Sunday, March 31, 2002

"In the comic book, Bizarro Superman, about someone who represents aduplicate of Superman, the main character lives a skewed parallel existence to the "real" Superman on the astonishingly squared planet called Bizarro."

I know we've talked about the relationship of Louisiana to the rest of the Universe before, Angie. You should know I'm not downing your home scene. I like Louisiana very much. But Louisiana clearly was shipped in from an alternate dimension. Look at the facts:

...speaks with a unique accent that really doesn't sound much like the rest of the South's accent. predominantly Catholic.
...has weird (though very cool) French Catholic Goth architecture that Charleston has, but nowhere else does.
...has an economy that is still riverboat based.
...tolerates mimes on the streets.
...has as its largest city New Orleans, a town that is one strong wind away from being the City of the Mer-People.
...spiders the size of your fist.

And so on. You know the last person to get chased by a voodoo crocodile mime in Tennessee? Or in Georgia? Or in NC? It never happened because all that crazy shit is your's alone.

And if you're eating fried pickles with your poboys and gumbo, it ain't none of my business. My point is while Louisiana is still south of the Mason-Dixon line, and thus an acceptable place to live, is it over the line seperating the real world from the world where trees have fur and the canals are rules by giant hairy rat beasts. The end.

Enjoy your pickles.

no. the new 'do sucks. i think after i get my next paycheck, i'm gonna have to go somewhere else to get my hair chemically straightened. i am so not a fan of that girl and i will never go to a beauty school again.
i'm also pms-ing something awful.
i'm mad at the whole world tonight.

This message is not for the tender hearted; it is directed to Mr. Mull who should know by now that he shouldn't exchange fightin' words with the MASTA (and for Weezie, b/c she enjoys my rantings).

First off, who the hell is Bizzaro Superman and he has what to do with fried pickles???

Second, I'm not just from anywhere in Louisiana. I'm from the 9th ward of New Orleans. Do you know what people in the 9th ward do to little boys like you? We draw and quarter them, turn them into high-screeching eunuchs, steal any of their possessions that are worth anything and then turn around and resell it to their siblings.

Third, Zach you come from a state with the word "North" in it, so sonny boy, you ain't got no right talkin' 'bout what's "Southern" and what isn't. Besides, my people consider individuals who live north of I-10 Yankees. And my dear sir, that includes YOU.

Ok, I'm off that tangent.

Z, sorry someone hit your car. Damn, THIRD monitor? Yikes.

Upma, the key to a new home is 1. a good hair dresser 2. a dependable dry cleaner and 3. a grocery store that stocks stuff you like. I'm sure you new 'do is cute. No worries girlie.

I definately am a jackass.

I woke up this morning feeling like I slept under a herd of yaks.

I need a vacation.

zach. you are a jackass.
but i'm sorry that someone hit your car.

Upma, you are from Ohio. You don't know from what we eat in the south.
Angie, you are from Louisiana. Louisiana is to the South what Bizzaro Superman is to the real Superman.
If I say we don't eat fried pickles, yall, I mean it.

Played a shitty show last night in Winston.
My third monitor crapped out.
Some jackass hit my car, but i got his insurance and stuff.

Saturday, March 30, 2002

so. i got my hair trimmed today. i dunno how it really is. the girl totally did not listen to anything i said. i wanted a trim... she gave me a haircut. i wanted miniscule layers at the bottom, she cut 4" off the front.

she blow dried it straight, so it's all good now. but tomorrow, after i wash it and the curls come back... i might spend all day crying. i hope not. maybe i'll just never wash my hair again.

Friday, March 29, 2002

zach. i'm sorry, but i think you're wrong. i've heard about fried pickles in the dear South. it's just not a greensboro thing (and that's why gso kids are smarter).

Hey now. I've had fried pickles in Plaquemine, LA, before. Speak for yourself, G'boro boy!

Fried pickles must be some midwestern hillbilly thing, because I have never in my life seen such a thing around here. For once, the South seems to have resisted the urge to fry something up. Who the fuck thinks of deep frying a PICKLE?

You know, I had fried pickles recently, and they're not bad. I have to say that the only flaw in being in southern Indiana (aka extreme north Kentucky) is that you can get hush puppies and fried catfish and good fried chicken, but the tea isn't sweet.

Zach, keep that job. Migod.

Hola all. How goes it? It's Friday, and I am in a good mood.

I don't think I've ever mentioned but UH is located in a strange area of the city. We're about 5/10 minutes away from downtown, in the middle of a poor black area of town. In fact, a friend of mine told me that he and his church group did a mission in the neighborhood about 10 years ago.

There are very FEW things around here -- dry cleaners, lunch options, salons, post offices, etc. Kind of an inconvenient place actually.However, there's lots of history and character in the area, and I wish that the university would capitolize on it. In fact, in this area of town, the Houston blues scene once thrived. There was this place called the El Dorado which was THE place to go in the 50's and 60's. The likes of Ali, Billie Holiday, several others were seen there. Today unfortunately the Houston blues scene doesn't get as much play as Chicago. My guess is probably a lack of marketing and fresh talent.

Anyways, I digress. My co-worker Celeste and I are going to a black Baptist church at lunch today, because the Gospel choir is having a lunch concert. Then we are going to get some fried catfish at this dive nearby.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Zach, thank you so much for that - I'm hee hee heeing and ha ha haaing over here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I sent this as an email to some people earlier today. It is also for your enjoyment.

Okay, theoretically, I could lose my job for showing these to you. So, be aware that forwarding this on to others could cause me to be broke again. As some of you know, I now at Measurement Inc. MI is a standardized test grading company. I get get paid to read essay exams and grade them. Those of you in NC may know people that have done this before. Those of you in Greensboro definately know someone who has worked for Measurement.

The project we are now working on is State of Ohio ninth graders. Most of the stuff I read is terminally boring. Kids in Ohio do nothing worth talking about it seems. They ride fourwheelers and break their arms and go to Florida, blah blah blah. But among these papers lies a few pearls of wisdom that I felt compelled to write down.

Again, this is in complete disregard of the confidentiality agreement I signed, so try not to get me busted. But, I could possibly not share some of these. The cheesy subject headers are mine, of course.

And so I present...

The youth of the nation weighs in:

On Money: "I also had a lot of money to. I was alway'es buing fourwheelers, guns and cars."

On Marriage: "I am not free because I got married. She goes some times with me and rides the fourwheeler and spends some of the money. I also put food on the table for all of us."

On Cops: "One change I think will improve my school or neighborhood is getting better cops because most of the cops you in Salineville are big fat guys who are slow."

On Drinking and Driving: "Drinking and Driving not only causes car accidents, but shooting accidents."

On Mortality: "One day 2 years ago my friend got shot down and now is RIP."

On the Good Life: "People some ar in jail some are living a good life I want to leve a good life."

On Beauty: "The stars were so pretty and the moon."

On Immortality: "In the story I want to be remembered as getting dragged"

On the Animal Kingdom: "And there were all kinds of animals like moses and leaches would try to get on you. And wolfs you could hears then late at night barking."

On Canadians: "And the people had weird actsinces they talked kinda like the pople in England."

On Talent: "Even though I'm failing some of the stuff its really easy and that's what I do good at."

On Civil Liberties: "this is a free country if people want to be dumb let them be bumb so the sould let us choose to go to school like anyone would come if this would happen That would be cool."

On Dining: "I felt really hungry from all the waiting and therefore had the Ultimate Feast, a culmination of crablegs, shrimp and fish the likes of which have yet to be reproduced."

On the Art of Conversation: "I said, 'Mom, you got a dog.' She said 'yep.' I said 'cool.'"

On Accidents: "One event in my life in particular is getting my ear cut of."

On the Elderly: "We would skip school assemples. we would go over to the mall and make fun of the old people."

On English as a Second Language: "We you do about you live story you can do talk live you still talk about live with apen in live. the story is about you live to a story will you can talk about in our live and good and bad in your live."

