Weez, it's funny. You miss blending in; I feel uncomfortable in all-Asian groups.

Sorry to be so foul-mouthed in this post. It's just that when I get mad, the NOLA comes out of me.

One of the "Buddha Bash" t-shirts just sold on ebay for $249.00. I think it's sad when raising an issue results in creating a hot commodity. Otherwise, to be perfectly honest, I don't know how I feel about those shirts...but then, I grew up and lived as an adult in a place where Asian Americans and Asian Asians and part Asians make up the majority of the population. I think I'd be very uncomfortable seeing it here in Indiana. Write one up on my list of things I miss about home: blending in.

Went to The Material Plane, a very cluttered, crowded, and lovely shop where vintage and thrift are pretty much the same thing, and found the PERFECT curtain for the kitchen! A 50's print of herb and spice jars in colors that match the paint on the walls and the vintage dishes Chelsea bought last week. I told her that one of the reasons I'm glad we live together is that it gives me incentive to make the house a home instead of a hovel. If I were living alone, I probably would have seen the curtain and thought it would be perfect, but wouldn't have bought it.

What, in your opinion, makes a house a home?

Not much time to write or comment.

But have y'all heard about the latest shit Ambercrombie and Fitch pulled? Go to these two SF Chron stories:
Story 1
Story 2

Commentary to be added later, but for now: the damage has already been done!

Thursday, April 18, 2002

i feel good about things right now. i came home from work, started laundry, cleaned my apt., took a shower, cooked dinner, and ate strawberry's for dessert.
it's cooled down significantly, i even have windows open. by the time i wake up in the morning, i fully expect it to be hot and humid again.
i don't wanna jinx it, but i'm totally excited cuz my frined mark might come see me on sunday. my fingers are crossed. and then the week after that i think gavin, newsom and benji are coming up. *yay* the week after that is the opening of SpiderMan which i'm silly-excited about.
my hair is driving me crazy. curses and curses and more curses to that stupid girl. sarah. grrrrrrr.
i'm gonna try to buy a pair of shoes this weekend. (and try not to buy two). and maybe try to squeeze in some clothes too.

One of the women at work finally worked up the nerve to ask Chelsea if I'm gay. Her answer: "No, but she's completely comfortable with people thinking that she is." I sometimes wonder if it's fair of me to let people lead themselves down the wrong path. I happen to like being an inkblot test, though. The funny thing is that in my experience, it's the gay people who get the most upset about that. My stance is that dividing sexuality into gay/straight is far too narrow and leads people into making judgement calls based on issues that aren't (in my opinion) relevant. No wonder it's the gay people who get upset, if it's showing them that they can be stereotyping and judgemental too.

Shelly, soon had better be like this week soon.

i'm trying to work out the exact plot of a video i'm making. it is set in the indeterminate future and involves genetics. specifically i think human egg harvesting by infertile couples. i think. i'm still working it out- i'm not to the ~actual~ shooting part yet. it is inspired by some music my friend ryan composed and told me he'd let me use- royalty free. so i'm excited about that.

paintings are going ok but a little slow. i started talking to a guy in the web department at work about building a gallery website so maybe that will happen in the next few months.

friday i'm (finally) going to pay for the post office box for the Convalescent Adolescent mail art project. if i haven't told you about that yet, then i will soon- it has been in the works WAY TOO long.

so my ratties are at home and resting comfortably i think. i have three. they are from the two litters i was watching. i was only going to get two but all but one of the males from the first litter i was watching were adopted. so one was left all alone. rats are social and should never be kept alone or they get depressed and mean. so of course i had to adopt him as well as the other two brothers. one is gray with a white belly and paws. one is gray hooded. one is blonde hooded. they're still working on the introductions so the gray brothers and the blonde one are still in separate cages facing each other. they need names. the hooded rats look kind of like luna and artemis here:http://www.petoftheday.com/archive/2001/May/31.html

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

i ate my first solid meal today since i got sick last week. i'm kinda sad i didn' lose more weight. only a couple pounds. after all that... sheesh.
i got a used Atom and his Package album at the record store, and put Branch Manager on hold. the ONLY reason i'm interested in Branch Manager is because one of the Maginot Line members is ex-Branch Manager. so don't judge. (for those that don't speak indie-rock... it's not important).
work was nice, it was just me all day. well, and Pablo was there editing most of the day, so that was nice. except i'm sure he hates me now cuz i totally made him sit in the sweltering heat, poor guy. for some reason the NorthEast corridor decided to really-honest-to-god have a heatwave in the middle of April. actually, in philly we set a record of the "highest temp earliest in the season" (take a sec on that)... for 95 in April. before that, it was 94 in May. well...i just DID NOT wanna turn on the air conditioner in April. (although i have at home... mostly for tucker's comfort). and poor Pablo, he totally took it. i did ask him more than once if he was too hot. he just kept saying he was fine. anyway... i got stuff done, and it was good.
then window shopping for shoes (anyone wanna gimme $70-80??) record store, grocery shopping, and CVS.
oh. i also got my AIVF membership card today (that's the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers) which is the association that sends the Independent Magazine, which is one of my faves.
and. i just found out today that Ben & Jerry's across the world is having "free cone day" on April 22. if you lived in my tow, i'd probably give you my cone cuz i don't like ice cream so much. even so... i think i might go get a free cone.

