Tuesday, February 07, 2006

National Park visit of 2006 #2: Haleakala. At sunrise, which was not my idea. I understand the nature of the social beast which dictates going to certain places and whatnot because it's what everyone does, therefore it is safe and sanctioned and you can share it with everyone when you get home. Still, listening to the other tourists around me spew inanities ("oh there it is!" "yep, it's coming up" "whoo that's bright!") instills in me the desire to punch people in the face. Add in their tendency to crowd the window (just stand back a couple of feet, please, the view is the same and it's easier for everyone else to see) and take flash photos of the sunrise through the window (...), and I would have left the enclosed lookout but it was 38 degrees with a stiff wind outside, and I'd left my shoes in my car back at the HNL airport. Also rather amusing to note the palpable disappointment afterwards. Yes, people, you drove 37 miles up a switchback riddled mountainside in the dark to see the sunrise. And that's all that happens. It comes up. If you pay $60, though, you can go up in a bus and ride a bicycle down.

No photos, because a friend's camera crapped out and I gave her the batteries from mine (her camera takes vastly superior photos, which I will get copies of).