Thursday, February 26, 2004

CD and check sent to Z on Tuesday. If necessary, I will knock over a bank so that I can collect cds from those who have not mailed them. Then Z and I will get married, but he says that first he needs me to send him a brick of cash for the honeymoon. He'll explain the guns, the lipstick (or is that blood?) on his collar, and the locked suitcase...later.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

oh yeah. forgot to mention that my favorite answer on there was brew-thru. when we first moved to VA, i thought that was the dummest thing ever. now, that i am a little bit older and wiser and live in wacky blue law state, i'm tellin you what... these people need to know what a brew-thru is! and it's not just for beer and the such... they have potato chips too.

zach- mo music, mo money on it's way to you now

I scored me a 78 percent. Thing is, they didn't have words like po-boy or daiquiri place (for the drive-thru, a true New Orleanian would only know). If they had any of the above I would be off the charts for sure.

You know, when all of these Democrats announced their bid for the presidency, I was annoyed, because it was too distracting, we need two or three (max) candidates to choose from, as opposed to 20 people who don't have a chance, with tons of infighting. Then Nader announced, which got me to revisit the subject. Finally I came to my senses and realized, DUH, this is what it's all about.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

If Mike is the most Dixie and Zach the most Yankee...the test has GOT to be wrong.

It started with the laptop and continued with my mobile phone. In the near future, I will be one of the iPod People. Now I have realized it's easier for me to read the New York Times online - I plunked down $6.98 for a NYT Sunday edition, remembering the way it would last me a week...oh yeah, in households without constant distractions and people who "neaten up" by dumping the paper in the recycling bin on Monday, not to mention the disappearance of the magazine for sake of the crossword puzzle. Goodbye paper, hello future. From now on, I riffle through the NYT Sunday only in the bookstore dreams.

I scored 44%, making me, I guess, a yankee. I was so horrified I click it several more times until it finally read:

100% (Dixie). Is General Lee your father?

I feel so much better now.

i'm 62% dixie by the quiz... but i'm 100% dixie in my heart.
maybe i'll move with Disband to Athens, GA.
feeling depressed. hope to snap out of it soon.

The Yankee or Dixie? dialect quiz - I want to see your scores because I got 65% Dixie "A definitive Southern score!" wtf? I say soda, frosting, and sneakers!

Happy Mardi Gras kids.

Funny Weez that you should ask what I am giving up. Some friends and I were in the midst of discussing what we were giving up. My friend Christine turns to me and says, "Angie, I think you should give up cursing." Without skipping a beat I said, "And Christine, I think you should kiss my ass."

Back to the question: I'm giving up obsessing over buzzing gnats. I considered giving up sweets but I've just been too stressed out. I also want to go to the gym more and eat more veggies. But if I try to do all the above, I'm likely to have a piss poor Lent.

Monday, February 23, 2004

It is traditional during gnat season to eat gnats in as many ways as possible. Not so much voluntarily as with a sense of resignation. I made a chocolate cake for my sisters birthday with this in mind...extra, involuntary protein contributions.

I'd give up gnats for Lent. Angie, what are you giving up this year?

Flageolet is a fancy French way to say "kidney bean." Granted, it's a tiny white French kidney bean.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Mike, what the hell are Flageolets? Also I've never seen ceviche spelled with an "s." P.S. You owuld have been pleased I ragged the shit out of a guy who was hopping on the Yanks bandwagon.

So Tues. would be Mardi Gras Day. There is this bash with a zydeco band that night. I totally planned on attending. Then I learned that Mr. Nader will not only be on campus but he announced his bid for the White House this morning during his Meet the Press interview. So much for my idea of a fun Mardi Gras!

Played softball for the first time in months this afternoon. It was a great day because we had good weather, and we played another team with a sense of huimor.....

Friday, February 20, 2004

Reading that menu made me so hungry. Who knew tiny veal meatballs made such good conversation. New photos up at the photoblog from my freeze things in ice cube trays and then take their photo series. More to come later in the week. Zach, I have my dollar and CD to mail, but I forgot it at work. Monday - it's coming your way.