It's hot as shit here, too. Except we have lovely humidity and off the scale indexes.

So the last two days I've been working out with my friend Leticia, and my ass has been sore.

Today I was at this big fancy UH luncheon, because the president of UH was presenting his report to the community. They had this PHAT imitation Cross pens that were really nice, so afterwards my friend Renee and I were looking for extra. All of a sudden, in the midst of my scavaging, Wendy (my boss' boss) says, "Angie, WHAT are you doing?" I smiled real big, then whispered in her ear, "Looking for more pens." She laughs out loud and says, "Oh, we have more of those back at the office." Caught in the act!

I saw The Sweetest Thing last night. The best things about it
1) The Spider Man preview
2) Jason Bateman singing "Eternal Flame"
3) Christina Appelgate's character saying "Turn around, Look, It's Jesus"
4) My two friends reenacting scenes from the tv show The Bachelor in the parking lot after the movie

Weezie - your new place sounds like it's going to be so homey. It makes me want to do more nesting.
Upma - are you feeling healthy again? It sucks in a million ways to be sick in springtime.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

18 months doesn't sound like a long time. but a year and a half does.

zach, do you take visitors at Monster Island?

i feel like i'm nothing but a but blabbermouth here lately. just ramble about nothing and complain about stupid things. so, if apologies are in order for being a bore, here they are. i'll do better.

in actual important upma-news: atom wrote back. JT is lovely and even though we've yet to meet, he's my favoritest dude in the world. i saw another film fest film tonight called My Kingdom. it's based on King Lear, and has a nasty nasty nasty character in it call Jug, who is a Sikh. i think this film will get yelled at for portraying the Sikh as bad. and, i think rightly so... it wouldn't have been so bad if all these symbols of the religion weren't involved... if it was just the nasty boy. but the character of the boy, was more than the boy. if that makes any sense. other than that, the film was good. tucker is one years old yesterday, she got ocean gross. (that's upma for "fancy feast"), and recycled toys. i'm not sure how i feel about my job today. maybe tomorrow will be different. oh yeah. and today was the one year mark of joey ramone's death.

Zach, I may just skip going home and spend June on Monster Island instead.

We got a new stove installed (the old one was from the 70's and the last and first time the previous tenants turned on a burner, there was a big blue flash and a bad smell). The oven on this one does not work, so I got to see my landlord (who is also the general manager at the co-op) get mad. We should have another one within a couple of days. I was so happy to have a stove I immediately made sweet tea and then seasoned three cast iron pans.

I am so tired. But I'm also in a cleaning mood. The bathtub...I've seen worse, but that was in a gutter punk dive. I am letting it sit with hot water, vinegar and salt. The shower curtain needs to be scrubbed. I swept out the utility room after Chelsea threw out the cat pee stinking rugs that were in it, and icky eeew whoa nelly people. If you have cats, CLEAN the room the litter box was in before you move out. Gaaah. Add THAT to my list of pet peeves. Otherwise the house is...dreamy. Once we repaint the kitchen cabinets, get curtains and add a little furniture, it's going to be so absolutely wonderful. Plus I'm planting a ton of narcissus and iris. And then we'll get strawberries and mint and other herbs. *sigh* I just may have to live here longer than the 18 months of the lease.

I took a walk into the inner parts of the island this morning. The vegetation is denser the farther you move in and continues up the base of the mountain. I assume the mountain has a name, but I haven't asked and it wasn't named on the map that came with my ticket. But the monsters have to call it something, right? They wouldn't not name the largest feature on the island, would they?

I didn't walk all the way to the mountain however. Maybe an hour into my hike, I heard a rustling off to the side. As I've said, I haven't seen any monkeys here. No Lord of the Flies style wild boars either. So, most of the noise are the goddamn bird following you through the trees. A sound to my side, and on the ground, was odd enough that I noticed it. I crept over and off the path that I was following up the river.

In a log, hollowed out by either rot or hand, I couldn't tell, was a big monster, sleeping. His arms were tucked into his sides to fit into the belly of the log. He was restless and shifted a bit from side to side. Around him were his things, a few fruits, bananas and pineapples and coconuts, a big stick for walking maybe and a shell that was used to bring water from the freshwater stream nearby. I considered, for a moment, stealing his shell. It was huge. Much bigger than any I had found. But, Monster Island seems to have a code, a do-unto-others rule. Plus, I felt certain that a big shell like that would be wellknown, if I got caught with it... who knows.

I watched him sleep. The monsters were, no are, hard to describe. I won't bother. If you want to see one, just look around. They're everywhere before they come here. Big ones, just like sleeping beauty here.

