Friday, November 30, 2001

I'm trying to write an essay for my Teach for America application: what I consider to be my greatest achievement of the past four years. Um. Graduating from college? It just doesn't seem to be it. I just can't think of anything else right now.

Dinner tonight: potatoes with kale and mustard greens and fried green tomatoes. The green tomatoes are sooo good I had to slice up an extra to make up for all the slices I sampled while cooking.

Stephanie: I reccomend buying a card for the other girl. I think that should suffice. Or, if you are feeling really generous you can get her a cheapie candle for $5 at Wal-mart or something like that and a card. Kind of difficult to go to a joint b-day party where you aren't all that great of friends with the second person.

Weezie, I thought of you, my fellow gourmand. My aunt is coming back from San Francisco on Sat. She is bringing me back all sorts of YUMMY pastries: BBQ pork buns, egg custards, and this one bun with a flaky yellow crust on top and a creamy custard inside. I am sooooooooo psyched. The bakeries in Houston just can't compare.

Angie Joe - sounds like you've cornered the boy market in Houston. Have fun.
Upma - I so want to see Amelie, and now you're making me even more impatient to see it. I loved City of Lost Children. Maybe I'll go tonight.
Ted returns today after being in Michigan for the last few weeks. I got all domestic last night with the thorough cleaning of the apartment, general sprucing up all around. Stocking the fridge with the juice he likes. I'm really excited to see him again.
Etiquette question: I've been invited to a joint birthday party tomorrow night. I'm good friends with one of the girls (and bought her a gift) but am only a passing acquaintance of the other girl. Is it tacky to show up with only one gift?
Shelly - I get compliments on those fuzzy blue earmuffs you got me a few Hanukkahs ago, every single time I wear them. I got good use out of them the last few days. Now it's sunny and in the 60s. Basically perfect weather.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Phew, it has been a busy few days for me. Big news around town is the pending Enron bankruptcy. Yesterday alone, one of my professors (director of the UH Energy Institute) had interviews with NPR national, LA Times, CNN Moneyline and Lehrer Newshour. How fucking cool is that? On Sunday, my director for public policy might be on ABC Worldnews Tonight, pending that he shakes his larengitis. If you guys catch him, his name is Richard Murray, and he will be talking about the Houston's much contested mayoral election. It's crazy. All of these random people are endorsing the canidates -- from Jesse Jackson to Guiliani to Elaine Chu (Sec. of Labor).

Went out with Nathan the Cowboy on Wed. Had a really nice time. He took home my electric guitar so that he could restring it for me. Truth is he probably wanted to test it out on his amp. I know his silly ways by now!

I have number 2 non-date on Sunday with Bob. Am curious to see how things will pan out with him.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Upma, you are a divine cheeseball. The sort made by artisans in remote valleys and available only to a select few. And I think if Zach laughs right now, it would induce lots of physical pain. So quit apologizing for your enthusiasm, girl.

so. i think i just saw the most perfect movie ever. at this moment (and i know that this statement is only for this moment) i don't ever feel like i should watch another movie again, because it will spoil the memory of this one. (i can hear zach laughing at me). i'm a CHEESEBALL. i admit it. go see Amelie.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Zach? You ROCK. As long as you ROCK, poverty and total physical meltdown are just passing fads and things will get better soon. Plus, Grace the Duck ROCKs. You may be broke and coughing up a lung, but you have Grace the Duck - and best of all, you can hand her back to the parental units when she starts oozing.

i feel like i've been a bad blogger this week too... but perhaps it balances out the weeks where i'm an excessive blogger. anyway...

thanksgiving meal- my mom made: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, salad (all traditional/american style), tandoori chicken, pecan pie, pumpkin haluvah (sp?!). other mom's made: pasta salad with tomatoes and fresh cheese (but i'm not sure what kind of cheese), alu bengan (potatoes and eggplant), an appetizer that i forget the name of... it's similar to a potato pakora, but the filling was mashed potatoes, (so it's not really a pakora), and there was also a chinese veggie dumpling thing... that was really good. it was all good. and i'm totally forgetting stuff.

weather- it is BEAUTIFUL/GORGEOUOS outside. i've never experienced such a beautimous autumn and i'm totally totally in love with it. totally. i heard that it was gonna be cold in texas thie week... but snow/sleet/ice... in TEXAS? weird.

mike- e.mail me your flight info. one or both of us will get you from the airport, depending on what time you get in. we can hang out while zach has practice and then we can go to the show. i'm not driving.. i'm gonna be tired. what's up with you on wednesday? e.mail me your phone # again too... i'm totally scatter-brained this week.

Ally McBeal- sometimes that show makes me feel like my hopeless love life is doomed to always be hopeless. i think there's a tiny part of me that hopes that's not true

other- i'm TOTALLY scatter-brained this week. i wasn't wearing my cranky pants for a while... i was giddy and hyper and NICE to people... and then i found my cranky pants this afternoon and.... i wish i hadn't. i think the cranky pants are off again. hopefully, i don't find them again for a while.
so it's official. my friend mark's band, the Maginot Line, is playing greensboro in january. i'm totally stoked. TOTALLY.
my friend greg is re-doing his "company's" website, (his thing is called five minute ideas-- they book shows. my thing is called 5amProductions-- i make films. we both came up with these names independantly of each other around the same time... weird). his website is going to have a "greensboro totally Rules" page. he asked me to contribute an essay for it. i'm kinda diggin workin on it.

i had a lot more i wanted to tell you guys.. but between the cranky pants being lost and found and lost and the scatter-brains galore... i can't remember.

Good morning.
Zach - I hope you feel better soon. I was sick the week before Thanksgiving and it was all kinds of suck.
So I got upgraded to the next operating system at work, so my computer is speed lightning fast, I love it.
It's 19 degrees today with the windchill. It's the South. It should NOT be that cold. Though we may get "snow dayed" out of work tomorrow if it sleets. (meaning no one here knows how to drive in bad weather). So the plants are covered, the flannel pjs have come out, it's time for winter (well, at least for a week or so). Next week, we're back into fall weather. Ah, Austin.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

sorry for being such a bad Blogger this last week. Seriously, all I can think about is Grovestand Orange Juice and sleep. My acute poverty is being matched by a total physical meltdown. I feel really awful. Ugh.

Mike-I got your CD. Very cool. Beatastic. Also got the new Garrison and I like it. I'd totally be into seeing them next week, the only thing is that night is band practice night and there is no way I can skip it, so I wouldn't be able to leave until like 8pm. Also, you can crash on our futon. No sweat.

