Saturday, March 31, 2001

Mike, it might be Jeff you're thinking of. He's been on tour with Undying for the past few weeks, so if you're still seeing him, its not him.

Speaking of Jeffer, the new Inside Front is back from the printers and looks awesome. Jeff designed the whole thing cover to cover. Makes sure to pick it up when it hits Boston.

Friday, March 30, 2001

I have a friend, maggie, who got engaged after dating the guy for three months. Their wedding is this weekend. I went to her bachelorette party this past wednesday night. Here is the craziness and cheesiness that ensued. Shelly -you've already heard all this firsthand.

14 girls show up in the hotel to go out, about 80% are in black, people take turns doing each other's makeup, stephanie has drink #1. susan (one of maggie's fiance's bandmates' girlfriends) was there, and we bond cause everyone else in the room has known maggie since middle school. and we know music people in common.
We head to Saba (a Tapas bar) - every one at the table orders a mojito (yum, rum and mint). I try calamari for the first time. yeah, now I have fish breath. I have drinks #2-4. (Let me just say I hate this whole bachelorette party ritual and was not looking forward to this night but after many drinks and the peer pressure of 13 other girls - it managed to be pretty fun though rereading what I wrote - it doesn't sound like I had fun -but I promise I did).
Then we go to Fado (an irish bar with way overpriced drinks. I took shelly there once and she told every guy who hit on her that she was a game hunter from Africa). Maggie does a body shot off of a military looking Irish guy. Love those accents. We take pictures and give her a prize. Then we start walking around 6th street.
A band is playing in some bar (I forget which) but they don't charge cover so 14 girls run screaming in. I was running cause I had to pee. I don't know why everyone else felt they had to run. It's frat-a-mania. The guys playing on stage look about 17 and so clean cut. I'm not used to seeing a band that doesn't look like a bunch of alcoholics. After some prodding we get Maggie on stage. Did I mention that she's wearing a sequined zebra printed dress? Right, anyway. She dances and completely upstages the band. Though they do a cover of a Tears for Fears song that gets the whole crowd moving. I think it's cause we all had the Footloose effect. Wherever we went, once we started dancing, the whole crowd would follow along. For her efforts on stage, she got another prize, this time, zebra printed underwear, which she proceeded to put on right then. After that some guy on the street told us Digital "Humpty, Hump" Underground was playing. We head down, but it's a $25 cover. So then we head into a dance club called Cr02. Very cheesy! I'm on drink #5 so I'm dancing on the platform. Dancing, dancing, dancing. I love this night. Some guys come dance around us. One tries to pick me up. I crush his hopes by telling him I need to leave soon to go meet a stripper.
but first we went to the ritz (an awesome pool hall). maggie got some guy to take off his shirt for her. then we made her climb on a pool table and have a guy shoot a ball between her legs. By this point, most of the Ritz has seen maggie's zebra underwear. she gets more prizes from us. I've switched to drinking water.
we go back to the hotel. we're getting so much attention on the street. It's a rainy, slow wednesday on sixth street and I guess enough of us look like hooches that we're turning heads all around. There's some power in being in that big of a group, but it's also a spectacle.
at the hotel, the stripper arrives. CHEESE!!!! and he was the same stripper from their friend dorie's bachelorette party the week before.
rose screams "we don't want you, I've already seen your penis"
classy, no?
and the act begins. he strips down to a neon green g-string. and my what a smooth ass that man had. and he bumps and grinds all over maggie. it goes on forEVER. and then he starts working the crowd. One girl gets the plow. the other gets picked up and bounced. maggie at one point is even lying on the ground as he works over her. it's disgusting yet hilarious. people are waving singles. I'm hiding in the kitchen. finally ann goes "stephanie, you're on the rebound, it's now your turn" and I'm led into a chair. and now I have a tan, and quite tiny ass shaking in my face. he was so acrobatic. bouncing all around. he takes my hands to run over his body. yeah, thanks. it seems to go over forever. do they really expect girls to get turned on by this? he was too rico suave. finally it ends, I can't stop laughing. my friend rachel tells me to be sure to wash my hands. this only makes me laugh harder. he leaves but not before niki has quizzed him all on the life of a stripper, what he does if he gets aroused, etc.
we give maggie more gifts and prizes. she cries cause she loves us all.
I go home. I hear afterwards they went and did rock and roll karoake at club 710 and then only maggie, rose and maggie's sister spent the night in the hotel, and made out with some random guys they met in the hotel bar.

Crimthinc/Slave connections:

The simple answer is Slave and Crimethinc are friends. The Jim Jones of Crimethinc, Brian D, lives in Greensboro most of the time, when he's not on tour. His major acolytes are all here. We know them and we know him and we're all basically friends. Sometimes just "friendly" but we try to do better than that. Three-fourths of my housemates (now on Mayflower St) used to live at a house on Aycock St with Matt from Catharsis (Brian's band). While Matt lived at that house, Brian would stay there off tour. He was there about a year ago when I was staying there too.

When John, Jeff and Dave started Slave they were directly inspired (I think) by Inside Front, Brian's zine. About the same time, Jeff and John, under the name Abaddon Graphics, started designing Crimethinc records and ads and stuff. Eventually, John stopped working on Crimethinc design stuff to do Slave full time. Jeff, however, ended up designing almost everything Crimethinc did until last year when he moved to Boston. He did the new Catharsis record and a bunch of Inside Front and Harbinger layouts. John designed the Zegota record cover. Two years ago, Slave and Crimethinc released the last Kilara record. That's the only thing they've officially done together.

I'm sure most of you are asking, "Who the hell is Crimethinc?"

To explain what Crimethinc is would be an extreme waste of my time considering that half of what Crimethinc is about is explaining what Crimethinc is about. Here's the website full of Brian D writings and thoughts. The flash animation at the front of the site sums up a lot of it. I would like to challenge a something that the website seems to suggest. It says that Crimethinc is totally decentralized. This is misleading. Yes, there are tiny mini-Crimethincs in the world (mainly in Europe) but the most of the collective is here in NC and most of it is based in Greensboro/Chapel Hill. Why? Because the two leading lights of the Crimethinc movement are bands who are based out of Greensboro. The first, Catharsis, is Brian's band. Two of the members, Matt and Alexi live here. The other band, Zegota, is based entirely in GSO.

A side note---Both of these bands, Catharsis and Zegota, are AWESOME. Don't miss them if they come to your town. Catharsis is screamy hardcore metal in the mold of, say, Deadguy (before they started to suck). Their shows are good, especially if they've been on tour for a while, but their two records, Samsara and Passion, are really the best way to experience the power of the band. Passion, in particular, is an overlooked gem in a genre that too often settles for the mediocre.

Zegota is another matter altogether. Their record isn't very good but their live shows are extraordinary. The last time I saw them they played five songs in 45 minutes. John called them hardcore's first jam band, but that isn't exactly true. They take the jazz elements of bands like Swing Kids and fuse them with a healthy respect for experimental and noise acts. Most hardcore kids like it loud and fast. Zegota takes that expectation, the sense that the screamy part is just about to start, and the torture you with it. They are so good I can't express it.

There was a flap with Brian/Crimethinc at the end of last year that caused us (Slave faction) to be a little pissed at the Crimethinc'ers. Brian's been staying with our friend Amanda in this giant shitty punkrawk house on Ceder st. The Ceder st kids are either Crimethinc or junkies. The difference is important but sometimes hard to distinguish. The Crimethinc'ers decided not to get the heat turned on in the house, because most of them don't have jobs and like to live as cheap as possible. The junkies just had no money. So they have a huge dilapadated house that is freezing in winter, full of junkies and (recently) knife fights and busted 40s and all that shit.

We, the Slave faction at Mayflower St, went the exact opposite way. We turned on the heat. We live in a nice house with nice furniture. No junkies, no forties, no danger. This is seen by a few as not-very-punk (I've never been very punk, btw; I don't think they expected much from me). Well, the Ceder st gang decided to have some shows at their house (which I thank them for because those shows have been really, really good so far) and wanted to use our PA. We let them, they never returned it, we had to go get it. This happens a few times until we have to tell them they can't have it anymore. We use that PA four or five times a week. This inspired Brian to give some "what the hell happened to those guys, they used to be punk" comments about us, that we thought were pretty out of line. Dave confronted him about it and, to Brian's credit, he totally owned up to the shittalking an apologized. But, the incident was just an expression of an unspoken attitude that has arisen. We're not as punk as we once were. We're old, we're square, we're, gasp, post-hardcore!

Not me, of course. I've never been punk. I'm listening to the goddamn Eagles as I write this.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

it was an absolute delight having louise here. company is always a fun way to play tourist in your own town. and it gives me some (not a lot but at least some) motivation to clean the house. anyway i highly recommend weezie as a houseguest to anyone. actually i can vouch for all of you except thad & upma in that regard. hopefully we'll meet soon in person, upma, and you can coach me on your name. i'm still not sure i got the hang of it. hope your project contiues without a hitch.
i have such wanderlust right now. mike you're welcome here in may, or whenever. i'm going to atlanta in early september. perhaps i can extend it for a few days in north carolina? i'd like to make it a full east coast tour and add in DC, Baltimore, Boston, and NYC and state- but a lot of that depends on how i go about paying my grown-up bills. zach, are you still coming this way during the summer?
how does one go about being a travel writer?
p.s. zach, can you explain the relationship/interaction/connection between slave and CrimethInc.

Zach/Thad, have you ever heard of Whiskeytown? Their CD cover says that they are based out of Raleigh, and I was wondering how much of a presence they had up there.

Zach, how are things with The Boss? Or should I not ask?

Funny story. Went to my fav bar - the Mucky Duck - for open mike on Mon. Bands usually get up there and play 3 or 4 songs. This bluegrass band, complete with banjo and mandolin, that gets up there. They kick it off with that song, "I saw the light, I saw the light. No more darkness, no more night . . . ." I guess they saw me singing it. Anyways they get to their last song, and they start talking in their fake accents about how they always like to dedicate it to a special lady in the house. Next thing I know, I'm up on stage, and they are singing, "Honey, let me be your salty dog . . . ." It was a good time.

