Saturday, June 29, 2002

mike: hakan sukur rules. i think we're re-thinking the bbq idea and maybe doing huevos rancheros at 6am instead. and re: cereal boxes and rubbing... mike??? come on now... out with the truth. lamp style or belly style? are these girls smearing your good name, or are you trying to cover?

louise: no response.

angie: not enough good can be said about kinder eggs.

I love how random these posts get.

Mike: If you were rubbing the cereal box up and down your belly Al Bundy style, you couldn't pay ME to take it ;) Nah, I'm just not a collectable type of a girl. Thanks for the offer though.

RE: Kinder eggs. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal about those thingies just last week I think. I had never heard of the things till then.

You know what bothers the shit out of me at shows? People who talk the whole god damn time so that you can't hear the show you just paid for. GO OUTSIDE.

Mike: seeing as how you were holding the box up to your chest and cooing at it...okay, if that's how you turn a lamp on, fine, you rubbed the Raisin Bran like a lamp. And with a dozen boxes of cereal, you'll have a sparkling clean colon (I'm sure Steve Weinstein would be thrilled to hear).

Upma, you can so meet people at rock shows. But you have to yell really loud and not for very long, so if you aren't into "HEY! YER CUTE! WANNA TONGUE-WRESTLE?" two minutes into conversation, don't bother.

Today I took over the Man position for the Bloomingfoods farmers market stall. This means I load the van, hitch up the trailer, drive, and make a bajillion pots of coffee. Added bonus: because it's been so hot, the wheel on the trailer hitch sinks into the hot asphalt and then cools overnight. Yes, that's me at 5:30 am, wrestling a goddamn trailer hitch. Actually, since I am a woman doing a man's job, I'll just be manuvering the van into position next week so that I can skip the part about wrassling an object significantly larger than myself at an ungodly hour.

Friday, June 28, 2002

1. mike. i don't care what anybody says... there is nothing wrong with buying a box of cereal to get a prize at the end. or for that matter, cracker jacks. and KINDER EGGS!!!! if any of you ever go to europe, please bring me back at least one kinder egg! (please?!).

2. just saw Elf Power. i didn't know elves use bad words. but he's an ELF! i wanna be an elf. has anyone written a song about me wanting to be an elf yet?

3. anyone who says they can meet people at rock shows is full of it. you cannot.

4. should i let myself be woken up for soccer in 5 more hours? i just don't know.

I should point out that Mike fondled several boxes before selecting the one he bought, which he rubbed like a belly and which he insisted contained Pedro.

Mike: you freak. Why would I want to pay you for a freebie trinket out of a cereal box?

Ok, there are a ton of CD's I want: Patty Griffin, Flatlanders, Ya-Ya Sisterhood soundtrack, I-10 Chronicles, a Jimmy Dale Gilmore. The list goes on and on and on. But that's what's going on in my head. When am I going to win the lottery? I suppose the first step would be to buy a ticket.

More later.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

i've got my cranky pants on again. blah.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Shelly, Mike and I went to Archie McPhee's and took over the black and white photo booth. That was us, digging for change so we could take yet another set of photos. When I get a digital camera compatible with my computer (ah, the flip side of the Mac), I'm going to take snaps of each frame and set them up as the slide show for my screensaver. We are one goodlooking, funny, photogenic bunch I tellya.

Alaska. I want to go there too!

The fabulous firefly show in the backyard almost makes up for the weather (96% humidity today - when do we just wind up underwater?). The fireflies are sparkling in the wet grass, among the tree branches, soaring across my line of vision. I have added them to my when I grow up home (treehouse on an estuary). This weekend I'm going out to Needmore so I can float on a dock in a pond and be surrounded by glittering fireflies.

Angie- that guy sounds like an awesome person. How shitty of the hospital to do that.
Alaska - it's Ted's family reunion, which I've been invited to. His aunt lives up there; she married an Inuit. It should be a lot of fun, gorgeous scenery, some hiking, kayaking, etc. I plan on taking 15 rolls of film with me.

Stephnie, that sounds so awesome. Are you going with friends or family or for work?

Just to put things in perspective. Remember Dean, the phone volunteer with baby wipes (I complained about how greasy ass the phones were and started to wipe them with a paper towel. he stopped me and said he had baby wipes in the car. ever since then he would wipe the phone down as soon as he walked through the door. when I would walk in he would inform me that the phones were clean.)? I wrote about him in the Spring some time. He's a recovering heroin addict, alchololic, former convict -- everything your mama tells you to stay away from. Now he gives all kinds of lectures to 12 step program people. He is 48 and hangs out with his 76 year old mother at blues festivals. He's on disability, on a waiting list for a new liver and just found out he has cancer. I learned today that his name came up on the liver list, and he found out that the person behind him was a kid. So he asked the hospital to let the kid go ahead of him. For him, it was no question about whether he or the kid should get the liver first. For the hospital, they were pissed and put his name at the very bottom of the list.

Anyways today has been a shitty day. And it started off hearing about Dean. A few other things, too, but I don't feel like talking about them. I'm going for ice cream tonight, god damn it!

I leave tomorrow for a week in Alaska. I'm a mixture of excitement and nervousness. It sounds like the Seattle crew had a fabulous visit. A visit on par with Soap Bubble Land.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Seattle was, as usual, a blast. JT, those who insist on misunderstanding are superglued to the dominant paradigm and will be punished appropriately. I must say, Mike certainly didn't look androgynous at the Summer Solstice parade. Of course, he was not only sporting a Utilikilt - he was pretty eye-catching in that polka dotted shirt and argyle socks kind of way. You'd have to see it to understand why it was so fabulous. Shelly was looking fabulous as well, in that 40's movie glam Southern lady gone goth sort of way. AND she's the one who didn't get a sunburn (yes! me! a sunburn in SEATTLE!).

