Friday, April 30, 2004

I got a wisdom tooth removed yesterday, so I'm a bit of a chipmunk now.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

i found out that rats could kill cats. i’m glad i don’t have rats.

we never really discussed anything about the apprentice. anyone still got any thoughts?

i take my coffee with one sugar and skim milk, unless the only choice is half and half. i take my tea black, with sugar. i do not like these fruit tea concoctions, not an herbal tea fan either. i like green tea ok. black tea is the only totally legit tea in my book. (it’s the imperialists).

i have a lot words and phrases i make up. i cannot think of any specifically at the moment, they kind of just come out spontaneously. one old phrase that i know i want to use more of: “the bees knees.” what does that really mean though? where does it come from?

oh yes. re: shelly’s post. the part where you say that you won’t support a president who doesn’t believe in such and such and so and so… yes. what i don’t understand is this… if all the liberals hate kerry so much… why not look to one of the third candidates?

i couldn’t go to the green party caucuses last weekend because i had too much else to do, but if i could have, i would have put my support in for david cobb.

working on: post production of local politics doc, planning of south asian screening series (philly sass) to be held in october, pre-production of south asian doc, pre-production of another short film, and brainstorming about what craziness to do during super 8/handprocessing workshop next weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My brain hurts. I had to rewrite one of the knitting patterns (realized I'd somehow managed to introduce a chaos sequence in the first third of the pattern while knitting the sample), which will teach me to mind my p's and k's. This while taking anatomy from a different angle than the anatomy I took at university. Back then, it was all about reassembling skulls and being able to ID sex and age. Now I have to know about joint movements and muscle attachments. Yes dear, I'm gazing deep into your eyes and thinking "frontal parietal temporal occipital C2 C7 scapula clavicle sternum." The med students at the coffee shop are helpful, as is the Anatomy Coloring Book.

We had a section on understanding medical terminology. I had waaay too much fun creating new medical terms. Hypermammomegaly, polyrectogenesis, and arectiasis, for starters (excessive breast enlargement, production of multiple rectums, and absence of rectum).

Damn where is everyone?

Stephanie: when I read your last post, I had to catch my breathe, because I read it and thought "SHE PROPOSED TO TED??????" I'm calm now.

My boss of three years turned in his resignation last week. It's sad because he's been a great mentor, but his time to move on has come. I've been busy planning his going away party, which is tonight. Should be a good time, I hope a lot of people show up. He's a huge Letterman fan so we came up with a top 13 list of signs he's not in the office. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Hopefully the graphic designer can make it look purty.

Went home this past weekend. Got me some QT with Shelly at Jazz Fest. Did nothing but eat like shit: softshell crab po-boy, crawfish monica, crawfish beignets, alligator sauce piquante, crawfish bread, strawberry shortcake, mango freeze. Hell I can't even remember everything else. I took my mama with me on Saturday. In addition to her 50th surprise b-day party, it was one of the best times we've had together.

I saw a great film Monday night -- Saigon, USA, about the Vietnamese American immigrant experience. There was a panel discussion afterwards. I love working at a university and finding out about these things.

I wanted a slow week, but looks like not.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

chocolate cake + chocolate pudding + vanilla ice cream. A texture and flavor combination that pleases me a great deal. A bowl of coffee with honey and milk would round it out nicely. On my list of acquisitions; a French latte or chocolate bowl.

So I proposed at work last week that about once a month, the photo folks go around to a few galleries for inspiration/to check out local work that we could use in our books/have a fun fieldtrip away from the office. The first of such trips was yesterday. And let me tell you, when I woke up this morning, I was on fire from the inspiration. Thinking about promo pieces, submissions to galleries, and then I went and shot two rolls of film and prepped some props for more shooting I wanted to do tomorrow. En fuego.
Tonight we go out of town to our friend's nearby ranch. If the weather wasn't so rainy, it would be swimming and hiking and eating. Now, I think it'll just be about the eating.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Anyone else here trying out Gmail?

Between the anatomy/physiology class and rewriting a knitting pattern, my brain feels about ready to pop. Oddly enough, I've also been so energized that I've been taking a short jog around the building during class breaks. Yes, the one who has claimed that running is only when being chased by something so big and ugly that I'm sure I can't kick its ass.

The time-warpiness continues; I stopped in at a coffeeshop that I used to go to the last time I was in school the other day, and ran into a friend from my BA days. Conveniently, he's now a med student, giving me one more person to study anatomy with! Um, wait, that sounded wrong.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

in case you were wondering: 13 going on 30 = cheeeez.a.licious!!! i highly recommend that the girls go see it, and the boys too... with your ladies.

