Saturday, January 29, 2005

Angie - feel better soon. I hope you're getting lots of hot soup.
My "woot" of the week. I just got back from the frame store (I'm showing some work in a lawyer's office in March and had to pick up the prints) and the frame store people:
1) want to have a show of my work in summer/fall based on how much they liked what I'd gotten framed
2) gave me a contact at a gallery located inside a plant nursery in South Austin to see about showing work there as well

woot. woot.

In other news, Project Runway is my only must see show of the season. Alias, please get it together. Also, I know I'm late to the game on this, but Van Lear Rose is an awesome album. Upma - good luck on your team and happy birthday. My friend who lives in Philly said in her yoga class last week, they did all the "bird" postures her teacher could think of in honor of the Eagles winning and for future winning. Awesome.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ok, my "unwoot" of the week: I have mild pneumonia. I went to the doc earlier this week, and when she diagnosed me I about fell out of the chair. I won't be back to work till early next week. In the meantime I've been soaking up $1 DVD rentals, watching things that no one else will watch with me: Mean Girls, Friday Night Lights, Bourne Supremacy, White Chicks, the Prince & Me and Troy. I really wanted School of Rock but it's out. And I couldn't find Barber Shop 2 damn it.

I talked to a co-worker, and it's cute because everyone's been coming in our office to find out how I've been. Also my mom keeps calling and asking me if I am taking anything for the cough (even though I've explained that my doctor says the coughing helps the process and that I shouldn't try to take anything for it). Mom even offered to ask my aunt to check on me, but as one of my friends says, I'll only do that if I am on my death bed. Or have lapsed into temporary insanity.

The biggest victim is the poor dog. She gets no walking this week! I've been trying to make up for it by giving her extra treats. I may ask her god parents to stop by later this weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the "woot" of the week is that i'm 30 now. f***. that was the first time i wrote it out. gonna go freak out a little bit more, and pluck out all gray hairs. am happy to not be a twenty-something anymore, but still take comfort that co-workers thought i might be turning 25. haha.
got a Freaks and Geeks box set, and an ipod. oh. and roses! it's the first time i got flowers from a dude for my it's kinda nice. and it smells hella good in here. i'm super happy that the super bowl didn't interfere with my birthday this year. especially this year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The w00t! of the week (so far) was stopping in at the Aveda salon after going to the post office to see if they still carried the perfume I favor. They don't; the entire line of Chakra fragrances has been the salesgirl went into the back room and returned with a nearly full tester bottle (4x the size of the vial I had) and gave it to me for free. Her ploy has succeeded; I'll be back later for the anti-humectant pomade.

Angie, brown jasmine rice is probably healthier (but it doesn't taste as good). I've been shelling out for Tamaki Haiga, a Japanese specialty rice that has the bran removed but not the germ, so it has the flavor and texture of high-grade white rice but a better nutritional profile. Sweet brown rice (mochi) is a little sticky, a little sweet, and chewy in a nice way.

Mike, re: traditional vs. stunts and gags. You may have some leeway depending on the publication; my concern would be that it would look all foam no beer to pull out the stunts and gags. It's one thing if you are applying for a job at a PR firm and another if you are trying to get an editor to look at the story you submitted (and not your Halloween costume, unless story is about said costume). Your stories should be strong enough to stand on their own. In my limited experience, editors are more interested in things like your ability to meet a deadline than how many peas you can stuff into your nose. So far, how well have the stunts and gags worked for you professionally? Might it be better for you to allocate your time to researching publications and making contacts than on blanketing Boston with obscurely worded flyers? Madonna once said something to the effect of having spent much of the early part of her career trying to get everyone to listen to her, and then realizing that once she had achieved that goal, she didn't have much to say. Now, if you can be Thomas Keller, and have an attention-grabbing gag which is also The Most Awesome Thing You Have Ever Put In Your Mouth, you're in! Mike, I like your stories. You're a good storyteller. I don't need a three-ring circus distraction when you are telling me a story; I wanna hear the *story.* Have you read John Scalzi's Utterly Useless Writing Advice?

I am so not down with brown rice. There's something about crunchy rice that completely turns me off. My aunt used to work at a veggie Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. She said that the secret was to add a dab of oil in the cooking process. Still, I can't bring myself to eat it.

Lately I've been eating nothing but jasmine rice. I love it so much that I bought a 25 pound bag and am about halfway through with it.

Monday, January 24, 2005

haha!! brown rice sushi is even closer!! i'm moving a block over, and a block down.
my boyfriend is the best ever. he spent an hour digging out my car for me, and i don't even think i'll be able to make it to work again tomorrow.
chicken soup really is a miracle worker.
is anyone else watching 24 this season?