I'm in Indiana and it's gross. More later. Have to go soak my feet now.

This is my favortie paper that I've read at work. A sixth grader in Arkansas wrote this.

My friend Susie and I went to a trip to "Soap Land Galaxy." When we got there the planet had green, white, pink and blue soap suds for the ground and blue soap suds for the sky. Our shapeship, to the aliens, was very strange.

The aliens of soap land were made entirely out of bubbles. The so-called "huts" of these people were made out of different colored suds. After we were given a place to stay, we were invited to a banquet to meet the ambassador of soap land.

The banquet was glorious, all the tables were made out of ivory spring soap, the chairs were made out of lever 2000. For dinner we had the choice of eating Dove soap or fried chicken. We had only planned to stay in soap land for a week.

When our week was up we got in our starship (which was built for two). Susie asked me, "Can I stay here?" I asked, "What for?" Susie told me that she had fallen in love with the ambassasor. So, I said that she could stay if she wanted.

That afternoon, I ventured out in space by myself. I visited many planets such as the 70's galaxy. I went there because that is where my beloved husband was staying. The planet has disco lighting, Hippy Island and the ping-pong game sea. So, that's where I stayed for the rest of my life with my hippy children, disco husband and ping-pong parents.

i got to work from home this morning and it was better than rock.n.roll and i'm all sorts of happy and giddy and hyper and bouncy and i haven't been in a mood this good in a loooooooong time and i feel relatively stress free.

i saw Meet Joe Black in the theater and i loved it. and i'm not afraid to admit it.

i have a breakfast party tomorrow with some World Cup fever fans and i hope i have a play date tomorrow night with a couple record store boys and i have a breakfast engagement on friday with my pregnant lady feature filmmaker friend. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee. AND i'm running into people i know on the street and in the stores of philly. it's kinda cool. i am starting to feel at home. just need that perfect apartment and we'll be all set.

i think it's time to fall in love. again.

Don't laugh at my lame ass but I just saw "Meet Joe Black" for the first time last night. It was such a good movie. I was really impressed with the way death and love were handled. I'm glad, though, that I waited till now to see. Not so sure that I would have gotten back in 1998 when it was released.

My parents came in for a quick visit over the weekend. I love them more than life, but damn do they drive me crazy at times. I have two queen sized matresses, one futon and the other is my bed. My mom says to me, "Do you want me to sleep on the floor?" Before I could say anything, my dad says, "Ma, do you want me to sleep on the floor so that you can sleep on the futon?" Exasperated I said, "Ain't no need for nobody to sleep on the floor tonight!" Then my dad refused to let me pull down the futon. He insisted that it was more comfortable to sleep on the futon sofa, even after I told him he was lying through his teeth. Ah, he's a grown man so I can't make him do jack. The final straw was my mom. We were laying in bed together talking. She looks at me and says, "Why is it that you have two pillows and I only have one?" Being the evil daughter that I am, I say through gritted teeth, "Because I LIVE HERE."

Why doesn't that counting backwards shit ever work for me????

Monday, June 24, 2002

From the Buffalo News

The buzz

"Strange bedfellows at UB's June in Buffalo new music festival – conservatively clad English pianist Ian Pace, and a page-turner who was obviously trying to make some kind of androgynous statement. The page turner, whose look was handsome but completely androgynous, wore a man's crisp white shirt and tie paired with a long wild skirt. This is why we love the avant garde. June in Buffalo continues through Saturday at Slee Hall"

Why must people go out of their way to misunderstand me? My Roommate moves out on Monday. The residency program will begin soon. Upma, if your friend needs a place to crash for a few days while she finds a place, the pillow room should be available. Feel free to give her contact info. All the immediate big projects are over. Now that I've gotten some things done, maybe I can get some things done. I am full of love tonight, which makes me very sad. The moon almost agrees looking in trough the fire escape.

happy mail day for me!

Sunday, June 23, 2002

today was quite the lazy day.

i get to update our website for work, only i have to do it from home because as much as i appreciate hardcore HTML purists, i'm sorry, but when i have Dreamweaver, why wouldn't i use it? so, i'm gonna have to ask my boss to let me work from home one day this week. wonder how that'll go over. ugh.

The Common Cold hung out in Philly today, so that was cool, i got to hang out with them. they sure are some sweet boys. they played gso last night... said there were not as many people as there were last time they played there. (zach, did you go??).

met a girl yesterday who works at the record store. talked a bit with her today. she’s leaving philly in august to go to Buffalo for grad school. she's scared about it. i told her i have a fabulous friend in Buffalo. (may i pass your info along, JT?). she also seems to have a fabulous apartment that i'm going to scout for myself at some point this week.

i'm looking at a couple places in the morning through my current landlady. we'll see how that goes. afterwards i'm having coffee with my feature filmmaker friend. (i'm not boasting or anything)...

oh. and... i've decided this about work. i want to quit. i'm not going to just yet. I have decided I will hang in there (who knows, maybe after 3 or so weeks, things will get better again)... and and I’m really gonna buckle down and work on projects. I have to have more under my belt before I can find my dream job. Then I can flip through the rolodex and find all the emmy award winning editors my boss knows and tell them I’m up for grabs.

I’m not sure where band managing comes into play, but it will at some point.

And half way through I started typing this in Word, which I just got on my computer, which is why all the “I’s” are now capitalized.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Have I ever mentioned how much I DESPISE team building activities? I think it's all a bunch of touchy/feely bullshit that business consultants come up with, "adding value" and thereby billable consulting hours. I thought that I was rid of them when I left corporate America, but I guess I was DEAD WRONG -- we had an all day retreat yesterday. For our first ice breaker, we had to sit by department (we have about 10 to 12 in our group), and each person had to write on a notecard something that no one else at the table knew about the author. Then we all had to guess who did what. Did someone say, "DUMB SHIT???" Thank God my boss and I are of the same opinion on those types of things, so when I said, "What in the hell is that?" he was in full agreement.

