Friday, January 31, 2003

Shelly - I like your haikus.
So I started my photo class last night and discussed with the teacher doing a joint class this summer. Photography Field Trips. We'd teach it together. Taking the class to different photogenic spots around town - picking a different topic per spot - one class - people, second class - point of view, third class - film type or shutter speed or lens choice and so on and so on. I'm really excited about teaching it. I hope it all works out.
Meanwhile at work, I've been handed a bunch new projects. It's stressing me out. I'll be at work all this weekend clearing stuff off my desk. (but at least the overtime will help pay for the new computer - so it all works out in the end).
And we had a meeting at work today to brainstorm ideas to make our work environment more enjoyable, more efficient. My favorite (whispered to me, sitting in the back row) - replace our carpet with sand, it's nice on the feet. If I had my way, I'd knock down all the cube walls, fill the place with plants, let pets wander around (and have air humidifiers so the allergy folks don't suffer), get soft, twinkly lighting, have a water fountain or some soothing sound, maybe wooden chimes. Have open spaces for people to meet and brainstorm, but also offices where you can close the door and close out distractions. A place to show off work you're proud of and hang ideas that worked. Pillows if you want to work on the floor. Laptops you can check out if you want to work outside. Plenty of storage space. Open lines of communication. Free healthy snacks and water and some cookies and candy as well. An outdoor track if people want to walk around the building. Meeting rooms that encourage good ideas.
But, in reality, I'm sure not much will change.
Okay - back to work.

a black cat crossed my path
or maybe it didn't. it was a little in the distance
maybe it wasn't completely black, maybe it had a blondie spot on its belly

a dude offered to share his 40, his backpack, and his two dogs with me, in a no-strings-attached relationship.
i declined.
the dogs were not cute enough

one computer was left, (of the computer-parts mobile in the oaks)
dangling from the tree,
mouse flapping furiously in the breeze

i saw a van half covered in broken mirrors
like a discoball
do the broken mirrors cancel out the black cat?

i saw an electrical wire hanging
i wonder if it was a livewire?

a cat, a man, a computer, a van,
and a livewire!

patsy cline is singing just for me

jacob made a powerpoint presentation about a guy in the dorms whose body odor index was reaching critical mass. it included pie charts.

Shelly, you are so funny . . . . answering the phone in haikus!

I had a strange, strange dream last night. I got this scathing Power Point Presentation that went on and on about how this man was a horrible racist. I, in a moment of freak stupidity, forwarded it to three professors, two of whom I work with and the other was my world history teacher in high school. In forwarding the message, I changed the identity of the racist to someone else -- a friend's father whom I have never ever met in my entire life (in my dream he was a state representative). Then I was stuck dealing with the ramifications. Very, very bizarre.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

i found a poem by margaret atwood called "variations on the word sleep"
an excerpt:
I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary.

-Margaret Atwood

pablo neruda is also good. it makes me want to learn spanish well enough to read them in the original language.
something about the repetetivness of my job is emphasizing my obsessive traits. i've been trying to figure ways to answer the phone in haiku without getting in trouble.

Ok, I have the camera still. I know, I know. I need to finish my part. I have just been painfully busy and will be for at least another two weeks. I've had back to back to back work projects.

Zach, I have not a clue about when I'll be able to send you bio, picture, links.

I really could use a personal assistant right now. Actually a hot, sweet cabana boy turned personal assistant would be lovely.

Steph, layoffs suck, but I am glad you are ok. Go 'head on with your bad toys!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I love analyzing dreams. I used to be pretty good about writing them down when I woke up. A teacher told me that after you write them down, go back and underline all the parts which seem significant to you. Then free associate a list of words that, for you, are related to the major topics in your dream. Look for a pattern. Think about what's going on with your life right now.
In other news, I just bought an iBook!! And a scanner. And will soon be pestering you guys to go look at photos I plan on putting up. I'm brainstorming web site domain names. So far I like, theflashbulb, but the dotcom is gone, so I can be or .org or something like that.

