Thursday, December 30, 2004

have any of you ever eaten at a moroccan restaurant? you have to, i deem it so. if there's not one in your neighborhood, please come to mine. i have two. i took my boy last night for his invited a few of his close friends. it was awesome.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Upma, don't ugh until you try it. Although I notice Z didn't specify a brand of mustard. I suspect French's is more likely than the jar of gourmet organic white mustard in my fridge. And I must say I think an entire bottle is a bit excessive, but we are talking about the guy who eats Veganaise with a spoon.

Reading the NYTimes Magazine online just isn't the same, but I think I've already mentioned the issues I run into when bringing it home. Oh, wait, I could take it to the house I'm housesitting! Must check the bookstore tomorrow to see if they still have copies.

Xmas was fine. We had it at my sister's house for the first time. 20 minutes before the turkey was done and 30 minutes before our parents arrived, I opened a bottle of red wine (Frey Organic 2003 Mendocino Syrah). A muscular, robust wine. Half a bottle later, my inner Grinch shut up. It didn't go away, but it did manage to keep its big fat mouth shut, which was quite nice. I had a little nap after the feed and my parents left before the Grinch regained complete conciousness. I'm pretty horrified that I resorted to alcohol to keep myself from having a blowout with my mother, but it's better than being ridiculous and ruining the holidays. And I could think of it as getting ready. I'm going to meet up this week with My Fashion Consultant, who is home for the holiday - we will have a nice little lunch at Mariposa (the lovely restaurant in Neiman Marcus), with cocktails, and then tipsy-toe our way over to Diesel where she will hand me two pair of jeans and I will hand over the Diesel gift card I got for Xmas, along with most of a paycheck (let us all keep in mind that my paychecks are quite small).

My mother, dipping fried potatoes into the butter dish, drinking coffee at 8:00 pm, and watching Dr Zhivago, informed me that you can do whatever you want after turning 60. I dunno about that, but when I turn 80, I'm gonna have Brandy Alexanders and Nat Sherman cigarettes for breakfast. Write that down in your datebook - on my 80th, bring me cigarettes.

Must also note that my mother commented that she hasn't read Dr Zhivago in a long time, but doesn't remember it being all adultery. I watched one scene just because I'd caught a glimpse of a red fingerless glove on Keira Knightley's left hand and I think it had cables and I wanted to see it again dammit but no.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

n.a.s.t.y. naaaassssteeeee. gross.
maybe remove the cheetos, and i'll change my mind.

zach, i would love to make a scrabble date with you... this last week of '04 might be tough, but i bet there's plenty of possibilities in '05!!

this was a nice, quiet, low-key, non-celebrating, relatively stress-free christmas. how about yours?

Friday, December 24, 2004

Z, your Chefrito casserole is only gross because it is missing a crucial ingredient: a can of chili or sloppy joe is the first layer. Vegetarian if you must. And you don't really bake it, just heat it through - don't want the Cheetos and Fritos getting soggy!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm sorry I missed you last night, Upma. I would have had fun playing Scrabble with you. We should make a date to do that again soon.

Yesterday, I convinced Yoe that one of my favorite foods was a thing I invented called Chefrito casserole. Chefrito casserole, if you want the recipe, is this: one bag of Cheetos, one bag of Fritos, and a bottle of mustard. Smash the Cheetos and the Fritos together, cover in mustard, and bake. Yoe was absolutely horrified and I had
to swear to her that I'd never actually eaten such a thing.

Things are still good-ish, getting better-ish. Who wants a hug? I'm giving em out!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

i'm bored out of my mind. i have nothing interesting to say. someone wanna play online scrabble with me later tonight? please?