My story was about how when I was 10 years old I posed as a boy and entered an all-boys baseball camp. My name was "Andy." Little did I know that each table had to choose a representative to share their story, and my freakin' boss made me stand up and share the details (FYI, I also DETEST public speaking, believe it or not). For the rest of the day, people were walking around calling me "Andy," which was amusing. But, one woman asked me if the experience gave me a complex. HUH?

But that's not what I really wanted to post about.

I was at lunch with some Houston natives who grew up in various areas of town. So I start asking them if they've been to long-standing blues/zydeco establishments. Of the three women, only one of them had ever been to one of the five or so clubs I listed (and these clubs have been around for at least 20 plus years). I just don't get it. How can you live and grow up in a neighborhood but not know it? It just blows my mind, probably because I've spent a good part of my life observing people, places, events, and telling stories about those things. In doing that, I would go with my grandfather to dim sum, listen to him coverse with all his pals, and watch him read the Chinese newspaper; when I was a kid and at friends' houses, we would sit on the porch/kitchen and talk about nothing with parents/gradnparents; went to the grocery store with my friend and his mom who was the mother of eleven kids; watched old married couples dance at old honky tonks.

I think what I'm trying to say that so many go through life routinely, without taking time to take in their surroundings. So, my message to my fellow peeps on this here blog, is to take just a few minutes of out of your busy schedules to look around. It won't give you all of the answers, but it just might put a smile or two on your face.

At this point, Shelly and I agree that every time I go to Seattle, we should just assume that I will arrive at some point, but neither one of us will know when until it actually happens. This time around I was only four hours late, instead of six, and no lost luggage. Freak weather conditions in SF made it impossible for more than one plane to land at a time, so we were in a holding pattern for an hour or so. The upside was the beautiful, beautiful sunset. There was heavy cloud cover, so all I could see looking down was a blanket of clouds, and a horizon line above them that went from greeny yellow and blue to salmon and peach to salmon and purple and then purple and blue and finally just black, with a big fat moon right in front of me - and since we were circling, I got to see it from all angles! It looked an awful lot like a space-dyed t-shirt, or maybe 80's airbrush stuff. Better live, I think. My connecting flight to Seattle left way, way late - I called Shelly at 11:45, which was when I was supposed to arrive, to tell her that I was in SF and the departure time was becoming increasingly vague. The plane was above us, waiting to land. I finally got to her house at 3 am, with only Mike awake to witness my incoherent and babbling self. Air travel. It's just not good for me.

I missed seeing this show by a DAY. The lead is a dear friend of mine. Double Above the Knee.

Do you have the key that unlocks my heart?

i spent the better part of my freshman year of high school giving my locker combination to any passerby who'd unluck it for me. though there was nothing wrong with it, i simply could not unlock the damn thing. my first week was particularly hectic as it had me down in the office several times verifying that the combination was indeed correct. yep. you're just a dope. by the time i figured out how to work it, there was no point in locking it. i'd given the combination to everyone.

i was in a car accident. we get out exchange info. i walk to the phone. the car that hit me zooms away. i return to the car realizing that i've locked the keys in the car with the car running.

locked the keys in the car at the grocery store. locked the keys in the car dropping a friend off at a bar.
locked the keys in jacob's car when i was supposed to go meet him. had to call him and he drunkenly rode his bike over with spare keys. locked myself out of jacobs apartment with my car and apartment keys inside.
locked my keys in the car once twice in the same day.

i told this one on here already:my neighbors have five cats. the men who used to live in our place had three cats. they were accustomed to leaving the doors and windows open for all of the cats to come and go as they please. the remaining five cats seem to be mystified as to why my apartment is no longer part of their domain. they perch on my window ledge and look in and meow in the most adorable way. one accidently mistook a closed window for an open one and jumped into the glass with one thump then another as he hit the ground. he seemed to be ok. i was trying to clean up and unpack when i heard a thump behind me. another cat stood in the middle of my living room looking quite triumphant and proceeded to strut about. i tried to shoo him out of the front door before he could rub aginst any more of my furniture creating an atmoshere in which i can't breathe. he began to dart from room to room as i shut doors behind him finally rustling him outside again. i saw the mail had come and closed the door over as i went to get it since the cat still looked very intent on exploring my apartment. at that point i realized i was locked out. fortunately jacob doesn't work far away and i had shoes and somewhat presentable clothing on (excluding the broken straw cowboy hat). i'm sure that cat invited all the others back in my window and had a party while i was away.

these are just the ones i remember off the top of my head.

It was my birthday - the 20th one, I think. I was shooting a minor league baseball team in Indiana. I left to put my camera in the car because it had started raining. But I saw some kids playing baseball in the rain - I just grabbed my camera for a few last shots and by instinct, shut and locked the door (keys inside, of course).
I take my photos, get wet and head back to the team's offices.
"Hi, it's my birthday and I just locked my keys in the car and can I please use your phone and maybe do you have a towel cause I'm kind of dripping on your floor here"

Thursday, June 20, 2002

i don't eat at Chili's so often... but i like their food pretty good. they do a good veggie burger!

i just had a dinner party!!!! i made tandoori chicken and garlic bread and rice and salad and maria brought homemade biscotti!!! it was sooooo fun! and even tucker behaved soooo well! i'm so proud of her... she got tuna! i can't wait till i move to a bigger place so i can have REAL dinner parties. IKEA is gonna hook me up with a phat dining table and all sorts of other stuff. and i'm just really happy right now.

i appreciate all of your "i'm locked out" stories. they are funny and make me laugh with you. i have many of my own... in fact, zach's rommates have had to break me into my apt on more than one occassion. however... THIS time, lil' tucker was crying all night on the other side of the door. and the more she cried, the more i cried. it was an awful, awful, awful night. thanks for trying to make me feel better though.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Went to dinner with my family - at Chili's. Yeah, wow, my last night here, let's go eat at CHILI'S. 'Cause, you know, the one five blocks away from my house in Indiana is so different. Well. To be honest, I'd never eat there anyway, so I suppose it's kind of special.