On Tracher and Stud Relations: "A lot of stud like Math, English, sicen, woody class. Some stud do like clothing class. some tracher and stud like to have air doen in the classroom."

On Dedication: "I hade morening pracktis and night time pracktis."

On Tough Times: "I went on a paper raut and whes in a rack, And i got hert vary baedly but i got troe it ok and i am doeng good. My anet sad it maed me a bader persan then I wans."

On Nollege: "He taught me that nollege is something no one can take from you."

On Ecology: "We didn't relise that the woods was Indeed a swamp."

On Others: "His brother and him got in a car reck with his parents. He is also a retarted kid."

On Altruism: "I learned that you will get a reward for helping those in need."

On Life: "Most I like in the my life is the my family with liveing. I like my family. my. I'm write a decided to write about the lives of the my uncle is lives in the my hours in the this community."

On Life's Little Ouchies: "I flew of my bike and fliped into the other lane where my head was ran over by an oncoming car."

On Standard Measurements: "(We) busted a window bout the size of an large fish tank and as high as a 4ft midget."

On Friends: "The even that has happend in my life is I got busted in the head, with a big rock."

On Respect: "My dad told me something I will never forget... You must respect the dirtbike and it will respect you."

On True Love: "No matter what people said I still was in love with him and still is. Everybody would say 'He's ugly, he always cheats on you. He's not popular.' And I don't care about looks or anything."

On Careers: "I wanna be a WWF wrestler. I wanna get whooped for a livin."

On Nature: "To this day I still don't like trees. Whenever I see one down, I laugh at it."

On A Better Tomorrow: "I the consernd citisin think you should cut school down to 3 day and for the nieighorhood you should get rid of the old people."

On Reproduction: "We have sixteen cows and own bull but we mostly AI, artofishil imenanation."

On Wishes Coming True: "I opened it and there it was... a 3 inch by 2 inch ticket to see Ozzy. It was too good to be true. It took my breath away."

On Heroism: "This is the story of how I saved Bigfoot from the flying birddog attack."

On Crazy Birddogs: "So I just pulled out my nine, poped in the clip and let one slip into the crazy birddogs."

On Personality Clashes: "'the ass principal' Mr Kaufman, if we switched him with any other person, it would make everyone in a better mood."

On Shared Interests: "My grandfather has always been special to me, specifically since our interests overlapped in some places. One of whic was the 'deliberate act of killing animals' also known as hunting."

On Family: "This summer I found out I was going to get the chance to meet my father after a DNA test was take to determine that he actually was my father."

On Food: "My favorite food is fried pickles."

On Violence: "Well there was these 3 murder who killed this old lady with a can of tuna in a sock..."

and finally...

On Sprituality: "It's kind of like going to church, only for the Punk Rock soul. I truly found myself at the Warped Tour."

So after work today, I was waiting for my ride home and knitting quietly in the corner. One of the cashiers came over and was making small talk when a manager leaned over and shrieked, "Ohmigod! She's only been here a couple of days and you're trying to score already!" then turns to me and tells me that he's a shameless flirt. Poor guy. He actually tried to defend himself while I told her it's okay, he didn't stand a chance anyway, since I don't shit where I eat. Then I told him that if he's any less nice to me in the future, I'll know that she was right and he was just trying to score. He walked into a bear trap and didn't even realize it. Fortunately for him, my ride showed up before I could get him on the hooks with stuff like "so does that mean you don't think I'm attractive?" He kept trying to dig himself out. It's so unfair. Zach, who was the politician who wanted it leaked that his opponent had intimate relations with farm animals just so he could hear the guy try to defend himself and say he wasn't a pigfucker?

Bluebonnets are blue wildflowers that are all over the place springtime in Austin. Ladybird Johnson was all about the Highway beautification - and these flowers line the interstates.

what are bluebonnets?

the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema starts next week. it's a 2 week long film festival that features over 140 films from about 45 countries. you don't even KNOW how super excited i am about all this. i now live in a town that has a two week long film fest. i hope i can afford half of the things i want to do.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

So I decided to throw Passover for a few friends tomorrow night. So tonight I'll be chopping apples, making soup stock, going through the Haggadah and marking passages, and making sure everything's ready. It'll be a different experience, trying this on my own, rather than going to some (parent's) house.

p.s. The bluebonnets are here!!

The weather has been going from 27 and snowing to 50 and sunny. Last night it was all about sleet. The woods are lovely, bright white and glassy, silent. I was dumb enough to come into Bloomington - I should have stayed at the house, drinking hot chocolate and nesting in the cats. On the other hand, now I get to take pictures of the campus under ice.

I didn't stay up for the entire awards show, so I missed Halle Berry's acceptance speech. The clip I saw on the news was enough to get me watery-eyed, though. I did see Denzel accept, and the Sidney Poitier tribute. Beautiful.

I don't mind pointing out that the first face I saw remotely like mine in a Hollywood movie would be...Tia Carrere in Wayne's World. And we all know I don't look like Tia.

Angie, I have not seen Bachelor: I did read an article about Elimidate while I was in Portland, which simply assured me that those shows really are just that stupid. The woman who wrote the article wound up auditioning for the show because she had signed up with an agency that provides extras for film and television...yep, that's right, they hired at least one actor to be a prospective date. I 'd post a link to the article (from the Portland weekly Mercury), but it's not in the archives yet. Basically it's just what you would expect. The producers already know what they want (reality tv is not allowed to be very real), and will cajole, coerce, and edit their way into the product they were looking for in the first place. How fun. Imagine what Lake Effect would be like if we applied the same structure...okay, who would you be if Lake Effect were a Hollywood produced "reality" show? I'm taking femi-nazi minority harpy.

Ok, so what's up with this Bachelor show on TV? One man, twenty-five women? Give me a freakin' break. So pathetic. I wouldn't have even watched it if it weren't for my friend Katherine who called me up and was making fun of it the entire time. I still can't get over how that one girl from L.A. who was crying because she didn't make the cut. It was one date for crying out loud!

As my friend Julie says, some feminist should bomb his house and the producer's house ;)

Monday, March 25, 2002

Hello friends. I'm sorry I haven't written much lately. I've started a new job and it's wearing me out. The job itself isn't so hard, but I'm just not used to working at all.

The job: Basically, I sit in a big round and grade high school essay tests for seven hours. It's interesting sometimes and boring sometimes. Today, I read maybe 10 or 12 housefire themed papers. I'm compiling a greatest hits of things kids have written in their essays. It should come soon.

Everything else: Blah... There has been a lot of talk about people moving away from here, lately. I must admit it's gotten me down a little. I hate seeing my friends go.

I saw Fugazi two nights ago. They make me feel foolish for even trying to have a band. If the Dirty Version were one fourth as good as Fugazi I would be deliriously pleased with myself.

Grace is walking around now. I got to see her for an hour yesterday. I can't begin to describe how adorable she is. I'll try to post one or two pictures. I hope you guys don't find this totally boring.

No, no, no. I am uncomfortable with a team mate accusing another team mate of being a lesbian. That is what I am uncomftable with. My point about the church thing is that we are all supposed to be loving one another, happy, blah, blah, blah, and not accusing each other of "bad" things like homosexuality.

angie? i''m not sure i understand what you're saying here.... are you uncomfortable about the fact that someone on your church softball team might be a lesbian? i definitely need clarification on this.

i haven't tallied up my oscar bets yet. i do wish i had money on some of these things though. i can't wait for the festivals in philly (there are a couple in april) so i can see all these docs. and i can't wait for all the foreign ones to come out on video (or even better, on a screen near me).

You know, I am absolutely horrible at picking Oscar winners. I think I choose about 5 out of the 20 plus selections. I just don't all of the politics and bullshit. If a movie is good, then it should win. Period. Thank God that I am not a betting woman. I watched till about 9:30 then I fell asleep at 10:15. It was a long Sunday.