Shelly, I think your dreams are telling us what some of us know already: you're really a man. Ah, the internet.

what the dream dictionaries say:

Mysterious, secretive, female part of yourself, sexual fear, doubt of femininity, relates to love life, interpretation dependent on mood of dream

Tightly controlled or repressed emotion, bound by circumstance, unacknowledged sexual desires, desire to submit

Hiding true self, façade, duplicity with fear of being found out

Unconfronted emotions, repressed sexuality, need for down time, or need for clarity and direction in life

Exploring unconscious mind and emotions. Also connection to feminine side. Mood of dream effects interpretation. Clear, calm, cold, steady flowing water = good. Dirty water, rough water, hot water, spilling water, stagnant water= bad. In need of support. If completely underwater, submerged in feelings and forced to deal with difficulties.

Directs focus.

While I’m at it: a few other recent ones from the “can’t fly to Chicago dream” and the”airport dreams with laser beams”

Search for freedom. Looking for new paths or changes in life.

Pay attention to time. Don’t waste!

Pinpoints and lights a focus for clarity and/or further attention.

Ability to get through difficulties easily. Forgotten or lost ticket = confusion or lack of direction.

Reaction to aggressive sexual feelings. Feelings of inadequacy.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I have to write them down when I wake up or they just evaporate. I know I spent an extra 10 minutes in bed this morning, thinking about the dream I'd had and what it may or may not mean. Now I have absolutely no idea what it was about.

That's exactly the kind of dream I would wish for you to have, Shelly. Me... I just have dreams about boning other dude's girlfriends. I pray for the mermaid dream.

i rarely remeber my dreams. i had a dream that i was fitted with a costume mermaid tail. it bound my legs tightly. i was learning to swim in a huge glass tank. i could hold my breath for a really long time. i was much more powerful with the tail so i had to learn control. the first time i pumped my tail i shot sideways so far that i nearly banged into the glass tank. people were watching from bleachers outside the tank.

i am aware that this dream is an analyst's field day.

So 85 people were laid off at my work yesterday. We had to sit at our desks for two hours waitng to see if we'd get a phone call or not telling us we'd been laid off. I still have a job. But it was horrible.

Monday, January 27, 2003

i gt to work from home today which was nice. i just got home from class though, and these next few weeks is going to be intense for them. and me. but mostly them. i feel badly, but i have to go along with this syllabus. i already know how to make it better for next time, whether or not i'm allowed to make changes to this syllabus.
birthday brunch was nice. the guy i have/had a crush on is gay. is there a term for that? that's happened a few times. anyway, that's fine... he's an awesome person and i am still quite enamoured by/of/for him. *sigh*
and now to sleep, perchance to dream.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

I feel like I have lived five years in the period of five days. Lots of stuff going on. Probably the biggest was that my mom had minor surgery. She's fine now, but it's so hard living away when stuff like that happens. I decided to take a few days off, and I've been at home taking care of some things. I was only planning on taking one day, but then decided that I don't spend enough time at home and took a whopping whole extra day off.

I had a huge, huge ass event at work, which went really well. If any of you ever decide to run a Fortune 500 corporation and/or open up a small to mid size business, never trust any PR agencies that will try to sell you thier services. I worked at two top firms for about three years and can tell you that they won't add any value unless you count a ton of billable hours for a whole lot of nothing.

That being said, there is this one firm who is trying to sell their services to one of my colleges. They supposedly helped out with this event in August, when really they just went behind me and made phone calls to my contacts. For this event they basically showed up, ate and tried to fawn on my freakin' contacts that showed up because of my efforts. Let me just tell you how much I adore that. . . . Then they go on about how great the event went, and that they hoped to "help" me out for the Feb. event. I was soooooo incredibly close to saying, "Go fuck yourselves." Thank God for better judgement.

Been watching some movies with my mom. The Last Castle with Robert Redford, Lord of the Rings (I can watch that movie countless times, even though I never was one for fantasy/sci-fi), Reign of Fire, Like Mike, and I fell asleep during Hosiers.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

I just read this on a discussion board thread about adoption: "I was actually thinking of China or Korea, they are so smart and cute...and a lot cheaper than other countries as well (about 14k per adoption total)... " My tongue is bleeding, I'm biting it so hard.