Yesterday I slung my heavy backpack on, kissed my mother on the cheek, and said "I'll see you when I get back from school." Weird time-warpy feeling ensued.

Steph, do you plan to take pictures of soup? I love the flower series, btw.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

for the foodies: I'm taking a soup cooking class tonight: here's what we'll be making/eating:
Chilled Avocado Soup with Spicy Tomato Salsa; Lobster & Sweet Corn Chowder; English Pea Soup with Tarragon Cream; Herbed Salmon Chowder, and Lavender-Scented Peach Blueberry Soup.
Have I mentioned previously that soup is my favorite food?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Antarctica is far away. And very cold.

Monday, April 19, 2004

i know i haven't said a whole lot lately, i've been drowning in work a bit. i have a new music video to show off, but i can't seem to compress it small enough to post it on my site. as soon as there's a solution to that problem, i'll share. it's not the best piece of work, but it's fun. maybe you won't think it's fun. whatever.
anyway, the thing i wanted to say is that i really like this new spring background because it reminds me of heidi, which reminds me of my trip to swizerland, which is one of my favorite places ever. it's peaceful. tranquil. it relaxes me. thanks zach.

Great pics Steph.

Question for the blog: what makes a good book so good? Also name some recent favorites.

For me, it's all about identifying with the character and the vivid descriptions.

Currently I am reading John Irving's "A Prayer for Owen Meany."

The other thing about good books for me. I stay up all hours of the night reading the book. Then I get all gun shy about starting a new one, for fear of wasting that great after-feeling of the good book. I know it sounds silly but it's true.....

Saturday, April 17, 2004

eggs and tulips served up on the photoblog

how's that for spring?

Friday, April 16, 2004

Spring is now reflected on the blog. Get out and dance. Take off your pants. Fill your butt with ants.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Random note: I had the best hummus the other day. They mixed in some all-natural peanut butter in. Sooooo yum!

Mike: take pics. I've got to see this! I get to watch the Rocket pitch on Sunday, given that Jimy doesn't change the pitching rotation any. I swear, my unhealthy obession with baseball is something else!

I hate to ask: how is the CD coming along?

Those cell phone knitted coozies are so freakin' cute. Where are you selling them?
Things in Austin are good - my parents were here this past weekend - we did work on the house, then lots of eating and shopping (how my family typically bonds).

Monday, April 12, 2004

It was a busy, busy weekend.

I planted a huge ass flower bed at the front of my house -- salvia, Echinacea, angel's trumpet, coleus, antique roses, daisies, marigolds, impatients, duranta, hibiscus, ixora, probably a few other things that I am forgetting. I need to take a before picture tomorrow, because I hear that you can tell the difference even a week or two later. Hell my marigolds are already blooming, after less than 48 hours of being put into the ground!!!!

I guess I overcompensated these last few days, because I've been neglectful of house maintenance stuff all fall. My yard looks great though, I'm tres excited. Next weekend I'll have to mow and fertilize though, then we'll be set!

In other Suzie Homemaker news I cooked like a mad woman. I bought this boudin stuffed chicken last month from a meat market about 5 or 10 miles west of Baton Rouge. I finally cooked it, it was yum! Then while I was at the store, I saw that brisket was on sale, so I got me a phat slab of it and made it on Sunday. For sides I made dill carrots, white beans, rice, cucumber salad, and I had a banana cream pie from an awesome pie place in my neighborhood. I'm not a huge carrot person, but steamed with dill, butter and salt is the way to go! Anyhoot I go through spurts. The last time I did hard core cooking was about a month or two ago. Had to make up for lost time!

Oh yes, I went to an organic farmers' market Sat., too. Been meaning to go but never had the chance.

To the NOLA girls, do you listen to music while you work? WWOZ streams live, I like their shows at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST. They are playing "Do you know what it's like to miss New Orleans" right now. I also listen to VH1 Radio, Yahoo Radio, KGSR (Austin). Anyone else have favorites?

Friday, April 09, 2004

Current slang includes:

Honkin' on bobo - which is the name of the new Aerosmith album. Its got to be the dumbest title ever. We use to suggest someone is rocking out in a lame way. For example: "The dude in that band was totally honkin' on bobo!"

Tighten up your flairs - means get your shit together.

Actually, that's all I can think of.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

I got a haircut yesterday and my stylist put in fake hair extensions in blue and yellow-green (the same length as the rest of my hair). The floor around the chair looked like a tropical bird slaughter.