I have just found out that has menus for restaurants in Seattle, DC, NYC, Boston, SF, and Chicago. For example, the menu for Republic in Union Square, where I had items number 11 and 14. And if you want to know what Mike F has to memorize, check out the menu for Sonsie. How tiny are the Tiny Veal Meatballs, Mike?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

lessons i've learned this weekend...

1. don't freak out on your cat when she gifts you with a dead mouse in your shoe. she will feel sad and upset, she will not understand why you are freaking out.
2. maybe it's better to not live alone. or at least maybe it's better to not be single. or at least maybe it's better that you get to know your neighbors better so that when it comes time to dispose of said mouse (or maybe it's a baby rat, but we'll just keep saying mouse), that this other roomate/boyfriend/neighbor can do it for you.
3. disposing of a dead mouse is a most horrifying experience. especially if you're a wuss girl like me.
there are more lessons, i think. maybe i'll add them later when i remember them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I haven't gotten anything from anyone yet. I'm on it when the packages arrive.

It is gnat season. Gnasty ghastly little things.

Have we all sent our song submissions and cash donations to Zach (hint, hint)?

Last night went out to celebrate my big 2-8. It was the strangest thing, I ran into an ex there. I hadn't seen him in about two years, and things were left pretty shaky. Anyways, I have a strategy that I use when running into ex's. Not that any of you are asking but here's my counsel:

Always maintain a position of strength. Hope like hell that you spot the ex first. When you do, gather your thoughts. If you spot him the same time he sees you, gather thoughts as you walk toward him or vice versa. All you need is one coherent, light soundbyte (a few sentences). Example: Hey, how are you? I thought that you would have moved back to Boston by this point. I see that something keeps you in Houston? That's great to hear.

You'll never going to effectively pour your heart out during an off chance meeting. Don't even try to start in on what went wrong, how his life is shit without yours, etc. If you do, you violate the above (maintain position of strength), and you end up coming across as the whiny titty baby. Not a good thing.

It's OK to be weak, just don't let him see it. Calmly walk over with your coherent thought/sentences. It doesn't matter if everything else that comes out of your mouth is gibberish, all he'll remember is the one coherent thought. After the small talk, kindly wish him well -- it's best to keep it short and sweet. A quick, flashy smile is a great plus but if you don't have it in you no worries. He's probably shitting on himself trying to take it all in.

If you feel like you're about to lose it, excuse yourself and calmly head to the car/bathroom/or whatever readily available escape route you can find. Release there, but not in front of him, remember, position of strength.

More notes: Generally people are reluctant to face awkward situations. It's much easier to duck out of it entirely. My philosophy is to grab it by the balls, deal with it and call it a day. It's the same way professionally. I've had a few work run ins, where a person has gone behind my back and tried to rat me out and shit. It's amazing, ADULTS acting like kids. And to have them think that I'm just going to roll over and take? WTF?????????

Monday, February 16, 2004

For Valentine's Day, after dinner, we headed to a bar with some friends. The bar was hosting a Valentine's poem contest. I was a finalist with this one that I wrote for my friend Dan to read.

There once was a bitter day called Valentine's
Spent eating chalky candy, wondering who'll be mine
Maybe I should head to Nantucket
I hear there's this thing with a bucket
Instead, I'm in a smokey bar, looking for a good time

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Z, forget NYC. You are my valentine this year.

i would.
of course i'm kidding! as i was standing in line at Whole Foods for the third time today, i was thinking of some stupid shit too, which i'll share in a moment. but then i immediately thought, "man... if only zach and i had each other again." dude... we're a match made in heaven. i miss you.
so, the stupid shit i was thinking about in line was due to the people in front of me. actually, there was one person in front of me, and a mushy couple with a cute kid in front of him. the boy in front of me blocked my view of the couple (which is good, cuz i was TOTALLY staring). the couple was a brown dude and a white girl. a hot brown dude. now... i'm sure in the last three years on this very forum i've probably said how i could never picture myself with another indian fella. or how they all suck, cuz they're all stuck up and obnoxious and total capatialists. i'm dead wrong. i didn't know that urban area's would be soooo different. in philly, i'm yet to actually meet a hot brown dude. but i see them occasionally, and they're always with one of cutest, skinniest, indie rock white girls in town. so i'm standing in line, and i'm thinking, "what if he'd met me first?" dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. someone please come smack me upside the head. then i think " 'd.c. motocycle hottie' would totally pick that girl over me." that's a pretty true statement i think, but it's still stupid shit to think about.

there's a bunch more stupid shit too... but i won't bore your pants off with any of it. but i'm at home instead of hanging out with "fourty." i think i sabatoged it.
crappy crapentines, stinky stinkentines, and f'in f'ntines to you all. i love you.