Friday, January 24, 2003

word of the day = scuttlebutt.

nell carter passed away yesterday, which is really sad to me. i met her breifly about 4 years ago. she wrote an autograph out to a friend of mine for me, and then proceeded to tell me that i was gonna "make it" as a filmmaker.

i want an ipod.

this past week two filmmaker acquaintences of mine from NYC have been all over the television. they had their broadcast premiere on PBS of their documentary wednesday night. they have garnered so much attention they were not only on Oprah, but they also had a special NightLine last dedicated to their film last night. i missed all of it. still, it's really amazing that they've recieved so much attention for the documentary... it's like a fairy tale for doc filmmakers.

i'm not on the geek chart. is there a nerd chart anywhere? i'm sure i'm plastered all over that one.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Z...I only know *of* a furry - the co-worker of a friend (in Silicon Valley, of course). I appreciate your use of the term "fall." Now I'll get back to Photoshopping myself into Katana.

More on the Geek Chic note: this is probably the most fabulous plug for Macintosh.

Christ, I'm on the geek chart. I fall as far as "Trekkie," which I have learned to be neither proud nor defensive about. It simply is. I know Kirk's homestate and Picard's nephew's name and all that. I just do.

Louise, please tell me you know a furry.

Okay, so not only do I understand every section of the Geek Chart, I also know people in most of the categories. But I just hang out with them. That's all. I'm very tolerant of the lifestyle choices my friends make. Really. Like when M *almost* bought a wedding sword for B&L when they got married (didn't because it would be dangerous around kids).

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Zach - the design looks great - thanks for putting time into this. Angie - that is such exciting news! Good luck with everything!

Yeah, I noticed that too. I'll fix it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

NOW I know what to get Zach for his birthday!

Here's my proposal for a new Lake Effect frontpage. The links don't work, yet. Good Intentions is the site I use to test this stuff.

Click here.

Each link will go to a page like


with individual links off the site and a bio and a picture (?).

Tell me what you think. And give me suggestions for what should go in the bio part.

Ok, this will be a long ass post.

Life has been really good lately. I'm more than happy with my job. I work my ass off during peak times, I think about ways that I can improve what I do and how I do it. I know very few people that have 85 percent job satisfaction, and I am one of those. I love working for a university. There are a handful of times when you are writing about absolute crap, but for the most part it's all good. Generally I feel like I really am making a difference, that what I do touches the lives of many people. Maybe it's a self-righteous pride thing, but I can live with that.

So this first part of my post is to encourage the world that there are jobs that make you happy, that you enjoy going to and most importantly that you live for. I seriously am not trying to be patronizing. It's an encouragement thing. You just have to listen to your gut. Sometimes it's a whisper, sometimes it's a few decibles loud. Most of the time it's loud for me, probably because I ignore it the whispers.

Anyways I have big news that I need to 'fess on up about. I have been looking to purchase a home. Yes, you read that right, a home. It will be a small home, but damn it it will be mine. Some people haven't been all that supportive (imagine that). To those, I say, "You should be proud of me for whatever I purchase, even if it is a one room shack with an outhouse in the backyard. Why? Because it is mine, and it is what my hard earned money bought."

I went through the process of being pre-approved for a mortgage. Man is it a lot of shit to figure out, FHA vs. conventional loans then there are a shitload of conventional loans to choose from. Ways to get around different types of insurances. Crazy, crazy shit. Enough to drive you mad. Looking around for for sale homes in neighborhoods, making like a freakin' stalker.

Anyways I think I may have found one that I liked. Now it's a whole new game. Negotiating a price, trying to beat other potential bidders out. So I may or may not get this house. For now I will refrain from details, but just trust me that it is cute and me-like.

I never thought that I would be able to do something like this on my own, mostly because of fear. Whatever the case, here it comes (!!!!!!!!).

Warning: I may be a bit more on edge and plain ole pissy, but please bear with me throughout the process. Once I find my new digs, there is an open invitation, as long as I'm not already booked up.

Z is probably at his best when he loses it, one must admit.

I am weatherproofing my house like a woman possessed. Winter? Winter is fine. Winter is great! It's the heating bills that suck. Thanks to the coldest winter Bloomington has experienced for several years, my bills aren't likely to decrease for the next couple of months. Grr. Admittedly, my cheapskate ways mean I have the lowest energy bills of the people I know here, but I'm determined to knock at least 20% off within the next couple of weeks. Once I figure out where the thermostat on my water heater is, I'm turning it down to 120f, and then getting a timer so it's on for only a few hours a day. Then I'll get a jacket for it. Hm. Sounds like I'm losing it too.

