Sunday, March 19, 2006

i'm so glad you are ok. it's so funny to think that paradise has real problems too.

i'm watching basketball right now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So on Sunday, 13 utility poles fell over and blocked all four lanes of the highway out on my side of the island. I didn't go home until Monday night.

photo album of downed poles

newspaper article about the incident.

A friend of mine who lives on the side of the island that has been experiencing flooding due to torrential rains pointed out that my side of the island was overdue for a highway closure due to flooding/water main breaking/brush fires/hostage situations. The mountain pass (dirt, switchbacks, no lights) is opened for emergencies, but only during the day, and runs through military property, so vehicle and ID checks have to be done, slowing things down even more. It's been an unusual winter; most of my island has been under a flash flood watch for much of the past few weeks. The weather in general has been very Seattle-like, with tropical storm moments.

The dam that broke was on another island (Kaua'i), and has shut down pretty much the entire island.

I'm fine, the goats are a little tired of being damp, but the dry streambed behind the property is clear and so far the biggest damage I've had to suffer was the purchase of a set of work clothes. I usually have a full set of work clothing at my sister's house, but I'd used it on Saturday and hadn't replaced it yet. I was going to do that on Monday, ha ha. The tourists who have been trying to work on their tans, on the other hand, not so happy.

In other completely unrelated news, I have been watching Wonderfalls on DVD and look forward to the day I can just download TV shows for viewing and do not have to actually watch TV.