U! New place! With a backyard! Will you still be able to get brown rice sushi without having to drive?

I have subscribed to The Daughters of Freya, an email mystery thriller. I'll be getting "real time" emails for the next three weeks, including links to newspaper articles, photos, and other clues. Stephen King, eat your heart out! The Green Mile in installments was all modern take on archaic publishing style, but this uses the internet! And works for my modern short attention span. I just looked up She's A Flight Risk, which is still up and running. I quit reading early on and after skimming the latest entries, have no desire to start again.

anyone wanna go to the video store for me and pick up the last half of season six of Sex and the City? *cough cough sneeze*

i can't wait till spring. i'm gonna buy shoes!!!
i'm also going to be in a new bachelorette pad. a working fireplace, and a back yard. you're all invited to all future bbq's and backyard soirees!

hey mike, are you snowed in? how much did you get?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The next three tracks on my iPod shuffled list:
Sway, The Perishers
Lesson 22, Living Language French Disc 2
NYC Of Time, Giant Sand (and I have no idea how this wound up on my iPod)

Last weeks crushing defeat of the Colts by the Patriots = uncertainty about my loyalties. I'll just have to choose the Raiders.

it's weird how happy i am. i mean, i'm not football fan... but, it's nice for Philadelphia. This is important to Philadelphians. I wish i were healthy and energetic enough to go celebrate with everyone. achooo.
right this second it looks the Eagles might be facing off against mike's beloved Patriots. People down here were really hoping it would be an all PA Superbowl.

i don't think i'm healthy enough to go to work tomorrow... i missed friday too, which really sucks. i like my job a lot. but anyway... no matter what i still have to dig my car out of a foot of snow. i'll try to take a picture before i get started. it'd be nice if i could hire a few of the 700 people the Lincoln Financial Stadium hired to get the field ready for today. seriously. 700.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I had a long post about Not One Damn Dime Day, but Mark Dery does a much better job of summing it up.

I want to not agree, but after reading the first HP I think I developed a mild uneasiness with Hermione because she reminded me of some aspects of myself (still hard to believe I had friends in jr. high).

Which HP Kid Are You?

Friday, January 21, 2005

shell - I can't see the photos you posted. is it just my computer?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

all a blur

Originally uploaded by marythyme.
hmm. i think i figured out how to post pictures. (finally?)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Monday, January 17, 2005

For a far better explanation of RSS than I could ever give: Blogger Help: Syndication.

What this means for me is that I can now have a program like Shrook or Bloglines tell me when a new post has been made to a blog that I read. The list of blogs I read is now well into the double digits, and checking each one of them to see if anything new has been posted takes up an embarrassing amount of time for me, but if I don't...I could miss posts like TWO OF THE MOST FAMOUS EL CHICO REGULARS WHO DO NOT TIP SHIT AND ARE DULY LOATHED. Not all blogs are syndicated, and I didn't syndicate my blog until I was told I'm hard to find (and at this point, getting a fair amount of non-Lake Effect traffic).

I love using "shuffle" on my iPod, though having 3 disks worth of introductory level French lessons can disrupt the flow pretty regularly. I've also found that there are tracks still vivid with a back porch during the winter in Portland, light snow, crows on the telephone wires, and cigarettes. As it turns out, I can simply be very quiet and think about the cigarettes in such detail that I have everything I love about them (just about everything) and nothing that I hate (you know, that kills you and people around you part). If I can keep it up, maybe I won't want them on my 80th birthday.

Okay, done. If you wouldn't mind giving a little overview of RSS for everyone, Kainui, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Z, under Settings: Site Feed, say yes.

K - I don't really understand how RSS feeds work with blogs. If you have more info, I'd like to hear it. I've got a reader on my browser.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hey Z, are we interested in publishing an RSS feed?

Wednesday nights have become sacred, due to Project Runway. Yes, that would be me, leaping off my sister's couch to yell things at the screen ("Hear that, you backstabbing b!tch? He'd rather eliminate himself that eliminate your snarky, unprofessional ass!" "Those are the seams FROM HELL. Can you sleep at night knowing you did that?") or falling off the couch in a swoon ("Sweet mother of G-d those are some mad f*&^% skillz!"). I think it's going to be down to Jay McCarroll and Kara Saun. Kara's more professional in her behavior than Jay; other than that, it's going to be one fierce battle. Both of them have seriously amazing technical skills, flexibility, and creativity.

I live somewhere around the yellow arrow.