Here are some other slang words that I thought of yesterday:
-- say that five times backwards (when a word is long/confusing/weird)
-- fancy pants
-- who are you? (when I haven't seen someone in a long time)
-- when I say the word "whatever" I imitate Cartman from South Park
-- I often address people as "hooch" or "hoochie"
-- in my morning salutation, I call everyone "sunshine"

I also like giving people nicknames. Some are not so original, some are funny (at least to me). My friends' favorite: I dated a guy named Nick, when things turned south he became Nick the Dick. I also have some names for weenie profs (hey, it helps me get through the day).

I bought this great girlie girl purse. It is so incredibly cute. It's baby pink velvet, showing two girls shopping, then the top part has black and pink boa feathers coming out. If I get tired of the feathers, the purse is reversable, and the inside is black velvet.

Ah yes, ladies and gents, baseball season is in full swing. I'm all up on it!

Mike: what's up with Johnny Damon sporting the Unibomber look? Hell, he had an awesome night yesterday so I guess all is working out for him.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Re: face on the new girl. Angie, I don't know. Personally, the last thing I want to know is who an ex is dating - and living on an island most of my life, I know that I'm bound to run into my ex with a new girlfriend, that I will be nice and smile and meet her, and then I will get as far away as possible. This is doing him a favor too, as quite a few new-girlfriends-of-ex-boyfriends find the tall, pretty, smart, funny, sexy, artistic AND still friendly ex-girlfriend of the new boyfriend something to get whiny about.

Mike, congrats on the Pfork.

Shelly, I have to visit you again soon or you have to come visit me or we have to go somewhere together or something. Of course I have the Schedule From Hell until October (why yes, I do feel trapped).

Hey. Mike F gets a shoutout in today's article about the Evens! The quote him! Go Mike!

Mike: we understand each other.

Question for the blog: why is it that women, in particular, concern themselves with the new person in their ex's lives? One of my friends always wants to paint this picture of her replacement or her friend's replacement. What the hell? Why put a face on the competition? Does it make people feel better to find out she's a super model or even worse a hoochie stank? I think not, it's so much better to just accept the fact that he has moved on. I can't get that through her head.

RE: slang. I make up shit all the time, even worse I still other's people's stuff. As I mentioned, crackah white is my latest thing, and it is an ANGIEISM. Last summer I went around saying that people were not just mad but they were "SOME KINDA MAD." That's an old saying though. Of course slap your mama is the tried and the true. WTF as an abbreviation is fun. Oh my friends laugh a lot when I say that someone has "diarrhea of the mouth" -- no explaination necessary. I pick up lots of things from my visits to small towns or to NOLA, and from "urban" radio stations. Oh 12 year old boys are great to be around, they talk all kinds of mess. pick up lots of stuff working in the newsroom. I'm all about colorful language. Don't forget the hand motions, that just adds to the picture.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Shelly that was a truly amazing post. I hesitate to even write anything after, but it's been such a long time that I've written anything of substance that I feel like a LE slacker.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the BEST movie I have seen all year. That means a lot coming from me, given that it takes a lot for a movie to impress me. I will not say anything more for fear of building someone up for a let down.

My latest phrase? Not white bread, not whitey, not even crackah. No, no, ladies and gents, my phrase is CRACKAH WHITE.

One lesson I'd like to share with all of you. It's a very long, complicated story but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. But we all date -- have date, are dating, plan on dating, etc. My lesson that I learned tonight is STOP PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME. Basically there was a huge miscommunication between a guy and me. We really liked each other but just weren't as upfront with each other as we could have been. Both of us have since moved on, but damn it would have been a lot easier if we stopped playing it so fucking cool early on. Anywhoot, tonight was the first time that I spoke to him in at least three months. We were as honest as honest could be, and I feel like we will be good friends for a long time to come. That means a lot from me, given that I NEVER stay friends with guys I've dated. It's just too complicated and egg-shelly (no offense, Shelly).

One thing that people don't do as much as adults: enjoy the outdoors. I really want to plan a trip this spring/early summer. Canoeing/kayaking would be great. Fishing, horseback riding, hiking would do just as well. We get so caught up in the bullshit that it's hard to appreciate the simplest things in life.

I've decided that Gerber daisies are my favorite flowers. Last summer, it was the cala lily (sp?).

Steph/Zach, do either of you own the new Lyle Lovett? I so want it, I love the title track.

Baseball season is here. The Astros lost their season opener (if I were Jimy I would have left Roy O in, too). Mike I love the Sox and all, but I can't help but smile at the fact that Pedro got mauled. Don't hate me.