Others-I love you all. Now I'm going to go find a rent free rock to crawl under.

hey mike. yes, i did. i talked to zach about it too... we'll be in touch.
more later....

Monday, November 26, 2001

Angie, yeah, I know what you're talkin' about. I had the exes MOTHER seated next to me at my grandmother's funeral service. She goes way back with my mom, so it's not unexpected. But yegads, I've been having conversations with his most recent ex which must make his head feel like it's being slammed in a revolving door. The man in question entered the conversation with his mum only once, and very briefly. But yikes, this woman soooooo wanted me to marry her son. Soooo much. And I sooooo did not.

Weez, glad everything turned out OK. And Houston summers aren't THAT bad.

Yesterday what should have taken me five hours took 7 (on the drive home to Houston). I have never seen so many break lights on the interstate. In Orange, the four lane became a three lane, because they closed off one lane for a 2 mile stretch during the busiest travel season. Of course that makes sense!

On Sat. night some friends and I went to dinner, followed by coffee. Lo and behold I ran into this couple friend of the ex's. Normally it would have been fine, but at the sight of these two people, your first reaction is, "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!" You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. We were stuck for an hour unfortunately. And in that time, the girl managed to ask me, "Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you and Shane got married?" I said, "Kristy, it's been three YEARS; I'd rather not relive it."

Yes, my friends, there is a special place in heaven for people like me, since I managed not to strangle her with my left pinkie finger.

It's the last day of my trip home. As expected, it's been the height of laziness. Lots of good eating (mostly traditional turkey day stuff), and then as my last New Orleans meal, for lunch I had red beans & rice, cornbread and bread pudding for dessert. Ah, home.
I fly back tonight (the flights were fine coming home, yet it still makes me nervous to be in a plane these days), and then tomorrow is back to work, work, work. And I guess, starting to get presents ready. Hanukkah is early this year (Dec. 10th), but I think I know what I'm getting for my family. Though I do want to do handmade gifts - they're easy to buy CDs, DVDs, etc. for instead. I need to look online for some good homemade gift recipes - maybe bath salts or stuff like that, or those handmade magnets, those are pretty fun.
I went and saw Harry Potter. The sets are incredible, but the theater was filled with kids who started squirming after the movie hit the two hour mark. I don't blame them.
Weezie - I think doing Teach for America sounds great. I have a bunch of friends who did it, and who got a lot out of it, and if you're in Houston, we can meet up with Angie and all have fun.
Upma - how's the timeline going for the Philly move?

Sunday, November 25, 2001

So. In light of the current economy, I'm seriously thinking about moving to Bloomington, Indiana next spring. I'm also filling out a Teach For America application (yep, the program Mrs President is flogging), asking to be placed in a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. If I get accepted, I'll have a training session in Houston (during the summer...argh) and then two years wherever I get placed. And if I don't get accepted, I'll still have Bloomington and a summer road trip.

Angie, the "no tears" policy was my grandmother's request, as well as this very Japanese thing about being stoic and respectful. In context, crying would have been seriously out of place - my grandmother died peacefully after a long life, had meditated on, accepted, and embraced her mortality, and gone on to the next part of the cycle, ergo, nothing to be upset about. As it turned out, the ceremony was largely incomprehensible to me and also very calming and reassuring. Loads of incense, lots of chanting. The priest had known my grandmother well for several years, and spoke of her with genuine warmth. He's the sort that really is meant to be a priest; he just glows. The sort I would feel totally comfortable with going to if I had any problems - not something I could say about every priest I've met.

Upma - details! If what your mother made for lunch that day was just "thrown together" I imagine the holidays must be something else. Details, woman, details!

i'm totally overstuffed from this weekend. endless eats.
family time. oh geez. where to start? i just do not know how to behave around those guys. it sucks! and i want to get over it... but i don't know how. it's hard to deal with. and harder because i care. i have a dr. jekyll/mr hyde syndrome.

Alias on ABC is a great show. do any of you watch it? it comes on sunday evenings (9pm est). it's a great show.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Sorry that I've been lagging the last week. I guess I'm just feeling blahsy. Not sure why, just weird.

Mike, got the CD. And God Damn It, if I didn't mean to bring it with me to listen to during the car ride home. I suck!

Last weekend, had a sort of slight fall out with a girl that runs in our group (note that I did not refer to her as a friend). I just get tired of putting up with people's stupid bullshit. That's what my freaky family is for, not my friends!!!!

Oh, I made this yummy dessert for Turkey Day. Banana cream brownies. A layer of brownie, a layer of bananas, a layer of banana pudding with whipped cream mixed in, shaved chocolate to top it all off. So yum!

Weezie, you won't be failing anyone if you tear up. Last time I checked, none of us were made of cryptonite, and it's ok to have the occassional weak moment. I promise that no one will think less of you. And right on about the lonliness thing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

mike. charlotte is only about an hour away from us. garrison was here (in chapel hill) (or at least was supposed to be) last night. i couldn't go. december 4th sounds ok right now... i wouldn't be able to stay out too terribly late. (it's a "school night.") but i think we might be able to work something out.
work has been rather boring this week. i think we get to split early today. i will go home and make a tasty treat, take a nap and pack some more stuff to take home for storage. i'm still pooped from philly.

louise. my thoughts are with you. *hug!* let us know how it goes today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Thanksgiving is sort of an afterthought right now. Spent four hours trying to find a decent white blouse to wear to the funeral service tomorrow; no luck. Huge collars or plunging neckline or $40 and all of them too damn sheer. I don't understand. It's entirely possible to make a white blouse out of fabric that won't display everything underneath. I'm glad there is no grief involved; however the necessary ritual that I'm just not familiar with is making me a bit nervous. I am expected to maintain full dignity throughout the ceremony, no weeping, not even watery eyes. If I tear up, I'll be failing my grandmother. It's a bit odd.

Mike, it may sound a bit self-help New Age, but really, there is no point in being with someone else until you can be alone and not lonely. Using a person to fill an empty space in yourself has great potential for disaster, as well as being unfair to the person involved.

JT, please please write about Paris when you get there. Paris + snow = double magic, in my imagination.

i'm going to va beach. my mom said she's inviting a few families over... so we'll probably have something like tandoori turkey or cornish hen and channa. no matter what... overeating will ensue. i'm not leaving here till thurs morning though.

So what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? I fly home to New Orleans tonight. I can't wait for the eating/sleeping/cheesy movie watching fest to begin.