Tomorrow: Seattle! Shelly gets to witness my travel-rattled incoherently babbling self collapsing in her living room for the SECOND time this month!

Laundry at my house - we'll throw it in the dryer and make sure your load is completely dry before taking it out and throwing on your floor. I did live in a house where 5 of us shared one washer and dryer, which actually worked out okay for the most part except that I know for a fact that I was the only one who ever bought laundry soap - and I was the only one who *wasn't* leaving nasty little notes about how "every member of this community is expected to contribute to household necessities."

Upma, did I ever tell you about thinking I'd locked the keys in my mother's car, calling my dad and having him drive 45 minutes to the community college so that he could find the keys dangling from the trunk lock?

thanks shell. i'm already kinda laughing about it, but just that tucker was trapped on the other side, it just makes me sick. i love her. i'll laugh full-heartedly about it someday.
i've decided i'm quitting my job and becoming a manager for all my friends' bands. whether they dig it or not.
i'm cooking dinner for tomorrow night. tandoori chicken and garlic bread and salad. maria and pablo are coming. you can too! mmm mmm mmm.

at my place if you are not there in front of the washing amchine or dryer when the buzzer goes off, your stuff is fair game and is piled on top of the machine. too bad if it isn't dry or you had a load in the wash that you wanted to dry next. *bonus* you get to see what everyone else's underwear looks like.

as for bosses that make you feel crappy, if you can't say anything to them, find silent ways to aggravate them while still doing your job impeccably, let it fester silently, or look for another job. i'm working on the "fester silently" plan.

i lock myself out of things all the time. it doesn't mean you're an idiot; it means you're too busy thinking about important things to be bothered with such mundane trivialities (that is what i tell myself). turn the experience into a hilarious story and save it for your next social gathering. you'll make more friends you can hang out with the next time you're locked out.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

HOW IS THAT MY PROBLEM? by yours truly
** Editor's Note: this post may be tinted with estrogen, because in the grand scheme of things, it has absolutely no merit. You have been warned.**

I live in a small apartment complex with 20 units. We have two washers, one dryer, which can be a pain in the ass to get to. So once you have access, you'd better shit and git.

Tonight I come home from my run, and I check the laundry room. It's empty, so I go to gather my items. By the time I haul my stuff out to the room, someone has beat me. DOPE! The thing that gets me is that 1. she doesn't even live in the apartment complex and 2. she has not one, not two, but THREE loads of laundry. I'm perturbed but smile and say that I'll come back, which I do.

I put my loads to wash with her final wash in the dryer. I come back twice, and she still has not taken her shit out of the dryer. I walk up to the apartment she was in and politely ask her to take her stuff out, because I didn't want to be up all night doing laundy (I really was nice about it up to this point).

We get to the laundry room. I'm looking at the black gospel CD cover that my white gay neighbor lent me (that in and of itself is pretty ironic).

And she starts talking out loud. "Oh. My clothes aren't dry," she says. I keep reading the CD cover. She says again, "I don't think my clothes are dry." Man, that CD cover is really hot damn interesting. Then she says, "Did you check my clothes?" I said, "Excuse me? Uh, no. I did not touch your clothes; I walked upstairs so that you could." Then she says, "I mean, I didn't mean to say that you would have checked my clothes . . ." The answer to life is on this CD cover. "They're still wet, but I guess I'll take them out."

i don't ususally have horrible monday's. but this one was pretty horrible.
first off, work was just miserable. my boss makes me want to quit my job and move back to NC. only, i know that's not a good idea. yesterday, for a good part of the day it was just him and me in the office, and he found soooo many things to nitpick at me about. "you should really do this, this way," "you should really do that, that way," all day long. by the end of the day i wanted to scream like Lola (in Run Lola Run) and throw stuff at him.
THEN, to continue in the "i'm an idiot" trend i've been in lately... i bought ice cream last night (yes, even though i don't really like it) cuz i was so upset and ice cream makes people feel better. and i got a flavor that i really do like. so, i get home and start piggin out when lil' tucker smells it. she is really bugging me trying to get into the ice cream, so i put her in my bedroom and close the door. little did i know that the bedroom door was locked on the other side. i found that out after i put a spoon of ice cream in her bowl and then went to get her. only i couldn't, cuz the door was locked. i couldn't pick it either. i tired all night. that was 10:30pm
i called emergency maintenance. nobody came. i called again. and again and again. still no one. finally at 9 am, i called my landlady directly and said "look. i've been dealing with this all night, my cat is miserable, i'm miserable, i'm locked out of my bedroom and bathroom and i have to get to work." finally an hour later someone came and saved us. i felt sooooooo horrible all day. i still do. she's long forgotten and still loves me. i just feel more stupid than ever.
on that note... goodnight

Monday, June 17, 2002

Before you ask, I have no idea how this game works.

Here's our new group, Lake Effect . You are all invited to join. I have emailed you all the password.

click here to start the game.
click here to join our group.

Mike, I'm hooking up a character on, but I don't know much about it. Can we start a band together?