I did not watch the Golden Globes.

yes. i watched the Golden Globes. a couple comments:
1. the funniest part was when Brenden Frasier said "please salute me" and then tried so hard to not crack up the rest of the time he was on stage with that fancy pants woman
2. i wish more of them (other than the one Spanish filmmaker, Pedro Almodóvar ) would have said someting about war= bad and peace= good.
3. while i'm glad that nicole kidman made comments about what a good year it was for women in movies, i wish she would have gone a step further and said that it sure would be nice to break the glass ceiling a little more and let more women in producing and directing roles.

i cannot comment fairly on the winnings, because i have yet to see most of the films. i am very glad that Meryl Streep and Marty Scorscese won. yes. i just called him Marty.

Did any of you guys watch the Golden Globes this weekend? I was in a pool, but did horribly.

Monday, January 20, 2003

um. has he completely lost it? i'm starting to get a little worried.

PPPPPP iiii n n k k
P P iiii n n n k k
PPPPPP iiii n n n k k
P iiii n n n k k
P iiii n n k k
P iiii n n k k
P iiii n n k k

"Mr Mull, this is a family establishment and we would appreciate it if you would refrain from baring your burden in public. Thank you."

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Consider, if you will:

Like a blade of a sword I am forged in flame
I was conceived in a raging forest fire. My parents were strolling in the woods in the spring of 1975. They were in love, their bootcut trousers flapping in the wind. And around them a terrible storm blew up. The were consumed by the passion of the world around them. Lightning split a tree, flames raced across the brush, in the only untouched hill in all of the forest, I was created,

Fiery hot
I've heard this said of me. I suspect some of you might have said it as well.

Tempered steel fire-bright to the night I take
For those of you whom I have not met, I am indeed cut. Cut like a fat check. Cut like a canyon. Cut like Michaelangelo's David's more cut older brother.

I fear not

Now compelled by something I cannot see
The spirit of adventure moves me, keeps me alert and dissatisfied. Possibly the reason I have no job.

I go forth surrendering to history
I've long know that fate guides my actions. A witchy woman told my mother, before I was born, "You've got a boy child coming... gonna be a son of a gun."

Your glory, I swear I ride for thee
Your power, I trust it rides with me
Your servant, I am and ever shall I be

This grand enterprise... the human race. For its glory.

Through a dream
I have a come to an ancient door
Lost in the mist

Did I tell you all about this dream? Big door. Very ancient. Very misty.

I have been there a hundred times or more
Pounding my fists

I have this crazy dream all the time. I'm just pounding away on a old door in the fog.

Now inside, the fire of the ancient burns
So, finally I go in and I see into the past, Great Fire of 1975. And I see, you know, the lighting and the fire and the hill... cue the music, right?

A boy goes in and suddenly a man returns
Well, this line is a little off. I mean, I don't feel like I went in a boy and I don't feel like I returned a man. I feel like I returned a-shamed. ha ha Get it? No one should have to see their parents doing it.

I gave my word and gained a key
I gave my heart and set it free
There's no turning back from this odyssey

And I promised those two humping people that I would be a hero. That I would ride into danger. And I would confront evil. And I would find the thing at the end of the odyssey.

Because I feel so alive suddenly
And I wonder, is this really me?

But, recently I've come to wonder. Could my fate lie elsewhere. True, the vision was powerful. But, perhaps I should be a scholar or an artist, not a mystic warrior. Only time will tell. Until then I must bare this burden... alone.

That song sounds like it could be done by Stryper.

hmm. i think i need to hear that song. i'm feeling it.

"The Oath" by KISS

Like a blade of a sword I am forged in flame
Fiery hot
Tempered steel fire-bright to the night I take
I fear not
Now compelled by something I cannot see
I go forth surrendering to history
Your glory, I swear I ride for thee
Your power, I trust it rides with me
Your servant, I am and ever shall I be

Through a dream
I have a come to an ancient door
Lost in the mist
I have been there a hundred times or more
Pounding my fists
Now inside, the fire of the ancient burns
A boy goes in and suddenly a man returns

I gave my word and gained a key
I gave my heart and set it free
There's no turning back from this odyssey
Because I feel so alive suddenly
And I wonder, is this really me?


The similarities between this song and my life are truly astonishing.