Weezie, you are so brave to go footin' around the continent. I'm all talk . . . .

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

so, i think i've solved... well... found a way around my technical probs. i'm so glad! i think i'm going to avoid all future problems by investing in my own camera. so... if all goes as planned now... i should be done with my thesis project on April 13th. who wants to party with me?

as far as those customs people go... i don't like 'em either. but they're just doing their job. i mean... with the way the world is today, they don't know who to trust. they're just helping protect their country... sorta. so, i've come to accept their questions, and even answer them with a smile. sometimes... if i'm in a really good mood, and not to tired from traveling, i even tell them to have a nice day. i'm sure they encounter so many cross people all day long.

ok.. back to logging and capturing. yay.

I hadn't really thought about how unusual my current occupation is until I went through Canadian customs. Lone female, wandering around the United States, up to Vancouver for two days on a whim. I got the feeling the customs official didn't want to let me through, but couldn't find a good reason to detain me. He asked questions I consider invasive, like what was I doing in Seattle, what were the occupations of my friends in Seattle, what was my occupation in Honolulu, did I know anyone in Canada, how was I getting to the hostel, and how did I find out about the hostel, etc. I guess my very brief, non-detailed answers didn't help the situation.

It's bloody cold in Vancouver, although I'm told it's been a very mild winter, mostly. Going to the Museum of Anthropology tonight, then checking out the Vancouver Art Gallery and Vancouver Museum tomorrow. I don't feel like walking around downtown today, as it's raining, windy, and that sort of damp cold that sinks in and won't go away.

Hopefully I'll be in Wisconsin on Thursday. Flying standby has been more adventure than I'd bargained for.

Monday, March 26, 2001

I love springtime, even though it looks really fake to me. Daffodills in particular just don't look real. The mountains look like a movie backdrop. The fruit trees are too perfect. Snow, seen out a car window, looks very fake to me. It all looks, untouched. Even the dirty snow! The only other time I've experienced springtime, I thought that the flowers must have been put out at night by surly little gnomes and fairies. Everything bloomed so suddenly and so cleanly I couldn't believe it would be possible without magic.

I could do without quite so much of a nip in the air, though. I don't know what it is, but even with long underwear, my legs always get cold. This was true in London and Boston, too. Cold knees and no feeling in my face. If Seattle ever got really warm, I'd move here in a flash. As it is, I'm tempted by Capitol Hill, where everything is within a 10-minute walk. On the other hand, I think the temptation to stay in bed all day and do nothing would be strong on wet and gray days.

The food here is great. All kinds, all over the place, and the only problem is that I don't have the time, money, and stomach space to try it all. I do like the effect cold weather has on my appetite; I think I'm not hungry until I sit down to eat, and then I'm ravenous. I had a potato burrito last night that was precisely the right size. I was just the right sort of full when I finished it. Shelly had potato tacos, something I'm going to try making when I get home.

Has anyone else found that eating out alone nets you poor service? I very rarely eat dinner out alone, and I've noticed that I tend to be ignored by the wait staff when I do. I ate alone when I was on Kona, and I NEVER got a waiter. The bartender noticed that I hadn't been helped after 15 minutes, and she was really nice and took my order (which was delivered by the bus boy), then knocked 15% off my bill and gave me a free latte when she wound up being the one who brought me my bill. Otherwise, I probably could have sat there for an hour, just taking up space. I was dressed nicely and the restaurant was not crowded or busy, as far as I could tell...what gives?

One last restaurant peeve - there's almost always a vegetarian option or two, but I wish it would be a bit more inspired than a stir-fry or grilled veggie plate. This is a generalization; I have been to a few places that have great veggie menus (usually Asian restaurants). I prefer to be vegetarian; it's hard when everything else looks better.

Michael - funny you should mention restaurant pet peeves. My family has been in the restaurant business for the last like 50 plus years in some way, shape or form. My dad is currently a sushi chef (love THOSE benfits). My parents owned a restaurant from the time I was born until about 12 years old.

Anyways, a few of my pet peeves. One, as with Weezie, I hate when patrons assume that their IQ is higher than the restaurant staff. Second, the mean patrons forget that wait staff are all about power. They can do mean and nasty things like give you dirty utensils/plateware to contaiminating your food, and you will NEVER know.

What bothers me about wait staff is that some people, when you walk into a place, size you up and down. And if you fit a certain characteristic, they automatically assume that you are a "cheap customer." For example, I look like I am not a day over 14 years old, and pretty much always order water - "tried and true" signs. If you are pegged as a cheapie, then you get less attention and bad service. And if I am blowing a fog horn just to get your attention, don't make like you don't hear/see me. If you are busy, acknowledge my presence, and I know you will get back to me.

That is what I can think of for now.

Saw "A Winter's Tale" this weekend with Lauren Sanders and her family - gotta love functional families who adopt you as their own. Also had a softball game in beautiful weather and went to an Oscars party. I can't believe that damn Gladiator walked away with practically everything, but am happy that my man Bob walked away with best song.

Sunday, March 25, 2001

Jane wrote this email about a crazy thing that happened at our theatre about a year ago. I just reread it and laughed and thought I would share. And, no, before you ask, I don't know any more about this than what is included in the email. We never figured out what mad genius was responsible, but wherever he or she might be, I salute you.

This morning when I got to work, I was greeted in the park-
ing lot by Karon (a strange enough experience) who was wav-
ing her arms and shouting (which she does if she runs out
of paper clips or rubber bands or if I have a phone call)
so I waved back and started to enter the building. At this
point Karon screamed louder and I saw that she was waving a
large clear plastic bag filled with goo. She screamed "Do
you know what these are and why they were in the box office
windows this morning?" I was able to respond "It appears
to be at least one octopus, maybe two. Can't tell for sure
until you empty the bag. As to why they were there, I cannot even guess. Exactly where was the bag?" Karon
(shrieking louder): "THEY WERE NOT IN A BAG! THERE WAS
When I asked if they were dead, I'm pretty sure she at
least toyed with the idea of smacking me with the bag
and/or its contents. She showed restraint, however, and
proceeded to state that she thinks she knows who did it
and that it is definitely directed at her. Why does she
think this? She made an employee pay for a second guest
on Tues. and she knows he was upset. I had to ask where
a high school freshman might obtain an octopus or 2 in
the dead of winter. Forget school-these guys haven't been
in weeks. Fresh Market seafood? They have to special order
Octopus and it's "too expensive for a kid to purchase it
as a prank, anyway". (I called and asked- trying to assure
psycho girl that she is not the victim of some teenage death cult/ gang- like they would leave an octopus at your
place of employment and come back the next day and kill
everyone.) After I pointed out the fact that her prime
suspect is also a bit dimwitted and this is obviously the
work of a highly creative, unique individual- with a really
unusual sense of humor (or retaliation or I just don't
know what).

Anyway- I know this was not directed at the screaming
nutcase cashier. It may have been directed at the theatre,
management (surely NOT the director of marketing), or some
kids were disposing of evidence that they failed to maintain their dad's saltwater tank while he was out of town. Beats me. Who? Why?

Visited the Fremont area today; it's young and hip like Capitol Hill, but with more of a granola bohemian feel to it. We went to the Sunday market and got organic vegan donuts, which were very yummy, and kettle corn (also very yummy). Kettle corn is popcorn made in (of course) a kettle, with some molasses and sugar so that it's a little sweet and caramel-y as well as a bit salty. Made me very happy.

I'm going to try to get up to Vancouver tomorrow or Tuesday - the entire country is 40% off!

Shelly is an awesome tour guide. She knows all kinds of neat stuff about the city, like the parts that are underground.

Zach, are you still thinking about visiting Honolulu? If you do, I have to take you to a couple of the Southern restaurants that have opened up recently, which claim to be the real deal. I'd want to get your opinion.

Saturday, March 24, 2001

Mike, I'm sorry for your loss. I know that underwater feeling all too well.

I think there is a special place in hell for people who decide to rearrange the menu. I had a housemate who routinely redesigned the offerings when she went out to eat, and it drove me crazy. Don't use this, prepare it like that, put this on the side, add a little of this, and cook the hell out of it, etc. If you don't like the food, make it your damn self. Those trendy chocolate cakes with the liquid centers? She'd ask for them cooked through, which takes an extra 20 minutes at least, and in my opinion, ruins it by overcooking the exterior. She was also snippy with the wait help - I hope they spat in her food. My standard is: figure out what I want ASAP, know the specifics like what salad dressing and rice or potatoes, stick to ordering once so that the waiter doesn't have to run back and forth to get a glass of water, then again for ice tea, and one more time for sugar. And don't ask if something is good. Some people hate onions. Some people love them. If you hate onions and your waiter loves them... I went to dinner once with a guy who ordered the waitress around as if she were his personal slave. Never went out to eat with him again. I've also tipped a waitress 50% because the guys at the next table were pompous assholes who threatened to withold the tip if it took more than ten minutes for the food to arrive, and in general, treated her like dirt and called her honey.

I don't always succeed, but I try. And I always, always tip, even if the service is lousy. I may leave a note for the manager, but I'll also leave a tip. What I don't like in a waiter - do NOT pick up and hand me my napkin before my butt has hit the seat. And don't ever put it in my lap for me. A waitress last night tried to take Shelly's plate before she was done - bad! Always ask before clearing! Oh, and the ones that appear to ask if everything is ok just as I've put a forkful in my mouth.

The Snoqualmi waterfall that we went to yesterday is the one that was in Twin Peaks, and the Snoqualmi Lodge is where much of the show was shot. My guidebook says that the power company controls the flow, but doesn't say anything about manmade. It may disappoint Shelly, but I have to laugh at the audacity that mortals have - "I'm going to put a waterfall right there."

If I didn't have the written word, I think I'd be much better at drawing. For someone with an art degree, I am pitifully bad at drawing.