Angie! You my girl. As crazy old ladies, we'll have to be huge rugby fans, parking our honey baked hams at all the games and cackling over the short shorts. Upma: see, soccer, the lithe boys in loose shorts, that has a lot of, the shorts are shorter and tighter, the men burlier, AND because the action is rougher, the shorts get torn off during tackles and such. See, American football has a sort of dumb brute violence. In rugby, it's PASSION, men (and women - the women's rugby leagues YEAH!) putting their teeth on the line for the joy of the game. And yes, "kiwi" is like being called a "Yank" - not polite. And boy oh boy, the New Zealand All-Blacks ruuule. Okay, I have to go soak myself in the ocean now. Whew!

Stephanie, we're just going to have to vote you Lake Effect Event Coordinator.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had the best birthday ever. We had a work picnic that day at Zilker Park, so I spent most of my birthday afternoon swimming at Barton Springs Pool. So once you jump in the water, it is subarctic (it's spring-fed) Well, I decided to do some popular 80s dance moves to keep warm. Have you ever tried "The Running Man" underwater - it's so much easier. And moonwalking, and the robot. And that New Kids side to side thing. stephmo and I amused ourselves for at least 20 minutes with the dancing. Well, until I tried that holding your ankle, bent leg, pumping motion and almost drowned myself. That's when the fun ended.
Then it was on to Ted's for party preparations. Luckily the boy had done me proud. There were Christmas lights strung in the backyard. All the wine was set out of the table. I just had to put food in pretty bowls right before the guests arrived, chose the first CDs to play and we were pretty much set. Then a short dinner break to Romeo's where I proceeded to eat an entire head of roasted garlic on bread - but felt no ill effects.
And a short stop at my house for last minute items - and what should I see, spread out on my kitchen counter, but my gift from Ted. I got a plant (only feeding into my garden passion), some CDs and the best part - a charcoal drawing of his face - done by an artist in Times Square from his trip to New York City the previous weekend. Can you tell the camp factor was high. He's striking a serious pose - and I about fell to the ground laughing at it.
"You do know that it's a joke," he asked worried.
"Of course, I love it, and I get to keep it, right?'
I may have to build a little shrine with red candles and philosophy books in front of it.
And back to the party. I was dressed in a bright green striped top and blue polka-dotted skirt, orange bracelets, pink hat. But somehow it worked. Maybe it's the 80s Esprit influence. I think I should clash more often. Guests started to arrive. A popular party event was the Clash of the Titans coloring book I'd purchased on eBay. I didn't realize the hidden depths and artistic talents of my many friends. I want to scan in some of their masterpieces. Perhaps that will happen, if not I may have to hang them in my cube for prosperity.
More guests came - looking very cute in their clashing outfits - I received Elvis merchandise from Graceland, cute pompom socks, sunprint photo stuff, homemade earrings and headbands - all such good loot.
My friend Paul made carrot cake cupcakes from scratch. To say they were amazing is an understatement. In fact, they made such an impression, I had two girls the next day asking me "So tell me more about Paul"
Lots of red wine was drunk. Olives were consumed. More costumes showed up. We had a few punk rockers, a few in togas, but most people clashed. A prize was awarded to Andromeda - she got to take home the Clash of the Titans board game (eBay again) and a bottle of red wine. She looked more like a white magic Stevie Nicks but got the A+ for effort.
Guests stayed until 2am - then Ted and I stayed up til 3am cleaning.
I got the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game - the instructions are more complicated than my old Physics class.
The next day was all about rest. And eating. And then getting dressed up for my friend Jessie's bithday party.
Then on Sunday, more resting, went to see The Bourne Identity, and headed to the gym.

Happy b-day Stephanie! Hope you got lots of good presents.

Saturday night I went to the kings of accordion festival. It last for three days, and there were zydeco, Cajun, Teconta (sp?), German, Czech bands that played. It was held at this cool place called Miller Outdoor Theatre, which has a sloping hill that you can park your "honey baked ham" on. You can also bring your own beverages and food. It's a great because they have stuff going on in the evenings for about half the year, and the events vary from the Shakespeare Festival to Houston Symphony nights to Theatre Under the Stars (they're doing West Side Story this year) to the Big Mama Thorton Blues Fest to the Asian American Fest. Anyways, a zydeco, a Cajun/old time country band and a Teconta band played. I really wanted to hear/see a German or Czech band because I hear that they bring dancers, and I've never heard that type of music performed live and very little over the radio.

Sun. I went to an awesome Astros vs. Rangers game. We were down by 4, then it was 3-4, 6-4, 6-6 till the bottom of the ninth with runners on first and third, two outs, 2-2 count, Craig Biggio hit a single and won the game. Talk about dramatics! Good stuff.

Weez, Upma: you can't beat the legs of rugby players. Oh la la!

is "kiwi" a deragatory term? i'm asking cuz i don't know. i met a dude from New Zealand, who also advocated rugby. i don't think i'd like it so much. i have a hard time sitting through American Football cuz it's so rough and tumble. i really don't think i could take rugby.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Upma, for excitement you can't beat rugby. World Cup, okay, it can be exciting, but nothing compares to a good game of rugger. Footie is kind of dignified, really. Rugby is blood and guts with sportsmanship.

I'm still loving the beach, even with my brand-new sunburn.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

i finally caught a world cup game last night, Germany and Paraguay. ok.. i only caught half of it, cuz i was too tired to hang. and it was a boring game. i need to watch more, cuz i really like it and i don't understand it all. i'v e been listening to Air Miami's "World Cup Fever" a whole lot this week

so. Doc Gibbs. lives in Philadelphia. his wife is an editor, and has been working on a film at Scribe for the last 6 or so weeks. tonight was the screening, he was present. as were his two kids... one of which gave me a sparkly pink sticker that has leaves on it.

i'm gonna eat my bad-for-me chinese dinner and watch tape 2 of season 2 of Sex in the City and a movie that got a lotta independent press, The Anniversary.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Happy birthday Stephanie! I'll try to get those skirt instructions copied and mailed off Real Soon Now.