I got my first batch of films: Vertigo, Nine Queens, and My Son The Fanatic. Perfect timing - it's been c-c-c-c-old here this weekend, and I just haven't felt like leaving the house except when absolutely necessary, so I spent a lot of time sorting out my stuff (I've been here for almost a year, I arrived with two duffel bags, and now I have too much stuff...) and knitting in front of the glowing screen. I *know* I shouldn't knit while watching Hitchcock, but I did okay this time (have been making little wristcuffs, which seem to be quite the thing with the kids these days, although I have yet to see anyone wearing a pair...oh wait, I live in the Midwest). I've tried to find a few of the recommendations given here, and Netflix doesn't have all of them, *pout*.

Friday, January 17, 2003

and cemetary man.

wide sargasso sea, orlando, toys. all dreamy looking.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Funny that Shelly should mention Amelie. It was on my list. Here are a few others that I've seen, and some that that I have been meaning to check out:
Time of the Butterflies
Brotherhood of the Wolf
State and Main
Remember the Titans
Three Seasons
All the President's Men
The Apostle

You probably already know about the Internet Movie Database site. If not they have a bunch of "top" lists like top 250 movies of all times, top 100 movies for men, top 100 movies for women, and then they have some listed out by genre. I would think that there is some way to search the Academy Awards, Golden globes, Sundance, etc., but I can't say for sure. You can also sign up as a member to rate movies, and if you type in a movie, it gives you other movies that you might like. Since Barnes and Noble online and Amazon do the same for books, I would think that they give out recs for movies as well.

i'm rewatching delicatessen, city of the lost children, and amelie.

Some movies from my NetFlix queue:

Spider-Man   Sci-Fi & Fantasy   Now
  Maze   Drama   Now
  East Is East   Foreign   Now
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   Foreign   Now
  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen   Foreign   Now
  The Powerpuff Girls Movie   Children & Family   Now
    Snatch   Thrillers   Now
  Ghost World   Indie   Now
  Notorious   Thrillers   Now
  Little Voice   Comedy   Now
  Smoke Signals   Comedy   Now
  American Movie   Indie   Now
  In the Bedroom   Indie   Now
  Princess Mononoke   Anime   Now
  Lovely and Amazing   Drama   Now
  Highball   Drama   Now
  Enigma   Thrillers   Now
  Best of the Muppet Show: Children & Family   Now
  The Man Who Wasn't There   Drama   Now
  Storytelling   Comedy   Now
  The Big Lebowski

past movies rented:
Moulin Rouge
Happy Times
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I have a really delightful dilemma. I got a late and unexpected Christmas gift of a subscription to Netflix (that internet based DVD rental service Mike F is so enamored of), and...I'm having the hardest time coming up with a list of movies. I had a list somewhere that I started years ago, and of course I can't find it. So please, give me some titles to get me going (I've been on a film noir kick lately, so if it's got Bogart in it, I've probably seen it in the past three months).

I would start Learning to Love You More but I'm already way behind on stuff and Shelly's Convalescent Adolescent project.

Hola kids. How goes it?

I've been bu-sy. Work has been keeping me going with release after release. I had visitors last weekend and this weekend. I'll probably be going out of town the following weekend. I have some more freelance stuff to work on. Lots o' stuff.

Steph, of course I've been to the Continental Club. I went there a few weeks ago for a blues benefit. Some of my friends like to go their happy hour, so I am there generally once every two or three months. That's probably more regular than most other pubs. Dave Alvin played there last weekend, but I didn't make it. My favorite music place though is the Mucky Duck. It's a great Irish pub with the best atmosphere. My last two appartments have been within a mile of the place.

I've been reading about national parks lately and just scenic vacations. I really want to plan one in November sometime. I haven't quite decided where, I just know I want to go.

Upma, let us know how the class goes.

So I started doing some online job searching today. Anything with "photo" in the description. Austin - nothing. It seems all the jobs I'm interested in are in actual cities - Chicago, New York and DC mostly. Now we haven't started the layoffs yet - so this is just prep work - but I hate the thought that my dream job wouldn't be in my dream city. Upma - you moved for a job and it seems to be going great. I just hate the thought of leaving safe, friendly Austin.

good luck at class, upma!

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

yes ma'am. probably a house gathering at anyone's place who agrees to it.

i teach my first class tomorrow. i'm nerrrrr-vous.


Well- you still plan on screening it someplace in town, right? I really want to see it.