Zachary, I'm with you. If we ever live in the same city, we can set up date nights. I'll even make a veggie-friendly meal just for you (that's a huge deal for me, being the meat lover that I am). We can stuff our faces, download music and sing to them all night, you can kick my ass in Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, go on a road trip to visit other Lake Effectors, make fun of the horrid Beach Boys performance during the NBA All-Star show, you can tell me how cute I look in my new pink floral skirt, and most importantly we can go on wee hours ice cream runs.

I highly recommend arming youself with lots and lots of players to fill your team. I've got a few guys on the bench, one of them about to be sent back to the minors due to poor performance. One reservist was sweet enough to mail me an early b-day card (even though he has a g-friend), the other is taking me out for Korean next week.

In any case, you can count on me to be your starter. I don't think that the rest of the women on this here blog would protest if you put them into the rotation.

Friday, February 13, 2004

This year, New York City gets my valentine.

It's 5:30 am and I cannot get back to sleep. I've been worrying myself over some stupid shit. All signs indicate that John's girlfriend lives here fulltime now. Being the only person in our house without a girlfriend's house to hide out at, I'm especially sensitive to this. No one else seems to care as much as me, which makes me feel both lonely and obsessive.

I can't believe I'm awake at 5am worrying about it.

It's 5:30 am and I cannot get back to sleep. I've been worrying myself over some stupid shit. All signs indicate that John's girlfriend lives here fulltime now. Being the only person in our house without a girlfriend's house to hide out at, I'm especially sensitive to this. No one else seems to care as much as me, which makes me feel both lonely and obsessive.

I can't believe I'm awake at 5am worrying about it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My international one SUCKS but the national one is not so bad, nearly 50 percent of the states. It helps that my family drove from NOLA to NYC when I was a kid.

Steph, I LOVED your photoblog. My fav is the one with the spoons. I sure could use some gardening tips. Not sure how "traditional" your friends are but I would totally be down for Lucky Changs -- a sort of Asian/Creole fusion place with transvestite waiters. I've also yet to do a swamp tour and a cemetary tour. What kind of stuff are you looking for?

This weekend I went to the local Baseball Writers' Assoc. of America annual dinner. Clemens, Pettitte, a bunch of Texas little leaguers who made it to the little league world series, some players from Rice (the national baseball champs) were there.

Sun. night I tried going through CD's to figure out what songs I wanted, but it seems that all my songs are from the same genre. I have to think about it some more.

Other than that, still trying to improve myself and the world around me, little by little. I don't feel like I've made that much of a difference as of late. You know the deal, you get so busy doing other things, it's hard to keep up with big picture issues. Then there are the questions of 1. what are your big issues and 2. what are you willing to sacrafice for them?

Angie and Shelly - I'm looking to you. I'll be in New Orleans in March for a bridal/bachelorrette party thing. And since it's been a decade since I've lived there - do you have any suggestions for places to go? I plan on asking my family but if you guys have any cool ideas... None of the girls are from New Orleans (though the groom is). So touristy is fine. I think we'll be staying in the Quarter, but don't know where yet.

New photo at the photoblog shot through a kaleidoscope lens.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

After planting this weekend, my garden now has parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme growing together.
Zach - I burned a 4 song CD last night, I just need to mail it and $ to you.

The visited states map isn't working for me. Even though I was honest and didn't include states in which I have seen only the interior of the airport...hmm, do states I have only driven through count?

create your own visited country map

Monday, February 09, 2004

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

My countries map would be lame. US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.

check it out! toys.

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

Sunday, February 08, 2004

If I had to live in New York, I'd live in Astoria. Seattle, Portland, you are still the lovers I run to. Bloomington, you will always be the sweetheart I send flowers to. London is forever the my first love. But Astoria is becoming the one I wasn't looking for, the flirtation that I thought was harmless.

Stephanie, I love the pears. Gahjus!