Have I mentioned how much I love going to the beach? Wow, I love going to the beach. (Please note that all beaches outside Polynesia are not "real" beaches in my little world)

So today's my birthday. I walked into my cube at work to find muffins, balloons and flowers. I'm all smiley. And we have a work picnic from 12 -4 today - I brought my bathing suit and plan on sneaking out early to do some swimming before working on preperations for the Clash of the Titans party tonight (I plan on dressing to clash). I hope everyone has most wonderful weekends.

Kids, today's history lesson is on Junteenth. Click here for info. The first known celebration was held at Houston's Emancipation Park, which is a stop on my blues tour. Also, the webmaster of this site is based in none other than New Orleans East on Lake Forest Blvd., a few miles from Shelly's and my home. Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, June 13, 2002

So, Mike, does that mean you don't have to sleep on the floor at Shellys?

So far I have managed to stuff myself silly, lie around, go to the beach, and eat mangoes. Going to the opening of a friend's art show tomorrow. Should probably call my friends who are still here, too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

ok. i had a freelance job this past weekend... it was a wedding shoot. i messed up. i don't want to tell you how. maybe if we ever get this summit thing going, you can ask me. i might tell you then. anyway... i've been pretty upset about it all week. i think i'm almost over it.
work is just overwhelmingly hectic. i'm doing a 2.5 person job... and it's burning me out. i feel like i'm not doing a good job... but at the same time... i'm only human. what i would love to do is sit in front of a computer all day and edit small pieces. that would be great!
i want new jeans.

Weezie - thank you, thank you. I can't wait to see those pages.
Upma - you are too a smartypants. What's going on at work?

I file tofu dogs right under organic processed cheese food. Why bother? I'd rather eat a high quality real meat chili dog (organic all-beef hot dog, anyone?) than eat soy protein that has been so processed and adulterated that it's pointless and stupid.

Steph, I liberated the book, and will photocopy the relevant pages (including assembly) for you. Get Crafty has instructions, but they oh so helpfully begin with taking that skirt that fits you perfectly and making a pattern from it, then sewing it up in a stretchy fabric to avoid the whole zipper issue.

I am home and have already begun eating everything in sight. Ah, home, where my skin isn't dark and my bone structure isn't exotic, the weather is glorious and the FOOD! Tastes like FOOD!

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

re: Chili Dogs. why would you want to eat the real kind anyway?! i must side with andrew here. tofu dogs are much more digestable and enjoyable. remember, i eat meat. pork included.
re: Washington Post. YAY Shelly smarty pants!
re: Mulholland Drive. thanks JT! i think you finally gave me an explanation that i'm satisfied with. i do not know David Lynch well enough to know anything like that. you're a smarty pants too!
re: smarty pants. i think i lost mine. i'm stupid now. i have the idiot bug... i cannot shake it. please somebody, take it away!

i think i want a new job.

Shelly: so cool. How did you manage to find out about the story? Ever since I came back from my conference in SF, I have been saying that from here on out, I could only have a career in education, non-profit, fed, state, city, county or with a think tank. Given that, I will never make a shitload of money, though I'll be able to come home and sleep peacefully at night.

Zach: yes, Andrew had a good point. So, I'll likely try the damn vegetarian chilli dog. It will be a huge change, seeing as how we typically go to soul food restaurants. On the same topic, there is a place called Vegetarian Soul Food down the street from my office. I have yet to go, though my friend Mike insists that they have awesome tofu burgers.

Mike: that's crazy that they sell tofu dogs at the stadium in Seattle.

Met this really cool staff person at work today. He's a web designer, teaches some classes in the school of communication, and he has a JD (law degree). I wanna be that cool when I'm middle aged.

Shell - that's really cool (to be quoted) and sucky (to be at that job).
Never had a veggie dog, so I'll refrain from that conversation.
Thanks (Louise and JT) for all the sewing tips. I looked for Patternless Fashions. I'd love to see a copy of it before buying it - cause I think I need a really dumbed down version of "this is sewing" before attempting any patterns or whatnot. My friend Erin is going to help be make thick headbands next week out of this cute fabric I had to get at work - red kimonos on one, green and blue shoes on another, purple stars on a third. I hope they turn out okay.
So has the camera been sent out yet?
Did you know that the word porcelein is named for a pig's vulva?
Have any of you guys ever been to Alaska?
I hate pop-up ads. (and this ends another non sequitar post)

i'm quoted in the washington post today. know which one was me?

There's a place in Chapel Hill that has rad vegan chili dogs. We make pilgrimages to it every little bit. Your friend makes a good point, too, Angie. A vegan chili dogs has probably got more "normal" things in it than a regular one. You should try them. Hot dog are easily made vegan, because there so full of shit anyway, its not like you're tasting the meat.

My friend Andrew and I had this e-mail exchange today:
Me: Ok, we won't go on about how both of us have been bad at keeping up. How about lunch on Thursday?
Drew: Lunch sounds good. I got a new place to take you to. Think "vegetarian chili dogs!" Really, they are good and healthy, lol. You won't know its vegetarian. What do you think?
Me: Drew, I love you more than life, but I don't know that I am so adventurous as to try vegetarian chili dogs. What else they got on the menu???
Drew: (((Laughing out loud))) They have veggie burgers, which I don't recommend, and all sorts of real food too. But, I am telling you, you are missing a
treat if you skip the veggie chili dogs, lol.
Me: MAYBE I'll get one veggie chili dog, along with something else. What kind of place is this anyways? And is it in a third world country? Who thinks up
this shit?????????
Drew: Its a new place; about as fancy as Drexler's (a BBQ place owned by the mother of former basketball star Clyde Drexler who happens to be a UH alum). Its in Third Ward (the 'hood of Houston), close to Reggae Hut. I'm telling you. You wont even know its veggie. Anddddd, who wants to eat the shit a real dog is made of anyway, lol.