He opened his eyes and looked right at me. I continued to look at him thinking that I would be ridiculous to pretend he hadn't caught me. A pause. I'm waiting. "Do you have a staring problem?" he said, with some threat in his voice. I admitted to him that I thought I might, in fact, have a staring problem. It had gotten me in trouble a few times back in the normal world.

He made like he was going to climb out of his tree. I don't know if you can get your ass kicked on Monster Island. I doubt it, but the only way I would know for sure is to pick a fight and there is zero chance of that. Today at least.

"Where do I get a shell that size? The ones I've been using are half that."

He settled back but remained sitting up. "You can have this one," he said. "Oh no, I can get my own. Is there a section of beach where my chances are better?" "Take this one. Don't lose it. And don't come back here if you do."

It seemed like the final word. I stepped forward and picked up the shell. What a heavy fucker. It was still full of water.

Back on my beach, I listened to the fishes. Those swimmers.

so. why does my back hurt so much when i had a stomach virus? **complainer**

Mike: when does it start getting wicked cold in Boston? I'm thinking about coming up there sometime this fall. A very good friend of mine just got accepted to the Harvard/Hopkins School of Public Health. In some ways I want to see a baseball game, but he won't get there till late Aug., and I want to give the poor guy a chance to settle down. My best friend might be coming with me. This is all very preliminary.

Monday, April 15, 2002

It's official. I live in Indiana.

I will take loads of photos so you can see the incredible retro cuteness of our kitchen. The joys of standing out in the backyard, barefoot in 82 degrees and sunshine, planning out where I'll plant the iris and narcissus. The neighborhood is quiet and pretty darned nice - we live in the most ghetto cinderblock on the street - and our house is pretty nice. I'd say more, but I'm so tired I'm dizzy.

Z, when are you coming back from Monster Island? I bet Grace misses you.

So my baby cousin (who is a year younger than I and about a foot taller) is starting to fall in love. In all of his 25 years, he's never had any kind of crush or anything. If he did, they were all so short-lived, lasting all of a week or two. Then out of the blue, it bites him on the ass. He called me on Sunday and just blabbered about nothing. He would start a thought and couldn't even finish it. It's the cutest thing, and it just makes me smile a shit-eatin' grin thinking about it.

A few years ago, his mom was telling me about how her brother was the same way. He never brought any girls home until the day he brought his wife home. About 6 months later, they were engaged. And she said that was probably how it was going to happen with Greg. I don't know that he'll be married in 6 months, but it sure as hell would be funny, especially since I was boy crazy the day I came out of my mother's womb!

this morning as i was walking to the bus stop, a woman who may or may not have had only one arm, walking about half a block ahead of me turned around and gave me a meaningful look before burping the loudest burp i've ever heard.

in other news: this weekend i went to a performance piece called Today, which included experimental film, live music, dance, and interpretive movement. there were moments which included a group of women dancing and stomping with tattered baby dolls and a young girl writhing in a cage. even though the images were sort of cliche they were rather visually arresting, especially the girl in the cage. an audible gasp went up from the audience at the end of that sequence.
the best images though included:

-the film of a scrolling seemingly endless To Do list of miscellaney like buy stamps, clip toenails, pay bills, call mom
as the list scrolled endlessly people bowed prostrate in front of it.

-a life size image of a woman was projected on a wall. as she crawled in slow motion across the screen the actual woman moved frantically along with her trying to draw herself before the image could move.

- upright brown paper bags covered the stage. people in white ran in slow motion through the bags, leaning over like spindly legged fishing birds, they picked up the bags one by one in their mouths, inspected them and knocked them out of the way. periodically the music would speed up and the figures on the sides, frozen, wearing black and keeping time, would run onstage and stomp and smash as many bags as they could until the music slowed and they had to return to their timekeeping posts.

i have been eating strawberries nonstop and i'm (probably)
getting my pet rats tomorrow!

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Monster Island is quiet. Peaceful. I like it here. The humidity is high, but the temperature is cool. On the other side of the island some of the more social monsters are having a beach party. I'm not sure if it sounds like fun or not. Some monsters, as I'm sure you know, have a hard time controlling their volume. I think if I ventured over there I would be deaf by morning. Ha! Maybe I should make some ear protectors out of coconut shells.

A monster steel band has begun playing. I don't recognize the song, thank god. Jimmy Buffet tunes might make me tie myself to a log and float out to sea.

Monster Island has no monkeys that I have seen. It has many, many birds. The birds, I think, listen to the monsters speak. They seem to lean in whenever I mumble to myself. I don't know why they would want to hear me. I suspect that they may report what they hear to someone, but who I couldn't begin to guess. Monsters have secrets, but no one wants to hear them. If they did monsters would be on tv and in magazines and on stage and in space and on posters on walls.