Monday, November 19, 2001

i just lectured my cat about biting. i'm not sure if she understood anything i said, but she's totally sulking and looking guilty.
jt. minnie driver is hhhhot. you are totally precious. i don't have a better word in my vocabulary... i wish i did. how long will you be in paris?
steph. that's big. i'm really excited for you! i really am. i just think about that stuff and realize how... how... behind i feel. life is too short to not experience things. and if i ever have kids, i hope i don't "censor" their behavior or shelter them too much. (i feel like that's a big part of my "problems.")

anyway. philly was SO great.
basically, on friday my friend rené (and his girlfriend and another friend of theirs) cooked dinner for me. it was nice, and we got to eat outside on the "deck" which has a great view of the city.
then on saturday... i let rené sleep till 11... i wish i hadn't, or i wish i had told him the night before that i wanted to get up early and walk around or SOMETHING! but it doesn't matter... cuz after he got up, we got breakfast (if you can call it that at 1 in the afternoon) and (dammit, i'm starting to sound like my mother), then he took me on a little driving tour of the city.
the city is...unusual. well... unique. the architecture is crazy. it's all european from the 18-something's but it's all different europeans... and it's all slammed up right next to each other. it's kinda kooky.
well, saturday night i hung out with demian and some of his roomates and some of their friends and like i said... those people were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO nice!! they're genuine, and down to earth, and nice, and pleasant, and giggly, and i LOVE them. and they're all just so beautiful. (i mean... as a whole.. inside and out). if i do end up moving there... you all HAVE TO visit me so you can see what i'm talking about. this weekend really energized me... i feel good. well, so that's basically that.
in other things... i think i need to come clean with myself and admit that i have an ubercrush on someone and it's not really a new thing... it's been building up for a while. but i can't do anything/say anything because 1. i'm too scared to mess up a REALLY terrific friendship, 2. he doesn't live anywhere near me and 3. i'm afraid to get my feelings hurt again.
so. i don't know if those are good reasons or not... and i'm probably totally contradicting my earlier statement of "life's too short... blah blah blah." blahhhhhh. (i am such a schitzoid).

oh yeah... i'm gonna need everyone's address' soon too.

sorry, i've been asleep for the last month and a half. just waking up, a little behind the times. i don't know who half these people are. it makes me think i'm in the wrong business, though.

Kira Kener 99%
Minnie Driver 99%
Sylvana Simons 99%
Shannon Elizabeth 98%
Josee Chouinard 98%

Scott Foley 99%
James Marsters 98%
Marilyn Manson 98%
Michael Schumacher 98%
Christopher Gorham 97%

saw mulhulland drive, it's a great film if you like david lynch. going to paris in january. i'm in a state of complete desirelessness. it's quite comfortable, somewhat productive, little different than apathy i think, it's new to me. if i can manage to get laundry done sometime this week i'll be ok, at least that's what i tell myself. shot some footage of these trees wrapped in burlap to shield them from the frost that seems like it's never going to come. they look like monks or knomes, some look like little budhas, i rub their bellies for luck. i have a quick morning mass with them everyday as i walk to the subway.

send me your stuff:
j.t. rinker
133 elmwood ave. #5
buffalo, ny 14201

i don't ever say how much your work excites me, that you working excites me. i'm putting together some things, will let you all know when i need your addresses. if you're inspired, squeaky wheel is hosting a dysfunctional holiday screening, any work about dysfunction and or holidays under 3 minutes will be screened. deadline is dec. 17.

i'm working up to capitals. will be there soon.

And not only parents - extended family - nieces, nephews, siblings, neighbors, childhood friends


wow. meeting parents. wow. at christmas. wow. i'm not helping, am i? i'm sorry... i just can't fathom anything like that.
i can't wait to be able to order stuff from ikea. ahhhhh.

Upma - I'm glad to hear that Philly was so awesome. That's great.
Mike - how did your non-date go?
My weekend was pretty low key. Friday night I watched the Iron Chef USA (Live from Las Vegas! Hosted by William Shatner!! Rock 'n' Roll!). Saturday Ted and I spent five hours putting together an armoire I'd ordered from IKEA. Five hours - five hours! What was I thinking. I don't think I'm doing any more ordering from IKEA. We watched My Dinner with Andre that night, and I totally fell asleep. Yesterday I went to a Thanksgiving potluck hosted by one of my old photo dork friends. (when we were all photographers at the school paper together - we referred to ourselves as the "photo dorks" ) It was nice, lots of photos were taken. Then last night I bought my plane ticket to Michigan (where Ted's family is from) for Christmas. Then I had a bit of a nervous panic moment about meeting parents.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

philly was awesome. i'll tell you about it tomorrow... but i just wanna say to someone before i go zonk out, that i REALLY missed the greensboro punk crew while i was hangin out with the philly punk crew. those kids were so so so nice! i really like them. some of them know chris and meredith and gavin. they've all heard of (and seen at least one picture of benji.. (the one with chris, benji, ryan, and someone else and the mustaches). oh.. and on demian's fridge was a picture of gavin made into a magnet. i know it's really silly.... it was only one weekend... but i really missed all those guys soooooo much. and on top of all that... i missed zach doing karaoke!
ok. complete details tomorrow

I have seen Monsters, Inc in the theater twice in the past week. I am off to see Harry Potter. I love being an aunty and a big sister!

My maternal grandmother died early this morning - heart attack. My mother says she looked very peaceful and happy. My grandmother had been waiting for this for a long time - she was ready to go, and reminded us again and again not to cry and be sad, but to be happy because she was happy. I was self-indulgent for a few minutes with my little sister, and now we're getting ready to go see Harry Potter. It seems a little strange, but it really is what my grandmother wanted us to do. Her death was quick and quiet and she said she felt wonderful. Aside from her memory, her health had been good, walking unassisted, reading, no aches and pains. My mother had one of those modernized tradition moments; driving to the medical center, she was praying to specific ancestors (and Jesus - cover all the bases) telling them "call her, she's waiting, she wants to see you." I wasn't going to point out to Mrs "Never Talk On the Phone While Driving" that prayer might be just as distracting on a wet road at 1 am.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Karaoke tonight. Brian Tipa and Rick Spencer sang "Power of Love." Jennifer Furches and I sang "Somewhere Out There." Then Tipa, Spenser and I sang "Devil Went Down to Georgia." It was fun.

Y'all: I LOVE the celeb match web site. So damn funny. I have lots of matches with teenie bopper stars. What's up with that? And I've forward the link to a bazillion and one people. Rave reviews!

Zach, how about I trade your Cate for my Jordan, Enrique, and Kevin Sorbo? C'mon! Hercules!

weezie, if you steal Cate from me....