Ok, here is something that really bothered me this weekend. I was playing softball on my CHURCH team (important fact to keep in mind), and one of my team mates straight up asked me if I thought another girl on the team was a lesbian! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said, "You know, the thought never crossed my mind." She told me she asked because she felt like she was picking up on her!!!! Then asked me to keep in confidence. I said, "Not to worry, because I don't even feel comfortable thinking about it, much less saying it out loud." Can you believe how inappropriate? I was just shocked.

Did anyone else fall asleep watching the Oscars last night?

Sunday, March 24, 2002

don't college kids know that killing trees, starting fires and creating an all-out ruckus as such is not really the smartest way to celebrate? why do these people act so?

so. on my way into VA from PA yesterday, my engine warning light came on again. (it came on during my trip up from NC last week, i took it in and got it fixed....?) the VW place was closed on saturday, so i had to leave my beautiful car at my parents house, and drive one of theirs back up today. i dropped them off at the airport... i didn't expect myself to get all teary-eyed and... well.... sad. i really hope their trip goes well, i don't want them to go. but i didn't say so. they need to. when they get back, they'll take my car in and after it's *really* fixed, they'll bring it back up to me. what a hassle. anyway. it's oscar night.... i have a few snacks to prepare and a cake to bake. i think my two guests should be here in two hours.

After IU beat Kent State, students not only knocked over a tree in Bloomington, they set several others ON FIRE.

Friday, March 22, 2002

It was down to 27 degrees today, which means Chelsea and I were complaining about how much our ears hurt when they thawed out. Yes, I have a hat, but it's not doing the trick. I think I'll be knitting myself a thick wool chador for next winter.

Upma, if you will kindly recall, my gift-giving must not line up with my dating situation, since I've been single for closing in on two years now. As for being in love, I'm in love with a lot of HURT to leave Portland. Every email I send to Erin makes a note of how soon I'll be back. No wonder she wants me to nail her brother; I'd be closer and even more practically family (I call her father Dad already). I have managed to not cry while talking to my family, especially my nephew, on the phone. Which reminds brother is going to Samoa for a photo shoot. Which means...he's getting paid to go surf in Samoa. Sheesh.

And I did say that Upma would not accept any proclamation of love for her on my part, didn't I? Looks like I'll have to step up the gift-giving program...

Bloomington went INSANE last night after IU (just barely) beat Duke. We're out in the sticks, so we just watched the madness on TV.

There are six cats and one dog here. Everything I own is rapidly developing a second coat.

Mike, have a good time in Europe - and don't forget that there's a Sainsbury's Local by Victoria Station, and the tea is called Sainsbury's Kenya.

I'm off to Dallas for the weekend for family visiting (my sister's in from New York). I look forward to a change of scene - even if it is only Dallas. I also need to clean up a bunch of PVC pipe for a plumbing photo shoot next week. And cover paint cans in silver tape so you can't read the labels. (my trunk really shows the bounty from my Home Depot work projects).
Have a great weekend everyone - happy traveling, basketball watching, Oscar watching, etc.

that's right! mike... bon voyage! travel safely. have fun. bring us back lots of good stories.

louise. *whatever* spill the real beans!

Mike: I think you leave soon. Have a happy, happy trip.

Weez: welcome back lady.

More later.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Let's just get it out of the way.

1. Teach for America: nope. Not even an interview. As I kept trying to explain to my mother today, it's actually a bit of a relief - I have realized that I'm not ready to settle down with a two-year contract to anything. This means I can travel more...ooooh, Carnavale in Venice 2003!
NOTE: I am already sick of talking about it, so if you don't mind, I'd like to drop the subject for a while.

2. Within hours of landing in Bloomington, I had a tentative work schedule. I start Saturday. We've also got a line on a house within walking distance of both the co-op and downtown - two bedroom, $525, available mid-April. Chelsea and I spent today and yesterday walking around and getting oriented - we keep laughing at the food prices, which appear criminally low to us. Other than it being COLD, it looks like things are going to be better than okay, for the most part, although Chelsea is already discovering that she will be needing a large, bad tempered guard animal to keep the boys off. She's so bad for labor productivity in the co-op. She walks in, they stop working and start wandering over in her direction...

3. Shelly RULES. Jacob is pretty cool too, but Shelly ROCKS. I am so going back to Seattle in June. So many new dendrites and neurons growing...ow, that hurts!

4. Yes, I'm in love or something. Except she lives in Philly and would never believe me, no matter how many howling poems I write in worship of her eyes, her smile, her every movement. So there. Thpppppppt.

Okay, I'm going to go watch Indiana get spanked by Duke.

i want to add the following to the list as well:

Achievement in art direction

AMÉLIE (Miramax Zoë) Art Direction: Aline Bonetto Set Decoration: Marie-Laure Valla
GOSFORD PARK (USA Films) Art Direction: Stephen Altman Set Decoration: Anna Pinnock
HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE (Warner Bros.) Art Direction: Stuart Craig Set Decoration: Stephenie McMillan
THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (New Line) Art Direction: Grant Major Set Decoration: Dan Hennah
MOULIN ROUGE (20th Century Fox) Art Direction: Catherine Martin Set Decoration: Brigitte Broch

i didn't see Harry Potter. still, i think LOTR.

Achievement in cinematography

AMÉLIE (Miramax Zoë) Bruno Delbonnel
BLACK HAWK DOWN (Sony Pictures Releasing) Slawomir Idziak
THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE (USA Films) Roger Deakins
MOULIN ROUGE (20th Century Fox) Donald M. McAlpine

i'm pleasantly surprised that Amélie got lots of extra nods. however, i think it should be LOTR.

Achievement in film editing
A BEAUTIFUL MIND (Universal and DreamWorks) Mike Hill and Dan Hanley
BLACK HAWK DOWN (Sony Pictures Releasing) Pietro Scalia
MEMENTO (Newmarket Films) Dody Dorn
MOULIN ROUGE (20th Century Fox) Jill Bilcock

i don't see how Momento can't win this.

Best foreign language film of the year

AMÉLIE A UGC Images Production France
ELLING A Maipo Film and TV Production Norway
LAGAAN An Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Ltd. Production India
NO MAN'S LAND A Noé Productions/Fabrica Cinema/Man's Films/Counihan Villiers Productions/Studio Maj/Casablanca Production Bosnia & Herzegovina
SON OF THE BRIDE A Pol-ka Producciónes/Patagonik Film Group/Jempsa/Tornasol Films Production Argentina

i've only seen one of these (??!) and i hope it wins. Amélie, of course


i think it should be LOTR.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

ooo! so glad you started it! i'm having an oscar party on sunday. you're all invited, of course. last year, no one showed up. it was sad. the oscars are a big joke, in my opinion... but it's still fun to yell at the TV for being so stupid.

actor- i want will to win. russell will win.

supporting actor- i think i too want ben. my money's on jon voight.

actress- bridget jone's diary was the biggest POPCORN flick! is not oscar caliber. she's a nice girl. she does not deserve an oscar nomination. i want judi dench (even though i haven't seen it yet), but my money's on nicole kidman.

supporting actress- i want kate winslet (even though i haven't seen it), but it'll be jennifer connelly.

animated feature- monsters inc

directing- i want peter jackson. but i think it'll be howard or altman.

screenplay based on previous material- i'm torn between wanting LOTR and ghost world. but unfortunately, it'll be a beautiful mind. which SUCKS!!!

original screenplay- amélie is the best, of course. but since it's foreign, it won't win. these are all really good picks, i'm pleasantly surprised. my money's on..... the royal T's

best picture- i really want LOTR to win. of these choices the real winners are LOTR and Gosford park. however... since it's the oscars, it'll either be A Beautiful Mind or Moulin Rouge.

anyway... i just wanna see what they are wearing and who their dates are.

I do this every year. I probably shouldn't this year, since I've seen like zero movies. But here goes. Thank you for indulging me.