The band is winding up. Its hypnotic. It makes me sleepy. The monsters beat the song. The birds record the music. Do the fish sing the words? How can anyone hear what a fish is singing from the land?

so. i still feel pretty icky-gross. but i'm watching this thing on the food channel "Morimoto RAW" about Morimoto's new restaurant (which is RIGHT down the street from me) and i wanna go sooo bad. well. not right now. but eventually. (i mean, IF i can get a dish that doesn't have any seafood in it).
dude spent $10,000 on food for his servers pre-opening-- to get them acquainted with the menu. that's some boss.
he has a website for the restaurant www.morimotorestaurant.com the intro flash page is funny! i think that same image is on the side of the restaurant wall... i'm gonna go walk by there when i get a chance.

Upma, here's some soup and hot tea and a stack of DVD's.

I have started a wish list at Target.com in the vain hope that my parents will ask me if there is anything they can get for me. I doubt they will; that would mean validating my move to Indiana, which they still don't quite approve of but can't say anything about.

I went catfishing last night with Susan, Brad, Brent, and Mac. No fish caught, I think the lake is beautiful at night, and I can't believe how stupid and gross boys are.

I saw a baby in the co-op yesterday that made me think of Zach - something about the facial expression, like this was an infant with grim determination.

Friday, April 12, 2002

i am soooo sick. i'm guessing it's a stomache virus. i need love.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Just remember, I work in the natural foods industry and grew up vegan.

I have also tried the Odwalla soy shake - it's one of the few soymilk products I like. There's also Soy Fusion, which comes in berry or green tea. All these products have something in common: they don't taste like soy. I like fresh soymilk sometimes, hot, maybe sweetened. Otherwise I tend to avoid it. Silk is a popular brand, with good reason - the aseptic pack shelf-stable stuff is absolute CRAP. Silk is good enough so that my nephew and little sister will drink the chocolate flavor happily. Rice Dream makes frozen Dream Pies - "ice cream" sandwiches - I like the mint flavor. Tofutti (a company based on being ultra-kosher, not on being vegan) makes suitable for vegan frozen desserts that are pretty darned good - Cuties (ice cream sandwiches), Crumb Cake bars, and an "ice cream" cake. However, given the choice between these and Haagen-Dazs...well, we all know I love cholesterol. There's a coffeeshop in Honolulu that does awesome soy mochas. There is a line of Soy Delicious frozen desserts that a lot of people love, but I don't know what all the fuss is about (probably because I still eat real ice cream). Outside of the sweet stuff, I am on the hunt for good tofu. The only person who knows what I am talking about used to work in a tofu shop in the 70's. Everyone else here can't understand why I don't think the vacuum-packed bricks available here are any different than the fresh every day tofu every grocery store in Hawai'i has. Mori-Nu shelf stable tofu is an insult to the soybean. I like tempeh, fried crisp and dipped in lemon juice and soy sauce. I like miso soup, especially when I'm sick. And edamame. The fad stuff in the stores isn't the same - the Hawai'i 7-11 edamame is better, I think. All the soynut butters I have tried are too sweet. And the soy based meat substitutes? Why would you want to imitate a hot dog, anyway? And so badly?

Ok, I have a BLACK thumb. Seriously. If I look at something green, it dies.

Weez, congrats on the house. It will be much better living than in an apartment no doubt.

Mike, welcome home. When do you start work again? Do you at least get a break?

Anyways, I have a question for the group. I tried for the first time today a soy shake (Odwalla Vanilla Almond) which was really yum. What other soy things do you like? My friend Mike says he can't stand real milk any more, but he still eats ice cream. He also likes that Rice cream (????) stuff.

dude. what about that big college/university/school thing in bloomington? they have a grrreat station (from what i've been told in the past).
i had A LOT of fun with my morning-glories last year. *sigh* i wish i could do that this year. and i also did hybrid sunflowers. the best thing about gardening in the south is how long it all lasts! so fun.
but hey. spring is finally here to stay up here, i think. so...not so bad.
i'm totally procrastinating and being bad at work.
it's my little cousin's birthday. she's 16 or 17 today? and she's turning punk rock/indie rock... i just gotta keep on her about it... guide her in the right direction, you know. as big sisters are wont to do.

We talked to the landlord yesterday, and it looks like we'll be doing an 18 month lease. It's just what we were looking for (well, without a porch, hardwood floors, and cathedral ceilings ha ha ha). The landlord is fine with us painting and stuff - the last tenants painted the room I'll be taking sky blue, and sponged clouds on the ceiling and walls. I would have loved it when I was 10. Oh, and we can garden all we like. Bed of strawberries and big fat border of mint, for starters.