Subbing today. Kids love these things most of all:

Cussing under their breath.
Throwing things.

Also, teens are ugly. Physically ugly.

If I married Cate Blanchett, I could probably quit subbing right?

Jordan Knight 98%
Brendan Fraser 98%
Enrique Iglesias 94%
Kevin Sorbo 91%

John Cusack 72%

The sort of scores which explain why I haven't been on a date in over a year. Here I am looking for my very own John Cusack, when I should be pursuing the Brendan Frasers of the world. Although I did get a 100% emotional match with Kevin Spacey (and a 14% intellectual...okay, so he went to Julliard and I didn't). Oh, and Zach - I got 96% with Cate Blanchett.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

My grandmother would be elated to find that not only could Jackie Chan and I have "beautiful children" but we are also 90 percent compatible. Other funny findings:

Kenny Loggins 60
Michael Jackson 58
Mark Walberg 66
Billy Ray "Achey Breaky" Cyrus 86
Howard Stern 61
Maculay Culkin 96

Stephanie: we went to Colina's for Italian, then we went to one of my favorite dessert places -- the Chocolate Bar. He could hardly contain his excitement (he loves ice cream, and they handmake about 8 different kinds). We don't have definite plans in the future as of yet (he's in El Paso until Sunday then has family coming in on Wed.). But the big thing: he paid for EVERYTHING, even in spite of my efforts. When we were departing, we were both sort of nervous, and I THINK he said something like "I'll be in touch." Did I mention that we are both reluctant yuppies? And his mom is a librarian, too!!!! Ok, sorry. I was a bit excited, after having a dry spell there. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week.

Wow, big news on the Ted thing. That is awesome!

Angie: so what did you guys do on your non-date? And is there another non-date in your future? Good luck/fingers crossed. And that departmental job sounds awesome. Right up your alley.
So Ted invited me home with him for Christmas. I just got online to look at tickets. $1500. Yea. Don't think I'll be meeting them this year.
Highlight of the work day so far: choosing Star Wars photos to show the math editors to fill a spec
So speaking of sex industry jobs. I've had a husky voice for the past few days due to my cold, my mother, yes, my mother, suggested (okay - so it was jokingly), that I take up some part-time work as a phone-sex operator until it's back to normal.
I didn't like my best matches - so I will not be posting them.

i was 98% with Kid Rock and Hilary Swank.

i have a 99% compatibility with Jude Law. i don't know any of the other guys in my list. and i don't know any of the girls on my list. Johnny Depp (you know... my husband) and i are only 70% compatible. which leads me to believe that they don't know what they're talking about.
mike, the address on the card is good.
i'm goin to philly, i'm goin to philly!

Zach, LOVED the story about Evan and John's mom. Had me rolling; made my day. And so loved your note about compatability with the celebs. I presume that they are matching people up based on zodiac signs. Who knows? I'm afraid to check out the site this morning for fear that I'll be playing on it all day, getting absolutely no work done. Also, that library job sounds like a good fit for you.

Mike, thanks so much for the CD. Looking forward to it.

Last night I had my non-date. And low and behold, I think I like him. Ok, ok, ok. I DO like him. But we'll see how it goes. He's a big nerd, which I love. Gets his news from several sources. Even reads the paper in French occassionally to get a non-American perspective. Comes from a blue collar family, so he's brainy but still can identify with the little man. A very big plus. *sigh* Back on the dating roller coster again.

Believe it or not, my job is going really well. I think I'll be happy here for at least a while. I also thought of something I think I'd like to do in the future. Some institutes/departments have associate directors who are staff (i.e., not tenured profs focused on trying to get published). So far, I found out about two places that have those positions: creative writing and African American studies, but there are probably more. Basically your consists of many hats: recruiting, community outreach, programming (i.e., bringing in speakers/panelists) and a little bit of development. I hope that it would be my next move in a few years.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Thanks for the CD, mike, I'm looking forward to it. When we finish our 8-track stuff I'll send it to you. I think you'd like the stuff we're doing.

And thanks for the info on Peter Wolf.

Our friend Brian Tipa came back from Scotland today with his French wife. In the course of the evening we told them the story of Evan's run-in with John's mom. (For those of you who haven't heard the story...The short version: John's mom calls and thinks she talking to John. Evan thinks he's talking to Jon Gota using a funny voice. Evan says, "Who is this?" John's mom says, "Your momma!" Evan replies, "Oh momma, its been so long since I had my dick in your ass!" John's mom hangs up, then calls back to Evan's horror.) Brian's wife, Cecilia, didn't really get the story, so Brian repeats it for her in French. Christ, I didn't think there was any way to make that story funnier, but it is very much funnier in French. Lord! Sacre bleu!

Upma, if you want to set up a show, do it. I trust your judgement. But, I'd be happy to listen to the CD. I also want to see the video you shot of us.

Surfing today I found a really silly website that preports to determine your compatability with celebrities. They chart the physical, emotional and intellectual compatablity you would have with these people based on your birthday. What your birthdate tells you about compatability with famous people I don't know. You can get your highest compatability alone (mine is some Japanese supermodel who looks about ten.) or you can enter in a celeb of your choice. At the risk of revealing too much about myself, I present my compatability with the celebs of my fancy in the order I checked them. I'm sad to say that none of these lovely ladies scored above 80% compatability with yours truly.

Cate Blanchett 59%
Rachel Weisz 67%
Hilary Swank 78%
Laura Prepon 72%

At this point, discouraged by this highly scientific way to prove my love of Cate Blanchett was meant to be, I began to goof around and discovered I am...

74% compatable with John Le Carre (including a 99% physical compatability---Score)
61% with Zac Hanson
87% with Ellen DeGeneres (what does that mean?)

and best of all

82% compatability with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!

check it here.

ok... the philly trip (which starts out with a night in va beach tomorrow) is actually for hanging out with my friend René. He is going to show me around a bit.
i will also hopefully get to hang out with my new friend Demian. and i will also hopefully get to go to DC for at least a few hours and hang out with my friend Mark. it's a full weekend. i'll end up back in gso either sunday night or monday afternoon.

i think i like the strokes too... but i'm finsing out tha i'm in the minority. i dunno... i think i like their songs. the're catchy enough.
mike... i meant to tell you that i would also like a CD. is it too late? sorry i'm so lame.

i have no idea who peter wolf or the J Geils band is.

i called in sick today at work, but had to go in for a couple hours in the afternoon anyway. i stayed in bed most of the day though... i have stuffy head. but i got drugs. and OJ. and cranberry juice. and chicken noodle soup.

zach. i just got the advanced copy of my friend Mark's band, The Maginot Line. (cuz we're doing a video). i think you should listen to it and tell me if you'd want to play a show with them. i think that would be a good show. i think, it would be a good Charlie's house show. or even a good Go! show. those guys played a show with Fin Fang Foom not too long ago...

it's 8 o'clock. i'm going to go watch Ed now.