Performance by an actor in a leading role

Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" (Universal and DreamWorks)
Sean Penn in "I Am Sam" (New Line)
Will Smith in "Ali" (Sony Pictures Releasing)
Denzel Washington in "Training Day" (Warner Bros.)
Tom Wilkinson in "In the Bedroom" (Miramax)

I am so underwhelmed by this catagory. Who cares? Will Smith does a very nice job in Ali, but I figure Crowe will win. Yawn.

Performance by an actor in a supporting role
Jim Broadbent in "Iris" (Miramax)
Ethan Hawke in "Training Day" (Warner Bros.)
Ben Kingsley in "Sexy Beast" (Fox Searchlight)
Ian McKellen in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (New Line)
Jon Voight in "Ali" (Sony Pictures Releasing)

Ben Kingsley deserves this more than the others, no question. But, I bet Sir Ian will take it. I can live with that I guess.

Performance by an actress in a leading role
Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball" (Lions Gate)
Judi Dench in "Iris" (Miramax)
Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge" (20th Century Fox)
Sissy Spacek in "In the Bedroom" (Miramax)
Renée Zellweger in "Bridget Jones's Diary" (Miramax/Universal/StudioCanal)

From what I hear Halle Berry deserves this, but I haven't seen a single one of these films. I hope Halle Berry wins, I guess. Black actresses deserve more recognition.

Performance by an actress in a supporting role
Jennifer Connelly in "A Beautiful Mind" (Universal and DreamWorks)
Helen Mirren in "Gosford Park" (USA Films)
Maggie Smith in "Gosford Park" (USA Films)
Marisa Tomei in "In the Bedroom" (Miramax)
Kate Winslet in "Iris" (Miramax)

Here's the crazy catagory. This one is completely unpredictable every single year. I hope Marisa Tomei wins, cause she's a really great actress who was treated horribly when she won before.

Best animated feature film of the year
JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS Nominee to be determined (Paramount and Nickelodeon Movies)
MONSTERS, INC. (Buena Vista) Nominee to be determined
SHREK (DreamWorks) Aron Warner

This catagory is stupid. Shrek.

Achievement in directing
A BEAUTIFUL MIND (Universal and DreamWorks)
Ron Howard
BLACK HAWK DOWN (Sony Pictures Releasing)
Ridley Scott
Robert Altman
Peter Jackson
MULHOLLAND DRIVE (Universal and StudioCanal)
David Lynch

I've only seen two of these films. I'm so unqualified to predict this year. Ron Howard and Ridley Scott are both really mediocre directors that are way hot for some reason. Shit on those guys. Lynch is way overrated. Altman is a genius and Gosford Park is amazing. But, I'd have to go for Peter Jackson, if I was betting.

Screenplay based on material previously produced or published

A BEAUTIFUL MIND (Universal and DreamWorks)
Written by Akiva Goldsman
GHOST WORLD (United Artists through MGM)
Written by Daniel Clowes & Terry Zwigoff
Screenplay by Rob Festinger and Todd Field
Screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson
SHREK (DreamWorks)
Written by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio and Joe Stillman and Roger S.H. Schulman

The LOTR screenplay is quite an amazing thing, but, dudes, we all know Ghost World should win. It should have been nominated for best picture, too. Academy voters are sheep.

Screenplay written directly for the screen
AMÉLIE (Miramax Zoë)
Screenplay by Guillaume Laurant and Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Dialogue by Guillaume Laurant
Written by Julian Fellowes
MEMENTO (Newmarket Films)
Screenplay by Christopher Nolan
Story by Jonathan Nolan
Written by Milo Addica & Will Rokos
Written by Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson

Memento, of course. No question.

Best motion picture of the year
A BEAUTIFUL MIND (Universal and DreamWorks)
A Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment Production
Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, Producers
A Sandcastle 5 in association with Chicagofilms and Medusa Film Production
Robert Altman, Bob Balaban and David Levy, Producers
A Good Machine/GreeneStreet Production
Graham Leader, Ross Katz and Todd Field, Producers
A New Line Cinema and Wingnut Films Production
Nominees to be determined
MOULIN ROUGE (20th Century Fox)
A 20th Century Fox Production
Martin Brown, Baz Luhrmann and Fred Baron, Producers

It seems the odds favor A Beautiful Mind. I haven't seen it, but it sounds like a really safe choice for Oscar voters. I just don't like Ron Howard's films (except Apollo 13---I liked that one). A win for Gosford Park would make my day, but I honestly feel like Lord of the Rings has a chance. I pick it.

so. i think kainui is in love or something. she's in this mega gift giving mood. today i got a sweet note and a cute tin with a tiger on it and 3 pieces of ginger apple candy in it. i had one eariler... yum! it kinda reminds me of an icelandic candy i was introduced to earlier this winter called Opal. 'cept that one had a cardomom/ginger/something else flavor. anyway. i think kainui is in love or something.

so, i don't think i mentioned this earlier, but, on my drive home on sunday, one of the bad things that happened was that my engine warning light came on 90 miles before i got back here. i thought that since the car IS brand new, it was just some electronic malfunction. nope. there really was something wrong with it. some leak in some vacuum something something. anyway... it's fixed. and it cost me nothing. go jetta go.

i wanna play scrabble tonight. anyone wanna meet me around 9ish?

Steph/Mike: I'm all talk.

Met this man who was so funny. He's an ex convict, recovering drug addict/alcoholic (he's been sober for about 4 or 5 years now). He wears bandanas/do rags on his head. He has his "main girl friend" but won't commit. Only about 10 percent of his liver is left over. Met him volunteering at the KPFT fund drive. He carries baby wipes in his car because some of his "lady friends" have kids, and he's got leather seats in his car. I told him that he was secure in his manhood.

Anyways when I was first answering phones I was saying how whomever used the phone before me was a gross mo fo. That's when he brought in the baby wipes. Ever since he's been cleaning the phones first thing every morning.

People are just so funny. I think he's self-conscious about having been in jail, so he was asking me if he LOOKED like a man that had never been in prison. I said, "Man, that is your business. I'm not about to judge you, as long as you ain't in my shit, you alright."

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Angie, YOU are fucking cool.

I feel like playing 'cuz I'm tired of work. My phone has been ringing off the hook.

One piece of news: I think I've broken through with a prima professor (Weezie: this is the Richardson guy who needs a fountain in his Lexus). I've probably called him 20 or more times over the last few months. Yesterday he called me for the first time EVER. It was a 15 second conversation, but still, I about fell out of my chair. Was trying to get in touch with him over the last few days because the Houston PBS affiliate wanted to interview one of his students. Today he told me he thought he may have found someone but he wanted to see if he could find a better representative of his class and would come across professionally on camera. Can you believe that???? All this time, I thought he was just blowing me off and not really taking me seriously.

In other good news: a TV station is going to put together a 3 or 4 minute piece on my women of the Vietnam era. I am soooo psyched. We are hoping to secure interviews with a former Red Cross volunteer, a 2nd generation Vietnamese American, a public health official (to talk about how the medical field can't use the "one size fits all" method any more and how they should cater medication and treatment to individuals) and most notable an independent film maker who directed a documentary on women in Vietnam. The film is called "No Time for Tears," and the person is Elizabeth Bouisse. I spoke to her today, and she is so cool. She spent 4 1/2 years talking to vets, and she focuses on nurses and servicewomen. I will meet her on Friday afternoon.

All of this makes me want to pursue a masters in history, focusing on Asian American history. I would LOVE to become an adjunct and teach an Asian American history class. That would be so fucking cool.

Upma - the last doc. I saw, Journeys with George, so charming. I highly recommend it.
And now, SXSW is over. Friday I went and saw free music outside - it was sort of a Twangfest. Lots of rockabilly, and beautiful weather to boot. Saturday I went to see some more free bands outside. Kaito and +/-. Nothing earthshaking. So hopefully this week will be low key in comparison. Tonight I'm making veggie corn chowder and vegging out.

i got bingo bonus points. but i lost. cuz i was strategizing the whole time. i think i got it down though... so we GOTTA try to find time before you leave for me to whip yer butt.