Seattle rocks. Shelly and Jacob rock. Travel makes me happy for reasons I'm not entirely sure of. I'm not sure if Seattle really is just this awesome, or if it's the joy of being somewhere new. I'd like to think that if I could move a few of my friends with me, this would be the perfect city, but then, there's much more to Honolulu than I take advantage of. That whole work thing really gets in the way.

Upma, congratulations on landing the job, and good luck with the thesis project.

today louise and i found ourselves at the grave of bruce and brandon lee. there was a plant there with a florist's card attached, addressed to bruce lee. i wanted so much to read it. i didn't, although i think we decided it would be ok if i did. and louise commented on the importance of the written word,(i'm paraphrasing badly and i apologize) or rather the (personal) importance of putting things into writing. we spoke of journals and letters which are written with no intentions of being sent. she wondered aloud what she would do if she didn't know how to write. it occured to me i'd probablly be a much better sculptor.

there is a column in the local weekly paper made entirely of notes which have been found on the street. i have a drawer full of these.

today i saw a liscence plate frame which said "if you can read this... you should thank a teacher."

i saw another from which the bottom half was broken off "i'd rather be..."

tonight we saw a 25 year old locally made porno. the director spoke before the showing. earlier we hiked to an enormous waterfall which i discovered was man-made.

Friday, March 23, 2001

hi. i'm too tired to write all that i want to say. i will probabl be kinda scarce 'round these parts for the next three weeks as i try to begin the end of phase 1 of my grad school career. after this experience, i'm not sure if i can or want to handle a phase 2. that's to be decided on a day far, far away from now.
so, i got the job at the place that i interned at all semester. i start part time (32 hours/week) on May 1. it's enoug money to live off of... and enough to save a little... but i think in the coming days i'm going to try to see if g'boro has a cheaper, nicer, one bedroom place for me so i can save a lot. or spend a lot. i think that living in greensboro w/o the school factor will make it a much more pleasant place to be. but there will still be a lack of things to do. and a lack of eligible (sp?) late 20-something/early 30-something fella's. which may or may not be a problem. i think the recent boy craziness i've been experiencing is winding down... which means that i will be more focussed on things that are important to me like making music videos and getting that NC rock doc started. i guess since i'm gonna be there another year, i might get started on that. i'm kinda scared about it.
first though. i have to finish that thesis project. i haven't mentioned too much about it here, because it's been the biggest pain in my ass there ever was. i can't believe how many technical problems i'm having. between lights blowing up, the camera eating a tape, and my computer throwing tantrums, i'm not even sure if i can get this thing done in three weeks. i hope the shoots this weekend go well.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

I had to fly to an outer island and go without sleep for a while, but I made it to Seattle at last. I flew in this morning, and have done little except sleep. I'm staying with Shelly and Jacob until Tuesday, and then heading to the wilds of the Midwest. I'll fill y'all in on the comedy of errors that has been my travels so far after I get more sleep.

JT, I don't think I've mentioned lately how awesome I think you are. So JT, you continue to expose me to thoughts and insights I don't think I would have gotten without you. Well, all of you do that, but JT consistently says things that make me sit back and think for a while. Oh, and the delayed responses? I love French for having the phrase l'esprit d'escalier to describe it - "the spirit of the staircase." Learned that from Neil Gaimans "Death: The High Cost of Living."

Sometime ago AJ asked if I published. It's not a question I meant to ignore, it's just that this blog moves faster than I can most of the time. I feel my delayed responses are almost like thinking up good comebacks now to insults that were dealt a week ago, so I usually avoid them, but tonight everyone suffers. Sweet spontaniety, maybe one day I'll regain it.

But to answer AJ's question, i don't really publish. I write for the graduate student publication on campus, which is just straight ahead events reporting, or often highlighting upcoming events (it's a monthly publication so reviews don't work very well). Most of what's left of my freer writing (the small bit that hasn't been destroyed by the linguistic acrobatics amd trickery that writing in academia now requires) is saved for correspondances, the only other time I really write.

In High School I wrote the same bad poetry that I'm sure you all did, it's just that I did it a lot, and at some point I might have become profecient at putting some words together every now and then. Enough to get recognized for it (albeit at the High School level). I think my real downfall was that I started reading more poetry and prose, and the more i read the more i realized that what i was doing wasn't very good, so i stopped. On the other hand i also started listening to a lot more music, and for some reason the better the music, the more i wanted to write my own. Listening had the exact opposite effect of reading, although I found both immensly powerful.

Not that my haikus warrant or deserve any explaination but I would be remiss if i didn't talk about the first two, if only because they were co-authored. Julia made a simple collage from some old Life magazines she had found: A romanticized illustration of space with two small ilustrated suitcases perfectly placed. She wrote the first two lines and I completed the haiku. The second haiku stemmed from this idea about using words that if pronounced in a certain way had either one syllable or two. Towels fit the bill (towells or tow-ells). I wrote the first line, Julia the second, and the return seemed appropriate if not inevitable. While inspired by Julia, the rest are my own so I won't go into them.

Secondly, even longer ago Upma asked about central standard time. When i was in Texas I hated it. I bring it up only because Upma described time by when TV programs air. In CST it's "an hour earlier" (they actually air at the same time, which I'm sure you all know) and while i was in texas I wasn't really watching TV but everyone else was, dinner is earlier because of it. The early evening (prime time) ends sooner and the later evening starts earlier. It's a comment on how society, culture, our timing is tied to the box and at the same time how easily one's perception about/of time can be altered. The entire time I was in Texas i fealt displaced, like i never really knew what 11 pm meant, where as in EST i know exactly what it means. I feel EST is the most appropriate time for me, it's my home and native time zone. I guess if we had learned to travel faster than we learned to think, things might have been different.

So back to the present. Lately I've been listening to Moby's Play, which I borrowed from a friend. I've been guiltily addicted to the song South Side (which became popular as the gwen stefani remix). I think what fascinates me about the song is Moby's sincere abdication of not so much gangsta lingo, but gangsta mythos (which has been done in a completely different way from all the other songs on the album that are almost purely sample based). While I'm not too familiar with gangsta rap, it seems a matter of course that there is always some narrative about riding/driving, the ageless story of territory, infiltration and escape. The classic movie "The Warriors" also comes to mind, which itself was based on a greek or roman legend.

What makes Moby's version of the story so poignant for me though, is his perspective which can't be described as anything other than outside. He's a character singing a song, he's not trying to convince us he's hard or that he's been there, he's romanticizing that perspective. The song turns a ride around the city (from compass point to compass point) into something along the lines of a Homeric epic. Moby's outsider perspective makes you realize at some level that this is a real lifestyle for some. People who, out of purpose or habit travel through places of serious hostility on a daily or weekly basis. This to me is why the song has also become so popular, not because it glorifies a lifestyle, but becasue it glorifies the simple act of surviving.

Julia has been in LA for a week, I miss her. Work, and dreams and thinking of her, this has been my means of survival.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

A while back someone sent me a forward on the greatness of sweet tea. Guess I must have deleted it afterall.

RE: cheap airfare. You can always try Council Travel. They are usually located at universities. There is one on LSU's campus, and I am sure that there has to be at least one of them in Boston. I didn't pay $150 roundtrip to Europe, but I got a decent enough price (the number escapes me at the moment). I'm such the cheap ass that I check travel agents, online crap and newspapers. I guess it is just my neurosis coming out. Anyways, I usually find a good price with this company called 1-800 LOW AIRFARE (it's a different number than what the letters stand for). It's in the phone book under airlines or airfare.

Ok, I gots to get to my Christian thought class. Toodles.

Shelly, my sister says that if I'm going to leave before the end of this month, I have to leave tonight. Which means I'm going to be in Seattle Wednesday morning. If this is all too sudden, I can check into a hostel.

Zach, I've never had grits.

Monday, March 19, 2001

random thoughts
i’ve noticed that snow brings people together. as do hurricames.

people SHOULD plan weddings to their guests convenience. having said that, i don’t think i’ll ever have a wedding.

mosquitoes live in louisiana in the winter time? just HOW warm is it down there? is the average temp 70 degrees? wow.

a friend of mine reccomended to me when i mentioned discount tickets i don’t know if they’re still around. someone on TV said that the best way to go HANDS DOWN (he was very emphatic) is to get a travel agent. they will hook you up the best way they know how as soon as they know that you are their loyal customer. i dunno. sounds ok to me.

i think you guys are awesome for humoring me with your haikus! JT. you are a poet. is there anything you can’t do?

personally, i prefer the dunkin doughnuts to the krispy kreme. i like my waffles smothered and covered. yum. cracker barrells have country stores attaached to them (at least the one in blacksburg did), and the toys are fun to play with.
i can’t think of anything distinctly North Carolina... but Greensboro has the greatest Thai food on earth.

micheal. the last couple times i’ve gone to your site, i’ve been mooned.

i beg to differ on the “heartless carnivore” statement. i LOVE the little lambs and chickens. and how yummy they are too.

please don’t say i’m blaspheming, but i think the sweet tea is too sweet. would you like some tea with that sugar water?

so, what’s a beignet? and what are st. jopseph’s day style cookies?

oh yeah... grits. i can't eat grits. i guess livin in the south for over 10 years doesn't make you a complete southerner. oh well, i tried.

i'd like to speak for a minute aboue grits. grits are the purest southern food as they know what sweet tea at time up there, they have no fucking idea about grits. grits should be eatin' with as much butter as will fit in the bowl and alot of pepper. i was once asked by a very good northern freind, "i heard you put peanutbutter in them, is that true?"
NO!!!!! that is not true. grits don't go bad. just put more water in them. grits are infalible. i know a girl who set a pop-tart on fire, maybe she can mess up grits.

i love the waffle house for the selections on the juke-box about the waffle house. they their own songs, not song, songs.beautiful. if you ask for a paper hat they'll give you one. listening to lynyrd skynerd in the waffle at two in morning eating grits, hashbrowns(scattered, on and so forth) drinking the most god awlful greatest coffee in the world is an feeling unmatched. you go to bourbon st for the new orleans feeling. beale st. and graceland for memphis. any waffle house for the south. as an added bonus i know where al green's church is. you can tour jerry lee lewis' house. if music isn't everything we have the worlds biggest chair to boot. i don't know what that last bit has to do with anything, but there you have it.