I know I'm going to be the only person on the blog who doesn't know who Peter Wolf is. So Mike... que?

Louise---Some students were busting prostituting themselves out of the dorms two weeks ago. Then the G-boro cops shut down all the "massage" parlors in town (one about a block away from my house), so I'm thinking any of the sex related industries might not be the longterm career solution I need.

Zach. Hang in there. As long as you can rock well, everything else will take care of itself. I know that sounds kind of, um, blonde, buuuut if you promise not to give up hope I promise I won't start working as a phone sex operator.

I am just getting constantly reminded of why I was so anti-pretty for so long. Yesterday it was the married guy catching a cheap thrill watching me try on shoes, today it was the men running their eyes all over when I went out to dinner with two of my girl friends. Ugh. We were there to get food, not to get stared at. I know, I know, one day I'll wish I had worked it while I had it. I'm still grossed out. I mean, could they at least not be chewing like barnyard animals while they stared like idiots?

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I've been having a couple of low days. My current poverty is becoming extreme. Bills are piling up, groceries are disappearing and I still don't have any real work. I applied for a job at the campus library. I'd love to get it. I have two pluses. One, Krystal works there and can put in a good word. Two, I've worked for the school before and I graduated from there. Minuses include my complete lack of library work experience and the stiff competition (there are 28 applicants). My feeling is that I'm pretty well screwed.

Catering has proven to be more miss than hit. Subbing is killing me. I just hate it.

So, I need a job... bad. And I don't know where to look. Or what kind of thing I want to do. I don't have any skills or experience doing anything really. I have some management experience but I really don't want to do that again.

Anyway, I've been low. Then tonight, at practice, Nathan busted his snare head and had to change it. As he was working on that Benji asked Krystal about a guitar part she had shown us a few weeks ago. So she played it and said that it had become part of a song, but that she didn't think it was something for the band. She and Benji and I started playing around with it. It was pretty good. Nathan fixed his drum head and, honest to god, we played that song almost perfectly the first time we ever tried it. We just GOT it. It was great. We shaped it up for about an hour and that was it. Nathan says its our best song. Maybe so. I just like the fact that we weren't planning to play it. Krystal only showed us with some prodding. And then we just knew it. So nice. That's why I love playing in a band. When we're on, there's nothing in my life as rewarding.

Tomorrow I'm broke and in desperate straits, but tonight I feel pretty good that I rock well.

yes. the new trailer? we saw it yesterday at work at the end of our staff meeting.

I have yucky cough medicine taste in my mouth. But if it stops the wheezing I've been doing, I'll be grateful. I kept waking myself up last night with coughing. Not fun.
I went to see Monsters, Inc. on Sunday. I really enjoyed the Pixar short that came before it. More movies should do that, have shorts. One theater in Austin (the Arbor) was going to do a test of that and see what audience/studio reaction was.
The Star Wars trailer was pretty cool as well. I'm having fun imitating the deep Darth Vadar breathing (easy to do in my immune deficient current condition). Anyone else seen it?

i apologise for this. i must share.
more later.

Monday, November 12, 2001

Why o why did I take that nap? My head feels like its full of cotton balls.

Man, I must be so out of it. Sorry I missed that. Glad you are ok. I always do stupid clumsy shit, if it makes you feel any better.

I went to my friend Katie's wedding on Saturday. She works as a colorist, so there was lots of good hair in the audience. She was such a laid-back bride, she was waving hello to people as she walked down the aisle. I was excited because I was getting to wear a bridesmaid outfit for the 2nd time. Didn't think it would happen. The whole evening was fun. Dancing around with Ted, seeing an old friend from college (Jeff - jeff of jeff and katie - as only shelly might of heard me talk about him before), being outside on a beautiful night for the ceremony. It was an uncheesy wedding, the best kind.
Mike - sorry to hear about your nose - but sounds like you handled in with good humor.
Upma - have fun in Philly - are you house/job hunting on this trip as well?

Did I miss something? Mike, what happened to your nose?

Saw this great documentary last night at the JCC. It was about Jewish intellectuals who came to the U.S. and taught at then segregated black colleges. Really, really good. Got a real good sense of the professors' lives and struggles, and most importantly their personalities.

Went to eat at this Asian seafood buffet place on Sat. Very, very yummy. They had a ton of sushi and some other random stuff. They also had made to order dessert crepes. I had one with bananas, choc mousse and whipped cream, drizzled choc syrup. Gawd, I love food!

Last week was a great week at work. Had two big successes.

Zach, Upma: we decided on Lexington in lieu of Spartanburg. Sorry to get you excited over nothing!

Saturday, November 10, 2001

i love engine down.
i love the mercury program.
i love that i'm taking a road trip to philly next weekend.
i love watching episodes 5-18 of the second season of Sex and the City in one weekend.
i love hanging out with friends that i love and that make me feel loved.
i love feeling strong and independent.
oh... and i love my cat.

mike. i hope your nose is ok... did you hit yourself hard enough to make yourself cry?

Friday, November 09, 2001

My father came home from Australia last night. Darling man that he is, he brought home TWO BUCKETS of Vegemite. 5 kilograms of salty yeast extract sitting in the kitchen...if you've never had Vegemite or its close relative, Marmite, get down on your knees and thank whoever is responsible for granting you a life outside the malnourished Antipodes. It is a fabulous source of B vitamins and you either love it or hate it.

The jury is still out on my latest shearing - Kate Moss/Charlize Theron OR dyke OR boy OR gay boy? My hair is twice as thick as Kate's, so I'm going to go for the gay boy and emulate my friend Saffron. No matter how lousy life is, he swishes through it with fabulous attitude and a nice tan, honey. I love having short short hair. I'm going to have more shorn of next time I go in. I love love love my stylist. She understands my thick head of fine strands, my small jaw, the flat spot on the back of my skull. I just surrender to her judgement, 'cause her job is to make me look good, and she knows how to do her job.

Zach? Now you know why I decided I don't want to teach, not yet. So why is it that young women go crazy and throw stuff when you are around?

Now that I'm running out of hair to have cut, I'm thinking about color again (ahhh, just when my natural-born color had been revealed...). Dark purple?