Monday, March 18, 2002

heeeyyyy mike. guess what, guess what, guess what!

things i loved about this weekend:
the smell of southern springtime air
good friends
good eats
being reunited with my favorite kitty... i think she might have more love in her little heart than i have in mine

things i didn't love so much about this weekend:
the drive home (rain all the way up the east coast)
giving my child drugs
ending back in cold wet weather

Where is everyone?

I did absolutely nothing this weekend, except for a trip to Target and a spa pedicure. For any of you ladies who have never had a spa pedicure, it is yummy. So soothing, relaxing. I maybe get one once or twice a year. And it makes you feel like a woman all over. I guess the same way that sportsmen slap each other on the ass, slam the football down in the end zone, do the touch down dance and greet each other by their last name.

My mooching aunt tried to get me to tell her when I was going to New Orleans again, so that she could con her way and all of her shit into my car. I of course played oblivious. "you mean you're not going home for Jazz Fest?" "Oh, I don't know," knowing damn good and well what my plans are!

Is it time to go home yet? I'm tired already!

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Upma is here. We got cable. I bought groceries. Things are looking ok.

It only took all day to get to Seattle. According to the cab driver who drove me to Shelly's, never take Amtrak train 14 and expect it to be any kind of on time. I was actually switched to the 754 leaving at 6:15, because the 14 hadn't arrived by then (at this point, had been at the station since 2:45 pm). Estimated arrival time shot from 9:20 to 11:50 due to a drawbridge problem - a crew had to lay new track so we could cross the bridge...

It snowed big fluffy flakes, kind of heavy for a while this morning. I almost fell out the window leaning out to catch as many as I could.

Shellly rules.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Andrea Yates === Life in prison

Stephanie: I'll be home May 4 to 6 for JazzFest.

So did I tell you guys that one of the researchers on my project gave his two weeks? I'm happy for him (he'll be doing freelance photography now) but a bit freaked about the impending increased workload.
So this weekend, so so much stuff going on. I'm going to try and see Journey's With George tonight and then go to a lot of free music tomorrow. My friend's recording studio (Porchlight) is having kegs/bands/etc. all day tomorrow and Dressy Bessy and Magnapop are playing an in-store that I may go to. So many possibilities.
Upma - thanks for the email. I wish you were here - though your head would be spinning from all the stuff going on.
Shell - how was the fashion show?
Angie - I am so Louisiana homesick right now, trying to figure out my next trip home.

My ass is worn out.

Yesterday: Got to work for 7:30 and didn't leave till 8 p.m. after the McCullough lecture (which itself was dry but he did much better answering questions). Was asked to volunteer for the event, so I told everyone I'd probably have to hold some old rich woman's purse or the like.

Today: woke up at 5:30 to volunteer for the KPFT fund drive.

Is it nap time yet?

Thursday, March 14, 2002

mmm. pi day sounds yummy. that is a most ingenius idea.
i'm gong back to good ol' NC tomorrow. *happy*

It's Pi Day at work (3/14) at 1:59 pm we had our fill - I ate a kiwi pie (but there was pizza, apple, rhubarb and so on). Did I mention I'm working on a Math book?

I CAN KNIT. Sure, it took almost 20 YEARS, but people, I can KNIT! And all it took was going to a knitting circle with Tiare (another friend in PDX) and being shown how to knit "continental style" by the grandma there. It was like it suddenly unlocked the dormant memory of how my mother had taught me to knit when I was a wee little thing, and now I'm unstoppable. I spent 4 hours knitting yesterday, progressing from knit to purl to stockinette, k1p1 ribbing, and I even did cables! This means that I will be spending ungodly amounts of time in the yarn shop in Bloomington...well, okay, I would have done that anyway.

My internal thermometer seems to have adjusted too. I've hardened off enough to be able to walk around the kitchen in a t-shirt and no socks without screaming. I am still the Androgynous Ball of Wool outdoors, tho. It hailed yesterday and this morning.

Angie, I miss IM'ing y'all too. After I get to Indiana and buy that iBook (which I still don't know how I'll pay for), I'll just give up sleeping.

I read "A Cook's Tour" in Powell's the other day: his description of natto is right on the money. That stuff is rank! My family is split 50/50 on it; my mother and sisters actually *enjoy* that stuff, my Dad, brother and I will leave the room. Maybe even the house. Just the smell. Keeping in mind that I love brie that smells like feet - yes, it stinks just that much, although it's not quite as bad as some of the cheeses I have met.

Okay, this internet cafe has made way too much money off me in the past two weeks. But busting my budget has been worth it; I'd miss all of you too much!

Shelly, ditto on the fashion show, see you tomorrow!

Shell - good luck with the fashion show tonight.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

i wanna be in austin right now.
and i also want to make $100 a day. oh. well, i guess i do. but not after taxes.
and i also want to meet funny famous people.

so, i just saw Monsoon Wedding. it'll probably stay on my top movies of 2002 list all year. it's defintley the truth, that's for sure... i mean, you wanna see what a punjabi wedding and people are really like... you go watch this film. i am a little surprised that this takes place in india, and not the states... i totally had the wrong impression of my peers over there. i'm behind the times... in more ways than one. but yeah... i'd be really interested to know what you all think of that film.

i think that on my way home i saw a prostitute on my block. and i think that it might be legal or something for philadelphians to smoke weed on the sidewalk. no joke.

So I think I've been to nine films so far for SXSW. Nine. And really liked about seven of them. Ted is total John Sayles fanboy so besides Return of the Seacaucus 7, Brother from Another Planet and Matewan - with him introducing each one, we managed to see a few more recent films. I was "sick" yesterday at work, saw three movies. One was The Search for John Gissing last night - very funny movie with Alan Rickman and Janeane Garofolo. And mishaps all in London. I also really liked a documentary called Home Movie by the guy who did American Movie about different odd living situations people have (one guy in Lousiana on a houseboat made me so homesick for my state) - another couple redid their house to outfit for their 11 cats. People are so funny. I think this was my favorite of the fest so far. Also saw Garmento - about the fashion industry - kind of lame, bad acting, but they gave away free men's briefs with padded crotch (it relates to the movie) - more screenings should do that.
I think tonight is a night off - going to yoga instead and am inspired to make curried pumpkin soup (I'm on a Central Market going/fancy food making kick after reading Kitchen Confidential ). I think the rest of the week we may only go see one more movie (Journeys with George - all about being in the press pool during G. W.'s campaign) - and try and see some music interspered. There's a Bloodshot night I may try and get into even though I am wristbandless.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

ok, kids, don't be scared, but I signed up as Waylon Jennings on that March Madness/ESPN thing.

Weez: I miss ya on IM and e-mail.

hey, my house is getting cable this weekend. Neat!

Mike: cold, heartless, mean to Upma, and trying to get the rest of us to gamble, all to sate his competitive-ness. Yegads. But ladies, he's ready to fall in love again!
Joined the lakeeffect on espn thing, completely random selections - except I pulled for Indiana, just because, and advanced Hawaii unreasonably far.

Erin's older brother and his girlfriend are *finally* splitting up - she realized that her expectations of him are unreasonable. Ario is saying nothing, I think because Elizabeth hasn't moved out yet. Erin can't wait; she's tired of pretending to like Elizabeth. Well, darn, I'm leaving, so I won't take advantage of his Portland + John Cusack + indie rock musician + newly single status. Anyway, we all went to see Chain Camera, which was better than I thought it would be. Lunch at Dot's was like some badly staged "reality TV" moment; what with Elizabeth and Erin debating the merits of couples therapy and Ario and I shredding paper napkins and twisting candy wrappers into tiny sticks, waiting for it to end.

I think I'll be in Seattle on Friday. Then Indiana on Tuesday. It's all happening too fast.

Like we're all going to die gas. Benji had the heating oil refilled.

like gas from farty vegans or like gas from peidmont natural gas?

Our house smells like gas.