I think "during the winter, the weather clears up stormy" is our theme.
I put up a new pear shot on my photoblog.

um. maybe i'm not paying attention, and maybe i really can't read... but did we pick a final theme yet?

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Send them to me. Stick a dollar in there to help me with the postage when I send em back. I'll make covers and everything.

717 Mayflower dr
Greensboro, NC 27403

Or, for added convience, those of you without cd burning technologies (or without time to fool with it) can email me a list of your songs and I will Kazaa them (or something.) Thus, eliminating the post office from the equation.

Don't shoot me but my CD burner is temporarily out of service. Need to get it fixed, so I won't be able to mix the Lake Effect CD. I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to see if someone will burn the songs that I want to contribute. Can someone else pick up the slack???? Puleeeeeeeeeeeeze.........

More later....

Thursday, February 05, 2004

My boat was blue with a gold sail (hemp/silk that I had dyed with saffron). That ship has sailed off to points unknown. I think I'll build a new boat for further Lake Effect voyaging. The past couple of years of my Lake Effect travels have been especially fruitful, I think. Once I have a place of my own, you people have to start visiting me for a change.

Tiberius was a good rat, and will be missed.

dumb stuff to do at work: While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot slightly off the floor and make clockwise circles with your foot. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction..... counter clockwise... you won't be able to control it.

Hey kids. Realized the other night that I have failed to confess something to the Lake Effectors. Here it goes....

Over the winter break, yours truly rode in a bonna fide 18-wheeler. I have pictures and everything. Afterwards a friend of mine says to me, "Angie, I never realized you had so much red neck in you...." What can I say, there are little surprises every where you look.

I'm so addicted to History Channel International -- World Timeline, History Traveler, Ancient Almanac, World Conflict. I've watched shows about Columbia drug cartels and the Chinese mafia, ancient Roman port towns, Three Gorges Damn, Great Wall, Last Emperor (Chinese), Roman Cesars and Emperors, you name it. That is one cool freakin' station. If I'm not watching that I am listening to DirectTV radio. Oh I love the West Wing re-runs on Bravo as well. Not sure how I lived w/out satellite TV for this long. There is no going back!

I just took a "which Olson twin do you favor" test. Apparently I'm an Ashley.

I have jury duty on Monday and for the first time I do not have an excuse to get out of it. I wonder if I will get picked.

to clear up a bit of confusion, the italics from my previous post were from a november 2002 post and not written by me.

Angie - I'll try and send you a four song CD next week with the Lake Effect theme.
I just went online to the President Match website, and I'm 100% match with John Kerry. How nice.
I took my first gardening class last night - I'm going to try and hunt down something called "Thunder Dirt" this weekend to lay in some raised beds for flowers and veggies. (which makes me wish for a truck)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Re: perfect childbearing hips. I also have insane difficulties finding jeans. I finally found the Levis I like are being made again after 6 years, though apparently not in my perfect size, in a size which is close. I need to buy 5 pairs. I also have run across several places online, which make custom jeans and pants, but probably, just finding a local tailor would be easier. I need to pull out all my half finished clothing experiments and get them done. I want to wear my uterus skirt with my mustache dissection man t-shirt to the erotic art show where two of my paintings are showing on Friday.

I don't buy a lot of music, so the things in my cd player are usually things from the library or obtained from recommendations of friends. I’m down for a cd burn off trade off. I don't have an operable burner but I should be able to get access to one. I could do a "slap yo mamma" or "in the winter..." theme.

Did I tell ya'll about playing played Isaac Newton’s bitter ex-girlfriend in a video that should be teaching high school kids the laws of motion? I remember how ruthlessly I ridiculed every educational video I was ever shown, so I’m fully prepared to be a punch line now.

If I had money for frivolity I would be on a plane immediately. I have a travel bug SO bad. I did just purchase a plane ticket for New Orleans for Stacey A's wedding which is also a jazz fest weekend...