Monday, December 20, 2004

I had to go to the mall yesterday. I had to go because my youngest sister's dance academy was doing a holiday performance at the mall. She was good, even when I could tell that her smile was fake after her partner grabbed her too hard around the ribs (the stage was a bit slippery and it would have been worse for him to drop her). Our mother, bless her, made sure that other families were roped into watching too. One of our mother's friends has two sons about my sister's age. One of them - the one with indie rock hair, huge lip ring, and skinny black jeans - had a Xmas gift for my sister (manga book). He gave it to me to give to her and disappeared. When I gave it to her, she glanced at it, said "oh I have that one already" and shoved it in her bag. When did she get old enough to break emo boys into little pieces? He'd stuck two Yugioh cards into the book, and I'll bet my striped wristbands the cards and pages the cards are in have special meaning. Hopefully she was just playing it cool. Otherwise, I'm going to have to throttle her. Boys will not always find items you like and think to give them to you. Even if you are not into the boy, appreciate it dammit!

This year, handmade holiday gifts are strictly of the "because I missed your birthday/haven't called you in months/haven't seen you in years" variety, and will have to wait for completion until mid-January. Photos will be posted then.

Steph, I love the photos of the lights. I think the floating Santas are my favorite - I didn't catch on that they were Santas right away; looked more like alien heads. Hee!

Zach, happy birthday!
Happy Holidays to everyone as well. Kanui - I want to know all the super cool homemade presents you've been making.
We just celebrated Hanukahmas. (I received one gift for each of the senses and Ted got presents in black or white). We also just got back from Vegas with 18 friends. (no marriages). Since only one ninth of those people gamble, the rest of us went to see celebrity impersonators, lounge about the spa, haunt the piano bar at the Bellagio, eat from a few bad buffets and learn the secrets of King Tut's tomb. But it's so nice to be back in smoke-free and quiet Austin. Vegas is all flash and jangle. (and as my grad school friend pointed out, everything new there is an imitation of something else). Tomorrow we head to Michigan for more Holiday stuff. But Shelly and Angie - I'm looking forward to seeing you both at the reunion this weekend. Og snoclaf.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Z, happy birthday to you...and what sort of crowd are you running with these days?!

A friend of mine called me, frantic because he and his wife are giving birth next month and they don't have a list of names. I like Olivia, Lily, and Isabel. Any suggestions?

My Evening
A short play by Zachary Mull

Act one:

Edward McKay, evening

Yoe is talking to hippy with a beard and no
moustache and a rainbow colored tam. He exits.

Z: Was that your brother?
Yoe: Yeah.
Z: What's his name?
Yoe: Adam.
Z: Adam Yoe. That sounds familiar.
Yoe: He's not my real brother. We were
spiritually bonded by a shaman.
Z: oh.

Act two:

Outside of Edward McKay.

Yoe is discussing being a young lesbian in Alabama.

Yoe: I got attacked on the street once.
Z: Jesus, Yoe, that's awful.
Yoe: Me and the guy who attacked me ended up in
the same floor in the hospital. I think the cops
should have seperated us better.
Z: You put him in the hospital? What do you do?
Yoe: I stabbed him.
Z: Well... I guess sometimes you just have to stab
a motherfucker.
Yoe: I'm such a pushover. I didn't even press


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Kainui - I saw the new Stitch n Bitch today, finally. Pretty awesome. I'm totally excited for you. What's the stuff you're talking about with the stitching blog? I may have missed something key to finding your stuff on that site, so fill me in.

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. It was nice.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

cool, maybe, but I could do without the exciting. Makes my tummy all yucky.

That is so cool and exciting.

My pattern over at Knitty has been getting more attention than I thought it would - the Knitty Blog has the direct links. I keep telling myself it will blow over and be forgotten by the end of the year so that I can check my email fearlessly. As a regular reader of BoingBoing, having my work show up there is kind of surreal. Can anything be kind of surreal, come to think of it? No, huh? It's surreal or it's not, right?

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Z: I feel your pain, I am about as impatient as they come. I should also add bossy and opinionated!