Do pop-up ads ever sell anything to anybody?

Monday, June 10, 2002


Stephanie, a really good book is Patternless Fashions (Diehl Lewis and May Loh). It's out of print but there are copies at and sometimes on ebay (although I have been outbid at the last moment TWICE on ebay for it). I gave it away in my moving frenzy and am now trying to liberate it. I find the title misleading - the instructions show you how to make a pattern based on your measurements. Technically, you could just draw it up on the fabric, but I like making paper patterns (mainly because I am such a goof with numbers). Let me know if you can't find the book, and I'll send you a copy of the A-line skirt pattern when I get the book back into my hot little hands. I bought some fabric from and will be making circle skirts with my Mom - I want to make a couple of A-lines too, but that might have to wait until I get back to Indiana.

My brief stay in Seattle was lovely. The online cafe not too far from Shelly's house has GOOD coffee, the weather was delightful after Indiana, the rats adorable, Shelly as always got my brain moving in ten different directions at once. Looking forward to being there again (and in less than two weeks!) Portland is as always kind to me and I once again start thinking that once my lease is up next year, I just may move to the PacNorWest. E is actually thinking about moving back to Hawai'i! Although not for a little while, as the grandparents of the soon to arrive baby would be very sad about it.

It seems impossible but I have some sort of insomnia this evening. I say impossible because yesterday June in Buffalo concluded. My newly composed Brass Quintet and Percussion closed the festival, albeit at about 10:00 am on a Saturday morning. The festival was exhausting, going to bed at 1 am getting up for the next day at 7 am and going nonstop for most of the week. Overall I would say it was a success. I slept in a little today, went on a hike with a friend I haven't hung out with in a close to a year watched some videos created over the weekend in an intensive film-making weekend workshop at the squeaky wheel. I've been trying to sleep for a while, I should really be tired, I am really tired, but sweet sleep passes me by.

Upma, Tony Conrad has mentioned his son in passing a few times. Not very much about where he is or what he's doing now. I think he might be in New York or New England somewhere. I had a long conversation with Tony Conrad about multi-channel digital audio recently. He actually wanted my advice on what direction to go, or at least what the options were. He thinks 5.1 audio systems are the wave of the future partly because he remembers the transition from mono to stereo. He sees the exact same transition already happening from stereo to 5.1. Sorry I don't know more about Ted Conrad other than some anecdotes about him and his father getting thrown in Jail during some protests in the 80s.

Stephanie, the sewing book I have is the "Vogue Step by Step Guide to Sewing" it mostly involves basic techniques but doesn't necessarily have anything specific such as A line skirts. It deals more with different set-in sleeve techniques or pleat options etc... It's been useful for me.

Mulholland Drive. For several years now Lynch has been able to trick a great many people into thinking that they are watching narrative films. I see Mulholland Drive more as a series of narrative scenes that are in many ways unrelated, in other ways exactly the same, like variations. Don't forget that Mulholland Drive was originally scripted as a full season T.V. series until ABC dropped it. Even still the use of repeated objects and in this case an actress (which I think is the leap Lynch made with this film) creates an implied significance and narrative that otherwise wouldn't exist. Imagine having the task of writing a script of 15 vignettes in which you have a limited number of characters and objects. After these vignettes are written you add tenuous but acceptable transitions between each. This, I think, is what Lynch does but in such an effecient and skillful manner that the scenes blur into a whole, a perceived narrative, that is until a scene comes along that can no longer sustain the narrative chronolgy. Lynch banks on and in some ways suffers from the human desire or expectation for narrative (as this is the temporal form of human experience), especially in the movie theater. While some try desperately to explain the impossible, others give up totally. It's my impression that Lynch comes up with scenes and figures out ways to construct entire films around them, this could also be a bit of projection, because this is the way I compose.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

so... JT, i actually got out of bed to write this. one of my new acquaintences is on the radio right now, he just played a track by Tony Conrad's son, Ted. who is one of the earliest documented turnatabalists, because in 1973 at the age of 2, he was givin a turntable, and he made noise with it. i think the recording was from 1973... but i was half asleep so i didn't pay attention exaclty. it didn't sond l,ike a 2 year old's noise making though. so the question, JT, is where is Ted Conrad now? ok... back to bed
oh wait. pseaking of turntablism... go see Scratch. i saw it in Austin a couple years ago... it's GREAT. i also believe it's the most accurate account of the turntablism movement although, there's no mention of Tony Conrad's son). the dude who made the film is super sweet... go support his work!

I'm afraid I can't help out Stephanie. I JUST learned how to sew a button a few years ago. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

Went to NOLA for a bachlorette party. The poor bride to be was given a list of traits of her fiance, and she had to go up to random men to see if any of them matched the qualities. If they did she had to give them a cookie in the shape of a penis (complete with choc sprinkles for well, you get the idea). She also walked around with a penis wand. It was pretty mild mannered compared to many others.

We did meet a group of men from Keesler Air Force Base. One of them was being silly talking about going home with one of us. I looked at him and said, "Honey, you ain't going NOWHERE with that band of gold on your finger. None of us take ANY woman's leftovers." Then we all just laughed. And of course I got into a heated discussion with the one guy from Los Angeles, talking about the LA/Sacramento series (I called his bullshit b/c he said that Mike Bibby choked, when Bibby made his two free throws, pushing the game into overtime. WHAT-ever the hell HE was talking 'bout!).