Upma, I'm so glad you found a rock'n'roll salon. I am still looking around.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

mike. yes, atom. he hasn't written back yet. i know he's got shows and stuff for a couple weeks. i'll be patient.
steph. didn't see any buttons... i'll look around some more. they only showed 4 Sayles films and all within the past two days, and that was the only one i could see. i'm glad i did... i'm totally gonna have John Sayles weekends for a while.
louise. they won't relax it. it's too dry. and i'm also not allowed to get anymore color or highlights. she was about to yell at me for it. i like these kids, they're total rock.n.roll. so, i'll be good and listen. i think they know what they're talking about. they told me to come back in 3 weeks after i worked on lots of conditioning treatments. they told me to go to CVS and get a hair mask. ??? i'll go research it. they were so nice, and so young and hip and tatooed and not stuffy and had a boy at the reception desk and 4 girls doing hair... what a change from all the stuffy stuffy stuffy salons. and this one is a little less expensive too. they're my new bestest friends.
louise. how long are you girls planning on living in your new abode?

Upma, I'm sure you look great with relaxed hair. Let me also acknowledge that you haven't seen my hair lately - the combination of not bleaching my roots and letting my hair get shaggy while I try to find a stylist = bad hair day, every day. It's starting to get wavy, but it's still so short that it just means that it looks bent.

I am thinking celadon walls, canvas and muslin over the window, and crimson accents (like a large canvas painted red and hung over the bed). Now I'm obsessing over sheets. Pale green? Cream? Pale blue? And Pier One has a big red glass candleholder that I crave (but it's $30, so forget it).

Upma - I'm so glad you're sharing the John Sayles love. Is he giving out the buttons that say "John Sayles for Independents?" They had those at the SXSW screenings I went to.
I think I'm going to go see Monsoon Wedding tomorrow night.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

louise. i wish you knew me better. in fact, you should know me better, and i'm a little hurt. i'm not changing my apearance just because a boy said he likes it. he merely re-affirmed my current thoughts on the matter. i'm not quite THAT shallow and lacking in confidence.
i'm fixing my hair because wearing it in it's natural bozo-the-clown state makes me uncomfortable. it always has. i was working VERY hard to grow my hair LONG. so that it would not be all bozo'ed out. i'm not a bozo kinda girl. caitlin (in greensoboro) and i had a good thing going with my hair.
this girl who cut my hair last time... she ruined it by not listening to a word i said. i wish i could sue her. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that i have naturaly curly hair. i don't love the way it never behaves. the way it's always frizzy in humid weather (and here it is spring already) and big. i don't love the way it gets in my face when i'm trying to eat. i need to fix it. so that i'm not uncomfortable. and so i look presentable to all these people i'm meeting for the first time. i'm meeting new colleagues everyday. and i'm really embarrased about the way i look with my hair in such a state. i'm sure it's not as bad as i make it seem, but as long as i'm uncomfortable... it doesn't much matter.
i don't know how to use a curling iron (i've never really needed to... ) and i don't have the kind of time that allows for me to spend an hour or two blow drying my hair every morning.
i'm obsessed enough about my hair as it is... and the less work i have to put towards it the better. like i always say... i'm a low maintenance girl with high maintenance hair. all i'm doing is making my life a little easier and make my hair a little more handle-able.
and. for once i'm not afraid to say that it made me feel kinda good to hear a compliment. (as opposed to freaked out and/or disgusted).

next topic. i REALLY miss my friends in gso. really really really. but i think i might've made a couple new friends at the record store today. (even though they didn't have any album that i went in there to buy). i met one dude that does a show at the princeton station. and he says that's the only place around the region that one could do a radio show if you're not a student. i can't believe it. in this "big city?"
well.. i miss doing a radio show a lot. but not enought to drive 50 minutes to go do one. not yet anyway. i'll let you know if/when that changes.

i just saw a John Sayles movie. and John Sayles. wow. he's SO cool! the movie was Return of the Seacaucus 7. and the conversation afterwards was... inspiring, to say the least. i love intelligent people!

speaking of which, my brother is trying to tell me about some new ingenius idea he has, so... later.

Shelly, I will support your agoraphobic claustrophobia so long as it means I can send you paint and fabric samples along with my pleas for help.

Upma, I am just not going to touch your willingness to change your appearance because a boy said he liked it. Think about everything else that boys like. Adam Sandler, for starters.

Mike called me from Ireland at 7:30 this morning my time, a full hour before my alarm clock. I think he said something about Guinness, getting Kim drunk off of half a pint, and baseball.

Last week, a reporter on the evening news covered a story about police finding a large cache of stolen mail. "We don't know who the victims are, or where they are located" (camera pans across pile of mail, close up enough so that you can see that the addresses are still on the envelopes). We think that it's because the police didn't really use tear gas during the minor rioting following the basketball game - they used stupid gas; doesn't make you cry, makes you drool. Then Brent decided he had enough of mice in his house, so he asked his brother to get him two barn cats. So far they have urinated on the carpet, the new futon, and managed to leave a trail of shit across the bedroom. Yes, they know how to use the litter box. They just don't want to. By the way, Brent stopped hearing the mice three days before the cats arrived.

I really don't have anything to say other than radom things, so here goes.

Today I read that 3/4's of Saudi Arabia's work force is made up of immigrants, but that if an immigrant dies in the country, they have to send the body back to wherever the home country may be. The expenses are reluctantly paid by the employer.