I've decided that I am leaving at 4:00 today. I am just wiped and ready to go home.

I know that everyone on this blog probably thinks that I'm really anal and that I get annoyed at small, dumb things. Here's another thing to add to that. Was annoyed with this guy who was all trying to tell me about Louisiana when he was a native Texan. What the hell is that shit? Crack smoker that he is.

Ok all. I was on the phone last night with a new guy for TWO hours. He is soooooooooo cool. We're going out on Wed. on a non-date. So wish me luck. That's all I'll say for now. If it's good, you may be getting many run-on sentences from me. If it's bad, you're either getting a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of everything. You know me, feast or famine.

Oh my god. I'm subbing today for my friend Erin's art
class. In the first block, a girl cussed at me, at
John, accused me of picking on her because she was
white (whu?), and took off to the bathroom screaming
only to be talked out by the assistant principal.
She's on probation I hear. Guys, I was as cool as a
cucumber the whole time. I feel terrible that she
took it that far. But, I'm glad that I didn't do
anything to make it worse. I kept asking her, while
she was refusing to sit down and cursing, "What's the
point of this? Why are you doing this?" Obviously,
it wasn't me. I feel terrible that we all had to
watch that girl lose it over...whatever.

Then, like 45 minutes later, same class, one girl hits
another for putting tape on her and a screaming match
ensues. I'm standing right between them saying "Calm
down, just calm down." And the first girl, Shalla,
the hitter, takes off her shoe and HURLS it past me
toward, DeeDee, the taper. The shoe misses DeeDee and
slams into a metal shelf making a sound like I don't
know what. John rushes in and takes DeeDee out of the
room to calm her down (because Shalla, for being a
violent loony, was totally calm and creepy) and I have
to SHOUT, "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP" for the class to cool

John says that he's never seen anything like that in
his time as a teacher.

Thankfully, my second and fourth block classes were pretty good. Except that I told a kid to "stop fucking around with the computer" in fourth. It really was an accident. And this kid who probably talks like a sailor to his grandmother, looks at me like I spit in his face. "Ok, dude, you don't have to cuss at me." Jeez....

I think I have to find another job.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

mike-I'd totally like a copy of SEIZE HIM! My address is

717 mayflower dr
greensboro, NC 27403

I just can't get over what a small world it is. I forgot to mention that while standing in line I got into a conversation with this guy from Jennings, LA, who happened to room with a friend of a friend high school. Small ass world.

Pho is yum. I really like Vietnamese food, although sometimes I get annoyed with the excessive cilantro. I love their cheap rice plats, red bean and coconut sweet drink, and I LOVE their egg rolls. Did I mention how cheap it is to eat Vietnamese? Man, y'all are making me hungry! Gawd, I love food.

I also really like Korean food. Although there aren't many Korean restaurants in Houston.

It is going to be a long day. I can tell already.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Pho is divine. One of the best things about Honolulu is that there's pretty good cuisine to be had from the general Asian bloc. Vegetarian is available from a couple of places - that means no fish sauce or beef broth - not easy to come by. I love noodles. I love basil. I love plum sauce. Means it's inevitable that I'd love hot, light, fragrant pho.

yup. the bunny bread packaging is yellow and blue (and red) and has a toothy bunny. it's cute. i don't think i've ever heard of bunny bread before. "it lasts fresher, longer."
have you guys, (not the vegetarians, probably) ever heard of Pho? my friend just told me about it... it sounds SO good.
the jobs search continues... i think i missed a call today. oops. (the one day i forgot my cell phone at home... go figure). i don't think i really want that job anyway... but when it's slim pickins... i just don't know. i just applied for a seemingly cool job though... i hope i hear back from those people.
Engine Down is coming down this weekend.

Angie - my mom and Adam's mom work together - so it only took a call home - not great sleuthing.
And I know what you mean about those props. I voted yesterday (swelling of civic pride) but I had to go along with the Austin Chronicle's recommendations on a lot of that stuff because it was making my head ache while reading the League of Women Voters info on all that.

Stephanie --- you rock. How did you manage to find Adam's e-mail???? You are quite the sleuth ;)

Upma, I didn't realize that Bunny Bread made its way all the way to NC. Is the packaging yellow and blue, with a toothy bunny on it? I guess I love it so much because it just reminds me of home (you can't get it in Texas unfortunately). I also miss good French bread.

Yesterday Houston had a mayoral election, a few city and county propositions and a shitload of state propositions. The thing that annoys me on those props is that you literally have to be a lawyer, economist and political scientists in order to be informed about that shit. The wording is just ridiculous. For crying out loud, they say that the average person comprehends at the 8th grade reading level, so it's no wonder that so few Americans vote. Rrrrrrgh. That is my tirade of the morning.

I thought this weekend was going to be lax, but it's quickly filling up. But I would rather be busy and loving it than staring at the walls and hating it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

angie - adam's email is

Monday, November 05, 2001

ooooooh. stephanie. what a tomato. what a meal. what an experience. i wonder if they have tomatoes like that in philly.

i gotta say... i know zach talks about grace on here a lot... but i'm not sure you REALLY understand his love of this baby girl. you have to hear him talk about her, and laugh about her. i think that zach may be more giddy about her than anyone else in their family.

i just got home from the movies. The Others. and now i'm SCARED. i do not want to be here by myself. i do not want to go to bed. the lights will stay on tonight, the radio will stay on all night, and lil' ms. tucker better cuddle up beside her wussy momma. i'm so tired, but i'm too scared to try to go to bed.
this is one of those times when i think living by myself is not a good idea. either that or, i need a boyfriend.

I got to spend my entire day with my brother and my beyootiful niece. She can sit up on her own now. She sits up better than any baby ever.