Friday, June 07, 2002

For those of you bloggers who sew - do you recommend any books? I want to try an A-line skirt, and don't think I can do it without some instruction - in the form of a person, book or class. And I'll need to combat my aversion to ironing and master cutting in a straight line.
Have fun Seattle birds.

that's really sad about Dee Dee.

i went to Vietnam last night. yummmmm.
i hung out with new friends last night. yaaayyy.

go here to play a fun game on your computer. i have a 56k and played the web version... so you can too.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

ahh fuck, dee dee...

Mike, once I saw that the name of the store was Super 88, I didn't even have to read further. I KNEW IT WAS AN ASIAN SUPERMARKET. Not sure what it is with those silly names. Maybe I should ask my aunt or dad.

I went to dinner with a group of girls the other night, and my friend Jen ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. And meatballs they definitely were. They were HUGE, I'm talking like 10 feet in diamter. The meal came with three, and she was only able to eat one of them. So she took her fork and stuck it standing up in one of the meatballs, and she stuck the knife in the other. When I would look over to talk to her, I would have to talk THROUGH the fork and knife. They sat in the meatballs till the waiter came back to pick up the plates, and she forgot to take the utensils out. The waiter looked down at the plate and just shook his head. Jen's face was pink from embarrassment. We were cracking up!

Yesterday, took a web design one class through work. It's very simple, but if you want to check it out, go here

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

SWEET!!! a photo comic book sounds awesome

mike, first i was thinking personal chef to me. then i thought, "no, that's selfish and i can't afford to pay him what he deserves." so then i thought... "Mike F. Personal Chef to the Stars of Boston." who lives in b-town? there's all those sports people i'm not familiar with. there's.... The Common Cold and The Warren Commission (but i don't think any of those kids could pay you what you deserve either). anyway. personal chef. how fun would THAT be?

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Z, sleep will not come to me either. It is 85 degrees IN the house and 82 degrees outside - and it is after midnight. I let the dehumidifier run all day and then I ran it for a few more hours after I got home. It filled up both times. I have heard thunder, which is promising, but nothing more has occurred yet. I will not be walking to Seattle because I would die of heatstroke before getting out of Bloomington. I am hoping that I will have heaps of money real soon now so that I can move to a place that never gets stupid hot at Seattle. Or Portland.

I would like to sleep. I need sleep. But the sleep don't come.

interesing. i guess louise won't be walking to seattle either. drag.
re: Southern Girls Convention. why are a lot of the facilitators of the workshops (which by the way is a GREAT list of workshops!) in the SGC clearly NOT from the South? although... there is one workshop called "Prison Book & Prisoner Art Projects." and they are from philadelphia. and that group, Book through Bars, did a documentary through Scribe. i haven't seen it yet. maybe i'll take it home with me tomorrow.
i just saw The Chromatics and The Gossip. left before Mr. Quintron got started, cuz i'm old and tired. double drag.
oh yeah.... MIKE! i have the most brilliant idea for your next career. let's get started.

Go here to read about the anti-gay protest I witnessed downtown yesterday. Kristofer, by the way, is heavily tattooed, wears his hair in big puffy ponytails, and had been having a lot of fun taking pictures with the protestors until he got into a physical altercation with one of them.

Go here to read about the Southern Girls Convention.

Tomorrow I will be in Seattle! Made all the more exciting by my lack of air conditioning or even fan (the landlord better have the central air installed by the time I return). The house is at least 80 AT NIGHT. I can't wait to see Shelly - and to be cold again! I can't believe I'm saying that!

Mike, have I ever told you that one day I'd like to go to culinary school? That will be shortly after I meet my sugar daddy. Ah, my days as a kept woman await me.

Monday, June 03, 2002

YAY! YAY! i got the first submission to Convalescent Adolescent!!! Thanks Stephanie!!!

Friday night - ate two bowls of olives while drinking margaritas - then spent the rest of the night saying "Olive baby, olive baby" while rubbing my stomach
Saturday night - went to the Smartie Pants party for my friend who just got his Masters. Ate meat on sticks. Took a quiz on his scholastic background (sample questions - What was Paul's largest library fine in college? What was the name of the cutie he sat next to in French class? etc. Luckily it was multiple choice)
Went swimming on Saturday and Sunday. I love June.
Met my new downstairs neighbor. She just moved here from Hawaii.
Shell - let me know when you get what I mailed you.
I'm thinking about buying a bike. Any advice? It'll be mostly for getting around town.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

So the Chinese that I do speak is VERY limited: I'm hungry/sleepy, I'm going to the bathroom/work/school, I'm going to beat the shit out of you . . . is all I know. Oh, I can also tell when people are talking about me. The other part is that there a bazillion and one dialects, and the one that I claim to know is essentially the equivalent of knowing a few choice red neck phrases.

Anyways, whenever I am around old Chinese people who talk about you like a dog if you don't know the language, I have a strategy. When I can say a complete sentence or two, I say it all loud and make sure that everyone in the room can hear me.

All in all, my cousin still calls me a banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). He's lucky that's a foot taller than me is all I'm sayin'.

wouldn't it be fun to walk from here to san fransisco? how long would that take?

FIREFLIES! Lightning bugs! And lightning, too!

Saturday, June 01, 2002

mike. i don't get it.

also. in things i don't get. Mullholland Drive. what? did anyone else get it? was the first one a dream? please shed the light.

just got home from hangin out in west philly. think i'll just stick to driving out there from now on... i don't like that bike ride... it's like 30-some blocks. anyway. we went to this place that all the w. philly punks hang out at in the middle of nowhere... there are oil cans and further out they have a secret fire pit. it was cool. but they were all crust punks and their dogs. and they were all drunk and high. and the dogs (that i felt were feeling uncomfortable) ended up breaking into a dog fight. SO uncool. other than that though... it was a fun time. anyway. i can't believe i'm posting at this time of night. and i can't believe i'm awake at this time of night.