Upma: Texas doesn't want Porgy back. Ok, maybe I'm speaking for myself here ;)

Today we had primary elections for U.S. Congress, governor, state rep, a few others. The election laws here are really lax. People can campaign in the middle of the parking lot. Three freakin' canidates came to shake my hand. I was thinking to myself, "It's 7 a.m., and I am NOT feeling social." Oh, a Chinese American Republican canidate for state senate jumped on me like white on rice. Whatever. I also tend to get campaign literature in Chinese, even from non-Chinese canidates. That's just weird and intrusive.

Been kinda home sick (it happens about once every 3 to 6 months) so I made rice dressing for dinner last night. So yum!

so. talk about being out of the loop. ol' georgy boy is in town, and i totally didn't know he was coming. if i woulda known i woulda made him a nice sign that said "go back to texas, dufus brains." apparently he's gonna be right across the street from me (but i can't see anything from here... buildings are in the way). there was a whole poilce barracade and lots of security people... if i hadn't gone to the bank this morning, i''d have never known.

by the way, i gave ESPN a total fake everything. don't use that e.mail address, who know WHO you'll get.

i can't figure out how to do anything but register at

wait. i joined. but i think i missed a step... i didn't get to pick anything. how do i do that?

i'm not a sore loser.

Monday, March 11, 2002

and you guys don't even know the half of it. after getting not one, but TWO bingo bonus points... he left me.
i had totally caught up to him right before the 2nd stupid bingo bonus points. HEY FOURNIER... ya HEAR ME??? you get buried next time.

oh, crack me UP! here's my reality check for the day... my horoscope:
Your imagination is your best friend, dear Aquarius, and you are not about to let anyone disturb your fantasy world. TRUE DAT You have fit love and romance perfectly into this place, and everything is wonderful in your head. DUH! Implementing this approach and making it work in the real world is an entirely different issue, though, so try not to get too dependent on this idea. Definitely aim for manifesting your vision, but make sure you don't become too unrealistic about the outcome. BUMMER.

louise, thanks for the postcard...'s funny that i e'ed you this morning.

i'm goin to greensboro on friday!!!! !!!!!!!! i'm so happy. i'm taking my first personal day, and i'm gonna go to warmer skies, and i'm gonna love and kiss and cuddle my kitty and i'm gonna eat yummy thai food and yummy biscuits and yummy.... i dunno... whatever else. and see all my best peeps. man, how much do i miss all those guys! then, i'm going to cleaverly miss st. patty's day, not wear green, get up at the butt crack of dawn and drive back to chilly philly with my doped up little tucker.

i wanna be in austin. my boss was there this weekend, he gave me his tote bag as a souvenier (empty. the people who get badges get these tote bags full of lots of stuff when they sign in)... and since he knows i love rock n roll he also brought me back a CD. i can't wait to see what's on it... he was so intrigued by it. (mantra: " i will not be an indie rock not. i will not be an indie rock snot. i will not be an indie rock snot.")

so, my friend brandon came into philly yesterday with his younger brother. it was awesome fun to see him again... the last time i saw him was in Raliegh about 3 years ago, right before he moved to berkeley. so sweet joe, b, b's bro and i all hung out till way late last night, and then got up extra early this morning to get breakfast. it was crazy fun. this diner that we went to for breakfast doesn't have hashbrowns OR biscuits AND has a sign out in the front that says "Philly's 2nd best diner."

i think i'm a total rockstar at my job. OHHHHH, aaannnnd. this guy that helps out with a couple projects that are Scribe related... i've tried not to notice how cute he is, and i've tried to not be impressed (or envious) of the fact that he teaches a class at Temple U., but today i found out that he went to harvard. he's a super smarty pants.

Mike? I'm going to suggest that your attitude could be interpreted as YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR PARENTS. Or even your friends. Okay, I'll take my knives back now, thanks.

Love can be expensive. I threw $1500 on my credit card to fly to Boston with my father and say goodbye to the only grandfather I've known while dealing with the family members I don't particularly like. I'll probably wind up paying something ridiculous to fly home in June, because the thought of not seeing my family until who-knows-when is just too unbearable.

Zachary loves Grace the Duck so much he even tells us about it.

Upma, Angie, loved your responses luvvies. Upma, so there with you on the is it love or is it fear family issue. I think these days I can just say it's love (can you tell I've been communicating with my mother via email and not, oh god, not on the phone?).

Upma (this is for you) - 5 movies I saw this weekend:
By Hook or By Crook - already mentioned how much I didn't enjoy this
Inertia - Canadian love quadrangle - charming, realistic complex characters, unlucky in love, all in Winnipeg
Miss America documentary - you might have seen this on PBS a few weeks ago, lighthearted and fun, lots of groan worthy moments "I think a woman's place is in the home, Burt"
The Return of the Seacaucus 7" - another John Sayles' flic - Big Chill but more hippie, beautiful location, sort of like Short Cuts - lots of diffferent sequences of couples
Brother from Another Planet - John Sayles (who's been introducing all these flicks with his producer, Maggie something or other) - very enjoyable, great acting (the lead is never allowed to speak - he is an alien after all) - very Men in Black, but so good
Tonight is Matewan (last of the John Sayles series). Other plans for the week: Spellbound - doc. on spelling bees; Home Movie - by Chris Smith - the guy who did American Movie; Journeys with George (our prez) - a doc. about his campaign.
I am loving being a film going geek. Already I've run into my yoga instructor, old hair dresser, random college friends (one who just did the wardrobe for Spy Kids 2) at these things.
Shelly - sorry I got off the phone so abruptly on Sunday - here's a proper goodbye: it was great talking to you, I'll strive to be more salon-like in the future. Good luck with the fashion show.

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Weezie, your question is really hard to answer over blog, but I'll do what I can. Like Upma, I had to think about this one a bit.

Readers beware, as this is probably going to be lengthy.

Family/self love: my mom is one of my best friends, in spite of MANY, MANY differences. And I'm probably the only human being she confides in. But I love her and my dad (and me) so much that I asked her (and keep her from) not telling me about some of their personal business (many long, complicated stories here, so you'll just have to trust me), because when she did tell me stuff, I found that it got to the point where I couldn't even look my father in the eye, much less respect him. After drawing the line, things have improved greatly with both parents. Who needs all that shit on your back anyways?

Friend love: I love one friend so much that I make nice nice with her sexist father and her gross ass husband who scours porn on the Internet as “happy jack” with her in the other room. I even smile and joke with both pieces of shit, but damn does it kill me. I keep telling myself that there is a special place in heaven for me in order to mentally prepare for the visit.

"In love" love: lots here. I put up with high-strung really insensitive lawyers (one of them had the audacity to tell a joke about a pig with a wooden leg to a woman who had a prosthetic leg); completely dysfunctional family members (including a toothless uncle who bathed once a month and always was drunk and hitch hiking and an ignorant ass cousin who would stick "made in China" stickers on me and asked me about how my people made egg rolls – not sure what the hell I was thinking at that time but today’s Angie sure as hell wouldn’t have taken the shit); really, really bad money management skills (he bounced a 35 cent check for a blue book which ended up costing him $45). That's the bad stuff.

The good stuff: I really came into my own with Shane. I always wondered about my Chinese identity, and Shane encouraged me to explore it. He made me realize that I had many, many layers, and that I was more than just this dud. He opened my world to travel, some places far, some places close. He welcomed me into his Cajun culture. And we were each other's support system when no one else was there. Essentially, he saw what no one else saw: the real me.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done for love: let him go, because I knew he would never ever walk.

So I have a ton more of love stories, but I won’t bore you all with this sentimental crap. If you desire more, e-mail me for a direct tirade.

I'll change the color again in a couple of days.