The origin of the name Lake Effect is not super specific. Before starting this blog, Zach and I talked about ways of connecting and staying connected with people we cared about. I think I was already in Seattle, and for maybe the third time finding myself in a new community and struggling to meet people, the kind of people I wanted to know. People thinking and looking and making things and doing things. I realized some of the friends I’d made are even more precious than I realized, because they are hard to find, and I’m bad about keeping in touch. In my head I imagined some sort of vague scrawled image of a map with the criss crossing lines of how we were connected, where we'd been, where we were. (There are so many more cross-hatchings on that map three years later!) and all of these places were sort of defined in my mind by the bodies of water framing them. My experiences of ~where I am~ always relate in my head to the water nearby. East of Lake Ponchatrain at the delta of the Mississippi in the last outpost of civilization before we’re all washed away into the warm murky Gulf of Mexico. Walking along the Arno in front of the Church of San Miniato al Monte, then under a lunar eclipse by the ever so poetic Tar River, downwind of the Mississippi again ever so briefly, and now in the crook of the chilly embrace of the Puget sound and the Pacific Ocean. It is something beyond merely physical location. For my sanity I realized I could only live in places near Big Water. People either immediately understand that or don’t. It is something like being grounded, but not with ground. I wanted to keep the people in my life who are constant and in motion. And I wanted to keep people around who ground me and inspire me that way. I don’t remember if lake effect pre or post dates JT’s birthday boats. I think the boats came first. But I imagine each of us casting our boats out into the water and those invisible lines scrawled on an imaginary map drawing them homeward or pulling them onward to a journey both familiar and unfamiliar. So back to the name. …It has a nice assonance or iambic rhythm, or something don’t you think? And JT was planted in the middle of the actual Lake Effect, that weird meteorological phenomenon where a mass of clouds occur because of the vast temperature difference between the air and the water and excess amounts of snow result.
I wanted us to be that to each other. If that makes any sense to you at all, it might seem like rather a tall order, which is why I never articulated it before. There was a song I used to be quite fond of, with a line, ”And the embers never fade in the city by the lake
The place where you were born…”

Remember this Lake Effect moment?
Does Lake Effect have a manifesto, it seems like any one of you could write one. I mean everyone should, maybe this is a lake effect manifesto. Maybe I'm writing a Lake Effect manifesto right now. Maybe right now you're reading a Lake Effect manifesto, maybe every post is a Lake Effect manifesto, how does it make you feel, does it make you feel. All Lake Effectors feel. Lake Effectors make it snow, Lake Effectors are snow, light, massive, individual, downward flowing notions of upwardness, ascendant, weightless and heavy, relentless and fluffy. Forces of nature and circumstance, a combination of Geographical and Geothermal conditions. Moisture and Air, Currents and Luck . It snowed here for two days straight, which lake effector did that. Nothing stuck. Nothing sticks anymore. Lake Effectors always stick. It's about our stickyness, how we accumulate. Lake Effectors exact change, Lake Effectors have exact change. Lake Effectors pay in exact change, when they can. I'm trying, I'm trying,

If I could have Superchunk or dirty 3 play at a party. I would probably choose Superchunk cause it would seem more fun. Mary would flip though if I got Dirty Three. Maye we could convince the Tren Brothers to play instead and leave that drunk violin player at home. Though if I were going to choose any performer from scratch I might choose to fly mike west right up from Louisiana right now, cause most of my other favorite bands are broken up. I don’t know if I ever told the story about going to the Dirty Three show and meeting Mick Turner?
I went to see the Shins with like minded individuals instead of watching the superbowl and the Mates of State were watching right next to me. The Shins were the best pop band I’ve seen in quite a while. Maybe they could play my birthday party. In spite of my best intentions, we did happen to be near a tv in time to see when Janet Jackson showed off her jewelry.

Other things going on right now… I started physical therapy (again) for my neck and for my knee, which they think (duh!) are related problems. I need to find ways to do the exercises they’re prescribing for home, because most of them presume that I have large expanses of wall and floor space to lean against or lie on and flop around.

My little rat Tiberius died last night after a week or so of being under the weather. Not much else to say about that but he was a sweet cranky little rat who parted his blonde hair down the middle and I’ll miss him climbing up onto my shoulder and riding around.

>who is talk talk?

Talk Talk is a synth-rock band from the 80s who started out sounding like Depeche Mode or New Order. By the end of their career, however, they had transformed themselves into something else entirely. There late albums are both acoustic-based and jazzy. Very cool band. They wrote "Its My Life," which No Doubt covers (very well) on their new greatest hits album.