I think we all need a good post from JT.

i found broken glass in my cereal

i got 7 new rats which i think crosses the line from being questionable, into definitively "crazy rat lady" territory
nero, camelot, cassius, brutus, coleridge, grumio, marcus and julius are all settling in but rather slowly. check your email for pictures.

saw a documentary about Al Green which was pretty good, but would have been better if the bits of him preaching in his church had been edited a bit more.

saw Dawn of the Dead, Eternal Sunshine of the blah blah blah. both quite good.
was loaned several seasons of sex in the city on dvd. lost hours of my life, but they were sick hours so it is ok.

saw Nancy Pearl of book lust and the archie mcphee library action figure fame speak. i hope i find a job i am that passionate about. we talked briefly afterward and she said i reminded her of her daughter's girlfriend.

one of my friends began undergoing surgery for a sex change. i haven't seen her yet since the surgery. i am having severe problems with pronouns.

i think i forgot to write about seeing the shins a few weeks ago. really really good

i saw x at the emp and they were really good though surprisingly old looking. i mean even more than i expected. exene and john doe traded a sharp remark or two in the second encore (encores are lame. double encores are double lame) and billy zoom mugged for the cell phone cameras. visqueen was ok and unfortunately i missed black panties' set.

going to see gwar in a few weeks.

saw BlöödHag, Doomsday 1999, High Priests of Panic, Book of Black Earth on saturday at 2nd avenue pizza. Anthony caught a ray bradbury book, Jacob caught an isaac assimov book and i caught an ursula k. le guin
Jacob and Anthony got into a conversation about the mentors with Chris, who is now no longer that random guy at all the punk metal shows
i got into a conversation with robot 29 and he recorded my laugh. i was mostly laughing uncomfortably about the inappropriate things he'd say.
seeing shows here reminds me of high school in a mostly good way.

apparently there was a rumor at work that i was pregnant. there was a misunderstanding after a co-worker overheard a conversation about another worker whose name sounds similar. since she was initially keeping the pregnancy secret, the rumor persisted, fueled by the fact that the rumor was made juicier since i am on the world's least likely to breed list. i found out about the rumor and it was rapidly dispelled when said coworker's bun became public knowledge.

i've been given the ok from pt to try out soccer again. thursday will be game three before my check up. so far so good. (update: played 3 games, , so far so good- one played in driving sleet. it must be love.)

my boss is buying me fondue tonight. five hours of overtime with cheese and chocolate can’t be all bad.

in the event that homosexual marriages become legal in washington via court challenges, i’ve already begun preparing. i got ordained by the universal life church, which i think should suffice to the law as “any minister or priest of any church or religious denomination.” the irs seems to recognize the universal life church, and it is one of the few i could find that doesn’t have a doctrinal conflict with atheism. secular humanism is another option that i need to research further. my boss has already approved me taking off of work on short notice to go to city hall and perform marriages, should legalization occur and should the county temporarily waive the regular 3 day waiting period on marriage licenses. i’ve started working out templates for short ceremonies but non-new-age-hokey, non-patriarchal, non-religious templates are a bit difficult to come by.

re: homosexual marriages opening the floodgates...
polygamist marriages: frankly as long as all involved are adults, i don’t care. see below.
minors or animals: there are already laws regarding this in most states.

i think the ideal situation here would be that the state is in no way involved in marriage. a civil contract decided by state but recognized nationwide (via full faith clause) would be recognized that takes care of things like inheritance, social security, transfer of parental rights, decision making & visiting in case of incapacitating illness/ injury etc. “marriage” would be left entirely to churches and the like. since i don’t see that happening, ever, the next best thing in my mind is fair application of marriage laws to all adults with the spouse (s) of their choosing. civil unions as they are currently phrased are a weak half step since they provide none of the legal protections, rights, or responsibilities (on a national level) currently recognized for married couples. nice summary here:

i’ve found the best way to explain this to people who don’t get it, is to break it down: gay people pay taxes for benefits they are being denied. whether or not you think homosexuality is “right” or wrong” money is a language most conservatives understand.

a constitutional amendment is bullshit, as is the defense of marriage act. anyone remember the full faith.clause in the constitution? (gee, thanks clinton!) bush pushing for a constitutional amendment is contrary to his states rights stance and totally hypocritical, but at this point that shouldn’t surprise anyone, right?

on a related note, i refuse to vote for any presidential ticket which does not support full freedom of choice for abortion on demand, homosexual marriage rights, and freedom of speech. support of censorship was my primary problem with the gore/ lieberman ticket in 2000. environmental issues were my primary concern with the clinton/ gore ticket and WTO, defense of marriage act, and don’t ask don’t tell reaffirmed my doubts. i’m done with half measures. if it means i’ll forever be voting for “fringe” candidates while i really support the enemy, then so be it. the democratic party will get my vote when they begin to represent my core values and not before.