Saturday, March 09, 2002

ok louise. i've been pondering your question for well over 24 hours. and the only answer i (cheeseball extraordinaire) can come up with is that i do everything i do (or at least 99% of what i do) out of love. from the time i was born till i went to college, everything i did (and didn't do), was out of love for my family. (or fear. same thing, right?) in college, a lot of what i did was out of love for a guy. after i left blacksburg and went to greensboro, i learned to do things out of love for myself. and i gotta say... it's a good place to be. moving to philly... that was totally out of love for myself. (as opposed to the move TO greensboro... which was out of love for that same guy... he needed for me to go away. whether i was ready or not didn't matter to me, so i left).

mike, i don't think i knew that you ever lived in durham. did you go to duke or something? smarty bingo bonus points pants. are you free monday or tuesday evening? the challenge is on. i want to show you what a can o' whoop ass really tastes like.

um. by the way. zach. i know it's spring time and stuff. but does the webpage really have to be dressed in Bridal (or Wimbeldon) attire? actually... it really looks more naked. *gasp*

Friday, March 08, 2002

As I do whenever Erin and I share a space, I have been cleaning. The kitchen is scrubbed and sparkling, the dishes are done and put away, every sink in the house shines. And then I pushed up my sleeves a little higher, got out a crochet hook, and decided it was high time to do something about the slow drain in the bathtub. Skip to the next paragraph if thinking about unblocking a drain makes you queasy. So, there I was, on my knees in a cold bathroom, pulling clots of hair, soap, and skin cells out of the drain, trying not to think about just how horror movie the stuff looks, and I started thinking. I was doing it out of love, and the sense of satisfaction that I will get from seeing water run down the drain instead of backing up into the tub. I did it because I wanted to spare Erin the task, because I love her. Because I did it for love, I won't tell her, I'll just surprise her with it. Then, just as I was probing around in the drain, figuring I'd gotten all I could get out of there, the doorbell rang. Three times, quickly. By the time I had cleaned up and gotten to the door, the postman was gone, and a box was leaning against the door, and just seeing the handwriting on the box got a smile out of me. I love getting the kind of mail that you just know will hold something good. Isn't that why we do these things? So that someone else can feel as giddy as we do?

So now a question for you: what have you done for love? Everyone here has loved someone, something, someplace, at some time, so don't be giving me any crap about how you've never done anything for love. And if you can't tell us, who can you tell?

Upma - thank you! I can't wait - Ted and I were all "circle" no that's a "circle star" all over the movie schedule. Tonight he's seeing a John Sayles movie "Lianna" while I'm at work then we're meeting up for "By Hook or by Crook" described as a film by lesbians about lesbians in the recommended section. Tomorrow, it's some doc. shorts and then who knows. I'll keep you posted.

*****SpRiiiiiiiiiiNg TiMe*****
**giddy giddy giddy giddy**

steph. have lots and lots and lots of fun this week. i want EVERY detail!

Thursday, March 07, 2002

weezie, i believe you are right. let me re-phrase... "you don't know asian food east-coast style...."
now then.... who's gonna give me a grant to explore asian food on the left coast?

i just found out today that one of my most favoritest people of all time is coming into philly for a bit this weekend. i'm *g-i-d-d-y*.

it seems that scribe video center (in philly. where i now work) and the squeaky wheel in buffalo (that JT is affiliated with) has some sort of friendly relationship. just thought that was interesting.

Mike: if I send you a couple of books (Asian American stuff), do you promise to mail them back? I don't think I have that "Ugly American" book with me in Houston, but I may be able to dig up some other stuff. Also, I can't remember if you said, but have you read any baseball books by George Wills and/or Ron Luciano? A friend of mine reccomends baseball (not political) stuff by Wills, and I think I've read like half of one of Luciano's books. Hell, my dad who is so not a reader even liked Luciano's books. The ONLY other thing my dad reads is the sports page.

It is snowing as I type this. Caught me completely by surprise; thought the rain was feeling a bit thick, then it just came spiraling down while I walked up Taylor Street. SNOWING! Glad I wore my hiking shoes today.

Those naughty fruit trees are trying harder to put out leaves, now that it has gotten chillier again, although there are a bunch (deep burgundy bark and especially decadently ruffled sweet pink blossoms) who are just piling on the petals. I think of them as being old-school starlets, with names like Lana and Marilyn; exactly the sort to wear marabou mules around the kitchen. And I think they are "helloooooo sailor" now?!? Just wait a few weeks; when the bees start buzzing around and all that girly perfume starts wafting around.

Upma, I hate to tell you this, but if you thought the Asian food in Greensboro was good, you have a whole new world to encounter. I think California is still one of the better places to go for that; a lot of Southeast Asians with moolah have tended to go there, for starters.

shelly, we usually find each other on AIM first and then start a game. yahoo. games. literati. then through AIM we tell each other where exactly to go. if i don't have a TV partner tonight, i'll be on at 11pm est.

mike, you can be head cook at my movie theatre. but you have to move down south.

i can't figure out how to find ya'll on literati.

i think i wanna go to culinary school after i'm done with play time. then when i go back to the south and open up my movie theatre (ala the alamo, austin), i can be the head cook and the in-charge-of movies person. and teach film/video/new media classes at whatever college is nearby.

Angie - your job is so cool.
Mike - I am loving Kitchen Confidential. I've actually already read A Cook's Tour - and kind of like it better.

Mike, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Did you catch that????? Maybe I'll see you guys tonight. Although I don't know how excited I am about an ass-kicking from Mike. Maybe Upma, Zach and I should tag team it against him. That might be the best strategy.

March is women's history month, and the history dept. is sponsoring a conference on women in Vietnam -- not just Vietnamese American women who have immigrated, but also American women in Vietnam (nurses, etc.). I am meeting with the grad student today. How cool is that? It's stuff like this that makes me love my job so much. Already two TV stations are interested. Cool, cool, cool.

Monday is the 6 month anniversary of Sept. 11, and I'm sure that there will be a ton of news on how far we've come, etc. Just last night, someone called me for a survey (for a newspaper no doubt) about changes in behavior/attitude since then.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

i'm so tired at work today because the boys kept me up til 2 playin literati. i still don't regret sharing my new #1 addiction with everyone. i'm quite happy it's worked out so well. shawn said he had a fun time playing last night, thanks
in my 10th grade psychology class, i learned that everyone does indeed have some amount of neurosis. i've never read the book (or books) you guys are talking about, but there's my $.02 nonetheless.
i feel like greensboro (and i totally knew it at the time) SPOILED me in re: to asian food. you haven't known thai food or vietnamese food until you've gone to Taste of Thai or Binh Minh. maybe i shouldn't speak so soon in the big city... but i need money and warm weather so i can explore these issues.
i hope this is the last blast of winter... i'll be less complainy about it next year. maybe.

Mike/Zach: I don't think that Mr. McCullough will be within speaking/touching/autographing distance. I'll be sending those thoughts via osmosis on your behalf though.

I, too, am all about Scrabble/Literari. Although it sounds like Mike would whip my ass. As long as you can handle trash talk from the sore loser. Not really sore, more silly than anything else.

Last night: Ricky and I went to eat at a Korean restaurant. He was so funny. He asked me how I picked the restaurant I chose, with the tons of Korean restaurant that were in Houston. I said, "The same way I would pick anything else -- go straight to the source. A reporter who was half Korean half white but ate authentic food, a Chinese friend who is a food connaisseur and most importantly, my Korean dry cleaners."

I had for the first time this one dish that was so yummy. It was a thin layer pancake with kimchee stuffed inside. So yum. And you put this soy sauce/seasame sauce/red pepper/sesame/onion combo on top.

Now I just wish that I had someone to eat Asian food with me in Houston. I love Asian food, but I have trouble finding people who eat authentic stuff (i.e., not just freakin' moo goo gai pan -- who the hell in their right mind orders shit with that kind of name anyway???). Sorry if I offend anyone, but it's just silly.

Weezie - did I tell you that I'm reading Motherless Brooklyn right now as well? I'm really enjoying it - though I'm noticing all my tics more - how I do things in a certain pattern and routine every morning - pretty much everyone in my book club is now convinced that they have a mild form of Tourettes. I expect to finish the book in the next day or so. Though I was just lent Kitchen Confidential (Mike - have you read this?) and want to dig my paws into that.