Weezie, so glad that you can make the real deal.

Zach - that was beautimus. Other things that are distinctly Dixie (sans the white robes and Jim Crowe laws) are: sipping lemonade on a Plantation type porch (my fav is strawberry lemonade) and talking with a Scarlet O'Hara accent, sweet potatoe pie, chickin' and dumplin's, chicken fried chick/steak, biscuits and gravy (I prefer brown gravy over milk/whtie gravy), rice and gravy, smothered pork chops/chick. Those are some of the "comfort" foods that make a place home. There are several others that are completely escaping me at the moment. Maybe I'll think of more between now and tomorrow.

Hey, I may LOOK like an Asian on the outside, but I'm a good ole coon ass deep down. They don't call me the Asian Cajun for nutin', cher!

Have any of you (non-LA folk) had beignets? They are the bestest.

Zach, I am proud to say that I learned to make proper sweet tea during a brief phase in which I dated a fellow from Virginia. He said it tasted like his grandmothers - I must have gotten it right. I will confess, though, that I find about 1/3 the amount of sugar that he preferred to be more drinkable. I don't think I'll actually enter a Waffle House; I think it's more like a phenom I must witness, not nec. experience. Much like the Cheese Palace in Wisconsin.

I just got news I think wonderful - that grown-up job I was going to take in May fell through. Maybe I'll move. Go to Italy. Or Paris. Whee! I'm so happy about losing this job that I'm glad I did...hadn't realized just how afraid I was of losing my soul to it. I don't know what I'm going to do, and that makes me sooooo happy! Looks like this trip will also be about finding a new place to live (and finding work too, if I can).

I used to make yeast-raised donuts that were unbelievably good. Better than Dunkin' Donuts, at least.

Angie Joe, thank you for bringing up sweet tea. Sweet tea is the south's distinguishing feature. If you can get sweet tea, REAL sweet tea, you're in the south, even if you're not. If you can get sweet tea by ordering "tea," and not specifying that it be sweet, then you're some place special... Dixie. And that, friends, is how you know where you are. Not geography... sweet motherfucking tea. If you can't get the sweet tea, you better be visiting cause the good life is over.

The worst thing a waiter/waitress can say to a person:
"Can I have a sweet tea?"
"We've got regular tea and sweet and low."

Sweet and Low is the worst garbage ever. You can never have sweet tea by adding sugar or sweet and low to unsweetened tea. PUKE! What the hell is going on when somebody thinks that actually works!?

I'm getting all worked up. Louise, we will drink some sweet tea. Bet your bippy.

Shell, there is a Krispy Creme off of Greenwell Springs Road in Baton Rouge - 15 miles away from nowhere. I used to work with a bunch of Bostonians, and they were all about the coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.

I thought that the scattered, covered and smothered hashbrowns were at Denny's??? Maybe it was all just some marketing ploy, making me believe that s, c and s HB's are only unique to Denny's ;)

When you go to Cracker Barrel, be sure to order the "sweet tea" as there aren't very many places that offer such a treat.

Do they have Stucky's and Dairy Queens up North? I can't remember seeing either. You must get a blizzard from DQ. The weirdest thing was to see the European vesion of Stucky's, only the Euro version was like triple the cost. Very bizarre b/c you would run into Goths, biker dudes, families, older folk, etc. Very surreal.

Ok, so what if I am all about food?????

Word of warning: I suck at this. Here it goes:

Lucinda's coming
out with a new album
in May sometime-ish

O, the excitment
my heart feels at this moment
I'm all happy smiles

Music seems to be
all of my being these days
La di da do wop

My CD's have taken
over my shoe and clothes habit
which seemed crazed obscene

Oh, but who cares as
long as I'm all happy smiles
that is all that counts

if you need to know more about the waffle house here is

a shrine

a faq

and probably most informative, clips of a bunch of songs about waffle house.

"special lady", "844,739 ways to eat a hamburger", and "waffle do wop" are my favorites although "raisins in my toast" is a runner up.

from the Waffle House,
to the Krispy Kreme and the
Cracker Barrel, huh?

my two cents on said
Waffle House: late night order
EAT! waffle of fame

must get the hash browns
scattered covered smothered diced
never chunk'd or topp'd

go! gulp coffee, smoke!
middle age punk rock waitress
will call you dawlin'

Krispy Kreme DOOO-nuts
northerners love them because
they CAN'T make donuts

Krispy Kreme there ain't
none in Lou-is-i-ana
or not while i was

Mc Kenzie's was ours
but good donuts a' plenty
we know how to fry

beth says that my search
for a good northern donut
is only hopeless

she exeunt new york
alas! her southern bagel quest
futile as a grail

elusive donut
i will love you from afar
order blueberry

o' cracker barrel
i hear of you, far and near
but i've never been

and did i mention i love smores? i love smores.

AT LAST my computer has been set up. in the meantime, i've been loving my life and loving where i live. the weather has been schizophrenic, sunny and beautiful one day, frigid and raining the next, but it should only get better as the season (SPRING!!) progresses.

i've also recently had a sensory overload. and have been inspired and overjoyed to begin finding people. not just people i could hang out with in a friendly way (i've met tons of nice people here) but people i think i can talk to.

i went to the 50th birthday party for the wife (whom i'd never met before) of my 84 year old painter friend bill. it was quite fun. i liked dena and i'm told she liked me. not only is she a dancer of all sorts and a chef but she did a lounge singer act with the band since that was something she'd always wanted to do. the food was delicious. the atmoshere was festive and full of interesting people. the band was good but especially since everyone was dancing. from dena's teeny tiny dance babies to a belly dancing troupe which performed. it was also delicious. there were party favors including a rubber chicken lolipop holder.

a woman artist that i work with from time, Zanetka, to time asked me if we could hang out sometimes. YAY!! i really like her and always work with her when i can. she's a sculptor from out of town too and deals with some of the same studio space issues that i've been having. i'm in total crush mode. i hope i like her work. she's going to come over and we're going to share pictures including mine of italy where she's going to spend 3 months in another 3. and as the new soccer season starts our teams are going to be in the same division. hooray for artist friends!

another woman sculptor that i met a while back got in touch with me. a month or so i met Lauren and her husband Masao, a painter. i gave her all my contact info since she didn't offer hers and i was so psyched to meet another woman sculptor in the area. she called me!! and we had tea and i brought st. joseph's day style cookies(do you guys who aren't new orleans folk know what that is? mike, you're in a heavily catholic city, do they make a big deal over it in boston?) and i got to see her studio. wow i have SO much work to do.

my soccer team went to the championship game (a first). we played in hail for the first time, so that makes sun, darkness, rain, snow, and hail. we lost the game to a team that i didn't feel bad losing to. they were better, but we played well.
we went out to eat and get a drink after the game at a nearby pub. i had brought some mardi gras beads at the request of my teammates. they were spread along the table and after my teammates had taken their fill of mardi gras beads we passed them along to the unusually excited bar staff. they said they'd wear them for st.patrick's day.

after the mardi gras debacle in seattle i didn't want to be around for st. patrick's day, another big bar holiday. so after i got off work on saturday we left town for La Push, Washington. there are so many different kinds of beautiful places near me. i love finding them especially since the landscape here is so dramatically different from what i grew up around. jt, you need to see this place. anyway, la push is out on the olympic penninsula so the fastest way to go is be ferry. so we packed way too much stuff for one night and hadn't been told by the people who invited us that there was a mile hike from the road to the campground. so we carried as much as we could
(dan has a broken arm) and left the rest. we had arrived near dark and though the landscape appeared to cast impressive shadows i'd have to wait till morning to tell for sure. we climbed over the several hundred feet of driftwood made up almost entirely of tangled logs that had been enormous trees. the logs were slick and treacherous but it was the only way to get to the camp. past the logs was the beach and beyond that small rock islands and mountains and the pacific ocean. we climbed back over the logs further down the beach and back into the woods to set up the tent (which was borrowed and we therefore didn't know how to use) in the dark and rain, of course. then we went to the huge campfire which was already going. it was made of enormous driftwood logs and was hot enough to evaporate any nearby falling rain. most of the people there were drunk and or tripping on acid or shrooms and since i didn't know most of them very well, conversation was considerably less than it could have been. it somehow consisted mostly of shrieks about white rabbits and glow sticks and fisting. people kept adding wood to the fire and it got huge and very smoky from the wet wood. i decided to bed early. away from the fire it was darker than any place i've ever been and i'd forgotten a flashlight. i was quite snug in my tent once i maneuvered my way around the tree root i missed i the dark. the next day i could see how stunning the land we'd come thru was. the trees (HUGE!) and calla lillies were blooming and the ocean was stormy. late in the day we got the traditional tent-camping weather, a rollicking storm (we were near rainforest territory) which covered everything in mud as we tried to take down camp quickly. of course everything that had managed to remain dry became soaked on the mile hike back. at this point we were glad we had overpacked as we stripped on the side of the road to put on dry clothes that weren't coated in mud. it was so cozy to be in a warm car hurtling through the rain. after a warm meal on the road i had the epiphany that this afterglow is probably the reason people go camping in the first place. not because camping itself is especially fun but because afterwards is, being so exceptionally comfortable: warm, dry and well fed sleeping on a soft bed. at least that is how it is for me.
of course when we really got home i had to drape all the wet smoky muddy stuff all over the apartment in an effort to dry it, and that is less than fun right now except that the apartment smells like beef jerky, which is sort of amusing if disconcerting.

the next two weeks are fairly slow job wise for me so hopefully i'll finally finish unpacking and get my studio in real order to get some work done. i'm taking a page out of the book of angie joe and writing a fan letter to a woman sculptor whose web page i found. she lives in washington on the olympic penninsula and does stuff that looks amazing, including sculpture made out of fungus which she cultures into the shapes she desires. i hope she'll invite me over so i can see what these sculptures feel and smell like. check out her web page.

as always my ideas surpass my accomplishments and my travel plans exceed my budget. louise, when are you coming? it feels so good to be excited again.