Upma - which festival was it? And that sucks. Fools - all of them.
Angie - do you ever go to the Continental Club in Houston? I went to the Austin one last night - I think it's my favorite bar music-wise in Austin. Saw some great danceable rockabilly/swing. This guy called D. B. Harris. Right now I'm listening to the Detroit Cobras - someone at work lent it to me. Very Neko Case. I like it.

Monday, January 13, 2003

my Dutch porn name is Geertruida Baerbajk. who are you?

my film didn't make it into the festival i most wanted it in. i'm slightly upset.

i hope you are also sending this letter to papers. where shaq might actually read it.

Ok, more rants.

Read this article first.

Now read this response from yours truly:


I'm a fellow graduate of Louisiana State University, and have been a fan of yours ever since your days under Dale Brown. I've always been amazed by your talent, strength and ability to deliver.

I'm also a Chinese American, living and working in Houston, Texas. Ever since the Rockets acquired Yao Ming, I've said, "He needs to bulk up and post up, else Shaq is going to eat his lunch." My father said it best when he said, "Yao Ming thinks he's a shooting guard. . . . " I couldn't agree more. And you know as well as I do that the only reason why Yao will be starting in the all star game is because of this marketing and publicity, and because you were hurt. You alone are the best center in the league, and the true sports fans know this.

But I've grown to support Yao, because he's one of my peeps. There aren't many in the NBA, and I've gotta do what I've gotta do. And in support of my man Yao Ming, your comment, "Tell Yao Ming, 'ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.'" was completely uncalled for and inappropriate.

I'm all about trash talking just as much as anyone else -- it's one of the most important parts of the game (aside from yelling at the refs). Hell, it's a way of life for me, but there's a fine line between trash talking and just plain ole wrong and personal. And you were clearly wrong, my friend. If Yao were to make a similar inappropriate comment, I would be banging on his door, too. So, please, I ask that you keep your trash talkin' to the game and not at the personal level, unless it's about his mama.

Thank you for your time.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

i'm sorry about your white shirts, angie. that would be annoying.
i had an undate this afternoon. it was REALLY "un," but it was nice. i can't tell if he's gay. but i think he's really smart. and after an hour of (what i thought was) great conversation, he made a quick getaway. *sigh*. well, if nothing else i at least have a new friend and colleague.
oh, i've forgotten to mention how sports-crazed this city is right now. i can't and probably won't get into it.

Ok, I have to bitch about one of the MOST trivial things ever known to man.

Our work dress code is dressy casual, and so a good part of my wardrobe consists of black pants and various shirts. Specifically, a white shirt is the key to any dress outfit, at least in my world. I probably wear a white shirt at least two times a week (not necessarily the same one, I have two that I interchange, one short-sleeved, one long-sleeved).

This morning I went to do laundry, and I thought to myself, "I need to wash both of my white shirts, because I have some suits that I will need to wear them with this week." So I throw them into my whites, as I always do. I went to put them in the dryer, come back thirty minutes and realize that I left my "missing lipstick," conveniently dubbed "Sweet Joe," in my khaki pockets, and Sweet Joe bled all over MY WHITE CLOTHES, but even worse BOTH of my white shirts.

Do you know how long it takes me to find a good white shirt that I really hold dear and love?????

I know, I know. There are starving people in this country, and Angie is bitching about her fucked up, white shirts.

Yes, yes. My secret is out, I bitch about simple-minded things that don't matter. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

The Art-O-Mat - most of them are in NC.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Top 5 Lake Effect Happenings of 2002:
1. The introduction of AIM. I have stayed up way past my bedtime to chat online and get my ass beat at Literati by the Singh Mafia.
2. Summer Solstice Parade in Seattle with Shelly looking glam diva and Mike in Utilikilt.
3. A discussion of where Dixie is, Louisiana's relationship to the rest of the universe, and Angie telling Zach "... I'm not just from anywhere in Louisiana. I'm from the 9th ward of New Orleans. Do you know what people in the 9th ward do to little boys like you? We draw and quarter them, turn them into high-screeching eunuchs, steal any of their possessions that are worth anything and then turn around and resell it to their siblings. Third, Zach you come from a state with the word "North" in it, so sonny boy, you ain't got no right talkin' 'bout what's "Southern" and what isn't. Besides, my people consider individuals who live north of I-10 Yankees. And my dear sir, that includes YOU."
And then Zach responding with "You know the last person to get chased by a voodoo crocodile mime in Tennessee? Or in Georgia? Or in NC? It never happened because all that crazy shit is your's alone. "
4. The Monster Island installments
5. Dada Rex Buffalo Access Residency
6. Oh darnit 5 just isn't enough. Grr.
7. Upma did the 48 Hour Film project and won
8. There's more. There's so much more.

i'm sooooo freaking high on sugar and caffeine right now. i find louise's sexual inuendo's entirely too funny and oh yes... my job interview went way well.
my film is screening in buffalo, ny this very evening. i think.