Last night it was my friend Sheryl's b-day, but we had a meeting at 7 that night. So we ended up going to hear some blues afterwards. Good stuff.

UH is celebrating its 75th anniversary this week, so we have all kinds of stuff going on. President of the Motion Picture Association and UH alum Jack Valenti is delivering this year's commencement address.

Stephanie: I have not a clue about digital cameras.

Monday, April 08, 2002

i just saw a most inspiring set of films all set in philadelphia. after having a celebratory dinner with one of the filmmakers (my friend maria who is just so soooooo sweet!) i came home and decided that i wanted to ask Atom if i could do a documentary about him. is there already one in existance? what if he says no? what if he says yes?? well. i've already asked him. maybe he just won't reply.
hey zach, mike (and others), have you heard of the Ex Models or Erase Errata?
i'm gonna go to my new favorite record store tomorrow (the one next door to zipperhead) and buy the white stripes album and the ex models album.
it was (finally!) warm outside today. soooooo nice.
i straightened my hair yesterday and wore it down at work today. the first thing the young cute boy says to me this morning is "your hair looks really good like that!" i'm TOTALLY spending the money to get it "straightened"
one of the films at the shorts program this evening was about the skaters being banned from everywhere in the city and being given a plot of land under I-95. the city gave them this land. and continues to turn a blind eye to the fact that the skater dudes have built up the park up nicely. well... diy/skater dude nicely. i want to learn to skate.
one of the other films (maria's, and she did it with a woman named uma), was about how people park on the highway to wait for people coming into the airport. because parking costs way a lot. so they park it on the side of the highway and wait for the call from their peeps and then they go n get 'em. and apparently, the po po had a problem with cars waiting on the curb before 9.11. it was good.
i'm a little bouncing off the walls. i had coffee and cheesecake a couple hours ago. and a good bike ride to and from west philly.
yeah. goodnight.

i didn't do a damn thing all weekend. i think i left the house once.the lovely spring weather is forcing me to confront my agoraphobia since crappy weather is no longer an excuse not to leave the house. how can i be both claustrophobic AND agoraphobic?

I went and took photos yesterday. The weather here is all about the mist. I went to our Botanical Gardens - everything was really green and lush. I didn't get too wet, but my hair grew to about four times it's normal size from the humidity. My favorite photo is from the Oriental Garden part of the park. A wooden bridge, lots of abundantly green plants, a still pond, koi swimming around. I hope it turns out. I might make polaroid transfers out of these. Out of 36 photos, I'm expecting to like at least a few.
Anyone priced digital cameras? I'm thinking about getting one - but for mostly web use (then I could finally put up some images of work).

Sunday, April 07, 2002

I had the BEST weekend.

Fri. saw the opera "La Boheme." I haven't seen an opera since I saw "Carmen" in high school, and I was so not into it at the time. Almost all of the cast were UH grad students. Very cool. Kyle came into town and went to the Astros game that night. Afterthe opera and the game, we both met up and went to two bars I had been wanting to try out. One was an Irish bar that ended up being more frat boy than not. Then we went to this cool bar called Kay's Lounge. It is an old-style Texas bar with stuff like Merle Haggard and Keith Whitely in the jukebox. They even have a table in the shape of Texas. Yes, I will be stopping there again.

Sat. went to the Cajun Invasion festival and ate some crawfish. It was ok, given that it was put on by Clear Channel (which I abhor). But I couldn't pass up crawfish and jambalaya from Eunice, LA, nor could I pass up zydeco music and dancing. Then we went to an Astros game, and later to a Derailers show. Also took Kyle to see the tribute to Blue Monday photo exhibit at Project Row Houses. There I met a CUTE Sharpe (sp?) named Max. So sweet he was.

Sun. went to brunch at Tex-Mex place that brought out yummy Mexican sweet bread. Then to an Astros game that went to 12 innings, and we won when Darryl Ward led off the inning with a one-run homer. AWESOME. I'm so glad baseball season is here.

On the way home, we went to Amy's Ice Cream, and I got a Mexican Vanilla and Cinnamon malt. Yum.

Saturday, April 06, 2002

film fest day #1. well... actually day #3. but i was gonna catch my first film today, but it was sold out. i wanted to see this doc called The Devil's Playground, about amish kids who cut TOTALLY loose before really being amish. like, baptised. so these kids are given time to experiment with the world... and apparently they do BAD stuff like sex and drugs and rock n roll. well, yeah. i didn't get to see it.
SO. instead we (joe, who's moving to barcelona tomorrow and his roommate) went to see Y Tu Mama Tambien. i thought that it was the same dude that did Amorres Perros... but it's not. the main actor dude is the same though. ANYWAY... i wasn't really expecting it to be what it was. all i can say at this point is, don't do this as a first date film, ok? but go see it, and then let's chat.