Upma - I was inspired by your SXSW recap to add one of my own.
WED: tried to get into the Dressy Bessy show at Emo's - turned away. Instead went to see friends' band at the Loft.

THUR: went to see Revolution OS, a documentary on the Linux open source code revolution. So informative. Though I didn't always laugh when the crowd did, leading me to believe there is still much more I don't know, I had a great time. Embrace the geek within. That night I went to see The Comas (a Chapel Hill band) and Swag at the Continental Club. I really enjoyed both. The Comas were pretty indie and mellow. Swag is made up of members from Wilco, Cheap Trick, The Mavericks and one other band I'm forgetting now. They're poppy and Beatlesque.

FRI: called in "cough, cough" sick to work. Went to the Merge showcase at Emo's. Upma - I was there, but I didn't see you. Saw the Rock*a*teens, I love that band, even if they did just play new stuff. Also saw John Vanderslice. Whatever. And Deathcab for Cutie. They are GREAT. And Spoon - and since I love their new album, I didn't mind that that was mostly what we heard. I also ran into about a million people I knew and all my old newspaper friends (mostly the ones on the entertainment staff). Got invited to the Spin after hours schmooze party but gave the laminated invite (everything at SXSW with any power must be laminated) away later that night at the New Pornagraphers show, earning good karma. I had run into another reporter friend who was wanting to go to the Spin thing and I was able to whip out the invite and go "here, is this what you wanted?" feeling like a bad ass for about .2 seconds. Anyway, that night I saw the Atomic Numbers - a ROCK band from Detroit. They had choreographed jumps at the end of their set. They ran around stage a lot. They made me smile. The New Pornagraphers went on next and Ray Davies even came out at the end to sing one song with them. After that I went to see my friend's midnight movie, Frontier, but the sickness I had been putting off all week, after seeing bands for 12 hours straight, had caught up with me. I started coughing in the movie, and coughing and coughing. Could not stop. Finally I had to excuse myself. And I spent the next two days in bed. I ended up giving the wristband to my friend stephanie so she could see Gillian Welch that night. And now I'm back at work, still a little sick but realizing that I really should go see live music more often.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

so. i’m not so sure if anyone is really interested in knowing a whole lot about my trip to austin, but if so... keep reading cuz i’m about to tell you almost everything.

arrived in austin. signed in at sxsw headquarters. had dinner with Jack. went to the Crooked Fingers show... talked to Eric Bachman 9he totally recognised me!), gave him the videotape from the Greensboro show, made friends with his two band members.

went to a couple panel discussions, met Chris Gore briefly, got him to sign a copy of his new book for me.

The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein- way way way too long. if he cut this 3 hour long drone into a 90 minute piece, it would be a whole lot better.

Music Videos- NICE! every video was crisp... there were a couple funny ones, a couple arty ones, well.. a lot of arty ones. all of them were simple. and looked good. i can do that.

went to a couple panels again... the best one was the Music Documentaries one... Penelope Spheeris was there... she did those Decline of the Western Civilization parts I, II, and III. she just came out with decline III and an Ozzy Osborne doc too. she is one of my new #1 heroes. i need to watch all those movies, i guess. there was also this guy there named Doug Pray (one of my new friends), who directed Scratch- a doc about DJ-ing and the birth of scratch. i saw his film later on, and i have to say he is one of the most talented filmmakers ever. he’s really good.
i had dinner with stephanie and rebecca that night too. that was a lot of fun!

Shorts block- i really went to this because there was a film done by an Indian guy and i wanted to meet him. so i did. this guy is cool, he went to NYU, i think he just finished, or is just finishing up... very nice, very talented. there were a couple good shorts in that block... better than the shorts experience i had there last year.

Freud’s 2nd Law- well. i still don’t know about this one. this guy did this rape film. it was shot all guerilla style... he has a lot of good music in it too... (he’s gonna get in a lot of trouble!) at first i thought it was kinda a good idea... i mean... the twist was that the woman rapes the man (to get revenge) it was pretty gross. it was kind of empowering... but also in a sick way. and then at the Q&A this woman asks “i don’t mean to be personal but have either of you ever been raped?” (referring to the director, who is a guy, and the lead actress who was there). the director guy answered no, and the lady kinda stormed out of there. and then, i got to thinking... maybe that film wasn’t such a great statement. i don’t know.

went to a couple more panel discussions... there was this one, where i was the only girl in the room for a while... it was about comics to film. i was in a roomful of geeks. it was great! i might have to try to adapt a comic book to film sometime.

The Journey- *WOW* what a great great great film. this was a doc done by this guy who graduated college, and packed up his VW bus and followed the grateful dead. it’s a long story... which he tells very nicely, and concisely. he ends up meeting all these really great, powerful, famous people and his quest is to learn the meaning of life. or something. anyway.. it was a very touching film, it made me cry. i got to meet and talk to and have lunch with the producer and editor, and later on in the week, i met the director. what great great people.

The Slow Business of Going- this film was pretty good, i thought. it was kinda of an arty/experimental feature length piece... about a schizoid girl who travels a lot. or maybe she wasn’t schizoid. or maybe she didn’t travel. i don’t know. it was crazy weird. i can’t wait to see what the director does next. (the dir. was a girl, by the way!)

Satan Was A Lady- this film was very interesting. it was a low budget flick done by an 84 year old lady. you look at her and think that you’ll see something kinda quaint and nice... and instead you see something bordering on porn. well... almost. i don’t really know how to describe the film... i don’t know how to describe the genre... i would say that this could be a cult film.... anyway... i enjoyed it.

Down From the Mountain- this was not what i was expecting. i heard that this was a film about the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack... which it kinda was... but it wasn’t really about the making of the soundtrack or the artists on the soundtrack... it was a document of a benefit concert they had for something or another in Nashville with all the peoples ON the soundtrack. i didn’t like it, i guess mostly cuz i was expecting something totally different.... but i also did like it because it had all that great music.

How’s Your News- this film captured my heart more than all the other films this week. there was 5 mentally and physically challenged people who went on a road trip with their filmmaker buddy and did the road trip doc. their question was “how’s your news?” meaning... what’s up in your world... it was very refreshing to see the respect these people got, and how nice people were to these people and how much FUN they had doing this. how fulfilling it seemed to be for the “reporters.” (rebecca saw this with me too).

Scratch- another one of my favorite films of the week... it was tight, it was a doc done on film (which you don’t see too often anymore), it was informative and fun and fast paced. it was so focussed. i recommend this film to all, especially the people who think they don’t like a lick of hip hop. i also recommend (blindly, as i haven’t seen it yet) this guys first film, called Hype. it’s about the Seattle scene. this guy totally inspired me to do my North Carolina rock doc. i’ve decided that if i’m here for another year, i’ll do it. if not... i might do it later. we’ll see.

Cinema Verite- well... i got more of an education on cinema verite watching this doc, than i did sitting in class for a semester. why doesn’t that surprise me?

Brother Born Again- another doc. this one was about this jewish girl, who isn’t religious, who is bi, whose brother is a born again christian. makes for a great story. it was interesting...

Caesar’s Park- another doc. about a neighborhood in Milwaukee. interesting.

Pedal- another doc. GREAT. about bike messengers in NYC. it was tight, fact paced, kept you interest, well focussed. the camera work was done by the director who filmed almost all of if (if not ALL of it) while riding his skateboard. only... you can’t tell... the cinematography is super. he used a fish eye lens for most if it (if not all of it)... and it totally worked. i met the editor briefly after the screening... and the producer was this kick-ass girl.

then i went to the Merge showcase and made friends with the Rock-A-Teens. those are some nice guys. i almost got to meet mack too. but that didn’t happen. yet.

Experimental films- oops. i fell asleep. i still don’t know if it was cuz i was so tired, or if they were kinda boring. i’m not sure if i should want to be an experimental filmmaker if those films are gonna put me to sleep!

Amores Perros- i think this is a mexican film. it was really great. three stories about 6 people that intertwine... there’s a lot of awful violence, but a lot of romance too. it’s really great... go see it if it comes to a festival near you.

Blow- go see it. go see it. go see it.

hello all! i'm back home safe n sound. i miss being in austin among all the hubub. (sp?) but... alas.
so... after this whole week of being totally re-inspired regarding filmmaking... i come home, go to my shoot this morning and had to quite WAY early because of more technical difficuties. i'm not sure why the gods are not on my side for this one. but, i'm determined to finish this on time. i have too many exciting projects lined up for May. well... i wrote up this big long this about my trip to austin... i'm gonna post it here... don't feel like you have to read it though. it's pretty long. i haven't had a chance to catch up on everyones posts yet either... i'm sure you'll hear from me sooner than you want to.

Waffle House, Krispy Kreme and Cracker Barrel. Ooookay. Whatever you want. I can't get over the idea that there isn't a Waffle House at the end of every offramp, on every interstate across the country. The first time I ever met Shelly was at a Waffle House. Generally, Waffle house is a late night establishment. Five to ten high school kids will be hanging out giving the waitress hell. Drunks, regulars and perverts. The food is lousy, the service is lousy, but at least the atmosphere is disgusting.

Krispy Kreme, on the other hand, is not exactly a southern thing, despite the fact that they are mainly located in this area. What I mean is, Krispy Kreme is patronized sporatically by southerners, but religiously by damn yankees. Every single person I know from the north is nutty about their doughnuts. The entire Krispy Kreme corporation is kept afloat by the business of transplanted northerners.

Cracker Barrel is a little more reasonable. Still, its full of a lot faux-good ol' boy imagery like hayforks and corncob pipes.

All my friends are vegan and as such might abandon you and I, Louise, on these outings. Upma will probably go with, because she is a heartless carnivore and that will be nice.

Saturday, March 17, 2001

JT, I'm going to have to hold off on writing haikus, as I am too stunned by yours. The visual imagery is leaping around my head...

