Monday, June 20, 2005

On Saturday I went into my utility room to get food for Sandy. I was greeted by a swarm of what I thought might be termites. After further investigation, I think they might be carpenter ants.

At any rate, I called a termite guy this morning, and he asked if I saved any of the bugs I killed. I said, "Oh no. I pulled a 'frantic woman' and sprayed the entire utility room with a vengence." He sort of chuckled.

Apparently you are to save what you killed and you are not to spray.

Consider it a lesson learned for all.

I saw Cinderella Man this weekend. It was surprisingly good. I even shed a few tears.

Friday, June 10, 2005

How fun is summer?

Conversation with Midwestern-bred friend about the joys of summer:

Don't eat that potato salad, it's been out for an hour and could give you FOOD POISONING and you'll DIE.
Don't go running in that field, you could step on a nail and get LOCKJAW and DIE.
Don't go swimming in that lake, you could drown and DIE. If you somehow manage to not drown, every biting fly in the vicinity will descend upon you and you will be covered with welts that could get INFECTED and then you'd DIE.
Don't go walking around in the woods, you could get BITTEN by a rattler and DIE.
If you tell lies, the dragonflies will sew your lips shut and you'll STARVE and DIE.
Don't play with that dog, it might have rabies and bite you and you'll DIE.

In general, LOCKJAW is the biggest threat. There are many ways to GET LOCKJAW AND DIE, like rusty fences and old tire rims and tin cans and of course nails. Apparently rusty nails breed in high grass, along with chiggers and rattlesnakes. Here in the lovely tropical paradise, I was threatened with LOCKJAW but more often with RINGWORM. You know it is paradise because ringworm will make you a social pariah but you won't DIE from it, just from the shame of having it.

Don't touch that, you'll get RINGWORM.
Don't sit on that, you'll get RINGWORM.
Don't play with that dog, you'll get RINGWORM.
Don't draw on yourself with a pen, you'll get RINGWORM.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Angie - Susie Bright's Blog has a couple of recent entries about the romance novel genre and subgenres. Interesting read, probably not worksafe.

I just finished Christine Todd Whitman's book It's My Party Too. I could almost be a moderate conservative for her.

I've become a crazy dog lady, to the point where I broke down to purchase a freakin' $500 vaccum cleaner. My old piece of shit was just pushing crap around, not even picking anything up. Plus Sandy sheds so much that I'm surprised that she ain't bald yet! It HAD to be done. At least that is what I've been telling myself.

One of the girls in my book club selected a freakin' Harlequin romance with Fabio on the cover. Ok, maybe not quite but close enough. I can't even begin to imagine what we'll discuss.

Went out to an open mic earlier this week. Was surprised because a Christian group got on stage to sing praise songs, with beer advertisements in the background.

It's summer time in the city so I've been eating lots of sushi. Yum.

Been restless lately, so I'll head to the Bay Area sometime next month.

My world has become increasingly smaller and smaller. Last month for instance, I became reaquainted with a family friend. The last time I spoke to him at length, I was about 8 years old. He's lived in the same city for the last decade.

Big Mike: You need to read "Wait Till Next Year" by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the presidential biographer. Have you read "Three Nights in August" yet?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hey dudes and dudettes. I'm going to change to one of the generic backgrounds for a little while. I don't have internet access at home, so I can't do a new season one.

I really do what to write you guys an update on how I'm doing, but I just haven't yet. Soon, I promise.