If Mike's parents ever take a vacation near you, take them to lunch and maybe you can go up in a small aircraft too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mike: I have an entire tirade on Beltran and BorAss but I should probably keep it from the blog.

Stephanie/Shelly: in your humble opinion, where can you find the best muffaletta in New Orleans?

Mine is Giolando's at the corner of Vets and Bonnable. The bread is just right: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Oh yeah, the cheese is perfectly melted throughout the entire sandwich.

There is this one place here that serves it with lettuce. Yuck.

For those of you not familiar with the sandwich, here's a description: The sandwich consists of a round loaf of crusty Italian bread, split and filled with layers of sliced PROVOLONE, Genoa SALAMI and ham topped with "olive salad," a chopped mixture of green, unstuffed olives, PIMIENTOS, celery, garlic, cocktail onions, CAPERS, oregano, parsley, olive oil, red-wine vinegar, salt and pepper. The olive salad is what sets the muffuletta apart from any other sandwich of its ilk.

Monday, January 10, 2005

It's been a few weeks since I've read the Chocolate and Zucchini food blog, so I'm a little behind on discovering that the King Cake I couldn't quite believe was for real is a French tradition (Galette des Rois), for the Feast of the Epiphany. The next recipe I'm likely to try, though, is the Fast Gumbo from Cooking for Engineers. One of the local farms has been supplying gorgeous okra, but I seem to be the only one in the house truly enthusiastic about it, which is unfortunate as my schedule hasn't been allowing for much cooking. I'll stay up past my bedtime to make a quickie gumbo!

Zach - I'd ask at a craft store - they seem to have a lot of variety (for all those scrapbookers out there).
Kanui - wombs on washington is so awesome. how gratifying.
Angie - of those, I've only seen Ocean's 12. I thought it was okay, pretty eye candy, but nothing as fun as the first one.

Hey, crafty friends, do any of you know where I could get a customized hole punch? Or a company that has a lot designs? Or how I could make one for myself? I'm lost.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Just got home from a wedding. Lovely wedding, saw people I haven't seen since high school. There is this trend of people I knew in high school moving back to our hometown - I seem to be the only one declaring it a temporary situation to get out of as quickly as possible. Y'know, like back when we were in high school and desperate to leave.

Uh, wow. WoW, rather. I think I'll get some amazing footage out of this. I hope they update the page soon - participants are coming up with their own patterns for sewing and whatnot, which I love!

Went and saw Closer with my sister. I'd seen the play when I was a student in London, loved it (the internet chat scene was particularly good, done with two chairs and a projected screen background). The film is great - brutal, feel yucky afterward, probably won't watch again ever, but great. Alice tore my heart out - I've known a few Alices, still do.

I have such a crush on Debbie Stoller. The UK newspaper The Guardian ran an article on her a couple of days ago
(Close Knit). An excerpt:
(And while we're on vibrators, they're the focus of almost all controversy alighting on this magazine. I don't want to give the impression that the publication is like some kind of vibrator trade mag; there really isn't that much about them. There's a vibrator road-test and a couple of ads. It's about as prominent a part of the female experience in Bust as hair removal is in a mainstream magazine. And yet they've had every complaint under the sun, from their own printers threatening to stop production of the magazine to the readers complaining about the vibrator in the shape of a gun. "There's a sexual double standard. It's really OK for girls to be sexy, and it's really not OK for them to be sexual. When it's about a girl's own pleasure, and not about pleasing someone else, that is still taboo. We could talk about how to rouge your nipples in extreme detail, or how to shave your pussy hair into a topiary design of a snake, and it's all, 'Oh, it's awesome, you guys are breaking ground and being so sexy', but the minute you talk about a vibrator or anything that's not about looking good for guys, no one can deal with it."

To all the roots rocker fans: if you don't own Josh Rouse's album 1972, run out now (or whenever you have the money for it) to purchase it. It was released in 2003, but it's definitely a keeper.

Took Sandy to the dog park. Some big ass dog drooled all over my baby. I had to give her a bath when we got home.

It was fun though. Went with my neighbor and his 2-year old black Lab Pilot. Pilot is one of the funniest dogs I know. He lets all of his emotions hang out -- happiness, fear, excitment, anticipation, concern. It's all there, completely and totally. He's so excited about anything and everything and sweet as can be. He's a dog's dog. Sandy rarely runs around, but Pilot brings Sandy out of her shell.

Also, I found something in common with a really close friend of mine. We've known each other six plus years and are just finding out about our mutal love of raw oysters. It's especially weird considering how much we talk about food. To celebrate, we went to an oyster bar.