I'm scraping myself up off the floor after that blur that was my bout with the 'flu. I had to ask what day of the week it was a few days ago. Now I just need to rebuild my strength...seeing as my first stop might be Wisconsin, it looks like frozwn custard and biscuits with sausage gravy! I have been told that while in NC, I must make pilgrimage to 1. Krispy Kreme and 2. Waffle House. Any other recommendations?

suitcases in space
with laughter, they break open
to reveal more space

towels, towels, everywhere
towels, towels, everywhere
towels, towels, everywhere

syllables, they say,
(and without too much worry)
lie within the mouth

why do i have you,
"left-handed" desk calendar?
to remember days?

on the eve of spring
snow, to bury the corpses:
old grays of winter

romance memories,
that's what sigmund freud called dreams
last night, it was birds.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Get this - my boss just came by my cube and gave me a SXSW wristband. This is so awesome!!! I can't wait to use it.

Mike - what I've learned about Survivor - whoever they try and convince you is going to be booted in the first 50 minutes, is going nowhere in the last 5. Poor Kucha.
Upma - I tried to get into Dressy Bessy last night. I was at Emo's two hours in advance but my non-wristband, non-badge having self was turned away. I ended up at some bar called the Loft where I was friends with 4 of the 5 bands playing. It was like being at a party since I knew 2/3 the crowd. I still plan on going to that free show on Friday afternoon. Do you think you'll be there? How have the screenings been?
Angie Joe - they're showing that O, Brother film here during SXSW. But I haven't gotten a chance to see it. Damn work, getting in the way of my playtime. I plan on being "cough, cough" sick tomorrow so I can catch some more stuff.
Shelly - are you back yet on the internet consistently?

Went to Gilian Welch's and Tift Merritt's performance last night at the Continental Club. Was a good show, but damn was it mellow for a school night! Apparently there is a movie about the making of the "O Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack, but there is some disagreement about who owns what. Hopefully they will all figure it out so they can release the damn thing.

It's so weird to go to these shows, you end up talking to someone, and as it turns out they were at the same show you were at two weeks earlier. I guess when I go to these things, I'm all about the music and rarely do I pay attention to who is sitting next to me.

Does anyone own "Cry, Cry, Cry" or "Wrecking Ball"? If so, are they worth checking out? Man, I have been all about tribute albums as of late.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

hi guys!
don't say up like the direction... i don't like that. zach.. you emphasize it more like the umlaut.
steph- HI! dinner last night was great! thanks for comin and hangin out. rebecca and i went to the Sound Exchange afterwartds and found out about all the free shows. i don't know if i'll be able to make it.. i will probbaly be in more screenings than i can count.
i'm about to go see a doc. catch you's later.

no haikus for me.
I had dinner with Upma last night (hi upma! - hope the films at Dobie were good). And went through the SXSW listing to plan out my week. Too many things to see, not sure if I'll get into any of them. Oh, Upma, tell Rebecca the free Rock*a*Teens show is Friday afternoon at Emo's.
So this month has kind of sucked so far. Broke up with the boyfriend, had my car hydroplan into a curb requiring two new wheels, and work is super insane crazy busy until I feel like standing in the middle of my cube and just spinning and spinning around.

Monday, March 12, 2001

My travel plans have been transformed yet again. I was slated to leave Sunday
night, and if I had, I'd have been stuck in a Denver snowstorm and sick as a dog. I literally crawled out of bed this morning. I hurt everywhere. It never fails - I get some vacation time, my immune system heads for Cancun. If I don't leave Wednesday, I'll leave next Tuesday. I wish my parents believed in painkillers. Even Tylenol. I'm so sick, I can't haul my corpse down to the corner 7-11...but maybe I can bribe my brother...

Upma once told me that I pronounced her name correctly, which I took as a great compliment, so I will impart my wisdom. Say "up", like the direction "uhhhp" and ma, like in "mug" and smash them together. That's really close.

JT and others-a group you might be interested in. text is 3/4 of the band Refused. but, they don't sound that much like Refused. They are the arty side of Refused set free. The whole album is available for download on the website. try 1, 2, or 6. But all are worth a listen.

hey yous.
i'm in love with:
Austin, TX
Eric Bachman
(and his drummer RL)
Chris Gore

my name is most prefectly pronounced as [U-with-an-umlaut pma]. or as most people do (and as i've gotten lazier, me too)... pronounced [oopma].

time to go get the party on.

pick an airline that
goes where you want it to go
frequent flier miles

even better if
you got yourself credit card
dollars equals miles

internet tickets
get too many lay overs
too many red eyes

i think that i need
quite a bit more practice at
this haiku thing-y

hey upma, can you give us a phonetic pronunciation of your name?

ok, my computer at home will be re-set-up one day, if i ever manage to unpack. in the meantime, due to the joys of temping i should be online most of the day today.

weezie, i will be here at the end of april and i'll have the sofa bed waiting. i haven't made it up to vancouver etc. yet so depending on which days you go i'd like to tag along if i'm not working and you're game.

two days before we left town it snowed. the first time since i've been living here that it stuck to the ground. six to eight inches. i happened to be driving (which i almost NEVER do)the night it happened because i couldn't get a ride to my soccer game. at first i though it was just like driving in really heavy rain which i know how to do (thank you louisiana). driving was a bit nerveracking but then i had to drive uphill in the snow. well louisiana doesn't have hills so i'm not sure if the comparison holds true there but i started sliding very slowly from one side to the other. a small nervous breakdown later i was home. happily it is much more fun to play in than drive in. since it doesn't snow often here it was a festive atmosphere. spontaneous snowball fights with strangers and snowmen on every available surface.
as it melted and turned to gray slush the next day i was glad that snow is an infrequent occurence here.
the night before we flew to louisiana was jacob's annual big company party, thannukkus. in an attempt to be non-denominational and save money and avoid a party smack in the middle of their busy season the holiday party is delayed until february or march. jacob had dyed the front of his hair candy apple red and i wore the huge velvet and brocade dress with embroidered upside down crosses.this was also supposed to be the dress i was going to wear to the plantation wedding that jacob was standing in in louisiana. i had the sneaking suspicion he had dyed his hair specifically to annoy the bride but used thannukkus as an excuse.(the bride fortunately didn't fall for the hair ruse, perhaps thankful that it was the only mischief jacob caused at the wedding) . anyway the party had a las vegas theme and after the food there were casino games as well as dancing and karoke.
we got in around 4am, packed and caught the cab to the airport, that was a pretty good indicator of the pace of the next two weeks. we spent a lot of time driving back and forth from kenner to baton rouge to houma (actually gibson, la), to metarie to vacherie to kenner to houma to new orleans to vacherie to houma to new orleans to houma to baton rouge to kenner. there wasn't much time for sleeping. henceforth i think people should plan their weddings to my convenience. so keith and candi got married and becky and ryan and jenny and dave got engaged. i was asked to be a bridesmaid in backy's wedding in atlanta in six months. i hope this works out better than last time i was supposed to stand in a wedding (and didn't becuase of a big misunderstanding which almost cost me a friend). i got to see beth and the baby that was a result of said wedding and mending fences was good.
the trip home was fun- mostly. i had to deal with the fact that i don't find the drink till you puke mardi gras experience all that fun and never ones to miss an opportunity (when jacob who was getting sick succombed and fell asleep)i got lectured by my parents for various offences including not being married. i went to a wedding which was excruciating but will have beautiful pictures. (you should never hold any event in south louisiana out doors at dusk on the water even if you think a plantation and oak trees on the river are the perfect setting. the mosquitoes will eat you alive.) i was house sitting for the happy couple since my parents can't allow me and my living in sin boyfriend to sleep in their house. all of their pets were natural enemies, one of them apparently an enemy of mine. they had fish and doves which were originally to be released at the wedding, and a cat. i confirmed i am definitely allergic to cats in spite of the fact that i like them and they seem to love me and or rubing on me and my stuff while i sneeze and cry and cease breathing functions through my a portion of the trip was a lesson in things which are only fun in theory. also a disturbing amount of my friends are beginning to marry and spawn.
good things:
1 i got to see a lot of friends and family though i missed a few and didn't see anyone for very long
2 i fogot how wonderful a sunny 70 degree winter day can be
3 lightning storms
4 fried soft shell crabs
5 boiled crabs
6 shrimp poboys
7 dusk on the swamp (viewed from a car window)
8 enormous oak trees
9 gumbo
10 beignets

we saw the seattle mardi gras "riots" on the news and since i wasn't there i'll refrain from commenting on the seattle police crowd control skills (again). the next day was the earthquake. we called and everyone we knew seemed to be ok. no one else had a key to the place we'd just bought so we figured we'd see if it was still standing when we returned and hope the insurance was already in effect if it wasn't.
we were lucky the damage was really minor on our place. the heaviest damage was in the oldest parts of town near the water on landfill, pioneer square. the earthquake retro-fitting program seemed to work pretty well. george w. had proposed cutting that program out of the budget the same day the quake happened. huh.

when we left snow was still on the ground. when we returned to seattle, spring had come in our absence. things are blooming it has been sunny and warm. (drought and hydroelectric power shortages are predicted) but in the meantime it is lovely days.

my neighbors have five cats. the men who used to live in our place had three cats. they were accustomed to leaving the doors and windows open for all of the cats to come and go as they please. the remaining five cats seem to be mystified as to why my apartment is no longer part of their domain. they perch on my window ledge and look in and meow in the most adorable way. one accidently mistook a closed window for an open one and jumped into the glass with one thump then another as he hit the ground. he seemed to be ok. i was trying to clean up and unpack when i heard a thump behind me. another cat stood in the middle of my living room looking quite triumphant and proceeded to strut about. i tried to shoo him out of the front door before he could rub aginst any more of my furniture creating an atmoshere in which i can't breathe. he began to dart from room to room as i shut doors behind him finally rustling him outside again. i saw the mail had come and closed the door over as i went to get it since the cat still looked very intent on exploring my apartment. at that point i realized i was locked out. fortunately jacob doesn't work far away and i had shoes and somewhat presentable clothing on (excluding the broken straw cowboy hat). i'm sure that cat invited all the others back in my window and had a party while i was away.