**daylight savings time** happy happy happy.

Friday, April 05, 2002

Thanks for all the tips, go to http://www.getcrafty.com for a cool article on pricing crafts/art

Thursday, April 04, 2002

ok. bye zach.

awww. just kidding. it'll all work out... it always does. don't fret. just go one moment at a time... it's the best way.

steph = what shelly said. + when i was on photo staff at va tech, we had a set formula that we'd go by... i don't remember exactly, but something like: (paper+chemicals at (estimated) cost) + (hours x $??/hr) = satisfactory price. i don't remember how much we charged for our labor... and i don't remember how much stuff costs anymore, but just tinker with any similar formula till you're satified with the price and go from there. keep in mind we were little college kids. and we were more journalistic that artistic. when we had artsy stuff to sell, we upped the labor price.

so. i had to go to kinkos again today whereupon i met one slighly shy and a whole lot punk rock boy. he's one of the programmers for the Lost Film Fest, (not scott b.). now... i don't know the whole story, but maybe zach does... there's something funny/stupid that happened with the lost film fest and some greensboro outfit (zegota? catharsis?)... which was written about in a few magazines and i think on insound as well...?

My dad's car broke down. This is the car that he lent me while he is fixing my car which broke down. This is also the car that was hit last week. I have no money to pay for repairs. I have no money to put up for repairs until my parents pay me back. I can't go to work tomorrow to make money. My cellphone got shut off today.

I am spending my last pennies to buy a ticket to monster island where I can live alone in freakish misery until the end of my lonely days. Goodbye.

I don't sell or create art, but I'm all about bartering, so my perspective is from the other side.

As the seller, decide how much the piece of art is worth to YOU, factoring everything that Shelly mentioned below. And don't go below that point, else you'll never get what you think you deserve. Trust me, you'll feel like a big dork because you caved. Agree with Shelly: one big sale makes up for five crappy ones where you don't even make enough to cover shit and where you feel scammed.

If you haven't guessed, I drive a TOUGH bargain. If you are going from the other side (i.e., the buyer), then you have to do two things. One, decide how much you want to spend. Two, be able to walk away from it if they don't give you what you want. If someone says $100, and you're willing to pay $75, offer up $50. When they shake their head, say $60. If still no, then go to $75, saying that it's your final offer. Then start walking if they don't respond.

Batering is all about a mind game, and we all know that you are much better than Mr. Swarmy, so don't let him take you to the bank!

And, don't take it personally either way.

All this comes from many years of watching my dad go at it in Chinatown. Although my dad is far better at it than I. He would always speak Chinese to the vendors and tell them he would report them to the police for not having a street permit if they tried to screw him. That's my daddy.

don't come down on your price!!!! this should be a phone conversation but you need to factor the coast of your materials and your time and your comission for selling the piece. especially don't come down for mr. smarmy. $100 is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP art! my paintings are all at least $300 to cover my materials (that doesn't even cover time really). Then stick to your guns and don't negotiate with people who you don't like and /or don't have anything to offere you. it is better not to make 1 sale than to make multiple sales that form a pattern of selling too low.

Steph, I have no idea. I charged $10 for my hats because it seemed low enough to be affordable for the women I sold them to, high enough to be at least 3x the materials cost. And then it turned into "Well, I usually charge $10, but I'm willing to barter," and so I've gotten free lunch + knitting class, and free mexican mochas for a week. Not that I think Mr Smarmy has anything you would want. Shelly?

You may be able to help me with this, though: we're pretty sure we'll take the house we looked at, and I've realized that I have never started from scratch before in a house! Well, I have a pillowcase. And a pop-up clothes hamper. My room is the one that gets the afternoon sun, and the window looks out onto the street. So while my first thought was crimson walls, cooler heads pointed out that at about 4pm, the lighting would make it look like...well, hell. Add in some sheer gold lame curtains (like Shelly's) and you can just smell the sulphur. So no. Then I was thinking lots of muslin, canvas, amber tones. And then I started thinking about that little Van Gogh, the branch of cherry blossoms, then I thought celadon and bamboo. Practical concerns: have to be able to paint over the color easily, in the event that the next people in it don't like it. Inexpensive. Minimal - it's a small room. It will come with a futon frame, which suits me fine, so I'll have a futon and loads of pillows.

So at work we have this one wall where we can hang up pieces of art. I've been hanging my polaroid transfers that I do. This morning someone at work asked to buy one. Not knowing what price to quote, I said $100, then felt all squidgy about it. He said that was kind of high, so I said, let me know what you can pay, and we can talk.
So - question - how do you guys price your art? I feel all weird about it. And the guy wanting to buy is a bit smarmy so I don't mind asking for more money. But, in the past installation, when people at work asked to buy, it didn't work out - either I took too long to get back to them, and they didn't want the piece anymore, or they didn't want to pay more than $25.
I'm not sure what to do. It's not a huge deal or anything - if he doesn't buy it, okay, but I'm not sure what fair market price is for art (well, there is no such thing, and I always make fun of bad, overpriced art in coffee shops - so maybe I should come down).
What do you guys think about this stuff?