Today I went to the library and borrowed a book on Adobe Photoshop. Then I went to the hardware store and bought draft stoppers and a cordless drill/driver set. Needless to say, I plan to screw everything in sight and take pictures.

you can get chipotle peppers in a can here. i am in love with them. they are the perfect condiment for every meal.

I am going to do some home improvements so I can knock down this month's rent. The former roomie has apparently decided not to pay half the utilities like she said she would, and I have a buyer who 1) haggled with me over the bid she placed for the online auction, and 2) is now saying she never got it in the mail, so I can either refund her money (impossible 'cause it paid the phone bill) or make her a new one, or I can tell her to bite me. I'm feeling childish today and want to tell her to bite me and it's her karma for not paying her full bid amount.

Last night I went to Taco Tuesday at Tortilla Flat ($1 tacos). The tacos were okay (I had a potato soft taco and what one of my dining companions called the "hot hard beef" taco), and the salsa atrocious. It's tomato based...but it's a sort of translucent pale pink color, achievable only with chlorine bleach or the use of styrofoam tomatoes. This is the same salsa sold at the co-op that some customers are addicted to and which has been voted "Best Salsa in Bloomington." There are onions in it that I can't taste, cilantro that lacks flavor, and a sort of overwhelming flat lousy cheap jalapeno heat. If I ever go again, I'll take a can of Herdez salsa with me. Yes, that's right Texas dwellers - the salsa at the restaurant is such crap I'd take canned.

I have to think about a top five.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

i do not have a music or film list for 2002. in music, i'm outta the loop, and i can't find the scene. in film, there just was not that much that was impressive. i may give you my two cents come Golden Globe/Oscar time.

i will be in TX from March 8-15.

i have to wake up at 7 for a job interview. it's been a year (except for the weekend of 48 hour film project), since i've needed to wake up that early. i feel like a sloth because i cannot get out of bed before 10. and feel that i will oversleep. tomorrow. good luck to me.

Steph, the economy sucks so badly right now. And Bush's tax "stimulus" plan sucks ass and won't help anyone but the rich. The lead editorial in today's NYT reads, "In a theoretical world, ending the dividend tax might make sense. Unfortunately we live in the real one, where it's the wrong move at the wrong time for the benefit of the wrong people." For those interested, the story is titled "The Charles Schwab Tax Cut." Good luck with that, and let us know how it works out.

Upma, I thought about this the other day. I think you should do a top five film list the same waythat Zach does with his records. And hell, anyone else that wants to do top whatever list. I need to come up with a list of top five moments of 2002, which I'll try to post up in a few days.

For now, a few inspirational notes:

One. There is this group in Brazil called "The Housewives and Consumer Group" has been tracking staple grocery prices, and they've found outrageous price increases due to the crazy inflation of the country's currency and debt. So, they got together, literally a bunch of pissed off house wives, and bargained with major grocery chains, bakery groups, etc., to negotiate a fair, stable price for the next 30 to 60 days, so that normal people can afford to eat. The leader of the group is a retired elementary school teacher, and she's had all sorts of media interviews. They've had such an impact that even grocery chains were not a part of the agreement have signed on.

Two. There was an article in today's Financial Times about women's education. According to the opinion, many people want to blame Islam for holding down women when it has more to do with socioeconomics, i.e., women in poor rural areas have to quit school to provide for the family.

Three. I was at Mass last week, and let me tell you it was difficult to drag my ass there. Somehow, I managed,and I was glad I did. During the homily the priest was talking about how he sometimes gets so bogged down in the negativity thing (i.e., don't be mean, don't be impatient, etc.) that he can't focus on the virtue. Instead he tries to focus on, what gift can I give God today? (not that it has to be about what you are giving to God, but what good are you giving today). Perhaps it's an extra five minutes in dealing with a really difficult personaility. Or simply holding the door open for an elderly person.