Saturday, March 10, 2001

i love austin.

Friday, March 09, 2001

Zach, don't go changing your plans around for me. I'll probably be in Boston for the first two weeks of April, so actually I'd probably wind up in NC after the 15th. Then I have to get back across the travel plans keep shifting. We'll see what happens.

Angie Joe, the photo idea is a good I just have to get off the ground and going!

Yesterday I went to a performance of The Vagina Monologues in celebration of International Women's Day. It was put on by an MFA student at the University of Hawai'i, who grossly underestimated turnout. The room seated about 100, and I was one of the many sitting in the aisles. After the performers saw the breaking fire code crowd, they decided to do a second performance 20 minutes after the first performance. It was inspiring and uplifting and funny - some original works by the performers were included. The crowd favorite was a dainty grandmother who read a cheeky poem about the undiminished sexual pleasure of a grandma, and then sang "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" accapella, which had everyone in hysterics, including the performer. Her verse about a hippie lover had the audience howling. You had to be there..."he smoked a lot of pot/husband material he was not" doesn't work as well when she's not singing it. The only sour note was the music - someone with a synth keyboard. Not a musician with a synth keyboard...just someone. Could have safely left it out. My friend Raven went to the second show and was kind of pissed off, because SHE wanted to put on a production of the Vagina Monologues, and is convinced she could have done it better. So now we're looking at doing a group VM-themed performance in July.

The amount of violence against women that continues, even in the U.S., is horrifying. I'm proud to know the men of the Lake Effect crew - proof that there is hope.

Weezie, let me know if you decide to do the Texas tour. Not sure what your time frames are but I have this volunteer event on April 7th, and I'll be out of town on the weekend of April 27th for Jazz Fest. That is it so far. And if you give me enough notice, I might can take a day off of work and show you around H-town.

Sounds like you may be meeting a good amount of the Lake Effect crew. Here's a thought: you can take a picture with you and the LE person you're hooking up with in front of some famous spot. Then you can scan the pics for a digital scrap book and post it. Just a goofy thought.

Yesterday was international women's day.

Thursday, March 08, 2001

Wheez. there's a real chance that I may be out of town 7-15th of april. I'm sorry. I know I told you I would have the week off and I still might. Tell me when you want to come, I'll work something out. When are you leaving?


Wahid, another manager at the theatre, said something really weird tonight at work. To get the affect of how he talks pause after every second or third word.

Wahid: Za-tree. (He calls me Za-tree)
Me: Yes?
Wahid: I heard that you got intimate with a beast that was half-satire (his word for centaur) and half-goat. Is this true?
Me: Who told you this? yes, it is true.
Wahid: You are very ramchu.


We had to call the cops on a drunk guy tonight. Eventually, he lunged at the officer and got flattened. So, right in the middle of our lobby, a cop is holding down and cuffing and a screaming drunk. It was funny to see other customers have to walk around the melee.

Oh, and I'm trying to get to NC straddling Zach and Upma's time off. JT, I'm still looking at Buffalo. Hope you are enjoying the snow!

Angie Joe, don't count me out just yet...I just got an email from my aunt in Massachussets, saying there's 30 inches of snow on the ground, wait until April to visit. If I don't get to at least the Midwest before the middle of next week, I'll be instead of bopping around Indiana for three weeks, I'm revamping my budget and checking out Amtrak routes. I love trains. I keep forgetting how big the U.S. is, though. I look at the schedules and think, geez, I've crossed entire countries by train in less time than it would take me to get across Texas. No promises, though.
Shelly, I might pass through Seattle towards the end of April - will you be there?

upma - crooked fingers is playing sat. night I think. Also, I'm definately going to see this film called Frontier. Some guys I know worked on it. It's playing a few times next week.

upma - here's my saturday so far
2pm - croquet party (not SXSW related - just friends, beer, nice weather, fun)
6pm-9pm - party at an exes' house - more beer, hanging with friends
after that - bring on the rock - show downtown - not SXSW related either, some friends' bands - Silver Scooter and Aden. that's all so far.

Wednesday, March 07, 2001

“somwhere over the rainbow” always makes me cry. is that dumb?

i was gonna see my main man Nader talk tonihgt, but it just isn’t gonna work out for me n him tonight. what about you zach? tell tell.

steph- i really don’t know what’s happenin saturday night. i know that there’s one party i HAVE to hit... (gotta get some schmoozin done there) and then... i dunno what. i’ll probably have dinner with my friend Jack. and maybe catch a screening? what bands are you gonna see? did crooked fingers already play? or is he playing this weekend? i’m SO SUPER PSYCHED for this week!!!!!!! the only thing that might make me a bit naseuos is the amount of "schmoozin" that's gonna go on. it's par for the territory though... (did i use that phrase right?) you just gotta do it. i prefer to refer to it as "networking."

upma - I can't wait to hear from you. I already know of a party and some bands I want to see saturday if you aren't overplanned.
thad - I think I'd like a copy of the sad songs tape as well. It should be coming in handy real soon.
shelly - good to talk to you yesterday - nothing new to update - still waiting for the call back.
I mail off my job application for Maine today.
angie joe - I love your journal idea. It reminds me of something I did in second grade called "soft, warm, fuzzies" - each week someone in the class' name was picked and then every student had to write a "soft, warm, fuzzy" to them. They're really funny to read (of course, I still have mine!) since in second grade they run along the lines of "you're a really really really nice girl" repetition takes over when creativity runs out. But it's something I'll never throw away.

Thad, Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" has always been a fav happy song of mine. Another song that comes to mind is "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone." What about "What a Wonderful World" - overdone, but still happy. And "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" I'm sure there are several sappy love songs (which could constitute a VOLUME of compilations) that I am missing. Let me think on that one. I'll e-mail you my address, and if I have a chance, I will tape some stuff from KPFT for you.

A friend of mine has a spare ticket to Buddy Guy/Shamika Copeland tonight, so I'll be there. Toodles for now.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

You guys remember that part in High Fidelity where the rock critic asks Rob his all time top ten records and he says something like, "I've waited my whole life for a woman to ask me that." Well, it wasn't a young woman, it was Benji who ask me one of those kinds of questions the other day. It was the kind of question that finally puts to use all the time I've spend thinking about worthless rock trivia. He was telling a story about how his dad was convinced to give his life to Jesus when a ex-Sabbath singer spoke at Benji's high school. Benji couldn't remember the guy's name so he asked me to name all the lead singers of Black Sabbath. I did (Ozzy, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillian, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen and Tony Martin---Hughes was the offending Christian) and was extremely satisfied with myself for the rest of the night. If any of you want to know the real names of all the members of KISS (ALL of them) or who played the guitar solo on "Hand of Fate" by the Rolling Stones or anything else like that, I'm your man.

"My Girl" is happier than walking on sunshine. But, "Mannish Boy" is the happiest song ever, regardless of the fact that its a blues. Did you put "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" on your sad tape? And "Tears of Rage?"

Shelly, I'm glad you're back. And safe. And at the mercy of superintelligent animals.

i hope to finish it......maybe today. anyone who would like a copy, tell me a place the send it.
a happy album would be really hard, i'll try though. the happest song ever is, oddly enough, been in discussion around here. i say it's "my girl" other seem to think it's "walking on sunshine". anyhow let me know what you think.

hi. back from louisiana. missed the riot and earthquake in seattle. was relatively undamaged by that and the visit home. the weather is beautiful. i feel like a weight has been lifted. i'll get the internet set up at home soon. have computer access right now due to the relatively ridiculous circumstance of being locked out of my place by my neighbor's cat. i have so much to tell you!

Am at work at 7 p.m. and had to miss my class on one of the best ever theologians - Thomas Aquinas - because of a work deadline. Gotta love corp. America.

Spoke to Shelly briefly. She was in LA at the time of the quake, and only a couple of pics and books were scattered (I think). I'll let her fill you in on the details, but basically she is fine.

Thad, I LOVE "Can I Sleep in Your Arms." It is one of my fav Willie songs. I, too, would like a copy of your tape. Will you turn around and make a "happy tape" afterwards? I'd be curious as to what you would put on it.

Upma - a good friend of mine shed some light on dating for me. It's not always personal when the dating thing doesn't work out. If you are a good person (which you are by leaps and bounds) and you feel that you have a good life (again, see previous parenthesis), ninty percent of the issue is with the other person and NOT you.

My feel good journal rocks. Most of the quotes are from very close friends, but some are from random strangers, or people who come into and out of your life for short periods of time. It's really random. The really cool part about it is that when you are really down, it gives you a glimpse of you at your best in someone else's eyes. Yes, I am a romantic sap.

Weezie, I'll look for you at another time, another place.

thad, i would like a copy of the sad song tape.

lousie, my schedule is pretty hectic up until april 15. if you come before then, i'll make time to hang with ya, if you come after then, i'll have LOTS of time to hang with ya! if the mayflower house contains too much testosterone for you to handle at any given moment, my futon is also available.

angie joe, i've never had a "feel good journal"... that sounds great. i usually write stuff like that in my regular journal... but not always.

zachary, you're the best.

steph, i'm gonna call you on saturday afternoon/evening.

The "happy list" and the "feel good journal" sound like something I should take up. Hanging out with friends has been especially blues-busting for me, along with - oddly enough - learning mathematical type stuff. Like calculating retail prices from a wholesale invoice. There's only one answer, and you can check to make sure you got it right. That is soooo soothing.

Thad, the saddest album in the world doesn't sound cruel to me. I think it would be a wonderful tool for scheduled grief time, a way to get people to sob theraputically.

Upma, I think getting hung up on poopy boys is unfortunate and way too common. I've had way too much depression over poopy boys. The part that makes me crazy is letting a poopy boy experience make me feel so rotten. I mean, *why*? It boils down to it wouldn't work with this other person. The sooner you find out, the better. Yet it makes me want to cry and stamp my feet, when really, I should be happy.