Here are my additions to the top 100 list, though I don't know what number I should start with:
26. go on exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of presidential libraries.
27. request that the visiting fan not get the home fan's ass kicked at Fenway.
28. slip back into accents from back home.
29. share pecan pie while waiting for the bus.
30. arrange and go on phone dates.
31. exchange music.
32. compare hidden treasures from our tote bags.
33. eat crawfish monica in the rain.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I am an impatient person. It's an unfortune character flaw. The last few days have been long and frustrating. Work has been slow for me. (Actually, the store has been very busy, but it's mostly text buy-back, which I don't do, so I have nothing to do but sit around.) And our album art is taking forever to finish. I'm pulling my hair out over this thing. On top of that, I've been talking to a girl that I could really enjoy talking to a lot more, but you know how it goes. Everything is testing the waters. We're both nervous about stepping out. Slow, slow, slow. But, I like this girl a whole lot for someone I don't actually know that well. So, I'm applying every bit of the drops of knowledge I have about this stuff, and feeling, with some surprise, that I might come out on top this time. (Funny story, I guess. I asked her out two years ago, in the most awkward, awful, full on geek way possible, but nothing came of it. No scene or anything, no crash and burn. She moved away really soon after that. At the time, I just assumed that she wasn't interested, but who knows. Maybe it was the move. She's back, now. We're going to get pumpkin squares on my birthday. I hope.)

I'm getting out. Taking long walks. Eating leafy greens. Better and better.

Shelly, I know your internet access has been less than good lately, and I am going to call you when it is not an ungodly hour and I'm kind of coherent (which will happen sometime this week I hope). I just wanted to be sure I remembered to tell you that the Womb doll is all your fault. Okay, maybe not entirely, but you had a lot to do with the concept and with my getting it done instead of just talking about it. Maybe I should start working on the Virgin Mary that lactates on the congregation already.

Monday, December 06, 2004

17. S.H.E.L.L.Y.: Synthetic Humanoid Engineered for Learning and Logical Yardwork
18. Machine Invented for Killing effectively and fighting
19. A.N.G.I.E.: Artificial Networked Galactic Infiltration Entity
20. J.T.: Journeying Technician
21. S.T.E.P.H.: Synthetic Troubleshooting and Efficient Peacekeeping Humanoid
22. U.P.M.A.: Unit Programmed for Mathematics and Assassination
23. L.O.U.I.S.E.: Lifelike Obedient Unit Intended for Sabotage and Exploration
24. Z.A.C.H.: Zealous Assassination and Calculation Humanoid
25. Pink cauliflower = red cabbage coleslaw

Sunday, December 05, 2004

If you want to play One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others, check out the Winter issue of Knitty and see what I got up to in Seattle (it's in the patterns section).

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Shelly may want to skip the following paragraph.

Traffic on the way home from work was bad enough. Can you think of what could make it worse? Rain? No, rain does not make it bad. I like rain. Except it means having to keep the windows rolled up. Which is not bad, because the air con is fixed. But the air con doesn't do anything about THE DEAD STINK. The car was parked out in the sun today while I was at work, and when I opened the door, I got a definite whiff of eau de corpse. I attempted to distract myself from the stink by imagining an episode of CSI starring said rodent corpse. I cannot find the corpse. It's like an Easter egg hunt I don't really want to win. Daddy is not bailing me out on this one.

December is apparently List of 100 Things About Me month in blog-land. Rather than go back outside with a flashlight to keep hunting, I'm going to start on a 100 Things Lake Effectors Do (Especially Together) list. Shelly might want to skip this entire post, come to think of it.

1. Call from mobile phones in random places
2. Play Scrabble
3. Bake cupcakes for decorating
4. Create mountains of food
5. Pick shredded lettuce out of your water glass
6. Play "spot the Iron Chef" at a bar
7. Throw wild birthday bashes
8. Discuss bookstore aromas
9. Discuss fried chicken and fried chicken recipes
10. Go get Oprah's favorite fried chicken
11. Sit on a park bench and have all the Rocky movie synopses explained
12. Give each other fuzzy blue earmuffs
13. Eat cakes with babies baked into them
14. Watch Garrison play
15. Go to NYC

laptop battery needs recharging. Feel free to add to the list.

ooooo. won't you elaborate? good times!

I know its a bad sign when you think good times are the exception and bad times are the norm. But, I've been happy just to be lately. There are some pleasant prospects on the horizon in a number of areas. There is a skip in my step.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

today was world AIDS day, happy december and most importantly big ups to mike f for having another birthday.