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

If you need a good laugh, go to my latest release that I distributed yesterday. Click here.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Whenever Upma wears her hair down, curly or straight, its hot hot hot. But, she only wears her hair down like once every six years.

i would try to get zach to vouch that upma with straight hair is pretty hot hot hot. but i don't trust him to tell you the truth.
anyway... IF i do decide to get it straightened... it won't be completely straight, but merely relaxed. just so i won't have to look like a cross between bozo the clown and ronald mcdonand anymore.. it'll still be curly, don't worry. you really can't take the curl out no matter how hard you try.
work has been CRAZ-EEEE. i'm pooped.

Angie - Dallas was last weekend. A lot of fun - though lots of sitting around, going out to eat and a bit of shopping thrown in.
I've never eaten a fried pickle.
I'm wearing my hair in pigtails today. And I'm wearing a large red plastic ring that looks like one of those candy pops. Kind of fun in a corporate environment.
I was out all day yesterday at a photo shoot. And am trying to decide which pile to tackle first on my desk.
I spent most of Saturday working on polaroid transfers for my dad's birthday present. I made 20 images - now I need to narrow down. I want to take more photos this week. I'm feeling inspired for some reason.

Z. Angie. I love the fisticuffs, but I will throw in my two cents here - I thought fried pickles were a British thing - I consumed said fried pickle in a psuedo-Irish pub (managed by a Korean) here in Indiana. I assumed it was reasonably authentic - the Scots deep fry Mars bars, after all, in the same batter and grease as the fish. It would make sense to find it in the South; after all, a fair number of Celts wound up in Dixie through all manner of ways (indentured servant, adventurer, lost). Added plus: British Islanders will deep-fry the hell out of anything (probably because deep-fried to hell anything is bound to taste pretty good with salt and vinegar). Why not deep-fry a pickle? Oh, and Z, here we call your sort "hilljacks." I know you don't have a mullet and you appear to have all your teeth...but I've heard you slip into that accent of your youth.

On the other hand, I overheard a conversation the other day between three women regarding a man named Billy Bob. "Billy Bob's doin' fine. He's a real good man." "Yeah, he works two jobs and takes classes at night." "He's a real good man - and he owns his own truck." I realized that if you changed the name to Junior, this could very well be a conversation taking place in my hometown...especially because sure, he works two jobs and going to school, but the real hallmark of a good man is ownership of his truck.

Upma, I'm trying to picture you with straight hair. I don't like it. It's like making my hair curly. My hair is wavy (well, when it's longer than two inches), which is okay, but with curly hair I am absurd. You with straight hair is not absurd, just...not Upma. Your curls are an integral part of your beauty. Let us ignore that this is coming from a woman who had absolutely glorious hair that ran down to her thighs in thick, rich, maple-syrup waves, the kind of hair found on mermaids and in Pre-Raphaelite paintings. You've never seen it in that condition; by last year it had taken so much damage that stylists just nodded and picked up the shears when I asked them to cut it shorter. Once upon a time I had to fight with darling Mark to do more than remove dust-mote sized amounts of hair. Now? Now I have a new tic - running my hands over my head, rubbing the soft pelt at the nape of my neck. I love having short hair. I still love shampooing it.

Hola, where is everyone?

Stephanie: how was Dallas? Was that this past weekend? I don't 'member.

I went to San Antonio with my friend Christine, and we our friend Janie who drove down from Austin. After hanging out in San Antonio all day, we decided to take a detour to Bandera, TX, a small Texas town about 45 minutes outside of SA. Christine insisted that every Americana/alt. country artist has sung about Bandera, although she could only name three (two of them are brothers and were born there -- Bruce and Charlie Robison -- and the only other person she could name was Robert Earl Keen). She tried to sneak Lyle Lovett in there, but I knew better ;)

When I told my friend Russ that we would be going to Bandera, he told us to "be careful of the deer. No, really, be careful of the deer. That's my grandfatherly advice to you." We didn't end up hitting any deer, but damn was it a long, curvy, hilly road. We sang old tunes to pass the time.

Unfortunately we didn't get to Bandera until around 8 p.m. on Sat. night, so most of the quaint stores were closed. We did eat some BBQ at what appeared to be an institution in the town -- a place called Busbee's. At the restaurant, we learned that we were in "the cowboy capital of the world." Afterwards, went to a honky tonk by the name of Cabarat (my spelling is for shit, sorry) because the lady at the restaurant said she liked it best there, because the "the boy who runs it is a good kid." When we got there, the man who took our money at the door told us to "watch out for the cowboys." On the walls hung pictures of famous Americana/alt. country artists. The person selling CD's told us that "there are two people in the world. those who were Texans and those who wish they were." He was from Arlington and had on a leather vest with his intials engraved across one shoulder.

Oh yes, there were a few dude ranches in Bandera. I bet that it would be a very fun thing to do for the next trip there.

I think that the people in Bandera probably assumed that I had never been to a honky tonk before, which I found amusing as all get out.