Zach, I don't think I'll stay for more than a week. Thank you for the mayflower house offer! I'll take you up on it.

Angie Joe, I don't think I'll be hitting the South, as Spring Break is going to be in full gear and I'm flying standby.

i haven't finished the saddest album in the world yet. when i do i'll post the songs to see if you agree. i found a willie nelson song called "can i sleep in your arms tonight" it makes everyone i've played it for cry. it's on red headed stranger if you want to listen to it. i need about three or four more songs if anyone can think of more. i think my goal in making this is pretty twisted. i want to make my freinds cry. i'm thinking of it as an experiment in the power of music.

JT, this may be a really clueless question, but have you considered publishing anything? I'm more of a dog person - they are so unconditional. Cats are too much on their own terms (i.e., too much like me).

Sorry Upma, but not sure if my brain can handle the creativity of haiku. Did want to tell you. A while back, I started this "feel good journal." In it, I wrote all kinds of really nice things that people have said about me. So, when I am really, really down, I look back at it and feel good. Shelly actually has a quote in it.

Weezie, any chance you'll be hitting the South/Southwest? If so, you'll probably need a bathing suit ;)

Thad, what did you ever come up with for the sad song tape? Am curious.

Monday, March 05, 2001

Louise, I had a dream about you last night. I don't remember much of it, but everyone was sitting around in my living room (you included) and everyone was calling you Kainui.

I have the second week of april off (until friday night), but I have reasonably flexable schedule if you give me little notice. I don't know how long you're planning to stay, but the mayflower house (mine) will be happy to put you up as long as you like.

a revolution
it was started by my friend
G_ C_ins, his name

one bright, sunny day
at the radio station
on the air, says he:

“people! write haiku’s!”
and revolution began.
people wrote haiku’s

right now, i sit here
i am sad. and heartbroken.
don’t want depression

oh! finally, friend.
talking to zach cheers me up!
he’s planting flowers.

yellow ones and pink
by may they bloom big, smell good.
we’ll have picnic lunch.

it will be a dream
zach and me and maybe john?
tofurkey sandwich

i challenge you all
give updates the haiku way!
don’t knock my idea

or else i might cry
it doesn’t have to be long
a couple stanza’s

poetry is fun
now i make a happy list
THAT will make me cry

(the HAPPY list is somthing that my friends gavin and audrey made me do this the last time i got bummed about something... so... what makes ME happy?? (not in any kind of order, really))

1. having friends
2. figuring out software on my own (like i did today)
3. getting stuff done
4. having extra money to play with
5. watchin movies
6. eating good food
7. calling boys poopy
8. talking to zach
9. writing/reading the blog
10. talking to my brother ( i wish i could tell him secrets)
11. getting brownies unexpectedly from an acquaintance
12. baking cookies for other people
13. knowing that school will end soon
14 listening to music
15. people watching
16. my dog
17. knowing that my family really loves me
18. getting my hair trimmed (tomorrow!)

that’s all that i can come up with right now. and it’s bedtime, thank goodness.

There's been earthquakes in the Northwest, a snowstorm is about to hit the Northeast, foot-and-mouth disease is making vegetarians out of must be time for my trip!

Current plan: fly to Indiana on Sunday the 11th. From there, go east.

Zach/Upma/Thad/Greensboro: What would be a relatively good time to visit y'all?
Mike: No matter what, I'll be in the Boston area, probably by the first or second week of April. Would love to meet you and your version of Boston.
JT: Getting to Buffalo isn't looking as easy as I thought it might be. I'll keep you updated.
Shelly: I may be going through Vancouver and Seattle towards the end of April. Will you be there?

I have my Hostelling International membership, travelers checks, credit card, and wool coat. Wahoo!

Some recent things:

It snowed a great little snow last night. The coast was supposed to get clobbered, mostly NYC and Philly. Buffalo got a lovely four inches of perfect powder. It was the glittery kind of snow, it sparkled in the street lights as it fell.

I was supposed to move upstairs today but with the scare of snow my landlord cancelled on me, so tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I've sort of been putting all my stuff together and unlike most of the time when I'm packing I can't believe how much stuff I have but this time I'm pretty happy with the amount of stuff I have. This could be because I'm moving into a bigger place and there will be room for everything. But all in all, I've kept my material possesions to a minimun. An expensive minimum though, for instance, my wonderful G4.

Right now I'm at my friend Jana's house taking care of her cats, Lila and Hector, while she spends spring break in Florida. They are both almost completely black. Lila has a patch of white on her chin and Hector a patch of white on his belly. Lila's the stoic, Hector's the jesture. They don't always get along. I keep getting interupted to watch some trick Hector needs an audience for, that's when he's not walking over the computer keyboard. If my roomate weren't allergic to cats I might have one. I'm not completely a cat person, I like dogs but there is no way I could really take care of a dog being at school so much, they need time and space. Cats would have you believe they need nothing. I like cats though, and they seem to like me which I always find surprising.

Things with Julia and I are going so well. I don't want to say too much about it for fear of jinxing it all.

This being spring break I thought I might actually get a chance to get some real creative work done, but with the move, even though it's only up one floor, I'll probably just manage to keep my head above water.

I finally finished Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler. It's so good. I could almost read it again. I was going to share certain parts with you guys but decided against posting lenghty paragraphs written by somebody else.

Upma, I am with ya, girl fried! Ok, here's my last crush update for a while (ok, "a while" is relative, right? ;) Gave Nick the Dick the ax on Fri. Man, I forgot how much "breaking up" sucks. Yuck.

Anyways, I saw "Chocolat" this weekend. Great movie. Made me smile and think. Bought a few CD's - Kim Ritchey, Willie Nelson and Mahalia Jackson. Started playing softball again (was 2 for 4, with one RBI). Found out that one of my good friends Ricky will have a five hour layover in Houston this Sun. He'll be on his way to a medical mission trip to Peru or Chile. Am so psyched because we only get to see each other once every few years.

Oh yeah. Saw a Lucy Kaplansky show. She was pretty good. We talked after the show about shoes. Pretty funny.

Saturday, March 03, 2001

well folks. i think the crush story has finally come to an end. (i think) and it ends (as ususal) with me getting a BIG FAT REJECTION! i'm not really surprised.

well, at least i've got Austin to look forward to.

Friday, March 02, 2001

I got to see Weezer and the Get Up Kids last night. My friend Stephen bought me a ticket like two months ago and I totally forgot about it. So, it was a nice surprise when he reminded me a few days ago. The show was in this run-down old basketball court (Grady Cole Center) that was/is totally unsuited for rock and rock music.

We got in line to enter the building and I remembered that I brought my knife. They were doing very through searches for people at the door. Jennifer Furches offered to hide my knife in her purse, thinking the security guys never really go through purses. So, we tried it. She gets stopped, has to empty her purse, the metal detector is buzzing hte whole time. Jennifer, cool as a criminal, simply leaves the knife in the purse. The security gives her a look and tells her to throw away her pens because they're afraid the walls will get marked up. So she managed to sneak in a three-inch searated-blade knife, but got busted on a couple of felt-tip pens.

Inside Stephen show some girl he knew. I never got formally introduced, but I think her name started with an "M". Michelle, maybe. M. latched on to John Rash. She sweated him non-stop the whole time we were there. Arms on shoulders, she laid back on his knees once, phone numbers exchanged, everything. John was so uncomfortable. He was trying to be polite. I think he was looking for an excuse to mention his girlfriend, but never found a natural way to do it. This girl had never meet him before. She was planning their wedding after two hours.

Get Up Kids were good, I guess. They played a lot of songs. I don't think I'll ever see them again, though. John said, "I think their days of being a really fun band to go see are over." I agree. But, I'm still a fan of their records. I think they've got a lot of good pop, I'm just not sure I ever want to see the singer with the Morrissey hair say something like, "Charlotte, North Carolina, can you count!? Count with me... 1, 2... I can't hear you! 1, 2, 3, 4!" again.

Weezer rocked out. The crowd are rabid for them. Their popularity has grown so much in the last few years. Except for three news songs (and one from that promo xmas cd I gave you, thad), the audience sang every single word. I'm usually too selfconcious to do that but eventually I caved and sang myself. They had a big light up Weezer "=W=" sign and shot confetti at the end of the show. It was pretty fun, all in all.

I think she was still in New Orleans when they happened, but I haven't heard for sure.

Thursday, March 01, 2001

Hey, does anyone know if Shelly made it through those quakes ok?

So I know my last post was all about how I didn't want to leave Austin - but today I've changed my mind. Not to move for the boy but to move for this job - a summer position in Maine helping with photographic workshops. It sounds like so much fun. And I could always come back to Austin after. The thing is I haven't applied for a job, worked on my resume et al in over three years. I'm feeling a little behind on the whole process.

so i've always wondered... is "prime time" different times from time zone to time zone? on the east coast prime time is from 8pm to 11pm. ER comes on from 10-11... a nice serious ender to the tv portion of the evening. what happens in other time zones? is this a dumb question?

Ok, so I went home and thought more about sad songs. Here are a few: "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers; "This Bitter Earth" By Dinah Washington; "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain" by Willie Nelson and "Mystery" By Indigo Girls. The saddest lines of "Mystery" are: so what is love then is it dictated or chosen does it sing like the hymns of 1000 years or is it just pop emotion and if it ever was here and it left does it mean it was never true and to exist it must elude.

Zach, I'm with you on the crushes. I went from being hotter than hot, but I guess that I've reached my quota for the next 6 years. That's ok though. I'll settle for Dr. Kovach on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. CST (ER).

Upma, go on the other date. If you are trying to get over one person, my philosophy is to have two or three other crushes ;)

JT, so glad that you and your crush are sans poopiness. Go you!

Cajun Mardi Gras was so incredible. Got my fill of Cajun, zydeco and swamp pop for a while. Was there with a group of 10 which included my very best friend and my best guy friend in the whole world who happens to be my kick ass dance partner. Good friends, good food, good music. What more could you want out of life?