I read the Truman bio back in the grand days of the Terrace Theatres. I have really nice memories of sitting in the lobby after closing and reading until all the people were out. As I recall, the book is very good. But, I could be mistaking nostalgia for the job with goodwill for the book.

I, too, am a Literati addict.

Monday, March 04, 2002

i've never heard of anyone think of spring as "trees wearing lingerie" before.

tonight after work, i bundled up, walked over to the Church (really, a church) to see Engine Down. i skipped dinner for them. how many bands get that honour? the food sacrifice. so, i talked to brian for 5 minutes, saw engine down's set, said goodbye to brian, and came home in time for Ally McBeal. that's what i call an efficient evening. if it were warmer outside, i would've stayed at the show longer... but it's colder than zach's butt outside and honestly, i just don't care for Pinback enough.
plus i was starrrrving, and i got to make myself chicken curry for dinner. yum.

demian's comin' over tomorrow night with his girrrl...

i'm gonna go fall asleep to the new engine down now. ta ta

The fruit trees spent the sunny and 60 degrees F weekend giggling on the sidewalks wearing nothing but frothy, foamy blossom. They are beginning to put out leaves now, *whew*. Totally bare trees are fine, it's like an art nude, but trees ramping down the streets in lingerie AND NOTHING ELSE? Yow!

Reed, Erin's baby's father, was here for the weekend. They are getting along just fine; I spent a lot of time with headphones on or playing the stereo a bit on the loud side in the kitchen. Reed and I got on okay until he played a cd while I was reading Motherless Brooklyn. When it was over, he asked me if I liked "his music" and instead of saying that gosh, I hadn't been paying attention because of Lionel Essrog, I said yeah, it reminded me a bit of _________ and ________. And he looked crestfallen and said that he was trying to compose stuff that didn't sound like anything else. That's when I realized that when he called it "his" it was...I tried to save it - said that it reminded me of other stuff only because that's the way my mind works, have to create an association and label it, ha ha. He perked up a little then; said he was reading about that sort of thing right now (Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson). And then both of us decided suddenly and independently that it was time to get out of the house. If you haven't figured it out already, he's just a little bit emo, which means that leaving the two of us alone in the house is like leaving glass vases on low countertops in a daycare center. I managed to oops accidentally ditch the two of them yesterday after feeling a bit too much of that third wheel on the bicycle action - we went to the weekend market and whoops I guess I lost them somewhere in the stalls and then proceeded to have a lovely afternoon.

Tomorrow I go volunteer at the natural foods co-op and write letters and the first installment of my travelogue.

Zach, have you been smokin' your shoes lately?

Upma and Zach kicked my ass last night in Scrabble, and I'm still sore from it.

This weekend was the opening of Fotofest, an international film fest. There are like 30 or so exhibits throughout the city, and I went to the blue Monday tribute. They had a band and BBQ, and I ran into lots of friends which was tres cool. My friend Roger, a blues expert and author, and one of his photographer pals spearheaded the tribute.

Also it has been reunion month down in Houston. Had a friend from College Station come in for a conference on Thurs. and Fri. My best friend and her husband came in this weekend. My friend Ricky Choi who's in med school in SC is coming down for a conference tonight.

Mike: I sent you a quick e-mail about this -- David McCullough will be speaking at UH next Thurs. Just thought you'd like to know. I'm going; I'll let you know how it goes.

According to Tenacious D:

Dio has rocked for a long long time.

Now it's time for him to pass the torch. He has songs of wildebeests and angels. He has soared on the wings of a demon.

It's time to pass the torch, you're too old to rock. No more rocking for you. We're taking you to a home But we will sing a song about you. And you will make sure that you're very well taken care of. You'll tell us secrets that you've learned. Woah! Y

our sauce will mix with ours. And we'll make a good goulash baby. Dio! Time to go. You must give your cape and scepter to me! and a smaller one for KG.

Oh Oh Dio Dio.

maybe this question shouldn't be coming from me... but i really don't know anything about music. who or what is Dio?

Sunday, March 03, 2002

zach, i'll be online around 10. see ya then?

I'm jigga-jonesing for a game of Scrabble. Any lame asses going to be around later tonight? I should be.

Mike-O how I love Dio. Sabbath Dio is so fine, Dio Dio rocks hard all the time, but the newest love is the finest you see. Rainbow's Dio rocks on endlessly.

Saturday, March 02, 2002

i'm ultra-jealous that you got to see Denali. but i do get to see Engine Down (and pinback, which i probably will diss half-way thorugh) on monday night. i got my ticket today from an ultra fly record store, called SpaceBoys, which is right below Zipperhead (aka DeadMilkmen song "Punk Rock Girl"-- "[da da da da da da da]/we'll go down to zipperhead/punk rock girl/da da you and me/punk rock girl/da da da da da da punk rock girl/[da da da da da da da/ you and me/punk rock girl]"
ultra fly.
i hope Maura's there monday night, cuz i wanna see what hot girls are made of (so i can make the thrift store brand of "hot girl" outta myself). i probably won't talk to Keely mop-top-turned-good-Barcelona-hair this time, unless he a)decides to recognize me for once, b)i have to talk to him because we're both talking to brian at the same time. that's it. jonathan... i wish he wasn't married. cornbread, i wish he wasn't dating maura/notice ME! and the other guy.. i hope he got a haircut. and took a shower. yum.

who was the band you saw at Charlie's house? how is charlie?? awwww charlie. *sigh*

i had a fun day. i ran errands. i TRIED to run errands, but first, Staples didn't have the things i wanted, second, i couldn't find Borders, third, i couldn't find the other store i wanted. then i just gave up cuz i was too tired. i'm gonna try again tomorrow... i think i've solved some things.
then, i went out with sweeeeeeeet joe, and maria from work. i love both of those people a lot. i'm really sad that joe's leaving for barcelona so soon. but, i'm so glad i met him. maria's my new girl. we went to a couple of bars, and then a diner. a diner that DID NOT serve hashbrowns. *cry cry cry.* but they did have homefries. anyway... the omelete was good. we ... well, joe and i played pool. i was good... wish gavin was around.

it didn't start raining here till the evening. but it'll rain all day tomorrow. i think i'll go to the indie-rock coffee shop, (pretend to read while scopin the goods), and then clean and do laundry and relax. oh, maybe sweet joe and i will do a movie? there's so many good things out right now. i wonder if i can have an oscars party this year....? i have 20 more days to think about it.

i'm in love with the world tonight. kiss kiss.

Saw Denali at Gate City Noise. They are spectacularly hot people. Good lord, Maura makes my eyes hurt she's so hot. Keely and Jonathan set things on fire just by brushing past them. How do people that attractive function in everyday society?

Then I saw another band at Charlie's house. They were ok.

This is all my life consists of. Bands, books, dvds. Sleep.

It rained all day long.

We watched Superman. Rita made cookies. Evan and I went to see Super Troopers for the second time each. ("Bear-fucker, do you need assistance?")

Listening to various Ronnie James Dio bands. Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio.

Friday, March 01, 2002

wow. that's a million dollar question. well, i haven't gotten a chance to see what's playing and who's talking, but i would say that you should go through the panels schedule and see if you can adjust your work schedule to go to anyone one of those that you want to see (robert rodriguez, jeanine garafolo, richard linklater, jim jarmusch, quentin tarantino etc.). Then, go through the docs list first and see what looks interesting to you... sxsw has one of the best docs screening in the world. (i'm not exaggerating). i say hit as many of them as you can. and as far as the narrative pieces go, go through the blurbs and see what you might like. as the week goes on, you'll hear from everywhere what's good and what's not... you can adjust your schedule accordingly. i don't know if that helped any... but i know you'll have FUN! i'll be thinking about you all week. OH. and if you go see robert rodriguez or anyone at that level.... get there half an hour early so you can get a good seat. and don't miss whatever film is playing on friday night at the paramount.... it's probably gonna be a BIG premiere. keep us informed!!

Upma - I need your help. I'm getting a SXSW film pass for the first time this year. Any advice on things to see?