Looks like I ran out of time this weekend because I didn't get a chance to see House of the Flying Daggers.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Has anyone seen "House of the Flying Daggers"; "Spanglish" or "Ocean's 12"?

I have a new specialty dish: eggplant caponata (I've seen it spelled 10 different ways so who knows which one is right).

Thank you Z, for your best of list.

Mike: what do you think about Doug Mientkiewicz and THE BALL? In Astros World, the Beltran deal will go to the wire. It's killing me, because my team is putting all of its eggs in one basket.

Monday, January 03, 2005

reason #284 why I love Neil Gaiman. The new year wishes as posted on his website:

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't to forget make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. "

Saturday, January 01, 2005

I wasn't going to do a top ten this year, because despite the ridiculous amounts of CDs I bought, I wasn't really focusing on new things. But, I understand the appeal of tradition, so here's a list of things that came out this year that I liked. If I had to pick a single favorite, I think I'd pick the totally wonderful Brian Wilson Smile record. Its just beautiful. I love it.

TV On the Radio - Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes
TV on the Radio are an unusual band in 2004. They aren't a throwback band. They don't really have a gimmick, unless you count being black in indie rock a gimmick.

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory
They always seemed like another corny blues-revival band. I hate that shit. But, this album is really, really good. What a surprise.

Morrissey - You Are the Quarry
Dear God, thank you for making Morrissey.

Telefon Tel Aviv - A Map Of What is Effortless
Great electronic record from a band that sounds relaxed and in control. Arty electronica nerds always make records like they have something to prove. Telefon Tel Aviv sound like they don't want to wave the flag, they just want to make a good album.

Brian Wilson - Smile
It doesn't sound like its from the 60s. The 2060s, maybe, when all the world is ruled by gentle angels.

Karate - Pockets
More jazz rock from Karate is a good thing. No surprises, but some really wonderful playing. Nice.

Interpol - Antics
Catchy record number two. These guys are okay to like now that Franz Ferdinand are the pretty indie rock darlings.

Trashcan Sinatras - Weighlifting
Lovely old man rock from the best band I've ever shared a bill with at the legendary Cat's Cradle.

Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
These fuckers are the other acceptable blues rockers. This band is catchier than Interpol and Franz Ferdinand put together. If only they'd get haircuts and quit the cult...

Rufus Wainwright - Want Two
More gay than Morrissey, more lush than Smile. Another over the top heartbreaker.

Helio Sequence - Love and Distance
Nice Modest Mouse pop from the drummer of Modest Mouse. I thought this record was going to blow up when it came out. But, it didn't. Its really good.

Wilco - A Ghost is Born
This one is what Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sounded like it was going to be. It's great, but as always with Wilco lazy lyrics and a 5 year time lag in what is cutting edge should bring it back down to earth. Don't they know that Tortoise rediscovered krautrock for our generation in 1996?

Squarepusher - Ultravisitor
I wish more electronic dudes were influenced by fusion jazz stuff and less by old swing and bop records. This album is basically a fusion record for the laptop set. It's great. Especially the bass solo. If this keeps up, I'm going to proclaim the seventies officially back.

Lambchop - Aw C'Mon/No You C'Mon
Who doesn't love Lambchop? Fucked up swing era country meets 1970 funk music. Sold.

Happy New Year!
Angie and Shelly - it was great to see you guys at the reunion. I hope I didn't I miss anything from 1am on. And that your travels home went smoothly.
Upma - haven't had Moroccan food - and I don't even think there are Moroccan restaurants in Austin - but maybe in future travels - including a trip to Philly sometime this Spring. Hopefully you will not be moving in the meantime.
Any more resolutions out there?

Happy, happy '05 to everyone.

Zachary, hope you had a great b-day. I'm always up for a hug from you. When are you going to post your top 10 records of 2004? Sorry but that whatchamacallit recipe sounds like ass.

Never been to a Morrocan, Cambodian or African restaurant but would like to try all of the above.

Holiday highlights:

Every day of my week and a half vacation, I've been taking power naps. It's one of my many guitly pleasures in life. A 15 minute snooze can add two plus hours onto my night.

Learned how to make crabs in a pork and black bean sauce, Cantonese chow mein and steamed fish finally. Not to brag or anything, but my dad can cook like a mother fucker!

Caught up with Shelly and Stephanie at our reunion last week. They were looking as fabulous as ever.

My best Christmas present: a custom-made Astros purse.

Rung in the new year with the Rebirth Brass Band and a cute bartender.

Decided that Sandy Joe is far better of a person than I could ever be. She's tender-hearted, patient, sensitive, loyal till the day you die.

Does anyone know anything about hi5? It appears to be a Friendster spinoff.