>remind me who discount is.

Discount is an excellent pop-punk band from Florida. The singer is now in a horrible band called The Kills.

>please? if you had to chose between one of the following to have a private rock show for you and 10 of your nearest and dearest friends, who would it be: a. superchunk, b. dirty three or c. hootie

I imagine my friends would enjoy Superchunk more. And probably so would I. But, Hootie would be fun too. Dirty Three are boring live. And I imagine they'd trash our party.

>and the last question i have for you is why did you tell people you have Ida in your CD player instead of Hootie?

I like Ida and they are in my cd player. Plus, as much as I like Hootie, I don't have any Hootie on CD. I should probably fix that.

>** which reminds me, a burning question i've had for around three years now, but was always too scared to ask. how did we end up with the name "Lake Effect?" is this a really stupid question with an obvious answer? oh god, i hope not.

Shelly chose it, so she can weigh in on where she heard the phrase. When the blog was just she and I, she was using it as a dummy title. I suggested we keep it, she agreed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

That theme is so freakin' obvious, yes I LOVE it. Steph thanks for being so on the ball!

Anyone heard from JT recently?

Tonight I ran a mile or so, did some arm exercises then took an ab class. I'm going to be feeling the shit in about two days. What the hell was I thinking???

I'm feeling a bit overwhelemd myself. Just scheduling lots of things all at once. I can't help myself, this is who I am. Every once in a while though I freak myself out.

Holy shit, it looks like Dean might get swept yet once again. Wow. I need to do more reading on Kerry. I kinda like Edwards though. The little that I've heard makes sense. I want Clark to win at least one state though, because I'm weird like that.

oh where to even begin?

** zm. your music list is intimidating. and it makes me cry because i have been so out of the loop music-wise for too long. maybe the name rocknrollupma is not valid any longer. questions i have for you, who is talk talk? that's a great name. remind me who discount is. please? if you had to chose between one of the following to have a private rock show for you and 10 of your nearest and dearest friends, who would it be: a. superchunk, b. dirty three or c. hootie
and the last question i have for you is why did you tell people you have Ida in your CD player instead of Hootie?

**as far as mixed CD lake effect project. sounds awesome. i like the "during the winter, the weather clears up stormy." idea too. seems appropriate.

** which reminds me, a burning question i've had for around three years now, but was always too scared to ask. how did we end up with the name "Lake Effect?" is this a really stupid question with an obvious answer? oh god, i hope not.

** i had the best birthday party ever this past saturday. in fact. i've had the best birthday ever for the past 2 weeks. my 'rents came down the weekend before my birthday, it was real nice. we went to a turkish restaurant for lunch, and my fave thai restaurant for dinner. then on my birthday, i went out on a first date with this dude who i think might be kinda a local celeb, but i'm not completely sure yet... anyway, i don't wanna talk about it more than that. i think he's pretty hot. oh. and he's fourty. then, tuesday my friend had a birthday dessert party for me, i got sung to. thurs kainui got here. saturday i had my party. it was awesome. and i got compliments on the food all night long. and then yesterday, monday night, we had a chocolate fondue party. with my new fondue pot. it was fun and yum. (steph!! come over!!) kainui left earlier today. it's too quiet in here now.

** too many boys and men and on my plate again. feeling overwhelmed. trying to be cas. it'll all get figured out eventually.

** too many projects on my plate too. but i like it. i'm kind of a wrok a holic, you might not know that about me. but, it's true.

Frivolity: A few years ago, I longed for a bias tape maker (a little gadget that helps you fold strips of fabric so you can use them for edging and stuff). I would stare at it in the fabric store and walk away. Too frivolous. Too pricy. A few weeks ago, after ransacking the remnants section for material to make my new monster bag with, I saw the bias tape maker again. The pricetag on this frivolous little item? $4.80. I bought the damn thing.

"during the winter, the weather clears up stormy" - how's that for a theme?

Monday, February 02, 2004

Angie - I like your idea. I can send you four songs. But I think we need a theme. Here are some suggestions
1) songs about winter
2) our top four favorite songs right now
3) songs about lakes (though this might be hard)
4) four songs we like that came out this past year
5) other suggestions....