Since we're on the subject of food, I want to tell you about the meal I had last night (shell - you already got the play by play of this)
Last night Ted and I went to the Eat Drink Watch Movies series held at the Alamo Drafthouse North to see Big Night and eat a multi-coursed meal catered by local Italian restaurants: Asti and La Traviata.
It was amazing.
First off - antipasti: crostini, olives, fresh mozzarella, and this one succulent tomato. When I put that tomato in my mouth, its slippery skin on my tongue, keeping my mouth open to breath in its flavors, then biting down, popping it sweet flesh, letting the flavors soak up on my tongue, layer after layer of different tastes, first basil, then the olive oil that soaked its skin, then on and on, it was quite possibly the best tomato I've ever had. (not to go all erotica in my description of it, but damn if that wasn't what it was like) and champagne to go with the anitpasti. I love the sweet smell of champagne.
second course: tri-colored risotto. it is a bit disarming to not be able to see your food, but you could make out the different colors faintly of each type, depending on taste to discern the difference. and we ate the risotto when the characters in the movie are eating it. so delicious. a basil pesto risotto, an olive risotto and a seafood tomato risotto. perfect. my mouth waters in rememberance.
then red wine
third course: the timpano. the drum they lovingly show the making of in the movie. we ate the drum (and once again, at the same time the characters in the movie are eating it as well). flaky crust. noodles soaked in sauce. the aroma of garlic.
so much good red wine.
fourth course: chicken with an olive tampanade. sigh. getting pretty full at this point. I mostly just ate the roasted vegetables and olive topping (leaving the chicken naked)
red wine is so good.
fifth course: dessert - icy fruit granita served in a martini glass sprinkled with pomegranate seeds (and who uses pomegranate seeds nowadays - it's as chi-chi as chilean sea bass)
At the end of the night, we came home and danced around the living room to Louis Prima.

i thought it was you with the bread reference. so, i was standing in the bread isle yesterday, staring at the bunny bread and thought "ok, angie likes it."
but, i had my pb&j with the bunny bread today... and i don't think i understand why it's better than say, wonder bread. or sunbeam even.
what am i missing?

The Bunny Bread reference would be from me. Who else would be so freaky???

Yeah, the game was great, although the Yankees, namely Rivera, chooooooooooooooooked. But it was a good game. I caught the last few innings at this neighborhood ice house. And let me just say that listening to drunks talking like they know everything about sports cracks me up.

Not sure why but I have been all about chips and salsa lately. Yesterday I had it twice from two different places.

am i dreaming, or did someone mention something about bunny bread on here a few days ago?

Wow, the ninth inning was something, wasn't it? What a good series.

Saturday, November 03, 2001

Upma, I assume that I know who you're talking about. I guess I don't really know the icy lady or anything, but I'm always a little put off by people who spend all of their time with people who are way younger than they are. And if she's really acting like it seems she is, then maybe you're better off. I mean, what's her trip anyway?

zach. you guys didn't sound that bad. and i think you're imagining the people avoidance thing. c'mon now.
i don't know if you noticed this, zach.. but the icy cold woman was there, and was being very icy cold towards me. all the L's noticed it. i'm glad... cuz sometimes i think i'm overstating things... but those girls assured me that i'm not.
i'm gonna go to dunkin donuts now. i haven't had a dunkin donut in 2 years.

Friday, November 02, 2001

Before we played tonight, Gavin called us "Greensboro's buzz band." Any buzz accorded us was extinguished by the end of our terrible, terrible set. Rarely in my life have I so wanted to disappear. I got the feeling after that people were avoiding me so as not to be forced to lie.

Crimson Spectre and Charles Currier both knocked 'em dead however.

The new issue is back from the printer and it is great. I'll send them to whoever wants one. Email your mailing addresses again please.

I have the Friday afternoon drained feeling. Too much Halloween candy crashing my system probably. I'm going to go see Slaid Cleaves at the Cactus tonight. The biscuit is in town this weekend for a wedding, and I think I've been guilted into going to a meal. Sunday night I'm really excited about this Eat Drink Watch Movies program Ted and I are going to. It's at the Alamo Drafthouse. We're watching Big Night and being fed a seven course meal by two yummy Italian restaurants in town. Upma - I love your pets. I was in heaven yesterday when I was taking a walk around my neighborhood. One house has fuzzy little puppies in front of it and another one had sweet, shy little kitties. All were afraid of coming near, but I coohed and aahed from a distance.
I'm really enjoying listening to Leonard Cohen right now. Shelly - where are you traveling to?
Mike - did you get to watch Survivor last night? I'm really liking Boran more and more.

wanna see my doggie? louise, did you meet him when you came with me to my parents house? he's the sweetest!

Weezie, you crack me up! And that chocolate macadamia pie sounds scrumptious.

Mike, 90 percent of the time when I meet a woman who loves sports, particularly football, they are from Boston. I worked with six women from Boston at my last job, and five of them loved sports. All of them, but particularly football. They even took trips for football games the way I take trips for music.

The Yankees never cease to amaze me. I'll be at a wedding on Sat. night, and I don't have a VCR that is capable of recording. Guess I'll have to read about it in Sunday's paper. Rrrrrgh.

Funny of the day. My boss generally throws out a song of the week. And this week he had us all stumped. So my co-worker Amanda and I were searching the Internet for the song when Mike walked in to bust us. I couldn't even keep a straight face. And Amanda couldn't even get the web site off her computer screen. Cracked me up!!!!!

Next week I have a big event -- an economics symposium with this prima donna professor. Yuck.

louise. because it's halloween. unless you're an actor, there is no other more legitimate time during the year to pretend to be someone you're not. and it's usually fun to pretend.

i don't like baseball. at all.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

I'm not used to this lack of sleep routine. I'm delirious at's obvious that the neurons aren't firing fast enough; I've been using words for things that are in the right family but not on target. e.g. "pink cauliflower" for red cabbage coleslaw and "cake" for "chocolate macadamia nut pie." Realizing that this was my normal state of being for YEARS scares me. No wonder I was such a shallow little twit; the little brain power I had left from high stress/no sleep was to keep me from being run over by trucks.

Despite my reeling brain, I dressed up and went out last night, sort of Art Nouveau fairy with swirling lines of gold eyeliner, tiny red doll mouth, goldfish tiara, teeny wings, necklace made of a curved piece of silver craft wire (curlicues at the ends, one resting on my collarbone, the other with a plastic goldfish tucked against the side of my throat) tight little dress and high heels - not a good idea, but plans didn't go as planned. We were going to go to Venus, a teeny tiny drag club, then decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe 'cause my friends band was going to be playing and maybe some people I knew would be there...then we drove down there around midnight and the line was ridiculous, so we walked the few minutes into Waikiki and promenaded down the sidewalk with the rest of the hordes. I guess I looked good, although I think the guys hanging out of the cars driving by were hollering at anything remotely female (especially the guy who dressed up as a Dallas Cowgirl, blonde hair and perfect makeup and all). Today I thought it would have been nice to take pepper spray with me so that I could trot up to the boys in the cars and say in a cutesy little voice "hiiiiii!", nail 'em with the pepper spray, and then in the same ditzy voice ask "still want some, bitch?" I think that would have gotten me arrested at least, and it's not the most positive way to deal with the situation...I just ignored them and kept my flower fairy sidekick from trying to use her wand as a weapon against the fools who thought she was an angel. Comments ranged from the relatively polite "looking good sister!" to the dumb "Tinkerbell, I need help!" to the gross - "I got a seat right here for ya babe!" This is why I don't do the hair/makeup/tight dress/heels routine much. I'm just not looking for that kind of attention. Next question - so why did I do it?