(NOTE: number three is not meant to sound preachy, just trying to share some sound advice)

We're having layoffs at work at the end of the month. I'm okay either way. I welcome a change and I hope for stability. We'll see. Until then, trying not to worry.
Upma - how long are you going to be here for SXSW? I'm trying to plan which days I want to take off for maximum movie watching/free music shows during the day attending. Also - I watched about 5 minutes of Joe Millionaire and couldn't stop giggling, but had to leave for yoga before I saw anything good.
new favorite things: smell of peppermint tea, the click of knitting needles, the snooze button (this shouldn't count as a new favorite thing - it's just happening more often now that vacation is over)
new least favorite things: dried out eyeballs from computer work, the sadness when holiday friends go back to their various cities, the lady who lives below me leaving out so much food for the birds that I feel like Tippi Headren every time I leave the house now

Monday, January 06, 2003

i totally buckled and watched a stupid reality TV show the way i never thought i would. i'm totally sucked in. i just wanted to see if Joe Millionaire was a genuine guy.... and i just wanted to see how bratty the girls would be. He's a sweetie, I hope the ladies are worthy.
more snow.

A post about dumb asses.

It is my boss' b-day. He turned 51 over the weekend. Last year, for his 50th b-day we decorated his office with black balloons and black streamers. We even came up with a personalized top ten list of signs you know you're 50.

So, in the card I wrote, "Aren't you glad that you turn 50 once in your life? Else we would have had to decorate your office with black balloons and black streamers again this year. Lucky you. . . . "

Well, some dumb ass read my message then assumed that it was his 50th, and wrote "hapy 50th." Five other people followed the first dumb asses' move and also wrote "happy 50th." I'm tempted to go back and tell them how retarded they are for trying to be smart, but nah. RETARDS.

Sunday, January 05, 2003


also... i just spent an evening of lxurious pampering and i feel sooo goooood!

my job interview for tomorrow has been post-poned to Wed. in light of the weather.

Alright, alright slave drivers. I got it not too long ago, with not too long ago being a relative term.

Friday, January 03, 2003

So. Who has the camera?

Steph, I used to be all about dark colors -- black, navy, gray. Now I love reds, yellows, pinks, light blues and soft greens. Also, when I first moved here, I never thought that I would end up staying. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but there's something about Texas that keeps me here, particularly Houston. That doesn't stop me from missing and defending my Louisiane. One of my good friends who happens to be Canadian can't stand Louisiana. He hates it, so every time he starts ragging on it, I get into the "All you foriegners. Taking away jobs from good, able-bodied Americans. But that's not eough, you gotta go ragging on our territory. . . . " What really bugs me though is people who forget their roots and where they came from. I got into it with this guy who has been in Texas since the 70's but is originally from Alexandria, LA (central part of the state). It all started with, "People from LA are retarded." Let's just say by the end of the conversation, he was the one feeling RETARDED.

Which leads me into . . . foods that I've grown fond of since moving to Texas:
-- BBQ, particularly brisket and smoked meats
-- chili
-- tortilla soup
-- salsa, guacamole, warm tortillas, tres leches, epanadas, tortas, tamales, ceviche
-- tapas, sangria, chorizo, paella, plantains
-- panaderias (Mexican bakeries)
-- chicken fried chicken

Looks like people are back on the blog, which is nice.

Surprising things from yesterday
- I bought a cowboy hat (one of those more floppy straw ones) when I never thought I would
- I tried sake and really liked it
- I found myself drawn to the color pink

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy post-holidays everyone. I'm finally back at work. Not having internet at home is nice sometimes, but I missed you guys. I went to Michigan for Christmas - made a snow volcano, ate lots of rich foods, danced to Romanian music. We went to a small party for New Years in Austin - danced to Madonna and Michael Jackson and watched fireworks from the host's backyard.
I just finished reading a lot of your posts. Upma - your thoughts on love, let me just say I agree with everything you said. Weezie - that is so cool about your scarf. I wish I knit faster, so I could have sent something in.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I wanted to have a quiet night at home but wound up going to a small gathering, which was nice (I didn't want to go to a boozefest).

Think I'm supposed to be able to deal with this without getting giggly, and it's only because I donated something, so it's not merit based...but the photos for the GetCrafty website article on Crafting for Charity show the scarf I made - it's narrow with light and dark gray stripes, next to the one with wide pink and brown bands.