it is spring and beautiful. my allergies were acting up and then turned into some sort of cold/flu thing. i was out of work for several days because i sounded like a robot frog. unfortunately, i felt too sick to make phone calls, cause i sounded awesome. i am on day 10 and still sick, though feeling a bit better but no more robot frog, unfortunately.

i moved out of my pioneer square studio into an art studio nearer my home on capitol hill. i was frustrated with both the neighborhood and commute distance (under 3 miles, but still quite enough on foot or by bus) where my studio was. even though it was in a building that was entirely art spaces, and has quite a bit of monthly traffic for the open studios, my studio mates had not been willing to open the studio even once in the six months i was there. the show i was going to participate in with them has now been postponed 3 times. that and the fact that their goals were a lot different from mine and there was no place for me to spread out with my things, i think i’ll be a lot happier with my new space. it is about a mile from my home and has 3 windows to outside. it is long and narrow with great acoustics and in hearing range of church bells. i am 2/3 done repainting the space which was an abomination with one camouflage patterned wall and the other walls one khaki, one army green, one black. it is now a light off-white with a red floor and door. the building used to be a really happening artist run gallery a few years ago but the dust has sort of settled on that due to increased cost per square foot. there seems to still be some opportunity for that sort of thing, but it seems to have gone the usual course these things take where politics exhaust and divert the people who start them up. i’m still settling in and my goal is to be mostly moved in and situated by the time i leave for new orleans.(still not totally up to date but art stuff online, address in your email)

i still need to find a dress for the wedding and get a haircut, a massage, and buy make up before heading back to the south. i get to visit my family, see Stacey A,, a friend since 1rst grade carpool marry, eat good food, visit my pregnant and bed bound friend Jenny, converge with Becky and Ryan and see photos of their new house in Atlanta, visit Catherine and her no longer so tiny baby Callie, meet Angie and go to jazz fest for Bonnie Rait and Emmy Lou Harris, have scotch with anotherBen, see the house that my sister is buying, meet Jacob’s parents for dinner... hopefully all of that will fit

lots of honey or sugar and cream go into my coffee, though i drink it so seldom as to almost qualify as “never.” green teas are always straight up. herbals are plain or with honey. black teas sometimes get honey and lemon, or honey and cream.

i don’t subscribe to any magazines. i rarely buy them from the newsstand either. i like to read them though, pretty much all kinds. it is one of the small perks of running a mailroom.

i am not going to be able to participate in the cd in a timely manner. my books are all in storage and my cds are all packed and set to go to storage. my cd burning connection fell through. considering i’ve bought very little new music since 1994, you’re probably not missing much.

1rst grade teacher: Mrs. Chisholm had long straight brown hair past her derriere for the first half of the year. she got it cut short halfway through the year and no one heard a word she said for at least a week.

i couldn’t wake up in time for saturday morning cartoons even as a child.

my first best friend was my next-door neighbor Elisa. her grandpa was british and sat on the porch smoking cigars. we’d eat Popsicles together out front. she was allowed to walk further down the street than i was. it was all over when we moved and different schools at age 6. Stephanie was my real first best friend.

my favorite breakfast cereal was the generic granola my dad would eat. it is still my favorite when i can find the right kind. i like almost every kind of breakfast cereal except cap’n crunch.

i considered donating my mortal remains to a medical school or my bones to an art school, but there really aren’t any to which i’m attached enough, plus that whole california organ donation scam. so slice it dice it, donate any bits that someone can use, then burn the rest please.

americana= strip malls, pink flamingos, drive through, libraries, lawns, corn, both on the cob and popped, tennis shoes, guitar anthems, radio personalities in traffic jams

Bánh mì. Vietnamese tofu sandwiches. $1.25. love love love.

reading a book about the writing of the oxford english dictionary. the oed was the christmas present that i asked for every year and never received. i had no idea at the time how expensive they were, but what a nerd. also reading a biography of Alfred Wainwright who chronicled the path across England i’d like to walk this summer and Book Lust, a book which is a list of books to love.

didn’t realize it was 10 years since Kurt Cobain’s death. still makes me sad. read conspiracy theories online today.

hoping the ring i commissioned for my last birthday will be ready for this one.

long week ahead this week another 50+ hours. i am never going to stop being sick at this rate.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

I think the word I'm looking for is "pragmatic."