Z.A.C.H.: Zealous Assassination and Calculation Humanoid

Didn't get to see Slayer tonight. Cost too much. Missed most of the game. Innings 6-12.

Saw Frog and Toad Together and Disband for free instead. Talked to Scott Hicks.

New Slave comes tomorrow. Slave show tomorrow night.

some things i've been wanting to mention for a while, but haven't had the chance to do so thus far:
1. the ending of daylight savings time makes me sad.

2. having a 42 year old woman make 8th grade drama in my life, and think of me as a heartless, age-ist, liar was greatly upsetting me.
but then i remembered that i generally don't care what most people think of me, so, i'm not THAT upset anymore. i still think the whole thing is absolutely beyond ridiculous. i thought it would've at least blown over by now... but the other day i got such a cold "hello" from the woman, it made me get chills. no kidding.

3. i may have mentioned this or you may have guessed this from my little mini-novel about the wedding... but i think i have to change my stance on Indians. they're not all bad. and the ones i've encountered at the past two weddings, (granted, most of them are my parents old and dear friends), but it kind of renews my faith a little.

4. i bought a map and a travel guide book about Philadelphia. it made me even more excited. philly's kinda big.

5. zach's band is playing again tomorrow. i'm stoked!

6. my very dear friend mark in DC says he wants to use my cyborg name for his solo album. i told him it would cost him. he didn't say anything back. i was joking.

7. active/aggressive job hunting is physically draining.

well... that's all i can really think of at the moment. i have the day off tomorrow, i think i want to do laundry and wash my car. then saturday i want to try to watch the virginia tech/pittsburg football game. oh... speaking of sports... did you know that, that guy jeeter (?) used to be a greensboro hornet? but what doesn't make any sense to me is that the greensboro baseball team is the bats. not the hornets.

oh yeah.. and angie.. the problem with communication between me and my parents isn't their fault. it's mine! i'm the one who's non-communicative to them. i makes me feel horrible. there is, of course a long story that goes along with that, but i'll spare you all.

L.O.U.I.S.E.: Lifelike Obedient Unit Intended for Sabotage and Exploration. Zach, stop laughing.

Mike, everyone I know in Boston hates the Yankees. So I understnd if you don't support hte Yankees. What I don't understand is all of these new found D-back die hards. Smokin' crack!

Yes, game tonight at Yankee Stadium. Should be a good one.

Zach, send more Grace pics if you have them. She is soooooooo cute. Love her.

Oh... the sub calls. I ignored those because I have no interest in my on welfare.

oh dammit. i had the best idea, and i told rob about it... but he might not go on saturday. if he does, i think he's in though.
my idea was that since i'm in dire need of more lamb curry, i wanna go into the Hill a little earlier... and get some lamb curry. at darbar. but if you're worried about money, then you probably shouldn't/don't want to go, huh?
i didn't try to call you.

I'm not going to pretend I'm the world's most knowledgable baseball fan, but I really enjoyed watching game three. I wish I had caught more than the last few minutes of game 4. Tonight's game (tonight, right?) will be on the box!

Upma: Have you called me? I don't really check my messages anymore. Try my phone: 336.340.6065. Any of you can feel free to call. I got minutes I have to use and all.

i think I'm going Saturday. Death Cab is playing, for those of you not playing attention to the minutae of my life. I'm worried about money. Thad might come too.

Grace the duck will probably stay home.

angie! that would be awesome if it worked out that i was still in g'boro in jan. (i'm not sure of my plans either, although no matter what that weekend is a bit tricky). it seems that spartanburg is only 3 hours away from g'boro. if i am still here, i will do my best to arrange a trip with Zach to SC for that weekend. how cool will that be!

zach, why'd you ignore those calls? busy day? who all is going on saturday? i would like a ride, but i guess i also don't mind driving. especially if it's a warm evening and we can have the sunroof/moonroof open!

mike, you should go buy yourself a present today. and eat out with your friends too.

happy november.

Zach/Upma: I'll try to do some persuading on the Spartanburg thang. Just kind of hard to compete with Lexington, Cincinati and Louisville all close together. Although I hear that Charlotte is a nice town. I'll keep you posted. We probably won't make a decision for another two weeks.

That game was AWESOME. Not sure if I mentioned but I decided that the Yanks were my team after the Stros were eliminated. Who in their right mind can root for a freakin' expansion team anyways? It's not really a team -- it takes time and TLC to build a team and franchise. Sorry but the Diamondbacks need to pay their dues. It just ain't right! I love Derek Jeter, but I hate David Justice. What the hell? Seven strike outs and one oopsie daisy hit with 8 at bats? What-ever.

Speaking of baseball, not sure if I mentioned but years ago (maybe 10 or so) I bought my dad the Barry Bonds rookie card for father's day/b-day or something like that. When I gave it to him, he said, "Angie? Why did you get me his card? He's nothing but a cocky @#$#@." Hmmm. Wonder if he's willing to give that thing up this Thanksgiving when I'm home ;)

Angie, if you make it as close as Spartanburg we'll make plans to meet up. That would be fun.

Last night, Crimson Spectre did a set at Cedar St as Black Flag. Then Jimmy, Stan, Nathan and I played "Knowledge" by Operation Ivy with zero practices. It was gnarly but fun. Jimmy followed this by performing three hip-hop versions of OpIvy songs with tracks he made himself on his sequencer.

Then I came home and saw Derek Jeter win Game 4 of the series.

This morning I ignored 9 calls for sub work. I'm digging a hole.

Mike, what's the significance of the 609 tattoo? Or did I complete miss that one?

ZACH/UPMA: There is a slight possability that I may be in Spartanburg, SC, for the Down from the Mountain concert. We are also considering the Lexington stop, so I can't say for sure. How close/far is Spartanburg from you? I also have a friend that lives in Columbia. The concert in SC is on Jan. 26, so we'd probably come up for about 4 days. Upma, not sure if you plan on being in Philly at that point or not.

awake and waiting for it to be late enough to call the cab to the airport. jacob is asleep. all the projects i want to work on are packed even though i know i probably won't get a stitch of them done around my family. can't sit still because i'd fall asleep. didn't sleep after halloween revelry. a little bit nervous about flying again even though i shouldn't be.